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Dear Beautiful Soul, We are here to make your mindfulness and healing journey more musical. At the core of Meditative Mind is the music. We record, compose, produce everything in house, with every one putting their hearts & souls and lots of positive vibes in creating these soundscapes, mantra chants, chakra healing music with more than 1400+ collection of exclusive tracks. We can't be grateful enough for all the love and support you all have given us all these years. That's why every Friday, we give away our newest and exclusive track for Free. Please feel free to download it from the links below. We truly hope our work will help you in a positive way. Blessings and Peace all the way. All Music & Selected Art © 2009 - 2022 Meditative Mind® | All Rights Reserved Unauthorised Copying, distribution, synchronisation, sampling is strictly prohibited. Meditative Mind® and Meditative Mind Lotus Logo are registered trademarks of Meditative Mind, Australia

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Heal ALL 7 CHAKRAS in 109 Mins Flat (Full Series in One Video)

Heal ALL 7 CHAKRAS in 109 Mins Flat (Full Series in One Video)

Meditative Mind
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Have you tried this Powerful ANCIENT Mantra yet?

Have you tried this Powerful ANCIENT Mantra yet?

Meditative Mind
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