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Laxman Jhula-Ram Jhula Bridge in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


The Lakshman Jhula-Ram Jhula is extremely well known amongst tourists because of the rich mythological associations that are connected with the bridge. It is widely believed that Lord Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Rama, had crossed the river Ganga at this same site, where the bridge now majestically stands for all to see.

Lakshman Jhula Rishikesh 2021 | Laxman Jhula Rishikesh History | लक्ष्मण झूले की 5 रोचक बाते


#lakshmanjhula #ramjhula #rishikeshyatra Lakshman Jhula Rishikesh 2021 | Laxman Jhula Rishikesh History | लक्ष्मण झूले की 5 रोचक बाते Gaming Youtube Chanel - 🤍 Travelling & Motivational Blog:- Follow Us:- Website - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Follow Us:- Website - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Lakshman Jhula Laxman Jhula Lakshman Jhula Rishikesh Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Lakshman Jhula Rishikesh History Ram Jhula Rishikesh Ram Jhula Rishikesh History Haridwar Darshan Haridwar Ganga Aarti Ganga Maya Ganga Aarti Live Darshan Ganesh Gufa Ganesh Caves Ganesh Gufa near Neelkanth Mahadev Mandir Ganesh Gufa Manikut Parvat Ganesh Gufa ki Video Ganesh Gufa Status Jhilmil Gufa Jhilmil Caves Jhilmil Gufa 2021 Jhilmil Gufa Neelkanth Jhilmil Gufa Neelkanth Mahadev Jhilmil Gufa Rishikesh Jhilmil Gufa Ke Darshan Jhilmil Gufa Ka Rasta shivratri 2021, mahashivratri 2021, neelkanth mahadev, neelkanth mahadev mandir, neelkanth mahadev temple, neelkanth yatra 2021, neelkanth kawad yatra 2021, shivratri jal date 2021, kawad yatra, kawad mela, kawad yatra haridwar, kawad mela haridwar, kawad yatra 2021, kawad mela 2021, kawad yatra haridwar 2021, kawad mela haridwar 2021, shivratri jal date 2021, kawad yatra latest news 2021, kawad news 2021, haridwar har ki pauri, ganga aarti, haridwar kawad yatra 2021 Haridwar Kawad yatra 2021 start date, Jal Date 2021, Shivratri Date 2021, How to reach kawad yatra 2021, haridwar darshan, haridwar yatra, haridwar tourism, tourist place of haridwar, Thanks Public Guide Tips



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ऋषिकेश दर्शन ! Rishikesh ki video, Triveni Ghat, Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula , Ganga Aarati and more


हरिद्वार की वीडियो 👉🤍 Making videos is expensive and YouTube is not very helpful, to support us by donating small amount at UPI: itvhindi🤍ybl Rishikesh, also known as Hrishikesh is a city, municipal corporation and a tehsil in Dehradun district of the Indian state Uttarakhand. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, it is known as the 'Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas' and 'Yoga Capital of the World'. It lies approximately 25 km (16 mi) north of the city Haridwar and 43 km (27 mi) southeast of the state capital Dehradun. According to Census of India, 2011 Rishikesh had a population of 102,138 making it the seventh most populated city in the state of Uttarakhand. It is known as the pilgrimage town and regarded as one of the holiest places to Hindus. Hindu sages and saints have visited Rishikesh since ancient times to meditate in search of higher knowledge. In September 2015, the Union tourism minister Mahesh Sharma announced that Rishikesh and Haridwar will be the first in India to be given the title of "twin national heritage cities". Due to the religious significance of the place, non-vegetarian food and alcohol are strictly prohibited in Rishikesh. The city hosts the annual International Yoga Festival. "Hṛṣīkeśa" (Sanskrit: हृषीकेश) is a name of Vishnu composed of hṛṣīka meaning 'senses' and īśa meaning 'lord', thus 'Lord of the Senses'. The name commemorates an apparition of Vishnu to Raibhya Rishi, as a result of his tapasya (austerities), as Lord Hrishikesha. In Skanda Purana, this area is known as Kubjāmraka (कुब्जाम्रक) as Lord Vishnu appeared under a mango tree. Another legend says that fierce fire broke out here. Lord Shiva was angry with Lord Agni and cursed him. Then Lord Agni prayed here for the expiation of his sins. Hence it is also known as 'Agni Tīrtha' (अग्नि तीर्थ) — the holy place to do penance of Lord Agni or Fire God. Rishikesh has been a part of the legendary 'Kedarkhand' Legends state that Lord Rama did penance here for killing Ravana, the asura king of Lanka; and Lakshmana, his younger brother, crossed the river Ganges, at a point, where the present 'Lakshman Jhula' (लक्ष्मण झूला) bridge stands today, using a jute rope bridge.The 'Kedarkhand' of Skanda Purana, also mentions the existence of Indrakund at this very point. The jute-rope bridge was replaced by iron-rope suspension bridge in 1889. After it was washed away in the 1924 floods, it was replaced by the present stronger bridge. Another similar suspension bridge Ram Jhula was built in 1986 at nearby Sivananda Nagar. The sacred river Ganges flows through Rishikesh. Here the river leaves the Shivalik Hills in the Himalayas and flows into the plains of northern India. Several temples, ancient and new, are along the banks of the Ganges in Rishikesh. Shatrughna Mandir, Bharat Mandir, Lakshman Mandir are the ancient temples established by Adi Shankaracharya. Shatrughna Temple is near Ram Jhula and Lakshman Mandir is near Lakshman Jhula. Rishikesh ki Video, Rishikesh tarvel guide, Rishikesh tourist places, rishikesh travel India Travel Videos, India travel video, arvind Chavan #india #travel #videos #arvind #chavan

लक्ष्मण झूला पुल का अचानक तार टूटने से राहगीरों में हड़कंप | Laxman Jhoola Accident | Rishikesh


#LaxmanJhoolaAccident | लक्ष्मण झूला पुल के तपोवन की साइड बजरंग सेतु का निर्माण कार्य चल रहा है। जहां पर बजरंग सेतु का निर्माण किया जा रहा है वहां पर पुल निर्माण के लिए पिलर बनाए जा रहे हैं। योगगनरी ऋषिकेश के विश्व प्रसिद्ध लक्ष्मण झूला पुल की अचानक सपोर्टिंग तार टूटने से राहगीरों में हड़कंप मच गया। सूचना पर लोनिवि की टीम आनन फानन में मौके पर पहुंची। लोनिवि के अधिकारियों ने पुलिस की मदद से पुलिस को दोनों ओर से आवाजाही के लिए बंद कर दिया। वहीं लोनिवि टीम पुल की सपोर्टिंग तार की मरम्मत में जुट गई। हालांकि विभागीय अधिकारियों का दावा है कि तार टूटी नहीं, बल्कि उसे बदला जा रहा है। देश और दुनिया की हर हलचल पर पैनी नजर। हमारी वेबसाइट पर जाने के लिए क्लिक करें- 🤍 अमर उजाला ई-पेपर सब्सक्राइब करें - 🤍 चैनल सब्सक्राइब करें- 🤍 फेसबुक पेज लाइक करें- 🤍 ट्विटर पर फॉलो करें- 🤍 अमर उजाला का एप डाउनलोड करें- 🤍

Tree House Cottage in Rishikesh || Budget Hotel at Laxman Jhula || Very Peaceful Near Maa Ganga


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Tapovan to Laxman Jhula Rishikesh l Laxman Jhula l Tapovan Ghat l Day out at Laxman Jhula


Ep- 6 In this episode we have covered a shortcut from Tapovan to Laxman Jhula. Laxman Jhula is the oldest Jhula with 100 years and now it is permanently closed. Enjoy the full video to know more. Follow us on Insta sha_uriya

Laxman jhula bridge broken.


Rishikesh bridge broked. Rishikesh river rafting

Korea Ka Laxman Jhula | Life in Korea


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Rishikesh / Laxman Jhula / Ram Jhula / Sita Setu - किसी आश्चर्य से कम नही दो पिलर पर झूलते सेतु


Rishikesh के आकर्षण के प्रमुख केंद्र है ये तीन सेतू!वीडियो जानिए Laxman Jhula, Ram Jhula, Sita Setu के बारे में HI i am shiv kumar tiwari welcome to our you tube channel Scn sujla - Subscribe our channel & don't forget to press the bell icon button. Our Social Links- Youtube - 🤍 Facebook- 🤍 #laxmanjhula #ramjhula #jankisetu #rishikesh

Rishikesh me Laxman Jhula ne kiya Disappoint 🥺| Shivpuri camps stay


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Vlog105 Rishikesh Explore With @Distancebetweenbyshubh Laxman Jhula | Ram Jhula #rishikesh #aamirworld


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Laxman Jhula Rishikesh। लक्ष्मण झूला ऋषिकेश। #rishikeshtour


Laxman Jhula Rishikesh। लक्ष्मण झूला ऋषिकेश। Rishikesh Darshan। #rishikeshtour # ukdarshan #rishikeshtour #uttrakhandtourism #ukdarshan Rishikesh Tour Veerbhdra Mandir ।। ऋषिकेश दर्शन वीरभद्र मंदिर ।। यहां क्लिक करें 👇 🤍 Rishikesh Tour Part 1।। ऋषिकेश दर्शन पार्ट 1 वीडियो देखने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें - 👇 🤍 Rishikesh Tour Part 2 ।। ऋषिकेश दर्शन पार्ट 2।। ऋषिकेश क्यों प्रसिद्ध है?👇 🤍 ऋषिकेश कैसे और कहां से पहुंचे इसके लिए नीचे दिए गए लिंक पर क्लिक करके वीडियो देखें...👇 🤍 कावड़ यात्रा क्यों होती है ? जानने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👇 🤍 Chila Bairaj Dam।। चीला बैराज डैम।। देखने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👇 🤍 Chandreshwar Mahadev Mandir।। चंद्रेश्वर महादेव मंदिर।। देखने के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👇 🤍 River Rafting In Rishikesh ।। गंगा नदी में राफ्टिंग।। विडियो देखने और जानकारी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें 👇 🤍 Facebook Page Link -👇 🤍 आपको अगर मेरी वीडियो पसंद आए तो प्लीज लाइक और सब्सक्राइब करना ना भूले जिससे आपको मेरी आगे आने वाली वीडियो की जानकारी मिलती रहे और इस वीडियो को ढेर सारा प्यार देने के लिए इससे ज्यादा से ज्यादा शेयर जरुर करें। मिलते हैं एक नई वीडियो में एक नई जगह के साथ और वहां की ढेर सारी जानकारी के साथ। धन्यवाद 🙏 Kavi Uniyal- 9756652504 UK Darshan



In this episode of the UK EP-07, I travel to Rishikesh, India and Rishikesh to Delhi. If you're looking for a peaceful and spiritual retreat, then Rishikesh is the perfect place for you. I hope you'll check out this episode of the UK EP and learn some of the secrets of this unique city! Rishikesh is a beautiful place to visit, and in this video we'll take you on a tour of some of the best attractions in Rishikesh. From the Ganges River to the beautiful Observatory, there's plenty to see in Rishikesh. If you're looking for a peaceful getaway, then Rishikesh is the place for you! In this video, we'll take you on a tour of some of the best attractions in Rishikesh and show you why it's one of the most beautiful places in India. After watching this video, you'll be ready to travel to Rishikesh and experience all that this beautiful city has to offer! Watch Other Playlists - # South India Playlist - 🤍 # Himachal Series - 🤍 # Darjeeling - 🤍 # Jammu & Kashmir - 🤍 My Best Episodes - • Snow fall on the way of Shimla - Rampur travelling by Bus (Episode-05) - 🤍 • India's Most Peaceful and Clean City Exploring Solo (Episode-04) - 🤍 Products that I am using - DSLR Camera - 🤍 My Laptop - 🤍 Mobile Phone - 🤍 Boya M1 Mic - 🤍 Headphone - 🤍 Selfie stick - 🤍 #indianwayfarer #rishikesh #ramjhula Reach to me - • Subscribe on YouTube - 🤍 • Follow on Instagram - 🤍 (🤍indianwayfarer) • Contact me on (E-mail I'd) - kishorkumarblog2000🤍 🙏 Thank you 🙏



Rishikesh, also spelt as Hrishikesh, is a city near Dehradun in Dehradun district of the Indian state Uttarakhand. It is situated on the right bank of the Ganges River and is a pilgrimage town for Hindus, with ancient sages and saints meditating here in search of higher knowledge.There are numerous temples and ashrams built along the banks of the river. It is known as the "Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas" and "Yoga Capital of the World".The city has hosted the annual "International Yoga Festival" on the first week of March since 1999. Rishikesh is a vegetarian-only and alcohol-free city. #rishikesh #yogacity #ganga #holyganga #river #devbhoomi #devbhoomiuttarakhand #uttarakhandtourism #rishikesh #himalyas #bikeride #mountains #trailer #soloride #youtube #duke390 #nishantsinghgoyat #uttarakhand #beauty #travelvlog #travel #solotravel#laxmanjhula #ramjhoola #yogacity Sound credit- 🤍 My instagram - 🤍 My facebook - Nishant Singh Goyat . . .

Top 10 places to visit in Rishikesh | Must visit places in Rishikesh | Uttarkhand #16


Rishikesh, the city of Rishi is one of the best places to visit in Uttarakhand. In this video, we will tell you about the top 10 places to visit in Rishikesh. We will also give all the information necessary to visit these places including their location on mp, timings, ticket prices, and best time to visit in a day on in a year. So sit back and enjoy the mystic Rishikesh. Don’t forget to watch this video till the end. VIDEO GUIDE: HOW TO BOOK YOURSELF (UTTARAKHAND TRIP) 🤍 TOP 10 PLACES IN RISHIKESH ON ☮☮☮ GOOGLE MAPS ☮☮☮ 🤍 JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP HERE: - 🤍 ☮☮UTTARAKHAND TRIP☮☮ 1) DELHI TO RISHIKESH: 🤍 2) RISHIKESH CAMPING: 🤍 3) RIVERSIDE FUN: 🤍 4) CAMP NIGHT: 🤍 5) BUNGEE VLOG: 🤍 6) BUNGEE EXPERIENCE: 🤍 7) NEELKANTH MAHARAJ: 🤍 8) RIVER RAFTING VLOG: 🤍 9) RIVER RAFTING EXPERIENCE: 🤍 10) MUSSOORIE HOTEL: 🤍 11) MUSSOORIE BREAKFAST: 🤍 12) LOVELY OMELETTE: 🤍 13) MUSSOORIE LAKE: 🤍 14) MUSSOORIE MALL ROAD: 🤍 15) MUSSOORIE TO HARIDWAR: 🤍 16) TOP 10 RISHIKESH: You are watching Many more to come… ☮☮SPIRITUAL TRIPS☮☮ ↠9 DEVI: 🤍 ↠12 JYOTILING: Coming Soon ↠51 SHAKTI PEETH: Coming Soon ↠MATA VAISHNO DEVI: 🤍 ↠TEMPLES AROUND THE WORLD: 🤍 ☮☮INTERNATIONAL TRIPS ☮☮ ↠HONGKONG:🤍 ↠THAILAND: 🤍 ↠MALAYSIA: 🤍 ↠USA: 🤍 ↠QATAR: 🤍 ↠DUBAI: 🤍 ☮☮DOMESTIC TRIPS (INDIA) ☮☮ ↠GOA2021: 🤍 ↠MY VILLAGE TRIP: 🤍 ↠AGRA JAIPUR: 🤍 ↠AFTER LOCKDOWN: 🤍 ↠CALCUTTA: 🤍 ↠ODISHA: 🤍 ↠DELHI: 🤍 ↠UDAIPUR: 🤍 ↠GUJRAT: 🤍 ↠GOA2018: 🤍 ☾☼☮ OTHER PLACES TO FIND ME ☮☼☽ ↠ Instagram - 🤍 ↠ Twitter - 🤍 ↠ Facebook - 🤍 ↠ Website - 🤍 ◅ ▻ CONTACT ◅ ▻ ↠ Business & Hosting Enquiries: 88anujbansal🤍 ↠ Phone: +91-9355220222 #rishikesh #top10 #uttarakhand #haridwar #hillstation #vlog #travelguide #touristplaces #completeguide #covid19 #travelaftercorona #anujbucket #anujbansal #thingstodo #placestoexplore Keywords Rishikesh tourist places, Tourist places in Rishikesh, 10 Places To Visit In Rishikesh, 10 Best places to visit in Rishikesh, Top 10 Places To Visit In Rishikesh, Top 10 Tourist places in Rishikesh, Top 10 things to do in Rishikesh, rishikesh travel plan, rishikesh tour guide, how to plan rishikesh tour, rishikesh kaise jaye, best time to visit rishikesh, rishikesh tourism, rishikesh laxman jhula, rishikesh kaise ghume, rishikesh, beatles ashram rishikesh, waterfall rishikesh, top 10, anuj, anuj bansal, anuj bucket

Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Uttarakhand India


Laxman Jhula is a type of Iron suspension bridge which is located at Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. Follow me on instagram: 🤍 My contributions on Google Maps: 🤍

Laxman Jhula लक्ष्मण झूला, Gangotri गंगोत्री, Yamunotri यमुनोत्री जी के अनोखे दर्शन


हेलो दोस्तो, यह वीडियो आपको बृज में स्थित गंगोत्री और यमनोत्री धाम के बारे में पूरी और विस्तृत जानकारी देता है। तो बने रहिये हमारे साथ और इस वीडियो को पूरा देखे। For any Enquires, you can email us at "uniquesamayenquires🤍" Laxman Jhula लक्ष्मण झूला, Gangotri गंगोत्री, Yamunotri यमुनोत्री जी के अनोखे दर्शन For More Updates - 🤍 Like us on Facebook:- 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍 Connect us on Linkedin: 🤍 Subscribe our Youtube Channel: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram: 🤍 #livedarsan #travel #chardhamyatra Thanks Unique Samay

Lakshman Jhula,Trimbakeshwar Mandir


Album Name :- Haridwar, Rishikesh, Neelkanth, Kankhal Yatra Copyright :- Shubham Audio Video

Laxman Jhula Rishikesh ( Laxman Jhula Bridge )


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Hrishikesh - A Beautiful walk from Laxman Jhula to Ram Jhula


Namaste. In our today's video we will take a walk from Laxman Jhula to Ram Jhula through a road meant only for walking where heavy vehicles are not allowed. This is a easy & faster road if you want to reach Ram Jhula from Laxman Jhula & if you are fit enough & love adventures then you must surely take this road. Do enjoy the Video and Don't forget to Subscribe to our Channel. नमस्ते। हमारे आज के वीडियो में हम लक्ष्मण झूला से राम झूला तक एक सड़क के माध्यम से चलेंगे, जिसका मतलब केवल पैदल चलना है जहां भारी वाहनों की अनुमति नहीं है। यह एक आसान और तेज़ सड़क है यदि आप लक्ष्मण झूला से राम झूला पहुँचना चाहते हैं वीडियो का आनंद लें और हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करना न भूलें। Like, Share and Subscribe to our Channel #SackNSoul लाइक करें, शेयर करें और हमारे चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करें #SackNSoul Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #HrishikeshMarket #India #RishikeshTheYogaCapital #SacknSoul #ऋषिकेश #LaxmanJhulatoRamJhula #AwalkonLaxmanJhulaBackRoad

ऋषिकेश: लक्ष्मण झूला पुल हुआ बंद | Laxman Jhula Rishikesh| जानकी सेतु की खासियत जानिए | हरिद्वार


ऋषिकेश: लक्ष्मण झूला पुल हुआ बंद | Laxman Jhula Rishikesh| जानकी सेतु की खासियत जानिए | हरिद्वार #laxmanjhula #laxmanjhulaclose #jankisetu #haridwarkawadyatra2022 Join this channel to get access to perks: Membership link:👇 🤍

Triveni Ghat Aarti & Laxman Jhula at night| 4k | Rishikesh Vlog #solotravel


I am Dr. Jaskirat! A dentist by profession with a passion for travelling and Art! Welcome to my Vlog! This Vlog features my solo trip and experiences in Rishikesh! Travelled to Triveni Ghat to experience the serene evening Ganga Aarti. Gleaming Laxman Jhula in Tapovan at night is a delight to watch! I stayed at Tapovan Vatika Resort in Rishikesh. Would totally recommend it to anyone seeking some peace away from the hustle bustle of city life. The property is beautifully maintained, the staff is very warm and the tariff is quite affordable. Looking forward to stay here, for my next trip to Rishikesh! WATCH IN 4K TO GET THE BEST EXPERIENCE! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, LIKE AND SHARE! Connect with me on Instagram-🤍drjaskiratkaur 🤍 Song: INOSSI - Nightfall Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Creative Commons - Attribution 3.0 Unported Video Link: 🤍 Song:Upbeat Vlog and Event Music by Infraction [No Copyright Music] / Early Morning ►Single-track download (No Licence file): 🤍... #hemkundsahib #valleyofflowers #ghangharia #govindghat #travel #devprayag #karnaprayag #rishikesh #vishnuprayag #uttarakhand #rishikesh #ganga #laxmanjhula #aarti #hinduism #trivenighat #triveni #solotravel #tapovan #goa



I visited rishikesh uttarakhand on march 2020 .I visited famous Laxman Jhula ,Tera Manjil Temple ,Ram Jhula , ChotiWala ,Triveni Ghat. LaxmanJhula: Lakshman Jhula is a suspension bridge across the river Ganges. The bridge connects the two villages of Tapovan in Tehri Garhwal district, on the west bank of the river, to Jonk in Pauri Garhwal district, on the east bank. Despite its location on the outskirts of the city, it is one of the iconic landmarks of Rishikesh. A larger bridge 2 kilometres downstream from Lakshman Jhula is Ram Jhula. Tera Manjil Temple: At a distance of 6 km from Rishikesh Railway Station, Tera Manzil Temple is a major landmark and a multi-storey temple located on the banks of river Ganga near Lakshman Jhula in Rishikesh. This temple is also known as Kailash Niketan Temple and is one of the most significant places of worship in Rishikesh. It is believed that this ancient temple is established by Adi Shankaracharya in the 9th century AD. The temple is famous for its huge and beautiful architecture. It is a 13 floor structure and each floor has many small temples dedicated to many Hindu gods and goddesses. Tera Manzil temple is not dedicated to any single deity unlike other temples. The top floor of the temple offers panoramic view of sunset over the mountains of Rishikesh. This temple attracts a large number of tourists especially during Shravan Somvar and Maha Shivratri festivals. RamJhula: An iconic landmark in Rishikesh, Ram Jhula, built in 1986, is a suspension bridge that runs across the Ganges. It is placed a few miles downstream from the popular Lakshman Jhula. The bridge spans 750 ft and is a splendid work of engineering that connects the ashrams situated on both sides of the river. It offers a splendid bird's eye view of the mighty river making its way through gigantic mountains and dense forests. The bridge was constructed after Lakshmana (Laxman) Jhula and is quite similar to it in design and steel structure. While walking across the bridge, one can enjoy the picturesque view of the surrounding mountains and feel the gentle breeze on the face. The sounds of River Ganga gushing underneath add to the charm of the environment. There are markets on either side of the bridge selling books on religion and spirituality, incense sticks, idols of gods and goddesses and other knick-knacks. One should not forget to savour the local sweets. TriveniGhat Situated at the confluence of three sacred rivers, the Ganga, the Yamuna and the Saraswati (that legends say once flowed here), Triveni Ghat is the most popular bathing ghat in Rishikesh. Before visiting the various temples, most pilgrims take a holy dip here. At dawn, the ghat is bustling with devotees offering prayers and bathing in the river, which according to Hindu mythology, washes away the sins of a person. Evenings are stunning, with the spectacular arti (a ritual in which lamps are lit and prayers are offered to the river) called the 'Maha arti' being carried out at the ghat. This is accompanied by prayers and chantings. A multitude of lamps floating in the river during the arti present a spectacular view, leaving one in awe of the time-honoured traditions. There is a popular legend attached to Triveni Ghat and it is said that Lord Krishna visited this spot when he was hurt by an arrow shot by a hunter. On either side of Triveni Ghat, popular temples of Gita Mandir and Lakshminarayan are situated. Ceremonies of 'Pinda Shraddha' done for ancestors are also carried out here. GANGA AARTI TRIVENI GHAT 🤍 #Traveler's Mind #Rishikesh #Laxman Jhula #Ram Jhula #Triveni Ghat

Budget Restaurant In Rishikesh Near Laxman Jhula, 100 रुपए में अच्छा भोजन , Rishikesh Food Tour


Budget Restaurant In Rishikesh Near Laxman Jhula, 100 रुपए में अच्छा भोजन , Rishikesh Food Tour Hello I am mukesh welcome to our youtube channel mukesh help food near laxman Jhula Rishikesh rishikesh food tour rishikesh street food best restaurant near rishikesh best restaurant near laxman Jhula rishikesh food rishikesh rishikesh video

Wandering In Rishikesh | Rishikesh Hippi Market | Laxman jhula | Ram Jhula


Day 2 in Rishikesh, Explored many things and Had fun with my awesome teammates.

Rishikesh Festival 2022 | Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Drone Shot | Holi Celebration 2022 | Ghumakkad Boy


Rishikesh Festival Vlog 2022 | Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Drone Shot | Holi 2022 Hello Friends I am Maahir Mahamna Welcome to Your Youtube Channel Ghumakkad Boy | Life is So Beautiful Jiyo to Sahi | - Lets Connect On Social Media - Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 - Email:- ghumakkadboy🤍 - About this Video :- In this video, I have told about the festival to be held in Rishikesh.In this video I have shown the celebration of Holi to be held on Laxman swing and have given all the information. Thanks For Watching #Ghumakkadboy #Rishikeshholi #Holicelebration2022 - Some others videos link:- Manali Helicopter Ride 2020 | Manali Helicopter Ride Price | Manali Activities Price Link:-🤍 Statue of Belief Nathdwara Tour Guide in Hindi | World's Largest Statue Link:-🤍 Delhi to Kedarnath Yatra 2020 by Road with New Bike Avenger160cc Link:-🤍 Solang Valley Manali in January 2020 | Solang Valley Activites Cost | Manali Snowfall | Hindi Link:-🤍 - About this Channel:- I Want to show you all the beautiful places of the world By YouTube Channel And I want to give you all the information So that no one has trouble walking or going in And they are also right and at least inside the Money And also want to tell that how much of Tour and Traveling is necessary for our life.That Too What is the benefits of Traveling.Then connect friends from your channel And Learn more about how important travel is for our life. Thank You So Much... Ghumakkad Boy

Laxman Jhula | Ram Jhula | Janki Setu in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand


Laxman Jhula | Ram Jhula | Janki Setu in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand लक्ष्मण झूला ऋषिकेश का ऐसा अद्भुत और प्राचीन स्थल है जो ऋषिकेश जाने वाले हर तीर्थयात्री एवं पर्यटक को अनायास ही अपनी ओर आकर्षित कर लेता है। यहां से गँगा जी के दर्शन करना एक यादगार अनुभव प्रदान करता है, जिसे आप स्वयम आ कर ही अनुभव कर सकते हैं। हिन्दू धर्म में माँ गंगा को मोक्षदायिनी माना गया है। ऋषिकेश ही वो स्थान है जहां माँ गंगा पहाड़ों से उतर कर मैदानी इलाके में प्रवेश करती है। माना जाता है कि एक समय में प्रभु श्री राम के छोटे भाई लक्ष्मण जी ने जूट की रस्सियों के सहारे गंगा जी को पार किया था। उनकी स्मृति में ही इस सस्पेंशन ब्रिज का नाम लक्ष्मण झूला रखा गया। बाकी जानकारी हेतु आप वीडियो का आनंद लीजिए। Subscribe to Exploring India with Risshi: 🤍 📢 Support us on Patreon: 🤍 🔗 Social Medias 🔗 📸 Instagram: 🤍 📱 Twitter: 🤍 ⭐ Facebook: 🤍 🎬 Playlists 🎬 ☀️ Tales of Japan: 🤍 ☀️ Trips to Gujarat: 🤍 ☀️ Trips to Jammu and Kashmir: 🤍 ☀️ Trips to Arunachal Pradesh: 🤍 ☀️ Trips to Rajasthan: 🤍 ☀️ Trips to Uttarakhand: 🤍 ☀️ Trips to Kerala: 🤍 ☀️ Book Launches: 🤍 📕 Our Books 📕: 📗 Ek Bhartiya ki Japan Yatra: 🤍 📗 Captain Vijayant Thapar: 🤍 📗 Rifleman Sanjay Kumar: 🤍 📗 Captain Manoj Kumar Pandey: 🤍 📗 Captain Anuj Nayyar: 🤍 📗 Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav: 🤍 📗 Deshbhakti ke paavan teerth: 🤍 📗 Patriotic Pilgrimage of India: 🤍 📗 50 Great Freedom Fighters (Hindi): 🤍 📗 50 Great Freedom Fighters: 🤍 📗 Atulya Bharat Ki Khoj: 🤍 ⚡ Like, Share, Comment, Subscribe⚡ ⭐ Tags ⭐ - Exploring India with Risshi - Travel - - - - - ⭐ Thanks for Watching! ⭐ #rishikesh #devbhumi #laxmanjhula #ramjhula #jankisetu #haridwar #uttarakhand

Laxman Jhula 👍



Local Market near Laxman Jhula | Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh | Local market Rishikesh


Local Market near Laxman Jhula | Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh | Local market Rishikesh #tapovan #rishikesh दोस्तो इस हरिद्वार और ऋषिकेश की यात्रा में आप जानेंगे कैसे लखनऊ से हरिद्वार बस का सफर होता है। हरिद्वार में आप कहाँ रुक सकते है और गंगा स्नान कैसे किया मैंने। साथ ही ऋषिकेश में तपोवन के hostel और home stays के contact numbers मिल जाएंगे आपको हमारी आगे आने वाली वीडियो में। राम झूला और लक्ष्मण झूले के साथ साथ गंगा जी के भी दर्शन होंगे आपको। तपोवन में ही उप्पर secret waterfal और गंगा जी में rafting का भी मजा आपको हमारी इस सीरीज में मिलेगा। You are most welcome to contact us for Collaboration, Sponsorship or Product Review at creative.indian25🤍 or Dm on Instagram THANKS FOR WATCHING OUR VIDEO Please Like, Share our video & subscribe our channel. Follow us on Instagram 🤍 Follow us on Facebook group 🤍 watch our another video.. नैनीताल में जाकर क्या करे | First Day in NAINITAL | Nainital Travel Guide | Lakeview Nainital 🤍 नैनीताल में घूमने की जगह। Attractions In Nainital | 7 Places to Visit In Nainital | part - 2 🤍 Organic Tea Garden Shyamkhet | Pine View Nainital | Selfie Point | Places to Visit #Nainital #Vlog8 🤍 Hotels in Nainital at Mall Road | Mall Road Morning View | Mukteshwar Sunset |NainiLake Night View 🤍 My First Q&A Vlog | सस्ते होटल कैसे चुने | आपके सवालों पर हमारा जवाब | अपनी यात्रा सुगम बनाये 🤍 नैनीताल के पास की शानदार जगह | Mukteshwar Trek & Tourist Place | Mukteshwar Travel Guide | Vlog-10 🤍 MANALI जाने से पहले एक बार देख लो | फंस गये तो पछताओगे | Delhi to manali by Bus | dhabe का Fraud 🤍 Anjani Mahadev Trek Part-2 | Anjani Mahadev Manali | Anjani Mahadev Solang Valley | #CreativeIndians 🤍 Live Snowfall in Manali | heavy snowfall in manali 🤍 Decor Furniture Lifestyle Show | Home Decor Furniture | Handicrafts Decor | Indian Handicrafts Expo 🤍 18th National Book Fair Lucknow 🤍 My Other Travel Series.. Manali trip january - february 2021: 🤍 KASOL & MANIKARAN - FEB 2021: 🤍 Nainital & Mukteshwar - My Uttarakhand Trip: 🤍 Ranikhet & kausani - My Uttarakhand Trip: 🤍 #laxmanjhula #laxmanjhularishikesh #ramjhula #ramjhularishikesh #localmarket #localmarketrishikesh #localmarketshopping #junglecamp #junglecamping #hiddenplaces #hiddenplace #hiddenwaterfalls #hiddenwaterfall #secretwaterfall #waterfall #waterfallhike #hostelsinrishikesh #wheretostay #wheretostayinrishikesh #hostelsintapovan #cheapesthostelinrishikesh #rishikesh #rishikeshtourism #rishikeshvlogs #rishikeshvlog #rishikeshtour #rishikeshindia #laxmanjhula #laxmanjhularishikesh #ramjhula #ramjhularishikesh #rishikeshriverrafting #rishikeshtrip #rishikeshtravelguide #rishikeshuttarakhand #rishikeshtouristplaces #riverraftinginrishikesh #riverrafting #riverraftingvlog #riverraftingrishikesh #riverside #creativeindians #placestovisitinrishikesh #besttimetovisitinrishikesh #rishikeshtourguide #howtoreachrishikesh #thingstodoinrishikesh #rishikeshgaming #rishikeshbungeejumping #rishikeshtemple #haridwarrishikesh #rishikeshtourplan #besthotelinrishikesh #luxuryhotelinrishikesh #longstaytapovanrishikesh #cheaphotelsinrishikesh #wheretostay #wheretostayinrishikesh #rishikeahtapovanhotel #cheaphotels #tapovanhostels #creativeindians

Rishikesh Laxman jhula uttrakhand


Rishikesh Laxman Jhula || Uttrakhand || #uttarakhandheaven #uttrakhand_dairies #ramjhula #uttarakhanddiaries #rishikesh_diaries #uttarakhandtraveller #uttrakhandtourism #uttarakhand #mcleodganj #rishikeshdiaries #hindistandayoga #gezginyogini #hindistan #hindistanttc #india #indiayoga #rishikesh #rishikeshyoga #doyoga #yogaeverywhere #yoga #yogahindistan #yogateacher #yogaislife #lifestyle #ekapadarajakapotasana #mermaidpose #yogapose📷 #rishikeshdiaries #traveldiaries #instatravel #travelwithme #lookingforward #iloveindia #blue #travelgirl #glt #girlswholovetravel #traveling #wanderlust

laxman jhula is open now #Rishikesh #rishikeshriverrafting


is laxman jhula bridge closed ? no , Laxman jhula bridge is now open.

Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh #Shorts


#LaxmanJhula #Rishikesh #Uttarakhand

Alo MO Ribana Fita | New Released Odia Song | Ruku Suna | Aseema Panda | Malaya Mishra | Gmj Odia


Welcome to Global Music Junction Odia (GMJ ODIA ) Subscribe Us:- 🤍 Create Ur Reels Here: 🤍 #AloMoRibanaFita #RukuSuna #AseemaPanda #MalayaMishra #GmjOdia #OdiadanceSong This Time Global Music Junction Brings You a New Released Odia Song " Alo Mo Ribana Fita " Sung By RukuSuna & Aseema Panda , Lyrics - Nirmala Panda , Music - Malaya Mishra Song Credits -: Alo Mo Ribana FIta ►Song - Alo Mo Ribana Fita ►Lyrics - Nirmala Panda ►Music - Malaya Mishra ►Singer - Ruku Suna , Aseema Panda ►Producer - Rajkumar Singh , Malaya Mishra ►Mixing - Shaktiswar Mahapatra Listen to the Song/Album now on : ♪ Gaana : 🤍 ♪ Jiosaavn : 🤍 ♪ Wynk : 🤍 ♪ Youtube Music : 🤍 ♪ Amazon Music : 🤍 ♪ Spotify: 🤍 ♪ Resso : 🤍 ► YouTube : 🤍 ► Facebook : 🤍 ► Instagram : 🤍 ► Twitter : 🤍 For Trade Enquiry:- +919869649066 Email Us:- Enquiry🤍 #AloMoRibanaFita #NewReleasedOdiaSong #RukuSuna #AseemaPanda #GmjOdia

Laxman Jhula + Market + Khana #rishikesh


Hello Friends, I went for a trip to Rishikesh. And this video is very informative and entertaining. We visited Laxman jhula and got very peaceful vibe. After that we explored the market of Rishikesh, cafes and all. Then we had good food at Rawat Restaurant and finally end the video with Kadak Chai. Hope you will enjoy this video. For Business and Inquiry : safarwithsam🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Please like, share and comment on this video. and do Subscribe to Safar with Samm..

Laxman Jhula Rishikesh | लक्ष्मण झूला | Rishikesh Uttarakhand


Laxman jhula Rishikesh | लक्ष्मण झूला | Rishikesh Uttarakhand लक्ष्मण झूला ऋषिकेश में स्थित एक बहुत ही सुंदर पुल गंगा नदी पर बना है और यह झूला आज के समय में काफी प्रसिध्द झूला है, जिसे देखने के लिये दुनिया भर से लोग आते हैं । #Laxmanjhula #Rishikesh #Riverraftingrishikesh Mahadev Safar 🤍

India’s first glass bridge built in Rishikesh |Laxman Jhula know when construction will be completed


India’s first glass bridge built in Rishikesh |Laxman Jhula know when construction will be completed keywords #rishikesh #laxmanjhula #bridge #aspirantcivilengineers #infrastructure #civilengineering #uttrakhand #cablebridge #india #indian #amazingfact #amazingfactsinhindi #amazingvideo #amazingvideos lakshman jhula kahan per hai,lakshman jhula ram jhula,lakshman jhula video,laxman jhula,laxman jhula closed,laxman jhula drone view,laxman jhula jumping,laxman jhula market,laxman jhula new bridge,laxman jhula rishikesh 2022,laxman jhula rishikesh closed,laxman jhula rishikesh haridwar,laxman jhula rishikesh history,laxman jhula rishikesh ki video,laxman jhula rishikesh latest news,laxman jhula rishikesh night,laxman jhula rishikesh night view,laxman jhula rishikesh song,laxman jhula rishikesh today,laxman jhula rishikesh uttarakhand,laxman jhula rishikesh vlog,laxman jhula song,laxman jhula video,laxman jhula-ram jhula bridge,ram jhula lakshman jhula status,uttarakhand tourism development board

RISHIKESH Murder: Laxman jhula क्षेत्र में किसने की साधु की हत्या Uttrakhand News। Hindi News


#rishikesh #rishikeshmurder RISHIKESH Murder:ऋषिकेश के Laxman jhula क्षेत्र में दो साधुओं में खूनी संघर्ष देखने को मिला। जिसमें एक साधु ने दूसरे हत्या कर दी। Uttrakhand News News State (न्यूज स्टेट) उत्तर भारत का सबसे विश्वसनीय हिंदी न्यूज़ चैनल है. यहां पर क्षेत्र की सभी जरूरी खबरों को वरीयता से दर्शकों तक पहुंचाता है. यहां पर राज्य की राजनीति ही नहीं देशभर में क्या हो रहा है, इसके बारे में भी भरपूर खबरों का खजाना है. इसके अलावा क्राइम, बिजनेस, खेल और बॉलीवुड से जुड़ी ताज़ा ख़बरें भी दर्शकों को परोसे जाते हैं. News State UP-UK खास तौर पर उत्तर प्रदेश और उत्तराखंड के लोगों की खबरों की जरूरतों का ध्यान रखता है. वहीं, News State MP-CG विशेष रूप से मध्य प्रदेश और छत्तीसगढ़ के दर्शकों का ख्याल रखता है. सबसे निष्पक्ष, विश्वसनीय लाइव ख़बरों को सबसे पहले पाने के लिए बने रहें हमारे साथ. News State is a 24-hour Hindi news channel that caters in addition to National coverage, regional coverages too. We have regional channels like News State Uttar Pradesh/Uttarakhand and News State Madhya Pradesh/Chattisgarh. In terms of TRP News State UP/UK is number one channel in the northern India region. No other channel is in competition with our channel. It is because we give trustworthy and quick news. News State is a preferred channel by an audience which favors high quality programming and news. Only Channel in the region that caters for the regional demand in such a way that it has become favourite channel of the audience. Subscribe us on YouTube Channel: 🤍 Get More Cricket Updates on: 🤍 Get More Madhya Pradesh News Updates on: 🤍 Get More Bihar News Updates on: 🤍 चैनल सब्सक्राइब करें: 🤍 हमारे फेसबुक पेज को लाइक करें: 🤍 हमें ट्विटर पर फॉलो करें: 🤍 News State Apps डाउनलोड करें: Download Android and iOS Apps for more updates: Android App: 🤍 iOS App: 🤍

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