stealing other people's content



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let's see what happens 🤍🤍 🤍🤍

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stealing other people's content
stealing other people's content
stealing other people's content
stealing other people's content
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The Dark Wolf V
2022-12-06 07:20:30

I love how Papa Meat laughed at his reaction and said he could actually have the file so Mark could do it himself if he wanted

2022-11-28 18:46:17

Markiplier has a heart of gold buy I'm convinced that he stole the gold

2022-11-25 17:24:51

cabOnsCnenk&t=38m26s 38:26

John Higginson
2022-11-21 21:28:51

i love how it says "become a real hacker" at the bottom when he's hacking.

Audrey Dickinson
2022-11-21 02:46:14

hackertyper (the site he was using at the beginning), would likely question the reason for its own existence if given the chance. Yet even so, it is positively one of my favorite websites.

2022-11-08 22:39:06

Thanks for saving the Corridor Crew!

Sikstene 16
2022-11-04 11:29:31

cabOnsCnenk&t=48m56s 48:56 I did the same spaghetti thing as a kid

indo- raptor55
2022-10-30 20:13:48

mark at the start of the video :
nfjeksdbfhuebhufesjdbfdchus djiazbqdbzqjkcuhezfij ehxcbqhdusqjbfdhqsd dqc p

Joaren D. Anetrini
2022-10-29 16:04:28

Why is he playing the Mark Rober construction song during the jack segment?

The Leviathan
2022-10-28 06:49:40

cabOnsCnenk&t=1h25m00s 1:25:00 welcome to the party

2022-10-27 17:22:45

OMG! Can you please steal my content and make me famous? Well, first I have to make some content.....

2022-10-26 04:08:28

god dude an ad popped up when he were WHISPERING and i nearly shat my pants

Zeb McCollum
2022-10-25 07:57:32

Is this Darkiplier?

Henry Sylvia
2022-10-24 08:43:48

The funniest part is that he's not subscribed to ethan

Kristen Thorsten
2022-10-23 13:36:22

You might think this beginning part is fake. Think again.
cabOnsCnenk&t=5m48s 5:48 Our groups (video channels) are copy-on-right. (copyrighted) We can set (play) them safely without another task (YouTube mainframe) interfering.

Godrick the Minecrafted
2022-10-22 21:33:20

While markiplier claims he’s stealing content, this single video is genuinely more transformative than Hassan piker’s entire career

Johanna Schaurer
2022-10-22 03:10:32

Ok, since I already committed the mortal sin of more than one main comment, I guess I have one more.

In case anyone has a very specific question, here's some history for y'all.

If you're wondering why the fuck we still have fuse boxes that can actively spark and explode, don't worry, this is actually a massive improvement over what we had before!

Most electronics can actually be found to have this weird pattern of being developed with crude oils before being made with refined ones. Trust me, this isn't a tangent. But this is kinda cool.

One, for example, is the Gramophone which eventually evolved into the vinyl player. The original players that Edison toyed with and marketed didn't use disks, but actually used wax cylinders that would degrade over playback and have to be brought back to one of his retailers to be re-etched with a recording. Wax is made from fat, a crude oil, which anyone familiar with candle-making should know off the bat. Very few of these cylinders exist to this day, but for the ones that do and are still fully etched, they actually provide good sound quality, remarkably. Of course, if you're worried, we don't play them in an Edison player, we scan them and translate the data that way so we don't destroy them.

Now, we make disks for record players from Vinyl, a type of plastic, which is made from refined oil. You see?

So the original fuse boxes for electric homes were much the same. They actually used wax fuses or other types of meltable cores, and when I say fuses, I actually mean fuses. Most "fuse boxes" today are actually circuit breakers, but people call them fuse boxes because habits are a bitch to break, especially when electricity has only been in the picture for 100 years or so.

The original fuse box was designed to have cores in-between the AC network of the local grid and the building, and if there was an overage, the heat from the overage coming in would heat the cores FIRST instead of the wires after it, due to the cores purposefully being made weaker, and the wires would fray and break off, cutting the power to the building and preventing a potential fire or other hazards.

The problem, of course, is if you base preventing a fire on melting a material, after a certain height of overage, the cores themselves would become a fire hazard as well.

Another problem as well was the fact that cores needed to be changed frequently. While people today can just flick a switch on a circuit breaker to reset the segment of the building that had a problem, people of yesterday had to go to the store and buy cores like lightbulbs and manually change them out, every time they blew out. And people got sick of it quick when electric was in its infancy and the grid was fragile at best.

So, the circuit breaker was invented. No need for cores, flip a switch to reset, and because of the redesign, it can handle higher overages than the original Edison system.

Nearly perfect.


Don't put a box of fireworks, gasoline, propane, matches, gunpowder, and Michael Bay's CornHub collection next to it. It's not that perfect.

Zoë Null
2022-10-21 03:46:49

watching this hi as fuck rn and i do not know what the hell is going on

Johanna Schaurer
2022-10-20 23:03:23

The more Mark talks freely, the more I'm starting to think he's not just ADHD.

The conversations in my neck of the ND woods often contain the same internal dilemmas:

A: Why did I have to buy all these goddamn glass beads?! I only used them for like a month!
B: You're telling me. Look at this pile of paperclips I've got.
C-NT: Delivery of Papermate Gel Pens for D, from Amazon?
D: Fuck, those are still arriving?
Me: Anyone want fuzzy yarn? I've got several pounds of it because I thought I would make a blanket or something and didn't, and now I just pet the yarn.
E: Coming through, don't look, please!
Me: Where are you running to?
E: Just lost a hyperfixation, and I do not want these in my room!
A: They're risque, aren't they?
E: ...
A: Carry on. Glass beads, ahoy.

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