PCC | Practical? Or Practically Useless??

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Pistol Caliber carbines or PCCs are loved and hated by gun enthusiasts. Go through the pros and cons with the Warrior Poet Society and find out where you stand on these guns. Battle Gnome Gear Link: 🤍warriorpoetsupplyco.com/sales/ 🎥 Try Our App! | Shows, training, etc Join at 🤍🤍watchwpsn.com WARRIOR POET LINKS • Warrior Poet WEBSITE - 🤍warriorpoetsupplyco.com • Reading List - 🤍amzn.to/2yMJJWK • TRIPS w/ WPS - 🤍warriorpoetsupplyco.com/12-da... • Emergency FOOD - 🤍mypatriotsupply.com/warriorpoet PARTNERS: - Sportsman's Guide | 🤍warriorpoetsupplyco.com/sportsm... - Sentara Investors | 🤍🤍sentarainvestors.com - My Patriot Supply | 🤍mypatriotsupply.com/warriorpoet - USCCA | 🤍🤍uscca.com/warpoet FOLLOW US: - GETTR | 🤍gettr.com/user/warpoet_actual - Instagram | 🤍INSTAGRAM.com/warriorpoetsociety - Facebook | 🤍FACEBOOK.com/warriorpoetsociety - Blog | 🤍warriorpoetsupplyco.com/blog/ (DISCLAIMER: This post may contain paid advertisements or affiliate links. What is an affiliate link? It means that if you click on one of the product links, Warrior Poet Society will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps support the channel and allows awesome future content. Thank you for the support!)

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PCC | Practical? Or Practically Useless??
PCC | Practical? Or Practically Useless??
PCC | Practical? Or Practically Useless??
PCC | Practical? Or Practically Useless??
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Captain America
2022-12-04 21:19:27

And some guys are way too manly for a pcc. Nice for the ladies though.

Captain America
2022-12-04 21:15:07

MP 5?

David Deliere
2022-11-26 00:48:06

The PCC or PCF has its place. Otherwise why was the MP5 created? I personally need more training on handguns to feel comfortable with my family’s lives should I need to defend our home. I am, however, much more comfortable with rifle platforms so my AKV 9mm plays that role of home defense. In a close quarter scenario yes the 9mm is killy enough. In my environment if I need a rifle cartridge then I’s either be hunting or shit has seriously hit the fan

BlackToast McBiscut
2022-11-24 19:40:26

The point of a pcc is that it's a half way between a handgun and a rifle. I don't know why people make them less or more than what they are meant to be. Having the hearts and minds of men with big guns is better than having the big gun.

Luke Martin
2022-11-22 21:54:57

Nobody is running a 5 inch barrel with rifle cartridges and expecting good ballistics. That's what this boils down to, barrel length and oal. Personally, I think 45 makes the most sense in this category as you are shorter still than 300 blackout and it is still a good suppressed round without sacrificing anything like you would with 9mm.

2022-11-13 03:37:35

Throw some Liberty defense 9mm in a 14.5 and you get close to 2600 fps, changes the dynamic completely.

2022-11-09 10:35:03

I went with a 9mm Handgun , 9 and 10mm PCC with a 410 shotgun 00-000 buck #8-9 and rifled slugs

2022-11-08 21:49:45

Let me guess: You had an accident trimming your beard and had to shave it down and re-start from scratch? I've done that a couple of times.

2022-11-02 16:06:36

Biggest advantage, more shooting for less money. And if it's your thing you and typically fold them up and make them smaller than a rifle. Sometimes the fun factor is a thing too. Then if your going to add a can 9mm subs are WAY cheaper than 300 subs.

2022-10-30 11:55:23

What about the 30 Carbine? It is sort of a pistol caliber, especially with the 110g ball ammo.

2022-10-22 22:32:09

Novice question about 556. I have a vague memory of a army friend talking about 556 army ammo being more affordable by military so you always had to put several into a body to make sure the person didn’t pop back up. I don’t remember his full explanation so if people could help me fill the gaps that would be great. It’s all I remember. Something about they are soft and when they hit the body they turn into tiny pieces that kill slower than someone would want in combat situations.

Please help my ignorance

Łukasz Banasiak
2022-10-21 17:58:49

Rifles start with .308, and 5.56 is still a PCC. Checkmate 😀

2022-10-19 08:58:53

perfect truck guns, perfect home defense weapon I have a 300 blackout shorty and a pcc 9mm. both for home defense. pcc isn’t as loud, smaller package, no over penetrating, it takes glock mags. idc about the technicalities. idc about it being a rifle platform mumbo jumbo. they are great wife guns and beginner guns. a cz scorpion micro in your lap on a road-trip feels great.

2022-10-19 08:52:20

I love pcc’s that’s it. that’s the comment

2022-10-18 03:15:00

The biggest advantage of the rifle platform is the stability you get which enables more accurate shot placement. I don’t think anyone can shoot a pistol more accurately than a pcc

2022-10-17 15:06:24

if you live in a state where getting a suppressor is not an option then the PCC has an advantage that not many people talk about. If you load sub sonic ammo in your 16 inch pcc then the sound of it going off in the house is greatly reduced.

Rambunctious Hamster
2022-10-17 10:05:34

Really turned off by this video. I think I'm done with this channel.
For both of them to not see the merits of a pcc and its usefulness makes them look bad. Being able to have a Mini-Bog as a truck gun that can store inside my trucks armrest storage area is fantastic. No ar-15 or rifle can do that. Not unless you cut the barrel down to nothing which defeats the usefulness of the round all together. IMy Mini-Bog can be fired as a pistol which is great for needing to shoot from inside a vehicle quickly, and with the collapsible stock I can quickly deploy the stock while still being able to move it around my steering wheel accurately and effectively.

There's also a reason so many military units still use a PCC today. They are lightweight, very easy to put multiple rounds quickly on target because of the low recoil, and they work very well suppressed when roller delayed.
How most of these points didn't even make it into the discussion shows how their rifle round ego is akin to short guys driving lifted trucks.

Hiram556 mzenxm should Naumumz sIIIms
2022-10-15 19:44:25

I like when people say PCC has no place in self defense roles.

I would say to them okay, let me know how it feels to be shot but a normal 4 inch pistol that everyone in the United States has on there hip and see if that won’t stop you or kill you🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

And most every Law enforcement Agency has a 9mm, 40cal, 45acp pistol on there hip.

Lol. In one breath they say NO reliable. Then in other breath they say “I carry a Glock 19 9mm” because it’s for self defense and reliable.

🤔🤔🤔so it’s reliable then? This video contradicts.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

Johnny Deadmeat
2022-10-14 01:03:58

Well odd enough the PCC has its drawbacks in many ways but it does serve a role. one its a range gun and cheap to feed two it works best if you have same mags for pistol and rifle, ammo symmetry is key. Why have one, well its good for Training and we use them in three gun competition. Most folks like the adage and concept of going to war or post apocalypses scenarios. ok if you got to go there PCC is a urban combat mid range gun that would be used in role of personal arm of artillery or logistics not a front line weapon. 9mm is plentiful lightweight and easy to carry in large amounts. so accuracy by volume against armored targets, not the best but better than nothing kind of deal. sure rifle is top tier against armored targets but we are talking 3000 fps not suppressed type of rifles for front line use. A proper PCC squeezes out every joule of power out of a pistol cartridge far better than any handgun, and its a carbine not a rifle its a different class of firearm, that fills the mid range combat arm. role. as for home defense It do the job but not as good as a handgun.

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