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Wahoo fishing


Wahoos are some of the fastest fish in the sea! See Why! #Wahoo


Wahoos are some of the fastest fish in the sea! See Why! #Wahoo

Quick Wahoo Bite


Got the early morning wahoo for some sushi later. 🤍overboardfishing #fishing #youtube #reels #fish #ocean #bahamas #wahoo #tuna #southflorida #wickedtuna #bahamasfishing #yellowfintunafishing #fishingvideosinthesea #offshore #floridafishing #kingfish #yellowfin #sailfish #mahi #palegic #saltwaterfishing #saltwater #saltwaterfishing #pennreels #shimano #huk #cobia #palmbeach #floridasportfishing #sportfish #pelagic IG: Adaml711 Tiktox 🤍adamlennox711 Best Shirts and witches in the game- 🤍 For all your tackle needs: 🤍 Big Dog Tackle- 🤍 Rods by 🤍barrettrods

Catching Wahoo Fish in the Deep Sea


We Caught Wahoo Fish in the Deep Sea

What a Slicing Skills? Wahoo Fish 2 Milimeter Slicing Skills| Best Fish Cutter in Asia


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Want to know what the best trolling lure for wahoo is? Hook-up more often with this.


Find out what lurer will get you hooked up more often than not trolling for wahoo. It’s the Nomad DTX Minnow. Don’t leave home without it.  Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Thanks for your great support as we really do appreciate all you do. #sportfishing #southerncaliforniafishing #bajafishing #opsinfluorocarbob #Daiwausa #blacktailhooks #fishing #fishingpodcast #philfriedman #Friedmanadventures #Friedman #philfriedman #friedmanadventurespodcast #fishingtackle

120-Pound Wahoo Caught Off Hilton Head


#wahoo, #southcarolina, #fishing The Reel Labor fishing team was high-speed trolling big artificial lures at 14 knots in 180 feet of water about 70 miles off the coast of South Carolina. That’s where they hooked and landed a wahoo measuring 119.3 pounds and 79 inches long.

Wahoo Caught while High Speed Trolling #shorts #wahoo


We had a nice Wahoo on the line while high speed trolling for Wahoo. We didn't get a great gaff shot at first, but I kept control of the fish with the shock leader and JJ was able to get a better shot of the fish and bring him in the boat! See the full video in the link below: 🤍 Shop for our performance fishing shirts and window decals at: 🤍 Check out our newest Mahi Mahi Shirt design: Tee shirts and other merch: 🤍 Our Amazon Storefront: 🤍 (Our Favorite Amazon Products in One Place | Updates Daily) SOCIAL MEDIA: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Tiktok: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Please note: Some links are affiliate links and if you make a purchase through this link, I will receive a small commission for referring you to the product.

When trolling for wahoo on a long range boat, make certain to place your lure here. It works!


You have several options as to where to place your lure in the stern of a long range, fishing boat when trolling for wahoo. This spot consistently get you hooked up more often. Find out where the hotspot is. Make sure you follow Friedman Adventures on TikTok, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Big Wahoo on MagBay Savage Plomero Lure


Capt Alton Robey and crew with All Tackle Charters bring in a beautiful wahoo after trolling high speed in North East Florida with the savage plomero wahoo lure. Check them out via instagram 🤍altonrobey A truly great wahoo fishing charter.

Top 3 Hottest Wahoo Lures For Fall 2021


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Wahoo part 1


🤍 #painting #coloring #fishing

😳 🐟 Massive 130 + Pound Wahoo caught in FIGI 🏝


Massive 130 + Pound Wahoo caught in FIGI: Video provided by Florida Sportsman Magazine.

Giant wahoo while spearfishing in Cape Verde! #shorts #wahoofitness


Finally back home after 3 months of back to back trips! I have been totally offline during this time, just focusing on all the different tasks at hand. While I do appreciate social media and all the tools it has to offer, I gotta say it feels damn good to shut this thing off too. I was super fortunate to have some pretty incredible trips with great people around. From epic days with crystal clear waters absolutely full of fish to stormy ones where we had to work our asses off, I can say we had a bit of everything. Out of all the walls of donkey wahoo we saw, this was one of the fish that stood out the most. Both Patrice and Tomás were fighting their fish when this stud swam by. I find it so cool to “hunt” these guys with the camera nowadays. This guy had probably been hooked before, as you can see the cut on its tail. But it lived to see another day.

ajiking boxster 418bl biggame review - part 1


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HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Massive Wahoo spearfishing 🤦‍♂️ #shorts


I was diving in winter and not expecting to see any gamefish so I used a new roller gun I had built. I hadn’t tested the gun, wasn’t confident on the shot and completely choked. This wahoo is still out there somewhere laughing at me. Merchandise if you want to support the channel! 🤍​​ Keep up to date on Instagram 🤍 Business enquires: danielmannyt🤍gmail.com DIVE GEAR: THE BEST MASK OF ALL TIME 🤍 Fancy Snorkel 🤍 Basic Snorkel 🤍 Foot pockets I use with DiveR blades 🤍 Safety weight vest 🤍 Get better at spearfishing! 🤍 No frills dive knife 🤍 Big fish reel 🤍 Medium fish reel 🤍 Strong spectra for reel 🤍 Sportube for speargun travel 🤍 Crimping tool 🤍 Sunglasses 🤍 Garmin GPS 🤍 Wetsuits - 🤍​​ Spearguns - 🤍​​ Best fins of all time - 🤍​​ CAMERA GEAR: New main full frame camera 🤍 New main lens 🤍 ND Filters for main camera 🤍 Big camera for underwater/vlog 🤍 Lens I use underwater 🤍 Microphone for vlogging 🤍 Microphone in studio 🤍 Current gopro 🤍 Gopro I wish I had 🤍 Super suit for GoPro 7 🤍 Head strap 🤍 Selfie pole 🤍 Drone I’m using 🤍 ND’s for drone 🤍 How to keep footage safe in remote places 🤍 Some of the above are affiliate links, meaning Amazon will kick a small percentage back to me if you purchase something through the link, you don’t even have to buy any of the listed products - just buying anything off Amazon through the link is enough. It doesn't cost you anything but helps me in a small way to keep making videos.

Snapper Slow Pitch Jigging 🎣


No importa cuántas capturas logré hacer en mi vida, siempre sentiré la misma emoción y pasión captura tras captura! 🎣 La Guaira, Venezuela. 🇻🇪 Pura Vida!!! 🤙

Action Lure Rapala X-Rap Magnum Stick 17


Big size combined with a wide, flashing action - the fish Will see the X-Rap Magnum Stick 17 from Miles away! 🔥 #actionlure #rapala #XRapMagnum

Bunyi Drag Reel Ajiking Wahoo 800 || #Shortvideo


#Short #reel #Ajiking

7 year old with a perfect gaff shot #shorts


#shorts SUBSCRIBE!!! COME FISH WITH ME ON OUR 37 FT FREEMAN W/QUADS: 🤍 Booking: 863-660-2741 Instagram: 🤍 BUY SORD KNIVES AND PLIERS: 🤍 15% OFF MY WATERLAND SUNGLASSES (CODE: JOEVT): 🤍 Stay up to date with me: Instagram: (🤍JOEVT_FISHING) 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

The Wahoo is a crazy unique fish! #fishing #shorts


The Wahoo is a crazy unique fish! 🎥: Local Knowledge S6:E1 "Wahoo or Bust" Available on YouTube, Waypoint TV & Streaming apps #wahoofishing #wahoofish #wahoo #sportfishing #fishingdestination #travel #offshorefishing #fishingtime #fishingdaily #centerconsole #centerconsoles #catchandrelease #fishing #fishinglife #saltwaterfishing 🤍waypointfish 🤍waypointtv 🤍waypointsalt 🤍aftco 🤍mercurymarine 🤍costasunglasses 🤍pennfishing 🤍seaveeboatsofficial 🤍bdoutdoorsdotcom 🤍bubbablade 🤍satfish_offshore 🤍casaviejalodge 🤍fishseaguar 🤍jlaudioinc 🤍yeti 🤍saltwateranglerkw 🤍tacomarine 🤍seakeeper_inc 🤍vmchooks 🤍california_flyer 🤍furuno_usa 🤍surfacesunscreen 🤍berkleyfishing 🤍rapalausa

Never get to comfortable with a Wahoo! #fishing #wahoo #shorts


Never get to comfortable with a Wahoo! 🎥: Local Knowledge S6:E1 "Wahoo or Bust" Available on YouTube, Waypoint TV & Streaming apps #wahoofishing #wahoofish #wahoo #sportfishing #fishingdestination #travel #offshorefishing #fishingtime #fishingdaily #centerconsole #centerconsoles #catchandrelease #fishing #fishinglife #saltwaterfishing 🤍waypointfish 🤍waypointtv 🤍waypointsalt 🤍aftco 🤍mercurymarine 🤍costasunglasses 🤍pennfishing 🤍seaveeboatsofficial 🤍bdoutdoorsdotcom 🤍bubbablade 🤍satfish_offshore 🤍casaviejalodge 🤍fishseaguar 🤍jlaudioinc 🤍yeti 🤍saltwateranglerkw 🤍tacomarine 🤍seakeeper_inc 🤍vmchooks 🤍california_flyer 🤍furuno_usa 🤍surfacesunscreen 🤍berkleyfishing 🤍rapalausa

Our Pre-Rigged Torpedo Lantern Trolling Lures are Great for Catching Wahoo


Currently on Sale till Friday (10/23/20): Pre-Rigged Torpedo Lanterns! 🤍 These bad boys tip the scales at a full pound of Wahoo destroying brass and lead. The all new Torpedo Lantern is a cost effective wahoo lure pre-rigged on 480# stainless cable. Built with two 3oz egg sinkers discreetly hidden within two skirts that cover the fully stainless 9/0 stainless stiff rigged double hook set. The brass head is powder coated in several proven effective colors with complimenting hair and mylar combinations.

Does Size Really Matter? MadMacs : 200 vs 160 @NomadTackle #billfish #tuna


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Marlin Fishing Techniques (Live Bait)


Marlin Fishing Techniques (Live Bait): Setting a hook with a Bridal Buddy in Cabo, Mexico on Board the "La Chingona" of the Pisces Charter Fishing Fleet. This is not violence or abuse, this is a common fishing technique that is legal everywhere and deployed around the world Video By Sportfishtrader- Search Fishing Boats For Sale: 🤍 THE BIGGEST SPORTFISHING BOAT IN THE WORLD: 🤍 If you are looking for a Sportfishing Boat For Sale Visit: 🤍 Sportfishtrader Social Media: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook Group: 🤍

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