Why Are My Linux Videos So Negative?

Michael Horn

Michael Horn

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Why Are My Linux Videos So Negative?
Why Are My Linux Videos So Negative?
Why Are My Linux Videos So Negative?
Why Are My Linux Videos So Negative?
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2022-11-17 02:58:44

Negative? Your videos paint Linux in way too good of a light. Linux has one major problem that the community celebrates and that problem is inconsistency. The freedom to do and implement things any which way has led to too much variance in the desktop experience and doesn't help developers either. Ever noticed in the enterprise market, Vendors say they have RedHat, Suse and Ubuntu support but they don't say Linux support.

John Rieley
2022-11-13 21:31:51

Well said, I agree.

Stoner Snek Lady
2022-09-21 04:37:52

The vast majority of people do not care about the free as in freedom ideology and many come in demanding everything be like windows and Mac. It's good there is multiple choices because user friendly is power user unfriendly. Mac and windows want you to be dumb just like politicians. If you are dumb cattle you're easy to control and milk (money). I have so many mixed feeling about all of this. I believe everyone should have this freedom but so many are the swine that just trample the pearls.

I was single digit age when my dad taught me basics in MSDOS. It's not that people can't learn it's that they don't want to.

Steve Johnson
2022-09-18 00:09:19

I started saying nine years ago, if people want free computer help from me, they have to move off "windows." One person asked for me help and got it. The others stopped calling.

Victor Kendarr
2022-09-16 05:49:23

The only thing keeping me from not learning Linux was games, when proton and lutris became avaliable, that did it for me, the only game I wanted and could not play was red dead 2 which is working great now, I can even run some work software like marvelous designer from lutris.

After I finally got that I wanted to learn the terminal simply because a lot of tutorials used it, so I felt it was necessary to do what I wanted to do, I took the learn as I go route, I need to go to a directory, how do I do that? Oh CD, cool, I want to remove this file, how do I do that? rm, ah nice, do this for as long as I have been using Linux which is about 2 years now I think, if I don't know how to do it, I'll Google it or look up on YouTube, when I moved to nobora I could not get my samba server running with nautilus share button, the terminal came in handy to edit a config file and manually add the folders, problem fixed.

I also installed arch using arch gui because I wanted to master the terminal, I knew arch wasn't going to do anything for me so I had to do it my self, that was a great learning curve.

Btw I also turned my computer in a slide slow once, I wanted to make a script to change my wallpaper every X minutes, I made the script with 20 seconds delay, I could not script crap back them so my machine would boot and get stuck in a loop of changing wallpapers lol.

2022-09-16 02:17:48

And the sad thing is some of the issues I've even mentioned and people think I'm crazy. Like saying that gnome has issues and needs to simplify how things are accessed so you don't need 3 different apps for settings. But I guess that's why I'm back on KDE for now since the overview thing exists.... I just need to swap the key bindings for the menu and this new overview and it'd be great. Heck xfce needs some simplication of its menus and things too. It's baffling how all over the place things are in usability. And you critique it and people look at you funny. Heck KDE needs to fix their phone connection thing that's been broken for years with notifications.... Not sure why it's still broke almost 4yrs later...

2022-09-15 23:44:19

Even though my PC is compatible with Windows 11 I switched to Linux almost completely when it came out an a couple months later I deleted the partition of Windows and use it for some games, I kind of liked Black Desert Online but not enough to make me come back to Windows.
BTW I hated Destiny 2, there are like 2 missions:
1.- Go here, kill these enemies and then gather this object
2.- Go here, gather this object and then kill these enemies.

The Linux Cast
2022-09-15 17:21:44

Great video. I get accused of being negative a lot too. If you love something you should be able to criticize it. It is the only way it can get better.

2022-09-14 22:01:22

Ubuntu gained some market share then people attacked it for including amazon ads like the company could run with zero dollars coming in, then linux mint which they favoured to ditch ubuntu they discarded just for the sake of hype, linux mint? ya that's for kids not cool i run manjaro and after that people started changing distros every other month to find something new from those listed on distrowatch, linux fanboys mock mac and windows and then they end up trashing their own dingus...how about making a distro a must buy with reasonable amount and then instead of thrashing this distro for sake of new skin thinking its a new system altogether work on optimizing that distro and make essential drivers available for them. You can't even transfer files from an android phone to linux via usb and need an app like warpinator...all that said linux is free from constraints which makes it best.

See Sharp
2022-09-14 13:17:59

Ok, i have to make a video response to this... And yes, i disagree with you.

Edit: it's there

2022-09-14 04:00:32

All LTT bots will come here and "mew mew mew mew...linux gatekeeping...linux is evil"i hope this people Die....

2022-09-14 02:43:40

Using Linux since the early 2000's, those exact gatekeepers you mentioned are THE reason I recommend everyone to stay with Windows. Really learned to hate the community despite thinking of Linux as amazing software.

2022-09-13 20:33:10

I have a great experience running Linux on my computer - 2 distributions actually. But yes, I have had a lot of issues sometimes with it. Do I hate it? Oh no, I love it! You have good, realistic videos Michael, and I enjoy watching them all!

2022-09-13 18:35:58

The thing I hate the most about the Linux community is that everybody is trying to convince you so goddamn hard that Linux is better. And yes, in some areas and for some people it is. I use it because It's the only thing I can use. Many of the things I need either run horribly on windows or don't run at all outside of maybe Linux VM.

This might sound like gatekeeping, but IMO we should just let users decide what they want to use in an objective way. I tried Linux back in the day out of curiosity/boredom, I was perfectly happy with windows, and If I chose any other path in life that is not related to IT then I would probably be using a mac by now (heresy, I know). Unless you have a good reason to use it, you most likely don't want to learn an entire new os just to do the same but slightly differently. When you look at windows you think of corporate use (making money, support, licensing), when you look at apple products you think "good"(for an average joe, aka most people on this planet) user experience (at a cost). When I look at Linux I see a server OS made by developers for themselves/other developers.

2022-09-13 15:13:10

4QMtv7ot2KA&t=2m50s 2:50 onward..that's when the end user most often will do an internet search for doing something in the terminal..and 99 percent of the time there is at least 4 or more links that explain it well enough and often links to a YouTube video that SHOWS exactly how it's done.

this is 2022...not 1992 which was basically in America pre dail up days as far as vast Internet availability for the home user residentially.

2022-09-13 13:03:04

People heckling Linux users are typically windows users. They don't know what they're missing.

The Jinxt One
2022-09-13 11:21:55

Hey man. I COMPLETELY AGREE with the over arching things to this video. I am a stubborn user and threw myself right into Arch. Just swapped from Windows to Linux about 2 months ago. I had it in my head I would make a r/unixporn desktop that I can script into any PC I am around with a USB and wow friends and family and talk about the open source community and the security that Linux offers over proprietary software/companies. My Xmonad has been broken for 2 weeks now and although the Arch wiki and forums are detailed and the community with arch is very supportive NOT EVERYTHING has that documentation or provide the basics someone might not know about (I skipped the basics and went to "hackerman") that makes the new linux user look and feel stupid sometimes. I am stubborn and wont stop my journey in fully switching over but It is not as easy as the linux community makes it out to be.

2022-09-13 09:31:59

Linux on desktop .. is a pain in the behind ...

What Linux needs ist Standards and right rigid ones and the community of Linux is ... Is don't like that word... Toxic as fkk ... It's the definition of toxic .. ask newb questions get jumpy by caved willing nekbeards with "rtfm u noob switch to windows"

An operating system is there for what ?? Making ur life easier accomplishing tasks.
Windows and OSX do that and work that way ...

Linux is the prime example why devs should stick to writing code not manuals nor should try ever design user facing applications ...

I try to use desktop Linux every now and then but I give up because what I expect is a running working desktop environment thats similar or better then windows or OSX .. but even in 2022 that's a pipedream ....

What Linux needs is a good and true std. Stopp the gazillion option to do stuff madness ... Who needs that ...

igor giuseppe
2022-09-13 08:55:07

that video is quite important.
i hope the right people got to watch it

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