Fish dum biryani

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Hyderabadi FISH DUM BIRYANI|ఫిష్ బిరియాని|ఈ టిప్స్ ఫాలో అయితే వంటరాని వారు కూడా ఈసీ గా చేస్తారు


Hyderabadi FISH DUM BIRYANI|ఫిష్ బిరియాని|ఈ టిప్స్ ఫాలో అయితే వంటరాని వారు కూడా ఈసీ గా చేస్తారు. ఇది పార్టీస్ కి చాలా పర్ఫెక్ట్. తిన్న కొద్ది తినాలనిపించే బెస్ట్ దం బిరియాని For Mirchi Ka Salan 🤍 For VismaiFood Special Garam Masala 🤍 For Complete Recipe and To Purchase Our Products visit 🤍 For more videos subscribe to our channel : 🤍 Follow us on Social Media: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Vismai Food Staff Executive Producer: Swetha Paruchuri Camera: Phani Sudhir Edit: Teja, Ajith #HyderabadiFISH DUM BIRYANI|ఫిష్ బిరియాని|ఈ టిప్స్ ఫాలో అయితే వంటరాని వారు కూడా ఈసీ గా చేస్తారు #HyderabadiDumBiryani #FishBiryani #FishBiryaniIntelugu



Fish Biryani | Fish Tikka Biryani | Fish Biryani Recipe | How To Make Fish Biryani | Fish Dum Biryani | Masala Fish Biryani | Hyderabadi Fish Dum Biryani | Boneless Fish Biryani | Fish Biryani Restaurant Style Ingredients for Fish Biryani: (Tsp-Teaspoon; Tbsp-Tablespoon) - Boneless fish fillets/tikkas- 500-600 gms (Basa, King Fish, Haddock or Catfish) - Basmati Rice- 500 gms Marinate Fish Fillets with: - Red Chilli Powder- 1 tsp - Coriander Powder- 1.5 tsp - Cumin Powder- 3/4 tsp - Kashmiri Chilli Powder- 1 tsp - Salt- 1 tsp - Ginger Garlic paste- 2 tsp - Lemon Juice- 2 tsp - Oil- 3 tsp Onion- Chilli Paste: - Onion, cubed- 1/2 a small onion(25 gms) - Ginger chopped- 1” piece (13 gms) - Garlic cloves- 5 (7 gms) - Green Chillies- 2 (6 gms) For the Gravy: - Onion, sliced- 2 medium (150 gms) - Onion Chilli paste made earlier - Tomato chopped- 1 medium (75 gms) - Tomato purée (readymade) - 4 tbsp - Coriander leaves, chopped -3-4 tbsp - Mint leaves- 3 tbsp - Green Chillies, slit- 3 - Oil- 3 tbsp - Spice Powders for gravy: - Turmeric Powder- 1/4 tsp - Kashmiri Chilli Powder- 2 tsp - Biryani Masala- 4 tsp - Fennel Powder- 1 tsp - Salt- 1/2 tsp For cooking the Rice: - Basmati Rice- 500 gms - Whole spices: - Green Cardamom-4 - Cloves- 4 - Cinnamon-2 - Shahjeera- 1/2 tsp - Water- 1.5 litres - Ghee- 2 tsp - Salt- 1.5 tbsp For the Biryani: - Basmati Rice- 500 gms - Birista( fried onions) by frying 1 medium onion sliced (around 3 tbsp) - Saffron Milk - 10-12 saffron strands soaked in warm milk - Ghee (melted) - 3 tsp + 2 tsp ( for brushing on the base of the pan) - Rose water - 1.5- 2 tbsp Preparation: - Marinate the fish pieces with items specified and mix well to coat the fish pieces with the masala. Set aside for 15-20 mins. - Take 1/2 cup of warm milk & soak 12-15 saffron strands. - Slice 3 medium onions (75 gms each) & fry 1/3 of it in oil till golden (Birista) - To prepare the Onion-Chilli Paste, peel and cut all the ingredients and blend into a paste. You can add 1 tbsp water while blending if required. - Chop one red tomato and the coriander leaves, slit the green chillies and take out the mint leaves. - Wash and soak the basmati rice for 30 mins before cooking. Process: Frying the fish pieces/tikkas- - To fry the fish pieces, heat oil in a pan and add them side by side. Fry on medium heat for 2-3 mins till browned & then flip. Repeat the same on the other side. - Repeat the entire process for the balance fish pieces. Set aside. Also strain and keep any oil that is left after frying the fish pieces. To make the gravy- - To make the gravy, heat 3 tbsp fresh oil in another pan and add the sliced onions. Fry on medium heat for 10-12 mins till light golden. - Now add the blended onion-chilli paste, give a mix and fry on medium heat for 2-3 mins. - Add the chopped tomatoes & salt and fry on medium heat for 3-4 mins till the tomatoes are soft. - Now add the spice powders, tomato purée and 1/2 tsp salt. Also add 100 ml water, give a mix and cook on low heat for 2-3 mins. You can add 1-2 tbsp of the oil that was left off after frying the fish pieces for added taste and flavor. - Add the chopped coriander leaves, mint leaves and slit green chillies, give a mix add 100 ml water. - Cook on low heat for 1-2 mins till you have the desired consistency. - Switch off the heat and set aside the gravy. To cook the Rice & assemble the Biryani: (You will need 2 pots, one for boiling the rice and another heavy bottom pan for layering the rice, gravy & fish pieces to make the Biryani) - Wash & soak the Basmati Rice for 30 minutes - Boil 1.5 litres water in a pan on high flame. - Add all the whole spices , 2 tsp ghee and 1.5 tbsp salt - Stir it well to dissolve the salt completely. The water must be very salty. - Once it comes to boil, add the soaked rice & keep on high, turning it gently a few times. - At the same time take a heavy bottom pot (in which the Biryani will be made) and brush with 2 tsp ghee on the base of the pot. - After 6 mins (while the rice is cooking on high heat) take out half the rice with a strainer and arrange it in the heavy bottom pan. Switch off heat for the pan in which rice was being cooked. - Now spread the gravy cooked earlier, uniformly on the rice as shown in the video. - Arrange the fried fish pieces side by side on top of the gravy. - Now strain the water from the balance cooked rice and spread on top of the fried fish pieces. - Add the melted ghee, rose water and the saffron milk on top of the rice. - Lastly add the fried onions (birista). - Now close the lid and cook on low heat for 8-9 mins. - Switch off heat and allow to rest for 20 mins before giving a gentle mix and serve. #fishbiryani #fishtikkabiryani #fishdumbiryani #fishbiryanirecipe #fishrecipe #spiceeats #spiceeatsrecipes #spiceeatsfishbiryani #spiceeatsfish

Special Fish biryani To Impress Anyone | Fish Biryani Recipe [English subtitles]


Special Fish Biryani To Impress Anyone | Fish Biryani Recipe [English subtitles] Hello my beautiful viewers, In this video I will showing you Fish biryani recipe. I Hope you are enjoyed my video. Please don't forget to subscribe, Like and share with your families and friends. THANKS FOR WATCHING 🔔Subscribe my Channel and turn on the notification bell in order to get notified whenever we upload a new video. Join us on YouTube channel 👉🤍 Facebook profile 👉🤍 Facebook page 👉🤍 Instagram page 👉🤍 Ingredients For Fish Marinate Fish 1kg cut my way Kashmiri chilli 2 tsp Turmeric powder 1.5 tsp Salt 1 tsp Lemon juice 1 tbsp Oil 1 tbsp Mix it well and marinate for 30 minutes For Fry - Cooking oil 600ml For Gravy - Ghee 1/3 cup around 80ml Onions slices 3 medium Ginger and garlic paste 2 tbsp Tomato puree 3 medium (you can use sliced) Kashmiri chilli 1.2 tsp Coriander powder 2 tsp Biryani masala 3 tsp Turmeric 1 tsp Cumin 1.5 tsp Salt to taste Yogurt 1/3 cup around 80ml Lemon juice 1 tsp Hot water 1/2 cup (as required) Chopped coriander leaves Chopped mint leaves For Rice boiling - Basmati rice 4.5 cups (soaked before 30 mins) Black cardamom 3nos Green cardamom 8nos Cinnamon sticks 2nos Cloves 10nos Salt 3 tbsp Lemon juice 1 tbsp Cooking oil 1 tbsp Chopped coriander leaves Chopped mint leaves For Dum Layer Fried onion Chopped coriander Chopped mint Ghee 1/8 cup around 30ml Cover and cook 15-20 minutes on low heat. Mixing well before serving My other recipes = Arabic masala powder recipe 👉🤍 Arabic style chicken biryani 👉🤍 Kolkata chicken biryani 👉🤍 Kolkata chicken biryani masala powder 👉🤍 Arabian chicken Mandi 👉🤍 Biya Bari roast chicken 👉🤍 Reshmi chicken tikka 👉🤍 Bhuna chicken masala 👉🤍 Mutton kacchi biryani recipe 👉🤍 Arabic chicken majboos recipe 👉🤍 Red sauce pasta spaghetti 👉🤍 Healthy diet milk shake 👉🤍 chicken corn soup recipe link 👉🤍 Panjabi chicken gravy recipe link 👉🤍 tomato egg drop soup recipe link 👉🤍 Afghani chicken curry recipe link 👉🤍 Greek lemon chicken with potatoes recipe link 👉🤍 #fishbiryani #ayalafishbiryani #dubaifishbiryani #fishbiryanirecipe #arabicbiryani #arabicfood #arabicrecipe #arabicfishbiryani #biryanirecipe #fishdumbiryani #chefkayumkitchen fish biryani,biryani,how to make fish biryani,fish biryani recipe,biryani recipe,dum biryani,meen biryani,fish dum biryani,boneless fish biryani,homemade fish biryani,fish biryani recipe in urdu,machli ki biryani,fish biryani in tamil,home made fish biryani,fish biriyani,king fish biryani,chicken biryani,fish ki biryani,spicy fish biryani,hyderabadi fish dum biryani,indian fish biryani,fish biryani at home,malabar fish biryani,fish biryani recipe,fish biryani,biryani,biryani recipe,how to make fish biryani,fish biryani recipe in urdu,fish biryani ki recipe,recipe,fish biryani recipe in malayalam,dum biryani,fish dum biryani recipe,dum biryani recipe,fish biryani recipe in tamil,fish recipe,boneless fish biryani,homemade fish biryani,machli ki biryani,hyderabadi fish biryani recipe,meen biryani,how to make kerala style fish biryani recipe,fish biryani at home

Boneless Fish Biryani - Very easy Hyderabadi Fish dum biryani recipe


Recipe Link 🤍 ఈ recipe తెలుగు వెర్షన్ కొరకు 🤍 Fish biryani is one of the popular Hyderabadi delicacies.almost every Hyderabadi restaurant serves this dish.but most of them serve fry piece fish biryani.for that coated boneless fish pieces are fried and then added to the cooked biryani rice.this version also tastes good.but the joy of eating Fish DUM biryani is absolutely different.two years back I tried this recipe, which was an utter failure.did not even think of cooking this again.but I had to rethink after starting this blog again.I succeeded this time, on the second attempt.the taste was outstandingly delicious....sorry.... FISHOLICIOUS... many people don't even think of cooking fish biryani as it seems to be difficult.but it is not as difficult as they think.few things to keep in mind while cooking this are you need to use the boneless fish rather than using normal fish.if anything goes wrong at least you will have a chance to case if the fish marinade at the bottom gets mushy. use a thick bottomed non-stick cooking pot. you will need a flat tawa/pan on which the cooking pot should be placed. keep an eye while cooking on dum to avoid sticking or overcooking. if you are a beginner, better you start with fewer quantities. friends try and enjoy this amazing recipe FACEBOOK 🤍 GOOGLE PLUS🤍 INSTAGRAM 🤍 STUMBLEUPON-Http://🤍 TWITTER🤍 PINTEREST-🤍

How To Make Fish Biryani | Fish Biryani Recipe | Fish Biryani Arabic Style By Chef Kayum Kitchen


How To Make Arabic Fish Biryani | Fish Biryani Recipe | Arabian Fish Biryani | Fish Biryani Arabic Style by Chef Kayum Kitchen Welcome to my channel, this video I will showing you how to make arabic fish biryani recipe, I Hope you are enjoyed. Please don't forget to subscribe, Like and share with your families and friends. THANKS FOR WATCHING Subscribe my Channel to be notify whenever we upload video. Join us on YouTube channel 👉🤍 Facebook profile 👉🤍 Facebook page 👉🤍 Instagram page 👉🤍 Ingredients For Fish Marinate _ 1kg fish 6 pcs Kashmiri chilli powder 1 tsp Turmeric powder 1 tsp Lemon juice 1 tbsp Cooking oil 1 ½ tbsp Salt 1 tsp Mix all ingredients Marinate for 30 minutes For Gravy Heat ghee ½ cup Onions slices 3 medium Ginger & garlic paste 1 tbsp Tomato slices 3 medium Kashmiri chilli powder 1 tsp Coriander powder 1 tsp Turmeric powder ½ tsp Arabic masala 3 tbsp Cumin powder ½ tsp Yogurt 170gm Tomato paste 1 tbsp Lemon juice 1 tbsp Hot water ½ cup Salt to taste Coriander leaves Mint leaves For Cooking Rice Basmati rice (soaked for 30 mins) 3 cups Water 18 cups around 4.5 litres black cardamom 2 pcs green cardamom 5 pcs cinnamon sticks 3 bay leaves 3 pcs cloves 10 pcs Salt 3 tbsp Oil 1 tbsp Lemon juice ½ tsp Chopped coriander Chopped mint leaves For layer Fry onions Chopped coriander Chopped mint leaves Ghee 2 tbsp Garam masala ½ tsp My other recipes = Biya Bari roast chicken 👉🤍 Reshmi chicken tikka 👉🤍 Bhuna chicken masala 👉🤍 Mutton kacchi biryani recipe 👉🤍 Arabic chicken majboos recipe 👉🤍 Red sauce pasta spaghetti 👉🤍 Healthy diet milk shake 👉🤍 chicken corn soup recipe link 👉🤍 Panjabi chicken gravy recipe link 👉🤍 tomato egg drop soup recipe link 👉🤍 Afghani chicken curry recipe link 👉🤍 Greek lemon chicken with potatoes recipe link 👉🤍 Music: [Audio Library] #fishbiryani #arabicfishbiryani #fishdumbiryani #biryanirecipe #arabicbiryani #spicyfishbiryani #fishbiryaniathome #chefkayumkitchen how to make fish biryani,fish biryani,biryani,fish,fish biryani recipe,how to make fish biryani at home,how to make,fish biriyani,how to make kerala style fish biryani recipe,home made fish biryani,homemade fish biryani,how to make biryani,fish biryani in tamil,fish biryani recipe in malayalam,fish ki biryani,fish dum biryani,king fish biryani,indian fish biryani,boneless fish biryani,how to make fish biriyani at home,fish biryani recipe in urdu,hyderabadi fish biryani recipe



ఫిష్ దమ్ బిర్యానీ || FISH DUM BIRYANI || HYDERABADI FISH DUM BIRYANI IN TELUGU || FISH BIRYANI #fishdumbiryani #fishdumbiriyani #fishbiryani #howtomakefishbiryani #fishbiryanirecipe #authenticbiryani #chefpavanboda #biryani #fish #fishrecipe #hotelstylebiryani #restaurantstyle #restaurantbiryani INGREDIENTS :- FISH BASMATI RICE VEGETABLE OIL WATER GREEN CARDAMOM CLOVES CINNAMON STICKS CORIANDER & MINT LEAVES TURMERIC POWDER BIRYANI MASALA GHEE ONION'S FRIED ONION'S SHAHIJEERA STAR ANISE JAVITRI SALT TO TASTE CUMIN POWDER PLEASE WATCH MY PREVIOUS BIRYANI VIDEOS 14 KG HYDERABAD CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI 🤍 BIRYANI MASALA PREPARATION VIDEO 🤍 _ HYDERABAD CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI 10 KG🤍 8KG CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI 🤍 HOME MADE CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI 2KG🤍 BIRYANI KACHA MASALA MASALA🤍 EGG BIRYANI 🤍 MIRCHI KA SALAN 🤍 ONION KA SALAN 🤍 _ PLEASE WATCH MY BIRYANI SECRET SHORTS VIDEOS PART -1 🤍 PART -2 🤍 PART -3 🤍 PART -4 🤍 PART -5 🤍 PART -6 🤍 PART - 7 🤍 PART - 8 🤍 PART -9 🤍 PART -10🤍 PART -11🤍 PART -12🤍 PART -13🤍 PART -14🤍 PART -15🤍 _ Hello everyone! I'm Pavan Boda, Your Loving Chef(Bachelor of Hotel Management). My Channel Brings you the best soul touched recipes. Where traditional cooking of both urban and rural communities' proceduresare followed. The food is picked from a range of the street style to 5 star restaurant plus the proceduresare easy and fun to follow. so, relax and trust then as the recipes are 100% satisfying. If you feel the our videos are helpful to you kindly LIKE-SHARE-COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube🤍 channel. DISCLAIMER: Thise video is only intended for an informational purposes. Viewers are subjected to use this information at their own risk. This channel doesn't take any responsibility for any harm. side-effects, illness or any health problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this. Thank you! Pavan Contact: Chefpavanboda🤍 - RELATED TAGS: :- Fish dum biryani telugu || how to make fish biryani || hyderabadi fish dum biryani || fish biryani recipe || boneless fish biryani || fish biryani telugu lo || hyderabadi fish biryani recipe || spicy fish biryani || fish biryani telugu video || kerala fish biryani || indian fish biryani || malabar fish biryani || bengali fish biryani || home made fish biryani || homemade fish biryani || fish biryani in telugu || hyderabadi biryani BACK GROUND MUSIC CREDITS BY : BENSOUND & YOUTUBE LIBRARY

Hilsa fish biryani | Ilish Maacher Biryani | Fish dum Biryani | Authentic Bengali fish biryani


Hilsa fish biryani recipe 🤍PapiyasKitchenHacksHealth #hilsa #hilsafishrecipe #fishbiryanirecipe #fishbiryani #ilish #ilishmaach #biryanirecipe Hello friends 👋 Welcome back to my channel 🤗 Today I am going to share with you all a very unique recipe, Hilsa fish dum Biryani. Hilsa fish is one of the most tastiest fish liked by almost all Bengalis worldwide. I have prepared biryani recipe with it. You can also try this recipe. If you like my vedio share it with your friends and family 💕 Like 👍 and Subscribe my channel press Bell icon 🔔 for further future notification updates on time. Ingredients - Hilsa fish Onions Garlic Green chillies Ginger Hung curd Fresh cream Ghee Salt Sugar Turmeric powder Mustard oil whole spices - Bay leave Green Cardamom Star anise Cloves Cinnamon stick Rose water Kewra water Water as per requirement Please follow me on my Facebook page, link is below 👇 🤍 Follow me on Instagram, Link is below 👇 🤍 Thanks for your love and support 💗🙏😇

fried Fish biryani | easy & homemade masala fish dum biryani | fish biryani recipe | biryani recipe


#shanedelhi #biryani #demanding #easy #homemade Shandaar vlogs 🤍 Biryani masala 🤍 how to wash fish 🤍

Fish dum biryani - Ramazan special


Recipe link fried onion 🤍 desi ghee homemade 🤍 dum biryani masala 🤍 tali hui pyaaz (2 hours) soaked golden rice double chaabi(2 ghante bheege hue chawal) 300gm fish boneless 500gm for rice boiling rice(chawal) 300gm water 1200ml cloves(long)6-7 green cardamom(hari elaichi) 6-7 black cardamom(badi elaichi) 2 bay leaves(tez paat) 2-3 cumin(zeera) 1/4 tsp cinnamon stick(daalchini) 2 salt(namak) 4tsp for fish marination fish boneless 500gm salt(namak) 1/2tsp turmeric powder(haldi) 1/4tsp {cloves(long) 5-6,green cardamom(hari elaichi)5-6,black cardamom(badi elaichi)1,cinnamon stick(daalchini) 1,grind these ingriendents and add this powder in marination} garam masala 1/4tsp dum biryani masala 1 tsp red chilli powder(lal mirch powder)1/4 tsp coriander powder(dhania powder) 1/4tsp yogurt (dahi) 150gm food colour 1/4tsp caramelized onion(tali hui pyaz) 4tsp marinate the fish for 1-2 hour after marination add 60gm oil while setting layers yogurt(dahi) 100gm caramelized onion(tali hui pyaaz)150gm sliced tomatoes(kate hue tamatar) 2 chopped green chillies(kati hui hari mirch) 2 coriander leaves(hara dhania)40gm mint leaves(pudina) 40gm desi ghee 4tsp rice stock/rice water 1cup food colour 1pinch mix in water

Fish biryani Recipe || Simple and Easy Fried Fish Biryani Recipe || Nawabs Kitchen


Please watch: "Chicken Biryani | Rich Flavoured Delicious Chicken Biryani Afghani Chicken by nawabs kitchen" 🤍 ~ Fish biryani Recipe || Simple and Easy Fried Fish Biryani Recipe ||

Hyderabadi Fish dum biryani |ఫిష్ బిరియాని|ఈ టిప్స్ ఫాలో అయితే వంటరాని వారు కూడా ఈజీ గా చేస్తారు


అమెరికా లో హైదరాబాద్ స్పెషల్ ఫిష్ బిర్యానీ మన తెలుగు వారి స్టైల్ లో తినే కొద్దీ తినాలనిపించే లాగా ఈజీ గా!!. Fish Biryani #simplycookwithroja Subscribe for more videos: 🤍 simply cook with roja biryani | fish biryani in telugu | hyderabad fish dum biryani in telugu Follow on Other Social media website: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 #HyderabadiFISH DUM BIRYANI#HyderabadiDumBiryani #FishBiryani #FishBiryaniIntelugu fish biryani, how to make fish biryani, fish, biryani, recipe, how to, fish biriyani, meen biriyani, hyderabadi biryani, fish biryani recipe in malayalam, how to make, meen biryani, homemade fish biryani, spicy fish biryani, hyderabad fish recipes

Fish biryani


Biryani made from oily fishes like Salmon, cod and halibut are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omegas 3's are a healthy fat that prevents a wide range of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, depression and asthma. INGREDIENTS: Fish (of your choice) 1 kg I'm using Salmon For marinade; Garlic 5-6 cloves Chili powder 1 tsp Salt to taste Turmeric powder 1 tsp Paprika powder 2 tsp Lemon 1 For frying; Ghee or oil half a cup For masala; Bay leaves 2 Whole cardamom 4-5 Green chilies 2 Onions 2 small Garlic 1 tbsp (finely chopped) Ginger 1 tbsp (finely chopped) Salt to taste Red chili powder 1 tsp Biryani masala 2 tbsp Tomatoes 1 cup (finely chopped) Water 1 cup Boiling rice; Basmati rice 500g Salt to taste Cinnamon stick 1 Cardamom pods 4-5 Cloves 3-4 For layering; Ghee or oil 1 tsp Chopped coriander Mint leaves Fried onions Green chilies Thinly sliced lemons Zarda rang/ yellow food colouring mixed with a little water Ghee or oil 1 tbsp Want to watch our video in Swedish? Follow this link! 🤍 Or do you want to watch it in Spanish? Click on the link below! 🤍 Our Urdu video is also available, just a click away! 🤍 For those who prefer Arabic, click on the link down below! 🤍 if you liked this video and want to see more easy recipes, please do SUBSCRIBE! Its FREE! إذا كنت تحب هذا الفيديووترغب في رؤية وصفات سهلة أكثر، يرجى الاشتراك! subscribe here 🤍 please join us on our facebook page 🤍 follow us on instagram 🤍 🎵 Track Info: #1: Title: Cha Cappella by Jimmy Fontanez, Media Right Productions Genre and Mood: Jazz & Blues + Happy #2 SONG : Percussion by Ramol Produced by RamolPro Video Link : 🤍 #secretingredientisalwayslove #yummyyyy #fishbiryani

Fish Dum Biryani Malabar style || മലബാർ ഫിഷ് ബിരിയാണി


Malabar fish biryani - Fish dum biriyani Although it is connected with Indian cuisine, Biryani is the most popular rice dish or rice recipe around the globe. This flavorful and aromatic rice dish is a must try rice dish. We can make a variety of biryani recipes in different taste and different style. I have shared many recipes for biryani like chicken dum biriyani, hyderabadi chicken biryani, Malabar prawns biryani, Malabar beef biryani, Mutton biryani etc. Though phlao and biryani looks almost same, it is entirely different in taste because of the blending of spices. Here am going to share the recipe for perfect fish biryani recipe in Kerala style or Malabar style. Chicken biryani is liked by most if us. Especially chicken dum biryani. The use of cashew coconut paste in the fish masala gravy makes this biryani more special. I highly recommend this fish biryani recipe in special occasions like weddings, party or kids birthday functions or small getogether parties. Parties without biryani is unimaginable for the people in Malabar. How to make a simple fish biriyani. Also visit my blog for another type of a simple fish biryani recipe 🤍

చికెన్ బిర్యానీ కంటె ఈ చేప బిర్యానీ చేయటం చాల సులభం😋| Fish Biryani In Telugu | Dum Biryani In Telugu


ఫిష్ దమ్ బిర్యానీ😋చేయడం చాలాచాలా సింపుల్👌| Fish Biryani In Telugu | How to make Fish Dum Biryani #fishbiryani #biryani #dumbiryani Chepala Pulusu / Fish Curry - 🤍 Chicken Dum Biryani - 🤍 Chicken Lollipop Recipe: 🤍 Prawns Biryani / Royyala Biryani - 🤍 Biryani Gravy : 🤍 Mirchi Ka Salan - 🤍 Chicken Biryani in cooker: 🤍 Chicken Tikka Recipe: 🤍 Mutton Dum Biryani - 🤍 Mutton Pulao - 🤍 Mutton Curry: 🤍 Chicken Tikka Recipe: 🤍

Restaurant Style Fish Biryani |ഇഫ്‌താറിന്‌ എളുപ്പത്തിൽ ഉണ്ടാക്കാൻ സൂപ്പർ മീൻ ബിരിയാണി | Easy Biryani


Fish Biryani Recipe Ingredients ~~~~~~~~ 1 cup = 240 ml serves -4-5 fish -5 pieces FOR MARINATING THE FISH Ginger garlic paste -2 tsp lime juice -1 tbsp salt chilli powder -3/4 tbsp Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp Garam Masala powder -1/4 tsp FOR MASALA - oil -5-6 tbsp onion -2 Tomato -2 Ginger garlic paste -1 tbsp green chillies -3 Garam Masala powder -2 tsp Black pepper powder -1 tsp chilli powder -1/2 tsp Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp salt Yogurt -3 tbsp lime juice -1 tbsp mint and coriander leaves -1 cup FOR RICE - Basmati rice -3 cups Water salt oil -2 tbsp Cinnamon -3 Cardamom -5 cloves -6-7 bay leaf -1 FOR THE DUM PROCESS - Mint and coriander leaves Garam Masala powder -1/4 tsp Raisins -2 tbsp ghee -1 tbsp #fishbiryani #ayakkoorabiryani #meenbiryani #kannurkitchen easy and tasty teen biryani recipe Kannur kitchen fish biryani by Kannur kitchen Restaurant style fish biryani hotel style fish biryani

Malabar style Cat fish biryani|| Fish dum Biryani


Malabar style Cat fish biryani|| Fish dum Biryani

హోటల్ స్టైల్ ఫిష్ బిర్యానీ || Hotel style fish biryani || Everyday Cooking


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Biryani Recipe | Easy King Fish Biryani | Delicious Surmai Fish Biryani


आसान तरीके से बनने वाली लजीज फिश बिरयानी | Fish Biryani | Delicious सुरमई Fish बिरयानी #lockdownrecipe #restaurantstyle #howtocook As-salāmu ʿalaykum (السلام عليكم) & Hello to my Wonderful #YouTube family Welcome to my YouTube channel - #AnjumsKitchen, मैं बहुत खुश हूँ की जो मैंने अपने ४०(40) साल के कुकिंग एक्सपीरियंस में सीखा है, वह में आपके साथ शेयर कर रही हूँ अपने यूट्यूब चैनल (अंजुमस किचन) के माध्यम से, quick, easy और #healthyrecipes के साथ। #YouTubeFood As I have done my Masters in “Nutrition”, all my food recipes are not only #tasty, #delicious & #mouthwatering but also very #healthy & #nutritious. #NutritiveCooking #HighNutritiveValue इस चैनल पर मेरी हर रेसिपी TRIED & TESTED है जो आप बहुत आसानी से अपने घर पर CONFIDENCE के साथ बना सकते हैं, चाहे आप beginner हो या experienced . Recipe- Fish Biryani Fish biryani is a layered rice dish made with fish, basmati rice, spices & herbs. Biryani is most commonly made with chicken or mutton. But With Fish Also Its Awesome, Do try this simple and easy to make this authentic recipe. I am sure you will love it. Cuisine Type: Indian Course Type: Main Ingredients : 2 kg surmai fish Marination - 1 tbsp dhanya powder 2 tbsp red chillie powder 1 tbsp zeera powder 1 tbsp salt 1 tsp haldi 1 tbsp gg paste 3 tbsp lemon juice — Rice preparation 1 kg basmathi rice 3 tez patha 7-8 black pepper 7-8 cloves 3 dalchini 1 tsp lemon juice Few drops of oil —- Biryani masala preparation 3 bay leaves 2 big elaichi 3-4 small elaichi 2 onions 2 tbsp gg paste 7-8 green chillies 1 tsp haldi powder 2 tsp mirchi powder 1 tbsp dhanya powder 1 tsp garam masala 3 tomatoes - puree 2 tbsp lemon juice 1 tsp salt _ Layering 4-5 drops of kewra essence 2 drops of orange color 1 cup haradhanya 4-5 green chillies #FishBiryani #anjumskitchen #tastyfood #healthyfood #howtocookfood #quarantinefood #lockdownfood #indianspicyfood #food #cookingtogether #onepotmeals #instantmeals Subscribe ➤ Like ➤ Comment ➤ Share Please Subscribe to my channel: 🤍 so that you don’t miss out on my Weekly INDIAN FOOD RECIPE HD Videos. Also Please Comment if there is any Indian Food Recipe you want me to #Cook & make a #HindiFoodTutorial for you. Please give me your feedbacks and suggestions. मेरी और भी स्वादिष्ट रेसिपी को देखने के लिए नीचे दिये गये लिंक को दबाएं ⬇⬇⬇ - 🤍 For my more Delicious recipes click the link below ⬇⬇⬇ 🤍 MCN DIGITAL Production © 2020 MCN DIGITAL. All Rights Reserved ® ⚠ Warning ⚠ This content is Originally Produced by the Anjum Kitchen, Owning 100% Exclusive Copyrights on All Platforms Worldwide including Internet, IPTV, Mobile Rights etc. Don't re-upload, re-distribute or re-produce Anjum Kitchen’s content to avoid copyright strikes. I urge you all to be safe during this period of #lockdown due to #covid19 global pandemic #Coronovirus. So make the best use of this #Quarantine by watching and following my channel (🤍 & #enjoy cooking all these recipes with & for your #family #CookingTogether. Contact Us for Sponsorships, Collaborations, Copyrights, Claims and other Issues at team🤍 Anjum Kitchen: ➤ YouTube: 🤍 (Anjums Kitchen) ➤ Instagram: 🤍 ( ➤ Facebook: 🤍 (anjumskitchen1) ➤ Blog - xxxxx Digitally Powered by MCN DIGITAL - 🤍 Follow our certified and experienced (40+ years) food chef #Anjum on Instagram personal profile: 🤍

കണ്ണൂരിലെ മീൻ ബിരിയാണി || Kannur Fish Biryani//Thalassery Fish Biryani


Ingredients, fish ( King Fish ) -400g chilli pdr -1 tbsp turmeric pdr -1/2 tsp lime - salt water -3-4 tbsp oil -4 tbsp onions -3 garlic (big)- 10 ginger- 1 inch piece green chillies -10-12 black pepper pdr -1 tsp garam masala pdr -1 tsp tomatoes -2 lime juice -2-3 tbsp mint leaves -3 tbsp A handful of coriander leaves jeerakasala rice -3 cups ghee -4 tbsp oil -4 tbsp onion -1 cloves -5-6 cinnamon -2 cardamoms -3 bay leaves -2 hot water -4&1/2 cups salt FOR DUM - TURMERIC WATER -3-4 TBSP GARAM MASALA PDR -1 TSP MINT & CORIANDER LEAVES FRIED ONIONS

How to make fish biryani [full recipe]


FULL RECIPE : 1-kg Fish 1-tsp Redchili powder 1/2-tsp turmeric powder 1-tsp salt 1-lemon ~Marinate for 30min Fry 2 chopped - Onions Cloves, cardamom, cinnamon & bay leaf 2 - capsicum 2-tbsp Ginger & garlic paste 1-tsp redchilli powder 2-tsp salt 1/2-tsp turmeric powder 2-tsp arabian masala 2-tomatoes Boil water for cooking rice 700-g basmati rice (soaked in water for 30min) 2-tsp salt 5-Green chillies Corinader & mint leaves 1-whole lemon juice milk with food color (or saffron) 30-min simmer It is ready to serve

Fish Biryani Recipe By@ChefPavanBoda #biryani #fishbiryanirecipe #shorts #viral #dumbiryani


Fish Biryani Recipe By🤍ChefPavanBoda #biryani #fishbiryanirecipe #shorts #viral #dumbiryani

Fish Biryani | Best Fried Fish Biryani Recipe| Machli Ki Biryani In Hindi/Urdu | मछली की बिरयानी CWF


#fishbiryani #machlikibiryani #fishdumbiryani Fish ki biryani, biryani recipe, fish biryani recipe, dum biryani, kalyani biryani, cook with fem fish biryani, Hyderabadi dum Biryani,cook with fem dum Biryani, machli ki biryani by cook with fem, biryani, fish, indian fish biryani, mumbai biryani, chennai biryani recipe, best biryani recipe, kalyani biryani by cook with fem, cook with fem biryani recipes, biryani video, kalyani fish biryani, how to make biryani, how to make fish biryani, dum biryani, how to make, fish biryani recipe, best biryani recipe, restaurant style biryani, dhaba stlye chicken biryani, indian biryani recipes, fish बिरयानी, कल्याणी बिरयानी INGREDIENTS MARINATION Fish - 9 pieces Red chili powder - 3 teaspoon Coriander powder - 3 teaspoon Turmeric powder - 3/4 teaspoon Ginger garlic paste - 5 teaspoon Garam masala powder - 5 teaspoon Cumin powder - 1/2 teaspoon Garam masala powder - 1/2 teaspoon Lemon - 1 big Salt as required Oil - 2 teaspoon GRAVY Oil - 3/4 cup Caraway seeds - 1/2 teaspoon Cloves - 5 Cardamom - 3 Black cardamom - 1 Cinnamon stick - 3 Green chilies - 2 Onion - 2 Ginger garlic paste - 3 teaspoon Garam masala powder - 1 teaspoon Cumin powder - 1/2 teaspoon Black pepper powder - 4 pinches Coriander powder - 1 teaspoon Half a lemon juice Tomatoes - 4 grind to a fine paste Salt Basmati rice - 750 gram Water as required Salt as required Oil - 2 teaspoon Caraway seeds - 1/2 teaspoon Cloves - 4 Cardamom - 3 Half a lemon Cinnamon stick - 1 Baf leaves - 2 FOR LAYERING Coriander leaves and mint leaves Green chilies - 2 to 3 Clarified butter - 2 tablespoon Orange food color - few pinches VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE AND LIKE IT AS I WILL BE MORE ACTIVE THERE, CLICK BELOW LINK 🤍 SUBSCRIBE MY OTHER CHANNELS TOO, PRESS BELL ICON, SELECT "ALL" My New Channel "FEM QUICK RECIPES" For Quick and Easy Recipes,click below 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL - VEG WITH FEM HERE I SHARE TASTY VEG RECIPES,DESSERTS & SNACKS CLICK BELOW TO VISIT THE CHANNEL 🤍 LINK TO COOK WITH FEM CHANNEL, CLICK BELOW 🤍 BAINGAN KA SALAN/BRINJAL CURRY CHENNAI STYLE 🤍 HOMEMADE GARAM MASALA POWDER 🤍 RESTAURANT STYLE PANEER BUTTER MASALA 🤍 RESTAURANT STYLE CHICKEN BUTTER RECIPE 🤍 HYDERABADI DUM KA CHICKEN 🤍 TANDOORI CHICKEN WITHOUT OVEN 🤍 DHABA STYLE POTATO GRAVY 🤍 CRISPY RESTAURANT STYLE CHICKEN FRY 🤍 HOMEMADE CHICKEN PICKLE 🤍 CRISPY BREAD POTATO ROLLS 🤍 FISH TIKKA MASALA 🤍 FISH FRY - VILLAGE STYLE 🤍 CHENNAI STYLE FISH CURRY 🤍 CRUNCHY FISH FRY RECIPE 🤍 BHUNA MURGH 🤍 🤍 HYDERABADI CHICKEN HALEEM 🤍 HYDERABADI LUKHMI RECIPE 🤍 BEST CHICKEN BIRYANI 🤍 HYDERABADI MUTTON DUM BIRYANI 🤍 AMBUR CHICKEN BIRYANI 🤍 CHANA KARELA MASALA 🤍 HYDERABADI CHILLI CHICKEN KORMA 🤍 CRISPY FISH FRY 🤍 REAL HYDERABADI CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI (KACCHI AKHNI KI) 🤍 PUNJABI MUTTON MASALA 🤍 MUTTON MASALA WITH TURAI 🤍 CRISPY CHICKEN FRY 🤍 ALOO KI KATLI 🤍 HYDERABADI ANDE KA KORMA 🤍 EGG DUM BIRYANI RECIPE, 🤍 BAGARE BAINGAN 🤍 HYDERABADI CHICKEN HALEEM 🤍 CHICKEN CAPSICUM MASALA 🤍 CRISPY EGG PARATHA RECIPE 🤍

Friday Special Easy Fish Dum Biriyani | Kerala Style with English Subtitles | Salu Kitchen


Today I prepare a very simple fish dum biriyani that can be easily made at home. Share, Support, Subscribe!!! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Mail me at: salukitchen🤍 For collaborations, business enquiries: +91-8075118873 About : Salu Kitchen is a YouTube Channel, where you can learn how to cook any difficult recipes in the easiest method. *The video is in Malayalam.*

Biryani | Fish Biriyani | Biriyani recipe | Fish Dum Biriyani | Fried Fish Biriyani | Maalss vlogz


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Fish Dum Biriyani | മീൻ ദം ബിരിയാണി | One Minute Recipe By Food Hunter Sabu


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Fish dum Biryani |ഫിഷ് ദം ബിരിയാണി #shorts #youtubeshorts #fishbiryani


#fishrecipe #biryani #biriyani #fishbiriyani #fishbiryani #kannur #shorts #malayalam #cooking #cooking #homemade #recipes #nonveg

Fish Biryani Recipe Video - How to make Hyderabadi Machli Ki Biryani at Home - Easy & Simple


Fish Biryani from Maimoona Yasmeen's Recipes YOU CAN ALSO REACH US ON : Youtube Subscribe -🤍 Website - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Google Plus - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Ingredients: For fish marination and frying Boneless fish pieces: 1 kg Salt: ½ teaspoon Red chilli powder: 2 teaspoons Ginger garlic paste: 1 tablespoon Lemon:1 whole Spices (garam masala powder): ½ teaspoon Oil: for semi frying Procedure: 1. Make medium sized pieces of fish. Add 2 teaspoons salt and 2 teaspoons turmeric powder to the fish pieces. 2. Mix thoroughly and keep aside for about half an hour. 3. After half an hour, add and rub one cup wheat flour over the fish pieces and wash thoroughly. This is done to remove its smell. 4. Strain the excess water. Now marinate the fish. 5. Add ½ teaspoon salt, 2 teaspoons red chilli powder, ½ teaspoon spices or garam masala powder, 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste and add juice of one lemon. 6. Mix well and Keep this aside for about 2 hours. 7. To a frying pan, add one tablespoon of oil. 8. Add marinated fish and shallow fry till they turn brown on both sides. Use more oil f required. 9. Keep the fried fish aside Ingredients: For making Fish Gravy (Aqni) Oil: 8 tablespoons Onion (medium sized): 6 whole Ginger garlic paste: 2 tablespoons Red chilli powder: 2 teaspoons Turmeric powder: 1 teaspoon Salt: 2 teaspoons Spices (garam masala powder): 1 teaspoon Curd: 2 ½ cups Whole green chllies: 7 Chopped coriander: 2 ½ tablespoons Chopped mint leaves: 2 ½ tablespoons Procedure: 1. To another pan, add oil. When the oil is hot, add thinly sliced onions. Fry till the onions turn light brown. 2. Switch off the flame and remove a handful of fried onions and keep aside. 3. Remove the excess oil (take out two tablespoons of oil from the pan). 4. Add ginger garlic paste and stir fry for 15 seconds to get rid of its raw smell. 5. Add whipped curd, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, crushed whole green chillies, chopped mint leaves, chopped coriander, spices or garam masala powder and add salt. 6. Mix well and cook for about 2 minutes or till the oil separates. 7. Add fried fish to the gravy. Mix delicately without tearing the fish pieces. 8. Switch off the flame and keep the fish gravy aside. Ingredients: For cooking the rice Basmati rice: 1 kg Water: 4 litres Salt: 5 teaspoons Chopped mint leaves: 2 tablespoons Chopped coriander: 2 tablespoons Cinnamon: 3 small sticks Cardamoms: 2 whole Black cloves: 3 Caraway seeds (shahzeera): 1 ½ teaspoon Star anise: 3 whole Procedure: 1. To a pan, add water. 2. Add salt, chopped mint leaves, chopped coriander, small sticks of cinnamon, slit cardamoms, black cloves, caraway seeds or shahzeera and add star anise. 3. Close the lid and cook on high flame till the water comes to boil. 4. Add soaked and drained rice. 5. Semi- cook the rice and stir at times for even cooking. 6. When the rice is half done, drain the water thoroughly. Ingredients: For final preparation Semi-cooked rce Fish gravy Fried onions (which we had kept aside) Chopped mint leaves: a handful Chopped coriander: a handul Clarifed butter (asli ghee): 1 ½ tablespoon Procedure: 1. Remove half of the drained rice and keep aside. 2. Layer the fish gravy over the remaining rice delicately. 3. Spread the rice which we have kept aside, over the fish gravy. 4. Add fried onions, chopped mint leaves, chopped coriander and clarified butter or pure ghee. 5. Close the lid and cook on medium flame for about 1 minute and simmer till the rice is fully cooked. 6. Mix delicately and serve with dahi ka raitha.

King Fish Biryani | Best Fish Dum Biryani | How to make fish biryani (full recipe) | Easy & Quick


Lets learn how to make incredibly flavorful super delicious Fish Biryani at home in an easy way Ingredients King Fish/ Surmai 1 kg For marinating fish: Turmeric / Haldi pwdr ½ tsp Kashmiri redchilly / Lalmirch powder 2 tsp Red chilly / Lal mirch powder 1 tsp Cumin / Jeera powder 1 tsp Black pepper powder ½ tsp 1 tsp of Ginger garlic / Adrak lahsun ka paste Salt / Namak as per taste here I used 1/2tsp Juice of 1 lemon Little oil For making Fried onions/Barista Onions big 3 Sufficient oil for deep frying For masala: Oil 2 tbsp Tomatoes medium 3 Ginger garlic paste 2 tbsp Green chillies slited 4 to 5 Yogurt/Curd/Dahi 1 cup Chopped coriander leaves / Dhaniya patte 1 cup Chopped mint leaves / Pudina patte1 cup Turmeric / Haldi powder ½ tsp Red chilly / Lal mirch powder 1 tsp Kashmiri red chilly / Lal mirch powder 2 tsp Black pepper / Kalimirch powder ½ tsp Cumin / Jeera powder 1 tsp Garam masala powder ½ tsp Coriander / Dhaniya powder 2 tsp Homemade biryani masala powder ¼ tsp *If you don’t have my homemade biryani masala then just add 1 tsp of readymade biryani masala powder* Salt as per taste Cooking basmati rice Basmati rice 1 kg Small size bay leaf / Tejpatta 3 Green cardamom / Hari elaichi 5 Black peppercorns/ Sabut kali mirch 10 to 12 Cumin seeds / Shahi jeera 2 tsp Cloves / Laung 4 Salt as required For Garnishing Calrified butter / Desi ghee 2 tsp Food color saffron yellow a pinch Handful of mint and coriander leaves Handful of fried onions सामग्री किंग फिश / सुरमई 1 किग्रा मेरिनेशन के लिए: हल्दी पाउडर 1/2 चम्मच कश्मीरी लाल मिर्च पाउडर 2 चम्मच लाल मिर्च पाउडर 1 छोटा चम्मच जीरा पाउडर 1 चम्मच काली मिर्च पाउडर ½ छोटा चम्मच 1 चम्मच अदरक लहसुन पेस्ट स्वादानुसार नमक ½ tsp 1 नींबू का रस थोड़ा तेल फ्राइड प्याज / बरिस्ता बनाने के लिए प्याज बड़ा ३ पर्याप्त तेल मसल्स बनाने के लिए सामग्री: तेल २ बड़े चम्मच टमाटर मध्यम ३ अदरक लहसुन का पेस्ट 2 बड़े चम्मच हरी मिर्च 4 से 5 फिसली दही 1 कप कटा हरा धनिया 1 कप कटा हुआ पुदीना 1 कप हल्दी पाउडर ½ छोटा चम्मच लाल मिर्च पाउडर 1 छोटा चम्मच कश्मीरी लाल मिर्च पाउडर 2 चम्मच काली मिर्च ½ छोटा चम्मच जीरा पाउडर 1 चम्मच गरम मसाला पाउडर ½ छोटा चम्मच धनिया पाउडर 2 चम्मच घर का बना बिरयानी मसाला पाउडर ¼ छोटा चम्मच *यदि आपके पास मेरा घर का बना बिरयानी मसाला नहीं है, तो सिर्फ 1 चम्मच रेडीमेड बिरयानी मसाला पाउडर मिलाएं* स्वादानुसार नमक बासमती चावल पकाने के लिए सामग्री: बासमती चावल 1 कि.ग्रा छोटे आकार तेजपत्ता ३ हरी इलायची ५ साबुत काली मिर्च १० से १२ शाही जीरा 2 चम्मच लौंग ४ आवश्यकतानुसार नमक गार्निशिंग के लिए देसी घी २ टी स्पून खाने का रंग केसरिया पीला एक चुटकी मुट्ठी भर पुदीना और धनिया पत्ती मुट्ठी भर तली हुई प्याज How to make Homemade biryani masala powder 🤍 Hi Everyone, "Welcome to Mommy’s Kitchen” Mommy’s Kitchen believes in cooking interesting recipes in a simple way that will definitely give you the taste, flavor and aroma you are looking for. Hope you like this video. Do try out this recipe and leave your comments below. As this is new channel please like, subscribe, share and press the bell icon to receive notification for my upcoming videos Thanks for watching, Happy Cooking Take care You can contact me 🤍 🤍 Email:🤍

Fish Biryani Recipe | Very Easy Hyderabadi Fish Dam Biryani


#Fish biryani #Hyderabadifishbiryani Fish Biryani how to make fish Biryani biryani recipe biryani masala recipe spicy biryani tasty biryani biryani kaise banayein fish recipe fried fish tasty fish HOW TO CLEAN FISH:- 🤍 ingredients:- 1/2 kg fish 1 tbsp lemon juice 1/2 tsp salt 1/2 tsp black pepper powder 1/2 tsp turmeric powder 2 medium size tomatoes 2 fried onions paste 4-5 green chili paste 1 bunch coriander leaves 1 bunch mint leaves 1 tbsp ginger garlic paste 1/2 cup ( 100 g ) yogurt 1/4 tsp food color + 1 tsp kewra water 1 tsp coriander powder 1/2 tsp salt or as per taste 1/2 tsp red chili powder or as per taste 1 tbsp heaped biryani masala powder 10-12 pepper corn 4 green cardamom 1 black cardamom 1 mace 1 inch cinnamon stick 2 cup rice ( 400 g) 3 tbsp salt 2 inch cinnamon stick 1 tsp shahi zeera 2 tbsp oil egg fried recipe: 🤍 crispy and crunchy fry fish:🤍 lahori chargha recipe: 🤍 mutton achari gosht ; 🤍 dry chili chicken ; 🤍 dal fry ; 🤍 pav bhaji ; 🤍 soyabean seekh kabab ; 🤍 double ka meetha ; 🤍 chicken chaap ; 🤍 badam ki kheer : 🤍 mutabaq recipe : 🤍 methi ke laddo : 🤍 mutanjan recipe ; 🤍 eggless bread pudding ; 🤍 aloo cheese paratha ; 🤍 veg kurma recipe ; 🤍 mutton pasanda recipe ; 🤍 paneer do piyaza ; 🤍 mughlai paratha ; 🤍 bread pudding ; 🤍 spongy dhokla ;🤍 kadhi pakoda ; 🤍 Subscribe to blush and fit: 🤍 Subscribe to Mom Circle: 🤍 like us on: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Fish biryani in Tamil / Meen biriyani


In this video we will see how to make fish biryani in tamil. This Fish Biryani / Meen Biryani has a unique taste compared to other biryanis. Fish is also a healthier alternative to chicken or mutton. When making fish biryani we have to be really careful about the cooking time as fish are very delicate and we don't want to overcook them. The flavors from the fish are going to slowly diffuse through the rice and this biryani should be a treat for seafood lovers. For detailed Fish Biryani recipe please visit 🤍

How to make Fish Biryani / Hyderabadi Fish Biryani Recipe / Fish Dum Biryani


In this video we will see how to make fish biryani. This recipe is particularly a Fish Dum Biryani / Hyderabadi Fish Biryani because we are going to first season the fish pieces and cook them partially then add the rice and seal the vessel. During the remaining cooking time, the flavors from the fish are going to slowly get incorporated in to the rice, Fish biryani does have an unique taste to it and is much different from the classical meat biryanis. Since the fish meat is very delicate we should not overcook the fish becuase it will lose all its texture. You can choose any fish for this recipe, I like to use fish with less bones because they are more convenient to eat. Friends, do try this easy Hyderabadi Fish Biryani Recipe and surprise everyone with this interesting biryani. Also please post your feedback in the comments below. For detailed fish biryani recipe please visit 🤍

Fish Tikka Biryani Recipe by Food Fusion


Amazing Surmai Fish Tikka Biryani recipe that will make everyone say #arrraywah #FoodFusion #HappyCookingToYou #digitalammi #biryani Written Recipe: 🤍 Serves 6-8 Recipe in English: Ingredients: Prepare Spice Mix: -Sabut dhania (Coriander seeds) 2 tbs -Zeera (Cumin seeds) 2 tbs -Saunf (Fennel seeds) 1 tbs -Ajwain (Carom seeds) 1 tsp -Laung (Cloves) 8-10 -Hari elaichi (Green cardamom) 3-4 -Badi elaichi (Black cardamom) 2 -Sabut kali mirch (Black peppercorns) ¼ tsp -Dahi (Yogurt) 4 tbs -Lemon juice 3 tbs -Hari mirch (Green chilli) paste 1 tbs -Lehsan paste (Garlic paste) 1 tbs -Kashmiri lal mirch (Kashmiri red chilli) powder ½ tbs -Haldi powder (Turmeric powder) ½ tsp -Lal mirch powder (Red chilli powder) 1 tsp or to taste -Namak (Salt) ½ tbs or to taste -Tandoori masala 1 tbs -Zarda ka rang (Orange food color) 1/8 tsp -Sarson ka tel (Mustard oil) 2-3 tbs -Surmai (King fish) pieces 1 kg -Cooking oil 3-4 tbs -Hara dhania (Fresh coriander) chopped -Koyla (Charcoal) for smoke -Cooking oil ½ Cup -Zeera (Cumin seeds) 1 tbs -Laung (Cloves) 4-5 -Hari elaichi (Green cardamom) 2 -Badiyan ka phool (Star anise) 2 -Sabut kali mirch (Black peppercorns) ¼ tsp -Tez patta (Bay leaves) 2 -Pyaz (Onion) sliced 1 large -Adrak lehsan paste (Ginger garlic paste) 2 tbs -Hari mirch (Green chilli) paste 2 tbs -Tamatar (Tomatoes) chopped 2 large -Lal mirch powder (Red chilli powder) ½ tbs or to taste -Namak (Salt) 2 tsp or to taste -Haldi powder (Turmeric powder) ½ tsp -Kashmiri lal mirch (Kashmiri red chilli) powder ½ tbs -Tandoori masala 2 tbs -Lemon juice 3 tbs -Hara dhania (Fresh coriander) chopped 1-2 tbs -Podina (Mint leaves) chopped 1-2 tbs -Aloo bukhara (Dried plums) 8-10 -Dahi (Yogurt) whisked ½ Cup -Pyaz (Onion) fried handful -Hari mirch (Green chillies) 3-4 -Hara dhania (Fresh coriander) chopped handful -Podina (Mint leaves) chopped handful -Chawal (Rice) sella 800g (boiled with salt until 3/4th done) -Pyaz (Onion) fried handful -Hara dhania (Fresh coriander) chopped handful -Podina (Mint leaves) chopped handful -Water 1-2 tbs -Zarda ka rang (Orange food color) ¼ tsp Directions: Prepare Spice Mix: -In a frying pan,add coriander seeds,cumin seeds,fennel seeds,carom seeds,cloves,green cardamom, black cardamom,black peppercorns & dry roast until fragrant. -Let it cool. -In spice mixer,add roasted spices & grind coarsely.Spice mix is ready! -In a bowl,add yogurt,lemon juice,green chilli paste,garlic paste,Kashmiri red chilli powder,turmeric powder,red chilli powder,salt,tandoori masala,orange food color,prepared spice mix (1 & ½ tbs) & whisk well. -Add mustard oil & whisk well. -Add fish pieces,mix gently,cover & marinate for 30 minutes. -In a wok,add cooking oil & marinated fish with marination,cover & cook on low flame for 2-3 minutes. -Add fresh coriander,flip & fry on medium flame until done (5-6 minutes). -Give coal smoke for 2 minutes. -In a pot,ad cooking oil,cumin seeds,cloves,green cardamom,star anise,black peppercorns,bay leaves & mix well. -Add onion & fry until light golden. -Add ginger garlic paste,green chilli paste & mix well. -Add tomatoes & mix well. -Add reserved spice mix,red chilli powder,salt,turmeric powder,Kashmiri red chilli powder,tandoori masala,lemon juice,mix well & cook for 1-2 minutes. -Add fresh coriander,mint leaves & mix well,cover & cook on low flame for 4-5 minutes then cook on high flame until oil separates. -Add dried plums,yogurt,mix well & cook for 1-2 minutes. -Takeout half gravy & reserve for layering. -Add fried onion,green chillies,fresh coriander,mint leaves,half quantity of boiled rice,reserved gravy, fried onion,fresh coriander,mint leaves & remaining boiled rice. -In water,add orange food color & mix well. -Now add dissolved food color,fish tikka pieces with gravy,cover & steam cook on low flame for 12-15 minutes & serve!

നല്ല കിടിലൻ ഫിഷ് ബിരിയാണി😋👌 ഇതുപോലൊന്ന് ചെയ്തു നോക്കൂ Tasty Fish Biriyani Fadwaskitchen


_ Biriyani Chammanthi..Salad😊👇 🤍 Chicken Dum Biriyani with BIRIYANI MASALA😊👇 🤍 Ingredients Fish-1 kg Onion-4 Tomato-3 Ginger-3 tbsp Garlic-3 tbsp Green chilli-5-7 Chilli powder-1+1/2 tbsp Turmeric powder-1/2 +1/2 tsp Pepper powder-1+1/2 tsp Fennel seeds powder-1/2 tsp Salt to taste Lemon juice-2 tbsp Corn flour-1tsp Vinegar-1 tbsp Oil for frying Ghee-3-4-tbsp Biriyani masala-1tbsp Garam masala-3/4 tbsp Yogurt-3 tbsp Fried Onion-1+1/2 Coriander leaves- Mint leaves Carrot-1 tbsp Cashew-2 tbsp Raisins-1 tbsp Milk-2-3 tbsp Jeerakasala Rice-800 gm Water-7+1/2 cup Cardamom-3-4 Cloves-3-4 Cinnamon-1-2 piece _ Facebook 🤍 _ Instagram 🤍 _ Email fadwaskitchen🤍 _ Blogger 🤍 _ 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #FadwasKitchen

6 പേർക്കുള്ള മീൻ ബിരിയാണി ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്നത് ഇങ്ങനെയാണ്/ Malabar fish biryani/ fish dum biryani


ഇന്നത്തെ നമ്മുടെ വീഡിയോയിൽ മീൻ ബിരിയാണിയാണ് ഉണ്ടാക്കിയത് വടക്കൻ മലബാറിലെ കല്യാണ മീൻ ബിരിയാണി അയക്കൂറ മീൻ കൊണ്ടുള്ള ഈ മീൻ ബിരിയാണി ഉണ്ടാക്കുമ്പോൾ കല്യാണത്തിന് ചേർക്കുന്ന ഒരു സ്പെഷ്യൽ ചേരുവ കൂടെ ചേർത്താണ് ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്നത് അതുകൊണ്ട് തന്നെ മസാലയുടെ രുചി സൂപ്പർ ടേസ്റ്റ് ആയിരിക്കും ഒരിക്കലെങ്കിലും ബിരിയാണി ഇഷ്ടമുള്ളവർ ഉണ്ടാക്കി കഴിക്കേണ്ട ബിരിയാണിയാണ്👌 മീൻ ബിരിയാണി ഇഷ്ടക്കുറവുള്ളവർക്ക് പോലും ഈയൊരു രീതിയിൽ ഉണ്ടാക്കിയാൽ ബിരിയാണി ഇഷ്ടപ്പെടും Jeera kashala rice 1k Fish(king fisn) 6piece Water 1cuprice 1 1/2cupwater Ghee Oil Salt Corianderleaves Tomato 3 Ginger 2inch Garlic 15cloves Fennel seeds 1tsp Mint leaves Black pepper powder 1tsp Chilli powder 1tbls+1tsp Kashmiri Chilli powder 1tbls Lime juice 1tbls+1tbls Cashew Raisins Garam Masala 1tbls clove 4 Cinnamon sticks 4inch piece curd 4tbls Gardmom 4nos Chiilli 4nos 🤍 ഒരിക്കലെങ്കിലും ഉണ്ടാക്കി നോക്കേണ്ട വടകര ചിക്കൻ ദം ബിരിയാണി 🤍 ഒറിജിനൽ കോഴിക്കോടൻ ലഗോൺ കോഴി ബിരിയാണി 🤍 പഴയകാല രുചിയുള്ള തലശ്ശേരി ലഗോൺ കോഴി ബിരിയാണി #meenbiriyani #biriyanirecipemalayalam #malabarmeenbiriyani #fishbiriyani #talasserrybiriyani #fishdumbiriya #fishrecipeinmalayalam #kozhikodenbiriyani #bachelorsrecipe #kadathanadanruchi #kalyanameenbiriyani #kingfishbiriyani Thanks for watching

💯Perfect ഹൈദരാബാദി ഫിഷ് ബിരിയാണി ഈസിയായി വീട്ടിൽ ഉണ്ടാക്കാം | World Famous Hyderabadi Dum Biryani


Hyderabadi Fish Dum Biryani `````````````````````````````````````````` Ingredients: king fish -500 g chilli powder -1 tbsp Turmeric powder -1/2 tsp Ginger garlic paste -1 tap lime -1/2 salt water -23 tbsp oil -6-7 tbsp ghee -3 tbsp Cinnamon -2 cloves -4-5 Cardamom -4 black cardamom -1 caraway seeds -1 tsp onion -2 Ginger garlic paste -1 tbsp tomato -2 chilli powder -1 tsp Garam masala powder-1 tsp Cumin seeds powder -1/2 tsp salt Handful of coriander leaves Handful of mint leaves curd -1/3 cup basmati rice -2 cups water -8 cups Cinnamon -2 cloves -7-8 Cardamom -5 star anise -1 Caraway seeds -1 tsp black cardamom -2 dry rose buds -7-8 ginger garlic paste -1/2 tsp salt #restaurantstylehyderabadibiryani #hyderabadibiryani #fishbiryani #kannurkitchen Hyderabadi Dum Biryani Hyderabadi fish dum biryani fish biryani recipe easy biryani recipe Restaurant style Hyderabadi dum biryani Restaurant style fish biryani Perfect fish biryani recipe chicken biryani Thalassery chicken dum biryani cooker biryani cooker chicken biryani Kannur biryani Kannur chicken biryani chicken dum biryani chicken biryani Kannur kitchen Kannur kitchen chicken biryani in pressure cooker Thalassery biryani in pressure cooker Butter chicken Chicken butter masala Butter chicken masala Chicken curry Chicken curry with thick gravy Chicken made Restaurant style butter chicken onam payasam pal payasam paal payasam onam special paal payasam carrot paal payasam carrot payasam rice and carrot payasam rice kheer carrot kheer rice milk kheer carrot milk kheer carrot paal payasam paal payasam Kannur kitchen milk kheer Kannur Kitchen milk kheer onam recipes Sadhya style paal payasam onam sadhya recipes onam payasam Kannur style onasadhya Kannur kitchen rice payasam ari payasam pink paal payasam pink paayasam carrot payasam onam #carrotpayasam #carrotpaalpayasam #carrotmilkkheer kadala curry kerala style kadala curry recipe varutharacha kadala curry curry for breakfast Breakfast recipes Chickpea curry black chana curry evening snacks Kannur snacks Kannur style parippuvada parippuvada secret recipe thattukada vibhavangal chayakkadayile parippuvada snacks parippuvada recipe by Kannur kitchen Kannur kitchen ramadan special recipe kannur food kannur snacks recipe kannur special food items kannur recipes malabar food channel kannur special recipe in malayalam thalassery food kannur special food kannur special food recipes dinner recipes in malayalam malabar special food recipes കണ്ണൂർ ഫുഡ്f chicken macaroni lunch box special chicken macaroni kids special recipe fish recipes fish curry kerala fish curry fish Molly fish molee meen curry fish curry with coconut milk fish stew thenga paalil undakkiya meen curry fish curry recipe by Kannur kitchen beef dum biryani Kannur beef dum biryani beef roast biryani beef roast beef dum biryani Thalassery beef biryani Thalassery dum biryani recipe Kannur kitchen Kannur special beef roast biryani Kozhikodan beef biryani kozhikodan dum biryani beef biryani recipe dum biryani recipe erachi biryani kozhikodan biryani recipe kozhikodan beef dum biryani by Kannur kitchen biryani recipe Kannur kitchen Kannur kitchen biryani recipe beef biryani with Kannur Kannur biryani Kannur kitchen beef dum biryani Kozhikode kalyana fertile beef biryani perunnal special beef biryani eid special beef biryani eid biryani Muslim Style Biryani Thalassery Chicken Biryani Kannur Style Chicken Biryani iftar special Thalassery Chicken Dum Biryani kozhi biriyani chciken biryani malayalam chciken dum biryani malayalam malabar biryani kalyana veetile biriyani kalyana veetile chicken biryani easy chicken biryani recipe malayalam easy chicken biryani recipe kerala style ramadan special recipeish biryani by Kannur Kitchen biryani by Kannur Kitchen dum biryani

തലശ്ശേരി മീൻ ബിരിയാണി, എന്തായാലും ഇഷ്ട്ടപെടും | Thalassery Fish Biryani | Kannur Fish Biryani


#NidhashasKitchen #fishbiryani #meenbiriyani Ingredients: For fish fry: Fish 1kg Turmeric powder 1/2tsp Chilly powder 2 tbsp Salt Lime juice 1 Ginger garlic green chilly 1+1/2 tbsp Water For Masala: Onion 4 Frying onion 1 Garlic 2 big Ginger medium Green chilly 17 Tomato 3 Curry leaves Coriander leaves Mint leaves (opt) Salt Garam masala 1/2 tbsp Oil Ghee For rice: Jeerakasha Rice 1kg (5 cup) Water 10 cup Cardomon Cloves Cinnamon Salt Oil Ghee Onion 1 ( for frying) Cashew Raisins Coriander leaves Garam masala Tumeric water കണ്ണൂർ ഫുഡിൽ ഈ ഗരം മസാലയാണ് സാറേ മെയിൻ | Garam Masala Malayalam | Nidhashas Kitchen Link👇👇 🤍 കണ്ണൂരിലെ കല്ല്യാണ വീട്ടിലെ ചിക്കൻ ദം ബിരിയാണി | Chicken Dum Biryani | kannur wedding style biryani Link👇👇 🤍 ആരും ഇഷ്ട്ടപെട്ടുപോകുന്ന കണ്ണൂർ സ്പെഷ്യൽ ബീഫ് ബിരിയാണി Kannur Style Beef Dum Biryani | Beef Biryani Link👇👇 🤍 പൊരിച്ച കോഴി ബിരിയാണി വേറെ ലെവലാണ് FRIED CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI | CHICKEN BIRYANI | CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI Link👇👇 🤍 സേമിയ ബിരിയാണി ഉമ്മ ഉണ്ടാക്കിയാൽ നല്ല രുചിയാ | Semiya Biryani | Chicken Biryani | Nidhashas Kitchen 🤍 അയല മീൻ ബിരിയാണി, ആരും ഇഷ്ടപെട്ടുപോകും | Ayala Biryani | Fish Biryani Recipe | Nidhashas Kitchen 🤍 For Collaborations & Promotions mail at nidashac🤍 OR Message me on Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 For finding this video fish biriyani kerala style biryani recipe nidhashas kitchen Fish biryani ayakura biriyani in malayalam neymeen biryani malayalam king fish biryani recipe king fish biryani recipe malayalam king fish biryani malayalam thalassery dum biryani thalassery fish biryani kannur meen biryani meen biryani malayalam kannur food kannur special food items kannur recipes malabar food channel kannur special recipe in malayalam thalassery food kannur special food kannur special food recipes dinner recipes in malayalam malabar special food recipes കണ്ണൂർ ഫുഡ് കണ്ണൂർ സ്പെഷ്യൽ

Fish Biryani | ఫిష్ బిర్యానీ | Murrel Fish Biryani | Indian Fish Biryani | Village style || కొరమీను


#fish #fishbiryanirecipe #fishbiryani #murrelfish #telugurecipe #telugu

💯Fish Biryani |Kerala Special Fish Dum Biryani മലബാർ മീൻ ബിരിയാണി |Fish DumBiryani KingFish Biryani


#KeralaSpecialFishDumBiryani #EidSpecial #PerunalSpecialBiryani #HowToMakeFishBiryani #KingFishBiryani #മലബാർനെയ്മീൻബിരിയാണി Fish Biryani |Kerala Special Fish Dum Biryani മലബാർ മീൻ ബിരിയാണി |Fish Dum Biryani KingFish Biryani

Kerala Fish Dum Biriyani || Special Thanks to Vanitha 😍 || Perunnal Special Meen Biriyani ||Ep:377


Authentic Kerala Dishes with my personal Touch 😍 Hi friends, u can follow me here 👇 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Ingredients Fish-500gm Basmati Rice-3 cups Big Onion-4 medium Big onion-1 for frying Finely Chopped Tomato-2 medium Ginger-one big piece Garlic-6 cloves (medium) Green chilli-6 Red chilli powder-1 1/4 tsp Turmeric powder- 1/2tsp Garam Masala-1/2tsp Curd-1 1/2 tbsp Coriander leaves-1/2 cup chopped Mint leaves-1/4cup chopped Ghee- Cashewnuts-handfull Raisins -hand full Milk-5tbsp Turmeric powder-1/2tsp Lemon Juice-1tbsp Ghee-1tsp Oil-for frying Water- Cinnamon-1 stick Cardamom-3 Cloves-4 Bayleaf-1 For marination Red chilli powder-2tsp Turmeric powder-1/4tsp Salt- Vinegar-1tbsp Method 1..Clean and wash fish pieces thoroughly using salt and vinegar .. 2.Here i used 6 slice of fish which again cut into half total 12 pieces .. 3.Marinate with chilli powder,turmeric powder,salt ,vinegar and water and keep in the fridge for minimum 20 minutes … 4.Wash and soak rice for 10 minutes .. Meanwhile Boil water along with salt,cloves,cardamom ,pepper and cinnamon 5.Salt should be bit high when tasted .. Not too much ok 😉 6.When water starts boiling add rice and stir well..otherwise rice may stick in the bottom.. Here I used 10 L cooker and the amount of water is just a bit lower than 3/4 th level..When u add rice it will come to up..When the rice starts to boil and cook there is a chance of spilling .. 7.Check rice occasionally … When the rice is 3/4 th cooked ,add 1 tsp of ghee and 1 tbsp of lemon juice and Mix well ..(to avoid sticking together ) 8. Strain the rice and allow to cool .. Make a well in the centre of the rice .. When the water is completely gone then transfer to a wide vessel otherwise coz of the heat in the bottom of the strainer, rice may over cooked .. keep aside… 9. Now heat a nonstick pan and add oil or dalda 10.. Add thinly sliced onion with a pinch of salt and fry till golden colour (many ended up with burned onion, so be careful.when u see golden colour coming, take them out soon ..It will become crisp when cools down ) 11.In the same oil or dada (if u want ,u can change the oil and add ghee ) fry raisins and cashew nuts separately .. Keep aside 12. Finely chop Coriander leaves and Mint leaves separately .. 13.Heat a non stick pan and add oil and shallow fry the fish pieces .. Remove from the oil when the fish is soft ..(no need to fry till as we usually do ,it will sometimes reduce the softness ) transfer to a kitchen tissue and keep aside . 14.Now have to make masala ..for that heat oil in a pan ,add sliced onion along with salt .. Saute well .. 15.When it becomes translucent then add ginger-garlic-green chilli paste .. Mix well and sauté till the onion become golden colour (in medium flame ) 16.At this stage add red chilli powder ,turmeric powder and garam masala .. Mix and sauté till the raw smell goes .. 17.Add finely chopped tomato to this and cook well.. 18 ..Add small amount of corinder leaves ,mint leaves ,cashew nuts,raisins and fried onion into this masala .. Mix well .. 19.At this stage add Curd and mix well … and allow to boil … Check the taste .. Adjust the salt .. 20.. Add 1 cup of hot water and allow to boil ,now add fried fish pieces .. Let it cook in the gravy for 5 to 6 minutes in medium flame … By then the gravy will be reduced to thick consistency .. Remove from the fire.. Now have to dum biriyani,for that take a non stick pan grease with ghee .. 21. Place rice in the first layer, a second layer with fish and gravy again rice.. Then sprinkle some leaves, cashew-raisins and yellow colour(add one drop of yellow colour in 1/4 glass of water) and 1 tsp of ghee Again place fish and gravy and so on till u finish the entire and rice and fish .. The top layer should be rice .. Sprinkle roasted onions, mint-coriander leaves, cashew nuts -raisins, yellow colour and ghee … Press the top with a spoon to level it … Now close the pan, Heat a dosa tawa and place this biriyani pan on that ..(low heat ) And cook for 15 minutes or till the steam comes ..if u put directly to the stove the rice in the bottom will burn … So the delicious Fish biriyani is ready to serve … Serve carefully with out breaking pieces .. U can serve with pickles, salads ,chutney etc…. Will add mint chutney and beetroot chutney recipe soon … So hope u all will try this tasty biriyani and will share ur experience

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