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POE 3.19 - The Loot Has Been Found - Archnemesis Magic Finding - Path of Exile Lake Of Kalandra


#POE #pathofexile #kalandra 80 divine orbs from one monster, 58 from another? By Solaris, what on earth? Note: This requires an unrealistic setup for solo play (a magic find culler is required to get numbers that high, although you can still get some loot without it) Steps: - Add as many rare monsters as possible to zones. Expedition and Blight seem good here; there are likely other ways. - Augment their rarity stat as much as possible. Expedition remnants that add rarity to monsters are bonkers. - If you will be delivering killing blows to enemies, augment your character rarity stat as much as possible (the unique ring Andvarius is OP here, Item Rarity Support is great too) - Get lucky finding a monster that is Lunaris, Solaris or Shakari touched (this appears so far to be pure RNG, but it's a numbers game - they are rare, but add enough rare monsters and they WILL show up) - Profit Just a quick note that the POE subreddit is pretty aggressively downvoting any mention of these discoveries. Some people do not want this known. Join as a channel member to get access to perks (this helps fund the channel): 🤍 I've started streaming on Twitch! 🤍 will take you there. I also have a merch store at 🤍 if you want to buy anything there and can take tips at 🤍

MTG- An Introduction To Archenemy - A One vs Many Multiplayer Magic: The Gathering Format


Come hang out and play Magic with me on Twitch: 🤍 TCC Shirts! Playmats! - 🤍 Come hang out and play Magic with me on Twitch: 🤍 Support The Professor - Patreon -🤍 Twitter: 🤍 FaceBook: 🤍 Music Courtesy Of: "Vintage Education" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 "One-Eyed Maestro" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 🤍 An introduction to Archenemy. A multiplayer format variant for Magic: The Gathering What is Archenemy? Archenemy is a one vs many multi player format. In it, one player is the Archenemy, essentially the villain, who the other players must all team up against. Each player has his or her own deck, as does the archenemy. But the archenemy player gets some added advantages, since they are battling against the rest of the group for survival. The key difference is that the archenemy gets a second deck, known as their scheme deck, from which they can set scheme cards in motion. Scheme cards are special bonus cards that interact with the archenemies deck to make them a force that requires the teamwork and cooperation of all the other players. Can the other players team up, unite, to stop you, the archenemy from eliminating them all? ArchEnemy is a lot of fun! It’s main is going to be to more casual players, players who enjoy multiplayer games, and although it was not intended as such, archenemy is of special interest to commander players. In fact, Commander is probably the format Archenemy is most widely played in. It’s a great way to mix things up for your playgroup, relax, and have fun ganging up with everyone against one player. But taking out the archenemy isn’t as easy as it sounds, because scheme cards aren’t the only thing they have at their disposal .

Friday Nights: Archfrenemies


There's no time to relax, as Paul tries to crack Magic Origins ahead of the Pro Tour with the help of an algorithm that is slightly suspect. Meanwhile, Ladies' Night is overtaken by a pair of Spikey villains. Sort of.

A Primer on Quantity Magic Finding in Path of Exile 3.17 Archnemesis League [Siege of the Atlas]


the atlas rework has given us many new tools to work with, as well as new challenges to face. thought i'd do a quick vid on what i've been up to the past week regarding gearing up and leveling an MF build in the current patch. PoB v2.15.1: 🤍 music: macroblank - plastic fables 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 hi 1:45 T4 TOWER RUN 4:30 T10 BREACH ON THE BEACH 9:20 NEW ATLAS 'SETUP' (do what you want) 10:00 GEAR / SKILL GEMS OVERVIEW 22:00 CONCLUSIONS / ATLAS PASSIVE TREE METAGAMING Like and subscribe for more half-assed content! You can contact me on… Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍pigbilgrim Or in the comments here!

3 Ways to Draft with Just Two People! | Magic: the Gathering Booster Draft Limited Formats MTG


Thanks for watching Good Morning Magic! If you enjoyed the episode, it'd mean a lot to me if you subscribed: it only takes one click, and helps grow the channel. Draft is a blast - but how can you do it with just two people? let me walk you through my three favorite ways! Have a question? Post a comment! You can also catch me, Gavin Verhey, on the rest of the internet at: Twitch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Thumbnail background art is Tavern Swindler from Streets of New Capenna by Pauline Voss. #magicthegathering #gameplay #format

How I Defeated My Arch Nemesis


For NordVPN’s 9th birthday, every purchase of a 2-year plan will get you 1 additional month free AND a surprise gift. Go to 🤍 and use code thoughtemporium! BL21 E. coli are by far the most obnoxious bacteria genetic engineers usually work with for 1 simple reason. They are maddeningly difficult to modify and load with new DNA. This wouldn't be an issue if they weren't also one of the best types for producing proteins en mass, and as such have application in everything from pharmaceutical production, to producing ingredients for foods. But after a few years of tinkering with it I finally found a protocol that reliably fixes this irritating issue, and makes it easy to transform them reliably. Written protocol - 🤍 Sebastian's spinner - 🤍 Previous videos; Modifying Bacteria - 🤍 Modifying yeast - 🤍 Making a heat block/incubator - 🤍 Growing spider silk -🤍 _ Support the show and future projects: Patreon: 🤍 Ko-Fi: 🤍 Become a member: 🤍 _ My Social Media Pages: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍

Is Casual Magic Find Worth It? | PoE 3.19


Twitch: 🤍 2nd YT: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Discord: 🤍

A Crap Guide to Magic the Gathering [Sponsored]


Download MTG Arena: 🤍 This video is a paid promotion by Wizards of the Coast for Magic the Gathering. ►Support me: 🤍 ►Twitch: 🤍 ►Merch: 🤍 ►Hit Point Press: 🤍?aff=4 ►Twitter: 🤍 ►Stream VODs: 🤍 ►Website: 🤍 ►Discord: 🤍 Other music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: 🤍



We haven't done something like this in a while, so let's head over to Voodoo Magic and do a few buys on the max bet. 📌 Check out my Twitch channel where I stream daily: ✔️ Twitch: 🤍 ✔️ YouTube Highlights: 🤍 ✔️ Join our discord server to interact with the community and see all stream updates! ➡ 🤍 Socials: ✔️ Twitter: 🤍 ✔️ Instagram: 🤍 ✔️ Facebook: 🤍 #casino #slot #slots I always emphasize in my stream how important gambling addiction awareness is to me and that it is not to be taken lightly. 1 - Don't think of gambling as a way to make money. 2 - Only gamble with money you can afford to lose. 3 - Set a money limit in advance: Decide how much you can afford to lose before you go to play. 4 - Set a time limit in advance. 5 - Never chase your losses: If you lose your set money limit and then try to win some of it back before you leave, then you haven't set a money limit. Chasing your losses will usually just lead to bigger and bigger losses!

[PoE 3.19] Further Crimson Ambush Testing | Adding In Magic Find & Harbingers | Lake of Kalandra


In this video we take a look at some of the further testing I have done regarding the Crimson Ambush strategy. Original Test Video: 🤍

[3.17 Archnemesis] Winter Orb Magic Find Occultist Showcase


Using 2x Inspired Learnings and HH to carry this trainwreck. POB: 🤍 USE POB COMMUNITY FORK 🤍ity/ Casual Juiced Mapping on Promenade with Deli mirrors. Forgot to click Alva on this map rip. Also keep forgetting to push my Divination Distillate every 5 secs which is tragic. My atlas tree is not optimized at all, just went with Legion and Flash breach w/ all beyond nodes.

Špatná kopírka Diabla a Path of Exile - Magic: Legends


Oblíbená karetní hra Magic: The Gathering propůjčila pár svých mechanik nové videohře Magic: Legends. Ta teď vstoupila do fáze otevřené bety a je tak nejlepší čas na její vyzkoušení. Tomu jsme nemohli odolat! 👾 Partner pořadu = Děkujeme obchodu s elektronikou Klikni pro více informací: 🤍 🔥 Máte zájem o spolupráci? = For any business inquiries reach us via: marketing🤍 Pro spolupráci nás kontaktujte na: marketing🤍 🌍 Spoj se s námi = YouTube - 🤍 Náš web - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Reddit - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 🎥 INDIAN je tu více jak 13 let = Jsme pořad o hrách pro každého! Plně nezávislý tým hráčů, kamarádů a milovníků počítačových her. Někteří z nás se živí hraním či vývojem her profesionálně, jiní si zas jen krátí volnou chvíli; důležité ovšem je, že děláme to, co nás baví! 🚀 MediaRealms s.r.o. © 2021 - Všechna práva vyhrazena = Použitá hudba ve zvukové stopě může obsahovat součásti knihovny 🤍 nebo je samostatně licencovaná. #indiantvcz #preview #MagicLegends

[POE 3.19] Should You Magic Find Lower Tier Maps? Testing Low Budget Magic Finding - Results Inside


Test results of running T9 Villa maps with low investment in a magic find character. How much currency can you make running low tier maps? Character from the video/test: 🤍 _ ► For my personal loot filters check out: 🤍 ► Follow on Twitter for news and updates: 🤍 ► Join the community discord server: 🤍 ► Follow the Twitch channel: 🤍

Mick - James Acaster’s archenemy? Lee Mack’s traded toddler? Gabby Logan’s cheated child? | WILTY


Gabby Logan: "This is Mick, and I deliberately tripped him up during the wheelbarrow race at my son's sports day." Lee Mack: "This is Mick. I once took him home from nursery instead of my own son."  James Acaster: "This is Mick, and for six months, he was my sworn enemy when a practical joke got out of hand." Series 11 Episode 3. Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and Lee Mack are joined by James Acaster, Gabby Logan, Melvin Odoom and Fay Ripley. Would I Lie To You Series 11 Episode 3 WILTY S11E03 11x03 11x3

PoE 3.18 Sentinels League - My thoughts on Archnemesis mods on Rare/Magic mobs


The risk vs. reward for engaging in Sentinels league mechanic is not worth it. Thus, not going to engage in the league mechanic for now. Save up your sentinels though!!!

Friday Nights: Commandeered


One game, one shot, and one annoying deck from Cameron. The LoadingReadyRun crew battles Commander into all hours of the night. They really should start these games earlier. Check out more from LoadingReadyRun at 🤍



I Evolved POKEMON MONSTERS 1,000,000 TIMES! ✨Get my new merch at 🤍 ✨ Subscribe for more here! 👉 🤍 Follow on Twitter ⭐ 🤍 Follow on Instagram 🌟 🤍 Watch next ➡ 🤍 Watch More Kindly Keyin: ❗ Latest Videos: 🤍 ❗ Popular Videos: 🤍 Check out this game here: 🤍 #kindlykeyin #keyin

[3.19] PURE 630% Rarity Magic Find - Deadeye Tornado Shot - Quantity Over-Rated?


In this video, I showcase a more min-maxed PURE item rarity magic find Tornado Shot Deadeye. I created this build due to not wanting to go the typical Quantity Gear route because these builds are extremely squishy due to requiring multiple items missing HP/Resistances and requiring the use of Petrified Blood + Divination Distillate, which makes you glass. The reason Quantity gear isn't "required" for magic finding is because Rarity/Quantity on gear is additive to map Rarity/Quantity. Thus you can look at the rough math below that shows the currency per hour should be at most 30% less loot when comparing 80% Quant to 0% Quant, but I would argue that the increase in tankiness and quality of life stats that comes with a Pure Rarity build allows you to die less and run harder maps, thus roughly makes up for this difference. 8 Mod Map + Gilded Reliquary Scarab + God-Touch Average: (Rough Estimate) 0/0 MF = T1 Currency x4 0/600 MF = T1 Currency x12 80/600 MF = T1 Currency x16 (Character Rarity/Quant + Map Rarity/Quant) x (Party Size Bonus + League Mechanic Bonus) = Loot Full Quantity Stats: (1 Mirror Budget) Quantity: 80 Gear + 150 Map = 230 Total Rarity: 600 Gear + 100 Map = 700 Total DPS: 9.8 Mil + HH Defense: 4-9k Max Hit + HH QoL: None + HH Full Rarity Stats: (1 Mirror Budget) Quantity: 0 Gear + 150 Map = 150 Total (34% Less) Rarity: 630 Gear + 100 Map = 730 Total (4% More) DPS: 12.4 Mil Defense: 6-29k Max Hit QoL: Stun Immune, CB Immune, Ailment Immune, Curse Immune, No Mana Cost Final Note: If you are in a group with an aura support, have an unlimited budget, or have legacy quantity gear in Standard, Quantity gear is likely marginally better. Video POB: (1 Mirror Budget) 🤍 Budget POB: (10 Divine Budget) 🤍 🤍



PATH OF EXILE 3.19 - OPENING 1471 SETS OF THE RISK - THE MAGIC FIND DREAM IS HERE!! 0:00 - Intro 1:38 - Opening Sets 2:33 - Vendor Recipe 5:47 - Results In today's video for Path of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra, I opened up 1471 sets of the Risk (Ventor's Gamble) as well as did the 3 to 1 vendor recipe many, many times. Big shoutout to Mystogan for providing the items for today's video - I hope you all enjoy! Like my content? Consider subscribing! Twitch VOD: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 The Forbidden Trove discord: 🤍 #PathOfExile #PoE #Kalandra

The Goblin Finder 3000: Crafting a Double-Elevated Chest for Magic Find Builds. [Path of Exile 3.19]


Patreon (lifeforce sheet): 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 The Forbidden Trove 🤍 ♪ Biscuit (Prod. by Lukrembo) Link : 🤍 ————————————————————————————————— Music : Hope for Tomorrow by Tokyo Music Walker Stream & Download : 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 ————————————————————————————————— #crafting #mf #kalandra

3.19 LEAGUE STARTER to Turn into a MAGIC FIND Character! Path of Exile 3.19 POE Lake of Kalandra


SPARK INQUISITOR Templar Leaguestarter build showcase in realistic gear crafted entirely with essences with minimal uniques. This showcases what I will realistically be at around day 2-3 in the new league and how I will set it up before switching into flicker spark which uses the soul thirst belt to get SOULEATER (MASSIVE attack and cast speed). 3.19 LEAGUE STARTER to Turn into a MAGIC FIND Character! Path of Exile 3.19 POE Lake of Kalandra 5l link spark setup in Solo Self Found gear showcase 🤍 6l link spark setup in SSF gear Leagustart build guide with leveling POBS 🤍 Feeling generous and want to support the channel? 🤍 Check out my other POE BUILDS 3.19 Path of Exile 🤍 I interviewed Lolcohol, Palsteron, Tarke Cat, Omisid, CatmasterOP, Sirgog, Subtractem, CaptainLance9, SlipperyJim, Lighty, Balormage, OMGITSJOUIS JOUSIS Tenkiei. You can find the interviews on the TELL US ABOUT channel! 🤍 Need HELP? Join the discord server! Discord: 🤍 POB ANNILATING LIGHT SPARK INQUISITOR (SHOWN IN VIDEO) 🤍 POB MAGIC FIND SOULEATER SPARK INQUISITOR 🤍 𝐂𝐎𝐍𝐍𝐄𝐂𝐓 𝐖𝐈𝐓𝐇 𝐌𝐄 ▹ Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 I am the real James Humphrey! Don't let those other James Humphreys fool you! TRJH TELLUSABOUT TELL US ABOUT

[3.17] Path of Exile | Spell Magic Find is Underrated!! Vall FIreball MF


235iiq/720iir 8mod Beyond map+ polished reliquary, ambush, abyss, harbinger scarabs

[3.19] PURE 630% Rarity Magic Find - Abyss & Breach - Non-Wandering Path Variant


In this video, I showcase a typical map using my PURE Rarity Tornado Shot Deadeye. I have been testing many different atlas passives, scarabs, and sextants over the past several weeks across 200ish maps and the following combination is what I find to be the best in terms of not dying (Wandering Path + Altars + Legion = Deadly), fun, and profit. When I run these maps, I spawn the Searing Exarch Influence and kill everything besides the breach and abyss. I save these for later after I get all the Duplicate Currency and Added Quantity/Rarity altars. It takes me roughly 2 minutes to clear the map for altars, then doing the breaches and abysses takes 5-7 minutes depending on how many spawned. Sextants: Gloom Shrine - Gloom shrine is used to increase the clear speed of the map along with being able to "one shot" tanky rares during breaches and abyss. Beyond - Beyond is used to add lots of rares to the map along with dropping Tainted currency. This sextant should only be used if you have a strong character as beyond mobs are very deadly. Abyss - Abyss is used because it is the cheapest way to add around 10 rares to the map per abyss. Reflect Immune - Reflect Immune is used to add 4 more rares to the map along with being able to run reflect maps. With this sextant, I can run any mod combination in the game except for No Leech maps. Scarabs: Reliquary - Reliquary scarab is used to increase the number of uniques, which then get converted to currency when killing God-Touched currency rares. Of all the scarabs, this one should always be gilded. Abyss - Abyss scarab is used because it is the cheapest way to add around 10 rares to the map per abyss. Breach - Breach scarab is used because it is the 2nd cheapest way to add around 6 rares to the map per Breach. You will need a very strong character with very high DPS if you want to run breach, because if you don't kill the God-Touch fast enough, they will despawn. Bestiary - Bestiary scarab is used because it adds multiple rare packs to the map, which can spawn altars. Map Device: Abyss - Abyss is used because it is the cheapest way to add around 10 rares to the map per abyss. Atlas Tree: Abyss - We pick up most of the abyss nodes that increase Abyss spawn chance and mob density along our route to other nodes. Breach - We pick up the 5 breach nodes along our route to other nodes. The Flash Breach node is extremely important as it helps us clear maps faster for more currency per hour, but you need a very strong character with lots of DPS. Altars - We pick up several altar nodes so that we spawn roughly 4 altars per map, but I only choose the affixes that Duplicate Currency or Add Quantity/Rarity. The reason I skip the other affixes is because they increase the difficulty of the map tremendously, but only increase the currency generation by a little bit (assuming you don't die 6 times). Bestiary - The few bestiary nodes we pick up are very strong to get a lot of rare beasts that sell for a good amount of currency. Also, they add more rare beasts to the map, which can be God-Touched. Shrines - Shrines are strong because they help us clear the map faster and add additional packs of monsters to the map. These packs have a chance to spawn more altars. Number of Rares Math: 8 Mod Map: 30-40 Rares Abyss: 5-6 Abyss = 50-60 Rares Breach: 3-4 Breach = 15-20 Rares Bestiary: 8-16 Rares Beyond: 8-10 Rares Total Rare Count per Map = 111-146 Rares Currency Math: T1 Currency Per God-Touch: 16 Frequency of Currency God-Touch: 1/5 Maps Maps Per Hour: 7.5 Cost Per Hour: 3 Divine Per Hour (0.4 Divine Per Map) Revenue Per Hour: 15-18+ Divine Per Hour Total Currency Per Hour: 12-15+ Divine Per Hour POB: (1.5 Mirror Cost & 20.5 Mil DPS) 🤍

(3.18) KB Deadeye Magic Finder Build Guide - Ft. Tom (HIGH BUDGET)


This is the long awaited build guide for the build iv been playing for the past few weeks. Both the ele wand and phys wand variations that iv tried. Phys wand PoB - 🤍 Ele wand PoB - 🤍 ⇛ Beginner build guides and more at 🤍 ⇛ Sign up on Patreon for exclusive perks 🤍 ⇛ Catch me live on Twitch 🤍 ⇛ Keep up to date with Twitter 🤍 ⇛ Chat with us on Discord 🤍 ⇛ Get yourself some quackin' great gear 🤍 =

This Machine Is Close to Real MAGIC


Go to 🤍 to get started learning today! This machine, is as close to magic as we've come as a species. It takes a sheet of metal, turns it into plasma and then can coat literally anything in that metal. Today we discuss how we built this incredible machine! Github repo of parts: 🤍 Part 1- 🤍 Ben's amazing videos: Main channel page - 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Chapters: 0:00 Intro 3:33 Sourcing materials 4:30 Cart 6:20 Base PLate 7:45 Choosing vacuum materials 10:40 Baffle 13:20 Sputter Head 17:20 Rotary Couplings 19:11 High Current Feedthrough 20:34 Gas Flow Valves 21:40 Sponsor 22:36 Next Time Sneak Peek Support the show and future projects: Patreon: 🤍 Ko-Fi: 🤍 Become a member: 🤍 Store: 🤍 _ My Social Media Pages: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 _

World of Winx | Discover all the Nemesis


WINX CLUB ENGLISH is your destination to enter the magic Winx world! Subscribe now: 🤍 DISCOVER: Winx + Specialists Love Stories ♥️ 🤍 Nemesis, the dark side of the Winx ⚫ 🤍 Listen to the Winx Club soundtrack playlists 🎵 🤍 FULL MOVIES ► 🤍 FULL EPISODES: Season 7 ► 🤍 Season 6 ► 🤍 Season 5 ► 🤍 Season 4 ► 🤍 Season 3 ► 🤍 Season 2 ► 🤍 Season 1 ► 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Official Facebook page: 🤍

Mordru Origins - This DC's Most Powerful Dark Magician Wielded Magic That Even Gods Fear To Touch


Mordru manifests himself mainly as a shapeless Lord of Chaos. He had existed before the cosmos was fully formed, and he will exist long after the final star dies. Mordru is regarded as one of DC's most formidable, if not the greatest, magic users. While he is said to be capable of destroying whole galaxies, he is nothing near the presence's omnipotence. The most powerful Lord of Chaos, he is responsible for the shattering of the Rock of Eternity and also Hawk's corruption. He is perhaps the sole Lord of Chaos who has lived through the Tenth Age of Magic. He is a foe of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Justice Society, and the Justice League. To elaborate on his level of power, anybody who has even a portion of his power has gone on to perform remarkable things that they could not do before. Mordru is a terrifying cookie who should not be trifled with. 0:00 Intro 1:59 Mordru Origins: Master Of The Ultimate Mystic Art 7:29 Wrath Of Mordru 12:52 Appearances In Other Media

These Balls Are The Same Color (Black Magic Forkery #10)


My eyes are a lie now I don't like it. Previous ► 🤍 Black Magic Forkery Playlist ► 🤍 My Links ● NEWEST MERCH: 🤍 ● Merch: 🤍 ● Twitter: 🤍 ● Instagram: 🤍 ● Live stream: 🤍 Link: 🤍 Outro Song: MKC - Come With Me Video Link: 🤍 Links: 🤍 Thanks for watching, dudes! Ratings, favorites, and general feedback is always appreciated :)

The Amazing World of Gumball - The Re-Run (Exclusive Episode!)


When we last saw Gumball, he was hitting rewind on Rob’s Universal Remote, just in time to save himself from being trapped in The Void. The remote has now taken Gumball back to the beginning of that disastrous day. Armed with the knowledge of what this day has in store, he must try and stop Rob from destroying his life. Watch more videos on the go, get the Cartoon Network’s Watch And Play app here: 🤍 Check out our Cartoon Network Facebook page: 🤍 Subscribe for more Cartoon Network fun! Make sure to check out Planet 1UP, where Nate gets up to some crazy stuff!! 🤍

Funhaus play Dark Messiah Might and Magic


Rooster Teeth is deleting old content: 🤍 Feel free to download and save what you want, before it is gone. You can use Allavsoft: 🤍 Or 4k Download: 🤍 Some compilations might have some content removed, because random companies copyright stock music used. I don't monetize the videos and I don't want anyone else, besides RT, to do it. If you see an add, it's Youtube. If you are from RT or FH and want this content removed, please email me, no need to strike down the channel. Email on the About page.

[3.16] Path of Exile - Insane Magic Finding in Legacy 100% Deli Maps - 20 EX+ Per map [STD]


Hey guys, The drop rates for unique items is absolutely insane, super high chance to find valuable stuff like headhunter and the new mageblood. Very high drop rates for currency as well, I typically get anywhere from 4-7 pure exalts per map and 40+ Divine Orbs (With 6 links vendored). You also really need a high end GPU for this, I have an RTX 3090 and my game still struggled at times. I will drop a link to Exosta's Guide and Mai's Shop Exosta's Guide: 🤍 Mai's Mirror Shop: 🤍 My POB: 🤍 Segments: 0:30 Map Setup 2:35 Item Setup 4:50 Gameplay

[3.19] PURE 630% Rarity Magic Find - Abyss & Breach - 10-12+ Divine Per Hour


In this video, I showcase a typical map using my PURE rarity Tornado Shot Deadeye. I have been testing many different atlas passives, scarabs, and sextants over the past few days and this combination seems good. Math: Abyss - Guaranteed 4 Abyss per map with scarab and map device, which take around 35 seconds each to clear, but you also clear the whole map while following them. Each abyss spawns roughly 12 rares. (140 seconds / 48 rares = 3 seconds per rare) Breach - Guaranteed 5 Breach per map with sextant and scarab, which take around 15 seconds to clear. Typically, you want to kill breaches while killing an Abyss next to you and you want to leave the breach before the breach ends because if a God Touch spawns in the last few seconds, you likely won't have the DPS to instant kill it before it despawns. (75 seconds / 25 rares = 3 seconds per rare) Bestiary - Guaranteed 8-12 beasts per map with scarab, which take an additional 3 seconds to kill each red beast, which roughly 4-5 spawn. These beasts are mostly killed by just following Abyss. (15 seconds / 10 rares = 1.5 seconds per rare) Legion - Guaranteed 0 Legions, but have allocated many chances to spawn resulting in 1 per every 2 maps. Legions take around 24 seconds to clear, which spawn around 8 rares. (24 seconds / 8 = 3 seconds per rare) Sextants - I use Mirrored Rare Monster Sextant and Rare Map Rare Monster Sextant for 10 extra rares. These die while clearing Abyss. ( 10 seconds / 10 = 1 second per rare) Number of Rares Math: 8 Mod Map: 30-40 Rares Abyss: 4-5 Abyss = 40-50 Rares Breach: 5-6 Breach = 25-30 Rares Bestiary: 8-16 Rares Legion: 4 Rares (50% spawn Rate) Total Rare Count per Map = 107-140 Rares Currency Math: T1 Currency Per God-Touch: 12 Frequency of Currency God-Touch: 1/5 Maps Maps Per Hour: 10 Cost Per Hour: 5 Divine Per Hour (0.5 Divine Per Map) Revenue Per Hour: 15-17+ Divine Per Hour Total Currency Per Hour: 10-12+ Divine Per Hour Final Thoughts: I am not convinced that Breach is worth it yet. I may use Beyond Sextant instead of Breach sextant, though it is more expensive. Since Legion is invested into heavily by people, it is fairly expensive on a per Rare basis, thus its profitability is closer to cheaper methods of putting rares in your map. POB: (1.5 Mirror Cost & 20.5 Mil DPS) 🤍

POE Harvest Crafts: "Upgrade A Normal Item To Magic, Two High Level Mods" Best Uses - Path of Exile


#PathOfExile #POE #Crafting Current as of 3.17 - if watching this in 3.18 or later, ask about changes or nerfs. This craft is uncommon (not rare) and in my opinion is best used on item level 84 or above cluster jewels; usually meta ones with exactly 3, 6 or 12 passives. If you hit well (as I did in this video), consider continuing the craft with a Craicic Chimeral (to imprint the item) then either using "Upgrade a Magic Item to Rare, Adding Two High Level Modifiers" or a Regal Orb. If that goes well fantastic (use an exalt if you regalled) - if that fails, you still have your imprint to revert to. This is how many of the best cluster jewels in the game are made, although other methods can be used too. There are other use cases for this craft. For example, you can use this on Elder-influenced item level 86 Bone Helmets to have a good chance of getting +3 to socketed minion skills and nearby enemies take increased physical damage - while not currently popular in 3.17, this just needs melee skeletons to become popular again to truly shine. You can also use it on item level 83 (exactly) weapons that have potential to be good physical DPS bases, to help with rolling the uber rare Merciless or Dictator's mods, although you will far more frequently see Malicious or other undesired mods. Join as a channel member to get access to perks (this helps fund the channel): 🤍 I've started streaming on Twitch! 🤍 will take you there. You can buy some POE microtransactions and/or games from my Nexus store, and I'll get a cut. Link: 🤍 I also have a merch store at 🤍 if you want to buy anything there and can take tips at 🤍



In this new Rimworld Of Magic Series I gameplay a Golemancer Order . My Twitch (streams happening regularly, follow me for notifications!): 🤍 My Patreon: 🤍 Want to support me and my work? Buy me a coffee and enjoy my gratitude =) 🤍 Alternately, here is my PayPal-Account if you want to go a different route of support =) 🤍 Join my Discord, chat and miss no new episodes: 🤍 And last but not least, check out my Facebook!: 🤍 Mods Used: Harmony Royalty Ideology Dubs Mint Menus Smart Speed Camera+ Replace Stuff Achtung! HugsLib JecsTools (Unofficial) A RimWorld of Magic Vanilla Expanded Framework Vanilla Factions Expanded - Medieval Fortifications - Medieval Fortifications - Medieval - Material Food Alert (Continued) While You're Up / PUAH+ DontBlockDoor Where is my weapon? Stuffed Floors Vanilla Weapons Expanded Let's Trade! [1.3+] Stackable Chunks [1.3+] Show Draftees Weapon More Sculpture LWM's Deep Storage Vanilla Cooking Expanded Vanilla Brewing Expanded Animals Logic Dubs Mint Minimap Allow Tool Vanilla Textures Expanded - Variations Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Props and Decor Vanilla Plants Expanded Stabilize Kura's Extra Gems Alpha Animals [K]Extra Stone Smoked meat Snap Out! Rim of Madness - Bones SimplyMoreFloors Vanilla Expanded - Ideology Patches Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Relics and Artifacts Vanilla Ideology Expanded - Hats and Rags Humanoid Alien Races [O21] Toolbox [O21] Forgotten Realms Magical Menagerie Numbers Recipe icons GloomyFurniture Pick Up And Haul H.C_AnimalReskins_Complete More Than Capable Simply More Bridges (Continued) [T] MoreFloors [KV] Trading Spot Architect Icons Share The Load Fantasy Metals Reforged Metals+ Vanilla Furniture Expanded - Farming More Vanilla Biomes Wall Light RimWriter Megafauna Simple Sidearms [SYR] Set Up Camp - 1.3 Tech Advancing Hospitality Cash Register Gastronomy Subsurface Conduit Simple Material Weaves

PoE 3.16 - Crafting a Magic Find Helmet


Links: ◘ Twitch: 🤍 ◘ Discord: 🤍 ◘ Patreon: 🤍 Hey, everyone! In today's video, PoE 3.16 - Crafting a Magic Find Helmet, we'll be trying to create an MF helmet for my lightning arrow Tower MF Deadeye that stacks as much Increased Rarity as possible. This is a craft that hasn't really been necessary up until this league, because so few chase uniques were part of the drop pool until 3.16. However, now we have multiple uniques worth hundreds of exalts, so stacking increased rarity actually has some purpose. The downside to this is that this modifier has been neglected and overlooked in terms of crafting for years because it was previously useless. I feel that making some of these magic find modifiers more easily targetable would make this craft a lot less awful. Hope you enjoy the video and happy Tower farming! PS. Thanks to HawtsnDots, Nemsi and Trance for helping fund the channel for a few videos this league! :) Chapters: 00:00 - Intro and Craft Overview 01:16 - CRAFTING STARTS 03:46 - What now? 04:23 - Reforge Life 05:50 - Crafting Continues 08:47 - Finishing the Craft 09:42 - Divining the Helmet 09:57 - Final Product 10:37 - Outro 11:08 - Patrons 11:14 - DIVINE POWAH! #PoE #PathofExile

Winter Orb MAGIC FIND Occultist - MF Explosion Farming Build Guide [Path of Exile 3.18]


Wie viele Explosionen kann man haben? JA! Reden wir LIVE drüber ► 🤍 Trete meinem DISCORD bei ► 🤍 ✅ Abonnieren nicht vergessen ❤️ Glocke nicht vergessen 🔔 für mehr Tipps & Guides Winter Orb ist einer meiner Lieblingsskills in Path of Exile. In PoE 3.18 haben wir mit Crimson Temple eine Map, die sich für Magic Find perfekt eignet. Darum habe ich einen Magic Find Winter Orb Build gebaut, den ich euch in diesem Video präsentiere. Alle Links zum Video: ⚓ PoB Original: 🤍 ⚓ PoB Updated: 🤍 (MF Handschuhe, andere Ascendancy) ⚓ PoB Budget: 🤍 Jetzt Folgen & Entdecken 📺 YouTube: 🤍 🔴 Twitch: 🤍 💬 Discord: 🤍 🎙️ Podcast: 🤍 🌐 Website: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍 🕘 Inhaltsverzeichnis 00:00​​ - Einleitung 00:14​​ - Winter Orb MF Build 13:35​​ - Bow Crafting 23:12 - Map Showcase: T16 Crimson Temple 31:01 - Nächstes Video

Self-Cast【Spark-Starter Raider】Build Idea for Archnemesis league! 3.17 // Buffed & Ready to ROLL!


Hey guys ! Are u guys hype for 3.17? We are sure as hell do ! Anyway, here's our first league-starter build idea for Archnemesis league :) Before that, many of you asked for our opinions on Siege of the Atlas, here's what we think : 1. Self-Cast Spell (Buffed AF) 2. Bossing league (Best to choose a strong bosskiller build) 3. Min-maxing would be crazy fun with new crafts and items 4. New implicits basically like Scourge, but without the "corrupt" Take note that the gameplay shown in video is just an overview of how the build performs (pre 3.17) We are using budget early game gear (easy obtainable/craftable) This set up is mainly for early game(Non crit) and could carry u up to maps // Build Overview // - Self-Cast Spark Raider - High Cast Speed & Projectile Speed - EB + MoM (Sufficient mana sustain + Decent Def Layer) *Good for early game, as you dont need to worry about mana spam) - Smooth clearspeed due to Raider's speed - Decent boss DPS, spam as many spark as possible (Pros) - Fun and fast clearspeed (Cons) - Probably will Lack of single target DPS *Switch to ball lightning for bossing if necessary *We will upgrade this build in 3.17 and show u guys how strong Spark can be ! Stay tuned ! POB (Fork) : 🤍 Hope u guys enjoy the vid! More coming :) .......... 【Welcome to our POE Masterclass】*Joking, we're just here to help ! As for players who are interested on a customized / improvised POB, u may join our patron and unlock exclusive benefits ! Cheers ~ Join FastAF 【Youtube membership】to unlock exclusive benefits! Patreon :【 🤍 】 Discord :【 🤍 】 *Your support will motivate us to do better! by having more awesome contents! .................. Cheers, exiles ! See you soon on next video ;)

How to Craft a Magic Find Amulet (MF)| Path of Exile 3.19 | Lake of Kalandra


Path Of Exile 3.19 Lake of Kalandra League This video show you guys, how to craft other variant Magic Find (MF) amulet method in Lake of Kalandra League 3.19 Trying to get 1000 follower on FB and Twitch! Share and Like This Video if you like! Join Malaysia Guild : The Royal Walkers (WIZU) Jom support saya Malaysian Streamer by doing this Help Me or Support My Youtube Channel Please Subscribe and click notification 'Bell'. Help me to get 500 follower at Youtube, FB and Twitch! Follow 🎬 🤍 📱 🤍 🎥 🤍 📸 🤍 🐦 🤍 Donate 🌟 Donate me Stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️ to support my stream channel | 💵 TIPPING 1 - Want to send tip to abang Wizu but free? It's free 🤍 💰 TIPPING 2 - Duit Coffee? Click this link below. Streamlabs : 🤍 StreamElements : 🤍 💎 CRYPTO - Click this link to donate via crypto Streamlabs : 🤍 Share my page and and follow the page as well 🙂 SUBSCRIBE IF YOU WANT TO SEE MORE VIDEOS COMING LIKE IF YOU LIKE IT, SHARE IF YOU LOVE IT YOUR SUPPORT WILL HELP ME A LOT THANKS TO EVERYONE #MagicFind #MF #WizuRaiTV #PathofExile #POE

Nemesis 4 Magic Finding Tower(T10) Preparation & Results (12-14ex per hour)


One of my favorite Tower maps to run is a corrupted 8-mod map with a bricked Nemesis roll. It's a golden opportunity to split-farm half magic finding half currency farming, and forcing a delirium mirror really makes the strategy come together. With a surprisingly low budget. Cliff Notes: Target: Raw currency, Nurse cards, Wretched cards, & Uniques Maps: 14 T10 Tower corrupted w/ Nemesis mod & Deli Mirror (35%+ packsize) Scarabs: Gilded Divination, Ambush; Reliquary; Ambush Watchstones: Irresistible Temptation; Territories Unknown; Booming Populace; Restless Cycles Sextants: +3 Strongbox Rare/Corrupt; Delirium Mirror; Beyond; Nemesis 4 Investment: ~1.5ex/map Magic Finding, buffed: +60% Quantity; +330% Rarity Results can be found in the video. Link to the full farm video on twitch 🤍 🤍 POB at the time of recording 🤍 Please comment below if you have any questions. Watch live at 🤍 #pathofexile #poe #nem3 #farming #currency #juicing

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