Michel Janse


I am so thankful to have you join this big online friend group + give you a peek into my life. A bit about me - I am a mid-20's gal who recently moved back home to TX after a divorce. I spent the last 6 years in Los Angeles pursuing acting, but I am thankful to be close to family again as I navigate the world as a newly-single, divorced, Christian gal (and all the challenges that come with such a big life shift!) I have enjoyed slowing down, pushing my comfort zone, and discovering who I am and who I want to become. OKAY FUN THINGS - I like to thrift (cue my series, Sip + Thrift), tap dance, open unboxings, cook gluten-free (oh, I am also Celiac!) give my thoughts via reviews, do the occasional clothing haul, dabble in interior design, talk about my thoughts on Christianity, taste coffee/matcha, play board games with my family + take nature walks with my rescue pup. We do a lot over here. :-) EMAIL INQUIRIES: MichelJ@Select.co Instagram: www.instagram.com/michel.c.janse

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addressing my ex-husband’s past

addressing my ex-husband’s past

Michel Janse
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