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VEENA MUSIC - PRESENTER OF ENCHANTING FOLK MUSIC... VEENA MUSIC - The widely popular music establishment from the land of superlatives, Rajasthan, is committed to develop, preserve and promote the rich tradition of Rajasthani Folk- Music, Indian Devotional Music, and Indian Marriage Songs. The music created by "Veena Music" is devoid of the commercial string attached to the so-called popular music of today and presented in its pure traditional form preserving its rich heritage. The endeavor at "Veena Music" is to appraise music loving public at large about Rajasthani Culture and its common rituals, fairs, and festivals. "Veena Music" is proclaimed to be created with the ever-increasing popularity of Rajasthani Folk Music. In the last 4 years, the company has released about 50 popular albums, out of 4 parts of 'Ghoomar' has created a milestone in India as well as abroad.

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Ramdev Ji Bhajan | Ramdev Pir Bhajan | Baba Ramdevji Bhajan

Ramdev Ji Bhajan | Ramdev Pir Bhajan | Baba Ramdevji Bhajan

Veena Music
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