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Hello, everyone. Welcome to my aviation channel, where you'll find reconstructions of non-standard and emergency situations in flight. ABOUT AUTHOR: I started to love aviation when I was a child. And during all my life I wanted to connect my life with aviation. Now I’m an active air traffic controller and I want to share my knowledge and experience to people. ABOUT CHANNEL: Here I make reconstructions of non-standard, emergency and interesting situations in flight. I hope my videos will help people (pilots, air traffic controllers, aviators) to understand how aviation works, I hope they will take from my videos a lot of useful information and knowledge. This knowledge, I think, will influence to the safety of aviation in positive way. English language – is civil aviation language around the world, so my videos are also useful for people from aviation sphere from countries, where English is not native, as a material for study. Hope you enjoy my videos. Thank you.

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