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Melodic Hardcore 2017 Mix


Best melodic hardcore tracks at the moment! Tracklist: 01- Hard-Tex - Frozen Shiver (Embrionyc Remix) 02- Hard-Tex Ft. Alina - The Sound 03- Meccano Twins - Dissolution (The Melodyst Remix) 04- Meltdown Ft. Tha Watcher - Hammer (Masters Of Hardcore Russia 2017 Anthem) 05- Thorax Ft. MC Tha Watcher - A Decade Of Syndicate (Syndicate 2016 Anthem) 06- Hard-Tex Ft. How Hard - Trapped In Despair 07- Meltdown - The Next Level 08- The Weaver - The Only One 09- Hard-Tex Ft. Pyschoforce - Save The Planet 10- Furyan & Kasparov - Nightfort 11- Meltdown - Choose The Way 12- Meltdown - Surviving The Times 13- Alien T & Broken Minds - Rise Some Hard 14- Tears Of Fury - No Control 15- The Weaver Ft. Ruffneck - Blood & Gore 16- Javi Boss Ft. Mc Diesel - God Of War 17- Noize Suppressor & Nosferatu - Never Let Go 18- Re-Style & Bodyshock Ft. MC Nolz - Wild Sparks 19- The Weaver - Doing My Job 20- The Weaver - Victory 21- Tears Of Fury Ft. Tawar - Mechanical 22- Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space 23- Nosferatu - Lived Again 24- Nosferatu Ft. Alee, LXCPR & Diesel - LOS! (SSZD Kingsday Anthem 2017) 25- The Melodyst - I'm OK 26- Nosferatu - Enemigo Del Estado (Restrained Remix) 27- Nosferatu Ft. Tha Watcher - Defiance (Official Free Festival 2017 Anthem) 28- Destructive Tendencies & Tha Playah - Play My Game 29- Paul Elstak & Neophyte Ft. Alee - Icon (Restrained Remix) 30- Synthax - HEAT 31- Furyan & Nosferatu - Killswitch 32- Nosferatu - And Died Again

Melodic Hardcore POWERHOUR


Hardcore Mix 2020 Melodic Hardcore Power Hour Chapter 1 ((with Angerfist, Re-Style, Korsakoff, Ophidian and many others) This time we will shine a light on some of the best melodic hardcore tracks of the past years. Hardcore doesn't always have to be rough, brutal and in your face. It can also be melodic, dreamy and in your face. With this mix, I want to show you the "euphoric" side of hardcore. Please hit the like button and follow me for more compilations if you enjoyed this one! Visit 🤍 to be always up to date. Tracklist: [00:00] Nosferatu - Sanctity Of Space [04:08] Korsakoff & Outblast - Unleash The Beast (Angerfist Remix) [08:04] Re-Style ft. MC Tha Watcher - How We Play [11:00] Furyan & Kasparov - Nightfort [14:01] Psyko Punkz - Spaceship (Re-Style Edit) [15:54] Korsakoff & Re-Style - Unconquered [20:00] DJ Promo - Life From The Other Side (Ophidian Remix) [22:40] DJ AniMe - Cowards [25:33] Ophidian - The Rain [31:52] Angerfist & Miss K8 - Santiago [34:58] DJ AniMe - So Strong [38:25] Angerfist - Take U Back (DJ Mad Dog Remix) [42:09] Tha Playah - On The Edge [46:47] DaY-mar - Feel the Terror Cloud Your Senses [50:43] Quitara - Dedication [54:21] DJ Mad Dog - Back To The Old School You liked one of the songs? Please consider supporting the artists by buying their music, visiting their shows or following them on social media. CONNECT WITH THE FEATURED ARTIST Nosferatu: 🤍 Korsakoff: 🤍 Outblast: 🤍 Re-Style: 🤍 MC Tha Watcher: 🤍 Furyan: 🤍 Kasparov: 🤍 Ophidian: 🤍 DJ AniMe: 🤍 Angerfist: 🤍 Miss K8: 🤍 DJ Mad Dog: 🤍 Tha Playah: 🤍 DaY-mar: 🤍 Quitara: 🤍 CONTACT INFO // COLLABS If you're an upcoming artist and you don't have much exposure yet, feel free to contact me and we'll promote your tracks together. It costs you nothing and i don't demand multiple years of experience from you. It's easy: If i like your sound, we can make this work.Just e-mail me at nextlevelhardstylez🤍 and i will get in contact with u! Furthermore if you have suggestions for improvement or want me to consider including a certain track in one of the next compilations, write it in the comments or contact me at nextlevelhardstylez🤍 aswell. DISCLAIMER I take no credit of being the original owner of the material used in the video. All credit goes to the original copyright owner(s) and respective producer(s). Please support the songs and artists that you liked. I don't make money and i don't intend to make money with hardstyle videos in the future. If you are unhappy about me uploading your material, message me and I will remove this video immediately. #melodichardcore #hardcore #powerhour #hardstyle

Melodic Hardcore Mix 2020


Melodic Hardcore Mix 2020 Hardcore Powerhour Download in 320 kbps: 🤍 This channel is dedicated to the harder styles. In the last few months I mainly concentrated on the monthly hardstyle mixes and rarely made videos out of the line. But now I've found a permanent job after my studies and want to bring a little more variety to this channel and also boost the visual game a bit since i wasn't satisfied with the visuals on this channel so far. Today we start with a Melodic Hardcore Mix, because so far there is only one single hardcore video on my channel, which is actually one of my most watched videos. I hope you'll enjoy it! Tracklist: Full tracklist will be released after the premiere. CONNECT WITH THE FEATURED ARTIST Broken Minds: 🤍 Tha Playah: 🤍 Hellsystem: 🤍 Tears of Fury: 🤍 Hard-Tex: 🤍 Nosferatu: 🤍 Angerfist: 🤍 MissK8: 🤍 Dyprax: 🤍 MC Tha Watcher: 🤍 Korsakoff: 🤍 Paul Elstak: 🤍 Neophyte: 🤍 Meltdown: 🤍 Ophidian: 🤍 You liked one of the songs? Please consider supporting the artists by buying their music, visiting their shows (when corona is gone t.t) or following them on social media. Consider subscribing to my channel for more awesome content in the future! CONTACT INFO // PROMOTION If you're an upcoming artist and you don't have much exposure yet, feel free to contact me and we'll promote your tracks together. It costs you nothing and i don't demand multiple years of experience from you. It's easy: If i like your sound, we can make this work. Just e-mail me at nextlevelhardstylez🤍 and i will get in contact with u! DISCLAIMER I take no credit of being the original owner of the material used in the video. All credit goes to the original copyright owner(s) and respective producer(s). Please support the songs and artists that you liked.I don't make money and i don't intend to make money with hardstyle videos in the future. If you are unhappy about me uploading your material, message me and I will remove this video immediately. #hardcore #melodichardcore #powerhour #hardcore2020

Best Of Melodic Hardcore


I do not claim i own anything. All rights go to owners of the songs and pictures in this video. For promotional use only

japanese melodic hardcore mixtape


1) Hopeless Raven - End Of The State 2) A Wish To The Starlit Sky - TOWNSCAPE 3) OLPHEUS - 浮雲 4) fragments of clarity - make the revolution in your heart 5) azami - Farewell 6) IRIS - Ambivalent 7) Falling Asleep - Bookshelf 8) universe last a ward - HOLY DIVER 9) Psalms of Planets - 燈 feat.BLUE PARADOGS 10) Zanm - 迎えに 11) Embrace The WIngs - Burn The Shadow 12) Justice For Reason - 労働革命24 13) Rocket of the Bulldogs - 朝焼けのドラマ 14) Stranded - Abyssal photo credit: 🤍

Melodic Hardcore Playlist | 2015 Mix


RPP Submissions To - risingphoenixpromos🤍 Subscribe To RPP - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Show More ▼▼▼ Rising Phoenix Promotions is a not-for-profit, free music promotion service. RPP features bands from many different genres with an emphasis on a 'Melodic' style including: Melodic Metalcore, Melodic Hardcore and Melodic Death Metal etc. If your band would like to be featured in a compilation or have a full song uploaded to the RPP channel, get in touch via Email (risingphoenixpromos🤍 or Facebook message. All videos are completely free and on a not-for-profit basis. Full details on submissions and contact details can be found here: 🤍 The new for 2015 Melodic Hardcore Playlist featuring some of the best new underground bands in the genre! The video mainly features Melodic Hardcore bands but there are also some Emotional and Ambient Hardcore bands as well. Track List: 1. Remembrance - Dirty Hands 0:00 🤍 🤍 2. Thrones - Lifeline 4:05 🤍 🤍 3. Provenance - Wait 7:15 🤍 🤍 4. Above The North - Bright & Honoured 10:58 🤍 🤍 5. Blind Sight - Go Away 14:02 🤍 🤍 6. Return To Rome - I'm Sick 19:09 🤍 🤍 7. Valley - Kingdoms 22:35 🤍 🤍 8. Roman Lions - Tilting At Windmills 27:00 🤍 🤍 9. My Love Your Lust - Credulity 32:30 🤍 🤍 10. Poster Child - Breathe 36:30 🤍 🤍 11. Lines - Disbelief 41:28 🤍 🤍 12. Sleepers - I Never Felt Like Home 46:24 🤍 🤍 13. Illicit - Bad Judgements 49:51 🤍 🤍 14. Aspens - The Place We Used To Call Home 55:40 🤍 🤍 15. Wait For The Daylight - Reborn 58:53 🤍 🤍 Follow RPP On Spotify: - 🤍 - If you enjoyed the songs in this compilation, there's plenty more in our Melodic Hardcore Spotify playlists! - We update them regularly with new music, so follow us to make sure you don't miss out!

Generator 120 MK3 x MELODIC HARDCORE


🤍samjacobsmb4365 performs an original melodic hardcore track using a 🤍MayonesTube Duvell, Generator 120 MK3 & the brand new G8 Noise Gate. Available now: 🤍 ✅ Subscribe for more: 🤍 ✅ Join our free community group: 🤍 ✅ Learn about Revv gear: 🤍 ✅ Hear Revv news first: 🤍

Iris - Farewell (2018, Music Video) (Melodic Hardcore, Japan)


Help with a donation - 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Video: Kazuki Yokota(kOTOnoha 185studio) 🤍 Rec, Mix, Arrange: Kodai Mizoguchi (Sable Hills) 🤍 Master: Toshiyuki Sakurai (studio Penta)

Top 10 Melodic Hardcore Bands


This is my first "Melodic Hardcore" video, I may possibly make more in the future, but I am undecided. *I tried to include fairly new/newer melodic hardcore bands, or bands that may be a little more underground* Enjoy - CMD *I do not own any of the music or artwork in these videos, all copyright ownership goes to the artists and companies which own them, Fair use claims* _ Songs in order: Casey - Teeth (🤍 Ambleside - Wash Away Ambleside - Tired Eyes (🤍 Coves - Could've Would've Coves - Outcast (🤍 Capsize - Sew My Eyes Capsize - You Can't Come Home The Same (🤍 Vices- Vices Go Vices - Wanderlust Vices - An Apology Vices - We'll Make It Through This (🤍 Hindsight - Loveover Hindsight - The Waiting Room (🤍 Perspectives - I Lost You (🤍 Endless Heights - Lady Wisdom Endless Heights - Haunt Me (🤍 Stepson - Compassion Stepson - Bruised (🤍 Vitals - Inculcate (🤍 Departures - Sleepless Departures - Broken (🤍 _

Melodic Death Metal vs Melodic Hardcore (Guitar Riffs Battle)


mdm versus mhc: 0:00 Children of Bodom - Downfall 0:39 Hundredth - Weathered Town 1:27 Dark Tranquillity - Final Resistance 2:10 It Prevails - Defenses Down 2:48 Arch Enemy - The Eagle Flies Alone 3:32 The Ghost Inside - White Light 4:33 In Flames - Only For The Weak 5:21 Heart In Hand - Only Memories My Socials 📱 • Instagram: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 • VK: 🤍 #melodicdeathmetal #melodichardcore #dmitrydv

Outlier - Horizon (Melodic Hardcore Passion)


We support and promote good underground melodic hardcore band. 🤍 Artist: Outlier Song: Horizon Album: 'Seasons' (EP 2014) Location:California Facebook: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Lyrics: I am not ashamed Of where I've been or the time I've spent down on my knees. Beaten, bloody, and black and blue. Left for dead in the open ocean, but I have the strength to keep on fighting. I will not be dragged down anymore. Calmer waters are just ahead and I will live, I will live to see the sun rise. When I don't think I can make it. This heart of stone has seen too much, I'll pick myself up off my bony knees. I'll keep on fighting. If I can make it through the storm, I know calmer weather is in store. If I can make it through the night, I will live to see the sun rise. As the sun washes over me and sea air comes and fills these lungs and makes them new. Take this beaten broken down body of mine and give it life once more. I am not ashamed to admit that I am broken and lost, so please pull me from my knees cause you are all I need to keep on going and though I may fall, I will rise again. Rise again We will never be afraid to stand up and face the world. Never leave behind the ones who keep you warm at night. I will not be afraid to stand up and face the day. Scrape my knees, rise and keep on moving.



Dreambound 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Casey - Hell South Wales, United Kingdom 🤍 0:31 Here Lies The Enemy - This Will Outlive You Cardiff, United Kingdom 🤍 1:18 Native Wildlife - Science Fiction Connecticut, USA 🤍 2:28 Half Sight (formerly known as Atlas) - The Strength In Us Leeds, United Kingdom Website: 🤍 3:41 Bright & Grey - Make Me New In Colour Perth, Australia 🤍 4:42 Sunning - Clockwork Long Island, USA 🤍 6:03 Perspectives - I Miss You Sydney, Australia 🤍 7:19 Kings At Heart - Horizon Gold Coast, Australia 🤍 8:30 Burning Down Alaska - Savior Recklinghausen, Germany 🤍 9:57 That Night Forests Grew - Stay Peterborough, United Kingdom 🤍 11:00 Deadpoets - If Our History Is Not As Whole, There's A Hole In His History Melbourne, Australia 🤍 12:00 No Honour - Mindless East Midlands, United Kingdom 🤍 12:56 Purity - 1996 Canberra, Australia 🤍 14:25 Winterfold - Gray Matter Perth, Australia 🤍 15:15 Vermillion - Shivers Munich, Germany 🤍 16:32 Withered Bones - Guilt Phoenix, USA 🤍 17:23 Birthright - Damned Linthicum, USA 🤍 18:55 Road To Manila - Oars Frederica, Denmark 🤍 19:41 High Hopes - Revelation Reading, United Kingdom 🤍 21:01 Young Mountain - Arctic Smile Gothenburg, Sweden 🤍 22:14 Stepson - Twelve Brisbane, Australia 🤍 23:23 Secret Keeper - Left Alone Central Florida, USA 🤍 24:33 Great Dane - Say Goodbye To A Stranger Cincinnati, USA 🤍 25:20 Forecast - Blur Rome, Italy 🤍 26:35 Ambleside - Tired Eyes Adelaide, Australia 🤍 27:37 Hindsight - Inner Beauty Adelaide, Australia 🤍 28:32 In Arms - Stargazing Sheffield, United Kingdom 🤍 29:43 The Danger Of Falling - Dead Eyes Morgantown, USA 🤍 31:09 This Concept - Self Worth Cardiff, United Kingdom 🤍 31:41 Young Kings - Eleven Bedfordshire, United Kingdom 🤍 32:46 Love Alone - Opaque Melbourne, Australia 🤍 33:41 Credits: Dawning Media Productions (Intro) 🤍 Lighthouses (Intro) 🤍 Bethan Miller (Casey) 🤍 JXH Photography (This Concept) 🤍 Note: This video features Melodic Hardcore/Punk, Melodic Hardcore/Metal and Ambient Hardcore bands.



THE SONG IN THIS VIDEO IS: CHRONICLES- CHASING ACCEPTANCE 🤍 Hello, Thanks for stopping by my page/channel. I’m a full time culinary manager living on the East Coast of the US. I was born in Colombia and I’m a proud Native American/indigenous person. I’ve been playing drums since I was in 4th grade. I enjoy learning, performing, recording and mixing drum covers or playthroughs of songs I love to listen to. Some old, some newer. I don’t give them too much thought, I usually roll with what feels best, even if that means deviating from the original drummer’s parts. That being said, these are not intended to be spot on accurate or hit for hit. I’m learning that finding the time to practice drums, learn covers, learn drum mixing and learning to edit video is a big task so it’s daunting and challenging although fun to say the least. Drums are an outlet for me, an outlet for mental health struggles, being neurodivergent and just everyday life. I hope others enjoy the stuff I post in hopes it maybe resurrects memories attached to older songs, etc. As always, each song is one complete take. No punch-ins or things like that. That’s why it’s not perfect and there are mistakes. I’m human and to deny that would just be wrong, to me. Enjoy! #drumspassion2 #punkdrummer #drummersofig #drums #phillydrummer #presonus #presonusstudioone #philadelphiadrummer #drummer #impericon #drummer #poppunkdrummer #hardcoredrummer #metaldrummer #phillymusician #impericonde #shure #philadelphiamusician #punk #metal #hardcore #tama #tamadrums #meinl #paiste #paistecymbals #joeysturgistones #drumforge #drumcover #drumplaythrough I DO NOT OWN/HAVE ANY RIGHTS TO THESE SONGS. THEY'RE NOT INTENDED TO BE HIT FOR HIT OR BE 100% ACCURATE. BY NO MEANS AM I A PROFESSIONAL OR INTEND TO REPLICATE WHAT THE ORIGINAL ARTIST PLAYED. ALL OF MY COVERS ARE ONE SINGLE TAKE START TO FINISH, MISTAKES AND ALL. THESE ARE MY RENDITIONS, MY TRUTH AS A MUSICIAN AND MY TRUTH AT TRYING MY HAND AT RECORDING/MIXING DRUMS. ALL DRUMS ARE RECORDED USING STUDIO ONE, AND A VARIETY OF PLUGINS. UNLESS NOTED, THERE ARE NO SAMPLES OR SOUND REPLACEMENT ON ANY DRUM. I RECORD WITH TRIGGERS AS A FAIL SAFE, ONCE THE MIC SIGNAL IS CONFIRMED TO SOUND SOLID, I DELETE THE TRIGGER TRACKS. THERE IS ALSO NO QUANTIZING GOING ON EITHER.

The Best of Melodic Hardcore/Metal


VOLUME 2: 🤍 Got bored so i made this compilation. I do not claim or own anything. All rights go to owners of the songs and pictures in this video. For promotional use only.

The Best of Melodic Hardcore - VOLUME 2


VOLUME 1: 🤍 I do not claim or own anything. All rights go to owners of the songs and pictures in this video. For promotional use only.

Melodic Hardcore Part 32


Dreambound 🤍 🤍 🤍 _ Melodic Hardcore (Punk/Metal) Part 32: Valliers - Valves 🤍 Grey Fox - Undone 🤍 Landscapes - Disdain 🤍 Left Astray - The Setting Sun 🤍 Turning Cold - Two Divisions 🤍 Rebuild - Abandoned 🤍 Seconds Ago - The One Who Knocks 🤍 Down From Here - Path Crossed and Lost 🤍 Careless - Clover Field 🤍 Seasons In Wreckage - To Be Misled 🤍 The Cold Harbour - Moments In Time 🤍 Eons - Hide and Seek 🤍 Dryvia - City Of Hate 🤍 The Cold Front - Sanctum 🤍 Harbours - Without Me 🤍 I Made You Myself - Losing Friends 🤍 Dead Waters - KW (Comfort) 🤍 Lost Cause - Gravedigger 🤍 Continents. - Tightening The Stiches 🤍 Ghost Key - Barriers 🤍 Fortify - I Once Had A Dream 🤍 Reliance - The Answer 🤍 Charley Noble - Shelter 🤍 Departures - Drained Out 🤍 Lastletters - Away 🤍 _ I DO NOT CLAIM I OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS !

melodic hardcore riff


I love counterparts :) Plugins: Archetype Gojira Get Good Drums - (Architects One kit Wonder) DJINNBASS Fab Filter Q3 and MB #counterparts #guitar #melodichardcore #riff

Melodic Hardcore Riff // Counterparts inspired


This is a Melodic Hardcore riff inspired by Counterparts :D I used my Squier telecaster Custom II and my peavey 6505 head with a maxon od808 overdrive through 2 v30 speakers

Melodic Hardcore Riff 1


This is my first video with some of the riffs a made. It's a melodic hardcore / metalcore vibe. Hope someone enjoy! My chain: Guitar - Schecter Omen Extreme 6 Audio Interface - Behringer U-Phoria UM2 DAW - Reaper Guitar Tone - TSE 808 Overdrive + Ignite - Emissary VST + NadIR Impulse Response Loader Drums: Steven Slate Drums 5.5 Bass: MODO BASS 2 - IK Multimedia

Melodic hardcore riff in drop D


Hellooooooooooooooo, longtime no see! I have been busy, finished my college degree, got a job so kinda cool but ... had super little time to play :( I have covid atm so I guess time to get back into it haha epiphone MKH les paul custom in drop D neural dsp fortin cali blablabla



Dj Carlos - SET MELODIC HARDCORE - THE MELODY MAN!!! 19/08/2022 📕Pues si , hoy vuelve nuestro gran amigo Dj Carlos , y nos trae un SET MELODICO , con todos esos pelotazos hardcore que se caracterizaban por sus principales melodias. Espero que os guste gente! 😏👍SI TE GUSTA YA SABES , DEJA TU LIKE , NO TE OLVIDES DE COMPARTIR Y SUSCRIBETE SI ESQUE AUN NO LO HAS HECHO . GRACIAS!!! 📲DESCARGAR SESION:🤍

Virtues - A Memory Once Forgotten (single) (Melodic Hardcore, Singapore)


Virtues' single, "A Memory Once Forgotten", taken from their upcoming EP, "Keep What's Left of Yourself". Original - 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

"Hollow brick" Original Melodic Hardcore


I am Japanese Metalcore composer. Please enjoy yourself☕️ (Please subscribe to my channel !!!) #melodichardcore #metalcore #melodicmetalcore #hardcore #djent #progressive #progressivemetalcore #instruments #ambient #ambientmetalcore Demoralizations - 1st Album "Dilemma and Repetition" Available Now [iTunes] 🤍 [Spotify] 🤍 [Apple Music] 🤍 [Bandcamp] 🤍 [Connected] Twitter: 🤍 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍

Best of Melodic Hardcore 2


I do not claim i own anything. All rights go to owners of the songs and pictures in this video. For promotional use only.

Melodic Hardcore Mix 2020 // The Harmony Of Hardcore


Melodic Hardcore Mix 2020 // The Harmony Of Hardcore The Mix is build up around Ophidians Harmony of Hardcore Anthem from 2019. It includes only Tracks that are more on the Melodic and Harmonic Side of Hardcore. Some older Tracks by Korsakoff, Outblast and more as well as some newer Tracks by Ophidian, Hard-Tex and Sunhiausa. Check it out yourself and Enjoy the Mix! 📢 Did you already check out my Patreon Page? 📢 - All my Mixes from YouTube without Ads + Download Link in high quality. - Exclusive Mixes and News about the Scene/Releases + all Recordings of my CoreTime Shows! More Frenchcore - More Hardcore!! 🔔 Check it Out!🔔 🤍 👉🏼👉🏼 Subscribe (+Turn on Notifications🔔) if you wanna hear more! 🤍 👉🏼👉🏼 About me: I‘m Jannik, aka DJ Trunkenbold from Germany. On this channel, I’m gonna upload a lot of Harder Styles Mixes. At least once or twice a month, there is a Frenchcore Mix uploaded. Besides that, there will be Hardcore, Uptempo Hardcore, Terror & Speedcore Mixes and many Mini and Mega Mixes featuring a certain DJ or Style. ✔️Facebook: 🤍 ✔️Instagram: 🤍 Cheers :D Tracklist: Intro. Ophidian - Bring On the Orchestra (Harmony of Hardcore Anthem 2019) [Orchestral Version] 2. Korsakoff - No More Goodbye 3. Korsakoff & Outblast - Hymn Of Syndicate (Official Syndicate Anthem) 4. Promo - Far Beyond 5. Endymion - Overcome (Ft. Lilly Julian) 6. Hard-Tex - Art of the Melody 7. Korsakoff - Pink Noise 8. Korsakoff & Outblast - Eternity (You Will Never Be Forgotten) 9. Sunhiausa - The Tide of History 10. Merkurius - Necessary Evil 11. Hellsystem - Salvation 12. Nosferatu & Ruffneck Ft. Ellie - Wide Eyed Innocence 13. Promo - Open (Featuring Tha Playah & Snowflake) 14. Evil Activities - Evil Inside 15. Ophidian - Bring On the Orchestra (Harmony of Hardcore Anthem 2019) 16. Hard-Tex - Just Noize Outro. Ophidian - Bring On the Orchestra (Harmony of Hardcore Anthem 2019) [Orchestral Version]



For fans of Counterparts, (old) Hundredth, Heart In Hand, The Ghost Inside Tuning: Drop C Guitar: Squire Affinity Tele with stock pickups (Regular Slinky .10-.46 strings) Epiphone SG Special Ve with stock pickups (Beefy slinky .11-.54) Knight Jazz Bass Guitar with Stock pickups (stock strings) Video: Adobe Premier Pro Recording: Reaper Camera: SONY ZVE10 Audio: Focusrite Scarlett solo 3rd gen Amp Sim: Archetype Gojira Archetype Plini Bass Amp Sim: Darkglass Neural DSP Drums: Perfect Drums Dynamics: Fab Filter Pro & Waves Plugins

[new] Melodic Hardcore Mix Vol. 2


Track #6 is very NSFW. Various hardcore techno styles are included such as gabber, hardstyle, hard dance, happy hardcore and frenchcore. PLAYLIST: 00:00 Kobaryo - Meniere's Disease 02:42 DJ Myosuke feat. Daisuke - SCREAM the MAXXX 05:41 DJ NECOJITA - Grooming Switch (feat. Kobaryo) 07:55 teranoid - Back on fear 12:40 Akagitune - I Still Not Forget 16:51 Far-East Hakke Crew - Fuck Technique! 20:48 GaziGaji - I Wish (R-18 Edit) [cut] 25:55 DJ Noriken - F33L 1T 30:36 KOTONOHOUSE - THE Sweet Memes 33:15 Mah!ro - Messiah 37:19 umbrella - Optical Force 42:35 AKIRADEATH - DIVE!!! (DJKurara Remix) 47:26 Spire - Enigma 50:43 Round Wave Crusher - Fiber Overdrive (KM JNKTS) 57:24 pemhem - beyond of stream

Tourist - Tourist [2020 Melodic Hardcore]


Tourist - melodic hardcore / metalcore band from Bucharest, Romania 🤍 🤍 🤍 Tracklist: and the same 2.this struggle is home 3.salvio hexia (instrumental) 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Note: If you are a member of the band or a member of a label related to this release and you want the video to be removed please let me know by sending me a pm on youtube or on facebook page or on my email adress. #grindwarchannel #grindwar

Melodic hardcore riff(sort of?)


hey, long time no see. Just an idea.. I should maybe finish my 2016 song :P Hope yall like it! sry about the bad quality but too lazy to record properly

False Plaintiff - Hive Mind (Music Video, 2018) (Melodic Hardcore, Singapore)


Video by Farid Nanni / Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Aeonix Productions Facebook: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍



Enjoy! - I'm not responsible for any damage to your headphones/soundsystem -All credit goes to the original copyright owner(s) and respective producers Enjoy! - I do not own any of this track, all the rights go to the respected producers and their label(s) Do you like the Music ? Subscribe here: 🤍

Saviour - Shine And Fade (2022) FULL ALBUM [Melodic Hardcore / Progressive Metalcore]


Band: Saviour Album: Shine And Fade Released: 2022 Genre: Melodic Hardcore / Progressive Metalcore Country: Australia My favorite songs: All Songs: 0:00 Younger 5:34 Reshape me 9:16 Racing home 13:56 Modern curse 17:56 Tidal wave 22:12 Black rosary 26:44 Cynical 31:04 Wishing well If you found this album, it means that it is special and caused me absolutely incomparable feelings and emotions, and besides, it was released quite recently. I only look for new and beautiful music on the Internet and try to shed light on it. Music can be on completely different topics. The only exception I give away is RAP, it will most likely not be on my channel, because there is very little good and real RAP, but i will try to find it sometimes. For copyright holders: Of course, I respect your copyrights and if you want me to delete this video, you can write to me, but I'm just a music lover and I just like good music. If your album got on my channel, then you have reached the highest musical skill and your music is able to create anti-gravity and warm hearts. I am sure that people like me only help to promote your talents and make you more famous, introduce people to beautiful and real music. Perhaps this video will help someone cope with difficult problems in life, or help to draw an important conclusion, or perhaps a future great musician is listening to you now. Music is the property of all mankind, remember this. #MelodicHardcore #ProgressiveMetalcore #NewMusic #HeadphoneMusic #MusicforDriving #MusicForTravelling #MusicforProgramming #MusicForWork #FullAlbum #GoodNightAndGoodLuck #MusicForDream #MusicForMemories #NewAlbum #NewAlbum2022 #MagicMusic #SoulMusic #MelodicHardcorePlaylist #ProgressiveMetalcorePlaylist #BestMusic #BestMusic2022 #Playlist #Playlist2022 #Saviour #ShineAndFade

Melodic hardcore/metalcore composition (NO VOCALS)


#cebumelodichardcore #cebuhardcore If anyone wants to put some voice into this song I would be glad to :P for listeners of It Prevails , Counterparts ,Heart In Hand Tuning: Drop C Guitar: Squire Affinity Tele with stock pickups (stock strings .9-.36 strings) Epiphone SG Special Ve with stock pickups (beefy slinky .11-.54) Knight Jazz Bass Guitar with Stock pickups (stock strings) Recording: Reaper Audio: Focusrite Scarlett solo 3rd gen Amp Sim: Gojira Neural DSP Archetype Plini Neural DSP Bass Amp Sim: Darkglass Neural DSP Drums: Perfect Drums from Naughty Seal

Best of Technical Melodic Hardcore


This genre was pioneered by Canadian Melodic punk band Belvedere, but adopted by famous bands such as a Wilhelm Scream and also seen in bands as far such as Strung Out. These bands combine skill and melody and set themselves apart from other bands

Melodic (Hardcore???) riff happy vibes


IDK I was playing with my ooooooooold epiphone standard and this came out. I will use it whenever I decide to write and record an ep lmao. Drop D tuning. A bit sloppy but whatever



Quick guitar lesson/ tutorial for the intro riff from my song 'Where Wolves Once Roamed'. Riff is played in drop C tuning, you can listen to the full track here 🤍 If you're trying to learn how to write your own melodic metal & Hardcore riffs there might be some chord shapes & patterns you can take from this. Let me know if you guys want more lessons. FIND ME HERE: 🤍 🤍 🤍

7 Iconic Melodic Hardcore Riffs /Drop C


#melodichardcore #topmetalriffs #dmitrydv My Socials 📱 • Instagram: 🤍 • Facebook: 🤍 • VK: 🤍 0:00 Defeater - Prophet In Plain Clothes 0:33 Counterparts - Collapse 0:49 Evergreen Terrace - Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmets Page Hamilton 1:15 Hundredth - Desolate 1:35 More Than Life - Fear 1:54 While She Sleeps - Seven Hills 2:39 Being As An Ocean - Salute E Vita

[FREE] Post Melodic Hardcore Punk BMTH x Jxdn x MGK Metal Type Beat "Empty" (Prod. IOF)


This instrumental is free to use for non-profit (Prod. IOF) 💰 Purchase: 🤍 🎸Guitars Composed/Recorded By Me🎸 📥Download FREE (high quality MP3): 🤍 Key and BPM on the name of free HQ MP3 File ⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️⬆️ FREE FOR NON PROFIT USE ONLY For Youtube Music Videos, Spotify, iTunes and profit use please get a license from my beatstore🙏 💜Please subscribe and hit that bell button💜 🎙️Contact me for Mixing and Mastering for your song or for bulk beat purchases. Listen to some songs I have mixed and mastered: 🤍 Contact: 📩 Email: iofferfantasymusic🤍 📷 IG: 🤍prodbyiof (🤍 🐦 Twitter: 🤍prodbyiof (🤍 0:00 Guitar Intro 0:15 Intro Vocals 0:31 Pre Chorus 0:46 Chorus 1:17 Verse 1:48 Pre Chorus 2:03 Chorus 2 2:26 Outro post hardcore type beat, post hardcore instrumental, melodic hardcore type beat, melodic hardcore instrumental, metalcore type beat, metalcore type instrumental, metal type beat, metal type instrumental, hardcore punk type beat, hardcore punk type instrumental, jxdn type beat, jxdn type instrumental, mgk hard type beat, mgk hard type instrumental, mgk metal type beat, mgk metal type instrumental, hard rock type beat, hard rock type instrumental, angels and demons type instrumental, iann dior hard punk type beat, jxdn hard punk type beat, jxdn hard type beat, jxdn hard type instrumental, emo type instrumental, melodic hardcore instrumental, architects instrumental, post hardcore instrumental, hardcore punk instrumental, bmth type beat, bmth type instrumental, bring me the horizon type beat, bring me the horizon type instrumental, counterparts type beat, counterparts type instrumental, counterparts instrumental, pop punk type beat, punk type beat, punk type instrumental, pop punk type instrumental #melodichardcoreinstrumental #metaltypeinstrumental #posthardcoreinstrumental

another catchy melodic hardcore riff


I'm unemployed until Monday so might as well play guitar in the meanwhile :P epi mkh lp custom + neural fortin cali suite

20 Of The Best Melodic Hardcore/ Hardcore Bands


20 of the best Melodic Hardcore/ Hardcore bands White Fields- Desolation Break Even- November 18th Anchor- It Kills you to Know Have Heart- Pave Paradise Hopeless- Driftwood/ Dont Try Miles Away- Ghostwriter Go It Alone- West Boulevard Life Long Tradgedy- Collecting Dust Champion- Next Year Vera- Silence Pro Team- Waiting Defeater- The Bite And Sting Time Will Tell- Hopeless More Than Life- Silent Grey Some Are More Equal- Four Walls Carpathian- Let's Crash This Scene Verse- Story Of A Free Man: Chapter Two Modern Life Is War- Im Not Ready Departures- Swallowed Up Lasting Traces- Pipe Dream

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