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Are you a college student or in your early 20s? Do you want to find out how to earn money? Are you clueless about how to manage your money and start investing? Worry no more! On this channel, I talk about topics such as how to make money, skills to learn, investing, stock market, public speaking, startups, career and a lot more. My name is Ayushman Pandita. I am a 23-year-old Software Engineer by the day, and a Finance Youtuber by the night. I try to read as many books on personal development and investing as possible. Every day I learn something new that helps me in managing my finances while building my wealth in the longer run. And through this channel, I want to share all those amazing tips and tricks that I learn with you guys. Stay tuned for some amazing content!

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How To Make Money Online Using Notion #shorts #youtubeshorts

How To Make Money Online Using Notion #shorts #youtubeshorts

Ayushman Pandita
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