Dany T


I am an adventurer, a world traveller, free thinker, troublemaker, lover of wildlife nature & volcanoes, philosopher, photographer, monkey lover, hungry for all kind of knowledge, interested in cultures, religions, tribes and what drives human mind around the world, explorer of God’s kingdom, seeker of wisdom, connecting the dots. My flag would be best described as a pirate flag. My ship sets course to all kind of shores, known and unknown. Freedom is the highest good a human has and should be well protected. Life is a playfield and one should live the inner child. Roaming planet earth and soaking in all the beauty is what matters to me! Already hit over 120 countries around the world. I am sharing with you the beauty of planet earth and life in other foreign places while traveling the world with my partner and the small mighty Mavic Mini 2. Enjoy!

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SEYCHELLES Afro House Mix 2022

SEYCHELLES Afro House Mix 2022

Dany T
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