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Building a Loft in my Off Grid Log Cabin in the Woods with Salvaged Materials


Using rough sawn lumber and salvaged tongue and groove pine flooring, I build a sleeping loft in my log cabin, complete with book shelves and an operating window for ventilation. Thanks for Watching! Patreon: 🤍 Shawn James YouTube Channel: 🤍 CLOTHING: 🤍 AMAZON LINKS: 🤍 Best of My Self Reliance: 🤍 2022 OFF GRID CABIN LIFE: 🤍 OFF GRID LIVING: 🤍 COOKING: 🤍 BUILDING LOG CABIN WITH HAND TOOLS: 🤍 BUILDING OFF GRID SAUNA: 🤍 BUSHCRAFT & SURVIVAL: 🤍 Facebook – 🤍 Instagram – 🤍 Mailing Address for items sent by regular mail: My Self Reliance/Shawn James 51 King William Street P.O. Box 30017 Huntsville, ON P1H 0B5 Address for items sent by courier: 200 Manitoba St., Unit 3, Suite 415 Bracebridge, ON P1L 2E2

Coastal Cottage | The Sims 4 Speed Build


Happy Friday my dears! Here is a cheeky little speed build for you. I decided on building a little coastal cottage inspired by the world around me. Enjoy your weekends my darlings, I'll see you all on Tuesday! - Social Media and Twitch Schedule Live on Twitch Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7PM GMT Twitch :​​​ Twitter : 🤍​​​​​​​​ Instagram : 🤍​ Origin ID : DevonBumpkin E-mail : Devonbumpkin7🤍 (BUSINESS ONLY! Not Build Requests/Birthday Messages etc

Building Craft-Temple Bamboo Villa And Bamboo Swimming Pool [Full Video]


Full Video] Building Craft-Temple Bamboo House And Swimming Pool Style: Build Swimming Pool, Underground Swimming Pool, Bamboo Swimming Pools, Full Build, Survival Builder, Primitive Technology, How To Make, Craft Swimming Pools, Tutorial, How To Build House. Build The Most Temple Swimming Pools Underground 🤍 Building Beautiful Secret Underground House Villa 🤍 Survival Builder: Building The Greatness Bath Pool 🤍 Building The Greatness Natural Waterfall And Best Swimming Pool Ancient Skill 🤍 Survival Builder: I'm From Cambodia We always Build The Most Everything In Jungle House Swimming Pool Underground, And In This Video, I'm Spent A Week Build And Live There 15DAy. We Build Only 3 People(Camera Man). Thank You, Everyone, If You Want More Video In Survival Builder Please: Please Follow Us: Youtube: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Dr. Andy Galpin: How to Build Physical Endurance & Lose Fat | Huberman Lab Guest Series


This is episode 3 of a 6-part special series on fitness, exercise and performance with Andy Galpin, PhD, professor of kinesiology at California State University, Fullerton. He explains protocols to improve the various kinds of physical endurance: muscular endurance, anerobic capacity, maximum aerobic output, and long duration endurance. He also explains how the body uses different energy sources (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) during rest and exercise. He also explains the mechanisms underlying fat loss and how and why exercise accelerates rates of fat loss. We cover the many concepts related to endurance training and fat loss such as metabolic flexibility, breathwork training for exercise performance and recovery, lactate production and regulation, how to improve blood flow to muscles, anaerobic vs. aerobic metabolism, exercise fatigue, low-carbohydrate diets and fat loss, and how to combine different types of workouts to improve overall endurance. This episode in intended for everyone ranging from novice and recreational exercisers to elite endurance athletes. Anyone wishing to improve their physical health and performance stands to benefit from the information. Thank you to our sponsors AG1 (Athletic Greens): 🤍 Levels: 🤍 LMNT: 🤍 InsideTracker: 🤍 Supplements from Momentous 🤍 Huberman Lab Social & Website Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Newsletter: 🤍 Dr. Andy Galpin Academic Profile: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Articles Exercise Snacks: A Novel Strategy to Improve Cardiometabolic Health: 🤍 The Effects of Acute Exercise on Mood, Cognition, Neurophysiology, and Neurochemical Pathways: A Review: 🤍 Other Resources Exercise Snacks: 🤍 SHIFT Breathing Gears: 🤍 SHIFT Breathing Assessment: 🤍 Timestamps 00:00:00 Endurance: Benefits, Mechanics & Breathing 00:07:30 Tool: “Exercise Snacks” 00:14:21 Momentous, Levels, LMNT 00:18:01 Endurance Categories 00:22:16 Fat Loss & Respiration; Carbon Cycles & Storage, Metabolism 00:33:08 Exhalation Rates, Exercise & Fat Loss; Calories 00:41:47 Cardiovascular Adaptations, Cardiac Output & Maximum Heart Rate 00:47:03 AG1 (Athletic Greens) 00:47:55 Excess Post-Exercise Consumption (EPOC); Exercise Intensity & Fat vs. Carbohydrate Energy Utilization 00:59:35 Tool: Training for Fat Loss, Carbohydrate Stores, Liver Glycogen & Fatigue 01:08:01 Metabolic Flexibility, Carbohydrates & Fat; Exercise & Flexible Fuel Utilization 01:16:07 Muscle & Basal Metabolic Rate 01:19:40 InsideTracker 01:20:43 Assessing Metabolic Flexibility, Blood Glucose, Carbohydrates 01:27:48 Caffeine, High-Carbohydrate Meals & Timing, Managing Daily Energy 01:36:42 Cellular Energy (ATP) Production from Carbs; Lactate; Anerobic, Aerobic 01:50:45 Lactate, Energy Production Buffer 01:53:14 Fuel Sources & Exercise; Mitochondria, Oxygen Availability & Lactate 02:02:50 Lactate for Exercise & Cognitive Performance 02:04:33 Energy Production, Waste Management & Endurance Exercise; Insulin 02:12:49 Protein & Fat Utilization for Energy; Exercise & Fat Loss 02:21:20 Protein as Fuel Source, Fire Analogy 02:26:39 Low-Carbohydrate Diet & Performance 02:29:40 Muscular Endurance: Fuel Sources, Training & Capillarization 02:37:30 Tool: Muscular Endurance & Modifiable Variables; Examples 02:45:07 Anerobic Capacity: Fuel Sources, Training & Oxygen Utilization 02:49:23 Tool: Cardiac Output, Heart Rate Zones & Breathing “Gear System” 02:58:10 Tool: Anerobic Capacity & Modifiable Variables; Examples, Nasal Recovery 03:11:45 Tool: “Sugarcane” Endurance Protocol 03:14:02 Anerobic Capacity, Training Progression 03:16:40 Tool: Maximum Aerobic Output, Training & Modifiable Variables 03:21:58 Tool: Long Duration Endurance, Training, Circuits 03:25:13 Long Duration Endurance, Capillarization, Fatigue & Breathwork, Technique 03:29:10 Weekly Combination Training, Metabolic Flexibility & Longevity 03:37:23 Tool: Mixed Endurance Training, Half Marathon Example 03:47:33 Zero-Cost Support, Spotify & Apple Reviews, YouTube Feedback, Sponsors, Neural Network Newsletter Title Card Photo Credit: Mike Blabac - 🤍 Disclaimer: 🤍

Shelby's Lawsuit Means Freedom For Eleanor Builders And Owners.. But You Still Shouldn't Build One..


Save 33% on your first Native Deodorant Pack - normally $39, you’ll get it for $26! Click here 🤍 and use my code BBUILD Heres a link to the court summary 🤍 And Check out 🤍 while you're at it. NATIVE DEODORANT REVIEW #NativePartner #Deodorant #aluminumfree ❱ Shop - 🤍 ❱ Patreon - 🤍 ❱ Facebook - 🤍 ❱ Instagram - 🤍 ❱ Twitch - 🤍 Music: Fareoh - Cloud Ten

How To Build An Aesthetic Muscular Physique Naturally STEP BY STEP (Backed By SCIENCE)


Get rid of useless subscriptions with Rocket Money now: 🤍 ▶️Rumble▶️ ➜🤍 - 🎬Clips Channel🎬 ➜ 🤍 - STUDIES/REFERENCES: Dr. Brad Schoenfeld’s Book: Schoenfeld, B. (2016). Science and development of muscle hypertrophy. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics. Team 3DMJ Muscle and Strength Pyramid 🤍 Intensity/RPE References: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Pareja-Blanco F, Rodríguez-Rosell D, Aagaard P, Sánchez-Medina L, Ribas-Serna J, Mora-Custodio R, Otero-Esquina C, Yáñez-García JM, González-Badillo JJ. Time Course of Recovery From Resistance Exercise With Different Set Configurations. Journal of strength and conditioning research. 2018 Jul. Morán-Navarro R, Pérez CE, Mora-Rodríguez R, de la Cruz-Sánchez E, González-Badillo JJ, Sánchez-Medina L, Pallarés JG. Time course of recovery following resistance training leading or not to failure. European journal of applied physiology. 2017 Dec 1;117(12):2387-99. Watkins CM, Barillas SR, Wong MA, Archer DC, Dobbs IJ, Lockie RG, Coburn JW, Tran TT, Brown LE. Determination of Vertical Jump as a Measure of Neuromuscular Readiness and Fatigue. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research. 2017 Dec 1;31(12):3305-10. Davies T, Orr R, Halaki M, Hackett D. Effect of training leading to repetition failure on muscular strength: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Sports medicine. 2016 Apr 1;46(4):487-502. 5. Helms ER, Byrnes RK, Cooke DM, Haischer MH, Carzoli JP, Johnson TK, Cross MR, Cronin JB, Storey AG, Zourdos MC. RPE vs. Percentage 1RM Loading in Periodized Programs Matched for Sets and Repetitions. Frontiers in physiology. 2018 Mar 21;9:247. Volume References: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Frequency: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Exercise selection: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Rest Periods: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Tempo: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Repetitions: 🤍 🤍 ⏱️TIME STAMPS⏱️ 0:00 : Intro 1:00 : Announcements / Why men go to the gym? 7:00 : Powerpoint presentation - Muscle Gain 101 9:20 : What is Hypertrophy / Priorities of hypertrophy 14:45 : How hard should you train? 21:45 : Progressive Overload & how to actually do it ? 25:00 : Exercise Selection - Compound movements are the king 28:40 : Rest Periods - How long should you rest? 30:30 : Time Under Tension is OVERRATED! 33:50 : How much reps to build muscle? 37:30 : Dr. Brad Schoenfeld study on repetition ranges 40:40 : Key Takeaways from the Presentation 41:50 : DO NOT always train to failure 45:30 : When you should train to failure? 49:30 : Sponsor - 51:30 : Superchats! 53:30 : Chris - WE DO IT LIVE!💀 55:50 : How to get bigger arms / Should you take steroids? 58:40 : What causes loose skin? / How much calories to consume 1:01:50 : Ice bath & Cryotherapy is bad for muscle gain 1:06:00 : Focus on the fundamentals not on supplements 1:09:00 : Should you do Cardio? 1:11:20 : A good Credit Score goes a looong way 1:14:20 : Outro!



In today's video I showcase the new 6'11 pure stretch big 🤍TonicKeyboard will be using in our new 5 out team style in nba 2k23 comp pro am. HOW TO SUPPORT EVEN MORE BY BECOMING A "MEMBER" 🤍 (Levels: $2 - $5 - $10) 🔹 TWITTER: 🤍 🔹 ♒️ TWITCH: 🤍 ♒️ ✳️ Xbox GamerTag: LakerFan LA ✳️ TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!

how to build an aesthetic physique


A simple guide to building an attractive physique as a man. Workout Routines: Push/Pull/Legs: 🤍 Beginner Aesthetic Routine: 🤍 Beginner Calisthenics Routine: 🤍 OPF Aesthetic Routine: 🤍 Follow OnPointFresh ►WEBSITE - 🤍 ►INSTAGRAM - 🤍 ►TWITTER - 🤍 ►TIKTOK - 🤍 Business inquiries: outreach🤍 ♪ Temple (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link : 🤍

THIS WILL DEFINE THE NEW META! Play Faster With This Best Kastov 762 Build [Warzone 2]


Get your own custom IceManIsaac x Academy SCUF! Use code "ISAAC" at checkout for 5% off! 🤍 ► WATCH ME LIVE: 🤍 ► STAY UP TO DATE: 🤍 _ ► SUPPORT A CREATOR: Use code "ISAAC" in the Call Of Duty Store! (#codpartner) ► SCUF CONTROLLER DISCOUNT: "ISAAC" at checkout for 5% off (🤍 ► ROG PC PARTNER: Check out Isaac's PC sponsor (🤍 ► TWITCH: 🤍 ► TWITTER: 🤍 ► TIKTOK: 🤍 ► INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ► FACEBOOK: 🤍 ► DISCORD: 🤍 ► 2nd CHANNEL [THE ACADEMY]: 🤍 ► SHORTS CHANNEL: 🤍 ► PLAYS CHANNEL: 🤍 ► EN ESPAÑOL: 🤍 ► BUSINESS ONLY: Isaac🤍 _ ► MY GAMING/STREAMING/CAMERA GEAR: 🤍 _ Tags: icemanisaac,guard icemanisaac,warzone icemanisaac,modern warfare 2,mw2 2022,mwII,modern warfare II,best mw2 loadouts,best mw2 guns,top mw2 weapons,best mw2 weapons,mw2 meta,best modern warfare II weapons,best warzone 2.0 guns,warzone 2.0 meta,best warzone 2 loadouts,best warzone 2 classes,best warzone 2 weapons,warzone 2 best rifle,warzone best ak,ak loadout,kastov 762,warzone kastov 762 attachments class setup,warzone 2 small map,warzone 2 rebirth

FREE GOLD THRUSTER!! (best item) | Build a boat for Treasure ROBLOX


Today we look at thrusters in build a boat for Treasure and how they can make a ton of gold quick!! 2nd Channel! - 🤍 here at my channel I do many build a boat for treasure tutorials, secrets, build tricks and how to get many rare items in Build a boat roblox!! If you do want to see more build a boat videos, make sure to like and subscribe to stay updated with all new roblox videos!! #roblox #buildaboat #babft

NEW Itemization Guide for SEASON 13: HUGE CHANGES!


►𝐖𝐄𝐁𝐒𝐈𝐓𝐄: 🤍 ►𝐒𝐔𝐁𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐁𝐄: 🤍 ►𝐃𝐈𝐒𝐂𝐎𝐑𝐃: 🤍 What is Skill Capped? Skill Capped has one goal in mind: help YOU become a BETTER player FAST! We create guides that ACTUALLY WORK by the TOP PROS and COACHES. We're so confident we can help you IMPROVE that we back it up with a RANK IMPROVEMENT GUARANTEE not found anywhere else! Follow Skill Capped at: ►TikTok: 🤍 ►FACEBOOK: 🤍 ►TWITTER: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 - Introduction 00:55 - Black Cleaver 01:40 - Sterak's Gage 02:03 - Fiora Build 02:34 - Kled Build 02:52 - Riven Build 03:07 - Irelia Build 03:28 - Vi + Jarvan Build 03:57 - Hecarim Build 04:15 - Nocturne Build 04:41 - Xin Zhao Build 04:56 - Kayn Build 05:17 - Viego Build 05:36 - Belveth Build 05:54 - Lee sin Build 06:12 - Rek'Sai Build 06:34 - Kindred Build 07:03 - Yasuo + Yone Builds 07:28 - Xayah Build 07:56 - Samira Build 08:14 - Jhin Build 08:25 - Tristana Build 08:31 - Draven Build 08:50 - Kai'Sa Build 09:08 - Jinx Build 09:19 - Caitlyn Build 09:38 - Miss Fortune Build 09:47 - Lucian Build 10:05 - Sivir Build 10:25 - Zeri Build 10:42 - Ezreal Build 11:04 - Aphelios Build 11:20 - SkillCapped & Outro #lolguides​​ #leagueoflegends​​ #skillcapped #Season13

Elden Ring Faith Build Guide - How to Build a Red Lightning (NG+ Guide)


Elden Ring Faith Build Guide - How to Build a Red Lightning (NG+ Guide) In this Elden Ring Build Guide, I’ll be showing you my Dragon Cult Incantation build. This is an NG+ build that takes place after level 150. If you’ve been looking for a faith build that focuses on raining down lightning strikes on your enemies, then you might want to check this build-out. Elden Ring Builds: 🤍 Elden Ring Classes: 🤍 Elden Ring Classes: 🤍 Elden Ring Wiki: 🤍 & 🤍 0:00 - Elden Ring Red Lightning Guide 0:19 - How to make this build work 1:17 - Red Lightning Gameplay 5:31 - Armor 5:50 - Talisman 7:27 - Red Lightning Attributes 9:34 - Final Thoughts Don't forget to like the video and subscribe to our channel for more! 🤍 Follow us on social media: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Visit our wikis: 🤍 Check out our blog: 🤍 Visit our forums: 🤍 #eldenring #eldenringguide #eldenringbuild

The BEST $500 Gaming PC Build 2023


Today we are building a gaming computer that can keep up with the modern consoles AND it's using all new parts so you get that peace of mind and warranty! The Intel i3 12100F 4 Core 8 Thread has some of the strongest single core performance on the market; which games love. On top of that you get gen 4.0 support and a great upgrade path! Build this Gaming PC Today! Silverstone PS15 Pro Micro ATX Amazon: 🤍 Newegg: 🤍 Intel i3-12100F Amazon: 🤍 BestBuy: 🤍 RX 5500XT 8GB Amazon: 🤍 eBay: 🤍 Gigabyte B660M DS3H Amazon: 🤍 BestBuy: 🤍 Crucial P3 500GB Amazon: 🤍 BestBuy: 🤍 OLOy 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Amazon: 🤍 BestBuy: 🤍 Enermax Cyberbron 500W Amazon: 🤍 BestBuy: 🤍 Windows 10 Keys GVGmall 25% discount code:TB20 Windows 10($16):🤍 Win10 home($14):🤍 Office 2016($27):🤍 Office 2019($49) :🤍 windows pro+office 2019( 62$) :🤍 windows pro+office 2016(40$) :🤍 Buy a PC from us! - 🤍 "ToastyBros2" to save 2% 👉 Buy a PC from us! - 🤍 👈 👉 Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 👈 👉 Buy our Merch! - 🤍 👈 👉 Follow us on Instagram - 🤍 👈 👉 Discord Community - 🤍 👈 👉 Sub to us on Floatplane - 🤍 👈 👉 TikTok - 🤍 👈 👉 Twitch Stream - 🤍 👈 The Toastybros is comprised of Matt and Jackson, two tech heads with a passion for creating content. They have been creating content for years on YouTube and the Toastybros has become their most successful channel. Please consider subscribing to see more content like this! ✌👊

Build Most Wonderful Mud Villa, Twin Water Slide, Gorgeous Swimming Pool& Pool Top Villa [Full]


Build Most Wonderful Mud Villa, Twin Water Slide, Gorgeous Underground Swimming Pool & Pool Top Villa

Top 5 BEST BUILDS in NBA 2K23 AFTER PATCH! Most Overpowered Builds in NBA 2K23!


Top 5 BEST BUILDS in NBA 2K23 AFTER PATCH! Most Overpowered Builds in NBA 2K23! PrizePicks - 🤍



coach cheese gap ▼OPEN ME▼ ► Live Stream: 🤍 ► Main Channel: 🤍 ► Second Channel: 🤍 ► Shorts Channel: 🤍 ►Edited by itsPhlex 🤍 🤍 ► Thumbnail by NiceTryIan 🤍 🤍 ►Music Provided by Monstercat "What I've Waited For" by Vicetone 🤍 ► All Social Links MAIN CHANNEL - 🤍 SECOND CHANNEL - 🤍 TWITTER - 🤍 TWITCH - 🤍 TIKTOK - 🤍 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 DISCORD - 🤍 FACEBOOK - 🤍 #Doublelift #LeagueOfLegends #League ►CREDIT IF USING STREAM VODS (one week old only)

Engineering a THRIVING mining city in Steamworld Build!


Steamworld Build combines city building with mining and is truly amazing thanks to the attention to detail that has gone into this game! Steam World Build is the wild west themed, desert based city builder with robots powered by steam from the same universe and developers as Steamworld Dig! LINKS! PATREON: 🤍 MERCH: 🤍 MEMBERSHIP: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 REDDIT: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 PADDY (MY DOG): 🤍 STREAM ARCHIVE: 🤍 PLAYLISTS! MINI MOTORWAYS: 🤍 INFRA: 🤍 DORFROMANTIK: 🤍 CITIES SKYLINES - ENGITOPIA: 🤍 KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM: 🤍 POLY BRIDGE 2: 🤍 HYDRONEER: 🤍 VARIETY PLAYLIST: 🤍 Epic Game Store Support-A-Creator Code: RCE (In connection with Epic Games’ Support-A-Creator Program, I may receive a commission from certain in-game purchases) #realcivilengineer #engineering #steamworldbuild

Why I Cheated With AUTO BUILD MOD In A Build Battle...


►Why I Cheated With AUTO BUILD In A Build Battle... 👍 "LIKE" FOR MORE Minecraft! ✔️Subscribe to me pls 👀 FOLLOW ME :D Twitch 🤍 📲 🤍 📸 🤍 🕹️Fan Discord: 🤍 How i stole max hearts/infinite hearts on this minecraft smp to get revenge, this was using lifestealing every hearts on this smp using traps on your friends in minecraft, this is similar to the Lifesteal SMP in which we do the Why I Burned The World to get over 100 wardens in full netherite and get revenge on our friends by fooling them with a real life netherite wardens in minecraft #Minecraft #MinecraftSMP

Hermitcraft 9: SUPER SPEED, CLEAN, BUILD! | Episode 33


In this episode of Hermitcraft, PearlescentMoon turns into a cleaning lady gremlin against iJevin, discovers speed quicker than an elytra and builds a new structure on the mega base! Social Links: Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Discord Server: 🤍 #minecraft #hermitcraft

Yelan Nữ Hoàng F2P Sắp Trở Lại: Update Build Yelan! Cung Mệnh Hay Trấn! ĐỘi Hình Yelan Genshin 3.4


Yelan Nữ Hoàng F2P Sắp Trở Lại: Update Build Yelan! Cung Mệnh Hay Trấn! ĐỘi Hình Yelan Genshin 3.4 Tiêu Điểm Nhân Vật Build Yelan Anh em xem livestream/videos thì nhớ bấm đăng ký kênh nhé, để Youtube thông báo khi mình ra video hoặc livestream. Cảm ơn nhìu. UID GENSHIN IMPACT: 80821 8338 - Hãy ủng hộ mình: Số tài khoản 256.927.069 | BUI THANH DAT | ACB Bank ► 🤍 ► 🤍 - 📺 HYDRATV GENSHIN IMPACT: ► 🤍 📺 HYDRATV Tôi là Đạt09: ►🤍 🏰 Discord Giao Lưu: ► 🤍 🎮 Nhóm "kín": ► 🤍 💬 Follow Fanpage: ► 🤍 - LỊCH STREAM GAME: ► 21h30 - Genshin Impact Official Links: DISCORD : 🤍 YOUTUBE : 🤍 WEBSITE : 🤍 - #genshinimpact, #genshin_impact, #Hydratv Thumbnail: 🤍

You Can Build A Powerful & Cheap $180 Steam Deck OS Gaming Machine!


In this video we put together an awesome low-cost gaming PC that runs steamos 3 also know as Steam Deck OS Or Holoiso. Powered by an i7 4790 and backed by an amd radeon RX6400, this makes an awesome budget.linux taking PC. Buy A SFF i7 4790 PC on Ebay: 🤍 Radeon RX 6400: 🤍 Bluetooth USB Adapter: 🤍 Learn More About HOLOISO Here: 🤍 Follow Me On Twitter: 🤍 Follow Me On Instagram: 🤍 25% Code for software: ETA Windows 10 Pro OEM Key($15): 🤍 Windows10 Home Key($14): 🤍 Windows 11 Pro Key($22): 🤍 Office 2019 pro key($49): 🤍 Equipment I Use: Monitor: Pixio 277 Pro On Amazon: 🤍 Elgato HD60 X Screen Capture Device: 🤍 Tool Kit: 🤍 Camera: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission at no extra cost to you! Under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, education, and research. No Games Are Included Or Added 00:00 Introduction 00:21 Build Overview 04:39 SteamDeck Os SteamOS 3 Overall Performance 06:46 Cyberpunk 2077 07:31 SOnic Froties 08:00 Doom Eternal 08:23 Witcher 3 08:53 Spiderman Miles Morales 09:37 Project Cars 2 This video and Channel and Video are for viewers 14 years older and up. This video is not made for viewers under the age of 14. Want to send me something? ETAPRIME 12520 Capital Blvd Ste 401 Number 108 Wake Forest, NC 27587 US THIS VIDEO IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY! #steamdeck #steamos #etaprime

100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof And A Swimming Pool


100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof and a Swimming Pool About Mr.Heang Update: We are from Thailand and we live in United States of America (USA). In this video we going to show you about our ( 100 Days Building A Modern Underground Hut With A Grass Roof And A Swimming Pool) with very simple tools and skill ! How long and where did I build? I been working very hard with my 2 friends about 100 Days to completely build, This underground hut is in a very small private jungle in California (United State), We did together with three people (2 people we are builders and one person he is camera man) How large is it? Underground Hut Dimension: Depth 5m , width 18m, height 7m, I knew the most of viewer they hard to believe but it real 100% by hand made with tools in video ! If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below my video. We are very happy for your constructive feedback. We hope all of you enjoying our videos !! #Building #Survival - Email: misterheang🤍 Follow me on Facebook Page ( Mr.Heang Viral ) Follow me on ➝ Allow to share/embed my video to any sites with credit link ➝ Don't allow copy/re-upload my videos on (YouTube & Facebook) - Camera: Nikon D7500 Len: Tokina 11-16mm Editing: Adobe Premiere Pro

My Summer Holiday 155 Days Building 1M Dollars Water Slide Park into Underground Swimming Pool House


My Summer Holiday 155 Days Building 1M Dollars Water Slide Park into Underground Swimming Pool House Dear sir/madam, Thank you so much for spending your valuable time watching my video. Please like, share, and subscribe my channel Primitive Jungle Lifeskills. Who we are? We are a group of 4 friends who live in San Francisco, the United States of America. We worked together in a company. Currently, we just decided to quite our job and started our job as our hobby and dream job as builders. We love building. We got the same mindset actually. Recently, we just move to live in Oklahoma, the southern of the USA. I got a plot of land here, so we come and start making videos about how to build, how to survive, and mostly about the primitive skills in the jungle. How does it made? It’s been a while that we haven’t upload our new video. We spent 155 days to build such a goodness water slide park into a huge swimming pool. We got our master plan and an advance architecture design for the whole building structure. Actually, we are not architecture, we just love building especially the underground house and swimming pool. Our water slide was built as a twin water slide and the shape is similar to the walking snake. We dug a big termite house to make two holes to connect with our water slide. Also this water slide is really unique in term of shape and art style. The tunnel temple house was design as the Disney Land Temple and mix with our special new ideas by using only the small wood, the rice straw, and the clay to make the roof. Inside the house as a bedroom we got two beds which were the same style as a twin bed. The bed was design as a classic and unique style. Everything was handmade, so the primitive tools that we normally used are hoes, shovels, trowels, axe, spades, and a machete. How big is this building? We separated this building into two parts. The first parts is about the water slide and the swimming pool and the second parts is about the underground house. The first part dimension is 9metres by 12metres and it is 4.5metres depth. The second part, underground house, dimension is 4metres by 4metres and the depth is only 4metres. What’s next? The next underground building project is going to be much more amazing and interesting than this. Please stay tune to watch the next episode. Leave a comment below for any constructive feedback. Subscribe: 🤍 | Do Not Miss Any Video! Please Turn on Notification! #waterslide #building #underground #swimmingpool #templehouse - Copyright Info © ➝ Allow to share/embed my video to any sites with credit link ➝ Don't allow copy/re-upload my videos on (YouTube & Facebook) - Follow Me on Social Media: Facebook Page: Primitive Jungle Lifeskills Instagram: Primitive Jungle Lifeskills Tik Tok: Primitive_J_Lifeskills Tumblr: Primitive Jungle Lifeskills Twitter: Primitive Jungle Lifeskills Hope you enjoy this video. If you get some more interesting ideas, please suggest us. We are welcome all constructive feedback. You also can contact us 24h/7days for any inconvenience. Please help us to get 5M Subscribers. Thanks you very much. Best regards, Primitive Jungle Lifeskills

Easy £200 ($250) Gaming PC Build With 64GB RAM and Liquid Cooling!


Today we're taking a look at an easy to build budget gaming PC that is capable of playing all of the latest games. With a liquid cooled 6-core CPU, 64GB of DDR3 and a solid GPU, this thing is ideal for 1080p titles. 0:00 Introduction, Price, Specs 2:15 Graphics Card Upgrade, Overall PC Performance 3:20 Gaming Tests 3:32 Apex Legends 4:07 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 5:00 Cyberpunk 2077 5:43 Fortnite 6:34 Forza Horizon 5 7:18 GTA V 7:43 Red Dead Redemption 2 8:18 Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered 8:49 Final Thoughts Thanks for watching :)

BECOME A ONE BAR GOD! 95k DPS The Best Magicka Sorcerer Build for ESO


THERES ONE BUILD TO RULE THEM ALL AND THIS IS THE ONE! High dps, survivability and simplistic everything you want in a eso build! Hope you enjoy! Important Links Written Build: 🤍 Race Guide: 🤍 Champion Points Guide: 🤍 Full Daily Priorities Guide: 🤍 Full List of Addons, UI and Keybind changes: 🤍 📧Business Contact: deltiasgaming🤍 💜 Twitch: 🤍 ❤️ Patreon be in the ending credits: 🤍 🔵 Follow me on Twitter 🤍 ✔️ Check out our Website: 🤍 👑 Merchandise: 🤍 ▶️ Starfield Second Channel: 🤍 Timestamps 0:00 Intro 00:50 Gear 05:44 Gear Chart 06:31 Non-Mythic Gear 08:00 Skills Solo 12:05 Parse Setup 14:50 Priority of Skills 17:33 Champion Points 19:54 Full Parse 🎥PRODUCT LINKS (Commission Earned) My Streaming Setup 🤍 Deltiasgaming the Elder Scrolls Online player & coach simple written guides for MMO, MMORPGs, walkthroughs, hints, tricks, builds, news and guides #eso #mmorpg #deltiasgaming Description Tags Gaming,ESO,Elder Scrolls Online,TESO,Video Games,MMORPG,ESO Builds,TESO Build,TES Builds,eso magsorc,one bar build eso,eso one bar build,eso parse build,the elder scrolls online,eso builds,eso builds 2023,eso 2023,eso news 2023,elder scrolls online,eso,teso,deltiasgaming,deltia,deltia's gaming,nightblade,templar,necromancer,dragonknight,sorcerer,warden,eso pve,elder scrolls,teso pve,eso guide,eso gameplay 2023,deltia's gaming eso

NOOB vs HACKER: I Cheated In a GARTEN of BANBAN Build Challenge! (Opila)


This is Minecraft NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER: I Cheated In A Garten of Banban Build Challenge! GE and Bubbles compete in a Minecraft Build competition... This is a super funny Minecraft Mod Challenge! This is similar to Minecraft build battle and NOOB vs PRO vs HACKER! This has lots of Minecraft Mods installed! Today we built Opila bird from Garten of Banban (not Alphabet Lore or Mommy Long Legs) Our channel is inspired by Maizen, MongoTV, Wudo, Omziscool, and Cobey! This is the funniest Minecraft video ever! I love Minecraft fun. #minecraft #noobvspro #minecraftbuilding

Heartlake International School 📚 Lego Friends build & review


The newly multicultural Heartlake City is now the proud owner of an International School. According to the first episode of the newly rebooted Lego Friends, this is where they all meet and the humour and detail built into the set is heaps of fun to both build and play with. All my thanks to Lego for sending me the set, it's bright and colourful, modular and full of awesome accessories and characters. We're gonna need more locker space though. If you've just dropped by, I'm Ellie! Lego is an artistic medium and no matter your building expertise there is something here for everyone. Stick around and I'll build for you while I review new sets and create my own customs (MOCs). I tend to geek out about new pieces, get excited about learning new and interesting building techniques, giggle too much and just generally ramble. I'm easily distracted so things can get a bit hectic, but I'm sure you're down for that. And don't forget that you can also get an ellieV t-shirt and other stuff from here! 🤍 Custom Lego builds 🤍 Lego minidoll repaints 🤍 Too Much single colour build challenge 🤍 Please subscribe and like if you enjoy - I appreciate every single one of your views! Music - Happy go lucky (audioblocks)



Make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to my channel! ↓ More Info Below ↓ For business inquiries ➡ thebausffs🤍 •Twitch ➡ 🤍 •Twitter ➡ 🤍 •Discord ➡ 🤍 YTB Management/Edit/Thumbnail by Kipro ➡ 🤍 Pre-Intro song ➡ 🤍 Intro song "8 Bit Adventure" By HeatleyBros ➡ 🤍 Outro song ➡ 🤍 LAKEY INSPIRED ➡ 🤍 #Thebausffs #ShillingGang

Farming for a build with THE BEST ITEM in the game!


Zizaran continues his Path of Exile grind to achieve his Sanctum League goal: to make a super OP build with Mageblood. This video is a collection of highlights containing funny, epic, and fail moments from Ziz's PoE livestreams. Watch Daily At ► 🤍 Zizaran's Twitter ► 🤍 Zizaran's Discord ► 🤍 Edited by Kikis ► 🤍 Support the stream: Subscribe to Twitch ► 🤍 Merch Store ► 🤍 We have a TikTok! Follow at ► 🤍 #poe #pathofexile #highlights

Intercooler, plumbing, wiring and breaking stuff | Subaru H6 Powered STI Levorg Build EP13


Some mates stop by to help tick off Marty's massive list of mods that need to be completed... Big thanks to Al, Benny & Dave 🤍theskidfactory 🤍BennysCustomWorks More on the Nexus R3 here: 🤍 #subaru #wagon #levorg More Mighty Car Mods on other socials here: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Also something to note around Mighty Car Mods: we are normal guys and are not trained mechanics. We like to make interesting car mods and show you how we've gone about it, but we can't promise that anything we show you will work for your particular car, or that you won't harm yourself, someone else, your car or your warranty doing it. Please be safe, be responsible and unless you know what you're doing, do not fool around with very serious machinery just because you've seen us make it look so easy. Talk to a qualified mechanic if you are in any doubt. Some of the products featured in this video may be supplied by sponsors. For a list of our current sponsors please go to

JOIN UPDATE EVENTS (free items) in Build a boat for Treasure ROBLOX


Today we join events in build a boat for Treasure roblox!! 2nd Channel! - 🤍 here at my channel I do many build a boat for treasure tutorials, secrets, build tricks and how to get many rare items in Build a boat roblox!! If you do want to see more build a boat videos, make sure to like and subscribe to stay updated with all new roblox videos!! #roblox #buildaboat #babft



Roblox BUILD A BOAT Funny Moments MEMES (BIG PLANE) Today I Played Build A Boat AND Trolled People And Put Some Memes Into IT. PLEASE 🆂🆄🅱🆂🅲🆁🅸🅱🅴=🤍 🎮Join My Discord=🤍 🐦Follow Me On Twitter=🤍 tags roblox build a boat for treasure funny moments roblox build a boat roblox build a boat funny moments build a boat for treasure roblox build a boat noob to pro roblox build a boat for treasure codes 2023


30.01.2023 - sign up here and try Athletic Greens AG1. We called in the big guns for some professional skatepark building progress. And it paid off so well! Thanks to Monolith for putting a couple of solid days into my DIY backyard skatepark build. We've already been riding the first spine and ramp section on mountain bike and BMX but now the new extension will absolutely transform this barn in a skatepark with multiple lines, transfers, options and potential for tricks on all our bikes. The build lapses are sick and watching this project come together has been amazing. In the next video we'll ply the new ramps and finally ride the entire park! Enjoy, Legends ———————————————————————————— Intro music by Damtaro - Music from 🤍 Nothing by Damtaro 🤍

Spy Ninjas Theme Park Build Challenge in Minecraft


Today, I'm building Spy Ninjas Theme Park rides with fans and viewers inside our new Spy Ninjas MC Minecraft Server. I run into a really good builder who was fun to play with, however, there was another player sneaking around who was really sketchy and being shady. He was insulting our builds and being all around weird. I'm Chad Wild Clay. My dream is to go from Minecraft NOOB to PRO after 100 days. I'm stuck in my house recovering from spine surgery and I've missed hanging out with you Spy Ninjas so I thought a Minecraft challenge is the best way to have fun with you all. If I become a true Minecraft Pro, maybe I can play with one of my favorite Minecraft YouTubers. Here are some of fun Minecraft gameplay: Eider - I Google Translated Minecraft Items 2,000 Times 🤍 Cobey - I CHEATED with OP BOSSES in a Minecraft Mob BATTLE! 🤍 OMZ - My BABY Wolf's SECRET Minecraft Base! 🤍 PrestonPlayz - 20 FASTEST Ways to Mine DIAMONDS in Minecraft! 🤍 Aphmau - Growing up GARTEN OF BANBAN in Minecraft! 🤍 GEVidsTV - NOOB vs HACKER: I Cheated In a GARTEN of BANBAN Build Challenge! (Opila) 🤍 ▶ Spy Ninjas Minecraft Server: 🤍 ▶ Spy Ninjas Minecraft Store: 🤍 ▶ Spy Ninjas Minecraft Discord: 🤍 Most royalty free background music is from Epidemic Sounds. You can use their music in your videos by clicking here 🤍

The Housemartins - Build


"It's build a house where we can stay Add a new bit everyday It's build a road for us to cross Build us lots and lots and lots and lots and lots..."

Building companies offering major discounts to encourage new builds in Queensland | 7NEWS


Building companies are offering major discounts to encourage Queenslanders to consider a new build. Approval rates have plummeted across the state as rising interest rates make it difficult to cover the cost of a new home. Subscribe to 7NEWS Australia for the latest breaking news video » 🤍 Connect with 7NEWS online: Visit » 🤍 7NEWS Podcast » 🤍 Facebook » 🤍 Twitter » 🤍 Instagram » 🤍 7NEWS combines the trusted and powerful news brands including Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Latest, and, delivering unique, engaging and continuous coverage on the issues that matter most to Australians. Watch 7NEWS nightly at 6pm and weekdays at 11:30am and 4pm on Channel 7 and 7plus. #7NEWS #BREAKINGNEWS

I Did Mob Build Battle Competition in Minecraft with @junkeyy


So today, I did a Mob Build Competition with my friend 🤍junkeyy Dekho end me kon jitta hai 🔥 and ha like bhi mardena :) FOLLOW ME : Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Music by Epidemic - 🤍

The Cinematic Orchestra - 'To Build A Home'


'To Believe' Out Now - 🤍 Subscribe: 🤍 Taken from their album 'Ma Fleur' - released 9 April 2007 on Ninja Tune. Buy at the Ninjashop: 🤍 Download on iTunes: 🤍 Buy on Amazon: 🤍 Download Ninja Jamm, the new remix app from Ninja Tune, FREE via the App Store: 🤍 🤍

Build a Deep Learning Model that can LIP READ using Python and Tensorflow | Full Tutorial


Building a machine learning model that's able to perform lip reading! Get notified of the free Python course on the home page at 🤍 Sign up for the Full Stack course here and use YOUTUBE50 to get 50% off: 🤍 Hopefully you enjoyed this video. 💼 Find AWESOME ML Jobs: 🤍 Get the code: 🤍 Links: 🤍 Original Paper: 🤍 Associated Code for Paper: 🤍 ASR Tutorial: 🤍 Oh, and don't forget to connect with me! LinkedIn: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 GitHub: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Join the Discussion on Discord: 🤍 Happy coding! Nick

Betway SA20 | Joburg Super Kings vs Paarl Royals | Build Up


Join us as we build up to the next Betway SA20 match between Joburg Super Kings and Paarl Royals

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