At PMT we live, sleep, and breathe music. Our mission: To inspire and enable more people than ever to Play Music Today. Welcome to our official PMTV UK YouTube channel, featuring product demos from top name brands like Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Roland, Focusrite, Novation and many more from top demonstrators and pro players. If you play guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, piano, DJ, percussion, produce or just play for fun, you'll find helpful tips and gear tutorials and a whole bunch of advice and great performances too. If you're looking for a range of free online guitar lessons, online bass guitar lessons or online drum lessons, then our PMT College is the perfect starting point for you. Here, we have a range of free online music lessons for guitarists, drummers and bass players! For all your musical needs, check out our website at and be sure to subscribe!

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3 Reason Why YOU Need An EQ Pedal! #Shorts

3 Reason Why YOU Need An EQ Pedal! #Shorts

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