Welcome to the Purr-Purr Channel! 🙌 Meet the cutest kittens: Leo and Lucy! 😻 They live in a nice place with Mommy and Daddy. 🤗 They are so smart, curious and active! 😊 Leo and Lucy tell funny and exciting stories for kids. 🤓 They inspire kids to experience true friendship, discover family values and good habits, and learn so many interesting things in a fun way. 😸 Through Purr-Purr cartoons, all kids can learn about colors, shapes, safety tips, good manners, funny adventures, and more in fascinating way! 🤩 😸💖😸 Subscribe to Purr-Purr kids channel and enjoy 😸💖😸 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0_1eG1YZQnuXc80zELWm_A?sub_confirmation=1

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