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What Happened To The Antarctic Snow Cruiser?


Watch ‘Building The World’s Best Interceptor: The MiG-31 Foxhound’ here: 🤍 Watch More Mustard Videos & Support The Channel: 🤍 Support Mustard on Patreon: 🤍 Mustard Merchandise: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Thanks to Azzecco for producing incredible Snow Cruiser models used in this video, visit: 🤍 Seventeen meters long, six meters wide, and weighing more than 34,000 kg, the Antarctic Snow Cruiser was unlike any exploration vehicle the world had ever seen. Designed to tackle the most difficult and inhospitable place on earth, five explorers would live, work and sleep aboard the machine in isolation while they ventured into uncharted regions of Antarctica. Equipped with enough food, fuel and supplies to last an entire year, the Snow Cruiser would carry the latest surveying instruments and tools. The enormous land cruiser would even carry a survey aircraft moored to its roof. By 1939 a global race was underway to claim portions of Antarctica. With the prospect of huge oil, coal and mineral reserves under the ice, Norway, Britain, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand had all claimed large portions of the continent for themselves. Alarmed at the prospect of territorial claims, U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt established the U.S. Antarctic Service Expedition. It would be the first U.S. government sponsored expedition in decades, and would set sail for Antarctica in the fall of 1939. The Antarctic Snow Cruiser would have a special role to play. Its main objective would be to reach the South Pole (only two prior expeditions had ever set foot on the South Pole prior to 1939). During its months-long trek, the Snow Cruiser and it’s aircraft would make surveys along its course, and in just a few months the Americans were expecting to explore more of Antarctica than all previous expeditions combined. The ambitious effort would help the Americans establish their own territorial claim on the continent. But in the race to leave for Antarctica by the fall of 1939, the Snow Cruiser would have to be constructed in just 11 weeks, an incredibly short amount of time for such an ambitious, first of its kind machine. Soon, it would become abundantly clear that the Cruiser had been over-designed and under-tested, with extreme optimism seemingly guiding it’s design. Select imagery/video supplied by Getty Images: 🤍 Music used in this production (reproduced under license): Intro Song: “The Plot Thickens”- 🤍 Song 2: “Cinematic Fast Paced Piano And Tech” - 🤍 Song 3: “Vintage Swing - Old Timey Underscore” - 🤍 Song 4: “Alive And Frenzy”- 🤍 Song 5: “The Plot Thickens”- 🤍 Song 6: “Did We Do Everything” - 🤍 Song 7: “Stellar Course” - 🤍 Song 8: “Transhumanism” - 🤍 Thanks for watching!

"The Snow Cruiser"-Antarctica's Abandoned Behemoth


What happened to the Antarctic Snow Cruser? In 1939 a fifty-five feet long, twenty feet wide monster, weighing 37 tonnes and designed to have a range of over 8000 miles arrived on Antarctica. Built in the late 1930s for Richard E. Byrd’s Third Antarctic Expedition, it was one of the most incredible ventures in engineering history, not just in its size and scale but also her failure as an exploratory vehicle and subsequent disappearance. In this video, I look at the background, design and disappearance of the Snow Cruser and ask what happened to this incredible vehicle (I'm afraid it's not good news). I have a Patreon now! 🤍 More photos, video and sources on my website: 🤍 Source & Reading: The best website for archives and information on the cruiser: 🤍 Best overview and details on the design and history of the cruiser: 🤍 An Atlantic article with great photos of the cruiser: 🤍 Interview with someone who saw it in person: 🤍 Colour footage of the cruiser: 🤍 "With Byrd at the South Pole"- a documentary Byrd made (where I got most of the stock footage) that went on to be the first documentary to win an Oscar. - 🤍 Books on the subject: Antarctica: A Biography by David Day 🤍 All the information you could ever need on the attached plane: 🤍 For Shackeltons/Scott Shackelton: By Endurance We Conquer by Michael Smith An Unsung Hero- Tom Crean by Michael Smith Corrections: The Ferguson tractors show at roughly 4:00 are not the tractors Byrd used during his second expedition. This is placeholder footage of Fergressons used in the 1950s as I couldn't find any photos or videos of the tractors used in the previous 'little America' expedition. Upon Reviewing my footage I found there was actually a clip of the tractors in Byrd's 'Discovery' film made about the second expedition, linked to 26:24 in this video- 🤍 Twitter......................►🤍 Instagram................►🤍 Website....................►🤍 Facebook.................►🤍

Kharkovchanka - The Soviet Antarctic Snow Cruiser


The Soviet Union had its own version of the Antarctic Snow Cruiser. But while the famous American giant died in the snows of Antarctica, the Soviet Kharkovchanka vehicles still serve Russian polar explorations on the frozen continent. The Kharkovchanka was built in the late 1950s and featured everything the soviet antarctic explorers could need on their journey. While crossing thousands of miles, the snow cruiser visited the pole of inaccesibility, the South Pole and dozens of research stations on the antarctic continent. In 1975, more advanced Kharkovchanka-2 off-roaders were designed and used for future missions. They are the main vehicles used by Russian polar expeditions today. A third version was planned but never realised due to the Soviet fall. Source: 🤍 Kharkovchanka inside: 🤍 Music: 1: 🤍 2: 🤍 3: 🤍

SnowRunner: THE ARCTIC SNOW CRUISER! (Incredible Details & Customization! CONSOLE FRIENDLY)


SnowRunner: THE ARCTIC SNOW CRUISER! (Incredible Details & Customization! CONSOLE FRIENDLY) | TC9700Gaming Subscribe to Me: 🤍 Arctic Snow Cruiser mod: 🤍 Callum's video: 🤍 My Discord: 🤍 Welcome back to SnowRunner!! This time, we're looking at a mod of one of the most interesting vehicles of all time. The Arctic Snow Cruiser! #tc9700gaming #snowrunner Follow Me: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: http://🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Steam Group: 🤍 Watch More: Latest Uploads: 🤍 Popular Uploads: 🤍 Spin Tires: 🤍 American Truck Simulator: 🤍 Thanks again for watching :)

"Kharkovchanka" - The Colossal Soviet Antarctic Cruisers


"The Kharkovchanka" - Russia's Colossal Antarctic Cruisers which have been continuously operating in some of the most extreme environments on Earth for over 50 years. Produced in Kharkiv, Ukrainian Soviet Socialistic Republic and originally operated by USSR, the 'Харьковчанка' (literally 'Kharkiv Women'), these amazing Snow Cruisers were built in the late 1950s and featured everything a polar explorer could need in the field. In their half-century mission, they have crossed thousands of miles on Antarctic Ice, visited the South Pole, the pole of inaccessibility as well the dozens of outposts and research stations on the continent. I have a Patreon now! 🤍 Chapters 0:00 - Introduction & early Exploration 2:49 - Early Soviet Antarctic Expeditions 5:12 - Introduction & Successes of the 'ATT' Tractor 8:14 - Building The Kharkovchanka 12:08 - Layout & Features 15:48 - The Kharkovchanka in Antarctica 21:10 - Design Issues & Possible Replacements 22:55 - The Kharkovchanka-II 26:00 - Where are they now? 30:22 - Conclusion 31:30 - Outro See my 'Kharkovchanka' work on Redbubble: 🤍 Full list of references and sources: 🤍 Twitter......................►🤍 Instagram................►🤍 Website....................►🤍

SNOW CRUISER: El vehículo explorador de NEUMÁTICOS LISOS


El Snow Cruiser. Una imponente nave que se construyó para poder explorar los ríncones más inhóspitos de la Antártida. Un laboratorio móvil de 300 cavallos de potencia, con unas ruedas de tres metros de diámetro, con capacidad para 5 científicos en un espacio muy confortable para vivir: cocina, taller, cuarto oscuro, una sala de radio y todas las comodidades para poder viajar de forma totalmente autónoma durante un año. Equipado con un avión con autonomía para unos 400 km, el Cruiser sería capaz de llegar a los lugares donde nunca antes el hombre había llegado. Instagram: fringenieros tk: fringenieros Música: AShamaluevMusic - 'Epic Background Music' 🤍 Savfk - 'Journey To The Stars' 🤍 Scott Buckley - 'Legionnaire' 🤍 Killstofte - 'Dystopia' 🤍 John Bartmann - 'Happy African Village' 🤍

The story of the lost Antarctic Snow Cruiser


With a range of over 5,000 miles, huge, 10-foot tall tires, an airplane on its roof, and the ability to sustain a crew of five plus a dog for a year straight - this is the story of the ill-fated Antarctic Snow Cruiser. So stick around until the end of this video to find out how one of the most impressive vehicles ever made was designed, built and driven into the frozen Antarctic. It’s a story of imagination, determination and ultimately, a lesson in why fast-tracking a really important project isn’t always a good solution. Thanks for watching & don't forget to subscribe: 🤍

A snow cruiser hits a bridge and plunges into a creek in Pullman, Illinois. HD Stock Footage


CriticalPast is an archive of historic footage. The vintage footage in this video has been uploaded for research purposes, and is presented in unedited form. Some viewers may find some scenes or audio in this archival material to be unsettling or distressing. CriticalPast makes this media available for researchers and documentarians, and does not endorse or condone any behavior or message, implied or explicit, that is seen or heard in this video. Link to order this clip: 🤍 Historic Stock Footage Archival and Vintage Video Clips in HD. A snow cruiser hits a bridge and plunges into a creek in Pullman, Illinois. United States Navy Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd's snow cruiser cracks up in Pullman, Illinois. A giant snow cruiser for USN Rear Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd is driven along a road. Men stand on the cruiser. The US flag on the cruiser. A man stands at the gate of the cruiser. The snow cruiser hits a bridge and plunges into a creek. Location: Pullman Illinois. Date: October 30, 1939. Visit us at 🤍 57,000+ broadcast-quality historic clips for immediate download. Fully digitized and searchable, the CriticalPast collection is one of the largest archival footage collections in the world. All clips are licensed royalty-free, worldwide, in perpetuity. CriticalPast offers immediate downloads of full-resolution HD and SD masters and full-resolution time-coded screeners, 24 hours a day, to serve the needs of broadcast news, TV, film, and publishing professionals worldwide. Still photo images extracted from the vintage footage are also available for immediate download. CriticalPast is your source for imagery of worldwide events, people, and B-roll spanning the 20th century.

The Antarctic Snow Cruiser - An Abandoned Automobile Designed for Antarctica


The Antarctica Snow Cruiser was crammed with clever innovations; such as its four 10-foot tall balloon-like Goodyear tires. The tires and wheel assembly could be moved individually and lifted clear of crevices and other obstructions. Additionally, they could completely retract them into the chassis of the cruiser. Add to that, the tires had an innovative system that was designed to keep the rubber of the tires warm, by reusing the heat and exhaust from the engine bay. Inside the Snow Cruiser featured all of the facilities a crew of four could need for exploring and living in the Antarctic landscape. It was complete with a control room, a machine shop, a galley, a dark room, extra tanks for fuel, food storage, crew quarters, and it even had space for two gigantic spare tires. The range of gadgets and capability were nearly endless. The top of the Snow Cruiser sported a cradle for an aircraft. The plane boasted a range of about 300 miles (482 km) and acted as a scout for the cruiser. The aircraft could be loaded and unloaded through the sloped back of the cruiser. This was without a doubt the most ambitious vehicle of its time. But before it could be built it was up to Thomas Poulter to justify how this vehicle would revolutionize arctic exploration. Eventually, the US gave the Snow Cruiser project the green light and handed over $150,000 a value of $2.3-Million at that time..... ↓Read More Here↓ 🤍 Keep Up-To-Date with Me Here: 🤍 Or Follow Me Here: 🤍 🤍 Register for the Derelict Doug Club Here: 🤍

ANTARKTIDA - Snow Cruiser [dokument]


Seznamte se s jedním podivným, leč zajímavým vozidlem, přesto nepříliš známým, které brázdilo planiny Antarktidy a je spojováno s admirálem Byrdem, který se účastnil operace High Jump. Toto je Sněžná rolba (Snow Cruiser).

Сани Snowcruiser 2022 подробный обзор


Сани для снегохода с автономным отопителем прекрасно подойдут как для семейного отдыха, так и для рыбалки или охоты. наш сайт 🤍



Антарктида всегда манила исследователей и путешественников! Людей, в чьих жилах текли реки адреналина и жажды приключений. Гонка за покорение шестого материка стремительно набрала обороты в 30тые годы 20 века. Любой ценой сделать это быстрее фашистской Германии хотели Штаты. Оно и понятно - право собственности на огромные запасы полезных ископаемых под снегом не на шутку подогревали интересы сверхдержав. Ради такого дела в США решились построить одну из самых интересных машин 20 века, призванную покорять снега, льды и крайне низкие температуры! Однако, история гигантского вездехода SNOW CRUISER оказалась куда печальнее, чем хотели американцы... Одним из самых ярых энтузиастов тех лет был американский физик и исследователь Томас Поултер. Именно ему в голову пришла идея создания одной из величайших легенд в истории техники – антарктического вездехода СНОУКРУЗЕР! И в этом видео я поведаю вам историю потенциального успеха и фактического позора одного из самых величественных антарктических вездеходов, которому так и не удалось покорить шестой материк! ВЕЗДЕХОДА АМЕРИКИ SNOW CRUISER, КОТОРЫЙ БРОСИЛИ НА БЕРЕГАХ АНТАРКТИДЫ! #сноукрузер #snowcruiser #antarctic #авто_в_Антарктике #Антарктида #вездеходы_антарктики Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound! Канал Удивительный Мир предоставит Вам лучшие топы, интересные истории и познавательные факты для расширения вашего кругозора и приятного времяпровождения. Подписывайтесь на канал! Мы только начинаем! - 🤍 Наша группа в ВК: 🤍 Вопросы сотрудничества и рекламы: vesol1🤍

Replicating the Gigantic ANTARCTIC SNOW CRUISER Exploration Vehicle! (Trailmakers High Seas DLC)


~ Will it suffer the same fate as the original? Not under my watch! - Subscribe for more content: 🤍 ​ ~ Replicating the Gigantic ANTARCTIC SNOW CRUISER Exploration Vehicle! (Trailmakers High Seas DLC) Big thank you to DarkSkull for uploading their biplane to the Steam Workshop! Hey everyone! The Trailmakers gods have blessed us with a new UPDATE, EXPANSION, DLC, WHATEVER you want to call it...and it's amazing! In this awesome new update we get a large new map, four NEW unique islands, 100+ hidden treasures to collect, secret locations to uncover, stormy weather with PROPER physics, sails, new seat, and much MORE! In this episode I set out to build a really cool vehicle that was engineered in the late 1930s, the Antarctic Snow Cruiser! This absolute unit of a land vehicle was designed to traverse the Antarctic, and although it ran into issues I still consider it an awesome accomplishment and a huge inspiration for today's build! Make sure to check out the video and let me know what you think of my snow cruiser! Thanks for watching the video! If you enjoyed it, make sure to like it, share it with your friends and give me your feedback in the comments below! Enjoying my channel? Check out these links! 🔹 Join the Kosmonaut Community: 🤍 🔹 Merch: 🤍 🔹 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 🔹 My Instagram: 🤍 🔹 I Also Work on Motorcycles: 🤍 #trailmakers #trailmakershighseas #trailmakersupdate #trailmakersdlc #kosmo #kosmonaut About Trailmakers: Build a car, a plane, a boat or maybe a… carplaneboat? With Trailmakers intuitive builder, it is as easy as snapping together real building blocks. Take your machines on dangerous exploration missions, breakneck rally races, or go to the sandbox and build that hovercraft you have always dreamt about. - Build intuitively with modular blocks - it is easy to get started, and the possibilities are almost infinite. - Explore a vast open world and escape the planet in the survival game mode “Stranded in Space” - Go on breakneck rally races with vehicles of your own making. - Create without constraints in two sandbox maps full of jumps, half pipes, an aircraft carrier, catapults and other crazy obstacles. - Compete on the global leaderboards in rally and race mode. - Four player drop in drop out multiplayer game modes. - An active and growing community with tons of premade vehicles ready to test. - There is always something to do: Join the Trailmakers Rally, take on challenges, play in the sandbox, race your friends on the centrifuge or just pewpew each other to bits.

The World's Largest Overland Vehicles - LeTourneau's Land Trains


In the mid to late 50s and early 60s, a series of innovative and unique vehicles were tested in both the punishing arctic north as well as the boiling deserts of Yuma, Arizona. Some fo the longest and largest vehicles ever built, they were as strange and uniue as they were revolutionary. But who built these vehicles, why were they made and where are they now? Patreon: 🤍 Buy me a coffee: 🤍 Big thanks to Mark at for all his help - go visit his website look out his for his book! 🤍 Buy LeTourneau's Earthmovers: (US) 🤍 (UK) 🤍 Buy Mover of Men & Mountains: (US) 🤍 (UK) 🤍 Buy Cliff Bishop: Trucking in Alaska: (UK) 🤍 (US) 🤍 Big thanks to Daily Deisel Dose for the photos of the Sno Freighter! 🤍 Video tour of the Mk II interior: 🤍 00:00 - Introduction 02:00 - RG LeTourneau: Born to Invent 04:52 - The Tournatow & LeTourneau's Electric Drive 08:45 - The V-12 Tournatrain: The First Overland Train 10:48 - Building The DEW Line & Alaska Freight Lines 14:40 - The Sno Freighter 17:15 - The Sno Frieghter Goes North 20:42 - The Sno Freighter's Firey End 22:05 - Where is the Sno Freighter Now? 23:14 - US Army Interest & The Sno Buggy 24:43 - The LCC-1 Sno Train 27:30 - Sold For Surplus 27:48 - Where is the Sno Train Now? 28:10 - The Final Overland Train 29:00 - The TC-497 Overland Train Mark II 31:00 - Interior Features & Crew Space 32:05 - Nuclear Powered Land Trains? 32:55 - Land Train Development Stopped 33:30 - The Rise of the Helicopter 33:58 - Where is the TC-497 Now? 34:34 - Bigfoot Monster Trucks 35:01 - RG LeTourneau: The End of an Era] 35:55 - LeTourneau after LeTourneau 36:30 - The Land Train Legacy 36:48 - Outro & Credits & Waffling on a bit Patreon Twitter......................►🤍 Instagram................►🤍 Website....................►🤍

New Antarctic Snow Cruiser Free Vehicle For All Players in SnowRunner with Unique Add-ons


New Antarctic Snow Cruiser Free Vehicle For All Players in SnowRunner with Unique Add-ons Everything You Need to Know, Leave a Like and Subscribe. Arctic Snow Cruiser: 🤍 SnowRunner Year Pass 2 Updates bringing new map, vehicles, and more to SnowRunner Season Pass owners on all platforms, with additional free content! Players without the Season Pass can experience it through co-op with players who have it. Thanks a lot for Watching, I make Video Games Comparison Videos Make Sure to Subscribe Stay Connected For Amazing snowrunner Videos. Watch My Other SnowRunner Videos Top 5 Best Features in New Huge Phase 8 Update 19.0 SnowRunner: 🤍 SnowRunner Phase 8 Update: 🤍 New Major Update For Phase 8 New Changes in SnowRunner: 🤍 #GamingWheel #snowrunner #Year3Pass #phase8 Like GamingWheel on Facebook:🤍 Follow on GamingWheel Instagram:🤍

What happened to the Antarctic Snow Cruiser?


What happened to the Antarctic snow cruiser? SUBSCRIBE!!!

Arctic Snow Cruiser Mod | SnowRunner PS4 Mods


Timothy brings us this one and boy is this one cool. It's a big ole truck and it will pretty much go anywhere.

12 Most Incredible Abandoned Vehicles


The car that sits on your driveway or in your garage probably isn't a unique vehicle. You might like it a lot, but that doesn't make it unique! The vehicles we see and use every day, whether they're cars, buses, trains or planes, are mass-produced. That isn't the way every vehicle is made, though. Some of them are one-of-a-kind builds, and once they've served their purpose, they're left abandoned. That's been the fate of every incredible vehicle you're about to see in this video!

BRP Ranger 49 и санки Snowcruiser (отзыв владельца)


сани для снегохода snowcruiser #snowcruiser #саниспечкой

7 Most Incredible Arctic Trucks You Have To See


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Un TANK POURRI à 3,5M d'EUROS ! [Antartic Snow Cruiser] | L'Atelier [4k]


Dans cette vidéo, on parle du projet d'exploration terrestre le plus foiré de l'univers 👍 Pense au pouce bleu et à t'abonner 🚦 Source : 🤍 Pour nous suivre c'est ici 🏎 📲 INSTAGRAM 🤍 💻 TWITTER 🤍 🎤 TWITCH 🤍 🎧 DISCORD 🤍 📩 MAIL omgzstudio🤍 📽 Equipement Vidéo 📽 Caméra Principale : Panasonic GH4R Camera Stabilisée : DJI Osmo Pocket Drone : DJI Mavic Pro Micro : - Rode vidéo mic pro - Rode vidéo micro - Zoom H1 - Comica WM-100

Wielka antarktyczna porażka - Antarctic Snow Cruiser


Witajcie! Jeśli spodobał się wam ten odcinek, nie zapomnijcie zostawić kciuka w górę i kliknąć subskrybuj. Top10Wszystkiego: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Lektor: 🤍 Muzyka: Night Music - Kevin MacLeod



Fala pessoal! Beleza? Nesse canal, já falamos sobre vários projetos interessantes, de caminhões montados por grandes marcas como Scania, Mercedes ou Volvo. Mas no vídeo de hoje, vamos falar sobre uma história bem curiosa, de um caminhão que foi feito pelo governo americano, para explorar o Polo Norte! O fim que levou esse caminhão, foi bem curioso, e no vídeo de hoje, vamos mostrar toda sua história!

Snowcruiser видеопрезентация 2020


Snowcruiser видеопрезентация 2020

1970 Snow Cruiser Snow Mobile Model C2000 (Runs & Drives) (Has Reverse & Windshield) S/N#C48944


Lot 956 : 1970 Snow Cruiser Snow Mobile Model C2000 (Runs & Drives) (Has Reverse & Windshield) S/N#C48944 Selling Unreserved by Scribner Auction on Saturday, April 24th 2021. Live Webcast Online from Wainwright, AB! Online Bidding Link - 🤍

Snow Cruiser - The abandoned vehicle (Az elveszett óriás)


Az amerikai monstrum bemutatása. Snow Cruiser amit az Antarktiszra szántak. Jó szórakozást a videóhoz.

сани Snowcruiser 2022 видеообзор


Сани для снегохода с автономным отопителем. Для семейного отдыха, охоты или рыбалки. 🤍

The Antarctic Snow Cruiser: Rare photos of a vehicle that turned out to be a failure, 1939-1940


Subscribe And Hit the Bell Icon if You Love Our Videos : 🤍 It was envisioned as an unstoppable machine for long-distance travel on the continent’s endless swaths of snow and ice, especially during the harsh weather conditions. On April 29, 1939, Poulter and The Research Foundation of the Armour Institute of Technology showed the plans to officials in Washington, D.C. The foundation would finance the Antarctic Snow cruiser with an estimate of $150,000. Work began on August 8, 1939, and lasted for 11 weeks. Designed particularly for traversing crevasses, the vehicle had long overhangs at either end, as well as retractable wheels to assist in this process. #oldworld #oldphotos #history #oldworldphotos #historicalplaces #america #american

The Antartic Snow Cruiser, 1939


The Snow Cruiser was 55 feet (17 m) long and 15 feet (4.6 m) wide, weighed 45,000 pounds (20 tons) and was designed to house four to five people for a year with all their food, fuel, and equipment. Besides living quarters, it held a science lab, a photography darkroom, an engine room, and a small machine shop. Its wheels were each 10 feet (3 m) in diameter, weighed 700 pounds (318 kg), and were made from a special type of rubber that would not break or crumble in the extreme cold. Each wheel could be steered independently with its own motor, a system that would allow the Cruiser to navigate difficult terrain or cross 15-foot-wide crevasses. Even though the Snow Cruiser was essentially a total failure, from the utter lack of traction to the underpowered engines, the vehicle proved to be a solid base of operations and full-time living quarters. Engine coolant traveled through the cabin’s structure, effectively heating the Snow Cruiser’s interior despite the brutally frigid conditions.

ماذا حدث لطراد الثلج لاستكشاف انتاركتيكا؟Antarctic Snow Cruiser


يبلغ طول هذه المركبة الجليدية في القطب الجنوبي سبعة عشر مترًا وعرضه ستة أمتار وتزن أكثر من 34000 كجم ، ولم تكن مثل أي مركبة استكشاف شهدها العالم على الإطلاق. تم تصميمها للتعامل مع أصعب مكان على وجه الأرض ، حيث سيعيش خمسة مستكشفين ويعملون وينامون على متنها في عزلة أثناء مغامرتهم في مناطق مجهولة من القارة القطبية الجنوبية. مجهزة بما يكفي من الطعام والوقود والإمدادات لتستمر لمدة عام كامل ، ستحمل هذه المركبة أحدث الآلات وأدوات المسح. سوف تحمل المركبة الهائلة طائرة مسح راسية على سطحها.كان طراد الثلج في القطب الجنوبي آلة من عصر آخر كان من المفترض أن تغزو القارة الجليدية بكفاءة أكبر من أي شيء قبلها. لسوء الحظ ، قرر التاريخ خلاف ذلك وسيظل هذا العملاق الثلجي فشلاً ذريعاً... بحلول عام 1939 ، كان سباق عالمي جاريًا للمطالبة بأجزاء من القارة القطبية الجنوبية. مع احتمال وجود احتياطيات ضخمة من النفط والفحم والمعادن تحت الجليد ، استحوذت النرويج وبريطانيا وفرنسا وألمانيا وأستراليا ونيوزيلندا على أجزاء كبيرة من القارة لأنفسهم. و قلقًا من احتمال وجود مطالبات إقليمية ، أنشأ الرئيس الأمريكي فرانكلين روزفلت بعثة الخدمة الأمريكية في القطب الجنوبي. ستكون أول رحلة استكشافية ترعاها الحكومة الأمريكية ، وستبحر إلى القارة القطبية الجنوبية في خريف عام 1939 و في نفس العام انطلقت سفينتان تحملان 145 شخصا إلى القطب الجنوبي و كانت مهمتهم استكشاف أماكن غير مستكشفة في القارة القطبية و انشاء قاعدتان جديدتان و أما آلات الاستكشاف كان من أهمهما طراد الجليد . The following music was used for this media project: Music: New Sky by Rafael Krux Free download: 🤍 License (CC BY 4.0): 🤍 Artist website: 🤍 The following music was used for this media project: Music: Dark Times by Kevin MacLeod Free download: 🤍 License (CC BY 4.0): 🤍 Artist website: 🤍 ماذا حدث لطراد الثلج لاستكشاف انتاركتيكا؟Antarctic Snow Cruiser

Kharkovchanka - the legendary Antarctic vehicle


This is a monument of the Soviet logistics in Antarctica. That very one was built in 1984 as a replacement of the older Kharkovchanka tracked vehicle, which had been used there since 1960s. Есть русскоязычная версия этого видео ➡️ 🤍 Here are some more videos of the tracked vehicles: ➡️ 🤍 ➡️ 🤍 ➡️🤍 Please tap thumb up 👍, subsribe on my ‎🤍Space_and_Polar channel and hit the bell to watch new videos as they apprear🙃 #antarctica #concordia #voyage #polarvoyage #travel #travelphotography #thepath #life #science #scienceatsea #vessel #aircraft #busler #vostok #esa #davissea #polarresearch

Arctic Snow Cruiser Crossing The River SnowRunner


Hi guys. If you enjoyed this video and would like to see more, please leave a like, share the video and write a comment below! Mod Arctic Snow Cruiser for SnowRunner Mod Features Custom: Short, medium and long log cargo Short, medium and long log Bunk Repair module Fuel module Three and Five slot Flatbed Front and Rear Bumpers Energy Drink Eight Custom Tire sets Three Custom Rims Two Light bars Landmark Plane Decoration Ramps Five stickers Custom HD Interior Included options: 3 engines 4 gearboxes 2 suspensions 3 winches 9 tire options Air fresheners and bobbles 34 color options Developer Website - 🤍 Website mods - 🤍 More SpinTires & MudRunner & SnowRunner Mods Videos Playlist - 🤍 Please follow us: Group of fans facebook SpinTires & MudRunner & SnowRunner Mods - 🤍 Group of fans VK SpinTires & MudRunner & SnowRunner - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Mods used in the video: Mod Arctic Snow Cruiser - 🤍 Map Pine Valley Region – 🤍

1967 Snow Cruiser Snowmobile Johnson Evinrude


First ride in many years. Bought it and all it needed was the recoil and the primer repaired and new fuel lines

1969 OMC Snow Cruiser 209E


My Friend Trent taking his Snow Cruiser for a rip around the yard.

omc snow cruiser


Having fun on a 1971 omc snow cruiser

Snow Cruiser-Korea


Snow Cruiser

сани Snowcruiser (обзор прототипа)


сани Snowcruiser (обзор прототипа)

The Antarctic snow cruiser America’s first Antarctic exploration


Thanks for watching everyone this took a long time to make and a lot of work so if you enjoyed make sure to like and subscribe! Sources Primary sources Theobservist. “The Turtle, a 1930s Antarctic Snow Cruiser.” Tumblr, 17 Dec. 2013, 🤍 I got many useful pictures and diagrams of the exploration that would help show what I’m talking about. “Antarctic Snow Cruiser.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 8 Oct. 2022, 🤍 I got pictures of the exploration and the crew with just a few diagrams showing a lot of important things. Secondary sources “The Snow Cruiser .” The Snow Cruiser, 🤍 This source was useful with lots of information about the journey in Antarctica and had a few pictures. Secondary sources Calum, et al. “The Snow Cruiser-Antarctica's Abandoned Behemoth.” Calum Gillies, 5 May 2020, 🤍 This source was useful for photos and parts of the story. “What Happened to the Antarctic Snow Cruiser?” YouTube, Mustered on YouTube , 15 Sep. 2021, 🤍 This source was useful for main parts of the story.

The Amazing Antarctic Snow Cruiser


Color video of the famous Antarctic Snow Cruiser.

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