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Create Beautiful Piano Phrases with Scaler 2 Update!


Check out Black Friday VST Plugin Deals | 🤍 Check out Scaler 2.7 | 🤍 Check out Plugin Deals | 🤍 Watch the FULL STREAM here: 🤍 Made by pianists and composers exclusively for Scaler 2.7, creator Davide Carbone demonstrates how you can give your piano parts a lot of melodic movement using the Performance and Phrases functions in the latest update! #scaler2 #pluginboutique #musicproduction

You won't believe this trick with Scaler 2 - One MIDI Note to Complex Chord in Seconds!


Check out Scaler 2 | 🤍 Check out Plugin Deals | 🤍 Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | 🤍 This is a 3-part tutorial series for Scaler 2 1. Find & Fix Incorrect Notes - 🤍 2. One Note to Complex Chord - 🤍 3. Transpose Melody to Based on Chord - 🤍 In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how to use Scaler 2 to change a single note MIDI sequences into a full blown complex and rich chord progression in seconds using Scaler 2! Along the way, you will learn a bit about the detect feature, the humanize timing and velocity features, the edit timings section, how to engage dynamic voice-grouping, exporting the MIDI sequence and how to switch the chords from triads to something more complex. #scaler2 #pluginboutique #musictheory

Scaler 2 - Complete Overview


Check out Scaler 2 - 🤍 Upgrade to Scaler 2 - 🤍 Check out Plugin Deals - 🤍 Join the Scaler Community - 🤍 Empower the Composer Within 0:00 Introduction 0:33 Audio Chord Detection 1:48 Expressions Performances 3:18 Expressions Phrases 4:36 MIDI Capture 5:50 Controlling VSTi 6:06 General Use 9:13 Key Locking 10:06 Edit Page 12:29 Modulation Page In this video co-developer, Davide Carbone gives us a complete overview of Scaler 2. Scaler is an inspirational and powerful music theory workstation that gives you access to a world of new ideas, expressions and melodies. With powerful detection of MIDI and audio, Scaler can determine what key and scale you’re in and suggest chords that match your music. The plugin helps you discover the perfect melody with performance expressions, and can even suggest ways to change from one key to another. Scaler makes finding chords and progressions intuitive and fun! It’s a comprehensive but easy to use toolbox that will help anyone make better music. Benefits * Discover your music’s key and explore alternative scales and chord sets * Choose from hundreds of keys, quickly build progressions in the sequencer * Over 200 artist chord sets from the likes of Carl Cox, MJ Cole, The Temper Trap, Mitekiss, CeCe Rogers and Mike Huckaby * Over 200 genre and mood-based chord sets such as Chill, Drum & Bass, Jazz, Cinematic, EDM, Progressive… * Browse chord variations to get suspended chords, extended chords, dominant sevenths and jazz chords * Use the arpeggio or strum features to perform in real-time and synced to your DAW * Discover chord substitutions that lend variety to your progressions * Experiment with different chord voicings to spread notes across the keyboard * Export MIDI to your DAW simply by dragging and dropping * Assign any VST / AU instrument to Scaler to control your favourite synths * Play and record one-finger chords and melodies using Scaler’s Bind MIDI function New for Version 2 * Redesigned from the ground up with over 200 new chord sets, hundreds of new scales, and 30 new instruments * Play melodic expressions with over 200 phrases, performances and rhythms by professional musicians * Establish your scale with audio detection as well as MIDI detection * Keys Lock helps you create emotive melodies by locking keys to your chords * MIDI Capture lets you perform inside scaler and then export the results as MIDI * Modulation suggestions give you new ways to reach musical destinations * Get more natural-sounding melodies and expressions with the humanise function * Edit Mode for adjusting length, inversion, octave and more per chord in a pattern * Pad View helps you to arrange multiple patterns and key switch between them * Audition new progressions in context with DAW Sync playback * Voice Grouping can keep your chords within a certain range for voice leading * Chord editing and moving tools include lasso, drag n drop, replace and insert Check out Scaler 2 - 🤍 Upgrade to Scaler 2 - 🤍 Check out Plugin Deals - 🤍

Scaler 2.7 New Features | Live Sync, Multi Out, Parallel Harmony, Autoplay and Content - Deep Dive


Scaler 2.7 New Features Complete Overview Davide Carbone demonstrates all the new features and content in a major free update for all registered Scaler 2 desktop and iOS users. In this video Davide introduces us to Live Sync mode and shows us how this feature keeps all instances of scaler in sync using Leader / Follower technology. Davide also demonstrates the eagerly awaited Multi Out which splits chord voicing across multiple midi channels and shows us how effective it can be using various DAWs such as Logic Pro X and Studio One 6. This deep dive video covers all of the rest of the content and features in Scaler 2.7 including Auto Play, Scale Based Sequences, Lofi, 80's, 4 Part Divisi, Classical and hip hop chords. It also includes Avant Garde Phrases and Performances, Fixed Bass Chord Sets and all new Lofi and Orchestra Bass Internal Instruments. Please note, we are getting lots of requests about how to set up multi out in your DAW. Please refer to your DAW docs and resources. Also note that Ableton Live does not support Multi Midi Out! There are workaround such as using Patchwork. There are also lots of scaler users discussing this over at Please download your free 2.7 update from Plugin Boutique by selecting your account and clicking on the dropdown menu. Released November 3rd, 2022. Scaler iOS update available from the App Store. Scaler 2.7 Multi Out Guide: Entire chord plays on Channel 1 Voice 1 - Channel 2 Voice 2 - Channel 3 Voice 3 - Channel 4 and so on. Here's.a link to a document and thread on how to set up Multi Out in most of the DAWs: 🤍 Scaler 2 In-Depth Tutorials and Workflow Videos 🤍 Scaler 2 - Available exclusively from Plugin Boutique: 🤍 Scaler 2 iPad is available exclusively from the App Store: 🤍 #scaler 2.7 tutorial, #scaler 2.7 update, #scaler 2 Chord Charts, #scaler 2 plugin tutorial,#scaler 2 divisi, #scaler 2 sync, #scaler 2 tutorial, #scaler 2 plugin,#scaler 2 demo, #scaler 2 workflow, #scaler 2 update 0:00 Intro 0:14 Live Sync 12:23 Multi Out 12:58 4 Part Divisi Chord Sets 17:55 Multi Out in Studio One 6 20:58 Generate Parallel Harmony 26:20 Auto Play 28:45 New Content - Fixed Bass Chords 31:06 New Content - Avant Garde Expressions 33:54 Lofi, 80's, Classical, Hip Hop Chord Sets 36:07 Scale Based Sequences

Scaler 2 | The Ultimate Cheat Code for Composers??


In this video, we deep-dive into a tool I've come to rely on for composing called Scaler 2. It's much more than just a MIDI Chord supplier, there's all kinds of ways to randomize and manipulate the settings Scaler offers, not to mention presets and artist articulations to jumpstart your creativity. AFFILIATE: 🤍 PATREON: 🤍 00:00 - Intro 1:58 - As an instrument or midi controller 2:51 - Choosing a scale 3:50 - Altering the chords 5:38 - The perform section 7:54 - Suggest feature 10:35 - Songs and Artists feature 12:50 - Controlling Kontakt 15:30 - Outro Learn more about Scaler 2: 🤍 Questions? Vodkastpodcaster🤍 Twitter: 🤍GeoffManch IG: ManchesterMusicOfficial #Scaler #Composer #Songwriting

NoSQL Tutorial For Beginners | Apache Cassandra Full Course | Datastax Astra DB | @SCALER


If you are someone who wants to get the basics right when it comes to Cassandra NoSQL Database, this video is for you. Watch Shashank Mishra (Data Engineer III, Expedia) covering the Fundamentals & Implementation for the same. Check out our FREE masterclasses by leading industry experts now: 🤍 What is NoSQL? NoSQL, often known as "not only SQL" or "non-SQL," is a method of database design that makes it possible to store and query data outside of the conventional relational database structures. What is Apache Cassandra? Apache Cassandra is a highly scalable, high-performance distributed database designed to handle massive amounts of data over a large number of commodity computers while maintaining high availability and avoiding a single point of failure. It belongs to the NoSQL database family. What is a NoSQL database? A NoSQL database, often known as a Not Only SQL database, offers a method for storing and retrieving data in addition to the tabular relationships found in relational databases. Who are Data Engineers? Data engineers design and construct pipelines that transform and ship data into a format that is highly usable when it is received by data scientists or other end users. Watch the full tutorial to get started with NoSQL Database and learn about its practical implementation Find the Jupyter notebook mentioned in the video here: 🤍 Topics covered in this tutorial: 0:00 - Introduction 0:32 - Introduction to NoSQL Databases and Cassandra 7:45 - Setting up Cassandra NoSQL DB using Datastax 12:53 - Performing CQL queries with Python About SCALER A transformative tech school, creating talent with impeccable skills. Upskill and Create Impact. Learn more about Scaler: 🤍 📌 Follow us on Social and be a part of an amazing tech community📌 👉 Meet like-minded coder folks on Discord - 🤍 👉 Tweets you cannot afford to miss out on - 🤍 👉 Check out student success stories, expert opinions, and live classes on Linkedin - 🤍 👉 Explore value-packed reels, carousels and get access to exclusive updates on Instagram - 🤍 📢 Be a part of our one of a kind telegram community: 🤍 🔔 Hit that bell icon to get notified of all our new videos 🔔 If you liked this video, please don't forget to like and comment. Never miss out on our exclusive videos to help boost your coding career! Subscribe to Scaler now! 🤍

Scaler - Nitro Rad


A reptilian platformer from a B rated company known for licensed platformers. Could this be any good..? Facebook: 🤍

SCALLER - Inside My Head (Official Music Video)


Listen To 'Inside My Head' : 🤍 ———————————————————————————————— Director : Tb Elvan Producer : Yuizi Theresia 1st AD : Arizi Dunya 1st AC : Yanuar Fazal Gaffer : Mr. Ami LED & Projector Op : Andi Soldier Motion Graphic Artist : Kemas Affano Unit : Ibnu Amin Priyono MUA : Alodia Stylist : Ierena Veronika Wardrobe : One Off Ones, TUJUH Official Video Editor : PestaRusa Colorist : Aprizal Arief Runner : Brandon Executive Producer : SCALLER Label : Archangel Records / Golden Robot Records ———————————————————————————————— Lyrics I DON'T WANNA WAKE UP, AM I ASKING TOO MUCH? I DON'T WANNA WAKE UP CAUSE THERE'S A VOICE INSIDE MY HEAD DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK, DON'T KNOW WHAT IS REAL, NO SOLID GROUND, THERE'S NO LONGER FUN WITHIN AM I GOOD ENOUGH? AM I DOING IT RIGHT? WILL I BE ENOUGH? OH THERE'S A VOICE, INSIDE MY HEAD DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK, DON'T KNOW WHAT IS REAL, NO SOLID GROUND, THERE'S NO LONGER FUN WITHIN IT TALKS TOO MUCH, I SAID ENOUGH,IT TALKS TOO MUCH, WELL I'VE HAD ENOUGH Subscribe to SCALLER Youtube Channel : 🤍 SCALLER Reney Karamoy - Guitars, Co-lead Vocals, Drums Programming, Sampling, Production (all tracks). Stella Gareth - Lead Vocals, Synthesizers, Keyboards, Additional Engineering. Produced by Reney Karamoy, Stella Gareth, Housman Pranoto Performed, Written & Composed by SCALLER Lyrics by Stella Gareth Recorded & Mixed by Reney Karamoy at Sonic Garage Studio Mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering Additional Drums & Percussions by Ho Usman Pranoto ———————————————————————————————— Follow SCALLER online : Instagram : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Spotify : 🤍

Scaler - Gameplay PS2 HD 720P


Scaler - Gameplay PS2 HD 720P Visit us at 🤍 for more Game is available here: Scaler PS2 - 🤍 Enhanced graphics with emulator PCSX 2.For recording I used a bandicam software. -some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems... PC specs: - CPU Intel Core i5 760 - RAM 8 GB - GPU Gefoce GTX 560 - Windows 7 (64 bit) PCSX2 1.0 specs: - try yourself ::::: Rate, Comment & Subscribe :::::

A Guitarist's Guide to Using Scaler 2


In this Scaler tutorial video designed specifically for guitarists, Tristan demonstrates how he plays a chord progression on his guitar and uses Scaler to analyse and detect the chords he is playing. He then uses Scaler to create accompanying parts including a bass performance. This video demonstrates Scaler's audio detection on desktop and iPad, showing how easy it is to play an acoustic guitar straight into the in-built microphone of an iPad to help easily detect key and scale of what you are playing. More Scaler 2 workflow videos here: 🤍 Scaler 2 - Available exclusively from Plugin Boutique: 🤍 Scaler 2 iPad is available exclusively from the App Store: 🤍 0:00 - Song Intro 0:18 - Video Introduction 0:57 - Audio Detection in Scaler Desktop Plugin 2:57 - Audio Detection in Scaler iPad App 3:52 - Creating Patterns Using Detected Chords 5:24 - Syncing State Between Scaler Instances 6:22 - Creating an Accompanying Bass Part in Scaler 7:43 - Adding a Drum Part 8:06 - Using Scaler’s Chord Charts For Additional Guitar Parts 9:53 - Triggering Other Virtual Instruments Using Scaler’s MIDI Data 11:22 - Recording a Lead Guitar Melody 12:09 - Recap 12:59 - Song Outro

Longplay of Scaler


Longplay of Scaler, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game's version was released on Nov. 17th, 2004. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment down below! 0:00:00 - Start 0:00:33 - Opening 0:03:40 - Chimerum 0:25:49 - Bakuldo 0:54:41 - Boss: Iguana King 1:00:00 - Klonium 1:21:43 - Altus 1:42:49 - Boss: Looger's Henchmen 1:49:41 - Desollem 2:21:07 - Koradus 2:41:29 - Boss: Giant Rattlecrab 2:47:59 - Medoozum 3:09:10 - Iridium 3:51:08 - Boss: Bootcamp's Lair 3:56:59 - Voidrem 4:23:44 - Komoldo 4:49:45 - Final boss: Looger's Stronghold 4:56:50 - Best ending 4:59:36 - Credits

Creating an Original Track from Scratch with Scaler 2


Watch Davide Carbone create an original track from scratch using Scaler 2 to generate all the harmonic and melodic content including chords, arpeggios, basslines, lead lines and melodies. In they video Davide starts by creating chords using Scaler's circle of fifths, chord edit mode and the suggest mode. He uses several instances of Scaler 2, both as an instrument, and as a midi effect to trigger various third part audio instruments. He also creates a melody using the keys lock feature. This video demonstrates a typical workflow of how Scaler is used across an entire track. More Scaler 2 workflow videos here: 🤍 Scaler 2 - Available exclusively from Plugin Boutique: 🤍 Scaler 2 iPad is available exclusively from the App Store: 🤍 0:00 Intro 1:18 Finding Chords using Circle of Fifths 3:00 Expanding the chord progression in Suggest Mode 4:06 Editing the chords in Chord Edit Mode 5:40 Using an Arpeggio as a performance 6:30 Adding some Harmonic Content 8:45 Creating a Melody In Keys Lock 14:15 Creating a Bassline 17:20 Adding a vocal 19:00 Arranging the track 22:22 Making an alternative Melody 24:55 Adding some atmosphere 27:30 A Recap 29:50 The Finished Piece!

Scaler All Cutscenes + True Ending (Gamecube, PS2, XBOX) Full Movie Game


scaler all cutscenes game movie [(+ scaler ending) ''true ending''] scaler cutscenes from Gamecube Scaler All Cutscenes + True Ending (Gamecube, PS2, XBOX) Full Movie Game 🤍 WishingTikal 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to my channel! 🤍 Follow Me! Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Business inquiries: wishingtikal🤍 ♥♥♥♥♥ #WishingTikal About: Hey there, I'm Gen, or Tikal. I worked years on Gamefaqs writing walkthroughs. Now I make video guides out of them. I do 100% collectibles runs to show where all of the secrets are. I record all footage all by myself, every single one, and edit them together to remove mistakes, or loading times, to make for the best and most fluid viewing experience possible and help others. My walkthroughs are usually of superior quality, so pick mines! I record in 1080p most of the time, except my older videos which are in 720p. I use HDPVR2 to record. I work the hardest possible to provide you the best gaming help. All games are posted with permission from the owners and some game codes are also often given by the publisher.

Scaler (1080p) FULL MOVIE - Found Footage, Horror, Thriller, Paranormal


Paranormal researcher and author, Jessica Lake is given video footage from a mysterious ghost hunter revealing clues to an ancient and evil spirit. #horrorstories #foundfootage #gravitasfilms Directed by: Dan T. Hall Starring: Ransom Pugh Dija Henry Will Prim 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 WANT TO SEE MORE MOVIES LIKE THIS FOR FREE here on YouTube? Please visit our other channels! Gravitas Ventures: 🤍 Documentaries: 🤍 Action/Thriller/Horror: 🤍 Sci-Fi/Paranormal: 🤍 #GravitasFilms #HDFilms / Full length FREE MOVIES Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 Check us out on FaceBook: 🤍 Learn more about Gravitas Ventures by visiting our website: 🤍 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿 🎥 🎞️ 🍿

Scaler 2 Plugin Tutorial & In Depth Overview


SCALER 2 OFFICIAL TUTORIAL AND IN DEPTH OVERVIEW VIDEO Don’t forget to check out our Scaler 2 Workflow videos here: Scaler 2 In-Depth Tutorials and Workflow Videos 🤍 Scaler 2 from Plugin Boutique is a powerful update to the award winning Scaler software. Now with several new features including Audio Detection, Expressions, Midi Capture, Edit Mode and an advanced Modulation Mode. Scaler 2 is also now a powerful sound module in its own right. Several major artists, pianists and composers have contributed to make this software even better. In this in depth tutorial and overview of Scaler 2, Davide Carbone, one of the creators, guides us through its unique feature set and introduces us to all of the new pages. This video is a great starting point for all users of Scaler and new users to Scaler 2. Stay tuned for lots more workflow videos coming for Scaler 2! Scaler 2 - Available from Plugin Boutique: 🤍 #scaler 2 plugin tutorial,#scaler plugin tutorial,#plugin boutique scaler,#plugin boutique scaler tutorial,#scaler 2 review,#scaler review,#scaler tutorial,#plugin boutique,#vst plugin,#scaler,#scaler plugin,#scaler 2,#scale plugin,#scaler 2 vst,#scaler vst,#scale vst,#chord vst,#chord plugin,#melody plugin,#melody vst,#chord theory,scaler 2 tutorial,#scaler 2 vst plugin review,#scaler 2 plugin,#how to use scaler,#scaler 2 demo,#scaler 2 workflow,#scaler 2 making a song,#scaler 2 melody tutorial,#scaler 2 update 0:00 Intro 1:00 Detecting Midi and Audio 1:55 Choosing & Binding Scales and Songs 4:05 Scale and Chord Voicings 4:50 Progression Builder (Section C) 6:00 Expressions (Performances, Phrases, Rhythms) 8:42 Chord Based or Scale Based Phrases & Melodies 10:57 Keys Lock 11:55 Midi Capture 13:04 Edit Mode and DAW Sync 17:14 Modulation 20:15 Patterns 22:25 Using Third Party Instruments and VSTs

Why We Do What We Do | Scaler Academy


Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena left high-paying, comfortable jobs at Facebook and respectively to solve the problem of tech education. The gap that existed between industry requirements and college curriculum was massive and their idea was to make an impact where it mattered. Having transformed thousands of lives in the last few years, hear Anshuman talk in detail about why we do what we do at Scaler Academy. Some points he touches upon in the video: *Birth of InterviewBit *Recognizing the need for an online Stanford *Why mentorship is such an integral part of Scaler Academy *Some outcomes of the program *What the future holds Our alumni today work at some of the top tech companies such as Microsoft, Google, Zomato and Ola. But the journey has only just begun.

Что может Scaler 2? 🔥🔥🔥 Мастхэв для продюсеров у которых не всё гладко с теорией музыки


В этом видео Роман Стикс рассказывает что может Scaler 2. Scaler поможет вам: 1️⃣ Писать свои треки на основе гармонических пресетов 2️⃣ Вносить разнообразие в любые гармонии, подбирая замены аккордов и другие варианты гармонизации 3️⃣Писать собственные уникальные гармонии используя инструментарий Scaler 4️⃣Писать музыкальные мелодические партии на заданные гармонии 5️⃣Создавать модуляции в любые тональности 6️⃣ Использовать авто-аранжировочные средства Scaler (аккомпанементы, басовые линии, арпеджио, ритмические партии) 7️⃣ Подбирать аккорды для акапелл, семплов или миди-партий используя алгоритмы автоматического анализа Scaler 8️⃣ Изучать муз. теорию. Различные гаммы, аккорды, варианты обыгрывания, замены, модуляция итп 🔥🔥🔥 Подробный курс по Scaler покупайте здесь👇👇👇 🤍 🔥🔥🔥 Сейчас курс продается по специальной цене. Только несколько дней! Курс длится 3 часа 32 минуты. Содержание уроков: Урок 1 ▫️ Интерфейс Scaler 2 ▫️ Основные рабочие зоны ▫️ Выбор гамм ▫️ Режимы привязки клавиш миди-клавиатуры ▫️ Зачем мне все эти гаммы? При чем тут аккорды? Урок 2 ▫️ Режим Perform ▫️ Слушаем разные варианты перформансов ▫️ Начинаем изучать всё на практике (под бит) ▫️ Зона клавиатуры, выделенная для воспроизведения аккордов ▫️ Переключение сложности аккордов (трезвучия, септаккорды, нонаккорды итп) ▫️ Переключение вариантов расположения звуков аккорда ▫️ Слушаем разные варианты на практике Урок 3 ▫️ Практическое применение Scaler ▫️ Как программировать гармонические сетки ▫️ Редактирование аккордов ▫️ Пишем аккордовую сетку в миди ▫️ Используем встроенный плеер Scaler ▫️ Синхронный старт с DAW ▫️ Программирование разных перформансов на разных аккордах ▫️ Фразы играющие по звукам аккорда или по гамме ▫️ Слушаем некоторые инструменты Scaler Урок 4 ▫️ Назначаем Scaler на другой VSTi (Nexus Pluck) ▫️ Как сделать чтобы Scaler игал только фразы, без аккордов ▫️ Програмируем демо-композицию ▫️ Меняем расположение аккордов ▫️ Динамическая группировка голосов ▫️ Scaler играет PAD ▫️ Scaler играет Bass ▫️ Синхронизация Scaler-ов между собой Урок 5 ▫️ Прописываем смену аккордов вручную ▫️ Проходящие звуки и аккордовые звуки ▫️ Играем нотами аккорда или гаммы ▫️ Пишем партию Mute Guitar по нотам аккордов ▫️ Управляющие клавиши Урок 6 ▫️ Играем нотами дополняющими аккроды ▫️ Как менять аккорды когда всё уже запрограммировано? ▫️ Режим отображения PADS ▫️ Поиск замены аккорда через контекстное меню ▫️ Программируем гармонию разных частей произведения ▫️ Переключение паттернов ▫️ Дописываем партии на новую гармонию ▫️ Как быть если управляющая клавиша не успевает сработать? Урок 7 ▫️ Модуляция в другую тональность ▫️ Слушаем гармонию в новой тональности ▫️ Аккорды, которые помогут осуществить модуляцию ▫️ Добавляем модулирующие аккорды в новый паттерн ▫️ Программируем изменения ▫️ Добавляем арпеджиатор ▫️ Пробуем встроенные мелодии и рифы ▫️ Как перекинуть миди из Scaler в DAW ▫️ Экспорт настроек ▫️ Scaler показывает подходящие гаммы на гитарном грифе Урок 8 ▫️ Анализируем акапеллу через Scaler 2 ▫️ Выбираем подходящую гамму из предложенных ▫️ Придумываем гармонию под акапеллу ▫️ Прописываем гармонию в DAW ▫️ Добавляем струнные из Scaler ▫️ Вносим разнообразие, заменяем аккорд ▫️ Ладовая замена ▫️ Используем встроенный плеер Scaler Урок 9 ▫️ Пишем гармонию используя пресет Neo-Riemannian (Нео-риманова теория) Урок 10 ▫️ Вносим разнообразие используя медианты Урок 11 ▫️ Модуляция в другой лад и тональность (Secondary Scale) ▫️ Небольное повторение пройденного материала ▫️ Квантизация перфомансов и свинг Урок 12 ▫️ Генерирование параллельной гармонии ▫️ Внедрение сгенерерованной параллельной гармонии в свой паттерн ▫️ Использование определения гамм для подбора гармонии под ваши миди-ноты Урок 13 ▫️ Как разнообразить пресетную гармонию ▫️ Вариации аккордов на каждую ступень ▫️ Настройки Scaler 2 ▫️ Блокирование гаммы и тональности от изменений ▫️ Как получить еще больше гармоний из пресетов? ▫️ Мненяем лад в пресетных гармониях Подробный курс по Scaler покупайте здесь👇👇👇 🤍 🔥🔥🔥 Сейчас курс продается по специальной цене. Только несколько дней!

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Scaler 2 | Starting a Song | Chords, Bass Line, Melody & More


Check out Scaler 2 | 🤍 Check out Plugin Deals | 🤍 Access 4 million sounds w/ Loopcloud Free Trial | 🤍 Join the Scaler Community - 🤍 0:00 Introduction 0:50 Chord Progression 1:48 Bouncing to Audio and Host Sync 3:15 Bass Line Notes 4:39 Bass Line Rhythm 5:50 Staccato Strings and Voice Grouping 7:03 Melody and Arpeggios 8:30 Outro In this video tutorial, Joshua Casper shows you how to start a song. Complete with Chords, a rhythmic bass line, staccato string stabs, melodic arpeggios and more. You will learn about how to use many new features available in Scaler 2. First we will pick a chord progression preset from the many available. I use the Future Bass Chord Set 1. For brevity, I just use the first four chords, but feel free to use them all. I also jump into the Edit Page and pitch them each up 1 octave. After which, I bounce that audio to an audio track in Ableton Live. Next, I use one of Scaler 2's new Rhythm presets to add some movement to the chords. Once I found the best one, I used the MIDI Capture feature to get the chords and the Rhythm in MIDI to use on my Bass Synth track. Here all I needed to do was delete all the MIDI notes except the notes furthest down in the scale. Using that same set-up in Scaler 2, I switched the internal sound to Staccato Strings. Here I didn't want the really low notes to get triggered, so I turn on Voice Grouping, set to Dynamic +1 Octave which dynamically moved all those really low notes up an octave. Again, I bounced that to audio. For the melody I used the Arpeggio function in Scaler 2 and captured its MIDI to use on my Piano track in Ableton Live. Then I simply slowed down the arpeggio in Scaler and used the internal Staccato Strings sound again for a counter melody. #PluginBoutique #Scaler2 #Scaler2Tutorial

The Scaler 2.7 VST Reclaims it's Music Theory Plugin Throne!


Scaler 2.7 is the latest update by Plugin Boutique and has reclaimed it's throne as the most incredible music theory VST/AU/AAX in the world! The newest (and biggest) feature is Syncing, one click parallel harmonies, new sounds, more performances, chord sets, multi out, and more! It goes without saying Plugin Boutique listened to the community. Now, I'll showcases some of my favorite features and weigh in with my hot takes. Get it here: 🤍 Chord sets: 🤍 My social media: 🤍 0:00 Scaler 2 sync walkthrough 3:52 parallel harmony 5:22 auto play 6:11 new performance modes 7:15 sequence scales 7:44 other features and my take #scaler2 #pluginboutique #musictheory

Scaler 2 Workflow | Developing a Musical Idea


SOS Ableton Live Certified Tutor and musician Tristan Malloch demonstrates how he uses Scaler 2 in Ableton Live to develop a simple chord progression into a fully fledged track. Tristan starts with a chord progression and uses suggest mode with minimise voicing in the Scaler 2.6 update to expand on his chord progression and then add elements such as bass and melody using Scaler suggestions. Tristan also touches on many tips and tricks including recording chords on the iPad version and desktop version, clip envelopes and MIDI CC messages in Ableton Live, triggering hardware synths and adding drums and side-chain compression. More Scaler 2 workflow videos here: 🤍 Scaler 2 - Available exclusively from Plugin Boutique: 🤍 Scaler 2 iPad is available exclusively from the App Store: 🤍 00:00 Introduction 00:37 The Initial Song Idea 02:04 Recording Chord Progression Into Scaler 03:06 Recording Chords on an iPad 04:08 Explanation of Chords Used 05:03 Chord Suggest Mode 07:20 Creating a Bass Part 08:38 Modifying Bass Performance Notes 09:43 Triggering Hardware Synths 10:42 Adding Drums and Side-Chain Compression 11:53 Adding a Piano Part Using Scaler’s Melody Performances 14:28 Switching Performances using Clip Envelopes and MIDI CC Messages 17:07 Summary

Scaler - All Bosses (No Damage & Ending ) 4K 60FPS PS2/GCN/XBOX


Scaler follows the story of a lizard-loving 12-year-old boy named Bobby "Scaler" Jenkins who accidentaly stumbles across an evil plot to dominate the world through use of mutated lizards. ► Boss Playlist: 🤍

Scaler Academy Curriculum | Tried and Tested Curriculum to Help you get your Dream Job


Get a comprehensive understanding of the tried and tested curriculum at Scaler Academy that will help you become a Solid Engineer. The ideas of this program is to help shape Engineers who can create massive impact. The curriculum has been set by understanding what do top companies expect from their engineering candidates. For you to be a great Engineer, you need to have two fundamental skills. *You need to be good at Problem Solving *You need to be able to build a tech system from a real-world problem. We have formulated our curriculum understanding these requirements.



SCALER 2 REVIEW AND DEMO ✅ SCALER 2 : 🤍 Scaler 2 is the easiest and fastest way to build chord progressions. I love it so much. ✅ Get 7% off your annual purchase when you sign up for DistroKid through this link 🤍 ^ If you use my VIP link, DM me a link to your music on IG ! Love listening to new releases! :D I have tons of FREE tutorials on my channel. But if you're looking to learn from a more 1-on-1 approach, consider booking a 30 minute session with me: Click the link below to learn more: 🤍 My Studio Gear Current Headphones : 🤍 Headphones (more affordable) : 🤍 External Hard Drive : 🤍 Midi Keyboard : 🤍 Audio Interface : 🤍 Microphone : 🤍 2nd Microphone (more affordable) : 🤍 Synth : 🤍 My Filming Equipment Camera Mic : 🤍 Camera : 🤍 Tripod : 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Some of these links may be affiliate links. There is no additional charge to you, I will just receive a small commission if you purchase a product through my links. Thank you for supporting my channel so I can keep making free content for you!

Русский обзор плагина Scaler - Лучший помощник для музыкантов


В этом видео Семен покажет и расскажет о самом лучшем помощнике для музыкантов от компании Plugin Boutique Scaler. Вы узнаете о приемуществах плагина, о его уникальных функциях и секретах которые вы сможете применить на своей личной практике при создании музыки. Официальные обучающие уроки от разработчиков. 🤍 Наши контакты: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Поддержать проект: 🤍

Getting Started with Scaler 2 | Demo & Review


GET A FREE SAMPLE PACK: ➢🤍 #Scaler2 #PluginBoutique Try out Scaler 2: 🤍 CONNECT WITH ME: ➢ Instagram: 🤍de_ana_music ➢ TikTok: 🤍de_ana_music Produced by De Ana playlist on Spotify: ➢ 🤍 ENQUIRIES: ➢ Email: dianastefaniistone🤍 CHECK OUT SOME OF MY FAVOURITE PLUGINS: ➢ iZotope Trash 2: 🤍 ➢ iZotope Iris 2: 🤍 ➢ iZotope Ozone 9: 🤍 ➢ iZotope Vocalsynth 2: 🤍 ➢ Komplete Classics Collection: 🤍 ➢ Melodyne 5 Essential: 🤍 ➢ Exponential Audio R2 Reverb: 🤍 Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are "affiliate links." This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive a small affiliate commission. This doesn't change your price and enables me to make more content and fewer sponsored videos.

Scaler 2 iOS iPad | Official Complete Overview Video


Scaler 2 for iPad now available on the App Store In this worldwide exclusive, Davide Carbone demonstrates the power of Scaler 2 on the iPad for the very first time. This complete overview video covers functionality exclusive to iPad and demonstrates the versatility of the Scaler 2 iOS by connecting it wirelessly to a Roland F701 Digital Piano and also uses it as a performance and song writing tool within an Audio Mixer. Scaler 2 is a standalone and AUv3 app and it can connect to all your devices using bluetooth Midi In and Out and via WiFi. All sounds and content you hear are 100% created within Scaler 2 for iPad with no added effects. Davide covers detection, creating chord progressions, suggest mode, song and artist chord sets, scales, modulation, multiple scaler setups and lots more features. Scaler is available as a free download with all sound and most features unlocked and works perfectly with Scaler 2 plugin available exclusively at Plugin Boutique. All remaining features of the iPad version can be unlocked with one in-app purchase. We are proud to present the first and exclusive look at one of the most anticipated iOS music workstation releases of late. Scaler 2 for iPAD is now available from the App Store: 🤍 Check out the rest of the Scaler 2 videos made for the plugin versions - they are all relevant as the features are the same. Scaler 2 In-Depth Tutorials and Workflow Videos 🤍 Roland f701 Info here: 🤍 Scaler 2 iPad is available exclusively from the App Store: 🤍 Scaler 2 Plugin is available from Plugin Boutique: 🤍 #scaler 2 iPad tutorial,#scaler 2 iOS, #scaler 2 Chord Charts, #scaler 2 plugin tutorial,#scaler 2 guitar, #scaler 2 strumming, #scaler 2 tutorial,#scaler 2 plugin,#scaler 2 demo,#scaler 2 workflow, #scaler 2 update 0:00 Start 1:25 Connected to a Roland F701 and using DETECT mode 3:13 Building a chord progression in section C 3:59 Using Keys Lock 04:54 Suggest Mode 06:53 Artist and Song Chord Sets 12:24 Creating Patterns in PAD mode 13:40 Hosting multiple Scalers to create entire tracks and perform live 18:57 Guitar Features, chord charts and fretboard view 19:36 Modulation on the iPad 23:07 Outro

Una herramienta para COMPONER y APRENDER (Scaler 2 - Review y Giveaway)


SORTEO INSTAGRAM - 🤍 SCALER 2 (PluginBoutique) - 🤍 - Mi guía de MARKETING para MÚSICOS ↪ 🤍 ↪ MI MÚSICA (CLOSBIT) - 🤍 - Mi guía de ECUALIZACIÓN ↪ 🤍 - EPIDEMIC SOUND - (30 días GRATIS entrando con mi LINK) LA MUSICA y FXs QUE USO EN MIS VIDEOS - 🤍 Links afiliados! ⤵⤵ ✔ MIS PLUGINS FREE FAVORITOS 🤍 ✔ MIS PLUGINS DE WAVES 🤍 ✔ MIS SAMPLES FAVORITOS 🤍 ✔MIS LOOPS FAVORITOS 🤍 REDES ⤵⤵ ↪ INSTAGRAM - 🤍 ↪ MI WEB/Tienda - 🤍 ✉ Por consultas profesionales | info🤍 #AudioparaMúsicos

Sickle Scalers


Scaler Data Science Review | Scaler Academy Data Science Course | Analytics Jobs Review


#datasciencecourse #analyticsjobs #scalereviews Making a career which involves passion brings out the best in you and in this fast forward life Everyone is looking to make a good career, So here we bring you my part on Scaler Data Science course review. That’s why we are here today where we review a course, talk about its features, fees, placement records, and most importantly, reviews by existing students and alumni so that you can make a wise decision for your career. And the program that we will review today is the Data Science course by Scaler Academy. Analytics Jobs Reviews : 🤍 Facebook Reviews: 🤍 Quora Reviews: 🤍 Time Stamps: 00:00 - Introduction 01:03 - About Scaler 01:40 - Program Features 02:29 - Eligibility criteria 02:56 - Syllabus 05:53 - Admission Fees 06:22 - Reviews 12:54 - Conclusion 13:36 - Endnote

Scaler 2 - Audio to Midi Capture


Scaler 2 - Audio to Midi Capture is a great tool for capturing midi, working out the key of the audio, as well as songwriting! Check PluginBoutique for the latest plugin deals - 🤍 Listen on Spotify 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Latest releases - 🤍 Hire me! - 🤍

Scaler 2.7 90 RnB Chord Preset Pack


👉 Supported formats: Scaler 2.7, Xfer Cthulhu, MPC Pad Perform, Ripchord VST, DOWNLOAD from the link in the description of this video: 🤍 If you want to support my work, consider purchasing my commercial R&B Chord Preset pack on There are more than twice as many chord progressions as in my free pack: 🤍 Supported formats: Scaler 2, MPC Pad Perform, Xfer Cthulhu, Ripchord, MIDI Check out my Throwback 90s RnB Sample Pack 🤍 MEMBERSHIPS ▶︎ Join me on Patreon ◀︎ Get access to exclusive Chord Preset Packs! 🤍 ▶︎ Support this channel to gain access to the following benefits: 🤍 FREE DOWNLOADs : Neo Soul Vol.X Chord Pack 🤍 SOCIAL ▶︎ 🤍 ▶︎ 🤍 AFFILIATE ▶︎ Check out AKAI MPC Samplers here: 🤍 Get Ripchord VST plugin for free! 🤍 Get the MPC Beats software for free! 🤍 Ripchord is a free VST plugin for creating and remixing chord progressions. My Ripchord tutorial: 🤍 🤍AveMcree Check out My Free Chord Packs Vol.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, 8 , 9 ,10 and 11 here: Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.1 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.2 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.3 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.4 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.5 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.6 TRAP 01 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.7 NEO SOUL 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.8 R&B 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.9 80s 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.10 NEO SOUL X 🤍 Chord Progressions Preset Pack Vol.11 90s R&B 🤍 How to install Custom Chord Progressions into MPC Live / X / One hardware: 🤍 How to install Custom Chord Progressions into MPC and MPC Software and Beats Software: 🤍 How to make Custom Arp Patterns for AKAI MPC and MPC Beats software: 🤍

S1 E2 Handhabung Universal Scaler Subs


Wie wird ein Universalscaler eingesetzt? Im Video seht ihr wie der Scaler erst am Modell und am Patienten angewendet wird. Schaut doch mal rein!

How To Make Chord Progressions QUICK with Scaler 2 | Chord Progression Tutorial


This chord progression tutorial shows you how to make chord progressions quick with scaler 2. Scaler 2 is MIDI plugin and VST intstrument that is capable of making very expressive chord progressions for you with needing music theory knowledge. Scaler 2 Deals - 🤍 Join us LIVE for Q&A, Beat Critiques, Cookups on my LIVE Channel 👉 🤍 🔥 InflightMuzik Beats and Kits 👉 🤍 💎 BEST PLUGIN DEALS 👉 🤍 💎 Discord 👉 🤍 📷 Instagram 👉 🤍 🐦 Twitter 👉 🤍 📖 Facebook 👉 🤍 🎥 Twitch 👉 🤍 🎵 Spotify 👉 🤍 📧 Email 👉 inflightmuzik🤍 🔥 FREE KITS and MORE 🔥 🚀 FREE Exotic Melody Kit 👉 🤍 🚀 FREE Dark Melody Kit 👉 🤍 🚀 FREE Dark Chords Kit 👉 🤍 🚀 FREE Lush Chords Kit 👉 🤍 🚀 FREE FL Studio Template 👉 🤍

The Scaler 2.6 Update is a MUST for TRAP Producers


Get Scaler 2 NOW: 🤍 Looperator: 🤍 Back with another video and the Scaler 2.6 update does not disappoint. This to me is the most valuable plugin for music producers and the new features are always useful. My Most Used Plugins: Komplete 13 Ultimate: 🤍 Scaler 2: 🤍 Ozone Elements: 🤍 Omnisphere 2: 🤍 My Budget Home Studio Setup: Microphone: 🤍 Microphone Desk Mount: 🤍 Headphones: 🤍 Keyboard: 🤍 Keyboard Stand: 🤍 *Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself and all opinions expressed here are my own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, I may earn a small commission. scaler 2,plugin boutique,scaler 2 tutorial,chord progression,scaler 2 review,scaler plugin,plugin boutique scaler 2,scaler 2.6,scaler tutorial,scaler 2 plugin tutorial,vst plugins 2022,scaler 2 vst review,plugin boutique scaler 2 tutorial,scaler 2 vst tutorial,scaler 2.5,scaler 2 logic pro x,scaler 2 chord progressions,scaler 2 tutorial logic,scaler 2 plugin review,scaler 2.6 update,scaler 2 trap,scaler 2 update,most valuable plugin #scaler2 #pluginboutique #vstplugins

The Worst Scaler In Retro Gaming


This video is meant to educate people on the reasons you'll want to avoid using scalers designed for TV signals for video games. It's also a warning against those awful companies that use those chips on purpose and sell them in cables "designed for video games". Please help spread this information and stop both the (accidental) misuse of TV scalers...and hopefully stop companies from making this junk in the future! If you like this video, please consider signing up as a supporter, or leaving a "tip": 🤍 More info: 🤍 Good Scalers: 🤍 Follow-up lag testing video: 🤍 Most equipment used to shoot this video can be found here: 🤍 As a note, Phonedork has been warning us about these scalers for YEARS. The info in this video is nothing new, it's just the latest in many videos made to demonstrate how important it is to use good scalers. Check out Phonedork's perfectly articulated example of bad scalers here at 16:40: 🤍

SCALER 2-CHEATER! But is it really cheating?? Try these tips to get the most out of SCALER 2!!!


Sometimes when we use plugins that are so technical...I feel like we can be a bit hard on ourselve to the point where we feel like we are cheating ourselves...or even worse...cheating the creative process..In this video I discuss the concept on how we can use Scaler 2 to being being producers and start understanding what we hear. With practice we will all become better :) Follow me at: 🤍 My Album on Apple Music!! 🤍 No Money??No Problem!! Download my album “34” for FREE!!!!! 🤍 My album “34” is also on every other music platform as well. Just search “Dezi Perado” :)

Use Scaler 2 Like a Pro, Making Beats Using Scaler 2


Use Scaler 2 Like a Pro, Making Beats Using Scaler 2 The strongest VST in your arsenal. Use Scaler 2 to improve your music production. Check out how I use some of the best features in Scaler 2 to make beats. 00:00 - Intro (Like & Subscribe!) 00:48 - What is Scaler 2 01:50 - Loading up Scaler 2 as VST & Midi FX Plug-in 03:00 - Converting Audio into Chords / Making a Hip-Hop Beat 04:30 - Loading 3rd Party Patterns, Creating & Saving Custom Patterns / Making a R&B Beat 06:25 - Changing Keys of Chord Patterns to Sound Unique / Making a Synth-wave Beat 07:54 - Changing Mood with Chords 08:08 - Midi Capture and Importing into DAW / Making a LoFi Beat Get Scaler 2: 🤍 Keywords How to use Scaler 2 like a pro, Making beats using scaler 2, Scaler 2 Logic Pro X, How to Use Scaler 2, Scaler 2 R&B Chords, Scaler 2 Chord Progressions, Scaler 2 251, Scaler 2 Chord Tutorial, Scaler 2 R&B tutorial, Scaler 2, Secret Scaler 2, Scaler 2 Secret Features, output arcade, top 5,top 5 vst plugins 2022 , R&B Beat, LoFi Beats, Lofi Music Production, Making LoFi Beats, How to Make LoFi Beats, top 5 vst plugins for fl studio, best plugins 2022,top plugins 2022, top vocal plugins, best piano plugin,best mastering plugin,top plugin list,top vsts,top vst plugins,best waves plugin,which plugins to buy,how to use plugins,best virtual instruments 2012, best virtual instrument plugins,best mpe plugin,free vst,best vst plugins,best plugins,best vst 2022,fl studio plugins,best plugins for logic pro top 5 vsts,best vsts,best vst plugins,top vsts 2022,best vsts in 2022,2022 best vsts,2022 best vsts,best vsts for fl studio,best vsts for ableton,fl studio vst,best virtual instruments,best trap vst,best hip hop vst,best trap plugins,triton vsts,exhale vsts,serum vst,vst review,exhale tutorial,nexus 3 tutorial,best plugins to buy 2022,top 10 vsts,top 10 vsts 2022,best vocal vst,best vst,best piano vst,best synth vstbest vsts,best plugins,best vst plugins,vst plugins,vst plugins 2022,vst plugins fl studio 20,best vsts 2022,top vsts 2022,top vsts for fl studio,top vsts for hip hop,top 5 vsts,best vsts for trap beats,best vsts for hip hop,best vsts for r&b,best vsts for melodies,best vsts for producers,best vsts for vocals,best vsts 2022,omnisphere 2,output arcade, top 5,top 5 vst plugins 2022,top 5 vst plugins for fl studio, best plugins 2022,top plugins 2022,top vocal plugins,best piano plugin,best mastering plugin,top plugin list,top vsts,top vst plugins,best waves plugin,which plugins to buy,how to use plugins,best virtual instruments 2022,best virtual instrument plugins,best mpe plugin,free vst,best vst plugins,best plugins,best vst 2022,fl studio plugins,best plugins for logic pro x, best vsts,best plugins,best vst plugins,vst plugins,vst plugins 2022,vst plugins fl studio 21,best vsts 2021,top vsts 2022,top vsts for fl studio,top vsts for hip hop,top 5 vsts,best vsts for trap beats,best vsts for hip hop,best vsts for r&b,best vsts for melodies,best vsts for producers,best vsts for vocals,best vsts 2021,omnisphere 2,output arcade, top 5,top 5 vst plugins 2022,top 5 vst plugins for fl studio, best plugins 2021,top plugins 2022,top vocal plugins,best piano plugin,best mastering plugin,top plugin list,top vsts,top vst plugins,best waves plugin,which plugins to buy,how to use plugins,best virtual instruments 2022,best virtual instrument plugins,best mpe plugin,free vst,best vst plugins,best plugins,best vst 2021,fl studio plugins,best plugins for logic pro x

Scaler 2 Feature makes YOU Sound Like Real Guitar Player | Guitar Strumming


Scaler 2 Feature makes YOU Sound Like Real Guitar Player | Guitar Strumming Scaler 2 Feature makes YOU Sound Like Real Guitar Player | Guitar Strumming #Scaler #Guitar #player #scaler2 In this video, I go into detail about Scaler 2 feature , guitar strumming the newly added properties of Scaler 2.4, the midi vst plugin from PluginBoutique that has changed the game once again . You can create real authentic sounding guitar loops faster with this technique. This is an excellent option to use and the best plugin vst in my opinion. Watch the video to see actual functionalities of the Scaler 2.4 update Please Comment, Like, and Subscribe! AFFILIATE LINK: 🤍 ✰ SOCIAL MEDIA ✰ • instagram ➭ • merch ➭ 🤍 • beats ➭ 🤍 FREE "Translucent" Loop Kit/Sample Libary (Cubeatz, Wheezy, Pyrex Whippa, Southside Type Loops etc.) 🤍 • Contains 10 Loops originally composed my me 🤍 "Blast off" Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 "Chambers" Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 "Infinity" Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Electricty Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Rabbit Hole Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Witches Brew Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Paper Planes Loop Kit Download here: 🤍 Dragon Loop Kit Download Here: 🤍 💥 Let's Hit 3000 Subscribers ! Subscribe Here: 🤍 TAGS #scaler 2 plugin tutorial,#scaler 2.4 update,#plugin boutique scaler tutorial,#scaler 2.4 tutorial,#scaler tutorial,scaler update 2.4 video,#scaler,#scaler plugin,#scaler 2,#scaler 2 vst,scaler 2 tutorial,#scaler 2 plugin,#scaler 2 demo,#scaler 2 workflow,#scaler 2 update,scaler 2.2 update tutorial,scaler 2.2 update,how to write baselines,how to write melodies,writing an entire track,scaler the basics,scaler 2 modulation tutorial,scaler 2 modulation

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