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Durafly (PNF) Me-163 V2 "White 10" WWII Interceptor Fighter EPO 950mm - Flight Review


Stuart's here for the latest flight demo of the updated Durafly (PNF) Me-163B V2 "White 10" WWII Interceptor Fighter EPO 950mm. Available now, including spares! The Durafly Me-163B has been designed for pilots with some experience, it benefits from an incredible flight performance, and great stability throughout its speed range, and like the real thing, it is incredibly fast. Aerobatics including huge loops, vertical rolls out of sight, and very fast low passes are easily achievable, yet slow it down and it's very stable, with no hint of a stall. Using the recommended 2200mah 30-65C 4S LiPo battery and the supplied 6x4 prop, you can expect flight times well beyond 5 minutes and an abundance of power. If you love speed and very fast models, then this one is for you, the Komet Me-163 is ballistic, with speeds approaching 100mph. Get the Durafly (PNF) Me-163B V2 "White 10" WWII Interceptor Fighter EPO 950mm: 🤍 Spare Parts: 🤍 Optional Rocket motor set-up: 🤍 This latest V2 version of the Durafly Me-163 retains some of the unique features of the original version, with the addition of some new ones. The V2 features a gravity release scale 'dolly' style undercarriage making the take-off procedure less complicated whilst reducing weight. It simply falls away once you pull up into the climb and the weight comes off the model. A magnetic gear release system is available as an optional extra if you require it, this is really only necessary if you fly from a bumpy strip. The V2 Me-163 is a 4S set-up as standard, this has been achieved by a redesign of the center internal fuselage and wing spar system, it has increased the internal capacity and has also further reduced the AUW of the model. However, the versatility of the power system remains, you can still fly the Komet on a 3S battery if you wish with no change needed to the power system. Even on a 3S set-up, the Komet is no slouch, it is still very fast and a lot of fun. The V2 color scheme is based on the Me-163B "White 10" as flown by Lt. Hans-Ludwig Löscher of 1./JG 400, Brandis, in Germany. Being "Plug N Fly", the motor, ESC, and servos are pre-installed and ready to hook up to your choice of receiver. The molded EPO construction has a highly detailed finish on the outside, and extensive carbon reinforcement internally. Other features are a color-matched hard plastic belly skid, good access to all electronics via the battery/canopy hatch, and excellent cooling throughout. For those of you looking for the ultimate scale experience, the optional rocket system is a simple drop-in affair, see the manual for details. At the flick of a switch, this will give the Komet a thrilling boost, realistic white smoke pouring out of the back, and an exhilarating vertical climb-out. Features: • Plug N Fly format with pre-installed motor, ESC, and servos • Gravity release dolly style undercarriage • Ready for the drop-in optional rocket motor system • Tough EPO construction with extensive carbon reinforcement • Stable and high-performance aerodynamic design • Authentic color scheme and pre-applied decals • Larger internal capacity to accept a 4S set-up as standard Don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for regular HobbyKing videos Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community: • Sign-up for Email Updates: 🤍 • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • Branded Merch - 🤍 #durafly #rcplane #hobbyking #flightreview #productoverview #rcplanerview #rcaircraft #Me163 #aerobatics #pnf #flightoverview #rcplane #rcairplane #rcaeroplane

HobbyKing Hawker Tempest Review | Mr.RC


Hey everybody, some time has flown by, but I'm going to start uploading on a weekly schedule. To get the videos kicked off I'm reviewing the HobbyKing Hawker Tempest outfitted with the new 6 axis gyro system! Hopefully this helps you decide whether or not its worth your money. Enjoy! :)

Galloping Ghost Flight and Review - Hobbyking


I was pleasantly surprised by the flight characteristics of this Reno Racer. It flew very stable with no bad tendencies. Yes, I flew it with the Lemon Rx stabilizer but I tried turning it off on the very next flight. Even in the high winds it the Galloping Ghost didn't get tossed around. 🤍

Gloster Gladiator MAIDEN FLIGHT REVIEW by Durafly at Hobbyking!


Get one here: 🤍 Radio I use: 🤍 🤍 Receiver used: 🤍 4s 2200 lipo: 🤍 ISDT BattGo BG-8S Battery Meter: 🤍 Hero 9 Black on Amazon: 🤍 My fav video camera: 🤍 Follow on Facebook: 🤍 Lipo Safety Bag: 🤍 My Amazon store: 🤍 Check out my merch! Appreciate your support! 🤍 Some links are affiliate links, free for you to use, but give me a tiny commission off the sale, to help fund my channel! Thank you! Check out my non rc channel! Something for EVERYONE! 🤍 Thanks GBLynden for being my camera man, check his channel out 🤍 The Gloster Gladiator was a British-built biplane fighter, it was used by the Royal Air Force and Fleet Air Arm during the late 1930s. It was the RAF's last, and ultimate biplane fighter airplane to be manufactured, but it was also the first to feature an enclosed cockpit. The Gloster Gladiator is an unusual and rarely modeled subject. The Durafly version of this iconic biplane is a replica of the Shuttleworth Collections Gloster Gladiator Mk1 "K9785", believed to be the only airworthy example flying in the world today. "K9785" depicts the markings of No. 73 Squadron that operated Gloster Gladiators at RAF Mildenhall in England from 1937 to 1938. The model is manufactured in strong EPO foam, to the usual high standards you have come to expect from this range of RC airplanes. As with most other Durafly models, it comes "Plug N Fly". This means it is supplied with an easy-to-assemble airframe, powerful pre-installed 3719-770KV brushless motor, Aerostar 40A ESC, and 4 pre-installed 9g digital servos. A vinyl decal sheet is included, these will need to be applied during the building process, this gives you the choice of using the silver finish as a base for creating your own color scheme. Once the model is assembled, all you require is your choice of 4ch or more receiver and a 2200mAh 4S (14.8V) LiPo battery. The attention to detail is superb from the blistered cowl, scale exhausts, and scale streamlined landing gear with large diameter scale wheels. The ribbed wings, tail, and stringered fuselage depict a fabric-covered airframe, and blistered machine gun housings make this a model you will be proud to own. Scale flying wires are also supplied, the model can be flown with or without them but they do add that realistic scale touch to the Gladiator. The Gladiator has very benign handling characteristics with an almost non-existent stall, and at half power, it flies very scale-like. At full power it becomes a very agile and aerobatic sports model, big loops, axial rolls, and even knife-edge can be performed, it is great fun to fly. So it is not only for the scale buffs, it will also appeal to the sports pilots as well. The 1930s was the golden age of aviation, capture these halcyon days with the beautiful Durafly Gloster Gladiator. Features: • An easy-to-assemble, beautiful scale model of the ultimate classic biplane • "Plug N Fly", comes complete with a powerful pre-installed brushless motor, ESC, and digital servos • Molded-in ultra-smooth, super tough, EPO foam that is finished in silver paint • Superb attention to detail including ribbed wings and stringered fuselage • Includes large diameter scale wheels, molded dummy radial engine, scale rigging wires, and other scale detailing parts • Depicts the color scheme of the only airworthy example flying in the world today Don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and hit the notification bell! #durafly #glostergladiator #hobbyking #flightreview #productoverview #rcplanerview #rcaircraft #hobbyking #plugandfly #pnf #flightoverview #warbird #rcplane #rcairplane #rcaeroplane Gloster Gladiator by Durafly at HobbyKing Unboxing and Assembly!

F14 Tomcat - HobbyKing Daily



Avro Lancaster Initial thoughts, Hobbyking


Although this isn't a sponsored video you can help my channel by clicking Hobbykings link below... thanks for watching!

Hobbyking Swiss J3 Cub 1400mm - Cubs are great!


This is a sweet flying Cub from Hobbyking. A few minor things to tackle when building it but in the end just fantastic to fly. I have a Spektrum AR630 receiver inside.

Micro Warbird FW-190 & P-38 - HobbyKing Daily


🤍 🤍

Michael Wargo Flies the Hobbyking Frenzy by Durafly


Hobbyking Team Pilot Flies Aerobatics with the Hobbyking Frenzy! Product LInk: 🤍 Features: • "Plug N Fly" with pre-installed powerful brushless motor, brushless ESC, servos, and bright wing tip LEDs • Manufactured in tough, durable EPO foam • Lightweight, strengthened hollow wing and carbon reinforced fuselage • High power-to-weight ratio on a 3S set-up • Wide aircraft-grade aluminum landing gear with large diameter wheels • Supplied with a chrome finish spinner and a pre-applied high-viz color scheme • Quick assembly, minimal gluing required Specs: Model: H-King Frenzy EPO Aerobatic Sports Plane Type: Plug N Fly Wingspan: 1400mm Length: 1130mm Weight: 1480g Wing Loading: 40.3g/dm2 Motor: 3720-880KV brushless ESC: 40A brushless Servos: 2 x 9g (ailerons), 2 x 17g (rudder/elevator) Battery Required: 2200~2400mAh 3S (11.1V) LiPo (not supplied) "music by audionautix.com" #michaelwargo,#rcairplane,#tundra

Galloping Ghost MAIDEN FLIGHT Reno Aces p-51 Mustang H-King HobbyKing


More info or to purchase: 🤍 Radio I use: 🤍 🤍 4s 2200 lipo battery: 🤍 ISDT BattGo BG-8S Battery Meter: 🤍 Spektrum XBC100 Smart Battery Checker: 🤍 Camera used: 🤍 My Amazon store: 🤍 Check out my merch! Appreciate your support! 🤍 Some links are affiliate links, free for you to use, but give me a tiny commission off the sale, to help fund my channel! Thank you! Check out my non rc channel! Something for EVERYONE! 🤍 Thanks GBLynden for shooting the video, Sub his channel! The H-King P51 "Galloping Ghost" is the first in a new mini-series from H-King, the "Reno Aces", WW2 fighters dressed to impress at the air races. The P-51 "Galloping Ghost" with the included stock 3108-1070KV brushless motor offers a really quick model straight out of the box with speeds approaching 100mph when using the recommended 2200mah 4S lipo. However, if you are an experienced hand and are looking for 100+ mph speeds then there is the optional drop-in fit 3108-1170KV 'Pro' brushless motor. This will give your great-looking Reno Ace a really ballistic performance on the same prop, ESC, and 4S battery for those that can handle the extra rotational torque on launch. The P-51 as a design has excellent flying qualities, but the H-King "Galloping Ghost" especially so. Its low drag design and generous wing section results in a model that really grooves and feels locked in at full power, but slow it down and it is a real pussycat too, and just as much fun. The stall is very benign, basically non-existent, the controls remain effective through the complete speed range, and aerobatics, it can do them all. Once you're done with your 6+min flight, fully flared landings are very easy to achieve and make belly landing the P-51 a pure joy. The full-size "Galloping Ghost" started life being supplied to the Army Air Force during World War II. Once the war was finished it was offered to the public as surplus stock in 1946, being sold for just $3,500. The plane was re-registered as NX7911 and named "Galloping Ghost" and was entered for the popular races that were being held in the States just after the war. In only its second outing in the Kendall Trophy race in 1947, pilot Steve Beville recorded the fastest ever closed-course speed with 384.6mph (619km/h). The Galloping Ghost changed hands (and names) several times over the following years, and had a period of not flying from 1990 to 2009. In 2010 it was made ready to compete in the 2011 Reno Races and was to be flown by Jimmy Leeward. Unfortunately during the race, the aircraft suffered a catastrophic elevator failure which led to it crashing and killing its pilot and spectators. This was a truly tragic closing chapter of the history of the full-size "Galloping Ghost", and one we should always remember. So to summarize, the H-King P-51 "Galloping Ghost" is fast out of the box with the pre-installed motor (optional 'Pro' motor available for even more speed), it has fantastic flying qualities with good fast and slow speed handling, is strong, and quick to assemble. It is a great contender for use at fun, club pylon racing events with the strength and maneuverability to do "Bank and Yank" pylon turns. A great, fun airplane that is brilliant to fly, looks fantastic in the air, and will have you smiling from ear to ear the whole time you are flying it. Features: • Up to 100mph on 'Stock' motor. 100+ mph speeds with optional 'Pro' motor • Reinforced EPO foam construction, lightweight, strong and stiff • Plastic skid plates to streamline and protect the airframe • Easy and quick assembly in just a few minutes • Easy to hand launch, super easy to belly land • Super stable at high and low speeds • Optional clear or golden canopy included Specs: Type:Wingspan: 1016mm (40") Length: 864mm (34") All Up Weight (RTF): 960g (33oz) Stock Motor: 3108-1070KV brushless outrunner Pro Motor: 3108-1160KV brushless outrunner (optional) ESC: 40A brushless w/BEC Propeller: 8x6 Servos: 4x9g digital Included: H-King P-51 "Galloping Ghost" EPO airframe 3108-1070KV brushless outrunner motor 40A brushless ESC 8x6 propeller with spinner 4 x 9g digital servos 1 x Clear canopy 1 x Golden canopy 1 x Accessory pack 1 x Quick start instruction leaflet Required: 4ch or more transmitter and receiver 2200mAh 4S 30~40C (or greater) LiPo/LiHV battery w/XT60 connector Suitable LiPo charger H-King (PNF) Reno Aces P-51 "Galloping Ghost" EPO 1016mm Reno Aces HobbyKing #hobbyking #p51mustang #renoaces

In-depth analysis Michael Wargo Flies The Hobbyking MX2 Extreme 3D


Hobbyking Team Pilot Michael Wargo Flies Hobbyking MX2. Michael Collaborated on the design for Ultimate 3D performance. First Look Video: 🤍 Product LInk: 🤍 Specifications: - Length: 1270 mm - Wing span: 1210 mm - Weight: Approx. 1240 grams (Airframe with electronics without battery) - Motor: Brushless BB 3720 900KV - Servos: 13 grams x 4 pcs high-speed full metal geared digital servo. - ESC: 60A BEC 4A switching. - Prop: 13 x 4 composite material - Battery: 4S 2200 45-90C ST 60 plug (recommend). - Flight time : Around 5 mins. - Radio: 4 Ch & up 2.4 Ghz "music by audionautix.com" #michaelwargo,#rcairplane,#MX2

HobbyKing Product Video - Versus Composite DLG 1500mm Glider Kit


Versus Composite DLG 1500mm Glider Kit 🤍

HobbyKing - 1 2 3D with Michael Wargo - Episode 1 "The Planes"


Matt and Jose welcome Michael Wargo to the house for some 3D instruction. In this episode, we'll cover Michael's essentials about airplane set-up. Link to the HobbyKing store: 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe for regular HobbyKing videos using this link: 🤍 Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community. • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 Founded in 2005, HobbyKing is an international developer, distributor, and marketer of affordable radio control (R/C) products for various sectors ranging from aircraft, vehicles, power systems, lifestyle, and radio/servos. Built on three key pillars, passion, value, and service, the company brings in the latest products at the best possible price while maintaining quality, performance, and service. #rcplane #rcairplane #rcaeroplane #rcaircraft #durafly #avios #hking #michaelwargo #hobbyking

HobbyKing's Tips Bench Tuesday - Hand Launching Best Practices


When it comes to hand launching RC planes and EDF jets, some pilots may find it a challenge and Stuart is here to give some helpful tips for successful successive hand launches every time. Blog article on Hand Launching Best Practices: 🤍 Featured in this video: H-King (PNF) F-16 Fighting Falcon 50mm 12 Blade EDF (4S) EPO: 🤍 H-King (PNF) Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair "Lucky Gallon" EPO 990mm (39"): 🤍 Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell for regular HobbyKing videos. Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community. • Sign-up for Email Updates: 🤍 • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • Branded Merch - 🤍 #rcplane #rcairplane #rcaeroplane #tiptechtuesday #rctips #rcbestpractices #handlaunches #tipsandtricks #rclearning #rchobby #corsair #edfs #hking #hobbyking

Hobbyking Reno Aces FG-1 Corsair Lucky Gallon - It crashed!


This is a brand new plane from Hobbyking and during one hand launch it crashed! But it is a great looking and flying RC plane.

HobbyKing's Tips Bench Tuesday - Marker Pen Weathering Effects


In this Tips Bench Tuesday, Stuart goes over how you can use a marker pen or silver marker pen to create some really nice weathering effects on your RC airplanes. Marker Pen Weathering Effects Blog Article: 🤍 Featured in this video: H-King (PNF) Yak-11 Commemorative Russian WW2 Warbird EPO 1450mm (57"): 🤍 Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the bell for regular HobbyKing videos. Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community. • Sign-up for Email Updates: 🤍 • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • Branded Merch - 🤍 #rcplane #rcairplane #rcaeroplane #tiptechtuesday #rctips #rcbestpractices #weathering #painting #tipsandtricks #rclearning #rchobby #yak11 #hobbyking

HobbyKing Daily - HK Walrus


🤍 Stuart's 1st Daily, look out for the wonky eye at the end!!!

Hobbyking 3D - Michael Wargo Flies the Piaget 3D EPP


Michael Wargo Flies the Hobbyking Piaget 3D EPP Surprise ending For DE Customers View link Below Version with no music 🤍 Hobby King Piaget EPP-CF 3D 🤍

H-King Flycat 70mm EDF Jet 1042mm - HobbyKing Super Daily


For more information and to purchase a H-King Flycat: 🤍 Product Video: 🤍

HobbyKing Live EU Netherlands Update!


Stuart is here with more details on our big EU Netherland HK Live Event coming up on July29th! Click Here for more details: Register here: 🤍 Find out more info at 🤍 Join and share the event at 🤍

HobbyKing Daily - Nine Eagle Sky 500 Micro Glider


Sky 500 Ultra Micro Glider 500mm (RTF) (Mode 1) 🤍 Sky 500 Ultra Micro Glider 500mm (RTF) (Mode 2) 🤍

HobbyKing's Tips Bench Tuesday - Checking Motors & ESCs with a Servo Tester


For this edition of Tips Bench Tuesday, Stuart goes over tips on how to quickly check electric motors and/or ESCs using a simple servo tester. The Turnigy Servo Tester: 🤍 Don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for regular HobbyKing videos Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community. • Sign-up for Email Updates: 🤍 • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 #turnigy #servotester #hobbyking #rcfun

HobbyKing Product Video - Durafly Auto-G2


A new take on one of Durafly's most beloved models! Available in all warehouses: International 🤍 Euro 🤍 USA 🤍 AU 🤍 UK 🤍

H-King Raven 1500mm Discus Launch Glider DLG (PNF) - HobbyKing Super Daily


For more information and to purchase an H-King Raven 1500mm DLG: 🤍 Soar through the skies with the H-King Raven. The new added BEC means your plane has a faster set up than ever! Complete the build in under 30 minutes, plug in the battery and SOAR! This stylish plug-and-fly model has a 1500mm wingspan and a flight weight of 290g. Fitted with pre-installed servos, you can easily control the elevator and aileron with the help of your favorite radio. The Raven 1500 is a high-performance discus launcher that's perfect for flying at the beach or park. Fitted with lightweight wings that are reinforced with carbon rods. The sturdy PNF plane is made with a lightweight composite fuselage and balsa wood wings and tail. The aileron is fitted with lighting holes to lessen vibrations during hand launch. Easy to assemble within 30 minutes, the Raven is a great glider that can be hand-launched straight into the air. Strong adhesive and hinge tape has been used on all control surfaces for durability and stability. Don't forget to subscribe for regular HobbyKing videos using this link: 🤍 Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community. • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 #rcplane #rcairplane #rcaeroplane #raven #hking #hobbyking

Turnigy Fabrikator 3D Printer - HobbyKing Product Video


HobbyKing has taken the next logical step in the RC car market: they’re now selling the ultimate tiny car customizing tool–the Turnigy Fabrikator 3D printer. As 3D printing technology has become increasingly accessible to anyone with a computer, HobbyKing says their inclusion of the Turnigy Fabrikator will allow users to build their own custom parts for planes, multi-rotors, cars, boats, helicopters, robotics, and trains. Can’t find a rare part for an older model or want to modify an existing piece? You can use the Turnigy Fabrikator and the ABS and PLA filaments available from a HobbyKing warehouse to print parts. Anthony Hand, the chairman, founder, and owner of HobbyKing, began his love affair with RC vehicles back in 1989 when he built his first model aircraft–a Sig Cadet–and he promptly crashed it on its maiden flight. It never flew again due to the high cost of repairs. In 2001, Hand got back into the RC world and started HobbyKing to bring affordable RC products to the wider market. He says he now spends most days looking for new product ideas and testing samples. This printer features a rock-solid frame, a quad rail supported print plate, high-quality NEMA class motors, a removable glass print platform, and twin belt Y axis drives. And to help hobbyists along the path to building their own parts, HobbyKing has created a series of videos that provide step-by-step instructions on building and setting up the Turnigy Fabrikator. The series includes a live, dynamic, and updatable troubleshooting guide. The Turnigy Fabrikator 3D printer specs include: Overall Size: 360 x 400 x 600 mm Print Size: 150 x 150 x 100 mm Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm Filament Diameter: 1.75mm Filament Types: ABS, PLA Print Speed: Up to 400mm/sec Print Platform: phenolic heat stabilized bed with a removable glass print area Other Features: ball bearing liner rods, SD card, cable-free printing, top feed anti-bind spool feed, twin print cooling fans For More 3D Printers: 🤍

TH Robot Arduino Kit with Wifi and Camera - HobbyKing New Release


Check Out the Latest Robotics products at HobbyKing: 🤍 [ON SALE]: 50% Off or More on Robotics & DIY: 🤍 Don't forget to subscribe for regular HobbyKing videos using this link: 🤍 Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community: • Sign-up for Email Updates: 🤍 • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • Branded Merch - 🤍 Founded in 2005, HobbyKing is an international developer, distributor, and marketer of affordable radio control (R/C) products for various sectors ranging from aircraft, vehicles, power systems, lifestyle, and radio/servos. Built on three key pillars, passion, value, and service, the company brings in the latest products at the best possible price while maintaining quality, performance, and service. #robotics #arduino #hobbyking

HobbyKing ScottFree Race Boat Review - RC Boat - TheRcSaylors


The HobbyKing ScottFree Off Shore Race Boat is pretty outstanding with such a sleek look right out of the box. This RC shines though, where it belongs, right on the water! Spitting up Crazy high rooster tails and taking snap corners like a champ, you won't know what passed you 'till it's too late! Nate and Abby of TheRcSaylors have had their hands on this boat for a while now, with lots of driving action and fun to show for it! TheRcSaylors bring you the Full Review of the ScottFree Race Boat! Buy the ScottFree Race Boat Here - 🤍 Buy the Transmitter Here - 🤍 Buy the Batteries Here - 🤍 Want to Support TheRcSaylors? Here's How! Check out our Vlog Channel! - 🤍 Make a Donation Through Fan Funding :) Buy a Sweet RC Saylors Shirt Here - 🤍 Subscribe for more RC fun! - 🤍 Like us on facebook - 🤍 Follow us on Instagram - 🤍 Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 Want to send something to TheRcSaylors and see it on the channel? Send it to P.O. Box 361 Ashland, KY 41105

Dart 250 400 FPV Quad Frame - HobbyKing Daily


🤍 🤍

A (P)review of the new HobbyKing MI servos


Lots of viewers and readers have emailed me to ask when I will be reviewing the new servos from Hobby King which feature a magnetic encoder (using magnetic induction) instead of a feedback potentiometer. Well the servo I purchased for review arrived today and here are my first impressions a preview you might say. A full review will be up on the website very soon and I'll also do a retrospective in about 3-4 weeks time so you can see how well these servos actually stand up to hard use (some might call it abuse) in a gas-powered RC model airplane. You can discuss this video and the new MI servos on the RCModelReviews forums at: 🤍

Hobbyking Avios Grand Tundra - RCGroups Review Part 1


The Grand Tundra is a high-wing taildragger centered around two massive tundra tires and a pair of shock absorbing landing gear. It's an rc bush pilot's dream and has successfully re-ignited the aviation spark in my life. Part 2 - Flight Demo: 🤍 Written review on RCGroups: 🤍

Hobbyking A1 Skyraider - Flight after crash and new blades


I've had my Hobbyking A1 Skyradier for some time but managed to break the props on a very bad tip stall crash. Finally I got hold of spare prop blades and got it in the air again.

HobbyKing Daily - HobbyKing Cellmeter


H-King Cellmeter-7 Lipo/Life/Li-ion/Nimh/Nicd Digital Battery Checker 🤍

HobbyKing Daily - Nitro Car Starter Kit


Glow Starter Tool Set (1/10 & 1/8 car/boat): 🤍

Durafly EFX Racer (PNF) High Performance Sports Model 1100mm (43.7") - HobbyKing Super Daily


The Durafly EFX Racer has been designed from the ground up to offer the speed (over 100mph) and strength normally reserved only for high-end full composite models, but with the handling and satisfaction, only a Durafly model can offer. Get the Durafly EFX Racers: 🤍 This 1100 millimeter (43.7 inches) span model boasts a huge list of high-performance features that set the EFX apart from the competition. The AeroStar 3536 1780KV brushless outrunner for only the best performance. The pre-installed AeroStar 60A ESC has been optimized to deliver smoothly the power you need when you want it and all control surfaces use high speed, high torque digital 9g servo's (metal geared on the ailerons) together with ball link connectors to deliver true precision and control throughout the speed range. The EFX Racer's high performance doesn't end with the electronics. The airframe has been engineered to be both rigid and lightweight, utilizing both glass and carbon fiber reinforcements throughout the model in combination with Super Compressed EPO foam and a highly polished surface finish to deliver the ultimate in performance in the air and the sleekest of looks on the ground. The EFX clips and screws together in minutes. Connect the control surfaces to the servos and install your own choice of receiver & lipo pack and you are ready to fly! Versatility is another of the design features of the EFX Racer. Right out of the box you're provided with two different power options, 8x6 for 3cell and 7x6.5 for 4cell. For good all-around sports performance, a 2200mah 3S lipo on the 8x6 will give good speed and is recommended for pilots less experienced with fast models. However, for true high speeds and power when you open the throttle, a 1800mah 4S on the 7x6.5 is the winner's choice and will get you going over 100mph. Please note that only the props are supplied and not the batteries. Complimenting the amazing speeds of the EFX is its stunning agility in the air. A simple under arm-hand launch at 3/4 throttle from standing gets the EFX in the air and you'll have unlimited vertical as soon as you open up to full (4S). A full house of controls (Aileron, Elevator, Rudder) gives the EFX remarkable aerobatics performance. Loops can be as BIG as you want them, rolls are very precise either fast or slow and the EFX will knife edge all day long! Thanks to the exceptionally strong airframe, high-powered, high G maneuvers will not present a problem either. The EFX Racer will never fail you, but always leave you wanting more! It's not all about going fast and turning hard, you'll find the EFX handles exceptionally at slow speeds with both elegance and confidence-inspiring grace. This is especially true in landing where you'll find no hint of a stall and good control all the way down to the ground. Watch the Product Video: 🤍 Don't forget to like, subscribe, and hit the notification bell for regular HobbyKing videos 🤍 Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community. • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 #rcplane #rcairplane #rcaeroplane #efextra #efxracer #durafly #hobbyking

Pitts Python Biplane - HobbyKing Daily



HydroPro Inception Brushless RTR Deep Vee Racing Boat 950mm - HobbyKing Product Video


Find the Inception Exclusively here, 4S and 6S power options on the new Inception 950mm Deep Vee racing boat RTR: 🤍 The original Inception was a force to be reckoned with, it has now got even better with this updated model. The water-cooled 1300KV brushless outrunner motor has been further improved and the water-cooled 90amp ESC has been replaced with a 120amp version. This set up will give you blistering speeds in excess of 80km/hr across your favorite boating lake. Added to this it has also been given a new stylish and attractive black and red color scheme that really makes it stand out from the crowd and will cause heads to turn at your favorite boating lake. The Inception still retains the well-proven ABS deep-vee hull which gives it the incredible speed and stability in a straight line but also enables it to dig in and turn on a sixpence. The popular features that have been retained are adjustable stainless steel turn fins, adjustable rear strudder unit for choppy or smooth conditions, and a choice of 2 battery/propeller combinations for different high-end speeds. This ready to run version is complete with a Hobbyking GT2E AFHDS 2A 2.4ghz 2 channel radio system with a waterproof receiver and a powerful 9kg steering servo. Drive from the motor to the highly efficient 2 blade metal propeller is courtesy of a very strong 5mm flexible direct drive system and steering is accomplished with an outboard strudder unit. This metal unit supports the propeller end of the flexible drive system parallel to the hull for optimum thrust, it can be adjusted slightly for different water conditions and it also places the rudder unit in the optimum position for accurate and controlled steering. All this comes in a ready to run format, no building required, so all you have to do is supply the battery system of your choice and you are ready to go. Don't forget to subscribe for regular HobbyKing videos using this link: 🤍 Enjoy, stay safe, and let's keep growing the community. • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 #rcboats #rcboat #racingboat #rcracingboats #inception #rcracing #hobbyking



SMOOTH FLYING with A SMASHING GROUND LOOP !!! HOBBYKING F4U CORSAIR | FLIES AWESOME AVAILABLE HERE: 🤍 Another flying session with this fantastic little warbird. Easy repair after the first outing where I cracked the wing and broke the prop. Bit foggy so kept it close. Most fun was with it flying inverted. So darn stable ! Filmed by Jason for the 'Essential RC' YouTube channel using the Panasonic AG-UX180 Pro 4K camcorder. Don't forget to subscribe for regular 'Essential RC' action using this link 🤍 News, Reviews and Regular FREE Giveaways at 🤍 If you enjoy Essential RC then please consider contributing to the improvement of our future projects by visiting 🤍

H-King Bixler 2 EPO 1500mm (59") - HobbyKing Product Profile


For more information and to purchase a Bixler 2: 🤍 Watch the Product Video: 🤍 Watch the Daily: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Hobbyking Avios Grumman ALBATROSS 1620mm UNBOXING AND BUILD!


Available at HobbyKing! 🤍 Follow on Facebook: 🤍 Video Camera used: 🤍 Battery Used: 🤍 Crewzinn Stand: 🤍 UNBOXING and ASSEMBLY of the beautiful Avios Grumman Albatross 160mm flying boat from Hobbyking!! Built fast, everything looked awesome, what a beautiful plane! I use a 2mm and a 2.5mm allens for the build, you will also need a pretty long philips screwdriver for the front elevator screw. Avios has designed a beautiful twin-engine Grumman Albatross flying boat. What could be better than a large monohull flying boat gracing the skies or taxing across a lake? This excellent plane is made of strong EPO foam and comes with scale plastic fittings for an extremely realistic look. It is painted in a US Navy rescue scheme of seagull gray, yellow and white for easy visibility under all conditions. The Grumman HU-16 Albatross came into service with the United States Air Force in 1949 and was primarily designed as an amphibious plane for search and rescue missions. It was extensively used for combat search and rescue in both the Korean and Vietnam wars. As an amphibian, it could land on both land and open sea and was optimized for 4-foot (1.2m) seas but could land in heavier seas. The Albatross is well powered by twin Aerostar 3536-850KV motors with scale 3-blade 10x6 propellers. The 30A reversing ESCs make it easier to navigate around the water. The addition of a water rudder makes maneuvering on water even easier. The built-in flaps provide plenty of lift and make landings and takeoffs look easy. The Albatross provides a great presence in the air that will look outstanding at any time and can easily do scale passes that all enthusiasts enjoy. Get out on the water and go soaring across the sky with the Avios Grumman Albatross. Features: • Classic Flying Boat design • US Navy livery with pre-applied stickers • Twin AeroStar reversing ESCs (water resistant) • Twin 35mm AeroStar brushless motors • Preinstalled electronics • Water Rudder • Navigation lights Specs: Wingspan: 1620mm (63.7”) Length: 1210mm (47.6”) Weight: 2300g Motor: AeroStar 3536 850KV Brushless Outrunner ESC: AeroStar 30A RVS Propellers: 3-blade 10x6 Servos: 7x9g Requires: 1 x 6 channel TX and RX 1 x 2700~4000mAh 4S Lipo Battery Note: Manual can be found under the "Files" tab

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