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Can a huge, former World Expo site be turned into a city?


Expo City Dubai, former site of international exhibition Expo 2020 Dubai, faced significant problems during the pandemic, not least a 12-month delay to its opening. Now, a new challenge awaits — to turn a 1,000-acre site into a functioning city. Construction costs for the event were estimated at about $7 billion by EY in 2019. “The investment really wasn’t for the event. The investment was for building the city,” said Nadia Verjee, chief of staff for Expo 2020 Dubai. The planners of Expo City Dubai — formerly known as “District 2020′ — are hoping that modern technology and a focus on sustainability will be attractions. Tim Van Vrijaldenhoven is an expert in urban planning. He has worked on large-scale infrastructure and transportation projects, such as the construction of the Abu Dhabi airport in the mid-2000s. “It’s a huge challenge. Because if we look at the history of the World Expo, they tend to be become white elephants because of the huge impact it has on the city, because the World Expo sites are enormous,” Van Vrijaldenhoven said. “After the event is gone, it’s very difficult to find a new function for that site,” he said. So, will people want to live and work in Expo City Dubai? #CNBC #Dubai #ExpoCityDubai #UAE - Subscribe: 🤍 CNBC International TV: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Dubai’s Expo 2020: FULL TOUR! (BEST countries)


This event cost $33 billion Expo 2020 brings together 192 countries to showcase their culture, tech and plans for the future. At the end, I reveal my TOP 5 countries! Countries I Visited: 1:34 What is Expo? 3:12 Getting to Expo 4:30 Afghanistan 4:52 Luxembourg 5:53 United Kingdom 6:57 Indonesia 8:04 Lebanon 9:08 Bahrain 9:49 China 10:38 Palestine 11:06 USA 12:46 South Korea 14:45 Iran 16:38 Germany 19:20 India 20:39 Japan 22:50 Final Thoughts 23:50 Top 5 Up Your Knowledge! ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 Watch some more of my videos! Amazon's Fresh new grocery store: Is it the future? 🤍 What it’s like to move to Dubai 🤍

The Best of Dubai Expo 2020 - Which Country Pavilion to Visit?


I visited Expo 2020 Dubai recently. Check out some of the top country pavilions and attractions at the Expo. First, I visited is the Emirates Airline Pavilion, which showcases the future aviation experience 50 years from now. There are interactive questions, explore the future design of aircraft and the VR experience of a flight in the year 2071. Out of 192 country pavilions, I’ve visited the following country pavilions over 2 days: Emirates Airline Pavilion ✈️ UAE 🇦🇪 Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦 Germany 🇩🇪 India 🇮🇳 Singapore 🇸🇬 The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Sweden 🇸🇪 Brazil 🇧🇷 USA 🇺🇸 Switzerland 🇨🇭 Indonesia 🇮🇩 Pakistan 🇵🇰 To me, the Expo 2020 Dubai is an experience of art, culture, food, livelihood, innovation, technology, architecture and most importantly, humanities. Have you visited Expo 2020 Dubai? What’s your favorite country pavilion?

2025 World Expo Osaka 3D Rendering | JAPAN Forward


Provided by: 2025 Japan World Expo Committee World Expo 2025: Here’s How Osaka Will Bring Back the Crowds The 2025 World Expo has been awarded to Osaka and plans are in high gear for the big event. It will be Osaka’s second time to host the fair, and the city is envisioning an epochal event that offers practical solutions to global problems. In its 170-year history, the World Expo has experienced ups and downs, brought on by global trends and changing interests. Recent years have seen its weakening influence and a slump in visitor numbers. Full Story: 🤍 = About JAPAN Forward: JAPAN Forward is a new English-language news and opinion website run by the JAPAN Forward association Inc. JAPAN Forward aims to present the true face of Japan, as seen from a wide variety of perspectives, to a rapidly-changing world where unpredictability often outpaces stability. Japan has long lagged behind other countries—all of which have their own points of view—in conveying her own take on the world around. JAPAN Forward sets out to overcome misunderstandings born of linguistic barriers. In covering major news stories in Japan, along with key points of debate, current events, history, culture, and the arts, we hope to deepen the world’s understanding of the Japanese archipelago. With the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games on the horizon, there is a great need for a new English-language medium rooted in solid fact and fully cognizant of the history and culture of Japan and the Japanese people. Our expanding network of influential analysts and foreign experts based in Japan and overseas means that we are continuously improving our ability to bring the truth about Japan to an ever-wider English-speaking audience. At the helm of JAPAN Forward is an editor who has decades of journalism experience in Europe and the United States, while our editorial team of native speakers hails from policy research centers, academia, journalism outlets, and more. This is the real Japan, in real English. JAPAN Forward is operated by JAPAN Forward Association Inc., which has also established the JAPAN Forward Supporters Network to allow individual and corporate sponsors to join in our mission to keep Japan moving forward and build our recognition in the Anglosphere. Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

The Incredible Story Of The 1893 World's Fair


In 1893 Chicago was the site of the World’s Columbian Exposition. It was a world’s fair to celebrate the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s arrival in the New World in 1492. Yes, there was a time when Mr. Columbus was a hero. But apart from celebrating Columbus’s arrival, the exposition was an influential social and cultural event that had a profound effect on architecture, sanitation, and the arts. But as with anything to do with Columbus, it had a dark side. It was a fair not friendly towards minorities, there was a fire disaster, and there was a serial killer on the loose. Here’s the incredible story of the 1893 World Fair. #WorldsFair #History #Story Chicago's comeback | 0:00 Designed around waterways | 1:23 An architectural triumph | 2:27 Introduced many Americans to electricity | 3:29 The world's first Ferris Wheel | 4:49 A serial killer at work | 5:55 Introduced popular food brands | 7:10 African Americans were excluded | 8:03 Indigenous people endured racism | 9:06 Two buildings are still in use | 9:58 Read Full Article: 🤍

BTS, Yet to come



History of World Expo Cities - timeline 1851 - 2020


Full history of the World Expo Cities (Bureau International des Expositions). Britain London 1851, France Paris 1889, United States of America San Francisco 1915, United States New York City 1939, Belgium Brussels 1958, United States of America, Seattle 1962, Canada Montreal 1967, Japan Osaka 1970, Brisbane Australia 1988, Spain, Seville 1992, Germany, Hanover 2000, China, Shanghai 2010, Italy Milan 2015, Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2020. About the Video Creator Sandpaper is a design and communications agency with a reputation for effective and distinctive design solutions. With experience working on major global brands, in both the UK and GCC region, we are a dedicated team of creatives who remain true to our craft. We concentrate on specific areas of design and communication where we excel, our key strengths being: Advertising Design Branding Digital Visit Our Website for any inquiries. 🤍

สูดกลิ่นความเจริญ! คนทั่วโลกกำลังทำอะไร? Expo 2020 Dubai #ซอฟท่องโลก【เที่ยวดูไบ EP.2】


🌍ตอนนี้โลกของเรากำลังเผชิญหน้ากับอะไร? 🌎แต่ละชาติจากทั่วทุกมุมโลกกำลังให้ความสนใจกับประเด็นไหนกันอยู่? ซอฟจะพาทุกคนข้ามเวลาไปดูโลกอนาคต สัมผัสกลิ่นความเจริญ และตามหาความหวังของมวลมนุษยชาติ ในงานมหกรรมยิ่งใหญ่ระดับโลกที่ 5 ปีจะมีแค่ครั้งเดียว! "World Expo 2020 Dubai" งานนี้มีคำตอบให้กับทุกคำถามแด่คนที่มีใจรักโลก ไปดูด้วยกันนะ🙂 ซอฟท่องโลกดูไบตอนใหม่ทุกวันเสาร์ เวลา 12:00 น. #เที่ยวดูไบ #WorldExpo 🔴กด JOIN เพื่อสมัครสมาชิก Softpomz Membership ได้ที่ลิ้งค์นี้เลยจ้า: 🤍 🔴 กด Subscribe ตรงนี้👉 🤍 เพื่อเป็นกำลังใจและสนับสนุนคลิปใหม่ๆจาก Softpomz ค่า🙏🏼💖 🔔 กดกระดิ่งแจ้งเตือน คลิปใหม่ๆจะส่งตรงถึงมือคุณได้รับชมก่อนใคร🤩 ติดตามซอฟในโซเชียลอื่นๆได้ตามนี้เลยจ้าา🤩 💡 TikTok : 🤍 💡 Facebook Page : 🤍 💡 Twitter : 🤍 💡 Instagram : 🤍 📞ติดต่องานได้ที่ E-mail: ContactSoftpomz🤍 Call: 080-362-6547​ (K.Pop)​ For work only ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦ Hello World! I'm Sophie. Hope you guys enjoyed my videos, thanks for watching :D ❥SUBSCRIBE HERE FOR NEW VIDEO EVERY WEEK: 🤍 ❥Keep me in touch here☺ 💡 TikTok : 🤍 💡 Facebook Page : 🤍 💡 Twitter : 🤍 💡 Instagram : 🤍 E-mail: ContactSoftpomz🤍

10th World Gamefowl Expo 2020 Day 1 w/ prices


Day 1 w/ prices

Expo - Magic of the White City (Narrated by Gene Wilder) | 1893 Chicago World's Fair - Full Movie


Subscribe for more great movies: 🤍 Narrated by Gene Wilder, this film explores the world of 1893 through a cinematic visit to Chicago's Columbian Exposition. Many of the world's greatest achievements in art, architecture, science, technology and culture are unveiled there. The 1893 World's Fair was an engineering marvel. More Ways to Stream: Amazon Prime: 🤍 Tubu TV: 🤍 More Information on the Free Documentary: IMDb: 🤍 Director: Mark Bussler Writer: Brian Connelly Stars: Claire Litton, Gene Wilder 00:00 Opening Credits 01:20 Skip Intro - Expo - Magic of the White City 01:53:07 End Credits Narrated by Gene Wilder ("Young Frankenstein", "Blazing Saddles" and "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory"), "EXPO - Magic of the White City" brings the Chicago World's Fair to life. Experience the world of 1893 through a cinematic visit to Chicago's Columbian Exposition. Many of the world's greatest achievements in science, technology and culture are unveiled there. In addition, fairgoers enjoy the popular and commercially successful Midway Plaisance where the festive atmosphere of this one-mile entertainment center offers an array of guilty pleasures such as belly dancing, street fighting and beer. Nearly 28 million visit the Fair. Dubbed the "White City," it inspires future innovators like Henry Ford and Frank Lloyd Wright, debuts the Ferris Wheel and Cracker Jack, and, in many ways, marks the beginning of the 20th century. Filmed in High-Definition, "EXPO - Magic of the White City" immerses viewers in one of the world's biggest extravaganzas and one of the most unforgettable events in American history. There will never be another event like it...or will there? #Free #Movie #Documentary #History #DevilInTheWhiteCity #Chicago #Film #AmericanHistory

DJ-tweeling uit Wijlre headliner op World Expo Dubai


Lees het hele artikel op 1Limburg: 🤍 De broers Remco en Ivo Lemmerlijn (28), ook wel bekend als DJ-duo Morello Twins, staan zaterdagavond als headliner op World Expo Dubai. Meer nieuws lees je op 🤍 Download Android-app: 🤍 Download iOS-app: 🤍

Sigep - The Dolce World Expo


44th International Trade Show of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Bakery and the Coffee World 21-25 Jan 2023 - Rimini Expo Centre, Italy Visit Sigep website:

2030 World Expo, Busan Korea Invitation



S. Korea's efforts to host World Expo 2030 in Busan city


2030 월드엑스포, 왜 부산에서 유치하나? South Korea is bidding to follow up on its hosting duties of two previous urban spectacles with another one of the world's three mega events,... the World Expo in 2030 in the port city of Busan. It's not only a perfect platform for countries to come together in the spirit of universal values and culture,.. but also a perfect opportunity for South Korea to enhance its global status. Choi Min-jung reports. The host country of the Olympic Games in 1988,… followed by the FIFA World Cup in 2002. South Korea,… is now pushing to host the World Expo in the country's second largest city Busan,… in 2030. If successful ,.. South Korea will become only the seventh country in the world to have hosted all three major global events. "To this end, our proposed theme for World Expo 2030 Busan is 'Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future'." Why Busan of all cities in Korea? The city's mayor says it has a lot to offer. "Today, Busan is Korea's second-largest city, and a northern Asian gateway, easily accessible by air, rail, and sea. And our port is the second-largest transshipment and the seventh busiest container port in the world." Another strength is the city's experience of hosting major global events,… like the APEC summit in 2005. Mayor Park also added that Busan is also well-known for its soft power. It's where big festivals,… like the Busan International Film Festival, take place,.. and a popular tourist spot that attracts more than 40 million visitors annually. And South Korea's world-famous boyband BTS is serving as ambassadors for the event. Although they're on a temporary break, the group is set to hold a concert to help the country bring the World Expo to Busan. Making Busan the host city is one of South Korea's core national agenda items. The expo is a global gathering of nations. It provides a platform where countries come together to not only share the latest cultural and technological developments,.. but also to solve pressing issues. Getting the opportunity to stage such a huge event has a significant impact on the host country, socially and economically. According to the Korean government, the Expo is expected to generate economic effects worth 49 billion U.S. dollars and 500-thousand jobs. Less than a year and half remains until the winning country is selected by the Bureau International des Expositions. Until then, South Korea will have to continue rallying support from the international community. Choi Min-jung, Arirang News. #World_Expo #Busan #SouthKorea 📣 Arirang News(Facebook) : 🤍 📣 Arirang News(Twitter) : 🤍 📣 News Center(YouTube) : 🤍 2022-06-30, 08:00 (KST)



Game Hunting in 2020 At My First RETRO WORLD EXPO I flew out to the Retro World Expo in Hartford, Connecticut and met some amazing folks in the retro gaming community as well as shopped around for some deals on retro video games! Join me as I give you a glimpse of my first Video Game Convention in a long time and show you my retro pickups from the trip! // LINKS ► Laser Bear Industries: 🤍 ► Castlemania Games (Affiliate): 🤍 SAVE 10% at Castlemania games with Coupon Code TITO ► RetroRGB: 🤍 and 🤍 ► RetroTech: 🤍 ► Shank Mods: 🤍 ► Rany: 🤍 ► Artemio: 🤍 ► EposVox: 🤍 // JOIN me on DISCORD! ► 🤍 - // Support Macho Nacho on PATREON: ► PATREON: 🤍 ► Check Out My MACHO NACHO MERCH and MODS: 🤍 ► Check Out the All NEW MACHO NACHO WEBSITE: 🤍 // SAVE MONEY at these Retro Modding Stores! (Affiliate Links Below): ► SAVE 10% by using COUPON CODE: TITO on any purchase from RETRO GAME REPAIR SHOP here: 🤍 ► SAVE 5% by using COUPON CODE: MACHONACHO on any purchase from RETRO MODDING here: 🤍 // TOOLS AND GEAR I Use For Video Game Console Modding (Soldering Equipment, Flux, Kapton Tape etc) (Affiliate Link): ►SRA Flux Pen: 🤍 ►Circuit Board Holder - 🤍 ►28 AWG gauge wire: 🤍 ►Wire Stripper/Cutter: 🤍 ►Silicone Mat for soldering: 🤍 ►Kapton Tape: 🤍 ►iFixit Toolkit I use for all my projects: 🤍 - Everything you need! ►Hakko FR-301 Desolder Gun: 🤍 ►All other stuff I use: 🤍 // Great readily available IPS MOD KITS (Affiliate Links): ►Awesome Sony PSP IPS Screen Replacement: 🤍 ►Neo Geo IPS Retro Pixel Kit: 🤍 ►Game Boy Color Q5 IPS Backlight with OSD: 🤍 ►WonderSwan Color IPS Kit: 🤍 - // MY VIDEO and AUDIO Equipment (Amazon Affiliate Links): -Sony A6500 Camera - 🤍 -My Absolute Favorite Lens - 🤍 -Zoom H4N Audio Recorder - 🤍 -Aston Origin Microphone - 🤍 -Atomos Ninja V External Recorder - 🤍 - // These stores provide fantastic Gear and Mods for Retro Consoles! If you use the following links below, I received a small percentage from sales at no cost to you. This is a great, free way to support the channel! ○ Retro Game Repair Shor (Tons of Game Boy Mods) ► 🤍 ○ Retro Modding (Lots of Handheld Console Mods) ► 🤍 ○ Stone Age Gamer (Flash Carts and other great Retro Tech) ► 🤍?afmc=MACHONACHO ○ eBay (Second Hand Retro Gaming Gear and More. It’s where I buy a lot of the consoles I mod!) ► 🤍 ○ Sendico (Proxy Service to bid on Japanese Auctions. I use Sendico to get great deals on Retro Consoles directly from Japan!) ► 🤍 - // Social Media ► Instagram: 🤍 ► Facebook: 🤍 ► Twitter: 🤍 - // Intro Music for Retro Renew Series by Matthew McCheskey: ► 🤍 - Full disclosure, I get a small percentage of each sale that uses an affiliate link or coupon code. It’s a great way to help SUPPORT my channel at no cost to you so I can continue to make these videos for all of you, everyone wins! And as always, thank you for your continued support of my channel! #RetroWorldExpo #RWX #MachoNachoProductions DISCLAIMER: This video is only for entertainment purposes. Any injury, damage, or loss that may result from improper use of tools, equipment, or from the information in this video is the sole responsibility of the viewer and is to be used at the discretion of the end user/viewer and not Macho Nacho Productions or Tito Perez. If you are uncertain about any step of the process or feel unsure about your skill level, seek a more authoritative source.



▶MOFA_KOREAZ : 🤍 Busan, Korea's second largest city and greatest port city, was the last stronghold during the Korean War. Without Busan, Korea as we know today may not have existed. Busan now aims to host the World Expo 2030 under the theme of "Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future" to present a blueprint for a better future for all mankind. Watch the video and take a short tour around Busan, an attractive city full of history, culture, and beautiful nature. 대한민국 제2의 도시이자 제1의 항구도시인 부산, 한국전쟁의 마지막 보루 부산이 있었기에 오늘의 대한민국이 있습니다. 부산이 이제 2030 세계박람회 개최를 통해 “세계의 대전환, 더 나은 미래를 향한 항해(Transforming Our World, Navigating Toward a Better Future)”라는 주제로 미래 비전을 제시하려고 합니다. 아름다운 자연과 매력적인 스토리를 지닌 도시 부산을 영상을 통해 만나보세요. #MOFA #KOREAZ #MOFA_KOREAZ #KOREAZ_SPECIAL

This is Our Time هذا وقتنا - Expo 2020 Dubai Official Theme Song


هذا وقتنا هي الأغنية الرسمية لإكسبو 2020 دبي. تعكس الأغنية والفيديو الموسيقي روح أمة بأكملها وشعبها وتعزز الأمل في توحيد العالم. نحن نفخر بثقافتنا. نحتفي بثقافات العالم ؛ ومعا نصنع المستقبل. This is Our Time is the Official Theme Song of Expo 2020 Dubai. The song and music video capture the spirit of an entire nation, its people, and offers hope for uniting the world. We have pride of our culture; we celebrate cultures of the world; and together we embrace the future. Streaming links: 🤍 Performed by: Hussain Al Jassmi 🤍 Almas 🤍 Mayssa Karaa 🤍 Lyrics Verse 1 Follow me One voice, one family The world as it stands, in the palm of our hands it’s our time Verse 2 Take a seat To the greatest show you’ll ever see We’ve come so far but the future is ours to decide what we need Bridge 1 We’ve got to all come together Let’s join our voice It’s now or never We are the next generation to strive For a new day Chorus 1 This our time هذا وقتنا This is the moment we have to decide It’s time to stand up and vow To be what the world needs now This our time هذا وقتنا :All This is the moment we open our eyes If we can dare to believe And wake up to find This Day This is our time. Verse 3 يا هلا بالكل بحبكم نكمل نيتنا وهمتنا نجدد قصتنا ونكمل Verse 4 نتأمل والكون يلهمنا أن نعمل ونعيش اليوم الفكرة ونشوفها بكرة مستقبل Bridge 2 أبدع لا تسأل عن أي حدود قادر تتخيل؟ بأفكارك جود هذا احنا جيل العالم موجود قدها وقدود Chorus 2 This our time هذا وقتنا This is the moment we have to decide It’s time to stand up and vow To be what the world needs now هذا وقتنا This our time بإبداع نعبر ونأثر ونغير أفكار كثير تجمعنا وتزيد قوتنا محبتنا ارادتنا هذا وقتنا Bridge 3 أبدع لا تسأل عن أي حدود قادر تتخيل؟ بأفكارك جود We are the next generation to strive For a new day Chorus 3 This our time هذا وقتنا This is the moment we have to decide It’s time to stand up and vow To be what the world needs now هذا وقتنا This our time بإبداع نعبر ونأثر ونغير أفكار كثير تجمعنا وتزيد قوتنا محبتنا ارادتنا This our time Music Credits: Writer/Producer/Keyboards and Guitars Joseph Dickinson Writer/Backing Vocals Lucy Torchia Arabic Lyricst Saif Fadhel Executive Producers Greg Wells Matthew Faddy Executive Producer – Expo 2020 Dubai Chris Atkins Mix/Mastering Engineer Kevin Churko Emirati Percussion Samir Abdulla Arabic String arrangements Haitham Saadoon Sound Engineers Matthew Faddy Majed Saleh Arabic Strings Tamer Faizy Orchestral Strings FAME'S Project Orchestral String Arrangement Dzijan Emin Backing Vocals Matthew Clanton Children’s Choir The Fridge Consultant Musicologist Joe Bennett Recorded at The Hideout Studio, Las Vegas BKP, Dubai Fenun Al Emarat, Dubai FAME'S, Macedonia Sout Almusiqa Studio, Egypt Juicy Studios, UK Video Credits: Director Courtney Phillips Executive Producer Nasrallah Saad Executive Producer – Expo 2020 Dubai Hend Al Zarooni Producer Hugo Narciso Director's Producer Kojo Abban Production Managers Anora Tukhsanova Anastasia Filatova Production Managers – Expo 2020 Dubai Chris Atkins Dina Hameed Jurgen Moor Anna Abouzeid Nuhad Hamdan Reem Younis Supervision Team – Expo 2020 Dubai Federica Busa Marjan. Faraidooni Massimiliano Ambroshini 1st Assistant Director Svetlana Lebedyanskaya Director of Photography Mik Allen 2nd Unit Director of Photography / Steadicam Operator Fares Corbani Key Grip Bojan Tomic Haratj Hakoubyan Gaffer Mohammad Naseeruddin Joseph Riachi Karsten Herrera Drone Pilot Khaled Zaazouh Camera Operator Fouad Aoun FPV Pilot Hatim Saleh Post Producer Elena Ozova Editor Pape-Mbissane Kimpamboudi Assistant Editors Hani Fadhoul Elareese Ramos Grading by: Time Based Arts VFX/CG ¬¬¬ Platige On-Set VFX Supervisor Bartosz Krasicki VFX / CG Supervisor Bartek Kmita Head of Production; Commercial Department Paulina Machalica Head of CG Cezary Albiński Post- Producers Karolina Sidorowicz¬ Art Director Cynthia Zahar Location Managers Nasr Mohammed Bassek Alzoubi Behind the Scenes Videographer Peter Gruszecki Behind the Scenes Assistant Videographer Cale McGowan Hana AlZarooni CAST: Abdulla Lutfi Khasebah Ali Aldhmani Fatima Al Kaabi Saif Albyati Naida Zakarevkaya Malak Yahya Haya Kubba Maya Dyab Gervaris Pondi Meera Maxim Casey Shannon Musa Fall Wemimo Harrya Misha Takanja Asal Fahimeh Abdulmajid Mohammad Misk Natalia Lakeenok Akramal Kristina Nawal Elyazya Mostafa Ahmed Khalid Jamal Alfaqih Saud AlZarooni Khalid AlZarooni

Willem-Alexander en Máxima bezoeken World Expo in Dubai


Video: © Royal Press/Royal TV/Rick Evers. All rights reserved.



this is the famous boston roundhead breeder pf gwapo at magaling

What Exactly Is EXPO 2020 Happening In Dubai | Curly Tales UAE


You’ve heard the name EXPO 2020. Everyone’s talking about it. All over the world! But What IS EXPO exactly? Why have countries around the world been waiting for this event? We’re going to tell you just that! From its 170-year history and world-changing innovations like the first telephone and the ice cream cone to icons that shaped the modern world and 191 pavilions this EXPO 2020! EXPO 2020, Dubai is meant to be a celebration of human achievement. It will be an opportunity for people from around the world to connect and experience the best of art, culture, technology and innovation that THE WORLD has to offer. Watch! Subscribe to Us on YT ► 🤍 Other Social Accounts: Follow us on Facebook ►🤍 Follow us on Instagram ► 🤍 For more such stories ► 🤍

BTS Honorary Ambassadors of World EXPO 2030 BUSAN, KOREA


In support of the bid for the World EXPO 2030 BUSAN, KOREA, BTS , the face of K-content, is now our honorary ambassador! #expo2030busan #BTS #WorldExpo2030BusanKorea

[FULL] The Presentation of Candidates for the World EXPO 2030



Gamefowl Expo 2023 (World Trade Center) part 2


WORLD GAMEFOWL EXPO 2023 Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of this video. For exhibition and breeding purposes only. Please like, share and subscribe 👍 Enjoy watching! Music tags: Music: Journey 01 Musician: Xuxiao Music: Yugen Musician: Jeff Kaale 🤍Jeff_Kaale Follow me on my other social media accounts: 🐔FB: Sean Pascual Vlogs 🤍 🐔Tiktok: Kerpspscl #gamefarm #gamefowls #sabong #sabongpinas #expo2023

Julio Iglesias Live World Expo Australia & Royal Variety Performance UK (1988)


1-Too many women (World Expo Brisbane) 2-Love is on our side again 3-Pensami (Jurame) 4-Begin the beguine (Royal Performance) 5-Love is on our side again

World Expo 2025 Brilliance of Life Project shown at Tokyo event


An event showing the central project of Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai was held in Tokyo on April 18. Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 #NipponTVNews24Japan #NTV #日テレ #Japannews #Japanvideo #Japan #WorldExpo #Expo2025 #ExpoOsaka #Expo2025Osaka #Expo2025OsakaKansai #BrillianceOfLife #BrillianceOfLifeProject



this is paolo malvar of sunhaven gamefarm

BTS Planning Global Busan Concert to Bring the World Expo to South Korea in 2030 | Billboard News


HYBE, the entertainment company that BTS calls home, announced that the septet will hold a concert to help South Korea’s bid to host the 2030 World Expo in Busan, South Korea. To learn more about this story: 🤍 ►► Subscribe for more music news: 🤍 ►► See our latest videos: 🤍 About: Billboard is the world's most influential music media brand, with an unmatched authority among artists, fans and the industry. Billboard powers the ultimate global music destination and magazine, featuring unrivaled reporting on music news, issues and trends, the industry’s definitive charts, encompassing the most complete and well respected database of charts across all music genres, and elite conferences and events which regularly convene the industry and consumers around important conversations. Connect with Billboard Online: Visit the website: 🤍 Likes us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 #BTS #WorldExpo #BillboardNews BTS Planning Global Busan Concert to Bring the World Expo to South Korea in 2030 | Billboard News Billboard 🤍

HZPC at the World Expo 2015 in Milano


"Feeding the Planet - Energy for Life" was the theme for the World Expo 2015 which was hosted by Milan. During six months, more than 140 countries showed technology offering a concrete answer to a vital need: being able to guarantee healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the Planet and its equilibrium. Expo 2015 continued to be a platform for the exchange of ideas and shared solutions on the theme of food, stimulating each country’s creativity and promoting innovation for a sustainable future. At HZPC we think that our potatoes can make a difference. What many people do not yet know is that potatoes can produce good food in a short period with relatively little water. Good food meaning food rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. We want to contribute to the development of responsible food for a growing world population.

2022 DeafNation World Expo & Conference


Wrap up the 4th DeafNation World Expo & Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. (captioned) Thanks to our Sponsors: ZVRS/Purple – Sorenson – T-Mobile Accessibility – sComm – HeartCruises – GlobalVRS – Deaf Bible Society – OmniBridge – Nagish – CONVO – TIVE – AVA

Minnesota makes pitch for 2027 World Expo


The United States hasn't hosted a World's Fair in nearly 40 years but that could soon change – and Minnesota is among five places competing to host it.

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