Is This The Death of VFX?

Corridor Crew

Corridor Crew

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Thanks to Capital One for sponsoring a portion of this video. Avoid Paying Full Price, Get Capital One Shopping for Free ► 🤍 Join OUR WEBSITE ► 🤍🤍 If you want to get some way more in-depth conversation about these tools and how we’re using AI, Check out the Corridor podcast. Http:// THIS EPISODE ► As Ai image generation takes the art world by storm, Niko sits down to see if he can harness its power and create the first-ever narrative story illustrated entirely by a computer. A message from Niko ► Hi there! If you’re reading this far, it’s probably because you want to learn more about this technology, and possibly want to run it yourself. The easiest and simplest way to try Stable Diffusion is through their official online tool, Dream Studio - 🤍 Now, if you want to get in on the open source movement, you can have this up and running on most modern PCs for free. However, if you’ve never worked with open source projects before, there is a learning curve to get started. Don’t worry! With a little focused time you’ll be up and running, and there are many of us online ready to help. The two communities I recommend starting with: Official Stable Diffusion Discord - 🤍 r/StableDiffusion - 🤍 You got questions? Start there! At the studio we’re currently running AUTOMATIC1111’s version of Stable Diffusion. If you want to install it, here’s a guide: 🤍 Check out the other guides on that site as well, for other ways to run Stable Diff. You can even run it on the could! As for Dreambooth… you’re gonna need access to some serious hardware to run it. In time I’m sure this will change, but at this moment it is very challenging. Be forewarned! Here is the official project from Google: 🤍 And this is the implementation in Stable Diffusion I recommend you try: 🤍 I’ll be honest with you- I am no ML scientist, and I can’t break down in detail how the code works. This is raw experimental stuff, and frankly most of us have no idea what we’re doing. But we’re chipping away at it! I recommend stopping by this specific discord thread if you wanna help out: 🤍 And finally, all of this is possible right now because of open sharing of knowledge and collaboration. Keep this spirit alive and share! You’re one of the pioneers- let’s learn from and support each other! SUPPORT ► Join Our Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Buy Merch: 🤍 OUR GEAR, SOFTWARE & PARTNERS ► Our Go-To Gear: 🤍 Puget Systems Computers: 🤍 ActionVFX: 🤍 Lighting by Aputure: 🤍 Cinema4D: 🤍 Greyscale Gorilla: 🤍 Nuke by The Foundry: 🤍 Insydium: 🤍 Octane Render by OTOY: 🤍 Boris FX - Mocha, Sapphire & Continuum: 🤍 Motion Captured with Xsens Suit: 🤍 Reallusion: 🤍 Unreal MegaGrant: 🤍 MUSIC ► Epidemic: 🤍 click this link for a free month!

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Is This The Death of VFX?
Is This The Death of VFX?
Is This The Death of VFX?
Is This The Death of VFX?
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Ruben Galindo
2022-12-06 11:52:12

it wont lmao. The thing with Ai is that although you can stuff it with information, the nuances and meanings behind certain things are lost on machines, they arent smarter than us they are just faster at doing things due to the storage of information, but it wont replace humans, because emotions and personality come from God and well humans arent God

2022-12-05 21:33:59

How did you upload pictures of sam into it for dream to learn?

Ango Gablogian
2022-12-05 16:35:57

Here comes the porn

Xero Wolf
2022-12-05 04:29:29

As an artist I think this is an incredible tool to use when exploring with ideas. I could use train in with my own art and boom watch an AI do my own style better than me lol

John Paul Buce
2022-12-05 02:58:25

rip artists

Elisa Rossello
2022-12-04 11:37:58

Did Greg Rutkowski agree on having his style copied, or on giving his artworks to the AI to work with?

Lovely Time
2022-12-04 00:54:10

Laser tattoos, A.I. Design and A.I. Art will replace a lot of us 😮‍💨

Wyatt Steed
2022-12-04 00:22:51

Sorry, newb here. So is he using strictly Dreambooth for this process? Or is this Dreambooth in conjunction with something like Dall-E?

When I use the same search query in Dall-E (minus Sam)...the images looking nothing like this lol

2022-12-03 13:44:32

Next step- Animated AI generated content. Taking a system like this but enabling to ingest video as reference. I suppose the early versions of that would be akin to stop motion?

2022-12-02 19:39:00

how would i look with this AI in some random franchises

2022-12-02 16:48:16

im sure AI could learn Madlibs and just insert random places, names and etc into stories and combining these two would be a movie machine!

2022-12-02 15:07:44

What option you choose to get that solid drawings?

Mateus Henrique Lima
2022-11-30 23:23:58


Mina Roy
2022-11-30 20:19:40

Thank you for making this video!!! Love this discussion about AI art versus the original artist and what that means. Also really love the exploration and images you created to tell your story. I feel the AI tool is INCREDIBLY valuable and I'm excited for it. But I see it as just that - a tool. Just like a photographer can take a photo with a camera and call it "done", an experienced photographer may stage the composition and lighting, edit any imperfections or add details to direct the audience, etc. Just like how mo-cap was a huge discussion b/c it would "steal animator's jobs" - it didn't do that. If anything, there are far more animators now than ever before and (in some cases) the quality of animation is increasing. I think that's the case here with AI art.

On top of that, generating AI art requires clear communication. Pro artists have their fare share of communication complications with a client. So this could be a blessing where difficult clients can learn how to better communicate their concepts to artists, or even vise-versa where clients may try communicating their ideas through an AI art generator, and if the generator's having trouble understanding, they'll push for a pro artist to help (and provide reference of what they've already tried via AI art). Honestly speaking, I hope AI art pushes people's communication skills as well as pushes other artists' technical skills and storytelling skills. I see this tool as a great way of speeding up the creative process.

Like with animation where you list "layered, stepped, mo-cap cleanup, etc" in your animation reel - we may need to be more diligent with listing how we created the art when asked. I say "when asked" solely b/c the process is primarily going to be important for people who are hiring you to create the work. If you can't create new concepts outside of using AI, you may not be suited for whatever that client needs. If you have this video game or children's book idea you want to make but you can't draw a stick figure for your life, then AI art may be a good way to mock up what art you want, what style you want, whether you want to make the main character x or y, etc. If you're selling a painting to consumers, they're generally going to be concerned about the final painting, not the process in which it was made.

If you made it this far in my comment, thank you. Hope to see more AI art videos from you.

Dirty Baker
2022-11-29 23:27:46

This is scary. I remember the process of just cropping and removing things in the background. Now it's the swipe of a finger on a phone app. I'm impressed but also concerned for the future of art if this AI just takes over.

Max Heim-Salgado
2022-11-29 13:52:47

My honest opinion is this video makes me uncomfortable, especially when you’re explicitly trying to get images modeled after specific artists. I honestly don’t think “do something to make it your own” goes far enough to combat the intrinsic issues with AI art. Part of it is lack of consent, lack of credit, and the monetization of essentially other peoples work. This video skirts the line but still makes me very uncomfortable. Morally and legally it’s a complex subject but so my 2¢ is I really dislike the current trajectory of AI art, I think it can be a super powerful tool if done right, but the lack of regulation, the way these libraries are built, and the way it’s being monetized all feel unethical.
1 common way people refute criticism of AI art is they say “well artists use reference so the AI is doing the same thing” but 1 the volume is drastically different, if an artist wants to draw let’s say a pair of jeans, the amount of reference they can look at is like 5-10 pieces of reference, but an AI is looking at 1000s of references. 2 accuracy, even the best art forgers cannot perfectly redraw and paint an image with 100% accuracy, AI can. Point 3 using reference or likenesses for commercial use requires permission, licensing, model releases, derivative works, etc. so there’s an argument to be made against the legality of AI art. Personally I’ve seen people using an “X artist” AI art generator and claiming it as their own work, people shouting down any suggestion of regulation and artist consent, companies destroying their communities to cash in on AI art. Idk you said you wanted to hear our thoughts so those are mine.

Gamer Dude
2022-11-29 09:05:06

Jakes call is so iconic

Kaushik Sundar
2022-11-28 22:45:36

I foresee the end to the modelling industry. All stock photos can be auto generated :)

An Angelineer
2022-11-27 20:19:03

Fuck AI.

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