Plane spotting, 4K aviation videos. Hi Everyone! Welcome to my channel! I'm a 24 years old aviation enthousiast living in Germany but originally from The Netherlands. I love sharing my passion with others! On this channel, you'll be able to find hundreds of plane spotting videos from the following airports: Amsterdam Brussels Düsseldorf Zürich Birmingham Frankfurt Istanbul Madrid Split Munich Groningen Maastricht Hamburg Dublin Paris Twente Geneva Ostend-Bruges Bremen Also some tripreports are on my channel, since I like to travel and capturing my trip. Most videos are filmed with the Panasonic HC-VXF980, Sony FDR-AX53, and my older videos are filmed with the Canon HF200. I don't use a tripod that often, but when I use one, it's the Velbon DV7000. Thank you for visiting my channel, I hope you'll enjoy my work. For questions, feel free to write me: :) Greetings, Mylos.

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