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7 Bicep Exercises for Bigger Arms (DON'T SKIP THESE!)


For more workouts on how to get big biceps along with a nutrition plan designed for your goals, take my free body type quiz and get the right plan for you - 🤍 In this video I take you 7 different bicep exercises you can do to get bigger arms! These are CRUCIAL exercises to add to your arm day arsenal to grow your biceps. Let me know your favorite down in the comments below. 1) Dumbbell Hammer Curls 2) Seated Alternating Curls 3) EZ Bar Curls [Inside & Outside Grip] 4) Incline Bench Hammer Curls 5) Incline Bench Hanging Curls 6) Smith Machine Drag Curls 7) Preacher Curls Be sure to click the thumbs up & let me know in the comments what exercises you'll be trying out below! See ya next video! 7 Bicep Exercises for Bigger Arms (DON'T SKIP THESE!) 🤍 Check out My Supplement Stacks! For Fat Loss : 🤍 For Muscle Building : 🤍 Intro Song: Always Have by Castor Troy

3 LEGIT Biceps Exercises For Bigger Arms (UNDERRATED!)


Get Your FREE Custom Training & Nutrition Plan: 📝 🤍 Premium Quality, Science-Based Supplements: 💊 🤍 (Save 15% with coupon code YOUTUBE15) Connect With Me: 👉 🤍 - If you want to build bigger biceps, the truth is that you don't need anything too fancy. Your biceps are the smallest major muscle on your body and their function is simple. All of these "best bicep exercises" and "best bicep workout" videos you see online are largely just put out for clicks and views. That said, if you want to build biceps as effectively as possible, there are certain bicep curl variations and bicep curl form cues that will help to maximize your results when added into your arm workouts. In this video I outline 3 of my top arm exercises for biceps that you can try out. You're definitely not going to build huge biceps over night as a result of any individual biceps training tip or exercise, but this can help to optimize your arm building results over the long term.

Biceps Exercises Ranked (BEST TO WORST!)


There are so many biceps exercises, but which ones should you be focusing your efforts on if you want to build bigger biceps? In this video, I’m going to give you the most popular bicep exercises ranked from worst to best and help you to determine which ones you should be doing and which you can probably do without. With that said, we have to lay out the criteria for the biceps exercise selection, which you will find laid out in the video. Now, let’s break down the ranking categories and see where each bicep exercise sits on the list. WORST 1. Concentration Curls 2. Reverse Curls 3. Biceps Pushup The concentration curl kicks off this list in the worst category. Why? Well, the concentration curl is non-athletic version of the curl where you are completely seated and off your feet. The reverse curl is a great curling movement, but not a great biceps exercise. It comes down to the simple anatomy and bio-mechanics; the reverse curl does not target the biceps, but instead the brachioradialis. The biceps pushup will always remain at the bottom of the list for me for one simple reason… it doesn’t hit your biceps. At all. You’re better off skipping this one entirely if you want bigger arms. BETTER 4. Inverted Chin Curls 5. Zottman Curls 6. Preacher Curls 7. Cable Curls Inverted chin curls are a solid bodyweight option to train your biceps, but can be hard to overload. This can be an issue because the movement will become too easy unless you can start adding weight via a weighted vest. Zottman curls allow for the biceps to achieve their main function of elbow flexion, but the limiter of this exercise is the lack of eccentric overload on the biceps with eccentric portion being the strongest function of the biceps. By pronating the hands, the eccentric focus goes to the brachioradialis instead. Preacher curls often give a false sense of security because you are bracing your elbows against the pad, giving the impression that you can handle more weight. Unfortunately, this line of thinking is risky. Cable curls are great for achieving a good contraction on the biceps at the top of the movement. Unfortunately, at the bottom of the movement, you lose tension on the biceps due to the line force being in direct line with the muscles. BETTER STILL 8. Spider Curls 9. Drag Curls 10. Cable Flex Curls / Lip Buster Curls 11. Waiter Curls Spider curls are awesome for developing mind-muscle-connection with the biceps in their peak contracted state. Not only that, but there is a freedom of movement that you don’t find in some other bicep exercises. Drag curls are the first option on this list to target the long head of the biceps. This is done by getting the elbows back behind the body, which allows for more stretch on the long head of the biceps. Cable flex curls (also known as the lip buster curl), using a higher anchor point elaborates on the cable curl by getting the shoulder into flexion, an important secondary component of biceps function. The waiter curl is an awesome option for getting peak contraction of the biceps that is achievable by keeping the wrists back into extension based on the way you have to hold to dumbbell throughout the exercise. ALMOST BEST 12. Incline DB Curls 13. Chinups 14. Barbell Curls The incline db curl is an exercise that I consider to be the best for getting the biceps into that all-important stretch position that is not possible with other biceps exercises outside of the drag curl. Chinups are probably the best bang for your buck bodyweight bicep builders. Another great benefit is the ease of accessibility since it’s just a reliance on a simple pullup bar. The barbell curl is a versatile biceps movement in that you can load this exercise well, progressively overload it, and perform it strict or in cheat fashion. Both options, strict or cheat, have different benefits but will get you big biceps. BEST 15. Alternating Standing DB Curls The alternating standing db curl is ranked number one on this list due to its effectiveness and versatility. You can offset the dumbbell to achieve maximum load under supination, add external rotation to benefit the shoulders at the same time, and even adding bands to accommodate overlapping strength curves. For a complete step by step workout program that was created with the same level of science behind the selection of every exercise in the plans, be sure to head to via the link below and check out the program selector tool. Answer just a few questions and find the plan that is best suited to your current goals. For more videos on exercises to build bigger biceps and the biceps workouts / biceps exercises, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube via the link below and remember to turn on your notifications so that you never miss a new video when it’s published. Build ripped athletic muscle here - 🤍 Subscribe to this channel here - 🤍

Top 3 Bicep Exercises


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The Single BEST Bicep Exercise For Growth (YOU MUST DO THIS!)


Fill out this form and I'll personally send you a FREE customized fitness program to help you achieve the head-turning body you're after as efficiently as possible: 🤍 RealScience Athletics Supplements: 🤍 (Save 15% with coupon code YOUTUBE15) The Body Transformation Blueprint 🤍 Connect With Me: 🤍 🤍 - The BEST Bicep Exercises For Growth! (You MUST Do This!) In today's video I reveal the truth behind the absolute BEST bicep exercises for mass that you can possibly perform. Ready? Here it is.......... ANY basic bicep curl variation that allows you to train your biceps through a full range of motion and achieve progressive overload over time. Feeling a bit let down by that answer? Well, it's the truth. The point is, there are NO magical "best bicep exercises" that you MUST perform or that are going to produce some sort of special bicep building result above and beyond anything else. If you simply find a basic bicep exercise or two of your preference, utilize sufficient training volume and frequency (4-8 direct curling sets per week, hitting the biceps roughly twice per week), strive for progressive overload, and combine it with a properly structured back workout routine (consisting of heavy horizontal and vertical pulling exercises) then you've already done the vast majority of what is needed to build bigger biceps. The rest (ultimate bicep growth potential and bicep peak/overall shape) will be mostly determined by genetics. Yes, if you search through YouTube you'll find plenty of videos outlining the "1 key exercise to build big biceps" or "the 3 BEST bicep exercises for growth you MUST do", but at the end of the day this is mostly just clickbait and the videos often contain advice that just isn't necessary in the real world. Yes, there are certain bicep curl form tweaks you can apply to maximize the effectiveness of your curls 100% - and yes, some bicep curl variations will be better suited to you than others and this is something you can experiment with - but when it all comes down to it, the bulk of your bicep gains (probably 80%+) will just be a result of progressive back training rather than direct bicep isolation exercises. Every time you perform a basic pull up, pulldown or row, you're performing elbow flexion which is the primary function of the biceps. As you get steadily stronger on these lifts, you'll achieve automatic bicep growth along with. So, if you want to build bigger biceps, there's no need to obsess over what the absolute BEST bicep exercises for mass are. Just experiment a bit, find a couple curling variations that feel comfortable for you, and then combine them with your back workouts. This could mean a simple barbell curl, supinating dumbbell curl, incline dumbbell curl, single arm cable curl, preacher curl or machine curl just to name a few.






Grab some Dumbbells between 5-30lbs and try this 10 Minute Lightweight Dumbbell Bicep & Forearm Workout. Complete two or three times every week. This is Bicep workout you can do anywhere as long as you have access to a pair of lightweight dumbbells. . 00:00 Intro 00:40 Double Bicep Curl 01:30 Wrist x Hammer Curl 02:30 Bicep Curl Negatives 03:30 Double Reverse Curl 04:30 Double Wide Curl 05:30 Alt Hammer x Bicep Curl 06:30 Alt Inward Curl 07:30 Double Half Curl 08:30 Alt Hammer Curl 09:30 Wrist x Bicep Curl . Gain access to lots of FULL workout programs for every goal including programs I use personally, Tips & Tactics, Meal recipes, Challenges & more! Try my training APP for $1 for the first month: 🤍 . Like the Beat in this video, Support my BEATS channel - 🤍 Say hello on Instagram - 🤍tmm.midas . Download My FREE Workout Programs & Meal Guides: 🤍 . Try Amazon Prime for 30 days FREE US - 🤍 CA - 🤍 UK - 🤍 . WORKOUT EQUIPMENT (DUMBBELLS, KETTLEBELL ETC.) KIT - 🤍 . US - 🤍 CA - 🤍 UK - 🤍 . WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT RECOMMENDATIONS KIT - 🤍 . Whey Protein Isolate (Less Sugar/Fats/Carbs - Pure Protein Source) US - 🤍 CA - 🤍 UK - 🤍 . Whey Protein Concentrate (More Sugar/Fats/Carbs) US - 🤍 CA - 🤍 UK - 🤍 . Creatine US - 🤍 CA - 🤍 UK - 🤍 . Pre-Workout US - 🤍 CA - 🤍 UK - 🤍 . Feeling generous? 🙏🏾🙌🏾 Donate here - 🤍 . MASSAGE GUN (Use CODE 'Midas10' for 10% off) - 🤍 MY VIDEO GRAPHICS - 🤍 . FREE YouTube Growth and Management Tool (TubeBuddy) - 🤍 Build your E-Commerce Store (Sellfy) - 🤍 . MY FILMING EQUIPMENT - 🤍 GEAR/MERCH - 🤍 3D ILLUSION LAMP (Use CODE 'Lamptee-DiGiTAL' for 10% off) - 🤍 . Tech Channel - 🤍 Gaming Channel - 🤍 . Twitter - 🤍MiDASDiGiTAL1 Instagram (Digital Content Store) - 🤍digitalbymidas Instagram (Gear + Merch) - 🤍gearbymidas . DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thanks for the support so I can continue to bring you good content.

You're Training Biceps WRONG | Backed By SCIENCE!


Ready to learn the exact exercises that are guaranteed to get those biceps growing? FULL GYM 2.0!!! 🤍 PPL PROGRAM: 🤍 FULL GYM PROGRAM: 🤍 30 DAY GARAGE PROGRAM: 🤍 The first thing we had to cover in this video is why the incline dumbbell curl isn't a great exercise for the long head of your bicep. I saw quite a few comments about how I wasn't factoring passive tension and that's why it's a great exercise but as you'll see in the video we put that to rest. We also picked my favorite exercise based on all the testing for the brachialis and short head. For the brachialis, I found that you're really able to isolate it and almost completely inhibit your long and short head when you do concentration curls with a pronated grip. For the short head, you really have to work to get some sort of isolation but when you do a curl with your arm on a high-incline bench and you add external rotation with your shoulder turns out you can do it. #bicepexercise #bicepsworkout #biggerarms

How To Build Huge Biceps: Optimal Training Explained


In this video we're looking at proper technique on 3 bicep curls to maximize muscular development of the biceps while avoiding injury. My Arm Hypertrophy Program: ‣ 🤍 Watch more Technique Tuesday videos: 🤍 - Check out what my amazing sponsors have to offer: ▹ MASS (Monthly Research Review) ‣ 🤍 ‣ Only $25/month (pre-paid yearly) ▹ PEScience Supplements ‣ 🤍 ‣ Use discount code JEFF to save $$ ▹ RISE Training Gear and Sportwear ‣ 🤍 ‣ Use discount code JEFF to save 10% ▹ Body-Analyser Weight and Bodyfat % Scale ‣ 🤍 ‣ Use the above link to save 60% off! - Follow me on social media: Instagram ‣ 🤍 Facebook ‣ 🤍 Twitter ‣ 🤍 Podcast ‣ The Jeff Nippard Podcast on iTunes and Stitcher - SOURCES: 🤍 🤍 MASS Research Review - Volume 2, Issue 5 If you're eager to learn more about proper technique, I recommend subscribing to the 3DMJ Lifting Library: ‣ 🤍 Filmed at Body and Soul Gym in Kelowna, BC - my favourite 24 hr gym in the Okanagan! ‣ 🤍 Intro Music: ‣ Ryan Little: 🤍 Filmed and edited by Rashaun R and me using Final Cut Pro X and Sony A7R3 Rashaun's YouTube: ‣🤍 - About me: I'm a Canadian natural pro bodybuilder and internationally-qualified powerlifter with a BSc in biochemistry/chemistry and a passion for science. I've been training for 12 years drug-free. I'm 5'5 and fluctuate between 160 lbs (lean) and 180 lbs (bulked). - Disclaimers: Jeff Nippard is not a doctor or a medical professional. Always consult a physician before starting any exercise program. Use of this information is strictly at your own risk. Jeff Nippard will not assume any liability for direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness or death.

Quick and effective BICEP WORKOUT!


Here’s a quick and effective bicep workout to add to your routine. I personally do this at the end of my pull day, but you can add this to any type of workout in which you train your arms.

The 5 BEST Bicep Exercises to GROW your ARMS!


Alright if you want some big juicy biceps that no one will ever see because you don’t have a girlfriend, only wear oversized clothes, and leave your room just to poop, eat, and go to the gym, then here are my 5 most effective exercises, ranked from least to most effective. At number 5 we’ve got the seated cable curl, which can also be done standing. This is great at working the lengthened position of the biceps since your shoulder is extended and most tension is at the bottom. However, although it is fun, the biceps do not benefit much from training in this stretched position, which is why at number 4, is a much more practical preacher curl which now trains the shortened position since your shoulder is flexed. At number 3 we’ve got the classic incline dumbbell curl, which again does keep your shoulders extended, however because you are now able to externally rotate your shoulders this will bias more of the long head, or the outer portion responsible for the bicep peak, so that next time your grandma asks to show off those guns, it doesn’t like you just spent 24 seconds lifting up a stick with marshmallows. Moving swiftly on to number 2, one of the most fundamental and basic movements out there, ol reliable some may say, the standing dumbbell curl. It trains the short head, it trains the long head, and tension occurs right in the middle where your biceps are the strongest. And finally number one, the most important of them all, the krabby patty secret formula to bicep gains, the one exercise that if you don’t do, nothing else in life will even matter, and that is the hector curl. The hector curl is just any curl variation you do whether it's preacher curls, dumbbell curls, or incline curls, performed with actual true intensity. Remember, your biceps are just like any other muscle, in order for them to grow, you need to apply as much effort as possible to take your sets close to failure. So no matter how good your exercise selection is, if it doesn’t look like gus fring just walked into your peripheral as you were strapped in a wheelchair with a tiny bell that you jingle when you get upset, then your biceps will not grow. And I know what you’re thinking, Max, how exactly do you push yourself that hard if gus fring doesn’t exactly exist. Well number 1, loneliness, heartbreak, and the overarching existential crisis that keeps me up at night but more importantly, I fuel myself with myprotein, and you can to with code “MAXE” for 40% off any protein powder, creatine, snacks, clothing, and whatever else can help you fill that void in your heart. Follow me on social media: INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 TIKTOK: 🤍 About Me: I'm a college student with a passion for fitness hoping to make it my career. I started training in early 2019 and have devoted a big portion of my life to it ever since. Now, with the help of this amazing community I've been blessed to be a part of, I will try my best to give back the information I've learned for those hoping to embark on a journey of their own. Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed, comment what you want to see next, and subscribe for more! #Gym #Biceps #Workout

ABSOLUTE BEST Science-Based BICEPS Workout


Ready for an intense science-based biceps workout? Click Here to kick your own A in the 30 Day Program click HERE: 🤍 I thought it would be fun to change it up and give a workout based on peer reviewed clinical research because arm day isn't as simple as curling weight up and down violently... or is it.

BICEP BLOW UP - Biceps Workout at Home with Dumbbells | No Repeat


This no repeat bicep blow up includes wide curls, cross body curls, palms up curls and my favourite; hammer curls!! Along with variations of curls, there is tempo & range of motion variations and isometrics to really require a lot of work on the biceps! For this bicep workout you will simply need a pair of dumbbells! The dumbbells I am using are 8 kg each! The timer will be on for 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds rest! PALMS UP BOTTOM - TOP - FULL RANGE! PALMS UP PULSES PALMS UP FULL RANGE! PALMS UP CURL TO WIDE CURL WIDE CURL HOLD (curl on beep!) WIDE CURL WIDE CURL TO CROSS BODY ALTERNATING CROSS BODY ALTERNATING CURLS PALMS UP TO HAMMER CURL HAMMER HOLD w/ OPP FULL RANGE! HAMMER BOTTOM - TOP - FULL RANGE! HAMMER CURL! HAMMER CURL HOLD! 1 x DUMBBELL HAMMER CURL 2 x DUMBBELL HAMMER CURL! Curls can definitely be ‘easier’ if you just want to get the dumbbells up! But sun or really make your biceps work hard! Keep elbows in close, and slowly lower the dumbbells with each full rep! My biceps were totally pumped after and as you can see in the thumbnail! My arms do not remain like this as this is due to the exertion on the biceps leading to increase blood flow! Definitely chasing a pump today!! I’m sure you’ll smash it!! Cx Always ensure you warm up before any workout. Here’s my 5 Min Warm Up Routine: 🤍 Don’t forget to Subscribe and turn on notifications so that you don’t miss any Workouts, Community Updates or Surprises: 🤍 My FREE Workout Programs EPIC Beginner: 🤍 EPIC I: 🤍 EPIC II: 🤍 EPIC Heat: 🤍 Join The Community ▶ Instagram: 🤍 ▶ Private Facebook Group: 🤍 My Amazon Stores ▶ My Amazon UK Page: 🤍 ▶ My Amazon US Page: 🤍 Business Enquiries: ▶ Email: info🤍 Caroline Girvan PO BOX 115 County Antrim Northern Ireland BT38 8WB Disclaimer: If you are new to exercise or planning on embarking on a new fitness programme, you should consult your physician. This video may offer health, fitness or nutritional information and is meant for educational purposes only. This information is not meant as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice or suggested treatment. Please know that performing any exercise or programme is solely at your own risk.

Top 3 Exercises For Bigger Biceps


Checkout My Training App: 🤍 Jacked Factory Sups Use Code CBUM 🤍 Shop Gymshark 🤍 Revive Health Supps Code CBUM 🤍 🤍 Cbum Apparel 🤍 Use Code CBUM (watches and accessories) 🤍 Use Code CBUM (headphone covers) Meal Prep:🤍

The Best Science-Based DUMBBELL Biceps Exercises For Size And Shape


If you’ve always faced difficulties in achieving significant bicep growth, you’re in for a treat. In this video, I’ll cover the top 3 bicep exercises for mass you need, so you no longer have to Google for the search term “How to get bigger biceps?" endlessly. And I don't know if I mentioned, these three exercises are biceps dumbbell exercises. Yes – I've read your comments and see that you guys have been requesting for a dumbbell only workout. So, here you go: find out everything you need to know on how to get big arms, with only dumbbells! The first exercise you need to incorporate into your arms day is the concentration curl (with assistance reps). This exercise tops the list when it comes to short head bicep exercises; this is because of the forward placement of the arms during the curling action. And it tends to outperform other common biceps exercises as well – studies have found that it comes up superior in terms of eliciting the highest biceps activation. The second exercise I cover is the incline dumbbell curls. Incline dumbbell curls are fantastic when it comes to targeting the growth of the long head bicep. In addition to enhanced long head activation, the incline dumbbell curl also wins out other biceps exercises with its unique strength curve. You’ll find sustained neuromuscular activation of the biceps throughout the movement. And the last biceps exercise with dumbbells you should know about is the hammer curls (with slow eccentric). The pronated grip of hammer curls enables you to target the brachialis – a muscle in the upper arm that pushes up the biceps. If you want to create the illusion of a thicker-looking arm, you can't go wrong with targeting the brachialis. But: notice how I included slow eccentric movements? Well, that's because you can further enhance the brachialis' involvement through the performance of a controlled eccentric movement. I hope you enjoyed the video, guys. And just remember like I’ve said in the past, if you want to build muscle and stop wasting your time in the gym, you not only need to choose the right exercises but you also have to perform them in the way that’s been proven to be most effective. That’s exactly why within my Built With Science programs, we’ve not only carefully selected each and every exercise included in your step-by-step routines, but we’ve also taken the time to create in-depth tutorials for each exercise showing you how to optimally perform them to build muscle. To join today, head on over and take the starting point analysis quiz to discover the best program for you: 🤍 MUSIC: Music by Ryan Little - Body Language - 🤍 FOLLOW ME: 🤍 🤍 STUDIES: ACE EMG ANALYSIS - CONCENTRATION CURLS BICEP ACTIVATION 🤍 SUPPVERSITY EMG ANALYSIS – CONCENTRATION CURLS BICEP ACTIVATION 🤍 MAXIMUM BICEP SHORT HEAD ACTIVATION 🤍 SUSTAINED BICEP ACTIVATION IN THE INCLINE DUMBBELL CURL 🤍 SLOWED ECCENTRIC PORTION AND BRACHIALIS INVOLVEMENT 🤍 Subscribe to my channel here: 🤍

Best Bicep Workout


This workout has been good to me over the years. Now it’s yours ✊🏼 #Bicepworkout #Fitness #Shorts . . Train WITH me on my Training App! ⇩ 🤍 Access to my own actual workout schedule 👀 complete with: ✅    Instructional training videos ✅    My personal training notes ✅    "Chat with Davis" feature ✅    Community news feed ✅    Weight & PR tracker ✅    Food macronutrient tracker ✅    Progress photo uploader ✅ 7 Badass Workouts Available Each Week I provide you with everything you need to succeed. Train with me and we’ll kill it ✊🏼 . . Instagram ⇨ 🤍 TikTok ⇨ 🤍

4 Unique Exercises to Fix Biceps Tendonitis (Don’t Stretch!)


Coach E and Dr. B show you a simple 10 minute routine that will correct the underlying problems of biceps tendonitis. They’ll also discuss the underlying causes, including what Dr. B has often seen in her practice. Does the front of your shoulder hurt when you raise your arm or twist your wrist? Are you trying to figure out what to do for a biceps tendonitis diagnosis that won’t end in surgery? Biceps tendonitis pain comes from inflamed tendons where your bicep connects to your shoulder (which it does in two places.) If a tendon is broken, you’ll need surgery. If it’s inflamed, then stretching, rest, and ice may help, but won’t solve the structural reason you have wear and tear. We made this video on how to heal biceps tendonitis because so much advice on the subject focuses only on the biceps. Instead, looking at the related joints and muscles can strengthen your entire shoulder correcting root cause and preventing muscle compensation in other movements too. Give the routine a try and if you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments. 00:00 - Intro & Anatomy Details 08:10 - Root causes of biceps tendonitis 09:55 - What to do for acute pain? 11:05 - Address rotator cuff issues 11:40 - How to fix forward head posture THE EXERCISES 11:59 - ASMR: Biceps 13:47 - Active Overhead Stretch 15:57 - Extended Elbow Wrist Fl-Ex 18:12 - Shoulder Circle Crossover OTHER RESOURCES AND LINKS MENTIONED 18:33 - Fundamental Precision Movements Course 22:00 - Download ROM Coach and follow all of these exercises inside the app ROM Coach app (free!):​ 🤍 - our beautiful mobile app to improve your mobility and help you achieve movement longevity, includes the Daily Movement Tuneup and gives you 3 new exercises that will activate every muscle and mobilize every joint in your body every 1-2 weeks (only 3-5 mins/day!) 3 Keys to Rehab a Rotator Cuff Tear & AVOID Surgery: 🤍 Stretching WON’T Fix Forward Head Posture [But THESE exercises will!]: 🤍 Precision Movement Academy: 🤍 - includes everything you need to get ALL of your joints and muscles functioning properly to eliminate compensations and imbalances so you can get back to and keep doing the things you love, for life Shoulder Control: 🤍 - progressive 3-phase exercise program to help fix shoulder dysfunctions, restore muscular balance and improve mobility Medical Disclaimer The medical information on any/all of our content is provided as an information resource only, and is not to be used or relied on for any diagnostic or treatment purposes. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship, and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment. Please consult your health care provider before making any health care decisions or for guidance about a specific medical condition.

The Reason Your Biceps Aren't Growing


No, the reason your biceps won't grow is not because you lack biceps exercise variety during your biceps workouts or because you need to focus on emphasizing the biceps long head versus the short head. Usually the reason is something more basic such as failing to apply progressive overload or just not being patient enough with your muscle building program. However, if you do want to shift a bit more emphasis onto each head during biceps training then it mostly comes down to your shoulder position. If the shoulders are extended during biceps curls then it will emphasize long, and if the shoulders are in flexion it will emphasize the biceps short head. In general though, most people just need to focus on building bigger biceps overall rather than obsessing over these smaller details. ✅ Subscribe to my main fitness channel: 🤍 Get Your FREE Custom Workout & Diet Plan: 📝 🤍 Connect With Me: 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 Premium Quality, Science-Based Supplements: 💊 🤍 (Save 15% with coupon code YOUTUBE15) #fitness #gym #workout #buildmuscle #bodybuilding #biceps #bicepsworkout #armday

The PERFECT Biceps Workout (Sets and Reps Included)


Build Muscle in 90 Days - 🤍 Subscribe to this channel here - 🤍 The perfect biceps workout should consist of exercises that not only hit the long and short head but also the brachialis, a totally separate muscle. In addition, it must put the biceps through its full range of motion and utilize both the flexion of the elbow and the supination of the hand. That said, even that won’t complete your biceps workout! In order to round out your biceps you need to also include techniques that create unique stresses on the muscle giving it no choice but respond. That is what we do in this video. If you look at the main exercises that people do in their biceps workouts you will see a lot of curls. After all, a major function of the biceps is to flex the elbow. This is a problem when it comes to complete biceps development your biceps likely get plenty of activation during your back workout so in order to take your development to another level you need to include unique methods of stimulation. Just because you are going through a full range of motion on the exercises that you are doing and performing the major roles of the muscle 9elbow flexion and hand supination) it does not mean that you are giving the muscle sufficient stimulus to force growth. We all know guys who can do tons of pull ups and heavy rows but don’t have the greatest bicep development. The solution to this problem is to not forego the popular mass building exercises, those are still the foundation of our training, but we also need to add specialization exercises and techniques. With that said, here what the perfect biceps workout would look like: Cheat Curls - To Failure immediately into Barbell Drag Curl - To Failure Perform for 3 Sets Weighted Chins - To Failure immediately into Pulsed Contraction Chin Curls - To Failure Perform for 3 Sets Incline Dumbbell Curls - 3 sets to failure (Utilize the stretch reflex of the triceps technique) Dumbbell Curl Trifecta - 2 sets of 8 on each arm for each exercise – Cross supination (Emphasizes the long head of the biceps) – Cross pronation (Emphasizes the brachialis ) – No Money curls (Emphasizes the short head of the biceps) When you put this together in as I’m suggesting here, you not only now hit the biceps through it’s full range of motion but you hit every area of the biceps as well and in a fashion they’re not likely grown accustom to. Advanced techniques allows for a more intense sets which are obviously more taxing pair that with the difficult compound lifts and you have an excellent workout. This is just one example of how to apply science to your training. If you want to train like an athlete you want to put science back in every workout you do. You can do that with the ATHLEAN-X Training Programs available at 🤍 and get started right away on building a ripped, muscular, athletic body. For more biceps workout videos be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at 🤍 and don’t forget to turn on notifications so you never miss one.

How to Get Bigger Biceps Fast (JUST DO THIS!)


If you want to learn how to get bigger biceps fast then you’ve come to the right place. In this video, you will see how to build big biceps by doing the opposite of what you likely have been doing up to now. It is going to require that you use light weights and focus more on the quality of the contractions of the biceps muscle on every rep rather than curling heavy weights and overdeveloping patterns that are already holding back your gains. The lack of biceps growth can be blamed on two things, and it isn’t your mom and dad. It is the over reliance on the shoulders and forearms to perform the biceps curl. Let’s start with the shoulders, or the front delts to be exact. Flexion of the shoulder is actually one of the three components of a fully flexed biceps. The long head of the biceps has the ability to flex the shoulder at the top of the curl. The issue however is that flexion occurs far too early in people who struggle to build bigger biceps fast. If your shoulder moves forward at all at the beginning of a curl then you can be sure that you are either lifting too heavy of a weight or that you have developed a neuromuscular pattern of recruiting the front delt before the biceps as a result of years of using weights that are on the excessive side. To fix this problem long term and grow bigger biceps you are going to need to lighten up those weights immediately and start doing what I’m showing here. Keep your elbows pinned to your sides or slightly behind your body. As you curl the weight up, make sure the elbows do not drift forward at all. The bar will feel as if it is lifting straight up as opposed to arcing out in front of your body. If you get this right, the biceps will be doing all of the lifting. What this does is it also keeps the bar very close to the body. While this is not a drag curl, the closeness of the bar to the body is going to replicate some of the benefits of the drag curl. Specifically this is going to hit the long head of the biceps a lot better. When you are struggling to build big biceps fast, the long head is often last to grow. The long head is also responsible for the biceps peak so training it is going to help you to get taller biceps as well. The second thing you want to be aware of is the contribution of the forearms to the curl. If you are bending your wrist towards your body as you bring the weight up then you are using your forearms to cheat the weight rather than letting the biceps do the work of the curl. If you can see the second row of knuckles at the top of the curl you know you have gone way too far in involving the forearms. Instead, keep the wrist bent backwards and the palms facing up to the ceiling throughout the entire biceps curl. This will work whether you are doing barbell curls, dumbbell curls, or even the special biceps exercise shown at the end of the video - the waiter’s curl. When you take the forearms and shoulders out of the biceps exercises you are doing you immediately feel the arms doing more of the work. This can only be accomplished by using lighter weights. As you build up the mind muscle connection with the biceps once again and reprogram the neuromuscular patterning that resulted from your years of using weights that were too heavy for you to curl, you will be able to feel better contractions and see much faster biceps growth. If you want to build bigger arms fast you sometimes have to be willing to take a step backwards to take giant steps forward. These two tips are something you can include into your very next biceps workout that are going to start to deliver big results to your biceps training and growth. If you want a step by step program for how to get bigger biceps fast, be sure to head to and check out the programs available. Each one will help you to build up the size of your arms while training your whole body athletically and getting you to build ripped, lean muscle. For more videos on how to build big biceps and how to get bigger arms fast, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube via the link below and remember to turn on your notifications so you never miss a new video when it’s published. Build ripped athletic muscle here - 🤍 Subscribe to this channel here - 🤍




3 Bicep Exercises That Build Your Arms Fast (GET A BIGGER PUMP!)


Nothing looks better than a nice set of big looking arms, everyone wants them! To get big overall arms, you want to make sure you are not neglecting your triceps. However, biceps are what everyone looks at, especially when they see the big pump when you flex your arms. Arms a smaller muscle group, so it does not take as much work to grow as it would your back or legs. There are so many great exercises you can do to get bigger arms, but these 3 bicep exercises are ones you NEED to add that build arms fast. You don’t need to have a gym to do these exercises, just some dumbbells. Dumbbells are one of the best pieces of equipment you can have to work your arms. Even if you have one dumbbell, that is okay. Do all the reps on one arm at a time, do not alternate from side to side. Keep the tension on one arm at a time. Make sure to add these exercises to your next arms workout to get bigger overall arms, and nice looking biceps. Here are the 3 bicep exercises that build your arms fast! Join Our Free Facebook Group: 🤍 Subscribe To The Live Anabolic YouTube Channel: 🤍 Live Anabolic Nutrition— Shop Our Products: Anabolic Reload: 🤍 Anabolic Reload PM: 🤍 Anabolic Pump: 🤍 Anabolic Shred: 🤍 Anabolic Boost: 🤍 Anabolic Shield: 🤍 TestoGreens: 🤍 Anabolic ATP: 🤍 Try One Of Our 90 Day Workout Programs: 🤍 Learn More About Live Anabolic Here: 🤍

How To Get WIDER/THICKER Looking Biceps (Full Biceps Workout)


When it comes to building the biceps, I think it’s fair to say that most of us don’t just want a well-developed biceps peak. More importantly, we want biceps that are full and thick looking such that they not only look good from the side or when flexed, but also look well developed from the front view or in a shirt for example. And if you’re seeking to improve this, then the question you’re really asking is “how to get wider biceps”. But is this even possible to grow wider biceps in order to create thicker arms? Well, although it’s true that genetics will play some role in this and that bigger biceps (more biceps mass) in general often results in wider biceps as well, there are a few key things you can do to further improve the width of your biceps. Your first priority should be to train the brachialis. This is because the brachialis is responsible for some of the mass on the outer arm, and anatomically pushes up the biceps – which creates the illusion of wider, thicker arms. And one great exercise to target the brachialis is dumbbell hammer curls, since the neutral grip shifts tension away from the biceps and onto the brachialis. And to take this one step further, we can simply use a slower eccentric which emphasizes the brachialis even more due to its structural and fibre type properties. The next thing you should do is prioritize the biceps head that is currently less developed on you. For example, if your long head is lagging behind, then you want to start performing movements that involve keeping the upper arm behind the body since this enables you to emphasize the long head more since it crosses over the shoulder joint (whereas the short head does not). Two such exercises are incline dumbbell curls and behind the body cable curls, which compliment each other very well due to their varied resistance curve. And if your short head is lagging behind, then you simply apply the opposite concept and incorporate exercises where the upper arm is held in front of the body. Two such exercises are concentration curls and spider curls – but for both, make sure you’re supinating your forearm as you curl, as this will maximize activation of the short head. And to sum everything up for you, here’s what a biceps width workout could look like for you depending on what’s lagging: If long head is lagging: DB Hammer Curls (with ~5s eccentric): 3 sets of 6-8 reps DB Incline Curls (no supination): 3 sets of 6-10 reps Behind Body Cable Curl (no supination): 3 sets of 6-10 reps If short head is lagging: DB Hammer Curls (with ~5s eccentric): 3 sets of 6-8 reps Concentration Curl (with supination): 3 sets of 6-10 reps Spider curl (with supination): 3 sets of 6-10 reps Feel free to perform this as a workout on its own or simply replace your current biceps isolation exercises with these instead. And if you’re looking for a step-by-step program that uses both scientific research and our knowledge of the human anatomy to transform your body as efficiently as possible, then simply take my analysis tool below to find which program is best for you: 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: 🤍 🤍 MUSIC: 🤍 STUDIES: Brachialis: 🤍 🤍 Incline Dumbbell Curl Resistance Curve: 🤍 Short head maximized with flexion and supination: 🤍

The ONLY 3 Biceps Exercises You Need for Mass


On one hand we’ve got so-called fitness “experts” overcomplicating biceps training and making it seem far more complex that is really is. On the other hand, however, more and more minimalist trainers have gone the other route: claiming that building bigger biceps is as simple as doing barbell rows and pull ups and getting progressively stronger. The truth, however, lies somewhere in the middle. Sure, there are those genetically gifted individuals whose biceps would grow from nothing more than a few pull ups, but they’re the exception. You see, building your biceps doesn’t have to be this elaborate process where you’re performing a variety of different curls; likewise, it’s usually not as simple as doing pull ups every day. If you want to build bigger biceps, there are two things that have to happen: First, you’ve got to understand the anatomy and physiology of the biceps. And second, once you’ve got your 2-3 key movements, focus on progression. If you’re performing the right exercises using proper form and gradually increasing the load, your arms will grow. In this video I want to, briefly, go over the basic anatomy of the biceps and their functions, and then I want to go over what are, in my opinion, the only 3 biceps exercises you need for building bigger arms. [FREE BOOK] CLAIM YOUR FREE COPY OF BULK UP FAST! ➜ 🤍 [SHREDDED-12] SCIENCE-BASED FAT LOSS PROGRAM ➜ 🤍 FOLLOW ALAIN ON INSTAGRAM: ➜ 🤍 CHECK OUT ALBY’S CHANNEL: ➜ 🤍

10 BEST Exercises for WIDER BICEPS!


These are 10 amazing exercises for wider biceps and thicker-looking arms. Learn exactly how to get a bigger wider bicep from the front fast. Use a couple of these exercises for an excellent big arms workout. Many men struggle with narrow arms even if they are growing the peak. This video will help you fix it. 📲 FREE Diet/Workout Calculator: 🤍 🔥 FREE 6 Week Shred: 🤍 Arm Blaster Amazon Link: 🤍 If you want your biceps to fill out your t-shirts, and look great not only from the side but also from the front, then you have to train them in a way that not only helps them grow taller but also gets them to grow wider and thicker. And Unfortunately, most guys don't realize that repeating the same common bicep curling exercises will only target one part of their biceps potentially helping that part grow bigger, but not really helping their arms grow wider. This is because the appearance of your bicep isn't just determined by one single muscle. You see the bicep itself has two heads including the long head on the outside of your arm, which makes up the majority of the peak and the shorthead on the inside which helps provide thickness. But The other often-overlooked muscle that is largely responsible for width and thickness is the brachialis which sits right behind the long head of the bicep and even though it's hidden under the bicep, from a front angle the belly of the brachialis actually protrudes out the side of your arm, so training the brachialis with the right exercises will help directly increase the width of your arms. That's why for our first exercise I want to show you one of my favorite ways to target the brachialis, and that's by using the hammer curl bar also known as a tricep bar. Now if you don't have this barbell at your gym I'm going to show you another way you can do this in a sec, but most gyms will have it. So to begin this exercise you would load up the bar, and grab it by the neutral grips in the center of the bar. Then stand up, lean slightly forward and while keeping your elbows fixed close to your sides curl the bar up towards your chest. Now Once you get to the top of the contraction you want to squeeze your biceps for a second before slowly returning the barbell back down and repeating for reps. Since we're using a barbell we do want to go heavy but make sure that the weight isn't so heavy that you're swinging backward to gather momentum for each rep and make sure that you're not cheating by raising your elbows forward and using your shoulder strength instead of your brachialis. Now in general Curling with your hands in a neutral, and pronated position rather than the more common supinated position will help target your brachialis to a much greater extent. That's why our second exercise uses that same neutral hand placement, it's the alternating crossbody hammer curl and for this one you don't need a fancy bar, you only need two dumbbells. To get started you would grab dumbbells and hold them in a neutral position at your sides. Once again you want to lean slightly forward to help take your shoulder out of the movement and to put more constant tension on the brachialis. Then you would curl the dumbbell up, but rather than coming straight up for a regular hammer curl you're going to come across your body aiming to bring the dumbbell up to your opposite pec. Then slowly lower the dumbbell back down and repeat the same thing on the other side, alternating back and forth for reps. Another great exercise that follows a similar movement pattern involves the use of a cable machine and the rope attachment. Now, most people perform this exercise by gripping the rope with a neutral hand position and then curling the rope up and down. But I find it a lot more effective to do it either on an incline or by just using one arm at a time because that will once again allow you to come all the way across your body. So to perform this exercise with one arm you would use the same rope attachment but only grab it with one hand. Then you would curl across your body aiming to bring the rope to your opposite pec just like we did with the dumbbells before. On the other hand, If you want to do this exercise on an incline you would raise the pully up high and lay back on a bench that's set to about a low 30-degree angle. Then with your elbows raised, you would hold both ends of the rope in a neutral position and then you would curl the rope in towards your face. Even though these exercises may look similar to hammer curls you're definitely going to feel it working your brachialis a little differently because of the different angles and the unique constant tension

BIGGER BICEPS: 5 Techniques To Speed Up Growth


Want bigger biceps? I understand. Nothing shatters your confidence more than having twig-like arms. Trust me, I’ve been there and I know exactly how it feels. But the good news is that you can get bigger biceps. Growing your arms into big, sleeve hugging biceps is possible. You just need to get smarter with how you train them. There’s 5 techniques in particular that the latest science suggests can help speed up biceps growth dramatically. Today I’ll share how to get bigger biceps — fast — by implementing these 5 techniques in your biceps workout. Click below for a step by step plan training plan that’ll help you get results faster for all your muscle groups: 🤍 Click below to subscribe for more videos: 🤍 The first technique has to do with your back training. There are 2 things to remember. First, you will experience a lot of your biceps growth from your big back exercises. So don’t overlook their importance. Get stronger with your back training, and your biceps will grow as well. Two, to maximize biceps growth, train them directly with 1-2 exercises after your back training. This is especially true because as we’ll explain in the next tip, back exercises have a downside when it comes to biceps growth. That said, it’s important to pick the right bicep exercises. Certain bicep exercises may be better options than others. This is where the next tip comes in. The second technique to help you get bigger biceps is to make use of something called the stretch mediated hypertrophy. To do so, there are 3 things you could do. First, you need to use a full range of motion on all your bicep exercises, especially at the bottom position. This means fully extending your arm at the bottom position to get a full stretch in your biceps each rep. Next, you should choose bicep exercises that challenge the biceps the most when it’s in a fully stretched position, which is especially important because it’s something that the back exercises we talked about earlier just can’t do. The best options here are the slight incline dumbbell curl, and the behind the body cable curl. And lastly, for an even more powerful muscle building stimulus, after your last set for these exercises, once you’ve reached failure or very close to it, perform half reps of just the bottom part of the curl. This will allow you to push past your normal point of failure and will further prioritize this all important fully stretched position. The next tip has to do with your biceps workout volume. There’s a good chance that as long as you don’t overdo it, a small increase in your weekly bicep volume will be met with faster gains. My recommendation is to use 15 sets of direct bicep training as more of an upper limit. Instead of jumping straight to that, take a look at how many weekly bicep sets you’re doing right now, and add a couple sets to that. If you don’t feel overworked and your performance stays high, then great, keep doing that increased volume and in the future consider increasing it even further to see if it helps speed up your gains. I would however recommend splitting these sets up so you’re not doing it all in one session. That said, as you perform these sets, it’s important to apply the next tip if you want to experience the most growth out of them. Old school bodybuilders have long preached the benefits of focusing on feeling your muscle working as you train it. So to potentially speed up your bicep gains (for bigger biceps), whenever you do curls, try to really feel your biceps doing the work. E.g., think about pulling the bar or dumbbell into your body rather than just lifting the weight up. However, as you apply this tip, it’s important that you don’t end up sabotaging your bicep growth in the process. This leads me to my final tip. In order for a muscle to grow you need to continuously challenge them with more than they’re used to. To force your biceps to grow every week, first pick 2-3 bicep exercises that you’ll stick to week after week. Here’s a few that I’d recommend based on what we talked about earlier. Then, whenever you do a workout, write down how much weight you used and how many reps you did. Use these numbers as a goal to beat during your next workout by trying to do 1-2 more reps than you did last time or add a little bit more weight. Compared to your big compound exercises, progression with your bicep exercises will be slow. But focus on tracking your progress and making small improvements week after week and you’ll very quickly notice your biceps growing faster than they ever have before. You now know how to get bigger biceps — fast! Apply these 5 techniques and you’ll notice faster biceps growth almost immediately. Who knows, you might even reach Arnold status!

Biceps Tendonitis Stretches & Exercises - Ask Doctor Jo


Biceps Tendonitis (a.k.a. bicipital tendonitis) is an inflammation or irritation of the long head of the biceps tendon. When it gets irritated, it can be very painful and limit movement in the shoulder. Buy a worksheet with these stretches & exercises at 🤍 The biceps tendon is a strong, cord-like structure that connects the biceps muscle to the bones in the shoulder. To stretch the biceps muscles and tendons, you can stand in a doorway or use a sturdy chair to hold onto. With your palm open facing in front of you, place it on the sturdy chair or doorway and lean forward bringing your shoulder forward and across your body. Hold that for 30 seconds and do it three times. Another way to stretch them is to use the seat of the chair, and place your palm down on it with your fingers facing away from you. Turn around so your arm is behind you, and again lean forward and push your shoulder in front of you and slightly across your body. Hold for 30 seconds and do three of them. Now you are going to sit in a chair and use a resistive band. Anchor the band onto something sturdy or have someone hold onto it for you. This exercise will be for internal rotation. Anchor it to a table leg, in a door, or have someone hold it for you. If you want to roll up a small towel and place it between your side and your elbow, this will keep your arm close to your side through out the exercise. Keep your elbow at about a 90 degree angle and your thumb up towards the ceiling. Slowly pull your arm and the band in towards your stomach, and then slowly come back out. You don’t need to come back out far, just to where your forearm is straight out in front of you. Start off with 10 of these, and then work your way up to 20-25. If that becomes easy, then move up with resistive bands. Now you will do a shoulder external rotation. The band will be on the outside of your body. Start off with your arm at your stomach. Try to keep your elbow by your side through out the exercise. If you want to roll up a small towel and place it between your elbow and your side, this will keep your arm close to your side through out the exercise. Keep your elbow at about a 90 degree angle and your thumbs up towards the ceiling. Also try to keep your wrist in a neutral position. You don’t want to over stress your wrist, and then have a wrist injury. Slowly pull arm out away from your body, and then slowly come back in. Start off with 10 of these, and then work your way up to 20-25. If that becomes easy, then move up with resistive bands. The last exercise is bicep curls. You can step on the band, and keep your elbow by your side. Pull all the way up and all the way down. Make sure you are doing the full motion to maximize working the muscle. Make sure you are controlling the band; don't let the band control you! Related Videos: Rotator Cuff Exercises & Stretches with Resistive Bands: 🤍 Shoulder Pain Top 3 Exercises: 🤍 = SUBSCRIBE for More Videos: 🤍 = Doctor Jo is a Doctor of Physical Therapy. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 = Biceps Tendonitis Stretches & Exercises: 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This content (the video, description, links, and comments) is not medical advice or a treatment plan and is intended for general education and demonstration purposes only. This content should not be used to self-diagnose or self-treat any health, medical, or physical condition. Don’t use this content to avoid going to your own healthcare professional or to replace the advice they give you. Consult with your healthcare professional before doing anything contained in this content. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Ask Doctor Jo, LLC and its officers for any and all losses, injuries, or damages resulting from any and all claims that arise from your use or misuse of this content. Ask Doctor Jo, LLC makes no representations about the accuracy or suitability of this content. Use of this content is at your sole risk.

BIGGER Back and Bicep Workout - Unilateral Training | EPIC III Day 38


Rows, sweeps and curls for the lats, rhomboids, biceps and even the rear delts! The upper body muscles of the back & biceps be challenged to become stronger and grow in this back and bicep workout using unilateral movements that allow for a longer rest period between sides! Slow and steady is the aim of the game today!! Put the hard work in with the rows before we move to more variety! Most exercises will be performed for 2 sets per side! The timer will be on for 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds rest! For this upper body workout, you will need a pair of dumbbells and your mat. I am using a chair to lean the hand of non working arm against but this is optimal. I don’t always use this as often I simply place the hand on the same side knee but I like to change it up. Many people prefer using something stable such as a chair or bench to lean against as it can help keep back inline but again this is preference to you! The dumbbells I am using for your reference are 8kg each and 1 x 20kg for the rows! IMPORTANT: please ensure you warm up your full body before this workout even though it is upper body focused, the lower body is involved also to provide stability. BENT OVER ROW SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! DEADSTOP MOMENTUM ROW SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! SUPINE ROW SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! SWEEP W/ PAUSE AT TOP SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! STAPLE SETS SINGLE ARM ROW SWITCH SIDE! DEADSTOP MOMENTUM ROW SWITCH SIDE! ARM TUCK CURL SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! CROSS BODY CURL (one side) SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! SWITCH SIDE! STAPLE SETS SINGLE ARM ROW SWITCH SIDE! DEADSTOP MOMENTUM ROW SWITCH SIDE! HAMMER CURL W/ HOLD (switch 1/2 way) HAMMER CURL W/ HOLD (switch 1/2 way) WIDE CURL W/ HOLD (switch 1/2 way) WIDE CURL W/ HOLD (switch 1/2 way) ALTERNATING CURLS ALTERNATING CURLS Finisher: 20/20/20/20/20 ALTERNATING HAMMER CURLS HOLD! ALTERNATING HAMMER CURLS HOLD! ALTERNATING HAMMER CURLS Oh yesss!! Those biceps will be worked pretty intensely! So much is required from the core throughout too for stabilisation and support anti rotation! And you may also notice the lower body involved too as even the glutes provide stability too! Training my back has definitely improved my posture, how I carry myself, am able to lift items in daily life in a safe way, perform better across a wide range of training, overall a balanced body and of course feeling STRONG! I hope you put your head down, get stuck in and finish feeling stronger! Cx Always ensure you warm up before any workout. Here’s my EPIC III 5 Min Warm Up Routine: 🤍 Don’t forget to Subscribe and turn on notifications so that you don’t miss any Workouts, Community Updates or Surprises: 🤍 Here’s today’s optional add-on: 🤍 EPIC III Playlist: 🤍 EPIC Beginner Series: 🤍 My Cardio Workouts: 🤍 My Ab Workouts: 🤍 Join The Caroline Girvan Community ▶ Instagram: 🤍 ▶ Private Facebook Group: 🤍 My Amazon Stores ▶ My Amazon UK Page: 🤍 ▶ My Amazon US Page: 🤍 ▶ Business Enquiries Email: info🤍 Disclaimer: If you are new to exercise or planning on embarking on a new fitness programme, you should consult your physician. This video may offer health, fitness or nutritional information and is meant for educational purposes only. This information is not meant as an alternative to seeking professional medical advice or suggested treatment. Please know that performing any exercise or programme is solely at your own risk.

STOP Doing Bicep Curls Like This (5 Mistakes Slowing Your Gains)


Biceps training isn’t complicated. Although there are tons of different exercises, they pretty much all boil down to one movement: bicep curls. Hold a weight, flex the arm. Simple, right? Not really. There are 5 common mistakes almost everyone makes on the bicep curl. Fix these, and your curls (no matter what kind — dumbbell curl or barbell curl or cable curl) will instantly become far more effective at growing your biceps. Click below for a step by step plan training plan that’ll help you achieve proper form on all exercises — so you get results FAST: 🤍 Click below to subscribe for more videos: 🤍 Mistake number 1. You might’ve already noticed that as you curl a weight up, it gets harder and harder and becomes the most difficult mid-way when your forearm is perpendicular to the ground. After this point, it gets easier. Your body can sense this and finds ways for you to “cheat” through this difficult bottom half of the movement without you even realizing. One way it does that is by initiating each rep with a slight swing. Unfortunately, that additional load goes straight to your lower back which is now helping you get the weight up by using momentum. So, try doing a standard set of curls with your regular form. Then, stand with your back against a wall to prevent your body from swinging at all. If you had to drop the weight considerably, then it means you’ve likely been incorporating too much momentum into your regular curls. Although I wouldn’t recommend doing all your curls against a wall, you’ll see far better biceps growth and reduce your risk of injury if you simply lighten the weight and minimize the amount of swing you use, especially towards the end of your set. For the next mistake, two really interesting studies have found that participants experience more muscle growth when they only do the bottom half of the exercise (i.e., where the muscle is fully stretched). What does this mean? Well, I wouldn’t recommend doing only partial reps from now on, but it does seem that the bottom part of an exercise when the muscle is fully stretched provides a powerful stimulus for growth. Especially in the distal regions of a muscle like the bottom part of your biceps. So, whenever you do your bicep curls, avoid cutting the range of motion short at the bottom position. Instead, extend your arm fully by flexing your triceps at that bottom position before you go into your next rep to ensure your biceps get fully stretched. Third mistake: flexing your wrist on the bicep curl. The function of the inside forearm muscles is to flex the wrist. Many people, when they curl, subconsciously flex their wrist when trying to get the weight up. This can lead to the forearms working harder than they have to be, and eventually lead to fatigue and cramping. Instead, next time you do a curl, first bend your wrist back so that it’s aligned with your forearm, and then keep it that way as you curl. Next, let’s talk about the elbows. The primary function of the biceps is to flex the elbow. But whenever you curl with a weight that’s too heavy for your biceps to lift, your front delts will start to help by swinging your elbow forward. Biomechanics expert Coach Kassem tested this and found that allowing the elbows to excessively sway forward during the curl (note: across all variations, including the barbell curl) led to less biceps activation and more front delts activation. So instead, keep your elbow locked and focus on the biceps’ primary function - flexing the arm. A little bit of elbow movement is perfectly fine and hard to avoid, but anything more than what’s shown here will likely lead to more of your front delts taking over instead of your biceps. Last mistake: forgetting about mind muscle connection. If you struggle to feel your biceps even with proper form, try this out. With your arm by your side, flex your biceps as hard as you can. Then, bring your arm up in front of your face and again flex hard. You should feel a very strong biceps contraction when your arm is in that position. You don’t want to do curls in that position, but you can do this to actually feel what a strong biceps contraction is like. Then, when you go into the dumbbell curl (or whichever curl you prefer), rather than thinking about simply lifting the weight up, think about pulling the bar or dumbbell into your body. And, as you curl the weight up, focus on driving your pinkies up towards the ceiling. This emphasizes another function of the biceps, supination, which can help you get an even stronger contraction to get the most out of every single rep. Next time you do curls, apply these 5 fixes and let me know in the comments below just how much of a difference it makes!

6 BEST Biceps Exercises (DON’T SKIP THESE!!)


When it comes to picking the best biceps exercises, we need to look at which ones compliment the functions of the biceps best. In this video, I am going to pick what I feel are the 6 best exercises to grow bigger biceps and as always, I am going to provide the science behind why these 6 exercises should be included in your biceps training, First up, we have the Barbell Cheat Curl, which I have said in the past, is great for growing big biceps. We know that our biceps are stronger eccentrically than they are concentrically which means we utilize more weight than the standard Barbell Curl. So to take advantage of this, we cheat the barbell up and slowly lower the bar back down. It is worth noting, however, that I’m not just heaving the bar up; I’m still in control of the weight on its way up. Imagine a vertical line behind your body - when you bring the bar up, you do not want your body moving past that imaginary line. Next, we have a biceps exercise that I consider one of the best for growing bigger arms: the Chin-up. Like the cheat curl, the chin-up provides an opportunity to take advantage of the eccentric portion of the lift and the addition of progressive overload. In the eccentric portion of the lift, I like to lean back from the bar a bit in order to accentuate the stretch on the biceps. The scalability of this incredible biceps exercise allows us to start off using nothing but our own bodyweight, but as our biceps get stronger, we can start adding weight as well. To get bigger biceps, we can’t ignore the brachialis. What I feel is the best biceps exercise to train this muscle is the Cross-Body Hammer Curl. We know that one of the functions of the biceps is supination of the forearms; to take minimize biceps activation and preferentially target the brachialis, we pronate the forearms and bring the dumbbell up and across the body. Remember to keep the movement slow in order to best active the more predominately slow-twitch muscle fibers of the brachialis. Targeting the brachialis will create wider biceps to help fill out those shirt sleeves. I can’t make a list of the best biceps exercises without mentioning the DB Banded Curl. This variation of the classic DB Curl takes advantage of overlapping strength curves that come from the DB Curl as well as a Banded Curl. The classic overload of the concentric portion of the curl has a strength curve of being easiest at the bottom, hardest in the middle, and easier again at the top. With the band, the curve starts easy and becomes most difficult at the top. By combining the two, we can fill in the gap that allows for continued tension from the middle and all the way to the top. The complimenting strength curves is why I consider this one of the best exercises for the biceps. To maximize biceps growth, we need to focus not only on the midrange (hardest portion) of the curl, but both the stretched and contracted positions of the movement. This is where the Incline Stretch Curl comes in. This biceps exercise utilizes the incline setup to take the arm and put it behind your body into extension, creating stretch. By pronating the forearms at the bottom, we gain further stretch. By consciously contracting the triceps at the bottom portion as well, we get a reflexive relaxation of the biceps to enhance the stretch even further. As I mentioned previously, to maximize biceps development, we need to focus on the extreme ends of the range of motion of the curl. The Incline Waiter Curl (a combination of a Waiter Curl and a Spider Curl) allows us place tension in the contracted portion of the biceps in a way that isn’t matched by the other exercises mentioned in this list. The Waiter Curl allows us to reach peak contraction, but the Spider Curl position allows for a greater range of motion as the dumbbell isn’t obstructed by our legs. This is one of the best biceps exercises that you definitely do not want to overlook. There you have it, the 6 best biceps exercises to get bigger biceps. Remember, everyone has different strengths and weaknesses in their training and I am providing you with, what I feel, are the best biceps exercises to cover them all. If you are looking for a science based step-by-step workout plan that helps you to build muscle by making exercise selection based on science, anatomy, and biomechanics; click the link below to check out the the ATHLEAN-X Training System. By putting the science back in strength, you can increase the speed of your gains and continue seeing them for years to come. For more videos on how to build bigger biceps, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on YouTube by clicking the link below. Remember to turn on your notifications so you never miss a video when we put one out. Build Muscle in 90 Days - 🤍 Subscribe to this channel here - 🤍



This 20 min back and bicep workout is such a great at home workout with dumbbells. In this back and bicep dumbbell workout you'll also want to have a chair, barstool, etc near by to lean against and ensure proper form for the first few back and bicep exercises. In this back and bicep dumbbell workout I am using a heavy and light set of dumbbells 30 lbs + 20 lbs, but do what works best for you or work with what you have on hand. This back and bicep workout format is simple: 40 seconds of work. 20 seconds of rest. Bent Over Single Arm Row (R) Bent Over Single Arm Row (L) Bent Over Rear Delt Raises Romainan Deadlift Supine Single Arm Row (R) Supine Single Arm Row (L) Steering Wheel Hold Renegade Row (R) Renegade Row (L) Superman Wide Curls Hammer Curls Zottman Curls Alternating Cross Body Curl Reverse Curls Circle Curls Lower Curls Upper Curls Single Arm Curl + Static Hold Decline & Hold This is part of our 15 Day Ab Shred and Sculpt Challenge. Add this playlist to your favorites so you can come back every day 👉🏼 🤍 LIKE if you want more quick ab workouts. COMMENT to let us know what other videos you want to see. SUBSCRIBE to never miss a workout! FOLLOW us on IG: 🤍 As always, THANK YOU for watching! TIFF x DAN DISCLAIMER: TIFF x DAN strongly recommend that you consult your physician before starting any exercise or workout program. You should be in good physical + mental condition + able to participate in the exercises. You should be aware + understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this workout, exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, + agree to release and discharge TIFF x DAN from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of TIFF x DAN negligence.

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7 Best Biceps Exercises for Bigger Arms (science-based)


It’s no secret that the biceps are the ‘beach muscle’ that every guy wants to build. But proper biceps training isn’t as simple as banging out a few sets of curls. Although you may experience some results from focusing on heavy pulling movements and adding a few sets of dumbbell curls to the end of your workout, you will eventually have to take a more strategic approach in order to continue seeing growth. The reason is that, as you become more advanced, your biceps may require a different stimulus, particularly due to their more complex anatomy and biomechanics. And in order to train the biceps most optimally, it’s critical that you understand what muscles are involved and what functions they’re responsible for. That’s why in this video we go over the basic anatomy of the biceps and their functions, as well as 7 must-do biceps exercises for bigger arms. [SUPPLEMENTS] SCIENCE-BASED SUPPLEMENTS THAT WORK! ➜ 🤍 [FREE BOOK] CLAIM YOUR FREE COPY OF BULK UP FAST! ➜ 🤍 [MASS-5 FULL BODY] HIGH FREQUENCY FULL BODY WORKOUT ➜ 🤍 [SHREDDED-12] SCIENCE-BASED FAT LOSS PROGRAM ➜ 🤍 FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: ➜ 🤍 References 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 3. 🤍 4. 🤍 5. 🤍

The Best Bicep pump you'll ever have 🔥 Workout & Instructions


Works like a charm... enjoy #BicepWorkout #Bodybuilding #Shorts . . Train WITH me on my Training App! ⇩ 🤍 Access to my own actual workout schedule 👀 complete with: ✅    Instructional training videos ✅    My personal training notes ✅    "Chat with Davis" feature ✅    Community news feed ✅    Weight & PR tracker ✅    Food macronutrient tracker ✅    Progress photo uploader ✅ 7 Badass Workouts Available Each Week I provide you with everything you need to succeed. Train with me and we’ll kill it ✊🏼 . . Instagram ⇨ 🤍 TikTok ⇨ 🤍

30 Minute Dumbbell Back and Bicep Workout At Home [PULL WORKOUT]


Truth be told... when I finished this workout it felt like my biceps were able to EXPLODE 💥 This KILLER 30 minute dumbbell workout will sculpt and shred your back and biceps. Create a workout playlist and be sure to add this to it for anytime you want to target your back & biceps. This is the perfect back and bicep workout to incorporate in your weekly splits. We're slowing it down a little in this workout, but that doesn't mean you won't be sweating or burning calories. Challenge yourself by choosing a set of weights that are a little heaver and one that is slightly lighter. (I'll be using 20lb and 30lb dumbbells – 9kg/14kg). Concentrate on pausing at the top of each lift to maximize time under tension as this will help you to get stronger! Don't forget to warm up before your workout! 👉🏼 🤍 WORKOUT DETAILS 👉🏼 Duration: 32 Mins + 4 Min Cool Down 👉🏼 Equipment: Two sets of dumbbells (I'm using 20 lb / 9 kg and 30 lb / 14 kg dumbbells) and a mat. 🦍 We use and highly recommend Yo Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat! Check it out at 🤍 ► Use code TIFFXDAN to get 10% off your order! 👉🏼 Timing: 30 Sec Work, 30 Sec Rest (follow along on screen as timing changes) 0:20 Bent Over Single Arm Row Right Arm 0:50 Bent Over Single Arm Row Left Arm 1:50 Bent Over Row Both Arms 2:50 Bent Over Single Arm Row Right Arm 3:20 Bent Over Single Arm Row Left Arm 4:20 Bent Over Row Both Arms 5:20 Bent Over Supinated Row Right Arm 5:50 Bent Over Supinated Row Left Arm 6:50 Bent Over Supinated Row Both Arm 7:50 Bent Over Supinated Row Right Arm 8:20 Bent Over Supinated Row Left Arm 9:20 Bent Over Supinated Row Both Arm 10:20 Alternating Hammer Curls (heavy dumbbells) 10:50 Hammer Curls (light dumbbells) 11:50 Alternating Wide Curls (heavy dumbbells) 12:20 Wide Curls (light dumbbells) 13:20 Alternating Circle Curls (heavy dumbbells) 13:50 Circle Curls (light dumbbells) 14:50 Alternating Cross Body Curls (heavy dumbbells) 15:20 Cross Body Curls (light dumbbells) 16:20 ISO Curl Hold (light dumbbells) 16:50 ISO Curl Pulses (light dumbbells) 17:50 Alternating Twist Curls (light dumbbells) 18:20 Alternating Twist Curls (heavy dumbbells) 19:20 Slow Eccentric Curls (light dumbbells) 20:20 Bent Over Single Arm Wide Row Right Arm 20:50 Bent Over Single Arm Wide Row Left Arm 21:50 Bent Over Wide Row Both Arms 22:50 Bent Over Single Arm Wide Row Right Arm 23:20 Bent Over Single Arm Wide Row Left Arm 24:20 Bent Over Wide Row Both Arms 25:20 Single Arm Plank Row Right Arm 25:50 Single Arm Plank Row Left Arm 26:50 Renegade Rows 27:50 Single Arm Plank Row Right Arm 28:20 Single Arm Plank Row Left Arm 29:20 Renegade Rows FINISHER / 20 Seconds Each 30:20 Twist Curls | Right, Left, Both 30:40 Upright Rows 31:00 Hammer Curls | Right, Left, Both 31:20 Upright Rows 31:40 Wide Curls | Right, Left, Both 32:00 Upright Rows 32:40 COOL DOWN + STRETCH Check out these HIIT Dumbbell Workouts: 💪🏽 30 Min Upper Body Workout with Dumbbells + HIIT: 🤍 💪🏽 40 Min Full Body HIIT Workout with Dumbbells: 🤍 💪🏽 45 Min Full Body Workout with Dumbbells | Tone & Sculpt: 🤍 💪🏽 45 Min Ultimate Full Body Dumbbell Workout (INTENSE HIIT): 🤍 💪🏽 45 Min Advanced HIIT Workout with Weights: 🤍 Looking for a complete workout program? Look no further than our FREE 6 Week Shred! This at home workout program uses a combination of bodyweight and dumbbells and includes a total of 30 videos (5 every week) ranging between 30-60 minutes each for your to follow along with. View the Community Tab on our channel for the workout calendars. Add the 6 Week Shred playlist to your favorites so you can come back every day. 👉🏼 🤍 👍🏽 LIKE if you want more back and bicep workouts with dumbbells! 💬 COMMENT to let us know what other videos you want to see. 🔔 SUBSCRIBE + turn on notifications so you never miss a workout! 📸 FOLLOW us on IG for more workouts: 🤍 THANK YOU for watching and please remember to subscribe! We feel so grateful to have such an amazing YouTube community. TIFF x DAN DISCLAIMER: TIFF x DAN strongly recommend that you consult your physician before starting any exercise or workout program. You should be in good physical + mental condition + able to participate in the exercises. You should be aware + understand that when participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. If you engage in this workout, exercise or exercise program, you agree that you do so at your own risk, are voluntarily participating in these activities, assume all risk of injury to yourself, + agree to release and discharge TIFF x DAN from any and all claims or causes of action, known or unknown, arising out of TIFF x DAN negligence.

7 BEST Dumbbell Bicep Exercises (YOU NEED!!)


Alright, today we're grabbing some dumbbells and going over some bicep curls that you probably have never done before, and then a few that you definitely have, but we're going to make him even worse, so if you're ready, let's get after it. Click Here to kick your own A in the 30 Day Program click HERE: 🤍 Or let's first go over traditional curls to make sure you’re not making the big mistake I see most people make, which is no matter what the cost they're going to get it up, which is admirable. I'm sure your Tinder dates really appreciate that about you, but in terms of growing that bicep, it's not going too much because what happens is as that bicep gets tired, you're trying to force it all the way up. There's no way to get there, so you have to get that shoulder involved, and unless that was your horrible plan from the start, let's try to avoid it. But we don't have to focus on the shoulder. All we have to do is simply focus on where the elbow is. So if you're doing a curl your arms right by your side, as long as you keep the elbow tucked into place and there's no movement, It's going to be all bicep. So then the question is, what should the range of motion be? And my argument is that you should push as much blood as you possibly can into those biceps so that as you go through the exercise, it actually shortens. For example, I start out with three quarter reps because I don't see a benefit and pushing the extreme ends of the range of motion like the very bottom where you almost have to actually push to stretch, or the very top where there's really not much of a difference in the contraction. So they start out at three quarters, but my goal is to push so much blood in there by the 2nd set that they turned into half reps and that same stretch that you got before you actually can't get because you can't stretch any further and you definitely can't contract up any higher because your bicep won't let you. And yeah, you might have a hard time washing your hair tonight or wiping your * but it will just be a lesson in how versatile your garden hoses. Alright, Next up we got drag curls and in my mind you got some options because anytime you put a dumbbell in a string and pull back in a straight line, that's a drag girl. So you've got the traditional arm your side pulling straight up, which is a phenomenal exercise, but for most people their shoulders are so bound up that it turns into something else entirely. End up looking like a creep in the corner of the gym, run the risk of getting kicked out so instead you can put that dumbbell right above your knee and pull back on a straight line and get a phenomenal contraction. When in doubt, take it to the extreme hop on an incline and pull straight up from there. I have no doubt you’ll have a great connection to these, but yeah... you're going to look like an *hole and if you didn't grow up wearing JNCO jeans and drawing stussy’s all over everything, you're not ready for this. So you guys know me, I'm basically a giant 10 year old, so any exercise that resembles a ride at Disneyland..I'm all about it. I don't know what these are called, but I'm assuming it's something great because anything that makes you look like you're having a nervous breakdown has to be named something epic. And I've talked about this before, but I'm also going to another variation today that I think is even worse, and the idea is you're actually leaving that dumbbell in place and mostly working around it. So as you go in that negative, you lean back, put all that pressure in your bicep to hold and stabilize that weight and as you contract up, you barely move that dumbbell, but you lean into it and make that contraction even worse. And they suck… And another way to utilize this movement is with hammer curls. I like to do them standing but I also like to lock those elbows into my stomach so it's just that bicep working, no shoulders involved. And it's also a great way to make people feel uncomfortable... Just find the closest corner at your gym. Go stand in it, and make sure when you're doing them you'll look back. Really ups the creep factor. And just in case you didn't feel like that long head is getting enough love, we're going to hit pinwheel curls now. Good way to think about these is just categorize them like a drag curl and that will help get your form right, but the idea is you're pulling that dumbbell straight up, flaring the elbows out to the side and the shoulder is turned in, so it's mostly that long head and as you finish off that contraction you flex that wrist out and it's going to really that long head. So if you haven’t got a chance to check out the 30 day program, I'll link that below. It's 30 days, 20 videos, 20 workouts…. It's 20 bucks and you're going to get your * kicked. #biceps #dumbbell #exercises

Top 8 World's Best Bicep Exercises To Build Bigger Arms


Top 8 World's Best Bicep Exercises To Build Bigger Arms 00:00 Start 00:06 Barbell Curl 00:40 Dumbbell Alternating Hammer Curl 01:14 Dumbbell Curls 01:49 Standing Cable Curls 02:17 Incline Dumbbell Curl 02:50 High Cable Curls 03:13 Machine Preacher Curl 03:42 EZ Barbell Curls Website: 🤍 Fanpage: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe and Press the Bell icon: 🤍 Thank you for your help! ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ © Copyright by Gym Body Motivation ☞ Do not Reup Contact: gymbodymotivation🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Model Insta: 🤍stevekrisofficial 🤍_joeandrews 🤍abelbodygym 🤍devinbernardo 🤍briandecosta ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎧 Track: Disfigure - Blank [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 🎧 Track: K-391 - Everybody [NCS Release] Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds. Watch: 🤍 #gymbodymotivation #bicepworkout #bicepsworkout #biceps #workout #gym #fitness #bodybuilding

10 BEST Exercises for BIG ARMS (Dumbbells Only!)


These are the best exercises to get bigger arms at home or in the gym with dumbbells ONLY. Learn exactly what to do to get big biceps, triceps, and shoulders in this arm workout video. By following through you'll add muscle mass onto your arms making them wider, thicker, and bigger over time. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Shred: 🤍 📲 FREE Diet/Workout Planner Tool: 🤍 If you want to build bigger arms with minimal equipment then you're going to love these exercises, because they target the most important muscles that make your arms look bigger, wider, and thicker. These include your biceps, your triceps, and your shoulders. And all you'll need for the entire workout are a pair of dumbbells, allowing you to do it anywhere, even at home.  So let's start first with a bicep exercise that targets a part of your arm that most people don't train hard enough, the brachialis. The exercise I'm talking about is called the alternating crossbody dumbbell curl. And if you're not performing any curls with a neutral grip during your arm workouts you're not maximizing the development of your brachialis. This isn't ideal if you want bigger arms because building up the brachialis is what gives your arms a wider appearance. So to get started with this exercise you would grab two dumbbells and hold them in a neutral position at your sides. Before doing anything you'll want to lean slightly forward to help take your shoulder out of the movement and to put more constant tension on the brachialis. Then you would curl the dumbbell up, but rather than coming straight up for a regular hammer curl you're going to come across your body aiming to bring the dumbbell up to your opposite pec. Then slowly lower the dumbbell back down and repeat the same thing on the other side, alternating back and forth for reps. Next is a tricep exercise that you only need one dumbbell for, the single-arm overhead tricep extension. You can perform these standing or seated, and you don't need a crazy amount of weight for these to be effective. To begin you'll grab a dumbbell and press it straight up above your head. Then bend your elbow and lower the dumbbell behind your head as if you're going to scratch the back of your neck. As you're doing this make sure that you don't flare your elbow out to the side and instead do your best to keep your upper arm locked in place, with your elbow pointing upward. From there you're going to extend your elbow until your arm is almost locked out over your head and then lower back down and repeat for reps.  Another very effective tricep exercise that I rarely see people performing is the two-arm dumbbell kickback. I occasionally see someone doing kickbacks, but very rarely do I see two dumbbells being used at the same time. Begin by grabbing two dumbbells, and standing straight up with the dumbbells hanging to your sides. Then bend your upper body all the way down until your back is parallel to the ground. A lot of people make the mistake of only bending halfway, and that's going to diminish the tension on your triceps by a lot. So bend all the way down, and at the same time, you're going to bend your elbows and pin them back up along the sides of your ribs. While you're bent over you also want to remember to keep your chest out and to maintain the neutral curve in your lower back. From there just extend your elbows until your arms are almost fully locked out behind you. Then slowly lower back down until your arms are bent at about a 90-degree angle, and repeat for reps. If you never do kickbacks with both arms at the same time give this one a shot because it's is an effective way to change things up.  Next let's go over a great bicep exercise that you rarely see, the wide dumbbell curl. Usually, people will only go wide with barbell curls, not realizing that going wide with dumbbells can offer another unique way to target the short head of the bicep. This is the portion of the biceps that sit on the insides of your arms. So you would begin wide curls the same way as regular dumbbell bicep curls. Grab two dumbbells, stand straight up, and pin your elbows tight against your ribs. Except now instead of curling straight up, you're going to rotate your arms outward first. Then curl the dumbbells up toward your shoulders while continuing to keep your elbows in the same position close to your ribs. Once the dumbbells are all the way up almost at your shoulders, slowly lower back down, while still keeping your arms externally rotated. Then when you reach the starting position repeat for reps.  Next, we have one of the best exercises for the bicep, the concentration curl. And even though this exercise is common, it can give you one of the best bicep pumps and help boost your b strength dramatically. To begin, sit on the edge of a bench with your knees wide apart and a dumbbell on the floor in between your feet. Grab the dumbbell with an underhanded grip, and pin that arm against your...

Dumbbell only BICEP WORKOUT!


Alright here’s a quick and effective dumbbell only bicep workout if you’re ever limited on equipment. First up for the short head is standing bicep curls with your elbows slightly in front of your body. Really control the weight and squeeze at the top. Then standing hammer curls for the brachialis, all these exercises by the way are 3 sets of 10-12 reps, and finally for the long head to finish off the biceps, seated incline curls keep those elbows pinned back and think of dragging the weight to your armpit. I hope that helps and subscribe for more lifting tips! #Gym #Shorts

10 Best Exercises for Bigger Bicep Peaks


These are the 10 best bicep exercises for bigger taller bicep peaks. The bicep peak workout that's included will help you get bigger arms fast. So if you're wondering how to get those biceps to grow taller and wider watch this video. 🔥 FREE 6 Week Shred: 🤍 📲 FREE Diet/Workout Planner Tool: 🤍 Your bicep peak is mostly defined by the long head which is located on the outer portion of your arm as opposed to the short head which is closer to the center of your body. So today I want to give you guys the best exercises to target that long head and develop bigger, rounder, and taller bicep peaks in no time. Before we jump right in just keep in mind that your bicep isn't only responsible for elbow flexion, but it also provides close to 50% of the strength required to turn your hand over. Specifically, the long head is very active when turning your pinky up towards the cieling so remember to do that during your reps to help develop those peaks even more.      So First lets start with an exercise that you may have never done before the bayesian curl. This exercise was originally popularized by Menno Henselmans and we can tweak it to specifically put more tension on the long head and develop nicer peaks. So first you'll want to lower a pulley all the way to the bottom of a cable cross machine. Then you're going to grab a cable in your hand with your palm facing up, and take a few steps forward, so that your arm is being pulled behind your body. This takes the slack out of the long head which adds tension on that portion. From that starting position, you're going to curl the cable up toward your chest while doing your best to keep your elbow locked in one place behind your body. This will actually prevent your hands from coming up any higher than around your lower chest, which is what we want. Then while still keeping your elbow back, slowly lower the cables back down to the starting position and repeat for reps making sure to hit each side for each set. Another exercise that's very similar is the barbell drag curl. The major difference between regular barbell curls and drag curls is that your elbows end up positioned further behind the body, and like I said when we do that we increase the stretch and tension placed on the long head of the bicep. So to perform this correctly you're going to grab a loaded bar, and I recommend taking a closer grip to target the long head even more. From that starting position, you'll curl the bar up while gliding the bar along your body the whole time. By imagining that you're dragging the bar up across your body your elbows will naturally stay back in the right place. Once your curl the bar up as high as you can, which will once again be to about chest level, slowly lower it back down and repeat for reps. Keep in mind you will most likely need to use a much lighter weight than what you would normally lift for regular bicep curls. That's perfectly normal for these first two exercises.  Another exercise that positions the elbows behind the body and can be done with just a pair of dumbbells is the incline dumbbell bicep curl. You would set the bench at an incline of about 45 to 60 degrees and lay back with the dumbbells in your hands at your sides. Just by getting into this starting position, your arms will be slightly behind your body, and that'll put the same stretch on the long head. So from that starting position, you're going to curl one dumbbell up towards your shoulder, while keeping your elbow close to your body, and turning your hand over so that your pinky is pointing up as we talked about. Then slowly lower back down as you switch to the other side and alternate back and forth for reps. Make sure as you're doing this exercise that you're not using your shoulders by driving your elbows forward at the end of the movement to rest. Instead, keep your elbows and upper arms back in the starting position the whole time to ensure that the long head stays stretched.  Also if you'd like it's always an option to do this exercise by curling both arms at the same time rather than alternating on each rep.  Going back to cables another effective peak builder that you may not know about is the lying cable bicep curl. This is one of the few bicep exercises that make it almost impossible to use momentum, which is an immediate plus. So to begin you'll position the pulley at the top of a cable cross, attach a bar to the pulley, and place a flat or declined bench under the bar. Then you're going to grab the bar with a close underhanded grip and lay back against the bench with your arms extended straight up. Next, you're going to curl the bar towards your forehead. And right here you'll notice another big benefit of this exercise, there's no way to rest at the top of the contraction. No matter how close you bring the bar the tension stays on your biceps. As you curl remember to keep your elbows and upper arms locked in that one position...

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