Namita Agrawal


This official channel of NAMITA AGRAWAL is enriched with all Bhajans,Puranas,Mantras rendered by her. She has started her professional singing in 1990 & is still active in creating new melodious devotional content everyday. Every morning Namita Agrawal's Bhajans,Puranas,Mantras can be heard playing in many temple of Odisha, and almost every Odia has woken up in the morning to her melodious tone. She is the only singer who sang all 367 Adhyayas of "Sampurna Odia Bhagabata" written by Atibadi Jagannath Das. She has created a rare milestone by singing 100 traditional Bhajans & Jananas which are most popular in Odisha since decades. "Laxmi Purana" & "Shree Jagannath Sahasranama"are also from her best contribution to Odisha. #namitaagrawal #sidharthmusic #sidharthtv #sidharthbhakti #sidharrthtv #jayjagannathtv #sitaramagrawal

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