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3 Stocks to Buy Now | JPM vs BAC, O vs SPG, F vs GM


Which stock is the best investment? Ford vs GM, JP Morgan vs Bank Of America, Realty Income vs SPG? 😮 Save $120 off premium access to Seeking Alpha and all the stock analysis you need! 🤍 I’m comparing the most popular stocks for a this-versus-that stock comparison series. In each video, I’ll show you which stocks to buy based on fundamental analysis, news and recent trends. Let me know in the comments if you want me to compare stocks. In this video, I’ll compare Ford stock (F) vs General Motors (GM), JP Morgan (JPM) vs Bank of America (BAC), Realty Income (O) vs Simon Property Group (SPG). I’ll dig into the sales growth, profitability, valuation and recent news for each stock to find which is the best investment for your money! How to Invest $1000 in 2023! Three Great Portfolios! 🤍 I’ll also show you how to find the best investments, those companies with a competitive advantage over their peers. These will always be the best stocks to buy in any stock comparison! Don’t miss the first two videos in the series for more stock comparisons and how to pick the best stocks to buy! ✅ 1st Video – TSLA vs AMZN, AMD vs NVDA, GOOG vs AMZN 🤍 ✅ 2nd Video – AT&T vs VZ, AMD vs INTC, O vs STAG 🤍 🤑 Get The Weekly Bow-Tie - my FREE weekly email newsletter sharing market updates, trends and the most important news! Market Updates for the Smart Investor! 🤍 My Investing Recommendations 📈 Check out the stock simulator and Get six FREE shares of stock worth up to $10,000 when you open a Webull investing account with any deposit! 🤑 🤍 📊 Download this Portfolio Tracker and Investing Spreadsheet! [Community Discount Code] 🤍 ✅ FREE Report! See the top five stocks in my portfolio, the five stocks I'm buying for the next 30 years! 🤍 ✅ Save $120 and get 50% off Premium Access to the largest investment analysis community in the world! Lowest price online for Seeking Alpha premium access! 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to create the financial future you deserve with videos on beating debt, making more money and making your money work for you. 🤍 Joseph Hogue, CFA spent nearly a decade as an investment analyst for institutional firms and banks. He now helps people understand their financial lives through debt payoff strategies, investing and ways to save more money. He has appeared on Bloomberg and on sites like CNBC and Morningstar. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and is a veteran of the Marine Corps.

JPM's Snakes & Ladders - A Brilliant AWP From JPM's Glory Days


REUPLOAD of a video from the Degsy Degworth channel, originally uploaded May 2021. Thread at Desert Island Fruits - 🤍 tommy c pook 0:00:00 Channel intro 0:00:10 I still feel I sold JPM/ACE a little bit short overall 0:01:26 It's fairly standard JPM stuff, check for numbering and then take out the value 0:03:37 I always felt that these £15 upgraded JPMs did have a streaky style save in them 0:04:33 I remember a £15 Roller Coaster in an arcade here that had a mad streak in it 0:05:10 Gameplay commences, it's trouser-snake-tastic, or something 0:07:01 Taking the PYRAMID PUZZLE feature for a BIG £15 CASH JACKPOT 0:08:42 I slightly misunderstood how Reel Cobra worked when making this video 0:09:30 Taking the REEL COBRA feature as Degsy tests his skills (lol) 0:14:13 Taking the SANDS OF TIME feature, Degsy will need quick thinking and skills (lol) 0:15:48 Taking the REEL COBRA feature, actually managing to hit the treble bar 0:17:45 Taking the REEL COBRA feature, a rare display of skill for a BIG £15 CASH JACKPOT 0:21:06 Taking the SANDS OF TIME feature for a BIG £15 CASH JACKPOT, nearly.... 0:24:34 Taking the REEL COBRA feature, surprisingly, hitting the treble bar again 0:28:14 Taking the SANDS OF TIME feature, for a BIG £15 CASH JACKPOPT 0:30:55 Getting to the end of the trail for a BIG SNAKES AND LADDERS MEGA STREAK REPEATER 0:34:05 It's the musical interlude moment, I love the lo-fi samples of the Impact tech 0:36:44 Taking the SANDS OF TIME feature, for yet another BIG £15 CASH JACKPOT 0:39:12 A rare setup for a BIG £15 CASH JACKPOT off THE RATTLER feature, keep an eye out! 0:40:30 Taking the SIDEWINDER feature, it can actually be alright 0:42:53 The final session stats aren't too bad, despite my sub-optimal play 0:43:55 These are magnificent machines, learn your way around them and have some fun

JPM▼365天▼官方完整版Official MV (HD)


▼365天▼ 導演:比爾賈 作詞:JPM王子(邱勝翊) 編舞:林大鈞 ▼JPM官方粉絲團: 🤍 ▼專輯線上聽/ Buy the [365] Album ◎ iTunes 🤍 ◎ KKBOX 🤍 ◎ myMusic 🤍 ◎ Omusic 🤍 ▼JPM【365】專輯改版簽唱會▼ 1/19(六) 12:00 台北西門町電影街 簽唱會 1/26(六) 17:30 台中中友百貨簽唱會 1/27(日) 13:30 台北西門五大唱片簽名會 15:00 台北忠孝五大唱片簽名會 2/1(五) 18:30 台南南方公園簽唱會 2/2(六) 13:30 新竹巨城簽唱會 16:00 桃園台茂購物中心簽唱會 2/3(日) 17:00 高雄漢神巨蛋簽唱會 ▼JPM官方粉絲團查詢: 🤍 ▼新浪微博: 🤍 ▼JPM Google+: 🤍

28-Year-Old Scams JP Morgan for $175 Million


Uplevel your news reading experience with Ground News using our link: 🤍 In 2021 JP Morgan acquired a student aid website called for $175 million. Now the bank is accusing Frank of being a massive fraud. So what is going on? 0:00 - 2:10 Intro 2:11 - 3:25 Ground News 3:26 - 5:19 The rise of Frank 5:20 - 7:38 JP Morgan Acquisition 7:39 - 10:08 The fraud 10:09 - 12:14 The fraud unravels 12:15 Comparison to Elizabeth Holmes Check out our new podcast on Spotify: 🤍 All materials in these videos are used for educational purposes and fall within the guidelines of fair use. No copyright infringement intended. If you are or represent the copyright owner of materials used in this video and have a problem with the use of said material, please send me an email,, and we can sort it out. #Wallstreetmillennial –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Buddha by Kontekst 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––



JPM 月球漫步 曲:梁永泰 / muzique 詞:梁永泰 OH我影子自己有個節奏 自己會拍手 自己也會點頭 我給了我自己的能力打了折扣 既然你也說走 我們就來戰鬥 好 我們就說個一清二楚 你說的直接不然會不舒服 你還吃糖果 這真的很old school 我喜歡用電腦 你還喜歡看書 tell me tell me 為什麼why why為什麼 why why為什麼 why why為什麼 tell me tell me 為什麼 why why為什麼 why why為什麼 why why為什麼 你說你愛我可是 you're not my lover 你只能對我說 想看你月球漫步 快點月球漫步 想看你月球漫步 快點月球漫步  你只能對我說 想看你月球漫步 快點月球漫步 想看你月球漫步 快點月球月球漫步 快點月球漫步 快點月球漫步 快點月球漫步 快點月球漫步 Wow 現在連你有個節奏 看到你在拍手 我還跟你點頭 你說我給你的誠意打了折扣 這個我不接受 我變成了猛獸 好 把煩惱忘得一乾二淨 你聽聽不聽到 我在戴你耳機 我把你MP3變成了我的3D 我自己的空間加了一位 毛弟 Rap 我的女朋友 有時候叫我Michael 她說她超愛我 一輩子跟我節奏 我們去看星星 比較像space travel 她愛的JPM 是另外一個level

Jpm kumalas oranza nagwala


"Wewe Mbona UNAMUANGALIA Mke WANGU, Kisa MWEUPE Unataka Kumchukua" - JPM


"Wewe Mbona UNAMUANGALIA Mke WANGU, Kisa MWEUPE Unataka Kumchukua" - JPM RAIS Dkt John Magufuli, leo Machi 16, ameanza safari ya kuelekea mkoani Morogoro kwenda kutazama daraja la Kiyegea ambalo limekatika tena jana ikiwa ni siku chache baada ya kufanyiwa ukarabati.. Akiwa njiani kuelekea Moro, Rais Magufuli amesimama barabarani katika maeneo mbalimbali na kuzungumza na wananchi pamoja na kukagua baadhi ya miradi inayotekelezwa na serikali. UNA HABARI? WASILIANA NA GLOBAL TV ONLINE ( +255 784 888982) ( +255 676 229628) Email: globaltvbest🤍 abbymrisho🤍 HABARI MPYA DAILY: 🤍 HISTORIA ZA VIONGOZI ZA KUSISIMUA: 🤍 GLOBAL RADIO TV: 🤍 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: 🤍 Subscribe Global TV, Channel itakayokupa Habari na matukio ya kipekee nchini Tanzania Subscribe 🤍

Vlog 59 I Royal Family show Riias, lõpetasin teeninduses töötamise, esinemised jpm


Heihei! Taaskord saate näha nädalakest minu elus. Minu sotsiaalmeedia: 🤍maaritolbri Koostööd: maaritolbri🤍 "Ikson - Anywhere" is under a YouTube Free license. 🤍 Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: 🤍

JPM 那不是雪中紅 (官方完整版MV)


JPM 那不是雪中紅 詞:謝和弦 / 曲:謝和弦+Skot Suyama 陶山 MV導演:比爾賈 舞蹈設計:林大鈞(DANCE SOUL) 雨下的如此狼狽 冷風吹的心兒碎 無邊的思念 無際的黑夜 而你不在身邊 喔 既然我們都已經分開 就不要再責怪誰 誰會在你的身邊 我都無所謂 只要你過的OK 你說 不過是一場夢 夢醒了之後 我們都要會學會看透 那是血在流 那不是雪中紅 快別告訴我 你說你不會痛 玫瑰花凋落 都成了雪中紅 你的唇 不再有 你的手 不再握 當我睜開雙眼 化為烏有 Rap 大雨下得如此狼狽為奸 連冷風都要讓心兒碎的哀屍遍野 無邊的思念 無際的黑夜 你早已不在身邊 喔 既然我們分開了  就不要再吵了 只要你答應我 你會過的好就好了 你說過 那不過就是一場太美麗的夢 至少真的愛過 喔 學會放手 學會看透 學會看著你遠走 只是我的心 還沒有做好 準備接受 那是血在流 那不是雪中紅 快別告訴我 你說你不會痛 玫瑰花凋落 都成了雪中紅 你的唇 不再有 你的手 不再握 當我睜開雙眼 化為烏有 玫瑰凋落 都成了雪中紅 是血在流 那不是雪中紅

Biggest Market Risk Is No US Recession, Says JPM's Bell


Mike Bell, global market strategist at JPMorgan Asset Management, explains why the US avoiding a recessing this year is a risk to markets on "Bloomberg Surveillance." Follow Bloomberg for business news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: 🤍 Connect with us on... Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

What Investors Should Keep in Mind in 2023 | J.P. Morgan


Learn why 2022 was a challenging year for investors and what investors can expect in 2023 with Chief Investment Strategist for J.P. Morgan Global Wealth Management, Tom Kennedy. SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 About J.P. Morgan: J.P. Morgan is a leader in financial services, offering solutions to clients in more than 100 countries with one of the most comprehensive global product platforms available. We have been helping our clients to do business and manage their wealth for more than 200 years. Our business has been built upon our core principle of putting our clients' interests first. Connect with J.P. Morgan Online: Visit the J.P. Morgan Website: 🤍 Follow 🤍jpmorgan on Twitter: 🤍 Visit our J.P. Morgan Facebook page: 🤍 Follow J.P. Morgan on LinkedIn: 🤍 Follow 🤍jpmorgan on Instagram: 🤍 #JPMorgan #investing #outlook What Investors Should Keep in Mind in 2023 | J.P. Morgan

JP Morgan (JPM) Stock: Next Stop $170


Today we take a look at JP Morgan Chase #JPM #Stock after the company reported Q4 earnings. For the most part they were decent. The company is setting aside considerable amounts more money to cover credit loses from consumers & businesses that don't pay their bills. However, these levels are simply getting back to "normal" - which is actually a good thing. From a technical perspective - it appears that JPM stock might be heading back to $170 soon. — Follow Me On Instagram: 🤍 — Follow Me On Twitter: 🤍 — Follow Me On SeekingAlpha: 🤍 Intro: 0:00 Q4 Overview & Guidance 1:01 JPM Segment Results 2:15 JPM Valuation 7:24 JPM Technical Analysis 8:25

JPM 那不是雪中紅 官方舞蹈 by TL


▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 舞蹈系列 [ free sytle 精神時光屋 ] free style 的個人修煉方法 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 魅力系列 [ 魅力駭客 . 資訊網站 ] 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 個人資訊 [ face book ] 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 這首舞的動作靈感來自. " 玫瑰凋落 . 那不是雪中紅 " JPM 和 Dancer 兩組搭配 紅白色手套.表現出那個意境. 相信大家有眼睛都看得出來這支影片是跟月球漫步官方舞蹈 同一天拍攝. 加上一隻舞的完成 . 需要Dancer排練 . 提案 . 藝人排練 . 唱片前置期 藝人要 錄音 . 定裝 . 拍照 . 還有自己的通告或戲劇等其他工作.所以藝人也不是每天有空的. 這支舞事實上在7月底就已經完成.不過在 MV 拍攝前. SJ 的 MR. simple 就撥了 . 因為動作確實有點類似.不過這已經是我很多次修正後最好的舞蹈 . 短時間我也的確做不出更好的版本.所以大家討論過後. 還是決定以這個版本拍攝 . 我在這裡可以以人格保證 . 這首舞絕對沒有抄襲 . 純屬巧合 . 否則我折壽 10 年 . 所以請不用再浪費大家寶貴的時間去爭論. 硬要說只能說我很國際化. 謝謝 !! Terry Lin - JPM 2011 月球漫步 Album 中國風舞曲 - 那不是雪中紅 Lyrics : 謝和弦 Cpmpose : 謝和弦 Director : 比爾賈 x Bounce 舞蹈設計 Choreography by 林大鈞 Terry Lin Performance Dancers 阿基 A Ji - Chill Crew 小飛 Fly - Chill Crew 小董 Don - Soul Brother . Chill Crew 阿璋 A Chang - Da Rumors . Chill Crew 將史 Juns - Triple Force . Chill Crew 阿弘 Chuck - Triple Force . Chill Crew Booking - steadypointterry🤍

Is JP Morgan Stock a Buy Now!? | JP Morgan (JPM) Stock Analysis |


Link to download my stock valuation spreadsheets: 🤍 Get up to 20 free stocks now using my link for moomoo! (Free Money!!): 🤍 Get 50% off of Seeking Alpha Premium! 🤍 In this video, we perform a stock analysis on JP Morgan. Let me know your thoughts on this company in the comments below Social Media (and other fun stuff): 🤍 I am not a Financial advisor or licensed professional. Nothing I say or produce on YouTube, or anywhere else, should be considered as advice. All content is for educational purposes only. I am not responsible for any financial losses or gains. Invest and trade at your own risk. Some of the links in the description may be affiliate links.

J.P. Morgan Documentary: How One Man Financed America


Only one man holds the title of bailing out the U.S. federal government two times in his life. And that man is J.P Morgan. In today’s episode of American Titan, we explore the spectacular story of America’s most prolific banker — a man so powerful that when he died, the NYSE paused all trading for half a day out of respect. Sign-up for Acorns! 👉 🤍 (upon registration, Acorns will deposit $5 in your account to help you get started with investing!) What do you think of J.P Morgan? Ruthless robber baron or American patriot? Let us know in the comments below! 💬 ⭑ Subscribe to Business Casual → 🤍 ⭑ Enjoyed the vid? Hit the like button! 📚 If you enjoyed this video about J.P. Morgan and want to learn even more, we recommend reading Ron Chernow’s biography, "The House of Morgan" 👉 🤍 (note: as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases). If you enjoyed this American Titan documentary, you will definitely enjoy learning about these other American Titans too! ▶️ George Westinghouse Documentary 👉 🤍 ▶️ Andrew Carnegie Documentary 👉 🤍 Want to see more documentaries just like this? Support Business Casual on Patreon! 👉🤍 Follow us on: ► Twitter → 🤍 ► Instagram → 🤍 ► Facebook → 🤍 Video Sources & Citations: 🤍 Disclaimer: Business Casual receives a $5 affiliate commission from Acorns per verified new account registration. Thank you for supporting our sponsors which make videos like these possible! #AmericanTitan #Documentary #JPMorgan © COPYRIGHT 2021. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Jpm - Ik ook


PROMO: Jpm - "Ik ook"





#棒棒糖#JPM#心結 擠出零碎小時間,看看世界大新奇。讓你的生活永遠充滿新鮮事! 歡迎訂閱 ►🤍 ★​TVBS新聞直播搬新家囉! 最即時的新聞焦點立即鎖定👉🤍 ★下午茶星聞直播 ★好音樂線上聽👉🤍 ★下午茶星聞YT★👉🤍 ★下午茶星聞FB★👉🤍 ★TVBS新聞網★👉🤍 ★TVBS官網★👉🤍



JPM NEVER GIVE UP OT:Let The Cameras Flash CA:Talay Riley / Sigurdur Kristinn Sigtryggsson Teitur Arnason / Gisli Krisjansson / Thomas Rosiji-Griffth 改編詞:JPM 邱勝翊 我的眼神沒有固定眼線 用最習慣迷人的側臉 展現出我自信的那一面 就在你按下快門的瞬間 Wish 全部的人都聽來這邊 我要帶你們進入這片全新的世界 就做你想做得 就玩你想玩的 完全盡情放鬆 都沒有期限 別管甚麼Trust Me 跟著感覺去走 Baby take my hand come with me 讓我帶著你去旅行 Baby take my hand come with me 不管未來多少困境 Keep going on  Keep going on  Keep going on we never give up baby 妳的出現讓我的心在盤旋 空氣當中都瀰漫著妳香味 靠在我胸前 聽我說說甜言 忘記從前別再讓妳的真心Braek Break 風雨後彩虹會出現 這條漫漫長路一點一滴過程都希望有妳陪Baby 讓我有動力去達到最高點 有功成名就 都能和我們一起看見 不管什麼有妳 就能放心去走 Rap: 我們用盡全力達成所有的 不可能 不管遇到任何挫折只要有 你掌聲 我們用盡全力達成所有的 不可能 希望當個跨越下一時代的 領航者 不管別人怎麼說 有天我會讓你懂 希望你能陪在我的 左右 Keep going on  Keep going on  Keep going on we never give up baby

"Tanzania Sio nchi ya kuchezewa" - Rais JPM


ANGALIA HII "MAFURIKO YA DAR, VILIO KILA KONA | WAKAZI WAKIMBIA NYUMBA ZAO" 🤍 ~ Rais Magufuli amewahakikishia watanzania wote kuwa nchi yetu ipo salama na haiwezi kuchezewa na mtu yeyote. Rais Magufuli ameeleza kuwa Tanzania ni moja ya nchi Tano za Afrika zenye uchumi unaokuwa kwa haraka zaidi hivo miaka michache ijayo Tanzania itakuwa nchi ya Mfano.

JPM Q4 2022 Market Overview - RECESSION AHEAD - INVESTING is Medium Risk Medium Reward ?!?!


JPM Q4 Market Overview - The Economy, Market Valuations, Inflation, Strong Dollar, FED, Inverted Yield Curve... Google Stock Targets 🤍 Overview of what I do (Research Platform, Performance, Portfolios, Strategy) 🤍 What is this channel all about? Value Investing: 🤍 My 5 Core Stock Market Investing Beliefs 🤍 YouTube Portfolio Playlist 🤍 My passion is to look for low risk high reward investment opportunities with a long-term business owning like focus. I apply my accounting skills and investing experience in order to find the best businesses to own that offer the possibility to lead me towards my financial goals. If you are a sophisticated investor looking for in depth, independent stock analyses and investing ideas, here is my STOCK MARKET RESEARCH PLATFORM (business research and risk reward analysis, stocks to buy from my covered stocks list, my portfolio): STOCK MARKET RESEARCH PLATFORM (STOCKS COVERAGE, INVESTMENT STRATEGY, MARKET COMMENTARY & MORE): 🤍 Are you an investor that is just starting? Sign up for the FREE Stock Market Investing Course - a comprehensive guide to investing discussing all that matters: 🤍 You can DOWNLOAD THE FREE COMPARATIVE STOCKS LIST AND INTRINSIC VALUE TEMPLATE on my Stock Market Research Platform (with YT STOCKS PORTFOLIO): 🤍 I am also a book author: Modern Value Investing book: 🤍 Check my website to hear more about me, read my analyses and about OUR charity. (YouTube ad money is donated) 🤍 Listen to Modern Value Investing Podcast: 🤍 I am about long-term investing but my wife is about something even more important; long-term health! Naturally Ana YouTube Channel: 🤍 The below links are from third parties or channel sponsors where I get a fee from: I often get asked about brokers, here is a low fee broker, an international one that allows you to buy on global markets, and also offers complex solutions like options for when your investing skills grow. For now, it is one of the best solutions I have found for global investors, also based on your comments and inputs: 🤍 For a $140 discount on SeekingAlpha Premium Annual Plan (From $239 to $99), please use the following link: 🤍 Brokers video: 🤍 Always keep in mind: “Investing involves risk of loss”

JP Morgan Warns: Crash 'Imminent'


👉 SIGN UP TO THE GOLD MEMBERSHIP: Get our biggest trade idea of 2023: 🤍 🏆 Lifechanging coaching Program for 5+ Figure Investors. Apply now: 🤍 💰 Need to get to 5-figures first? Earn Reliable Income with the Master Options Program: 🤍 (use coupon "2023" for 41% off) 🐐Join my Patreon & DISCORD - click here: 🤍 The content of this video is for entertainment purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained in this video constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer to buy or sell any securities. Investment carry substantial risk. Do your own due diligence. #inflation #felixfriends #fed 👉 Send me a message. I promise to answer all questions in 24 hours. 💬 Instagram 🤍 🦜 Twitter 🤍 ✉️ Facebook 🤍

Why I Am Selling JPM Stock...


#moomoo #moomootrading For Business Inquiries➡️ jordanwinton71🤍 🚀Join MooMoo Today For 20 FREE STOCKS!!! 🤍 ✅Want to follow along with my Portfolio and invest in it yourself?💵 🤍e/0G_MRm30QvGL 💳Are you a student, have no credit, or bad credit and looking for a beginner credit card? Use this link for a Discover credit card and receive $50 upon approval! 🤍 💳Do you have more experience with credit and you are looking for a more top tier credit card with greater rewards? Use this link for a Capital One credit card for $100 if approved! 🤍 💳Are you experienced with credit cards and looking for a $200 intro bonus? use this link and receive $200 upon approval! 🤍 Disclaimer: All content is strictly for entertainment purposes only. This is not intended to serve as a recommendation to buy or sell a security. All recommendations are not financial advice. I am not a licensed professional and any investment decision should be consulted by an actual professional. All recommendations are strictly opinion based and are not factual. This is not an offer or sale of a security. This is not a research report and is not intended to serve as the basis of an investment decision.

JPM cash breaker gokkast


Hotuba 3 za JPM zilizogusa Hisia Za Maelfu ya Watanzania


ANGALIA HII "MAFURIKO YA DAR, VILIO KILA KONA | WAKAZI WAKIMBIA NYUMBA ZAO" 🤍 ~ Rais Magufuli amejitofautisha na marais wengine wa awamu zilizotangulia kwa kuzungumza ukweli zaidi bila kujali ukweli huo utagusa watu kwa kiasi gani, hii imesaidia sana kuondoa fikra mfu ambazo zingeweza kulimaliza taifa Letu. Leo nimekuweka hotuba zake tatu ambazo ni nzito sana

JPMorgan Chase (JPM) FAST Graphs Stock Analysis #shorts


JPMorgan (JPM) FAST Graphs Stock Analysis #shorts #investing #stocks #stockmarket #investing #investingforbeginners #investingtips #dividends Try FAST Graphs for FREE: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE To Our YouTube Channel #dividends #stocks #investing

原子少年 旅行者的金唱盤 |地球表演片段—《那不是雪中紅》ft. JPM ATOM BOYZ EARTH 'Snow Red'


#地球 #JPM #那不是雪中紅 #林佳辰 #黃文廷 #陳廷軒 #周祖安 #瑋弟 人氣投票進行中🙌 透過Up直播、beanfun! 雙平台參加全民領航員加分賽, 每人每日最多可獲得10票,記得每天登入投票給你Pick的選手😍 🟣 Up直播:🤍 🟢 beanfun!:🤍 【原子少年 ATOM BOYZ 播出資訊】 📍4/17 起 每週日晚間八點至十點 |TVBS歡樂台/精彩台、LINE TV 首播 📍4/17 起 每週日晚間十點至十二點|NOWnews YouTube頻道 與原子少年一起看直播 📍4/22 起 每週五晚間十點至十二點|中視 📍4/23 起 每週六中午十二點|原子少年官方YouTube頻道 📍4/30 起 每週六晚間八點|三立都會台 ➤ATOM BOYZ Official Youtube 🤍 ➤ATOM BOYZ Official Facebook 🤍 ➤ATOM BOYZ Official Twitter 🤍 ➤ATOM BOYZ Official Instagram 🤍 ➤ATOM BOYZ Official TIKTOK 🤍

Three stock lunch: GE, EL & JPM


Todd Gordon, founder of New Age Wealth Advisors, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss three of the days big calls: General Electric, Estee Lauder and JPMorgan. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC TV: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC: 🤍 Turn to CNBC TV for the latest stock market news and analysis. From market futures to live price updates CNBC is the leader in business news worldwide. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: 🤍 Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Instagram: 🤍 🤍 #CNBC #CNBCTV

Bank Bonuses to 'Absolutely' Fall, Says JPM's Raghavan


Vis Raghavan, EMEA CEO at JPMorgan, says investment banking bonuses will be lower following a "pretty anemic year." He speaks with Francine Lacqua on "Bloomberg Surveillance Early Edition" on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland. Follow Bloomberg for business news & analysis, up-to-the-minute market data, features, profiles and more: 🤍 Connect with us on... Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

How JP Morgan Chase Became The Largest Bank In The US


From the railroad and steel consolidations brokered by John Pierpont Morgan on Wall Street more than a century ago, to banking consolidation, the financial crisis and Jamie Dimon's leadership, J.P. Morgan Chase has been at the center of finance for more than a century. Here's the story of how the country's largest bank got to where it is today. Biographer of J.P. Morgan Jean Strouse, longtime bank analyst Mike Mayo and CNBC banking reporter Hugh Son help tell the story. You’ll learn about how Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton are part of the bank’s history, along with the first ATM, and the company’s position moving forward into the future of digital banking. Watch the video above to see how the country’s largest bank got to where it is today. *Clarification* Since 2004, investors in JPM stock have outperformed the bank stock index by an average of 6% return every year. That's more than 6x the return of the index yearly (13:52) In February, J.P. Morgan Chase announced it was in growth mode, expanding its branch network to cover 93 percent of the U.S. population by the end of 2022. The aggressive growth plans will allow it to reach 80 million more consumers, or about one-quarter of the U.S. population, versus its footprint in 2018, the New York-based bank says. The expansion of physical branches comes amid a consumer shift to mobile and online banking. The average number of teller transactions per customer has plunged 41 percent since 2014, according to J.P. Morgan's presentation at its investor day meeting. But convenient branch locations are a key consideration for people thinking about switching banks, and most of the firm's growth in deposits has been fueled by people who use branches frequently, the bank said. The company made it clear it had flexibility in its growth plans: More than 75 percent of its branches could be shuttered within five years or kept open for more than a decade. » Subscribe to CNBC: 🤍 About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: 🤍 Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Google+: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Instagram: 🤍 #CNBC How JP Morgan Chase Became The Largest Bank In The US

TITLE UP FOR GRABS 🏆 Ma. Elshorbagy v Elias | J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions 2023 | FINAL HLS!


Both players would win their first Tournament of Champions Titles but who will take the title? 👀 Watch Squash LIVE and ON DEMAND on SQUASHTV 🤍 Subscribe Today on YouTube for all our updates 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍SquashTV 🤍PSAWorldTour Instagram: 🤍psaworldtour TikTok: 🤍psasquash PSA Foundation: 🤍 #Squash #PSAWorldTour

Forward P/E edition of Three-Stock Lunch: TSLA, META & JPM


Delano Saporu, New Street Advisors Founder and CEO, joins 'Power Lunch' to discuss Meta, Tesla and JPMorgan. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC TV: 🤍 » Subscribe to CNBC: 🤍 Turn to CNBC TV for the latest stock market news and analysis. From market futures to live price updates CNBC is the leader in business news worldwide. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: 🤍 Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Twitter: 🤍 Follow CNBC News on Instagram: 🤍 🤍 #CNBC #CNBCTV

JP Morgan Chase CEO SLAMS Bitcoin!


It's interesting how the CEO of JP Morgan Chase swerves the question when asked about Bitcoin but seems in favor of blockchain in general. What's going on behind the scenes? ⚪️ #chase #jpmorganchase #bitcoin #crypto #blockchain #money #cryptonews #shorts #youtubeshorts



JPM 【365天】 詞:JPM王子(邱勝翊) 導演:比爾賈 ▼JPM官方粉絲團: 🤍 【365天】數位音源全搶聽 ▼iTunes: 🤍 ▼KKBOX 🤍 ▼myMusic 🤍 ▼Omusic 🤍 全新JPM 全新感官挑戰 全新黃金三角極限 J小傑 P王子 M毛弟 365∞力量x信念x愛∞黃金三角 11月21日 數位音源全搶聽 11月22日 [Internet]音源首播 POP Radio-8am 1pm 6pm 10pm 11月23日 [我沒有很想你]音源首播 Omusic 11月29日 [365天] 官方完整版MV-FOX娛樂台、YouTube官方頻道首播 11月30日 全新出品 全新專輯簽唱活動行程 請至JPM官方粉絲團查詢: 🤍 ▼新浪微博_小傑: 🤍 ▼新浪微博_王子: 🤍 ▼新浪微博_毛弟: 🤍 ▼JPM Google+: 🤍

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