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Big Ben - 5 Secrets About London’s Famous Chimes | Most Iconic Buildings


After years of renovation work, London's famous landmark finally sounds again: Big Ben! We take you on a tour of the inside of the tower and reveal five secrets about it. This much in advance: The tower is not called Big Ben… #BigBen #London #UnitedKingdom - CREDITS Report: Dina Osinski Camera: Stefano Santoro Edit: Steffie Prietzsch - Subscribe to DW Euromaxx: 🤍 Would you like to find out more about Euromaxx? ▸Website: dw.com/lifestyle ▸Facebook: facebook.com/dw.euromaxx ▸Instagram: instagram.com/dw_euromaxx DW Euromaxx brings you engaging insights into European cultures and lifestyles.

The Story of Big Ben: The Most Famous Clock in the World - Beyond the 7 Wonders of the World


The Story of Big Ben: The Most Famous Clock in the World - Beyond the 7 Wonders of the World - See U in History #SeeUinHistory #History

Big Ben chimes for last time in 4 years before falling silent for repairs - BBC News


Big Ben has fallen silent for major repair work expected to last until 2021. The midday bongs were the last regular chimes from the famous bell until the repairs to its surrounding tower are complete. It will still be used for special occasions including New Year's Eve and Remembrance Sunday. The decision to switch it off to protect workers' hearing has sparked a lively debate about the timescale. Prime Minister Theresa May has said "it can't be right" that the famous bongs will not be heard again until 2021 and has asked for the proposals to be reviewed. Please subscribe HERE 🤍 World In Pictures 🤍 Big Hitters 🤍 Just Good News 🤍

What's inside Big Ben? (Elizabeth Tower)


Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben) is the famous clock tower in London, England. Come see how it works! For your chance to win a Tesla Model X Plaid and support a great cause go to 🤍 Video Summary: The clock tower was built in the 1840s and 1850s but it wasn't until 1862 that the clock was fully functional. It has been ticking almost non-stop now for almost 150 years! There are stairs that go up the very center of the tower and they are also putting in a service elevator in one of the open shafts. The Clock Room is where the mechanism is - this is referred to as the Clock Movement. It's made up of 3 gear trains - the Striking Train, Going Train, and the Chiming Train. The Going Train turns the hands on each of the four dials, the Chiming Train rings the 4 quarter bells, and the Striking Train is responsible for ringing the largest bell "Big Ben". During the video you'll learn more specifically about the parts of the Going Train: the Escape Wheel, Gravity Arms, and the Pendulum. The bells are located above in the Belfry. Every half hour bells will play at least part of the Westminster Chimes. At the very top is the Ayrton Light - used to indicate when Parliament is in session down below. The renovation that started in 2017 is set to complete in summer to 2022. ⌚Timestamps: 00:00-Intro 00:57-Geography 01:37-History 03:08-Inside Tower 04:09-Belfry 05:25-Ayrton Light 05:41-Clock Mechanism 06:58-Going Train 08:49-Chiming Train 10:20-Striking Train 11:32-Winding it up 12:08-Pennies 12:36-Renovation 13:02-Omaze 14:04-More Animations 💻Follow me on social media: Patreon: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 🌐Sources: 🤍 - The Mechanical Genius of Big Ben (Discovery UK) 🤍 - Tour inside Big Ben clock tower in London 🤍 - Inside Big Ben's Makeover (The B1M) 🤍 - Big Ben London tower clock Mechanism Striking 11 🤍 - How Big Ben works | City Secrets | Time Out London 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Big Ben: The Great Clock and the Bells at the Palace of Westminster by Chris McKAY 🤍 Big Ben: The Bell, the Clock and the Tower by Peter MacDonald 🤍 Big Ben (Building on a Dream) By Kayleen Reusser 🤍 🎧Here is some of the gear that I use for animation: Graphics Card: GTX 1080ti 🤍 CPU: i7-8700k 🤍 Motherboard: Asus Prim Z370-A 🤍 Microphone: Shure MV7 🤍 Mouse: Razer Naga X 🤍 Chair: Staples Gaming Chair 🤍 🟠This animation was made with Blender 3.1 (Cycles Render) 🤍blender.org 🎵Music (soundstripe.com): Bridal Bouquet by Cody Martin Heart Caligraphy by Cody Martin 3D models that I purchased for this video: Big Ben Tower - 🤍 Westminster Palace - 🤍 Double Decker London Bus - 🤍 #b3d #bigben #clocktower

Big Ben for Kids: Famous World Landmarks for Children - FreeSchool


🤍 - Help support more content like this! It's commonly known as Big Ben, but this famous landmark is actually named Elizabeth Tower in honor of Queen Elizabeth II. It's more than 150 years old, 300 feet high, and has four clock faces each 23 feet across. It's famously accurate, and it's kept that way by stacking and unstacking pennies on its pendulum! Like this video if you want to see more videos about LANDMARKS! Subscribe to FreeSchool: 🤍 Visit us on Facebook: 🤍 Check our our companion channel, FreeSchool Mom! 🤍 And our NEW channel for little ones, FreeSchool Early Birds! 🤍 Music: Jaunty Gumption, Thatched Villagers - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Photos of Big Ben's interior are reproduced with the permission of Parliament.

Inside London's newly refurbished Big Ben - BBC News


One of the world's most recognisable clocks has had a facelift. Restoration on Big Ben's Elizabeth Tower, next to the Houses of Parliament in London, England, is due to be completed this summer to a budget of £79.7m. The BBC has been given special access inside the tower to take a closer look. Please subscribe HERE 🤍 #London #BigBen #BBCNews

HD Big Ben Saving the World's Most Famous Clock (2017)


As Big Ben goes silent for four years for a multi-million pound restoration, architectural historian Anna Keay gains exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the work. Also see the last episode in the restoration process: 🤍

Learn Big Ben for Kids | Famous Landmarks around the world with Ryan's World


Learn about The Big Ben for Kids. Famous Landmarks around the world with Ryan's World.

The Mechanical Genius of Big Ben | Blowing Up History


Learn how the amazing big ben operates. Subscribe to Discovery TV for more great clips: 🤍 Follow Discovery on Twitter: 🤍

The chimes of Big Ben


(There is no dialogue in this video) This is the bell in Parliament's Clock Tower (Big Ben). The bell at the centre of this film is called Big Ben. There are two possible explanations for the bell's name: - It could have been named after Sir Benjamin Hall, the First Commissioner of Works, who was a tall man and known in the House of Commons as Big Ben. - It may have been named after a champion heavyweight boxer of the time called Ben Caunt. He fought his last fight in 1857 when it was being decided what to call the bell. Visit 🤍 for more information about Big Ben.

Inside Big Ben's Makeover


Join Fred Mills inside the £80M restoration of London's Elizabeth Tower, the iconic structure at the heart of the UK's Palace of Westminster. For more by The B1M subscribe now - 🤍 Downloading, ripping and/or editing this video is illegal and will result in legal action. Presented and narrated by Fred Mills - 🤍 Read the full story on this video, including images and useful links, here: 🤍 Please note that this documentary was produced in January 2020 before the current measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic were introduced. Additional footage and images courtesy of UK Parliament, Mark Duffy, Jessica Taylor, David Holt, Sir Robert McAlpine, Catherine Babbington and the Whitechapel Bell Foundry. View this video and more at - 🤍 Follow us on Twitter - 🤍 Like us on Facebook - 🤍 Follow us on LinkedIn - 🤍 Follow us on Instagram - 🤍 Go Behind The B1M. Click "JOIN" here - 🤍 The B1M merch store - 🤍 #construction #architecture #heritage We welcome you sharing our content to inspire others, but please be nice and play by our rules: 🤍 Our content may only be embedded onto third party websites by arrangement. We have established partnerships with domains to share our content and help it reach a wider audience. If you are interested in partnering with us please contact Enquiries🤍TheB1M.com. © 2020 The B1M Limited

The Truth About Big Ben and the Famous Clock Tower


Check my other channel Highlight History: 🤍 →Some of our favorites: 🤍 →Subscribe for new videos every day! 🤍 Never run out of things to say at the water cooler with TodayIFoundOut! Brand new videos 7 days a week! More from TodayIFoundOut: How Did the Idea of the Loch Ness Monster Start? 🤍 In this video: If you’ve ever been to London, or even seen a picture of London, you’ve probably seen the giant clock tower at the corner of the Palace of Westminster. This tower is one of London’s major icons, ranking right up there with red double-decker buses, the London Eye, and Platform 9 ¾. Want the text version?: 🤍 Sources: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

MIDO | Big Ben Limited Edition | Inspired by Architecture


The latest creation from the watchmaker Mido pays homage to one of the world’s most famous monuments. The Big Ben Limited Edition was inspired by the slender silhouette of London’s famous four-dial clock tower. From the case and bracelet to the dial and movement, this unique piece makes numerous references to the neo-Gothic architecture of this iconic monument. Released in a limited edition of 500 pieces, this exclusive timepiece is the result of the Mido Watch Design Contest, a watchmaking challenge that was won by Neuchâtel-based designer Sébastien Perret. By revealing the circle within the square, he has imagined a daring, timeless design for the Big Ben Limited Edition watch that is in keeping with the Mido brand spirit. Discover here the Big Ben (M028.708.23.031.00) and its inspiration the Big Ben in London. More information on 🤍

The Houses of Parliament & Big Ben, London


The Houses of Parliament, or Palace of Westminster, is one of London's most famous landmarks and the seat of the British Government. Subscribe ► 🤍 * This video shows you the outside of Parliament from across the river, then Big Ben from Parliament Square, the visitor's entrance, the Sovereign's Entrance used during the State Opening of Parliament, and ends with a view from Victoria Tower Gardens. Timestamps: 0:11 Big Ben 0:26 From the river 1:29 From Parliament Square 1:58 Visitor's Entrance 2:11 Sovereign's Entrance 2:39 From Victoria Tower Gardens Read our big review ► 🤍 * Follow us: Website ► 🤍 Tumblr ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Pinterest ► 🤍

World's most famous clock - Big Ben - rings in its 150th anniversary


(30 May 2009) Defiantly low-tech yet accurate to the second, London's Big Ben - the most famous clock in the world - is having its 150th birthday on Sunday. The clock started ticking on 31 May 1859 - and the bell was struck for the first time six weeks later. 150 years on, Big Ben is the iconic symbol of London, and one of the world's best-known landmarks. Part of the Palace of Westminster, which houses the British parliament, Big Ben is a little less than most people imagine. The name is commonly used to describe the clock tower, including the clock face and the bell. But, technically, Big Ben refers just to the biggest of the bells inside the tower - the Great Bell - which weighs more than thirteen tons. How Big Ben became known by this name is open to question. Ian Westworth, who maintains Big Ben and the other clocks in the Palace of Westminster, says there are two theories. One is that it was named after a very large bare-knuckle fighter. The other is that it was named after an equally-large Palace official. Millions (m) of tourists have travelled to London to witness the distinctive chimes of Big Ben. Millions more have heard the bell on the BBC World Service, where for decades it was broadcast each hour. Westworth said there was a good reason why Big Ben made such a distinctive sound. "It has a crack in two places which gives it a slightly off pitch," he said. And that seems to be the secret of Big Ben's enduring popularity across the world. Find out more about AP Archive: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ​​ Instagram: 🤍 You can license this story through AP Archive: 🤍

Big Ben for Kids


🤍 Learn all about Big Ben (the nickname for Elizabeth Tower) in this learning video for kids! Discover interesting facts about this incredible landmark in London! Impress your friends and family with how much YOU know about Big Ben! 00:00 Introduction 0:32 Why is it called Big Ben? 1:16 How big is it? 1:57 How old is Big Ben? 2:28 Extra facts about Big Ben 4:10 Review 💙 Homeschool Pop? Join our team and get tattoos here: 🤍 😎 You are SO cool! Thank you for learning with us! Music credit: "Deliberate Thought", "Digital Lemonade" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License 🤍 Thanks for watching this Homeschool Pop video on Big Ben for kids! Thanks again and we hope to see you next video!! Homeschool Pop Team

Big Ben: Inside London's Famous Clock (1950) | British Pathé


Take a look inside London's famous clock or rather bell if you want to be more accurate, Big Ben. For Archive Licensing Enquiries Visit: 🤍 Explore Our Online Channel For FULL Documentaries, Fascinating Interviews & Classic Movies: 🤍 #BritishPathé #History #BigBen #London #Landmark #HousesofParliament #Westminster Subscribe to the British Pathé YT Channel: 🤍 (FILM ID:1243.08) Title reads: "Big Ben". London. L/S showing Westminster Palace, Big Ben and River Thames. Low angle shot of Big Ben. Elevated shot bell tower. C/U of bell rope. C/U of hammer striking bell showing reverberation. Interior. C/U of clock face of Big Ben, a man walks past. C/U of signatures scrawled on face. General shots of man looking at clock mechanism. Panning C/U of inscription, giving name of designer and date of erection. Various C/Us of clock mechanism working. High angled shot of traffic and pedestrians on Parliament Square, looking down from clock tower. L/S, from clock tower, looking over River Thames. Panning L/S of Parliament Square. Note: see paperwork for newspaper and magazine articles about stories in NP 189. BRITISH PATHÉ'S STORY Before television, people came to movie theatres to watch the news. British Pathé was at the forefront of cinematic journalism, blending information with entertainment to popular effect. Over the course of a century, it documented everything from major armed conflicts and seismic political crises to the curious hobbies and eccentric lives of ordinary people. If it happened, British Pathé filmed it. Now considered to be the finest newsreel archive in the world, British Pathé is a treasure trove of 85,000 films unrivalled in their historical and cultural significance. British Pathé also represents the Reuters historical collection, which includes more than 136,000 items from the news agencies Gaumont Graphic (1910-1932), Empire News Bulletin (1926-1930), British Paramount (1931-1957), and Gaumont British (1934-1959), as well as Visnews content from 1957 to the end of 1984. All footage can be viewed on the British Pathé website. 🤍

Tour inside Big Ben clock tower in London


Most tourists walk away from London with at least one exterior shot of the famous clock tower. But during our April 2012 visit to England, Channel 13 did something few Americans ever get to do. Photographer Steve Rhodes went on a behind-the-scenes tour usually only given to British citizens to get a close look at the chimes. FULL STORY: 🤍 » Watch more WTHR 13News:Watch Live and On-Demand Videos on WTHR | Indianapolis, Indiana | wthr.com WTHR Channel 13 brings you thoughtful and storytelling from central Indiana. You can access our collection of compelling stories at WTHR.com and WTHR +. We deliver the best in breaking news, live video coverage, original journalism and segments from Indianapolis. Connect with WTHR 13News Online: Visit WTHR.Com: Indianapolis Local News: Weather, Traffic, Sports and more | Indianapolis, Indiana | wthr.com Find WTHR 13News on Facebook: WTHR-TV | Facebook Follow WTHR 13News on Twitter: (3) WTHR.com (🤍WTHRcom) / Twitter #WTHR #WTHR13News #Indiana

How Does Big Ben Keep Accurate Time?


UNEARTHED 🤍 When parliament commissioned this clock in 1854, they insisted Big Ben be the biggest, most powerful clock in the world. It takes an hour and a half to wind this massive engineering marvel! Watch full episodes of your favorite Science shows: 🤍 Subscribe to Science Channel: 🤍 Follow Science Twitter: 🤍 Or join us on Facebook: 🤍 Check out the all new seeeker.com: 🤍

The science behind London's Big Ben: Lonely Planet Kids


The accuracy and reliability of Big Ben's clock has made it a world famous London landmark. But just how does this 150-year-old clock manage to keep in time, all the time? Lonely Planet Pathfinder and scientist, Huw James takes a closer look at the technology behind the great clock for all the little explorers-in-training out there. Find out more about our Adventures Around the Globe title: 🤍 To find out more about Lonely Planet Kids: 🤍lonelyplanet.com/kids Learn more about LP Pathfinders: 🤍lonelyplanet.com/pathfinders To find out more about Huw James: 🤍

Big Ben: Climbing to the top


Climb the 334 stone spiral steps to the top of the Elizabeth Tower (Big Ben). UK residents can book a tour of Big Ben and make this climb themselves: 🤍 Find out more about Big Ben: 🤍

1980: PETER DUNCAN cleaning Big Ben is NERVE-WRACKING | Blue Peter | Classic BBC clips | BBC Archive


Peter Duncan visits Big Ben, where - in the spirit of his Blue Peter predecessor John Noakes - he joins a team of steeplejacks in a hair-raising mission to clean the famous monument's clock face. This is another terrifying watch, not one for the faint-hearted! Originally broadcast 25 September, 1980. Blue Peter is still going strong, with new editions of the show broadcast live on CBBC and BBC iPlayer every Friday at 5pm: 🤍 For details about how your child (or grandchild!) can earn a Blue Peter badge, visit the CBBC website: 🤍 You have now entered the BBC Archive, a time machine that will transport you back to the golden age of tv to educate, entertain and enlighten you with classic tv clips from the BBC vaults. Make sure you subscribe so that you never miss a single stop on our amazing journey through the BBC Archive - 🤍



(4 Jun 1959) There's a special reason for these pictures of the Houses of Parliament. This year of grace marks the hundredth birthday of the world's most famous clock. Everyone calls it "Big Ben" (though that's not really quite correct), and we all set our clocks and watches by it. Eleven o'clock was the historic hour chosen for the ceremony, the birthday celebration, which was attended by Parliamentarians and Government officials. Big Ben, to be correct, is the hour bell, and they used sixteen horses to bring it to Westminster, in 1859. It was Sir Benjamin Hall (First Commissioner of Works, at the time) after whom Big Ben (the bell) is named. Since the end of World War One, the striking of eleven o'clock by Big Ben has indeed acquired special significance. The hour of remembrance through three reigns. Then war again, and Big Ben itself went to war. It became the symbol of Britain's survival. All through the blitz, the old clock helped to keep London ticking, however hard the enemy struck. When the House of Commons itself was laid in ruins by enemy bombs, Parliament's clock escaped. Big Ben was still going strong! And to-day, high above the rebuilt House of Commons, Big Ben still tells the time with faithful accuracy. Few of us who listen to the chimes have seen the "works", so here they are. They only stopped once because of a mechanical defect ... in December 1944. ® Big Ben, a hundred years old, with a personality of its own. And a voice of its own, just a little bit cracked! Find out more about AP Archive: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ​​ Instagram: 🤍 You can license this story through AP Archive: 🤍

Big Ben - London, England - KeeKee's Fun Facts


Get to know Big Ben, the Elizabeth Tower in London, England with KeeKee, the globe-trotting calico kitty! 🇬🇧 Learn more about London and download fun free activities on KeeKee's Big Adventures... 🤍 • KeeKee Illustrator: Casey Uhelski 🤍 • Voice Talent: Heather L. Downey 🤍

London's Big Ben tower is leaning


Is London's famous Big Ben tower the next leaning tower of Pisa? CNN's Reynolds Wolf reports.

How I Unveiled Big Ben...(exposed)


Please click on the links below for my other social media channels for more fun videos. 👉 Like me on Facebook: 🤍 👉 Follow me on Tiktok: 🤍 👉 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 #shorts #VisualEffects #VFX #TiktokTrending #FunnyVideos #CGI #BigBen #ClockTower #ElizabethTower #LondonTower #Tutorial

King Charles and sons accompany coffin, UK's famous big ben bell tolled during procession | WION


Queen Elizabeth II is no more. The late Queen's coffin was carried on a gun carriage from Buckingham Palace to Westminster hall. She will lie in state at the hall for four days King Charles and his sons followed behind the coffin in silence as she was being carried to the Westminster hall. #UK #QueenElizabethII #death About Channel: WION The World is One News, examines global issues with in-depth analysis. We provide much more than the news of the day. Our aim to empower people to explore their world. With our Global headquarters in New Delhi, we bring you news on the hour, by the hour. We deliver information that is not biased. We are journalists who are neutral to the core and non-partisan when it comes to the politics of the world. People are tired of biased reportage and we stand for a globalised united world. So for us the World is truly One. Please keep discussions on this channel clean and respectful and refrain from using racist or sexist slurs as well as personal insults. Subscribe to our channel at 🤍 Check out our website: 🤍 Connect with us on our social media handles: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Follow us on Google News for latest updates Zee News:- 🤍 Zee Bussiness:- 🤍 DNA India:- 🤍 WION: 🤍 Zee News Apps : 🤍

Why Big Ben isn't actually Big Ben | Englisch-Video für den Unterricht


Big Ben ist eine der berühmtesten Sehenswürdigkeiten in London. Aber wusstest du schon, dass der Turm eigentlich gar nicht Big Ben heißt? Alle wichtigen Infos findest du in diesem Video. So bist du perfekt vorbereitet für dein Referat über Big Ben oder die nächste Englischstunde. Alle unsere Englisch-Videos findet ihr in dieser Playlist: 🤍 Ein passendes Arbeitsblatt zu diesem und vielen weiteren Videos gibt es in der Service-Welt von Westermann Englisch unter: 🤍

I found the FUNNIEST thing at Big Ben, London! #shorts


what the heck subscribe for more adventures! Follow my Instagram: 🤍 The 360 camera I use: 🤍 The Action Camera I use: 🤍

Visit Big Ben!


You've heard Big Ben a million times, but have you ever wondered what it's like up there in the belfry with the world's most famous bell? Here's your chance to visit Big Ben and see behind the scenes in the clock tower. Filmed at the Palace of Westminster, 2008.

Inside Big Ben as iconic clock prepares to reopen following massive restoration l GMA


The London landmark is free of scaffolding for the first time since 2017 after completing a $100 million renovation. SUBSCRIBE to GMA's YouTube page: 🤍 SIGN UP to get the daily GMA Wake-Up Newsletter: 🤍 VISIT GMA's homepage: 🤍 FOLLOW GMA: TikTok: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #GMA #BigBen #London #PlatinumJubilee

1986: BIG BEN is missing a BONG! | London Plus | Classic BBC clips | BBC Archive


When passers by heard a dull thunk rather than a rousing bong emanating from the famous old clock tower at the Palace of Westminster, the emergency clock repair team leapt into action. They faced a race against time to restore the f natural note to Big Ben's illustrious four-bell chime. This report features exquisite punnery from London Plus anchor Caroline Righton and reporter Mark Easton. Originally broadcast 5 December 1986. You have now entered the BBC Archive, a time machine that will transport you back to the golden age of tv to educate, entertain and enlighten you with classic tv clips from the BBC vaults. Make sure you subscribe so that you never miss a single stop on our amazing journey through the BBC Archive - 🤍

Big Ben ไม่ใช่หอนาฬิกา! | Point of View


คลิปที่เกี่ยวข้อง ความเปลี่ยนแปลงราชวงศ์อังกฤษ 🤍 ยศขุนนางอังกฤษ 🤍 เที่ยวรอบเกาะอังกฤษ 🤍 Greenwich เมืองแห่งเวลาและกะลาสีเรือ 🤍 GMT คืออะไร 🤍 อ้างอิง Alexandersen, C. (2017, February 1). A Short History of Big Ben, the World’s Most Famous Clock Tower. Worn & Wound. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 Big Ben. (n.d.). Google Arts & Culture. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 Big Ben clock stops at 12:11 pm for 54 minutes. (2022, May 6). HISTORY. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 Big Ben rings out over London for the first time. (2020, May 28). HISTORY. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 Coffey, S. (2018, February 7). When was Big Ben built? The history of London’s biggest icon. Britain Magazine | the Official Magazine of Visit Britain | Best of British History, Royal Family,Travel and Culture. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 Facts and figures: Big Ben and Elizabeth Tower. (n.d.). UK Parliament. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 Klein, C. (2018, August 22). How did Big Ben get its name? HISTORY. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 London’s Big Ben. (n.d.). Visit London. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 UK Parliament. (2009, February 4). Big Ben: Making sure the Great Clock strikes on time [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 UK Parliament. (2017, May 31). Big Ben: Keeping time with old pennies [Video]. YouTube. Retrieved January 23, 2023, from 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ติดต่องาน : contact🤍pointofview.site (งานเท่านั้น) ทางไปซื้อสติกเกอร์ line 🤍 และ 🤍 ติดตามคลิปอื่นๆ 🤍 ติดตามผลงานอื่นๆได้ที่ 🤍 tiktok 🤍pointoofview หรือ IG Point_of_view_th #PointofView



BIG BEN: SAVING THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS CLOCK documents the massive restoration of London’s iconic clock tower in progress since 2017. Every step of the repair revealed new discoveries and new challenges, perhaps none more formidable than proceeding under Covid protocols. Airs December 27 at 9 p.m. on PBS 6.

Big Ben audio tour


An audio tour of the famous Clock Tower - more popularly known as Big Ben - with John Steel, Clock Tower guide. Video transcript: 🤍 Visit 🤍 for more information about Clock Tower.

London's Big Ben Chimes For Last Time


After more than 150 years as Britain's most famous timekeeper, London's Big Ben bell fell silent Monday for four years of repair work that will keep it quiet on all but a few special occasions. (Aug. 21) Subscribe for more Breaking News: 🤍 Get updates and more Breaking News here: 🤍 The Associated Press is the essential global news network, delivering fast, unbiased news from every corner of the world to all media platforms and formats. AP’s commitment to independent, comprehensive journalism has deep roots. Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from wars and elections to championship games and royal weddings. AP is the largest and most trusted source of independent news and information. Today, AP employs the latest technology to collect and distribute content - we have daily uploads covering the latest and breaking news in the world of politics, sport and entertainment. Join us in a conversation about world events, the newsgathering process or whatever aspect of the news universe you find interesting or important. Subscribe: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Big Ben - The Pancake!


🤍 We asked pancake artist, SaiPancakes to do his best at creating the famous Big Ben in the form of a pancake. And here it is! We must say, it looks good enough to eat....luckily for us it is edible! For loads of great ideas of things to do during pancake day in London, click here - 🤍 Subscribe to our channel here 👉 🤍 Visit London is your ultimate guide to London. From the best activities in the city to top restaurants, bars, and hotels, explore what's on in London today. 🇬🇧 #VisitLondon Follow us! Website: 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Tik Tok - 🤍

The Game That Made Ben Roethlisberger Famous


Discord Server: 🤍 Archive Channel: 🤍 Outro Song: Beat - Highlight Heaven: 🤍 (originally made by 🤍itstrippyty on Twitter) NEW Business Email: highlightheavenbusiness🤍gmail.com Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 (All rights go to ESPN, Fox, CBS, NBC, Universal Music Group, the NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB, NHL, XFL & its broadcasters. I do not own the music and the footage used in this video. No copyright infringement intended. For entertainment purposes.)

Big Ben: Behind the clock faces


Did you know there is a walkway behind the clock faces of Big Ben? About the clock dials Number of clock dials: 4 Clock dials diameter: 7m Length of hour figures: 60cm Clock dial frames: cast iron Glass in each clock dial: 312 pieces of pot opal glass Illumination of each dial: 28 energy efficient bulbs at 85 watt each Lifetime of each energy efficient bulb: 60,000 hours Find out more about Big Ben: 🤍

What’s behind the clockface of London’s Big Ben?


Big Ben's dials will emerge from a shroud of scaffolding after three-and-a-half years, in time to ring in the New Year. #BigBen #ClockTower #London #England #News #Reuters Subscribe: 🤍 Reuters brings you the latest business, finance and breaking news video from around the globe. Our reputation for accuracy and impartiality is unparalleled. Get the latest news on: 🤍 Follow Reuters on Facebook: 🤍 Follow Reuters on Twitter: 🤍 Follow Reuters on Instagram: 🤍

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