Nba 2k22 review

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NBA 2K22 Review


NBA 2K22 reviewed on PlayStation 5 by Ricky Frech. Narration by Akeem Lawanson. Also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch. NBA 2K22 makes some welcome changes to its on-court action. The new stamina system is a game-changer, leading to the series' best offensive flow in years. Defensively, the tweaks to blocks and shot contests make the paint a dangerous place to be. However, the technical issues and questionable choices and overuse of microtransactions in several of the modes keep it from being a real contender. There's a high-quality basketball sim here, but it makes more unforced errors than you'd expect for a series that's been iterating for so long. #IGN #Gaming

NBA 2K22 Review – Kopen, budgetbak of slopen?


2022 komt er bijna aan. Dat betekent natuurlijk dat de nieuwe sport games aankomen voor dat jaar. Daarom hebben we het vandaag over een gloednieuwe NBA game. De review staat voor je klaar. Het is de 22e games in de serie. JJ heeft  NBA 2K22 gespeeld en gaat je er alles over vertellen. Hoe zijn de graphics? Hoe is de gameplay? Brengt het wat nieuws? Hoe speelt het op de PS5? Moet je het kopen of is het toch wat meer voor de budgetbak? Dit en nog veel meer gaat hij je vertellen in de review van NBA 2K22. Brengt NBA 2K22 genoeg vernieuwing NBA 2K21 was vorig jaar de eerste sportgame die volledig voor de PlayStation 5 en Xbox Series X|S was geoptimaliseerd. Ondanks de vele microtransacties was de game goed bevallen. De grafische verbeteringen, verbeterde gameplay en het verdwijnen van de laadtijden maakte de game toch een stuk nieuwer. Nu is daar dan het nieuwe deel. Dat verder bouwt op de fundering. Weet deze editie het een stuk beter te maken? Het lijkt erop dat NBA 2K22 veel moeite heeft gedaan om het realisme te verbeteren. Maar is dat ook echt gelukt? Nieuwe mogelijkheden & functies JJ is natuurlijk onze grootste sportliefhebber. Met zijn jaren lange ervaring met sportgames weet hij er alles van. Daarom heeft hij NBA 2K22 gespeeld. Is het realistisch genoeg? Doen ze nu verder echt iets nieuws op de nieuwe generaties consoles? Ook zijn er nu RPG achtige mogelijkheden. Zo kun je een eigen character maken en kun je er letterlijk bijna alles mee. Zo kun je ook een muziekcarrière beginnen. Heeft JJ dat gedaan of is hij op zoek gegaan naar de core van de game? Brengt dat echt wat nieuws? Nu is natuurlijk de vraag. Kopen, budgetbak of slopen? Dat gaat JJ je haarfijn vertellen. Check 🤍 voor je dagelijkse dosis video games, films en lifestyle. ▶︎ Subscribe hier op ons kanaal: 🤍 ▶︎ Volg ons op Social media! Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #Gamekings #NBA #NBA2K22

NBA 2K22 Review - The Final Verdict


NBA 2K22 makes some appreciated improvements to on-the-court gameplay and tries some refreshing, if not entirely successful innovations in MyCareer that make this year’s version feel like a bit more than just a roster update.

NBA 2K22 Review | Deepest Review Online


NBA 2K22 is here, and SGO reviews what may be the most fun NBA 2K game we've ever played. Still haven’t subscribed to SGO? ►► 🤍 💻 Sign up for SGO Insider: 🤍 💻 Visit Our Website → 🤍​ 💻 Join Our Community → 🤍 Social: ● Facebook: 🤍 ● Twitter: 🤍 ● Patreon: 🤍 ● Twitch: 🤍 NBA 2K22 is an upcoming NBA basketball simulation video game by 2K Sports. It will be the twenty-third installment of the NBA 2K series, scheduled for release on September 10th, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. It will be the direct sequel to NBA 2K21, and will be followed by NBA 2K23. Luka Doncic is the main cover player, with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant appearing on the cover of the NBA 75th Anniversary Edition. Candace Parker appears on the cover of the GameStop exclusive WNBA 25th Anniversary Edition. NBA 2K22 features an extensive MyCareer Mode, MyNBA, MyWNBA, MyTeam, and more. There really is something for everyone when it comes to NBA 2K22 game modes. #NBA2K22 #NBA2K #SGO Translated titles: NBA 2K22 revisión | Revisión más profunda en línea NBA 2K22 Testbericht | Tiefste Online-Rezension Revue NBA 2K22 | Examen le plus approfondi en ligne Revisão do NBA 2K22 | Deepest Review Online NBA 2K22 评论 |最深入的在线评论 NBA 2K22 anmeldelse | Dybeste anmeldelse online NBA 2K22 recensie | Diepste recensie online NBA 2K22 Αξιολόγηση | Βαθύτερη κριτική στο διαδίκτυο Recensione NBA 2K22 | Recensione più approfondita online NBA2K22レビュー|オンラインで最も深いレビュー

NBA 2K23 Review


NBA 2K23 reviewed by Ben Vollmer on Xbox Series X. Also available on PlayStation 5. (Note that the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC versions are based on the older version of NBA 2K and have significantly different features.) I am heavily conflicted about NBA 2K23. On one hand, the new retro game modes have reached out to my inner sports geek and given me a way to replay NBA history in a way that I’ve never done before. Especially paired with a handful of really strong gameplay changes, like improved spacing and AI, I foresee myself dumping dozens of hours into reliving and reconstructing NBA history. Conversely, I now feel completely and utterly isolated from the MyCareer experience. I have no interest in shelling out additional cash (even beyond the expensive Michael Jordan Edition) or grind for insane hours just to be able to compete on the online court, and the density of The City and its shopping opportunities is lost on me for the same reason. Instead, I’ll take my metaphorical basketball and go home, where I can enjoy the parts of NBA 2K23 that I can fully experience without the repugnant emphasis of its microtransactions. #IGN #Gaming #NBA2K23

Pay2Win in NBA 2K22 | Hat 2K aus dem letzten Shitstorm gelernt?


Mit NBA 2K22 ist der jüngste Teil der zwar erfolgreichen, aber auch stark kritisierten Sportspielreihe am 10. September erschienen. Wir schauen, ob 2K nach dem letzten Shitstorm die Mikrotransaktionen zurückgefahren hat oder ob weiterhin der Duft von Pay2Win durch die heiligen Basketballhallen strömt. [WERBUNG] Alle Infos zum XMG NEO 15 findest Du hier: 🤍 Sichere Dir exklusiv 100 € Rabatt mit dem Code: XMG-100-PCGH (gültig bis 30.09.2021)! Jetzt einlösen: 🤍 ▶ Aktuelle Spiele: 🤍 * ▶ PC Games Webseite: 🤍 #pcg #NBA2K22 #Pay2Win (*) Affiliate-Links haben wir mit einem Sternchen gekennzeichnet. Wir erhalten für einen Kauf über unseren Link eine kleine Provision und können so die kostenlosen Videos teilweise mit diesen Einnahmen finanzieren. Für den User entstehen hierbei keine Kosten.

WWE 2K22 Review


WWE 2K22 is a tremendous leap leap forward compared to 2K20. The action is faster, more pick-up-and-play friendly, the roster of 160+ wrestlers has never looked better, and the addition of MyGM mode rounds out a well rounded offering of modes for just about every type of wrestling fan. Reviewed by Mitchell Saltzman on PlayStation 5. Also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox, and PC. #IGN #WWE2K22

NBA 2K22 - 11 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy


It's that time of the year again when another microtransaction-laden sequel arrives in Visual Concepts' NBA 2K series. NBA 2K22 is out on September 10th for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, bringing a new range of features and cover stars. Let's take a look at 10 things you should know before picking it up.

Here's Why NBA 2K22 Is The Best 2K Launch In Recent Memory


Twitch: 🤍 Join the Discord!: 🤍 Business email: dom2k🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Snapchat: Dom_2k 2K22 is lit so far. Here are my thoughts in the 1st few days.

NBA 2K23 Review - The Final Verdict


NBA 2K23 is a solid basketball game that drops the ball with too much emphasis on microtransactions and poorly-thought out design in its main mode.

NBA 2K22 is NOT it.


Sponsored by Rhinoshield. Use code AGENT00 for EXTRA 10% OFF - in addition to the Black Friday sale on the website. NBA x RhinoShield Phone Cases: 🤍 RhinoShield All Cases: 🤍 Yall still feeling 2K22.. is it a lack of content? Innovation? Bugs? Curious what you think is holding NBA 2K22 back. 👉 SECOND CHANNEL: 🤍 🔴 Playback Channel: 🤍 ⚡ AMP CHANNEL: 🤍 🎤 NEW PODCAST: 🤍 👕 Merch: 🤍ng/ 🔴 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 🐦 TWITTER: 🤍 📸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 👉

Everyone Loves NBA 2K22! But Why? Official Review


In this video I break down my opinions of NBA 2K22 and if I liked it or not.

NBA Players React To Their NBA 2K22 Ratings


In today's Latest Hoops video we take an in-depth look at what NBA players reactions were on the recent release of the ratings on NBA 2K22. Follow us on Instagram • Instagram: 🤍 Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more videos! #nba #nba2k22 #2k22



In this video we are discussing NBA 2K22 and the state of the game. Season 3 seemed like a huge fall for 2K players and community in general. I would like to see how the community is holding up after this news. 🔴 SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 📈CHECK OUT MY TOP VIDEOS: 🤍 📱 FOR DISCORD, SOCIALS & MERCH: 🤍 ⏱️ Timestamps: 0:00 INTRO 1:40 VIDEO 24:23 OUTRO 📺 More NBA 2K22 Videos: 🏀2K DEVS NERFED LEFT RIGHT CHEESE! - NBA 2K22 Patch 10 News 🤍 🏀EVERY COMP PLAYER WANTS THIS JUMPSHOT! - NBA 2K22 Best Jumpshot 🤍 🏀NBA 2K22 - The Unstoppable 2-Way Stretch Glass Cleaner Creation 🤍 Yerrrr It's iPodKingCarter here... Thanks for watching today's video! I make daily gaming videos including reactions, funny moments and rage clips. Make sure you're checking out more of my videos and "SUBSCRIBE" to be notified every time I upload. Enjoy the video and see you in the comment section. For Business Inquires: business🤍 Wanna Send Me Fanmail? iPodKingCarter P.O. Box 1003 Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Next Gen Tapi Tetep Ngerampok? - Review NBA 2K22 | Lazy Review


Akhirnya yang ditunggu-tunggu, next gen version untuk NBA 2K22, banyak perubahan yang bikin ini game jadi yang terbaik sepanjang seri NBA, tapi..... NBA 2K22 PS5 🤍 Dukung kita di Patreon: 🤍 The Lazy Monday is your daily dose of news, games and technology Youtube Channel. We provide you with the latest reviews, news and videos from us ! More Contents at ! Jangan Lupa DUKUNG TLM dengan membeli Merchs dari TLM di: 🤍 Don't Forget to Follow Us On : Fb Group: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Steam Community: 🤍 Or ask us some question: : 🤍 Line Square: 🤍 Email: business🤍

NBA 2K22: 11 Things You NEED TO KNOW Before You Buy


In This Video I Go Over What You NEED TO KNOW About NBA 2K22 On Current And Next Gen Consoles! 💻 Visit Our Website → 🤍 ◄Have a video idea? I'd love to hear it! Comment below! ◄Please give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe! Social: ● Facebook: 🤍 ● Twitter: 🤍 ● Patreon: 🤍 ● Google+: 🤍 ● Instagram: 🤍 ● VLOG: 🤍 ● Twitch: 🤍 NBA 2K21 is a basketball simulation video game that was developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports, based on the National Basketball Association (NBA). It is the 22nd installment in the NBA 2K franchise and the successor to NBA 2K20. The game was released on September 4, 2020 for Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia, and will later be released for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S. #NBA2K22 #NBA2K #NBA2K21

Análisis NBA 2K22 en PS5 y XBOX SERIES X/S: Mejoras jugables, tapones rotos y más contenido


🔥 Juegos Digitales y Tarjetas Prepago Baratas: 🤍 Analizamos NBA 2K22 en su versión de PS5 y Xbox Series X/S, la versión next-gen del simulador de baloncesto de 2K que ya está a la venta. 2K Sports pule su propuesta jugable en todos los sentidos, priorizando la defensa y probando cosas que no salen tan bien como esperaban. Para más información: 🤍 SUSCRÍBETE 🤍 - SÍGUENOS - Web: 🤍 Podcast: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 GPlus: 🤍 Canción producida por WhiteEyez 💎 🤍 ¡Visitad su canal! #PS5 #NBA2K22 #XSX

NBA 2K22 - JOKIĆ I DONČIĆ SPAŠAVAJU KOŠARKU [Recenzija za PC] // Escape Game Show


NBA 2K22 - JOKIĆ I DONČIĆ SPAŠAVAJU KOŠARKU [Recenzija za PC] // Escape Game Show ✬ Postani naš član: 🤍 ✬ Discord: 🤍 ✬ Facebook: 🤍 ✬ Twitter: 🤍 ✬ Instagram: 🤍 ✬ Donacije: 🤍 (Donacije nije moguce povratiti/refundirati.) (Donations are not refundable) ✬PC Specs✬ CPU:Intel I7 8700k Motherboard: Asus Prime Z30-A RAM: 32GB DDR4 GPU:MSI RTX 2060 super 8GB GDDR6 HDD:2TB SSD:1TB :::::::::::::::::::: Music: RESPECOGNIZE - Diamond Ortiz Support by RFM - NCM: 🤍 :::::::::::::::::::: #nba2k22 #youtubegaming #steam #gaming #games #videogames Hvala za gledanje NBA 2K22 - JOKIĆ I DONČIĆ SPAŠAVAJU KOŠARKU [Recenzija za PC] // Escape Game Show

The Most Honest and BAYZED NBA 2K22 Review


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NBA 2K22 For Nintendo Switch REVIEW - Dunk Or Air Ball?


After the disappointing NBA 2K21 on Switch last year, I was worried that NBA 2K22 wasn't going to be a quality experience of Nintendo Switch owners. What's new in NBA 2K22 and is it the best sports game on the Nintendo Switch? Let's find out. Patreon: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 #NBA2K22 #NBA2K22Switch #NintendoSwitch

WWE 2K22 - Before You Buy


WWE 2K22 (PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S/One) marks the return of the franchise with more modes, better graphics, and less bugs. How is it? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: 🤍

NBA 2K22 CURRENT-GEN REVIEW / Should I buy NBA 2K22?


Welcome back to Courtside, in today's video we will review NBA 2K22 CURRENT GEN version: talk about all the new stuff and things that did not change, hopefully I can help you decide whether it is worth it for you to buy the game or not. NEXT GEN Review: 🤍 If you enjoyed the video please subscribe and leave a like. Follow us on on social media IG - courtsideig Twitter - CourtsideTW As always shutout to Mudblood beats for the background beats, check her out on twitter and YouTube ! #NBA #2K #2K22

NBA 2K22 Review 🔥 بررسی بازی NBA 2K22 - زومجی


بازی NBA 2K22 متاسفانه از نظر فنی محصول جالبی نیست، اما تغییرات گیم‌پلی سبب شده تا آینده‌ای بهتر را از این حیث مشاهده کنیم. با بررسی این بازی همراه زومجی باشید. #NBA2K22 بررسی متنی: 🤍 🔺 لایک و کامنت و سابسکرایب فراموش نشه ❤️ 🔴 برای سابسکرایب از لینک زیر استفاده کنید: 🤍 🌐 برای اطلاع از آخرین اخبار فناوری وب‌سایت زومجی را دنبال کنید: 🤍 ما را در شبکه‌های اجتماعی دنبال کنید ⬇️ ✅ 🤍 ✅ 🤍 ✅ 🤍

NBA 2K23 Review: Kopen, budgetbak of slopen?


Het is een bekend gegeven. Net als EA dat doet met FIFA, brengt 2K elk jaar een nieuwe NBA 2K game uit. Je kunt daar de klok op gelijk zetten. En dit jaar is dat NBA 2K23, dat sinds 9 september in de stenen en virtuele winkels ligt. De echte basketbal-fan ziet meteen iets tofs, en dat is het getal '23' . Dat is namelijk het rugnummer van de beste basketballer ooit, Michael Jordan. Logisch dat NBA 2K23 ook voor een groot deel in het teken van deze legende staat. NBA2K is al jarenlang de beste sportgame op de markt. Wie anders beweert moet heel snel naar de opticien toe. Er is echter ook steeds één probleem: het pay-to-win gehalte dat het spel kent in de vorm van V(irtual) C(urrency). Het spel was de afgelopen jaren nogal commercieel ingestoken. En dat vond niet elke gamer tof. JJ was er daar een van. Hoe staat de vlag er dit jaar voor? Je ziet en hoort het in de NBA2K23 review. NBA2K23 review: De game zit ramvol met harde content NBA 2K23 kent ook dit jaar de bekende modes. Show jouw talent zien in MyCAREER. Combineer a la FUT de beste spelers in MyTEAM. Creëer je eigen dynastie in MyGM, of stuur de NBA in een nieuwe richting met MyLEAGUE. Tot slot kun je gewoon los ballen met NBA of WNBA teams in PLAY NOW. Nieuw is de Jordan Challenge die je de mooiste en meest belangrijke momenten uit Jordan’s illustere carrière laat herbeleven.  Meer dan genoeg te doen dus. Iets waar het de NBA2K serie nooit aan ontbroken heeft. Bederft de VC-plaag het spelplezier voor de basketbal purist? Dat de 23-editie weet strak wordt qua gameplay en beeld dat kunnen we nu al verklappen. Maar die VC-ellende. In hoeverre verneukt die voor gamers die geen pay-to-wij willen zien, het spelplezier? JJ sloot zich een weekend op en probeerde alles uit. Zijn oordeel zie en hoor je in de NBA2K23 review. Check 🤍 voor je dagelijkse dosis video games, films en lifestyle. ▶︎ Subscribe hier op ons kanaal: 🤍 ▶︎ Get Premium, Support Gamekings: 🤍 ▶︎ Volg ons op Social media! Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #Gamekings #nba #nba2k23

THE BEST 2K EVER?! NBA 2K22 100% Honest Review | Is it WORTH IT?


NBA 2K22 just launched this past weekend, and it created quite a buzz! Was the buzz warranted? Is NBA 2K22 worth it? Find out in this video. GIVEAWAY 🤍 50k PS5 Controller & Charging kit & Merch ❄💧COLDEST WATER (15% off with "DUBS10" code)🧊🥶 🤍 💧Shop The Coldest Water: 🤍?ref=dubscp🧊 🧊Coldest Giveaway: 🤍 💺💺EWIN GAMING CHAIRS (30% Off with "DUBS" code)💺💺 🤍 👚👕MERCH LINK👓👔 (30% off using "BLOWUP30" code) 🤍 Become a MEMBER 🤍 SOCIALS 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

5 Things NBA 2K23 Gameplay Does Different Than NBA 2K22


5 things nba 2k23 gameplay does different than nba 2k22. Nba 2k23 vs Nba 2k22 gameplay shows off the differences between features and on-court gameplay within NBA 2K23. Nba 2K23 Jordan Challenge gameplay allows us view what the gameplay would potentially look like across multiple game modes. Nba 2K23 release date is set for September 9th for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo switch. #NBA2K23 #2k23 #nba2k Become a Member of the 2-Way Fam: 🤍 ALL SOCIALS: 🤍

WWE 2K22 Review - The Final Verdict


Looking at the big picture, WWE 2k22 is a much-needed improvement over the disastrous WWE 2k20. The revamped control scheme makes this entry a lot more inviting to newcomers, and the new Showcase mode is a great nostalgia trip for fans of the sport. The returning MyGM mode has surprisingly deep simulation gameplay, but it caters to a very niche audience. However, underwhelming visual presentation and other glitches remain an issue with the latest entry - but it is a solid enough foundation for what's to come for future entries.

Why NBA 2K22 is 100% TRASH in 15 Minutes or Less....


LET'S GET 500 LIKES ON THIS VIDEO: 🤍 ~ Why NBA 2K22 is 100% TRASH in 15 Minutes or Less.... Subscribe to the 2nd channel (going to be my main once we hit 10K subs): 🤍 #NBA2K22



NBA 2K THE ANNUAL BASKETBALL RELEASE FROM 2K STUDIOS IS ON SALE NOW! BUT IS IT WORTH IT? #NBA2K22 #PS5 #NBA2K22REVIEW Join our discord server 🤍 Follow us on Twitter 🤍 Check out our Instagram 🤍 ⇒ ⇒ Computer Specs & Affiliate Links ⇐ ⇐ ✼ ✼ CLX Gaming ✼ ✼ ⇒ ⇒ Http:// ⇐ ⇐ ✼ AMD Ryzen 9 5900X 3.7GHz 12-core ►► 🤍 ✼ ASUS PRIME X570-P ►► 🤍 ✼ (2x) G.SKILL Trident Z Neo 3600 MHz - 32GB ►► 🤍 ✼ NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 12GB GDDR6 ►► 🤍 ✼ 500GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD ►► 🤍 ✼ 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe M.2 SSD ►► 🤍 ✼ 750 Watt GAMDIAS Kratos M1 (RGB Lights) ►► 🤍 ✼ ASUS Wireless AC750 PCle Adapter Card ►► 🤍 ✼ Microsoft Windows 10 Home ►► 🤍 ✼ CLX Alchemy RGB LED Light ►► 🤍 ✼ Onboard Raid Controller ✼ CLX Quench 120 Closed Liquid Cooler ✼ Set 303 Mid Tower White ✼ (3x) Standard 120mm Case Fans _ ⇒⇒On The Desk⇐ ⇐ ✼ ElGato Stream Deck ►► 🤍 ✼ CORSAIR Dark Core RGB Pro SE, Wireless FPS/MOBA Gaming Mouse ►► 🤍 ✼ CORSAIR K55 RGB Pro Wired Gaming Membrane Keyboard ►► 🤍 ✼ Blue Microphones - Snowball Ice USB Mic ►► 🤍 ✼ InnoGear Adjustable Mic Stand ►► 🤍 ✼ LG 27GN950-B 27 Inch UHD (3840 x 2160) Nano IPS Display Ultragear Gaming Monitor ►► 🤍 ✼ iDsonix USB 3.0 Hub ►► 🤍 ✼ DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor ►► 🤍 ✼ (3x) Corsair QL Series, iCUE QL120 RGB Fans ►► 🤍

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen: A Flawed Improvement - Review


The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 release of NBA 2K21 is better than the previous generation version of the game on the PS4 and Xbox One. But it has some serious problems. That said, NBA 2K21 is easily the best sports game out there since anything made by EA is a whole lot worse and MLB the Show also has serious issues, but features less depth. The inclusion of MyNBA, The City, The W, MyWNBA, and the insane increase in graphics result in a legit improvement. But is the game worth $70 when legacy issue still haunt the game, online competitive game modes like park and MyTeam are pay to win, and the servers are absolute trash? Probably not. There is a lot of good to be found in this game, however. Just wait until it's on sale to buy it. 6.5/10 Join the channel's official Discord server: 🤍 Follow SOFTDRINKTV • Twitch - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • TikTok - 🤍 • Reddit - 🤍 Subscribe to SDTV2: 🤍 Subscribe to SDTV3: 🤍

The worst things about 2k22 😒


How you like 2k22 so far? Follow me on TikTok: 🤍 Follow me on IG: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 The main channel: 🤍 #Nba2k #Nba2k20 #Nba2k21 #Nba #Gaming #Playstation #Xbox #Views #Viral #Funny #basketball #Bestjumpshot #shorts

NBA 2K22: Mikey vs. Tatum


#AnyoneAnywhere can be a superstar in 2K22 🌎 You got what it takes? NBA 2K22 is officially live worldwide. Happy #2KDay Order Now: 🤍

NBA 2K22 (Nintendo Switch) Review


Check out our review of NBA 2K22 for Nintendo Switch, covering everything from the new MyCareer and Neighborhood and the largely unchanged MyGM and MyLeague. Also microtransactions. Background music is "there's nothing left here" from #NBA2K22 #NBASwitch #SwitchGame #GameReview #NintendoSwitch #NBA2K Join our Discord! 🤍 Support this channel and our site: 🤍 Visit the motherland: 🤍

Real NBA 2K23 GAMEPLAY vs. NBA 2K22 Comparison (Dribbling Zig Zag Stamina/Graphics)


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NBA 2K23 Review


The annual NBA 2K installment is back with NBA 2K23, this time featuring Devin Booker on the standard cover, and NBA superstar Michael Jordan on the "Michael Jordan Edition" and "Championship Edition" covers. #nba2k23 #gamespot #nba2k Fan favorite feature MyPlayer returns to NBA 2K23 featuring a storyline of your player getting drafted to an NBA team of your choice, but being boo'd by team fans as they were hoping your college rival, Shep Owens, would be drafted over you. Meanwhile, the game contains a blast from the past with MyNBA mode, which allows you to start your NBA career not only in modern times, but during classic eras in NBA history. From Larry vs. Bird, to the Jordan Era, to the Kobe Era. And that's not the last of Michael Jordan in NBA 2K23. NBA 2K11's The Jordan Challenge returns, this time completely revamped and with not just 10 classic Jordan games, but 15 classic games for you to play and relive, right along with interviews from major sports figures who were right alongside the action. While most of the game boasts major improvements, including in the way the game has tackled giving power back to strong finishers and slashers, modeling this after the play of Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo, invasive microtransactions are still a major hurdle to overcome. The game's MyTeam mode is just as bad as comparable modes like Ultime Team in EA Sports games. It's essentially pay-to-win. Meanwhile, the game's MTX continue to dampen The City, with this Virtual Currency meaning you can dramatically improve your MyPlayer protagonist who can then use this player in PvP. Make sure to watch the full review for all of Mark Delaney's thoughts on NBA 2k23, and stay tuned to GameSpot for all things gaming.

i made a 10ft shaq in nba 2k22 😂


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WWE 2K22 - Does It Still SUCK?


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Welche NBA 2K22-Edition solltet ihr euch holen? Ich helfe euch


Welche NBA 2K22 Edition solltet ihr euch am besten holen? Standard? Cross-Gen? Anniversary-Edition? 🏀 Mein anderer Kanal ➥ 🤍 🏀 Instagram ➥ 🤍 🏀 NBA 2K22 über Amazon ➥ 🤍 🏀 Bei Topperz shoppen ➥ 🤍 (Maxx10) 🏀 DAZN Gratismonat ➥ 🤍

Playing NBA 2k22 For The VERY FIRST TIME! #shorts


#shorts #youtubeshorts Playing NBA 2k22 For The VERY FIRST TIME!

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