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Mankay & Choco Dynasty - Namhlanje [Feat. Pushkin RSA and Springle] (Official Audio)


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Pushkin & Springle - Welele (Official Music Video)


Pushkin & Springle premier the music video to their hit single 'Welele"



Alexander Pushkin is undoubtedly the most influential Russian writer. He’s not as popular outside Russia, but you should give him a chance! This is where you could start: 1. Eugene Onegin 2. The Queen of Spades 3. The Captain's Daughter 4. The Little Tragedies 5. Tales of Belkin 6. The Tale of Tsar Saltan This is the fourth part of KLASSIK, a series that will, hopefully, inspire you to read Russian literature. Coming up: CHEKHOV Bulgakov: Where to Start? | KLASSIK 🤍 GOGOL: WHERE TO START? | KLASSIK 🤍 TOLSTOY: WHERE TO START? | KLASSIK 🤍 DOSTOEVSKY: WHERE TO START? | KLASSIK 🤍 MY REVIEW OF DUBROVSKY AND TALES OF BELKIN 🤍 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 🤍 THE TALE OF TSAR SALTAN 🤍 EUGENE ONEGIN, AN OPERA IN 3 ACTS, BY P. TCHAIKOVSKY 🤍 THE QUEEN OF SPADES, AN OPERA IN 3 ACTS BY P. TCHAIKOVSKY 🤍 THE MISERLY KNIGHT, AN OPERA IN ONE ACT BY S. RACHMANINOFF 🤍 #pushkin #russianliterature

Ivo Dimchev - Pushkin /Пушкин/ - Official Video


You can connect with 🤍Ivo Dimchev on: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Booking - ivodimi🤍yahoo.com Music - Ivo Dimchev. Text - Alexander Pushkin & Ivo Dimchev. Arrangement- Svetlin Kuslev, Artur Nadosian Video directed by Joro Manov 🤍 DOP - Krum Rodriguez Editing- Martin Valchev costumes and styling - Eka Bichinashvili, Ivo Dimchev Make up- Gergana Ivanova /lyrics/ PUSHKIN - ПУШКИН Я помню чудное мгновенье: Передо мной явилась ты, Как мимолетное виденье, Как гений чистой красоты. С тебе, с тебе, с тебе аааай С тебе , с тебе искам да танцувам, цялата тази нощ и да потъвам в твоите ръце, епимено. С тебе, с тебе искам да живея този живот и да ти дам моето сърце, епимено. /2/ Im travale, travale, travaling light, cos Im fallen love with you, don't break my heart, Im travеling, la la la la la la la la light. /2/ Шли годы. Бурь порыв мятежный Рассеял прежние мечты, И я забыл твой голос нежный, Твои небесные черты. С тебе, с тебе, с тебе аааай С тебе , с тебе искам да танцувам, цялата тази нощ и да потъвам в твоите ръце, епимено. С тебе , с тебе искам да живея този живот и да ти дам моето сърце, епимено. /2/ Im travale, travale, travaling light, cos Im fallen love with you don't break my heart, Im traveling la la la la la la la la light. /2/ Im travеling light /2/ И сердце бьется в упоенье, И для него воскресли вновь, И божество, и вдохновенье, И жизнь, и слезы, и любовь. You can follow 🤍Ivo Dimchev on: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 contact info - ivodimi🤍yahoo.com

The Equalizer - Pushkin Death Scene (HD)


Three days later, McCall shows up in Pushkin's bathroom while he's showering in his Moscow home. McCall turns the lights on and off repeatedly and runs the sink water until it overflows. Pushkin talks to him for a few minutes and then McCall disappears. Pushkin retrieves his weapon from by the sink. He calls for his guards when he suddenly sees that McCall has cut the electrical wires and left them exposed on the floor. Pushkin is standing in the water when it reaches the wire and he is electrocuted and killed. As McCall leaves Pushkin's estate, he passes numerous other guards who are already dead. The Equalizer Scenes : 🤍 I do not own nor take credit for the clips uploaded here. All credit goes to the creatorsowners. I do not take or plan of making profit for any of the videos posted here. I upload the videos for entertainment purposes only.

Reading of Russian poetry - Alexander Pushkin (Zimnee utro)


Russian poetry Alexander Pushkin - Zimnee utro If you like, I'll continue sometimes shooting reading of poetry in English, Finnish, Russian, and maybe Chinese #poetry #reading #classicbooks #sleep

Alexander Pushkin: Genius, Playboy, Father of Russian Literature


Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin (1799-1837) was a Russian poet, playwright, and novelist who is considered by many to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature. Some people even say that he invented modern russian language! Alexander Pushkin is "our everything" for many russian people. His name is the answer for the question "who is the best russian writer?" for 90 percent of russians. Not Tolstoy, not Dostoevsky. A grand-grandson of a famous black Russian general Abram Gannibal was raised as a golden child and became a person who changed russian literature forever. His literature genius is widely recognized. But the personal life of Pushkin was very complicated and ambiguous. A notorious rebel and a decembrist or a state poet for Nicholas I? Hopeless romantic or a dirty womanizer? Linguistic genius or unoriginal copypaster? Are Evgeny Onegin (Eugene Onegin), The Captain's Daughter, The Queen of Spades and Boris Godunov on the list of the greatest russian literature works of all time? Is Pushkin the Father of Russian Literature? Let's find out today If you'd like to support the channel: 💵 Patreon - 🤍 💵 Buy me a coffee - 🤍 🪙 BTC - bc1qh8szz62crxu9ylg2jx9dz3t6vzzjdw2rheft2m 🪙 ETH - 0x19F11A86adf1ec4DDebEC0f27982805B1d1aba67 🪙 Other crypto - 🤍 Links: Discord - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Hello my friends! I'm just a russian guy who wants to share some of our crazy news stories with you. Here you will find some funny stories, weird news articles and amazing videos from our everyday russian life. This channel provides you with some news and memes about Russia and russian people, Moscow and St. Petersburg, matreshkas, balalaikas, bears and even about Putin himself! Hope you will enjoy them as much as i did.

Pushkin statues vandalized all over the Ukraine (De-Russification, they call it)


What did poor Pushkin do to the Ukrainians? Just trying to understand Ukrainian nationalism from an outsider, non-Russian, non-Ukrainian perspective, and why Europeans are supporting Ukrainian nationalism but fighting against nationalism in their own countries.

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Why Russians love Pushkin? (+ Eugene Onegin Summary)


Alexander Pushkin is considered the father of Russian Literature, the Shakespeare of Russia whose poetry captured the spirit of Russia, who influenced subsequent writers like Lermontov, Gogol, Turgenev, Dostoevsky, and Tolstoy. His most famous work is Eugene Onegin, a novel in verse. Today I will answer the following questions. Who was Pushkin? What’s Eugene Onegin about? I will summarise it and discuss its major themes. I will also answer how and why Pushkin captured the imagination of the Russian people. Pushkin also posed a few interesting questions, such as: is human existence nothing but a contradiction? Do we all want happiness or struggle and anguish? And Are smart, learned people really stupid and less happy because they suppress their natural inclinations? At the end I will read one of his most famous poems that nearly all Russians know by heart.  Support the channel ► Monthly donation with perks: 🤍 ► One-time donation: 🤍 WHERE TO FIND ME: ► Instagram: 🤍 ► E-mail: fictionbeastofficial🤍gmail.com ► Audio Podcast: 🤍 🕔Time Stamps🕔 00:00 Intro 01:34 Pushkin's Life 04:55 Eugene Onegin Summary 18:05 Theme: Fiction in real life 19:17 City vs Country 22:28 Suffering 23:24 Pushkin's Spell on Russia 26:03 Poem "To*" Music: We Are Here by Declan DP 🤍 Licensing Agreement: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 #Pushkin #Eugeneonegin #Russianliterature #readtheworld

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Alexander Pushkin - Quotes That You Should Know Before To Get Old


Aleksandr Pushkin is ranked as one of Russia's greatest poets. He not only brought Russian poetry to its highest excellence, but also had a great influence on all Russian literature in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin was born to Sergei and Nadezhda Pushkin on May 26, 1799. On his father's side he was a descendant of Russian nobility. On his mother's side he was related to an African lord. But by the time Aleksandr was born, the family had gradually lost most of their wealth and influence, and they were lowered to the position of minor nobility. Aleksandr's family life was far from ideal. His father was domineering and easily irritated, and his mother often left the young child alone in pursuit of her social ambitions. Between 1811 and 1817 Pushkin attended a special school for privileged children of the nobility. Pushkin was not a very good student in most subjects, but he performed brilliantly in French and Russian literature. After finishing school, Pushkin led a wild and undisciplined life. He wrote about 130 poems between 1814 and 1817, while still at school. Most of his works written between 1817 and 1820 were not published because his topics were considered inappropriate. In 1820 Pushkin completed his first narrative poem, Russlan and Ludmilla. It is a romance composed of fantastic adventures but told with the humor of the previous century. Quotes by Alexander Pushkin which tells a lot about life and ourselves. Hope You learn something from these quotes in this video. Quotes contain messages that light our inner spirit, I’m extremely grateful to share wise words from various enlightened beings. I believe we all are here on earth to serve a divine purpose and I truly feel by spreading the joy of quotes I’m helping others in need. Thank you And Subscribe! Copyright info: * We must state that I do not intend to infringe the rights of the copyright holder in any way, form or manner. Content used is strictly for research/reviewing purposes and to help educate. All under the Fair Use law. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education and research. #quotes #pushkin #wisdom #lifequotes #quotesaboutlife

Я Вас любил - Pushkin Poem: I Loved You


Recitation of poem by much loved Russian poet, Alexander Pushkin: I Loved You. Also referred to as "I Loved You Once"

Visit to the head of the Russian mafia Pushkin. The Equalizer


Scene from the film The Equalizer (2014) Robert McCall (Denzel Washington), a man of mysterious origin who believes he has put the past behind him, dedicates himself to creating a quiet new life. However, when he meets Teri (Chloë Grace Moretz), a teenager who has been manhandled by violent Russian mobsters, he simply cannot walk away. With his set of formidable skills, McCall comes out of self-imposed retirement and emerges as an avenging angel, ready to take down anyone who brutalizes the helpless. Director: Antoine Fuqua Producer: Todd Black, Jason Blumenthal, Denzel Washington, Alex Siskin, Steve Tisch, Mace Neufeld, Tony Eldridge, Michael Sloan Writer: Richard Wenk Actors: Denzel Washington , Marton Csokas , Chloë Grace Moretz , David Harbour , Haley Bennett , Bill Pullman , Melissa Leo , David Meunier , Johnny Skourtis , Alex Veadov , Vladimir Kulich , E. Roger Mitchell , James Wilcox , Mike O'Dea , Anastasia Mousis Sanidopoulos , Allen Maldonado , Rhet Kidd , Mike Morrell , Matt Lasky , Shawn Fitzgibbon Genres: Action , Crime , Thriller Video quality 4K Ultra HD Non-Profit Channel. Fair Use. The video contains copyrighted content. The copyright holder allowed us to use the video. Rightholder "Sony Pictures Movies & Shows" monetizes this video. Copyright is observed. For more information, 🤍 -Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fairy-tale is the inflection. Non-profit, educational or personal use. No copyright infringement intended. -I Do Not Own Anything.All Rights in This Content Belong to Their Respective Owner / Fast & Furious

"Literary Cafe" Restaurant. Since 1816. Pushkin Poet's Menu. St Petersburg, Russia


"Literary Cafe" (or "Literaturnoe Kafe") restaurant is located in the heart of Saint Petersburg, Russia - on a cornet of Nevsky Prospect and Embankment of Moyka River. It is founded in 1816 as the candy shop of "S.Wolff and T.Beranget" which is became not only the best and famous in the city but place to meet for known poets, writers and journalists of St. Petersburg such as Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Fyodor Dostoevsky and more. At the 27th of January, 1837, the "Literary Cafe" was the place where Alexander Pushkin met his second Konstantin Danzas and went to his fatal duel with George D'Antes. In 1840, Dostoyevsky was introduced to Mikhail Petrashevsky, the Utopian socialist, there. In 1877, after the closure of the confectionery, a high-class restaurant was opened there, where musicians such as Pyotr Tchaikovsky and Feodor Chaliapin frequently visited. In 1858–2001, in the basement floor opened a used bookshop, which became relatively well known. In 1978–81, the building was entirely renovated, and, in 1983, the restaurant reopened as Literaturnoye Kafe, or Literary Cafe #restaurant #stpetersburg #russia 🤍 🤍

Alexander Pushkin's great Grandfather (Abraham Hannibal)


Based on a true story about a boy kidnapped from Eritrea and taken to Russia. Now remembered as the great Grandfather of arguably the most influential poet in Russia, Alexander Pushkin. It’s a story we thought needed to be told Big thanks to everyone involved

[BadComedian] - СПАСТИ ПУШКИНА (Back to the Pushkin)


#BadComedian - спасти Пушкина (!) ПОДДЕРЖАТЬ СОЗДАНИЕ ОБЗОРОВ РУБЛЁМ - 🤍 Билеты на Stand Up - 🤍 Группа ВК - 🤍 Страница FB - 🤍 Твиттер - 🤍 Инстаграм - 🤍 Основной канал - 🤍 Второй Канал - 🤍 Гугл ПЛЮС + 🤍 =

Cyfred, Nkosazana Daughter and Pushkin perform ‘Uzolala’ — Massive Music | S6 Ep 15 | Channel O


You are looking at the arrival of yet another piano banger in the hands of collaborators Cyfred, Nkosazana Daughter, and Pushkin. - Channel O: bit.ly/channelo Watch more series and movies on Showmax, start your 14-day free trial here: 🤍 Follow Channel O: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Alexander Pushkin - It's winter! | Russian poem with english translation


#poetry #poem #pushkin Alexander Pushkin - It's winter | Russian poem with english translation It’s winter!.. Young triumphant peasant On wooden sledge renews the way. His horse the snow feels at present, Its trotting, lazily away. A brave sledge-cart from field’s returning, It’s fluffy furrows upturning, The coachman’s on -box with lash In sheepskin coat and red sash. A yard boy’s running in the middle, He made his dog in sledge to sit While he prefered to play a steed. His finger’s frozen a little, It hurts, he laughs, through window-panes At him his mother’s finger shakes. 1826

Ivo Dimchev - Pushkin / acoustic/


Ivo Dimchev - Pushkin at /M. live acoustic sessions/ Music by Ivo Dimchev Text - Pushkin and Ivo Dimchev Piano- D. Gorchakov You can follow 🤍Ivo Dimchev on: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 contact info - ivodimi🤍yahoo.com booking : +359887061611

Learn Russian with a poem. Pushkin. Я помню чудное мгновенье... Part II


Learn Russian with a poem. Pushkin. Я помню чудное мгновенье... Part II Poems are the best way to improve pronunciation I made a detailed video about the first quatrain Check it here Learn Russian with a poem. Pushkin. Я помню чудное мгновенье... Part I 🤍 I got a lot of requests from you and in this video I will tell you the whole poem. So, this one is going to be quite long. In the beginning, I will explain you the meaning of each quatrain and word for word we will learn by heart the poem. If you just want to listen to the poem without any explanation, please go here !12:10 Я помню чудное мгновенье: I remember a wonderful moment: Передо мной явилась ты, You appeared in front of me, Как мимолетное виденье, Like a fleeting vision, Как гений чистой красоты. Like a genius of pure beauty. В томленьях грусти безнадежной, In the languor of hopeless sadness, В тревогах шумной суеты, In the troubles of noisy bustle, Звучал мне долго голос нежный It sounded to me long gentle voice И снились милые черты. And dreamed of nice features. Шли годы. Бурь порыв мятежный The years went by. The rebellious gust of storms Рассеял прежние мечты, Scattered former dreams, И я забыл твой голос нежный, And I forgot your gentle voice, Твои небесные черты. Your heavenly traits. В глуши, во мраке заточенья In the wilderness, in the darkness of captivity Тянулись тихо дни мои My days dragged on quietly Без божества, без вдохновенья, Without deity, without inspiration, Без слез, без жизни, без любви. Without tears, without life, without love. Душе настало пробужденье: Soul has awakened: И вот опять явилась ты, And here again you appeared, Как мимолетное виденье, Like a fleeting vision, Как гений чистой красоты. Like a genius of pure beauty. И сердце бьется в упоенье, And heart beats in ecstasy, И для него воскресли вновь And for him resurrected again И божество, и вдохновенье, And the deity, and inspiration, И жизнь, и слезы, и любовь. And life, and tears, and love. Playlist with the all poems 🤍 #learnrussian #pushkin #russianpoem

Russia - Moscow - Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts


The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts is the largest museum of European art in Moscow, The museum's current name is somewhat misleading, in that it has no direct associations with the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, other than as a posthumous commemoration of his name and fame. The holdings of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts currently include around 700,000 paintings, sculptures, drawings, applied works, photographs, and archaeological and animalistic objects. Because a large part of the museum was temporarily inaccessible due to works, this video only gives a very incomplete picture of the richness of the collection of works of art. [🤍 Госуда́рственный музе́й изобразительных иску́сств и́мени А. С. Пу́шкина (ГМИИ имени Пушкина, Пушкинский музей) — московский музей зарубежного искусства. Здание музея было построено по проекту архитектора Романа Клейна в неоклассическом стиле в виде античного храма. Изначально музей был задуман как учебный, однако после революции 1917 года учреждение было преобразовано в Государственный музей изобразительных искусств. В 1937-м музей получил имя поэта Александра Пушкина. По состоянию на 2018 год экспозиция состоит из более чем 700 тысяч предметов и включает в себя коллекцию слепков с античных статуй, художественные произведения, археологические находки, а также собрание предметов из Древнего Египта и Древнего Рима. Поскольку большая часть музея была временно недоступна из-за произведений, это видео дает лишь очень неполную картину богатства коллекции произведений искусства. [🤍

Pushkinskye Gory: a visit to Alexander Pushkin’s favorite places


We are inviting you to Pushkinskiye Gory (Pushkin Hills) to see three Russian country estates in Pskov province which is 400 km (~250 mi) from St. Petersburg. All of them are connected with the name of Alexander Pushkin, the most famous Russian poet and the founder of the modern Russian language. We are happy to show you a piece of 19 century Russian life and tell you about Alexander Pushkin in short. Enjoy! Will be happy to develop a customized itinerary for you. Please feel free to send a request: info🤍behappyrussia.com WEBSITE: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 TripAdvisor: 🤍 00:00 - Introduction 02:33 - Mikhaylovskoye estate 06:14 - Petrovskoye estate 09:17 - Trigorskoye estate 12:33 - Mushrooms, seasonal mushrooms...

Learn Russian with Poetry! "Медный всадник" The Bronze Horseman by Alexander Pushkin


The Bronze Horseman is one of my most favorite Pushkin poems, but it can be very hard to understand without help. Today we'll discuss Pushkin's portrayal of Saint Petersburg and white nights.

Alexander Pushkin "I loved you" / "Ya vas lyubil"


Enjoy YA VAS LYUBIL by Pushkin in Russian. Sign up for online lessons at 🤍 Explore Russian language, culture & win prizes on facebook: 🤍 Start learning Russian with us one-on-one in real time via Skype from your home! Rates start at $16 /lesson.

1814 Movie - Alexander Pushkin and Alexander Gorchakov as friends


Gorchakov was educated at the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, where he had the poet Alexander Pushkin as a school-fellow. Pushkin published his first poem at the age of fifteen, and was widely recognized by the literary establishment by the time of his graduation from the Imperial Lyceum in Tsarskoe Selo.

Pushkin Klezmer Band - Limonchiki


Get the new album on iTunes: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Pushkin Klezmer Band 🤍 MART Club, Moscow Mitya Gerasimov - clarinet, vocal Sergiu Babuci - accordion Avram Lepadatu - alto saxophone Kirill Machinski - double bass Taras Kozak - drums

Alexander Pushkin: Class


Wonderful Ballet teacher, great master Alexander Pushkin! (you will be able to watch a student that became quite famous: Mikhail Baryshnikov!) giving a class. I owe no copyright to this video, I have taped it quite a while ago and just wanted to share it with millions of dance lovers all over the globe. No copyright infrigement intented. For more about ballet, please visit: Attitude (🤍attitude-devant.com)

A.Pushkin. A winter morning


Alexander Pushkin “A winter morning” The video clip length - 02:25. The poem "Winter Morning" was written in 1829. English translation by Julian Henry Lowenfeld. Recitation: Daria Donova Alexander Pushkin always especially loved winter - he was fascinated by snow-covered landscapes and the magic of Russian nature. In this poem, the poet has a conversation with a girl, telling her about the beauty of winter. A WINTER MORNING It’s frost and sunshine — morning wondrous! — My lovely friend, that sweetly slumbers — It’s time, my beauty, ope’ your eyes! Ope wide your bliss enveloped gazing, And to the North’s Aurora blazing, As the North Star come forth, arise! Last night, remember snowstorm’s raging? In murky skies that gloom rampaging? The moon was but a faint, pale stain. Through gloomy clouds it yellowed, flitting. And, oh, how sadly you were sitting! And now — look out our windowpane! ’Neath blue cerulean heavens’ gleaming, In wondrous carpets, softly keening, In sunlight sparkling, the snow lies. Transparent woods are all that darkens. The fir greens o’er the frost and harkens, The river shines beneath the ice. And our whole room, with amber sparkling, Gleams in the dawn. With merry gargling The hearth-stove crackles, wood piled high. It’s pleasant lying in bed thinking. But say, though, shouldn’t we be ringing To yoke the brown mare to the sleigh? As we on morning snow go sliding, My darling, feeling the full riding, As our horse runs impatiently, We’ll see the fields, their barren bleakness, The woods, which recently were leafy, The lakeshore, that’s so dear to me. The video was edited by the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation as a part of the "RUSSIAN ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL LUMINARIES AND THEIR WORLDWIDE LEGACY" educational project #RusAcademicLegacy #RusCulturalLegacy #StudyInRussia #RussiaMalaysia #maclayfoundation

A.Pushkin - "I remember a wonderful moment" (poem)


A.Pushkin - "I remember a wonderful moment" (poem) I read a poem by A.Pushkin - "I remember a wonderful moment" ("Ya pomnyu chudnoe mgnovenie")

Alexander Pushkin “Autumn (a fragment)”


Alexander Pushkin “Autumn (a fragment)” The video clip length - 1:35. The poem "Autumn (a fragment)" was written by Pushkin in 1833. English translation by Julian Henry Lowenfeld. Recitation: Daria Donova In this poem, Alexander Pushkin describes the beauty of autumn nature. The golden time of the year is striking in its beauty and poetry. The period when nature brightly and solemnly says goodbye to summer, warmth, greenery and prepares for winter sleep. Paintings by Russian painter Vasily Polenov. Oh, gloomy season mine! My eye's delight, enchanting How pleasant to me is your beauteous farewell grace! I love the sumptuousness of nature softly passing, In velvet raiment and in gold the forests dress: Their treetops sound so light with wind’s fresh breath but glancing And waves of misty fog beshroud skies like lace, The sun’s rays, so rare now, and the first frost upon us, And seeming far off now, dread winter’s greyhaired menace The video was edited by the Miklouho-Maclay Foundation as a part of the "RUSSIAN ACADEMIC AND CULTURAL LUMINARIES AND THEIR WORLDWIDE LEGACY" educational project #RusAcademicLegacy #RusCulturalLegacy #StudyInRussia #RussiaMalaysia #maclayfoundation

ФИЛЬМ ПАРФЕНОВА О Пушкине (Часть 1)


Документальный фильм "Живой Пушкин" 1999 г.

Life of a Foreign Student in Moscow (Pushkin Institue) 러시아 유학생의 일상


Hi, everyone:) This is Kitty. I am currently studying Russian at the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute (Государственный институт русского языка им. А.С. Пушкина). This is a vlog I made to treasure the time I have spent with my friends. I hope you enjoy it too. English subtitles will be available in April. 안녕하세요, 키티입니다! 저는 현재 러시아 국립 어학당인 푸쉬킨에서 러시아어를 공부하고 있어요. 친구들과의 일상을 기록하고 기억하기 위해 만든 브이로그입니다. 영어 자막은 4월 중으로 업로드 될 예정입니다.

After Sanctions in Russia: Outdoor Market, 60's Soviet Suburb, Pushkin's Duel Park


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O Tiro - Alexander Pushkin


O conto O Tiro, de Alexander Pushkin, foi nosso primeiro contato com a obra desse importante autor russo. Fizemos a leitura em duas versões, uma tradução do inglês realizada por Alex Zuchi, e a tradução de Oleg Almeida, feita a partir do russo, publicada pela Editora Martin Claret. Elencamos neste episódio o tema do conto e as particularidades a respeito do meio militar e sua relação com a literatura, o que nos permite elencar uma série de referências da arte, da história e do próprio contexto militar, sua transformação e condutas, as quais nos ajudam a compreender os procedimentos dos personagens da trama. A partir deste conto tão curto, nosso interesse em conhecer melhor a obra daquele que é considerado o maior dos poetas russos só aumentou. Aperte o play e confere essa vindita com a gente! A Rádio Caractere é Associada Amazon.com.br! Contos Russos - Tomo I: 🤍 O Tiro: 🤍 Livros citados: A Cavalaria: 🤍 A Cavalaria Vermelha: 🤍 O espírito militar: um antropólogo na caserna: 🤍 Nossos links: 🤍 Receba os podcasts da Rádio Caractere no seu app favorito, Spotify ou no YouTube! Direção e Conteúdo: Suzane Madruga Produção e Edição: Glenio Madruga

Nabokov reads Pushkin (Exegi monumentum)


Exegi monumentum Я памятник себе воздвиг нерукотворный, К нему не зарастет народная тропа, Вознесся выше он главою непокорной Александрийского столпа. Нет, весь я не умру — душа в заветной лире Мой прах переживет и тленья убежит — И славен буду я, доколь в подлунном мире Жив будет хоть один пиит. Слух обо мне пройдет по всей Руси великой, И назовет меня всяк сущий в ней язык, И гордый внук славян, и финн, и ныне дикой Тунгус, и друг степей калмык. И долго буду тем любезен я народу, Что чувства добрые я лирой пробуждал, Что в мой жестокий век восславил я Свободу И милость к падшим призывал. Веленью божию, о муза, будь послушна, Обиды не страшась, не требуя венца, Хвалу и клевету приемли равнодушно И не оспоривай глупца.

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