LettUs Grow


LettUs Grow is a startup that brings food growing into the home. We reduce food waste and grow you the freshest salad possible. Simple, fun, and sustainable. Why? Over 45% of salad bought in the UK is wasted, mostly in the home. That is worth at least £690 million and creates 272,000 tonnes of waste every year. We exist to reduce that 45% This is done by designing products, using our own blend of LED and soilless growing technologies, that bring salad growing into the home. Instead of buying dead salad leaves at a shop and wasting half, we let you pick on demand. Saving time and reducing waste. With LettUs Grow you can take control of your food, eat fresh, healthy, salad every night, and introduce a whole new generation to growing food.

Sustainability "Urban Farming" "Start Up"

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Aeroponic Rolling Benches from LettUs Grow

Aeroponic Rolling Benches from LettUs Grow

LettUs Grow
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What makes LettUs Grow's aeroponics unique?

What makes LettUs Grow's aeroponics unique?

LettUs Grow
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