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Canadian French vs French from France: What's the Difference? (ft. Mark Hachem)


French Canadian and French from France are the same language, but each uses different words to describe the same thing. What exactly are the differences? Alexa teams up with Youtuber Mark Hachem to teach you 24 French words and their Canadian equivalent! Watch & listen to find out these weird and wonderful equivalents you might not expect! Check out Mark's socials here: Youtube ► 🤍 Insta ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Bisou Bisou 💋 Support us and get exclusive member benefits: 🤍 TAKE YOUR FRENCH TO THE NEXT LEVEL My French Course ► 🤍 Test Yourself ► 🤍 My YouTube ► 🤍 My Blog ► 🤍 Support me on Patreon ► 🤍 My Spotify ► 🤍 GET SOCIAL WITH ALEXA AND HER STUDENTS Instagram ► 🤍 TikTok ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 YouTube Community ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 LinkedIn ► 🤍 Newsletter ► 🤍 'Practice your French' Facebook Group ► 🤍 SHOP ALEXA'S RECOMMENDATIONS & MERCHANDISE Alexa's Recommendations ► 🤍 Merch ► 🤍 T-shirts ► 🤍 MORE ABOUT LEARN FRENCH WITH ALEXA'S 'HOW TO SPEAK' FRENCH VIDEO LESSONS Alexa Polidoro is a real French teacher with many years experience of teaching French to adults and children at all levels. People from all over the world enjoy learning how to speak French with Alexa's popular online video and audio French lessons. They're fun, friendly and stress-free! It's like she's actually sitting there with you, helping you along... Your very own personal French tutor. Please Like, Share and Subscribe if you enjoyed this video. Merci et Bisou Bisou xx Ready to take your French to the next level? Visit ► 🤍 to try out Alexa's popular French courses.

The Evolution of French Canada (and why they still Refuse to Speak English)


Where on Earth did the French Canadians come from, and how did they get in one of the most barren regions in the world? Today we will discuss the history and evolution of French Canada including the Acadians, the Metis, Quebec and others and muse over the very real, very large cultural rift that still exists between Anglophone Canada and Francophone Canada. Please let me know your thoughts on Quebec and the larger French Canadian nation, which stands as a testament to their desire to retain their culture and acknowledge their heritage. Thanks for watching! Sources: Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

South Park - "There's No Canada Like French Canada"


Season 7 - Episode 15 - "It's Christmas in Canada" 🤍 There'z no Canada like French Canada, it'z za bezt Canada in ze land. Ze ozer Canada is hardly Canada. If you lived here for a day, you'd understand. Mime: Honh honh honnnh! Welcome to French Canada. Hockey Player: We have everyzing your heart could desire. Trapezes. Trampolines. And lots and lots of cheese. Artist: Would you like a moustache? Rick: Just stay calm, boys. French Canadians are a little... odd. Stan: Ah, we're just passing through to see the new Prime Minister. Mime: Well first you must answer that phone. [makes his left hand into a phone receiver] Ring-ring. Ring-ring. Kyle: We don't have time for this. Mime: You cannot pass through French Canada unless you take zat phone call! Ring-ring. Ring-ring. Kyle: Hello? Mime: Allo. If you are going to see za new Prime Minister, then I want to go with you. He has passed a new law forbidding us French Canadians to drink wine. Artist: How can ze French not drink wine?? Travestie! Kyle: Okay, you can come with us. Mime: Honh honnnh! Very good! Let us make haste! French Canadians: There'z no Canada like French Canada, it'z za bezt Canada in ze land. And ze ozer Canada. Mime: Is a bullshit Canada French Canadians:If you lived here for a day, you'd understand. Mime: I think you'd understand. ...You understand.

Why is it awkward to speak French in Canada?


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Montreal, what languages do you speak?


I ask Montrealers what languages they speak. As you can see, Montreal is a very multicultural city full of French, English, and more. Also, please note that I am not making any commentary on what language people "should speak" or trying to prioritize English or French with this video. Each person I spoke to, I offered the chance to reply to me in English or French. Hope you enjoy :) Check out my "Life in Montreal" playlist for more videos from Montreal: 🤍 The New Travel is an independent media project entirely made by one person - me, Dan Vineberg. I have no team, no editor, and no producer telling me what I can or cannot say. I'm here to tell you the truth about the world as I see it, and you can JOIN this channel to support the mission: 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 (one time donation, always appreciated 🙏) 🤍 Or, watch the newest video from The New Travel: 🤍 Or, check out my 2nd Channel: 🤍 Email (for business use only) : ► danvineberg (at) As always, I'm Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching! #Montreal #Quebec #Canada

Montreal, what do you think of France?


I ask Montrealers what are the differences between Quebec culture and French culture. I get opinions on ways Quebec is better, and ways that France is better. I ask speak to a few French immigrants who have decided to settle in Montreal. Hope you enjoy :) Check out my "Life in Montreal" playlist for more videos from Montreal: 🤍 Support My Work: 👉 🤍 👉 🤍 👉 (one time donation, always appreciated 🙏) 🤍 Or, watch the newest video from The New Travel: 🤍 Or, check out my 2nd Channel: 🤍 Email (for business use only) : ► danvineberg (at) As always, I'm Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching! #Montreal #Quebec #Canada

Beyond stereotypes: How the French view Canadians


Subscribe to France 24 now: 🤍 FRANCE 24 live news stream: all the latest news 24/7 🤍 Maple syrup, beautiful forests and freezing winters - that's what French people think of when they're asked about Canada, according to a new survey by the Canadian embassy here in Paris. Those clichés please the Canadian ambassador Isabelle Hudon, although she's equally pleased that French people also think of Canada as being progressive, having respect for the rule of law and being a trusted ally. We discussed the links between the two countries in today’s Perspective. Visit our website: 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Twitter: 🤍

French language steadily losing ground in Canada | Focus • FRANCE 24 English


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How French is Montréal?


This is my 2nd YouTube channel, if you don't already subscribe to my main channel, you can check it out here: 🤍 I finally made it to Montreal, Quebec, Canada - and it’s my very first time in the French-speaking regions of this country!!! In this video, I take you around town to find out exactly how “French” it is here. Hint: it’s pretty French Follow 🤍MoreTravelsWithDrewBinsky for more stories from EVERY country, and join me on 🤍 Follow my travels on Instagram! 🤍 👕 Thank you for making these travel videos possible by supporting my clothing brand, JUST GO 🌎: 🤍 WHO AM I? My name is Drew Binsky and I've been to all 197 countries in the world. I make travel videos about people, culture, and anything else I find interesting on the road. My ultimate goal is to inspire you to travel far and wide because our planet is beautiful! MORE ABOUT ME: 🤍

You Know You're Dating a Quebecois (French-Canadian) Man When...


Quebec is a province that has a very interesting mix of identities: both Canadian and French. This makes for men that are hmm.. quite an interesting mix as well. Check out some nuances of dating a Quebecois man and see for yourselves. Check out Rivoli: 🤍 We used EPIDEMIC SOUND music for this episode. Use this LINK to get your FREE MONTH: 🤍 Dating Beyond Borders is a Youtube channel that focuses on highlighting the cultural differences that come into play while dating people from other countries. Join me as I travel the world and explore culture and dating trends. We release weekly videos every Thursday so hit the subscribe button and the little bell icon to come along on the travel journey weekly! Follow us on Social Media! Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Visit our website at 🤍 to learn more about us. Crew: Jason Tojeiro (filmmaker/editor) 🤍 Marina Iakovleva (director) Stefano Corallo (assistant camera/sound) Chandler Qian (co-writer/actor) 🤍 Cast: Matthew: 🤍 Kristina: 🤍 Johnny: 🤍 Jaymie: 🤍 MUSIC: Youtube Audio Filmed in: Toronto, Canada

Do Canadians Really Speak French? Things to Know About Quebec French


Ben from Québec and Marie from France are going to discuss their language differences in this special episode of Glossika conversations. To learn even more, download the new Glossika iOS app here:[🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 💡About Glossika: Glossika helps you speak a language better and faster in the least possible time by using smart technology, adaptive learning algorithms, and structured content. 📱Download the new Glossika iOS app here:[🤍 Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel here! ➡️[🤍 ⬅️ Are you ready to learn a new language? Start your 7-day free trial now: ➡️[🤍 🌏Help the world learn your language: Coming soon [🤍] 📲Connect with us through our social media: Instagram: [[🤍 Facebook: [[🤍 📝Get more language learning tips at our blog: [🤍 ✅Check our website to learn more: [🤍 #canadianfrench #french #frenchculture #languagelearning

Welcome to Quebec | Easy French 61


MISTAKE IN SUBTITLES AT 2:07 - the transcription and translation should be "chiac" instead of "chiant"(French) and "annoying (English). "Chiac" is the name of a variation of the Acadian French spoken in Canada. BECOME A MEMBER OF EASY FRENCH: 🤍 TONY'S FRENCH LEARNING CHANNEL: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO EASY LANGUAGES: 🤍 OUR INSTAGRAM: 🤍 OUR FACEBOOK: 🤍 BECOME A CO-PRODUCER: 🤍 - Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English. 🤍 🤍 - Producer of this episode: Anthony Lesbros I used some illustrative content from the following video to which you're more than encourage to have a look: 1) 🤍 Vieux-Port de Montréal BY Luc Geoffroy 2) 🤍 Tourisme Charlevoix - Vivre (été) BY Tourisme Charlevoix 3) 🤍 Connaissez-vous la Gaspésie? Dépaysante, vivante avec ses nombreux sommets! BY Tourisme Gaspésie 4) 🤍 Forte Neige à Montréal 2012 BY wwolfz 5) 🤍 This is Canada - Montreal BY This is Canada 6) 🤍 Chateau Frontenac Quebec City BY For91Days’

France vs French Canada I 7 First Impressions of Montreal I From a Franco-American!


⭐ Check out Lingoda and their upcoming Language Sprint Challenge here! It's never too late for a language win! 🤍 ⭐ Use my discount code for 20 euros/25 dollars off! WINWITHKATE #sprint202301 Salut Canada! :) We arrived in Montreal about 2 weeks ago now and I got to film my very first Canada video all about my first impressions of Montreal! I've spent the last 5 years documenting my experience as an American expat living in France for 12 years. I've talked about French culture shocks, living abroad, french culture, what France does best vs what American does best. Anything that has to do with how I see France through the eyes of a foreigner. My little family and I officially moved to Montreal, Canada from Paris France last week for a new adventure! I can't wait to see how similar and different french speaking canada is to France (my second home) and the USA (my first!) So far we love the metro, the warmth people have with strangers and how bilingual people are in Montreal! We could do with the taxes and tips, but check out the video to get my 7 first impressions of Montreal. The things we love and the things we could do without! #livingabroadinCanada #frenchspeakingcanada #FrancevsCanada 📷 Idea for a video? Leave it here! 🤍 📷 - OTHER VIDEOS YOU MIGHT LIKE ✌ ▶USA Culture Shocks: 🤍 ▶The French Do It Better: 🤍 ▶French Culture Shocks: 🤍 If you ❤ France, being an expat in France or learning about French culture shocks, then SUBSCRIBE here: 🤍 There's a lot more coming where this came from!✌ - ❤ Hop on board to the hot mess express that is Kate! I’m a pizza loving, wine guzzling American thriving in Paris. Eh… scratch the thriving part and put surviving. I’ve got an endless love/hate relationship with France, that drives me to do unexplainable things. If you like pizza recommendations and some expat excitement, you’re in the right place.✌Subscribe for new videos every week! ❤ FOMO NO MORE! ❤️ Subscribe to my Youtube channel here! 🤍 🐸 Check out my blog here: 🤍 💎Subscribe to my blog here : 🤍 📷 Come hang out on Instagram with me here! 🤍 ⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯⋯

What’s wrong with Montreal?


How to Support these videos: 💲 Donate via PayPal: 🤍 💲 Support Monthly: 🤍 💲 Support via YouTube (click Join button) Check out my "Life in Montreal" playlist for more videos from Montreal: 🤍 Or, watch the newest video from The New Travel: 🤍 Or, check out my 2nd Channel: 🤍 Email (for business use only) : ► danvineberg (at) As always, I'm Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching! #Montreal #Toronto #Canada

How Similar Are Québec French and Metropolitan French?


“How similar are the French varieties of France and Québec?” That is the question! And in the video I try to answer it. Learn FrenchPod101: ► 🤍 ◄ *Black Friday sale: Courses are currently 51% off for a limited time!* (Full disclosure: if you sign for a premium account, Langfocus receives a small referral fee. But the free account is great too!) Special thanks to Adriane Paquin-Côté for her feedback and Québec French audio samples; Lùthais MacGriogair for his feedback and Metropolitan French samples; and Rémi Peyral for his feedback and additional Metropolitan French samples. Check out Langfocus on Patreon: 🤍 Current Patreon members include: Adam Fitch, Andres Resendez Borgia, Anjo Beijo, Auguste Fields, Bennett Seacrist, Brandon Gonzalez, Brian Michalowski, Danny, Fiona de Visser, Georgina Toland, Guillermo Jimenez, Jacob Madsen, John Moffat, Matthew Etter, Michael Arbagi, Paul Boychuk, Rosalind Resnick, Ruben Sanchez Jr, Sebastian Langshaw, ShadowCrossZero, Suzanne Jacobs, TOKI PONA, Victoria Goh, Vincent David, Yuko Sunda, Zhiyuan Shi, [APG]RoboCop[CL], Adam Powell, Adam Vanderpluym, Albert Nguyen, Alex Hanselka, Ali Muhammed Alshehri, Andrew Woods, Angeline Biot, Ann DeFeo, Ashley Dierolf, Atsushi Yoshida, Behnam Esfahbod, Brent Warner, Bruce Stark, Bruno Filippi, Carl saloga, Charis T'Rukh, Christian Langreiter, Christopher Lowell, Dave Orum, David LeCount, Diane Young, divad, Dmitry Stillermann, Don Ross, Donald and Alexandra Wycoff, Donald Tilley, Edward Wilson, Erin Robinson Swink, fatimahl, Florian Breitwieser, Frédéric Fournier, Greg Gibson, Haiko Eitzen, Hannes Egli, Harry Kek, Henri Saussure, Ian Smith, James and Amanda Soderling, James Fleming, James Lillis, JC Edwards, Jeff Miller, Jens Aksel Takle, Jerry Janowitz, JESUS FERNANDO MIRANDA BARBOSA, JL Bumgarner, Justin Faist, Kenneth M Thomas, Kevin J. Baron, Klaw117, Leo Barudi, Lincoln Hutton, Lorraine Inez Lil, Mahmoud Hashemi, Marco Barcellos, Margaret Langendorf, Mark, Mark Grigoleit, Mark Kemp, Maurice Chou, Merrick Bobb, Michael Millar, Michael Regal, Mikael Uttermalm, Mike Frysinger, Mohammed A. Abahussain, Nicholas Gentry, Nicole Tovar, Oleksandr Ivanov, Panot, Pauline Pavon, Peter Andersson, Peter Nikitin, Phoebe Churches, Pomax, Raymond Thomas, Rick Gerritzen, Rob Hoskins, Robert (Bob) Dobbin, Robert Sheehan, Ronald Brady, Scott Fujan, Scott Russell, Sergei Tikhomirov, Sergio Pascalin, Sergios Tsakatikas, Sierra Rooney, Simon Blanchet, Sophia-Rose Marron, Spartak Kagramanyan, Steeven Lapointe, Stefan Reichenberger, Stephen, Sven Onnerstad, Theophagous, Thomas Mitchell, Trib, Tryggurhavn, veleum, William O Beeman, yasmine jaafar, Éric Martin, 耳血, Kristopher Robinson, Bronwyn Salton. Video chapters: 00:00 Introduction 1:03 History: Why are Québec French and Metropolitan French different? 03:02 Different English loanwords 05:08 Quebecois words that seem older/more traditional 05:46 Catholic swear words in Quebecois 06:08 Quebecois has developed its own expressions 06:23 Differences in grammar 09:15 Differences in QF and MF accent 11:20 Sentence breakdown 13:27 Final comments 14:00 The Question of the Day Music: “I Cannot Forget You Yet” by The Brothers Records. Outro: “Gimme Five” by Twin Musicom.

Easy French 12 - Montreal


Learn French with Easy French: Myron takes a trip to Montreal and finds out what people love about their city! ► SUBSCRIBE TO EASY LANGUAGES: 🤍 ► FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: 🤍 🤍 ► CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE: 🤍 ► SUPPORT OUR PROJECT: 🤍 ► PRODUCED IN COOPERATION WITH: 🤍 Easy Languages is an international video project aiming at supporting people worldwide to learn languages through authentic street interviews and expose the street culture of participating partner countries abroad. Episodes are produced in local languages and contain subtitles in both the original language as well as in English. — Host and Co-producer: Myron Mariano

Canadians Try To Pass A Grade 5 French Test


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WIKITONGUES: Maxime speaking Québecois French


This video is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license. To download a copy, please contact hello🤍 This video was recorded by Maxime Rioux in Ljubljana, Slovenia. French is spoken by as many as 274 million people, primarily in the Western European nations of France, Switzerland, and Belgium, the North American territories of Québec, New Brunswick, and Louisiana, and French Guiana in South America. It is also an important lingua franca throughout West Africa and parts of the Caribbean. Maxime’s native variety of Québecois French, sometimes known simply as Québecois, is spoken by about seven million people, primarily in the Canadian province of Québec. Like other varieties of North American French, such as Acadian and Louisiana French, Québecois has diverged considerably from European varieties, retaining 18th-century pronunciations and incorporating loanwords from English. Politically and in education, Canadian French varieties have enjoyed considerable protection since 1969, when the Canadian government recognized French alongside English at the country’s federal level. Help us caption & translate this video! 🤍 Read more about Québecois on our blog: 🤍

English Canada vs. French Canada — why we don't get along


Why do French-Canadians and English-Canadians have such a beef with each other? Thomas' video: 🤍

French in Real Life: France vs Canadian accent (ft. Mark Hachem) #Shorts


Ever wondered if there are different French accents? Listen to the differences between Alexa's French from France accent and Mark's Canadian Québécois accent. Different ways of saying the same word, in two different parts of the world! Follow Mark's socials here: Youtube ► 🤍 Insta ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 TAKE YOUR FRENCH TO THE NEXT LEVEL My Website ► 🤍 My YouTube ► 🤍 My Blog ► 🤍 Support me on Patreon ► 🤍 Test Yourself ► 🤍 My Soundcloud ► 🤍 GET SOCIAL WITH ALEXA AND HER STUDENTS YouTube ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 LinkedIn ► 🤍 Newsletter ► 🤍 Google+ ► 🤍 LEARN FRENCH WITH ALEXA T-SHIRTS T-Shirts ► 🤍 MORE ABOUT LEARN FRENCH WITH ALEXA'S 'HOW TO SPEAK' FRENCH VIDEO LESSONS Alexa Polidoro a real French teacher with many years' experience of teaching French to adults and children at all levels. People from all over the world enjoy learning how to speak French with Alexa's popular online video and audio French lessons. They're fun, friendly and stress-free! It's like she's actually sitting there with you, helping you along... Your very own personal French tutor. Please Like, Share and Subscribe if you enjoyed this video. Merci et Bisou Bisou xx Ready to take your French to the next level? Visit ► 🤍 to try out Alexa's popular French courses.

French Vs French Canadians - Bill Burr


Bill Burr talks about the French and the French Canadians. Listen to more of Bill Burr from the July 18th, 2022 podcast: 🤍 Check out Bill Burr's other podcast clips at: 🤍 🤍

Why Is French Spoken In Canada?


Go to 🤍 or text ‘historywithhilbert’ to get one free audiobook, 2 free Audible originals and a 30-day free trial. For US viewers text to 500 500. Some 20% of Canadians speak French as a first language - that's over 7 million people! Sometimes known as Joual or Québécois, the French in Canada is a little different to that which is spoken in France today, though the dialects were once the same, having been brought form Europe in the 16th and 17th Century. In this video I'll look at why some people in Canada still speak French, the story of cities like Montreal an Quebec, The French And Indian War/ 7 Years War, interactions with the First Nations people and the more modern history of Canada as well. Oh, and memes. Go Fund My Windmills (Patreon): 🤍 Join in the Banter on Twitter: 🤍 Enter the Fray on Facebook: 🤍 Indulge in some Instagram..?(the alliteration needs to stop): 🤍 Music Used: Hungarian Rhapsody - Franz Liszt Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart "Dub Feral” - Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License Send me an email if you'd be interested in doing a collaboration! historywithhilbert🤍 #Canada #French #FrenchCanadian

France vs Quebec: Sexiest French Accent


French is one of the sexiest languages. But which one is sexier - French or Quebecois? The two battle it out to see which one is considered the sexiest for foreigners. Hint: It's the one you're thinking of. Behind the scenes, dating tips and Google Hangouts HERE: 🤍 Check out and support what you can we need your help in continuing to make quality videos. Dating Beyond Borders is a Youtube channel that focuses on highlighting the cultural differences that come into play while dating people from other countries. Videos out every Thursday - hit the bell button to receive notifications! Follow us on Social Media! Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Visit our website at 🤍 to learn more about us. Follow us on Social Media! CREW: Jason Tojeiro (video/editing) 🤍 CAST (REACTORS): Alexandra: 🤍 Marcello: 🤍 CAST (SPEAKERS) Salome: 🤍 Katerine: 🤍 Quitterie: 🤍 Samy: 🤍 Jeanne: 🤍 MUSIC: Youtube Library Filmed in: Youtube Space, Toronto, Canada

Does English Canada Hate French Canada?


Watch the full episode: 🤍 Subscribe to our main SimplyPodLogical channel: 🤍 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Follow the simplypod and drop us some episode topic suggestions!: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Cristine: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Ben: 🤍 🤍 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Shop items from our Podcast set on my Amazon storefront! 🤍 (affiliate link) ©Simply Nailogical Inc. All opinions are our own.

Quebecois VS French Speaker | Will I understand it? French Reacts to Canadian French


After last week's video on Cajun French, I received several requests to do the same with Quebec French! 0:14 Intro 1:17 People interviewed 3:38 Maxime 5:40 Mysterious handsome man 10:29 Speaking French 🌺Videos mentioned: Cajun French VS French Speaker | Will I understand it? French Reacts to Louisiana Cajun ⚜️: 🤍 🎀 My Instagram: 🤍 If you want to help me, I have a Patreon and a Paypal link :) : ✮ 🤍 ✮ 🤍 🌺Videos used: Wikitongues: 🤍 Easy French: 🤍 The handsome guy: 🤍 💌 If you to send me something, here is my P.O Box: FRENCHTASTIC Boîte Postal 228 34 Rue des Grands Mortiers, 37700 Saint-Pierre-des-Corps FRANCE 🛠 My tools: My headphones☞ 🤍 My vlog camera ☞ 🤍 My main camera ☞ 🤍 My GorillaPod ☞ 🤍 Computer ☞ 🤍 Card ☞ 🤍 Lights ☞ 🤍 📚The books I highly recommend! GirlBoss ☞ 🤍 Unlimited Power ☞ 🤍 / 🤍 The compound Effect ☞ 🤍 📍Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE here: 🤍 🔔TURN ON BELL NOTIFICATIONS TO SEE NEW VIDEOS ASAP 🔔 Hi! I'm Marie aka FrenchTastic 🙂 On this channel I share my love for the world and its differences. I enjoy going on adventures and discover new stuff. Hope you enjoy it, see you in my videos! Your Frenchie, Marie✌️🇫🇷 ♪ Music by: Youtube Music by Brooks - Boop Boop - 🤍 Music by Helkimer - Thoughts - 🤍 ❊ Thanks for watching, see you in my next one ❊ Contact: frenchtastic77🤍 (business only) *Let your curiosity shine* DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge for you! Thank you for supporting FrenchTastic! #FrenchTastic #QuebecFrench Quebec French VS French Speaker | Will I understand it? French Reacts to Canadian French.

French lesson on Canadian French part 1


French lesson on Canadian French. Take our self-study course 🤍 🤍. Join the 2,000+ students from around the world, share your thoughts and ideas with everyone, including your teacher, Alex. #frenchforbeginners #frenchcourse #frenchcourses #frenchlesson #frenchlessons #frenchclass #frenchclasses

Tim Rykert on French Canadian swearing.


It's so true!

Comparing Accents - Québécois & French


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Would you like to speak Quebec French like a Quebecer? Here are 10 frequent words that will help you speak and understand Quebec French better. Support me on Patreon and get a new easy French video every weekday! 🤍 Visit my website for additional learning materials: 🤍 Like and follow me on Facebook: 🤍 Video contents: 00:00 Intro 01:51 Chum 03:32 Pogner 04:23 Faque 04:43 Pis 05:02 Mainque 05:31 Quiz 05:53 Correct 06:24 Plate 06:47 Ya 07:14 Chu 07:39 Tanné 08:23 Wrap-up Content and presentation: Hélène Cormier Direction and editing: Daniel Roy A One Blue Pixel production #comprehensibleinput #quebecfrench #canadianfrench "Québécois 101" videos help you learn Quebec French and Canadian French through fun, easy-to-understand explanations. All videos feature captions and subtitles in French and English. There are many aspects to being able to speak Quebec French fluently. One important aspect is vocabulary: Quebecers use a number of words and contractions that are unique to Quebec French. If you know them, you will be able to better understand colloquial Quebec French, and even perhaps one day speak it fluently as well. The ten words and contractions presented in this video are: chum, pogner, faque, pis, mainque, correct, plate, ya, chu, and tanné. If you listen to interesting media in Quebec French, you will recognize these words and learn how to use them. Featured image: (Used under Creative Commons license CC BY-SA 4.0) "Cuir pleine fleur au tannage végétal de la tannerie Radermecker en Belgique" by Loic.honore 🤍 Special thanks to my VIP subscribers on Patreon! David Preece Heather Wachmenko Huge thanks to my Frenchpresso subscribers on Patreon! Anthony W Christopher Johnson Debra Louise Hilborn Devin Papineau Diane Dimitar Dimitrov DMae Ceryes Dorothy Stegman Dylan Collins Elaine Malkin Gail Lipfert Jacob Hutchison Joey Brunelle Karla Morales Rios Kazuki Omiya Kestrel Kris Albert Lee Lily Lucas Antonio Venegas Gueico Marie Manchester Marina L Parker Michele Lawton Omar B Pamela Linnell Rick Alger Sean Underwood Sonya Olthof Sophie Vasil Georgiev Yannick Fortier

xQc reacts to White Girl on Kai's stream says N word


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French to survive in Quebec, Canada | Quebec වලට French අත්‍යවශ්‍යද? | Canada vlog Sinhala


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Robin Williams - Canadian-French Jokes


From the Craig Ferguson show.

French Canadian Patriotic Song: Vive la Canadienne [1000 Subscribers Special]


Vive la Canadienne is a French Canadian patriotic song that was the anthem of French Canadians before it was replaced by O Canada. According to Ernest Gagnon, it was based on an old French tune, Par derrièr' chez mon père. It is also the quick march of the Royal 22nd Regiment. FRANÇAIS: Vive la Canadienne est une chanson qui était utilisée comme hymne national par les Canadiens français avant que ceux-ci n'adoptent le Ô Canada comme hymne national. Selon Ernest Gagnon, cette vieille mélodie française est issue de Par derrièr' chez mon père. La chanson est aussi la marche rapide du Royal 22e régiment de Québec.

French Canadian Medley


Reels: La Grande Chaine, Reel de Montreal, Growling Old Man & Woman

Why is Canada Partially French?


Why is Canada Partially French? French Canada, also known as Quebec, is a province in eastern Canada where the official language is French. The culture and history of French Canada are deeply rooted in French heritage, with influences from the Catholic Church and the fur trade industry. The people of Quebec have a distinct identity and pride in their culture and language, which is reflected in their politics, art, and cuisine. Quebec is known for its rich history, stunning architecture, and delicious food.

Pocahontas * The Virginia Company * Canadian French [HD]


Hi, buddies ! Here is the Canadian French version of " The Virginia Company " from Disney's Pocahontas (1995), entitled " La Compagnie de la Virginie " in Canadian French. This opening song is sung by the male chorus. Enjoy ^^ ! Coucou, les amis ! Voici la version franco-canadienne / québécoise de " The Virginia Company " du film Disney Pocahontas (1995), intitulée " La Compagnie de la Virginie ". Cette chanson est chantée par le chœur d'hommes. Bonne écoute ^^ ! Nous sommes en 1617, on appareille, ardis Pour Dieu, la gloire et l'or et la Compagnie d'la Virginie. Le Nouveau Monde va nous donner : la richesse, la liberté C'est c'que nous a promis la Compagnie d'la Virginie C'est c'que nous a promis la Compagnie d'la Virginie ! Pour Dieu, la gloire et l'or et la Compagnie d'la Virginie ! Les plages de la Virginie regorgent de diamants Lingots d'or et d'argent se cueillent aux arbres si facilement ! Une pépite pour ma douce amie, et une autre pour moi aussi Et tout le reste ira à la Compagnie d'la Virginie Pour Dieu, la gloire et l'or et la Compagnie d'la Virginie ! On se fera la peau d'un Indien, ou deux, ou trois, ce n'est rien ! Nous sommes les braves gaillards de la Compagnie d'la Virginie ! Pour Dieu, la gloire et l'or et la Compagnie d'la Virginie !

French-Canadian Women - MGTOW


Sponsor Link: - Ancient Purity - 🤍 - (Save 10% enter the code MGTOW in the check out) Mystery Link: 🤍 🤍 Brave Browser: 🤍 Hi Everyone Sandman Here, This video is brought to you by a donation from Ron and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, I want to share my experiences as an exchange student visiting your Canada in 1989. “The last year of the “Crazy 80’s. Ever since I’ve swallow and digested the Red Pill a couple of years ago, I can’t help but look at everyday experiences thru a Red Pill Lens. The exchange experience was just for a month, but it taught me a lot. I’m from Southern Louisiana and during my junior year of High-School, I got an opportunity to be part of our schools foreign exchange program. At the time I was taking French and qualified for the trip. A lot of hot girls were in my class and me and my buddy, Mike, couldn’t wait to see how the females would act once out of the country. The French-Canadian teachers were super cool and accommodating...very friendly..etc. Upon arriving to my assigned families home, they welcomed me with open arms as well as a 6 pack of MOLSON beers. My assigned Canadian friend was named Martin, who was somewhat of a shy guy.. but had lots of females friends who considered him a "Cute " guy. Anyway we did lots of field trips throughout the day, but always ended up at one of the Canadian students home..playing card games..flirting and getting to know our student counter parts. The French-Canadian girls were very flirty with all us guys and the American Girls seemed to take notice very quickly. Even the ones that played us guys as SIMPS back in the U.S were incredibly interested once we arrived in Canada. I also noticed that several of the French-Canadian students spoke 2-4 which my dumb-ass and a few other of my American Classmates barely spoke French. Plus the French spoken in southern Louisiana (who's ancestors were from Nova Scotia), was considered broken French by the Canadians and sometimes they laughed at our Of course every guy in the American Class as well as The French-Canadian guys were scoping out the females to see who will hook up and Bang the girls on day one. The girls let us guys massage them with our fingers if you know what I mean and make-out when possible and hinted about the delivery of there PIECE-LEAVES (in my Coach Greg Adams voice) a later time..So you could imagine the HOOPS some guys were SHOOTING the get there "SHOT". I also remember the teachers, both American and Canadian..just letting us be teenagers, but also keeping us in check to prevent any major issues from happening. At the going away party on our last night in Canada, the teachers let us "Let OUR HAIR DOWN"..allowing us to drink beer a little Hard Liquor.. One of the funniest memories is when a girl from my class started Hysterically crying..almost hyperventilating ..when the party was over a Mid-night...She obviously didn't want to leave and let it be known to everyone around that she loved and will miss our new Canadian families..but just a hour or 2 earlier, she had her PIE-HOLE wrapped around my BURRITO... in the upstairs bath. SandMan, I really like the way you tell your audience from time-to-time to have as many experiences with interacting with females as possible. Not just for sex, but also to understand how they think. I applied my new knowledge to experiences I had during my time in the military interacting with foreign women I met overseas and other places. You could get pretty darn good at predicting what they’re next move will be and/or what’s about to come out of they’re mouth before you CUM in their. I will send you PART 2 of my exchange experience at a later date..discussing how it went when the French-Canadians turn to visit southern Louisiana.... take care my Brother..GOD Speed with your future endeavors Sir.!!" Well Ron thanks for your donation and topic. I'll get to it in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Ancient Purity: 10 images licensed and paid for through All image licenses are available upon request. Video Background Credits: Particle Wave 4K Motion Background by ""

French Canadian Accent - Different Sounding Consonants


FRENCH CANADIAN ACCENT - DIFFERENT SOUNDING CONSONANTS // In this video, I explore some of the quirky differences between Standard French and Canadian French, also know as Québécois. The consonants 'T' and 'D' tend to have more of a 'buzzing' sound in Québécois French when it precedes certain vowels. Check out the video to find out how it sounds! Subscribe for more French lessons: 🤍 Share this video with a friend: 🤍 Thanks for watching!

8 more Quebecois/French Canadian Expressions you gotta Learn (part 2)


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Je suis partie à la conquête des français et de la France! Je parle québécois en France pendant 24h dans le but de voir si les français comprennent les québécois? Est-ce facile pour un touriste québécois de se faire comprendre lorsqu'il vient en France, demander son chemin, réserver une chambre d'hôtel, etc... ➡️ Rejoins la famille en t'abonnant à ma chaîne: 🤍 Ouesh.✌️ ➡️ Pour encore plus de contenu humoristique: 🤍 Vous avez été nombreux à me demander de parler québécois pendant toute une vidéo. J'ai relevé le défi sous forme d'expérience sociale, en me mettant dans la peau d'un touriste québécois en France. Est-ce que les Français comprennent l'accent québécois? Je suis obligée de forcer mon accent québécois, sinon je sonnerais trop "française" donc pour certaines personnes qui se sentiraient offusquer, ne le soyez pas! Souriez à la place et profitez de ces quelques minutes de rigolade ensemble! Dis moi dans les commentaires quelles autres expériences sociales tu aimerais que je réalise! - ➡️ Si tu as lu jusqu'ici, écris "#QUÉBÉCOIS" en commentaires. - ➡️ Si tu veux m'aider à traduire les vidéos, c'est par ici: 🤍 - DENYZEE, c'est une chaîne Youtube humour, des sketchs comiques qui font voyager les gens dans leur imaginaire. On parle des sujets de la vie quotidienne qui nous arrive à tous (relation homme / femme, vie au travail, vivre à l'étranger) en les abordant avec humour. Sur cette chaîne, on suppose aussi des choses en analysant ce que seraient les impacts si les situations arrivaient réellement. Alors es-tu convaincu que l'herbe est plus verte ailleurs? 😋 J’imite bien l’accent québécois aussi. - Rejoins-moi sur: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Twitter : 🤍 Snapchat : dlfn06

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