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Welcome to the official Al-Nahar YouTube Channel. Subscribe to our channel and share it with your friends. Al-Nahar is an Egyptian, general entertainment, free-to-air TV channel broadcasting from Cairo, Egypt. The essence of the channel is to play a constructive role in Egypt's society by presenting all the challenges, potentials and opportunities in the post-revolution era. The channel' s core objective is to widen understandings, bridge gaps, and allow the viewer to form his/her opinion through presenting the full picture, conveying all points of views, and discussing all possibilities. Al-Nahar started its live broadcast on June 30, 2011. Currently, most of the shows on-air are skewed towards analyzing the political, economic and social events. You can watch Al-Nahar on: 11488, Polarity: Horizontal, Symbol Rate: 27500. Official Facebook Page: Official Twitter Account: For Advertising Please Contact:

النهار "النهار تي في" "قناة النهار" "قناه النهار" "النهار tv" "برامج النهار" Alnahar "alnahar tv" "el nahar" "Ennahar TV" "ريهام سعيد" "صبايا الخير" "اخر النهار" "آخر النهار" "تامر امين" "دعاء فاروق" "الشيخ ابو بكر" "محمد الباز" "برامج تليفزيون" "قناة تليفزيونية" "محمود سعد" "باب الخلق" وشوشة "اني قريب" "ما وراء البرنامج" "مطبخ هالة" "هالة فهمي"

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رد فعل مفاجئ من سماح أنور

رد فعل مفاجئ من سماح أنور

Al Nahar TV
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