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On The Verge Of Extinction OLDEST Locomotive WAM4 : Indian Railways


The WAM4 is presently the most endangered Electric Locomotive that is quickly fading off from the Indian Railway tracks as the Numbers are declining day by day due to its age. WAM - 4 is an extremely successful class of 25 kV AC Traction electric locomotive with a Power output of 3,850 hp used for hauling Passenger and Freight Trains in India. The axle arrangement is a Co′Co′ and runs at a Maximum speed of 110 - 120 KPH. The first member of the class was indigenously designed and built by Chittaranjan Locomotive Works (CLW) in 1970-71. The class was produced until about 1983. The first WAM4 built was Starting with Road Number 20400 and the last one was 21399 “Anant” which rolled out of CLW on August 3, 1983.( The last WAM4 can be seen in this video at 10:00 ) The locomotives in the class feature rheostatic braking, and MU capability. They use the same power bogies as the successful WDM-2 class of diesel-electric locomotives. Being designed specially for mixed traffic, the WAM-4 class has rendered excellent service for almost 4 decades and still hauling many Express trains. Now, most of these are used exclusively for passenger traffic. This class proved so successful by virtue of its ruggedness suitable for Indian conditions and simplicity of maintenance, that IR used this basic design for a number of other locos later (WCAM-1, WAG-5A, WCG-2, and some WAP models). A single WAM-4 can generally haul up to a 24-coach passenger rake effortlessly. The video is a massive compilation of WAM4 Locomotives from various Electric Loco Sheds across the Country hauling Passenger Trains. The speciality of WAM4's are like the ALCo's each Shed has its own Color Scheme unlike other Electric Locomotives whih follow a Standardised Livery across all Sheds. Presently 12 Electric Sheds are holding these Legendary Locomotives Arakkonam (AJJ) - Southern Railways Asansol (ASN) - Eastern Railways Bhilai (BIA) - South East Central Railways Bhusaval (BSL) - Central Railways. Itarsi (ET) - West Central Railways. Mughalsarai (MGS) - East Central Railways. Tatanagar (TATA) - South Eastern Railways. Tughlakabad (TKD) - West Central Railways. Vadodara (BRC) - Western Railways. Vijayawada (BZA) - South Central Railways. Visakhapatnam (VSKP) - East Coast Railways. Howrah (HWH) - Eastern Railways WATCH Train Videos in ULTRA HD 4K 🤍 Like us on Facebook 🤍 © The Rail Zone 2016

Indian Railways Triple Electric Locomotives : Extreme acceleration twin BSL WAG5A + AJJ WAM4


Massive offlink + Rescue operation by BSL WAG5A twins. The WAM4 of AJJ hauling sheshadri Express seems to be dead. Enjoy the superb acceleration show of WAG5A twins as it departs from Malur running almost 2 hours late !!!!

WAM4 - The Legendary Loco of Indian Railways


First of all thanks to all my subscribers for continuous support and appreciation, this is a special video on the occasion of achieving a milestone of 25,000 subscribers. WAM-4 is one of the oldest and most successful class of electric locomotives manufactured in India over the past 35 years and the time has arrived when we have to bid them goodbye as their codal life is finished. The sad truth is, as of today hardly 60-70 WAM-4 fleet of electric locomotives are left for mainline duties across Indian Railways and rest all are condemned in their respective loco sheds due to aging. Enjoy the beautiful liveried Wammies :) Another older video of WAM4's in action can be seen here: 🤍 Like, comment, share and do subscribe for more.

WAM4 - The Legend : Indian Railways Celebration Video


Today my channel touches the big mark of 100k views :D so on the occassion of this, i present to you all a small compilation dedicated to the oldest running locomotive class of indian railways, the legendary WAM4 :) Camera : SONY DSC W730/ Nokia Lumia 730 The Rail Mania FB Page : 🤍



WAM4;s are no longer in service now How many Electric Locomotives does Indian Railways have ? 🤍 _ Brief info about WAM4 Locomotive Production of these locomotives started in 1970 with #20400 and exactly 500 WAM-4s were built in 13 years with #21399 “Anant” being the last one. Production ended on August 3, 1983. W - Broad (Wide) Gauge A - AC traction M - Mixed Traffic Horse Power - 3850 (3640 cont.) Max speed = 100 - 110 Km per hr WAM4's had one of the best liveries among Electric locomotives in Indian Railways. _ Trains in the video 1. 7210 Kakinada - Bangalore Seshadri Express 2. 2028 Bangalore - Chennai Shatabdi Express 3. 102 Bangalore - Arakkonam Passenger 4. 102 Bangalore - Arakkonam Passenger 5. 2028 Bangalore - Chennai Shatabdi Express 6. 2540 Lucknow - Yesvantpur Express 7. 17313 Chennai - Hubli Express 8. 12028 Bangalore - Chennai Shatabdi Express 9. Container freight 10. 12028 Bangalore - Chennai Shatabdi Express 11. 17210 Kakinada - Bangalore Seshadri Express 12. 22683 Howrah Yesvantpur AC Express 13. 12540 Lucknow - Yesvantpur Express 14. 56504 Vijaywada - Bangalore Cantt Passenger 15. 12539 Yesvantpur - Lucknow Express 16. 56504 Vijaywada - Bangalore Cantt Passenger Camera used for videos - 1. Canon SX70 IS - 🤍 2. Hero 5 ( 🤍 ) 3. Insta 360 one x - 🤍 My Equipment's for capturing / editing - 🤍 - Instagram - 🤍 Blog - 🤍 - #natarajancphotography #ncsrailmoments #NCS #wearerailfans #wam4

Tribute to WAM 4 : The Oldest Working Locos of Indian Railways : 50000 SUBSCRIBERS SPECIAL


A short video compilation consisting of WAM 4 class locos , obe of the most succesful class locomotive IR ever had so . I have mentioned the dates of every video , becuase most of the locos shown in this video are scrapped by now . The Sheds which hold WAM 4 locos are VSKP , AJJ , MGS , ASN , TATA , BSL , BIA , CNB , TKD & BRC . BZA ELS also had WAM 4 , but not anymore . 5000 SUBSCRIBERS Special | ALL 10 WAP 7 SHEDS Compilation 🤍 10000 SUBSCRIBERS Special | [12 in 1] Crazy OFFLINKS in ER & SER 🤍 15000 SUBSCRIBERS Special | ALL 16 WAP 4 SHEDS COMPILATION 🤍

कहानी WAM-4 इलेक्ट्रिक रेल locomotive की जिसे Old Monk कहा जाता था भारतीय railway का


कहानी ऐसे engines की जो बूढ़े होते जाने के बावजूद भी हार मानने को तय्यार नहीं थे ||15 august special 🤍 santosh kumar n yt channel link : 🤍 भारतीय रेलवे के सबसे तेज steam engine vs पहला mainline diesel engine ॥ जान लीजिए कितना था फ़र्क़ 🤍 कहानी तब की जब भाप लोकोमोटिव की जगह लेने लगे थे डीज़ल इंजन, जानिए पूरी कहानी II 🤍 Old video of karnataka express captured by shri mani vijay sir is in the link : 🤍 तमिलनाडू एक्स्प्रेस के साथ 1981 में हुए हादसे की कहानी Iराजधानी एक्स्प्रेस के टक्कर की थी ये ट्रेन 🤍 भारतीय रेलवे के सबसे तेज steam engine vs पहला mainline diesel engine ॥ जान लीजिए कितना था फ़र्क़ 🤍 I do most of my voice recording with this mic: 🤍 when i am out of my house I use this mic for voice recording: 🤍 I use this camera to capture the shots while on the journey: 🤍 mouse for laptop : 🤍 Use this headphone for good voice quality : 🤍 Basic laptop for using basic video editing, as i started in the beginning : 🤍 basic laptop for video editing : 🤍 lenovo laptop for better editing experience : 🤍 🤍 🤍 toys for kids : 🤍 follow me on instagram : 🤍

India's Old Workhorse WAM4 in Lush Green Khandala!! 11025 Bhusawal Pune Express


Captured and Uploaded on same day 😛!. Seen here is 11025 Bhusawal Pune Express with Bhusawal sheds WAM4 #21395. Locomotives at ending of train are banker Locomotives (WAG-7). Location is Khandala! Hope you enjoyed this. I have 11029 Koyna Express too from Khandala but with Different and Intresting location. So stay tuned for it. Do Subscribe 😉. Thanks for watching. My Facebook Page:- 🤍 My Instagram Account:- 🤍 My Twitter Account:- 🤍

Magical Twin-Tone Horn of the WAM4: Gitanjali departs from Bhusaval (July 1992)


A major highlight of my railfanning session at Bhusaval. The Gitanjali had arrived at Bhusaval and I was only too eager to capture its departure. But I wasn't quite prepared for that amazing twin-tone horn that was sounded for 10 seconds. Sometimes, life gives you unexpected gifts :-)

Two SCRAPPED WAM4 At Varanasi Junction For Making Of WAGC3 Locomotive


Do like share subscribe the channel #THERAILZONEWR#WAGC3 Location(Varanasi Junction),NR,INDIA.

CLASSIC Electric Locomotive WAM4 accelerates : Indian Railways


The WAM - 4 is a 25 KV Electric AC Locomotive used in Indian Railways with a Power output of 3,850 hp. The Locomotive was designed and built by CLW in 1970-71 and was produced until about 1997. The axle arrangement is a Co′Co′ and runs at a Maximum speed of 110 - 120 KPH. The Locomotive was designed specially for mixed traffic, and is used for hauling both freights and Passenger Trains. A Single WAM-4 is capable of hauling a 24 Carriage Train at a speed of 110 KPH.The Locomotive has proved to be very successful for the Indian Railway Terrain and is still efficiently used for hauling Express trains. TATA WAM4 21293 in a very Classic color scheme cautiously moves out of Whitefield Railway station hauling the Premium Express with a TSR ( Temporary Speed restriction) in place and gradually picks up acceleration. At least 50 odd Track men can be seen working scattered across the station carrying out the Track work. The Track / line / Gang men are the most hard working staff of the Indian Railways. Whether it is a cyclone, heavy wind, dense fog or scorching sun they have to show up at work and safe guard the rails. Their lives are always endangered by the approaching Trains and they need to stay extremely alert in the midst of their stressful work. I pity them. Train : 02509 Bangalore Cantonment - Kamakhya (Guwahati) Premium Express. Northeast Frontier Railways. Locomotive : TATA NAGAR Electric Loco Shed WAM4 21293. South Eastern Railways. Location : Whitefield, Karanataka. South Western Railways. Like us on Facebook 🤍 © The Rail Zone 2015

Indian Railways high speed Diesel vs Electric parallel action : AJJ WAM4 6P vs VSKP WDG 3A


Enjoy the high speed ECoR action. The legends AJJ WAM4 6P hauling YPR BBS premium and VSKP WDG3A hauling VSKP RGDA Pass have a high speed parallel run where the AJJ WAM4 6P chases down the VSKP WDG 3A at flat 110kmph and overtakes it !!!

A Tribute to WAM4: Grand Old Man of Indian Railways


The WAM4 is the longest standing electric locomotive plying on Indian Railways, currently in its fourth decade of active service. These highly successful and versatile locomotives, capable of hauling both passengers and freights were widely built by the Chittaranjan Locomotive Works till 1997. Rated at 3,850 horsepower, these locomotives generally are able to hit 110 kmph with 24 coach rakes. From an aesthetic point of view, WAM4s, along with diesels, have the widest varieties of liveries amongst locomotives plying on the Indian Railways, with each shed having its trademark livery. From the light red of Itarsi, to the white and cream of Tata, and the blue and cream of Bhusaval, these locomotives make for a delightful and refreshing sight on the Indian Railways. This compilation is a humble tribute to these beauties. Included here are WAM4s belonging to the Itarsi, Bhusaval, Visakhapatnam, Tatanagar, Arakkonam, Mughal Sarai, Vijayawada, Howrah, Asansol and Bhilai sheds, spotted from train journeys in Eastern, South Eastern, East Central, West Central, Southern, and South Central Railways. Some superstars are the high speed crossings of the Bhubaneshwar Jan Shatabdi (Visakhapatnam WAM4), Kalinga Utkal Express (Tata WAM4), Asansol Sealdah Intercity Express (Howrah WAM4) and the Chennai Bangalore Shatabdi Express (Arakkonam WAM4).

110Kmph Storm WAM-4 at its deadly best with LHB-hybrid rake!!


Date: Tuesday, 17th May 2011. Time: 3:46 PM. Location: Misrod curve, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ-35. Absolutely stunning looking old horse from Bhusawal i.e. WAM-4/6P # 21234 curves in after creating a dust storm and blasts towards Itarsi at flat 110Kmph with the 20 coach load of Mumbai bound 12541 Gorakhpur-Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Superfast in tow, just look at how gracefully Wammie is hauling these shining LHB-hybrid coaches! Its an old video, nowadays this train gets AJNI WAP-7 as regular link between Jhansi and Igatpuri. 12541/12542 GKP-LTT SF Playlist 🤍



A look back at videos of Vijayawada passenger which has been permanently canceled by South western railways Camera used for videos - 1. Canon SX70 IS - 🤍 2. Hero 5 ( 🤍 ) 3. Insta 360 one x - 🤍 4. CANON ixus 120 is My Equipment's for capturing / editing - 🤍 - Instagram - 🤍 Blog - 🤍 - #natarajancphotography #ncsrailmoments #NCS #wearerailfans Interested in Share market ? Open you demat account through this link - 🤍

Indian Railways Comparison : ICF vs LHB Coach Couplings WAM4 Class Locomotive


This is a video comparing the coupling of locomotives with ICF and CBC rakes. 1. WAM4 gets attached to ICF rake of 12027 MAS-SBC Shatabdi 2. WAM4 gets attached to LHB (CBC) rake of 12008 MYS-MAS Shatabdi



Please stay behind the red lines when a fast train passes. Safety first always. Old Workhorse, MACHO looking ASN WAM4 #21385 rushes towards Naihaiti with 53177 Sealdah - Lalgola Fast Passenger.

A successful story of WAM 4| History of WAM 4 loco| Indian Railways


A successful story of WAM 4 locomotive and history of WAM 4loco in Indian railways WAM 4 class history begins in early 1970's This loco is introduced to remove all steam loco from Indian railways, WAM 4 is introduced to haul both passenger and frieght trains but most of WAM 4 is ended up with hauling passenger trains MU operation is made possible upto 4 units MU means multiple units Totally 500 WAM 4 were produced by CLW shed Under the design of RDSO One of the successful locomotive of Indian Railways these locomotive were served over 50 years And This class is provided a basic design for other locomotive like WAP 1 Production of WAM 4 loco is ended in August 3 1983 Maximum speed of WAM 4 loco:- 110KMPH Gear ratio 15:62 WAM 4 is rapidly withdrawn from Mainline duties and some of WAM 4 are scrapped. WAM 4 GARUDA IS STANDS AT HEADQUARTERS OF SOUTH WESTERN RAILWAY (HUBLI) FOR MEMORY WAM 4 had a separate Fan base , Railfans could not forget this legendary locomotive Thanks for Watching ! Stay tuned for next update!! Share with WAM 4 lovers If like the video and channel Please click the subscribe icon and bell icon too ,to get every video update in your notification Valuable comments are welcomed LOCOMOTIVE:-WAM 4 From: Megavannan A successful story of White devil (WAP-7) :- 🤍 videos from mani vijay lp surya sr fan kishore railworld arunkumar



Camera used in the video Canon SX30 IS ( SX60 HS) - 🤍 64gb micro SD card - 🤍 My Equipment's for capturing / editing - 🤍 - Instagram - 🤍 Blog - 🤍 professional work - 🤍 - #indianrailways #trains #railfan

Indian Train Simulator Unlocking WAM-4 Engine and Mahamana Express with New Skin in Latest Version


Indian Train Simulator Unlocking WAM-4 Engine and Mahamana Express with New Skin in Latest Version in this video I'm Unlocking WAM-4 Engine with Mahamana Express Coach with New skin and horn in Latest Version. Welcome to Everyone! 😍 Enjoy this my first time Unlocking video of WAM-4 Engine with Mahamana Express Coach. Hope you will Like this video. 😍 Indian Train Simulator Full Unlock Version 2021.0.9- 🤍 How to Get Unlimited Blueprints and Cash - 🤍 Premium Pack Disabled Problem Solve - 🤍 How to Play Coupling and De-Coupling in Indian Train Simulator- 🤍 #indiantrainsimulator #indiantrainsimulatorunlocking #indiantrainsimulatornewupdate #indiantrainsimulatorunlockwam4engine #indiantrainsimulatorunlockmahamanaexpress #indiantrainsimulatornewskin #indiantrainsimulatorunlocknewhorn #indiantrainsimulatorunlocknewskin #indiantrainsimulatormodapk #indiantrainsimulatorwam4newskin #indiantrainsimulatornewhorn #wam4 #mahamanaexpress #indianrailways #trainsim #trainsimulator #traingame #indiantrainsimulatorlatestmodapk #newupdateindiantrainsimulator #indiantrainsimulatorunlockingwam4engine Important: Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching. scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

100th Upload | Arakkonam WAM4 Coupling With ICF Bangalore Shatabdi at Chennai Central


Date :- 9th JANUARY 2011 Location :- CHENNAI CENTRAL (MAS) Locomotive :- ARAKKONAM WAM4/6PE 21265 Description :- AJJ WAM4/6PE 21265 gets attached to 12027 MAS-SBC Shatabdi with ICF RAKES. This train started operating with LINKE HOFFMAN BUSCH (LHB) coaches from 27 JULY 2011. This video is dedicated to my friend MOHNISH KUMARAN who helped me with the details of this train. Schedule :- 12027 departs MAS at 17:30. Its first stop is at KPD at 19:03. Its next scheduled stop is at BNC at 22:09 though it does stop at KJM also at 21:50. It arrives at SBC at 22:30 My YT Experience :- I uploaded my first video 362 days after i joined YouTube. I uploaded this, my 100th, 11 months later.

Rare Capture of Panto Lowering and Raising on a Moving WAM4 (Jan 2000)


A short video on something that I have seen only once - pantograph lowering and raising on a WAM4 in motion! Our train - Patna-LTT superfast - had departed from Niphad, after an unscheduled halt, and I was focused on the WAM4 in charge. Suddenly, the rear pantograph was lowered with the loco travelling in its own momentum. The pantograph was raised again after which the train came to almost a dead halt in order to let off someone from the cab. Was some kind of testing going on? Note: This is not in a neutral section, since that has a more complex OHE arrangement. Moreover, LPs don't lower the panto while passing through a neutral section. Rather, they simply turn off power to the traction motors.

Offlink Day - TATA WAM4 Comes In To Serve Aranyak From Shalimar


TATA-Tatanagar WAM4 locomotive (no. 21397) comes and takes out Aranyak Express for it's day's journey to Bhojudih from Shalimar Railway station. TATA WAM4 is not a usual link to this train so it is naturally an offlink, but then also Tatanagar falls under SER (ie. Same zone), so it might not qualify as offlink to some. Still, it was cool to find this loco at SRC - SHM section. All Rights Reserved | © Soumo Bhattacharya, India | Soumo's Railways If you like this video, do subscribe 'Soumo's Railways'. Connect With Us: Our #Railfanning Blog: 🤍 Follow Hashtag: #soumosrailways Instagram: 🤍soumos.railways [🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ‘Soumo’s Railways’ is the sister channel of ‘Soumo’s Travelbox’.. Do visit ‘Soumo’s Travelbox’ on YouTube: 🤍 Refer ‘About’ Section of our YouTube channel for more social media connects. Email: 'Contact/ Message' section of "Soumo's Railways" YouTube Channel. Note: All videos published at 'Soumo's Railways' are original works by Soumo Bhattacharya. Unauthorized use of the published videos are prohibited. Use of others’ media, if applicable, will be mentioned separately. Thank you for your time, we hope you enjoyed being here. For more details please visit the 'about' section of 'Soumo's Railways' YouTube Channel, or do get in touch.



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Storming WAM-4 Ganga-Kaveri SF blows away Ghoradongri!!


Date: Tuesday, 11/12/12. Time: 3:55 PM. Location: Ghoradongri Station, Madhya Pradesh. Camera: Canon PowerShot SX160 IS. God save me, Ghoradongri has become a litter dump-yard this time, earlier it was hard to find a single polythene and now it seems that all the garbage of nearby areas is dumped on the tracks, might be all workers have gone on their leave! :o Anyway this SR rake looks much better maintained than that of mighty Tamilnadu Express, no hard feelings to mighty TN but the reality is that its rake maintenance has gone for a toss in the recent times! :( Hats-off to this Grand Old monster, ET WAM-4 #20629 effortlessly blasts past GDYA at 105Kmph with the 23 coach rake of 12669 MAS-CPR Ganga-Kaveri Superfast Express in tow, 15mins later its counterpart 12670 CPR-MAS Ganga-Kaveri Express also blasted at 110Kmph with yet another ET WAM-4 #21355 in charge. Grand Salute to these old Wammies which are serving Indian Railways efficiently even after 30+ years of their life _/\_

Happy Birthday PINAKINI Express | Stunning Looking BZA's WAM4 Livery BZA WAP-4 | Indian Railways


Celebrating 30 Glorious Years of PINAKINI SuperFast Express. Beautiful "Vijayawada WAM-4" Livery Vijayawada [BZA] WAP-4 #22657 with Pinakini SuperFast. A Special Thanks to Electric Loco Shed [ELS] / Vijayawada for Painting the Livery in mean time for the Birthday Run!! And Special Thanks to Vijayawada Division SCR & SCR Higher officials. If you enjoy it, "SUBSCRIBE" and "LIKE". Thanks a lot for watching! © GopiRailworld 2022 #PinakiniExpress #VijayawadaJunction #WAP4 #22657 #Trains "Departure from Vijayawada Junction". Train Number 12711 Vijayawada - MGR Chennai Central PINAKINI SuperFast Express with BZA's WAM-4 Livery Vijayawada [BZA] WAP-4 #22657. This is a Daily SuperFast Intercity Express, the train connecting Vijayawada Junction to MGR Chennai Central. Travel Time : 6hrs 50m, Distance : 431km And Avg Speed : 63km/hr. - *Thanks to ALL SCR RailFans "Happy Birthday 17211 PINAKINI SuperFast Express". -

WAM4 being attached at Itarsi - Patna-LTT Superfast (Jan. 2000)


We made a technical halt at Itarsi for change of locos. WAM4 #20542 came in and attached itself to our train. This was followed by the customary exchange of pantos.

WAM4 Loco Ride from Manmad to Bhusaval - July 1992


This was a major highlight of my Mahanagri Express journey from Bombay to Varanasi. At Manmad, I was delighted to hop into the WAM4 loco (#21326) that had taken charge from Igatpuri. From the next three hours, I was able to savor an eventful ride till Bhusaval, including the following: - Explanation of loco controls - Crossing of various WAM4-hauled trains - Overtake of the Kushinagar Express - Skips of Chalisgaon and Pachora - Halts at Nandgaon and Jalgaon (unscheduled) - Crossing with the diesel-hauled Goa Express - Multiple encounters with the WAG2 loco - Arrival at Bhusaval

Powerful WAM4 Honk & Game with Trains : Indian Railways


Just tried something new in the second part of the video. Hope you all like it.. :) Give me your comments and suggestions below.. Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Natarajan.C - 🤍 Blog - 🤍 Camera : Moto G3

Classic WAM4 Run from Itarsi till Bhusaval - Patna-LTT Superfast Exp (Jan. 2000)


After the WDM2 show, I was looking forward to an exciting run behind WAM4 #20542 that took over at Itarsi. Fortunately, it had a melodious horn which was used liberally throughout the journey. Be sure to enjoy the following: - Departures of Kashi and Lucknow-Chennai Expresses from Itarsi - Fast run through the Itarsi yard at sunrise - Skips of Banapura, Harda and Raver - Passage through a now defunct section, just before Bir, due to realignment - Unscheduled halt at Khandwa (where we met the Kushinagar Exp.) - Crossing the Tapti river just before Bhusaval - WAM4 parade at Bhusaval The journey from Mughalsarai till Itarsi is here - 🤍 The journey from Bhusaval till Igatpuri is here - 🤍

WAM4 from MGS and ASN (Ex MGS) WAM4 resting at Asansol Junction


How to draw WAM4 || WAM4 from MGS and ASN (Ex MGS) resting at Asansol Junction RajLOCOMOTIVE

WAM4 MEMORIES 💓 Most Affectionate Locomotive of Indian Railways


Children's Day Special ~ Few Moments in Life When it feels Past was more Better than Present ~ Childhood Memories of WAM4 One of the most loving Electric Locomotive Class of Indian Railways - WAM4 9 in 1 WAM4 Compilation from Kerala (captured between 2015 - 17) 1) Chennai - Ernakulam Suvidha Special 2) Kozhikode - Thiruvananthapuram Jan Shatabdi Express 3) Ernakulam - Bilaspur Weekly Express 4) Kayamkulam - Ernakulam Passenger 5) Kochuveli - Guwahati Special Fare Special 6) Shalimar - Nagercoil Gurudev Express 7) Chennai - Ernakulam Suvidha Special 8) Thiruvananthapuram - Korba Biweekly Express 9) Kochuveli - Hazrat Nizamuddin AC Special (❤️EZRA❤️) The Indian locomotive class WAM - 4 is a very successful class of workhorse 25 kV AC electric locomotives used in India. The first member of the class was indigenously designed and built by CLW in 1970. The class was produced until 1983. The locomotives in the class feature rheostatic braking, and MU capability. They use the same power bogies as the successful WDM-2 class of diesel-electric locomotives. Being designed specially for mixed traffic, the WAM-4 class has rendered excellent service. The WAM4 is a legend known fondly as “the Old Monk” among Railfans of India. The End of the WAM Era and the Rise of the WAP Classes: The WAM4 also created an interesting conundrum in the Indian Railways. As the WAG class became the de-facto freight-carrying locos on electrified sections, and the bulk of freight was being moved by diesel anyway, a large number of WAM4 locomotives were retrofitted to become dedicated passenger locos. By the later 1970s with the WAG class being expanded to exclusively meet freight carrying needs and electrification planned for almost all of IR’s important lines, Indian Railways realized that it is imperative they develop high-speed locomotives dedicated for passenger operations. Hence, the WAM4 became the last “mixed” service AC electric locomotive as there wouldn’t be a need for a “mixed” class locomotive anymore. In 1980, the WAP1 was born (out of the WAM4 anyway), heralding another era of modernization in the Indian Railways. But before that were the WAGs. #wam4locomotive #wam4indianrailways #indiantrain SUBSCRIBE TO ROJI RAILWAYS FOR MORE VIDEOS ON INDIAN RAILWAYS _/\_ JOURNEY CONTINUES

WAM4-6PE with Seshadri Crossing SWR's EMU


25 November 2010, 1355hrs. The Bangarpet - Bangalore EMU enters Baiyyappanahalli Station and a minute later, AJJ WAM4 accelerates past with the Seshadri Express bound to Kakinada Town. Location: Baiyyappanahalli Station. Camera: Canon PowerShot SX20 IS.

WAM 4 Locomotives for Auran Trainz Simulator - Catalogue


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Last WAM4 "ANANT" Thrashes With Puri - Shalimar Express | A FAREWELL TO ANANT


Everything existing has an ending sometime ahead. All is well that ends well. With every successful and failure runs of the Locomotive its now time to Bid it a Good Bye giving the space to the Newbies to fill up the Space. Counting this Locomotive BSL has brought to an end of services to all of it's WAM4 Locomotives. Also numerically this WAM4 is the last WAM of IR ever build. Dedicating a small tribute to this Last WAMMIE Beast of IR. Now counting on the last days of ASN ELS WAM4 Locomotives. Date: 06-JULY-2018 Train No: 22836 Train Name: PURI - SHALIMAR EXPRESS Loco Details: BHUSAWAL WAM4 21399 "ANANT" Location: BHOGPUR (BOP) Zone: SOUTH EASTERN RAILWAY (SER) - - Watch Mine All Videos at: 🤍 Mail Me: arnabchaudhurirailfan🤍gmail.com Facebook Me: 🤍 Enjoy & Peace. Subscribe for More !!

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