このチャンネルでは、2chの面白いスレや修羅場スレなどを紹介していきます。 ※当チャンネルは5ちゃんねる様の使用許諾を得て配信しております。 https://5ch.net/matome.html 【About this channel】 The theme of this channel is "Problems related to human relationships and how to deal with them". Based on real-life examples, we create scripts that are easy for viewers to understand, and produce original animations with a unique worldview using "Yukkuri Voice". By explaining in an easy-to-understand manner how problems occurred and the issues involved through unique explanations, we provide educational value on how to avoid problems in human relationships and how to deal with them appropriately. The videos on this channel use originally created illustrations and free illustrations. Due to the nature of the videos, we have no choice but to use the same illustrations in some scenes, but we select and use the appropriate illustrations for each scene. Due to the nature of free material, some of the illustrations are used in other channels, but we do not reuse them.

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