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This channel was inspired by Gawr Gura when she said "Hope someone will make video Compilation during Hololive EN Mario Kart Tournament", Mori Calliope songs, Ninomae Ina Art, Takanashi Kiara talks, Watson Amelia helpin' hand, Yabai IRyS, Ouro Kronii meme Queen, Nanashi Mumei I forgor, Ceres Fauna Voice, Hakos Baelz Chaos, Tsukumo Sana Joyful. Holoschedule Site For the background BGM mostly use @hololive English Visit: Please read the "License" and "Agreement at the website. Hololive Official website for more Information: "Please read Derivative work guidelines" I'm Yagoo shadow (kage) โ€“ ๅฝฑ (ใ‹ใ’) (แ—’แ—ฃแ—•)ีž Making Hololive remix and video clips, Hololive is Pain Reliever in my life (Organic Medicine). Mostly Focus at Hololive English Just please support the main channel of Hololive members at the description of each videos. That's enough for me Thank you.

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