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🔊 How to Record Audio on PC


In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to record audio, sound, or music playing on your PC. Maybe you're in a Teams, Zoom, or Google Meet meeting, and you want to record the audio. Maybe you want to record the music playing in the background. We'll look at three different techniques for recording audio. 👋 Additional resources - How to use Audacity to Record & Edit Audio: 🤍 - Get Audacity: 🤍 - VB Virtual Audio Cable: 🤍 ⌚ Timestamps 0:00 Introduction 0:29 Windows Stereo Mix 3:11 Audacity free audio editing app 5:11 Virtual audio cable 6:27 Wrap up 📃 Watch related playlists - Playlist with all my videos on Audacity: 🤍 - Playlist with all my videos on Windows: 🤍 🚩 Connect with me on social - LinkedIn: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - TikTok: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 🔔 Subscribe to my YouTube channel 🤍 🎬 Want to watch again? Navigate back to my YouTube channel quickly 🤍 🛍 Support me with your Amazon purchases: 🤍 ⚖ As full disclosure, I use affiliate links above. Purchasing through these links gives me a small commission to support videos on this channel the price to you is the same. #stratvert

Recording Cinematic Audio on a Budget


Getting clean cinematic audio in your film doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here's my best tips and tricks for recording great audio as a low budget filmmaker. One thing I forgot to mention - get some decent over the ear headphones (not earbuds) to monitor your sound on set. This topic was too big for one video! Disclaimer: 7RYMS sent me their mics for free, but had no say over my review or how I featured them. The noise floor was higher than the DJI Mics, but they were reliable and I think they're a good value. Subscribe for more videos to improve your storytelling through film. Sound gear mentioned: 7RYMS Wireless mic kit - 🤍 DJI Mic kit - 🤍 Shotgun Mic - 🤍 Rode shotgun mic grip (updated version) - 🤍 Boom pole - 🤍 Tascam Sound Recorder - 🤍 Takstar On-Camera mic - 🤍 Lav mic (cheap-o one) - 🤍 Over-ear headphones - 🤍 Boom mic stand (heavy duty, big) - 🤍 Boom mic stand (cheap, smaller) - 🤍 How to wire up a lav mic properly - 🤍 Get my weekly Patreon videos: 🤍 Get my Simple Film Production Binder (free) - 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Book a 1-on-1 consultation with me: 🤍 The best stock music (get 2 months free): 🤍 Favorite editing templates & stock assets ($50 off annual plan): 🤍 My current filmmaking gear: Main Camera/Lens - 🤍 B-roll Camera - 🤍 Camera Monitor/Recorder - 🤍 Editing Laptop - 🤍 Data Storage - 🤍 Tripod - 🤍 Microphone - 🤍 Sound Recorder - 🤍 Lighting - 🤍 My studio setup- 🤍 Business inquiries: standardstoryco🤍 About me: I've been making short films for 20 years, starting at age 11. I directed my first feature film, Bad is Bad, in 2010. Made for only $6,000, the film went on to reach over 7 million views and garner critical acclaim. More recently, my short film, Will "The Machine", screened and won awards at film festivals around the world. Released online in 2019, it reached over 1 million views in just a month. I also work as a video editor, cutting ads for clients such as Apple, Netflix, and Beats by Dre. DISCLAIMER: Links in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product with the links that I provide, I may receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.

Adobe AI: Make Trash Audio Sound Like Studio Recording!


Explore the incredible new tool: Adobe Podcast with Speech Enhancement, and how you can use it to automatically make any audio sound like a high-quality studio recording. Everything is online, so you don't have to download or install any program. In this video, we will test how Adobe Podcast's "Enhance Speech" handles audio with background noise, plosives, sibilance, distant voices, etc., and also see what it does when we input high-quality audio. I hope you enjoy this video. Thank you so much for watching :) ► TIMESTAMPS: 00:00 What's This New Tool? 00:45 What We'll Be Testing 01:06 Cheap Mic Test 01:36 Echo Test 02:02 Plosive Test 02:10 Proximity Test 02:56 Handling Noise 03:30 Background Noise Rejection 04:14 Sibilance Test 04:35 Let’s Look at the Waves 07:10 What About High-Quality Audio 09:55 What's Really Important 10:22 How to Access 10:58 Mic Check Tool 11:37 Conclusion ► CHECK OUT THE OFFICIAL PIXIMPERFECT COMPOSITING PLUGIN: 🤍 ► SUPPORT THE CHANNEL & GAIN PREMIUM ACCESS: 🤍 ► RECOMMENDED SOFTWARE & CREATIVE RESOURCES: ✅ Official PiXimperfect Compositing Plugin: 🤍 ✅ The Best A.I. Powered High-End Portrait Retouching Plugins: 🤍 ✅ Unlimited Photoshop Actions, Plugins, Brushes, Assets, etc: 🤍 ✅ The Best Professional Plugin for Color Grading: 🤍 ✅ The Best Professional Plugin for Skin Tones: 🤍 ✅ Best Plugin for Landscape & Astrophotography: 🤍 ✅ Try Photoshop for Free: 🤍 ✅ The App I Use for YouTube Growth: 🤍 ✅ Music Used in PiXimperfect Videos: 🤍 ► THE GEAR I USE: ✅ My Graphic Tablet: 🤍 ✅ Recommended Budget Tablet: 🤍 ✅ Primary Microphone: 🤍 ✅ Budget Microphone: 🤍 ✅ Audio Interface: 🤍 ✅ Camera: 🤍 ✅ Lens: 🤍 ► PIXIMPERFECT MERCH STORE: 🤍 ► PIXIMPERFECT ACTIONS: 🤍 ► SHARE: 🤍 ► LET'S CONNECT: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

🔊 How to use Audacity to Record & Edit Audio | Beginners Tutorial


In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to record and edit audio using Audacity. Audacity is free and open source and works across platforms, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. 📚 RESOURCES - Download Audacity: 🤍 ⌚ TIMESTAMPS 00:00 Introduction 00:51 Download Audacity 01:21 Main interface 01:51 Project rate / Sample rate 03:34 MME, Windows DirectSound & WASAPI audio drivers 04:12 Set microphone & playback device 05:20 Set & monitor recording levels 08:42 Record audio 10:59 Playback & selection tools 14:52 Zoom tool 16:43 Import audio 17:31 Save project 18:48 Adjust gain 19:58 Mute & solo tracks 20:41 Delete audio segments 22:34 Envelope tool 24:06 Amplify effect 25:37 Time shift tool 26:59 Insert silence 27:45 Split clips 28:12 Copy, paste & cut 29:08 Auto duck effect 31:41 Fade effect 32:33 Remove background noise 34:00 Compressor 35:36 Preview finished commercial 36:09 Distribute audio as wav, mp3 or other types 37:47 Wrap up 📺 RELATED VIDEOS - Playlist with all my videos on Audacity: 🤍 🙌 SUPPORT THE CHANNEL - Hit the THANKS button in any video! - Amazon affiliate link: 🤍 (Purchasing through this link gives me a small commission to support videos on this channel the price to you is the same) 🔽 CONNECT WITH ME - Official web site: 🤍 - LinkedIn: 🤍 - Discord: 🤍 - Twitter: 🤍 - Facebook: 🤍 - TikTok: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 🎒 MY COURSES - Excel for Beginners in under 2 hours: 🤍 🙏 REQUEST VIDEOS 🤍 🔔 SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE 🤍 #stratvert

How to Record Voice on Windows 10


In this video learn how you can easily record your voice and audio on Windows 10. I walk through two different apps - the first is the Voice Recorder app that comes pre-installed as part of Windows 10. It's basic but gets the job done. Next, I show Audacity from 🤍, which is a free and powerful voice recording app. I walk through how to get it and show some of the basic functionality. As full-disclosure, I work at Microsoft as a full-time employee.

The 8 Most Disturbing Sounds Humanity Has Ever Recorded in History


This video is better enjoyed wearing headphones. 8 Eeriest Recordings You Will Ever Hear: We’ve only been able to record sound for just over 150 years but in that time we have done some amazing things with sound, and captured some amazing historical events. Here’s a rundown of some of the creepiest and most chilling sounds ever recorded. SUBSCRIBE - New Videos Every Monday & Thursday 🤍 Help me make better videos, support me on Patreon: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 THOUGHTY2 MERCHANDISE: 🤍

3D Sound - Binaural Recording of a Musical Performance (feat. Peter and Kerry)


The entirety of the video is shot from the listener's perspective and therefore, through the use of the binaural recording technique, you will be able to hear the position of the musicians 'move' around you as the viewpoint of the camera changes. Featuring Peter and Kerry: 🤍 Track: 'I Don't Know' from La Trimouille (Tape Club Records) Stream: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Additional musicians: Mark Rainbow (Piano), Sarah Bateson (Vibraphone), Maddie Cutter (Cello), Joel Grainger (Violin). Produced by Jon Alexander at the Institute of Sound Recording (University of Surrey): 🤍 Recorded using: Cortex Manikin Mk2 Binaural Head and Torso Simulator Focusrite VRM Box Reaper (tracking) ProTools 8 (edit and post) Canon 6D Technical Credits: Jon Alexander: Audio and Video Recording Michael Cousins: Recording Assistant Stephen Savory: Video Post-Production Special thanks to Dr. Russell Mason and Chris Watling

Field Recording with Sound Artist Jez riley French | Sound Makers


Sound and field recording artist Jez riley French is renowned for his aural explorations. Capturing sounds imperceptible to the naked ear through his field recording for more than four decades, he’s taken a quietly stunning approach to sound design. Jez riley French’s field recordings often exhibit an awe-inspiring magnitude, taking us to melting glaciers and the tremulations of the Humber Bridge. But his influence in sound design doesn’t stop there – his wide range of field recording mics are widespread in both the film and music industries. Watch this veteran sound artist as he walks us through his field recording process, elevating quiet spaces to new heights. Learn more: 🤍 In Sound Makers, we shine the spotlight on the unique personalities who shape our everyday soundscapes: how they began their journey of creating sounds, what inspires and drives them, and the process behind bringing their magic to life. Explore more stories: 🤍 Follow us: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Discover new playlists: 🤍 #SoundofLife #SoundMakers #JezRileyFrench #SOL #KEF #KEFSoundLab #KSL #ListenAndBelieve #SpotlightSessions #Sound #FieldRecording

Top 5 Best Audio Recorders for Filmmaking


There are tons of audio recorders in the market but finding the best audio recorders for filmmaking is the toughest job. But do not worry at all, as here in this video we have talked about the Best Audio Recorders For Filmmaking or other audio-related projects. Best Audio Recorders List: (affiliate link) 0:00 - Intro 0:43 - 5. Zoom F1-LP Link: 🤍 2:06 - 4. Saramonic SmartRig+ 4. Saramonic SmartRig+ 3:16 - 3. Tascam DR-40X Link: 🤍 4:24 - 2. Sound Devices MixPre-6 II Link: 🤍 5:39 - 1. Zoom H8 Handy Recorder Link: 🤍 *Video Sources: ZoomSoundLab - 🤍 Saramonic International - 🤍 TASCAM Channel - 🤍 Sound Devices: 🤍 Our social media: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Disclaimer: The following video abides by the YouTube Community Guideline. The footage used in this video is for educational purposes and all the information covered in this video was collected from unofficial sources and assumptions. *Footage, music, images, and graphics used in the video falls under YouTube Fair Usage Policy Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. If you have any copyright issues, please contact us. #CameraZone #AudioRecorder #BestRecorder

The Very First Recordings (1859-1879)


The first successful sound recording ever made was of a 435 hz tuning fork made by Edouard-Leon Scott de Martinville. They are taken from transcriptions of sources from The French Academy of Sciences, and The Edison Museum. The earliest recordings made with the Phonautograph, were originally realized in 2008 by the Livermore Laboratory by First Sounds. The Edison recording is from the earliest known tin foil recording that exists, The sound in the background is audience laughter. The cornet is the earliest recording of a musical instrument ever made. The name of the player is unknown. Credits: First Sounds.Org (Scott-de-Martinville) The Edison Museum (Edison) For an update and new restoration of the Edison Demo, visit 🤍 NOTE: Subsequent research by Patrick Feaster has determined, definitively, that this is the actual voice of Eduard-Leon Scott-de-Martinville. Subsequent voice-print research on the Edison foil suggests that this recording is almost certainly Edison, but historic, documentary evidence has not yet been found. This puts the odds at about 99.9% that this is him. We recommend paying a visit to the First Sounds site. There are more recordings, and very interesting background information about these amazing, historic sounds. Note: The word "coronet" is a typo. Since reloading would have caused a loss of all comments and data, the post remains as-is. The proper spelling, of course, is "cornet". Historical note: A lot of people comment that Edison "stole" everything and did not invent them. This is completely false. Edison invented many of his own products, including the phonograph. The idea of recording sound on metal and playing it back was entirely his own, and it is well documented. Mastered in 2018 Engineer: Paul Howard Hey! Show us you care... In order for our posts to remain uninterrupted and commercial-free, we do not monetize on this channel. If you think this kind of entertainment matters, buy us a cup of coffee at: 🤍

3 Things You MUST Do BEFORE Recording (INSTANTLY Sound Better)


The 3 Best Rapper Tips To Warm Up On The Mic stick around for number 3 because it's a tip you probably never thought of that will change everything for your recording and confidence game. Scream really loud to break the silence. Just scream "YEAAAAAAAAA BUDDY!!!!" or something else like that. No I'm not kidding and here is why. After you yell there won't be anything more embarrassing you can possibly do. For this reason you will rap with more confidence and less anxiety. Because you have already done something super embarrassing what could be more embarrassing? 2) no joke here. 20 Jumping jacks and 20 push ups. Getting your blood flowing, your body warmed up and your endorphins rushing will put you in a happier state and from there you can performwith more confidence in a happier state. TRY IT! No one is probably watching you anyways, who cares! 3) The secret sauce!!! Record yourself and then pre set your plug ins where they sound the best. Add effects, auto tune and everything else. Why do this? You ever record and HATE how it sounds? All because it wasn't mixed yet? Well that's what this trick does for you. Everytime you record something, it already sounds amazing. It's basically PRE MIXED. So your confidence through the entire recording of the song will be 10 times higher. Let me give you an example here. Here is a song with the vocal with no effects on it SHOW SOUND Here is a song take with the vocal with the effects on it This is a game changer! Start doing this! You know what time it is Smart Rapper word of the day! To go back over these 1 more time 1) Scream 2) Push ups 3) Pre mix the track BAM You just gained 10 Smart Rapper points and you're officially smarter My Full 6 Hour Songwriting Course 🤍 My Full 3 Hour Lyric Writing Course 🤍 My Full 3 Hour Rap Flow Course 🤍 200+ Hip Hop Blog E-mails To Get Your Music Heard 🤍 How To Find Your Rap Voice Trilogy Set 🤍 Music Record Label A and R Contacts List FREE: 🤍 200,000+ Followers On My Instagram 🤍 Basic Home Studio Gear Set Up For Under 250: Focusrite Scarlett Solo that also comes with Pro Tools FREE 🤍 Audio Technia AT2020 refurbished microphone $70-100 🤍 MK-10 Microphone Boom for $20 🤍 A pop filter too 🤍 The cables for the mic to to the preamp XLR Cable 6 FT - 2 pack 🤍 My Main Music Channel 🤍 Theme Song From Intro In Video - Rob Level - Way Up: 🤍

Audio Recorders for film, video, & podcast production — 2022 edition


In this week’s episode, I share my thoughts and opinions on the audio and sound recorders for video, film, podcast, and livestream production I have used. In this updated version, we also add podcast and consumer wireless microphone recorders. The section on body pack recorders is also much larger in this video. If you’d like to learn how to make great dialogue audio for your film and video projects, please have a look at my courses including processing dialogue audio in Adobe Audition and DaVinci Resolve/Fairlight, recording sound, how to use the Zoom F4, F6, F8, and F8n, and how to get the most from the Sound Devices MixPre series of recorders. Our latest courses cover Sound for Live Streaming with the ATEM Mini and an Intro to Izotope RX. Https:// Support my work creating videos by donating at 🤍 Gear used or mentioned in this episode. The links below are, B&H Photo, Sweetwater, DVEStore, Perfect Circuit, Trew Audio or other affiliate links. As an affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases: - Zoom H1n — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom H4n Pro — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom H5 — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom H6 — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Tascam DR-05 — B&H, Amazon 🤍 - Tascam Portacapture X8 — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom F1 — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Tascam DR-10L — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Tentacle Track E — B&H, DVE Store, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom F2 — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon 🤍 - RODE Wireless Go II — B&H, DVE Store, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - DJI Mic — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Tascam DR-60D Mk II — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Tascam DR-70D — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom F3 — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom F6 — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom F8n Pro — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon 🤍 - SoundDevices MixPre II Series — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon 🤍 - RODECaster Pro II — B&H, Sweetwater, DVE Store, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom Podtrak P4 — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom Podtrak P8 — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Zoom LiveTrak L-8 — B&H, Sweetwater, Amazon 🤍 - Sound Devices 833 — B&H, Sweetwater 🤍 - Sound Devices 888 — Trew Audio, B&H, Sweetwater 🤍 - Sound Devices Scorpio —  Trew Audio, B&H, Sweetwater 🤍 - Sound Devices CL-16 control surface — Trew Audio, B&H, Sweetwater 🤍 In-depth reviews: Zoom H1n 🤍 Zoom H4n Pro 🤍 Zoom H8 🤍 Tascam Portacapture X8 🤍 Zoom F1 🤍 Tascam DR-10L 🤍 Tentacle Track E 🤍 Zoom F2 🤍 RODE Wireless Go II 🤍 Tascam DR-60D Mk II 🤍 Zoom F3 🤍 Zoom F6 🤍 Zoom F8n Pro 🤍 SoundDevices MixPre II Series 🤍 Zoom Podtrak P4 🤍 Zoom Podtrak P8 🤍 Zoom LiveTrak L-8 🤍 RODECaster Pro II 🤍 Sound Devices 833 🤍 Sound Devices Scorpio 🤍 Index 00:00 Start 00:06 Summary 00:16 Introduction 00:47 Handheld recorders 01:30 Zoom H1n 02:58 Tascam DR-05 03:44 Zoom H4n Pro 05:28 Zoom H5 06:23 Zoom H6 06:55 Zoom H8 08:04 Tascam Portacapture X8 11:00 Body pack recorders (and wireless recorders) 12:32 Zoom F1 13:06 Tascam DR-10L 14:19 Tentacle Track E 16:31 Zoom F2 17:58 RODE Wireless Go II 19:20 DJI Mic 19:54 Consumer field recorders 20:40 Tascam DR-60D Mk II & 70D 23:40 Prosumer field recorders 28:25 Zoom F3, F6, and F8n Pro 34:55 SoundDevices MixPre II Series 43:55 Podcast recorders 44:34 Zoom Podtrak P4 47:23 Zoom Podtrak P8 48:55 Zoom LiveTrak L-8 49:58 RODECaster Pro II 53:15 Professional field recorders 57:49 SoundDevices 8XX Series 01:03:14 Aaton Digital Cantar X3, Zaxcom Nova, Nomad, and Deva, Sonosax SX-R4+ 01:04:17 Please buy my courses Take your films to the next level with music from Musicbed. Sign up for a free account to listen for yourself: 🤍 Copyright 2022, Curtis Judd #Audio #Recorder #Zoom #RODE #SoundDevices #Tascam

How To Record Audio - The Basics


Recording wildlife is an invaluable way to contribute to our understanding of the natural world and to document observations. This video walks you through the basic steps you need to know for making a good wildlife recording. Though one might be tempted to think “everything has been recorded,” nothing could be further from the case. Aspire to a place in history! There are many sounds, even of common species, for which well-made recordings are still needed. Want to record but don't have the full setup? Check out our tips on how to make recordings with just a smartphone: 🤍 The Cornell Lab’s Macaulay Library has the largest collection of animal sound recordings in the world, and provides training, equipment, and technical resources. Find out more here: 🤍 Curator - Greg Budney Film by Chris Foito



MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas reports on the secret audio recording of Trump campaign officials in Wisconsin that just leaked in which they admit they lost the 2020 election but would continue to “fan the flames” that the election was stolen. Support the MeidasTouch Network: 🤍 Donate to MeidasTouch PAC: 🤍 Buy MeidasTouch Merch: 🤍 Follow MeidasTouch on Twitter: 🤍 Follow MeidasTouch on Facebook: 🤍 Follow MeidasTouch on Instagram: 🤍 Follow MeidasTouch on TikTok: 🤍

Audacity Lesson 8 - Record Audio from Computer Speakers / Sound Card


Audacity is a simple, but powerful, free audio recording and editing program for Windows, Mac, and Linux. You can download it for free, here: 🤍

How To Record & Edit Voice for YouTube Video | Audacity Tutorial for Beginners


Download Audacity: 🤍 In this step-by-step tutorial, learn how to record and edit audio using Audacity. * INSTAGRAM : 🤍 TWITTER : 🤍 Equipment I use 👇 ► VOICEOVER MIC - 🤍 ► POP FILLTER - 🤍 ► FACECAM MIC - 🤍 ► MIC STAND - 🤍 ► GREEN SCREEN - 🤍 ► GREEN SCREEN STAND - 🤍 ► CAMERA - SONY A6100 ( I prefer to buy offline ) ► SONY 20MM LENS - 🤍 However, if any content owners would like their Images, Video Footage or Music Removed, Please Contact Us By Email At deepakdaiyaofficial🤍

Recording Sound for Filmmaking


How to get better production audio on set. Full behind the scenes playlist: 🤍 BTS Filming - David Williamson Host and Creator - Simon Cade Graded with FilmConvert - 10% off with code 'DSLRGUIDE': 🤍 Gear I film with: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 ALL EQUIPMENT: 🤍 CONTACT: dslrguidance🤍 TWO WRONGS: Directed by - Simon Cade Produced by - Carl Mason (🤍) Written by - Johann Farhan Mark - Oliver Heald (🤍 Connor - Deon Lee-Williams (🤍 Pete - Sam Glen (🤍 Dealer - Lewis Brown Customer 1 - Naithan Ariane (🤍 Customer 2 - Ryan Clayton Connor's Mate 1 - Luke Orechoff Connor's Mate 2 - Lukas Becker Connor's Mate 3 - Paul Keighron Pete's Mate - Ross Doran Director of Photography - JP Caldeano (🤍 ) 1st Assistant Director - Wayne Bentley ( 🤍 Casting Director - Rebecca Jenner Sound Recordist - Kristian Edwards (🤍) Boom Operator - Danny Feng Costume Designer - Emily Cooper Production Assistant - Anton Arenko Behind the Scenes - David Williamson Editor - Simon Cade Asst. Dialogue Editor - Samuel Jacintho

Recording Sound on Location


Discover fabulous resources about how to create media in education and examples from across Welsh Universities at 🤍. This is CADARN's video about sound recording on location. It covers how to setup camera and microphone for recording, the basics of microphone technology and terminology, and their usage whilst filming. We guide you through what your videos will sound like across many microphones and locations, explaining proper positioning and best practice. Presenter: Lizi Hesling. This video forms part of the training provided by The CADARN Learning Portal. See more at 🤍

Audacity - How to Record Computer Audio (Fast & Easy)


For more information, check out this guide: 🤍 This is a short tutorial on how to record the computer audio with audacity. Leave a comment if you have any questions. 🛠️ Equipment I use: (Mic, PC Components, ect.) 🤍 Wallpaper from this video: 🤍

DIY phonograph - sound recorder/player from aluminium foil and wood


To kill boredom and to show my kids some fun experiment - we all made a phonograph. This is really amazing device which allows to record and then play the sound. It was invented by Edison. In my opinion it's really cool science experiment for kids and parents and schools.

Recording Youtube Audio With Audacity (Fast Tutorial)


Capturing youtube audio with audacity in less than a minute. Consider donating a small tip to support my work: 🤍

What do black holes sound like? NASA releases recording of black hole in distant galaxy


NASA released new audio approximating the sound of a black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster, which experts discovered had a pitch over a “million billion times deeper” than the limits of human hearing, making it too deep to be heard. CBS News Streaming Network is the premier 24/7 anchored streaming news service from CBS News and Stations, available free to everyone with access to the Internet. The CBS News Streaming Network is your destination for breaking news, live events and original reporting locally, nationally and around the globe. Launched in November 2014 as CBSN, the CBS News Streaming Network is available live in 91 countries and on 30 digital platforms and apps, as well as on and Paramount+. Subscribe to the CBS News YouTube channel: 🤍 Watch CBS News: 🤍 Download the CBS News app: 🤍 Follow CBS News on Instagram: 🤍 Like CBS News on Facebook: 🤍 Follow CBS News on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our newsletters: 🤍 Try Paramount+ free: 🤍 For video licensing inquiries, contact: licensing🤍

Recording Nature Sound Effects: Perfecting Audio with Keith Alexander


Ronald, a viewer asks, how do you record nature sounds? So in this episode, Keith will be going out into the beautiful Irish wilderness to look at how to record outside in nature. He is looking to achieve 3D audio and binaural sound by using a Sennheiser smart headset, a Zoom H3n 3d recorder, and a Rode stereo bar to accomplish it. In this video, Keith will tell you what you need to prepare for this recording, what you need to think about on the day in terms of your location, what equipment you need, and professional tips on how to get the best out of your recording. SUBSCRIBE AND BE PART OF THE ADORAMA FAMILY: ➥ 🤍 ✘ PRODUCTS USED: Rode NT55 🤍 Sennheiser MKE 600 Shotgun Microphone 🤍 Rode Microphones Stereo Spacing Bar 🤍 Rycote InVision Stereo Pair Kit 🤍 Beyerdynamic DT 150 250Ohms Dynamic Closed Studio Headphone 🤍 Zoom H2n 🤍 Zoom H3VR 🤍 Rycote windjammer H3VR 🤍 Rycote windjammer H2n 🤍 Apogee Electronics Ambeo Headset with 3D Binaural Recording 🤍 Rode iXY 🤍 Rycote Portable Recorder Audio Kit 🤍 #recordingnaturesounds #audiogear #fieldrecording ❐ LET'S GET SOCIAL ❏ ➥ Facebook 🤍 ➥ Instagram 🤍 ➥ Twitter 🤍 ❐ MORE ADORAMA ❏ ➥ Podcast 🤍 ➥ Blog 🤍 ➥ Shop 🤍 Related Episodes: What's in my Kit Bag: Perfecting Audio with Keith Alexander 🤍 Follow Keith Alexander on: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 THANKS SO MUCH FOR WATCHING!

THE AMAZING SOUNDS OF THE BIRD CLIFFS IN GRIMSEY | Audio recording problems and solutions


Recording audio for wildlife videos is not as simple as it sounds. Audio is very important for nature and wildlife videos and in this video, we try a few microphones and share our experience using audio recorders. This is not meant to be an audio expert video about the best way to record audio in the field. We are not audio experts, but merely wildlife and landscape photographers taking steps into the making of wildlife and nature videos. The video is shot in Grimsey, north Iceland. A great location to experience and try to record the sounds of the amazing bird cliffs. ✦ We are Einar Gudmann and Gyda Henningsdottir, we live in Iceland, and wildlife photography is our passion. We strive to be creative in our photography and put our hearts into our work. ✦ OUR BOOKS: PHOTOGRAPHING ICELAND: A Photo Guide To 100 Locations (A must-have for trips to Iceland) GRIMSEY: The Arctic Wildlife Wonder (Our latest book about our favorite bird island) ICELAND: Wild At Heart. (Our bestseller) (The books are available at 🤍 with worldwide shipping.) ✦ WEBSITES AND SOCIAL MEDIA • Our blog and website: 🤍 • Online store (Books): 🤍 You are welcome to send us a line through one of our websites if you have questions about our photos or ideas about collaboration.

Sound Recording Swedish Tanks / War Thunder


Last year, a team of our friends from the Swedish recording studio Pole Position Production did a great job of recording the authentic sounds of Swedish armored vehicles specifically for War Thunder. There are not many places in Sweden where this kind of work can be done, but we are very lucky that the administration of the non-profit organizations Föreningen P5 and Kamratföreningen Bodenartilleristen, which are located on the territory of an active military base, have kindly agreed to allow a group of sound specialists to work with functioning Swedish armored vehicles. 🔘 Site: 🤍 🔘 Twitch: 🤍 🔘 Twitter: 🤍 🔘 Facebook: 🤍 🔘 Forum: 🤍 #WarThunder

10 Tragic Plane Crash Audio Recordings


I'm finally back after a 2 month slump. I've been mostly busy with work and coming up with video ideas. I've been thinking of different video concepts that I may try out this year. I'm still going to post Toronto Plane spotting and FSX Air Disaster videos but I want to diversify my content and try different ideas. This video is one of them. This is definitely my most complex video to date and it's the first to be made entirely in Wondershare Filmora 9. A much better video making program then Windows moviemaker and I'll most likely use it when making all future videos. All photos and videos used in this video belong to their respective owners. If you liked this video, be sure to leave a like and be sure to subscribe for more great aviation content.

How To RECORD AUDIO While Flying Your DRONE | DJI Mini 3 Pro Tips & Tricks


Here is a little known method to record audio with a drone using the DJI RC. If you have been wondering how to film audio with a drone, then this video is for you! Then find out how to do 10 drone moves that are super easy to achieve but look epic! - 🤍 🔥 DJI Wireless Mic - 🤍 🔥 DJI RC Controller Micro SD - 🤍 📌 WATCH NEXT: ○ 10 DRONE MOVES Using EASY TRICK To Look Like A PRO | DJI Mini 3 Pro Tips For Beginners - 🤍 ○ 5 EASY Ways To Get BETTER DRONE FOOTAGE! | DJI Mini 3 Pro Tips For Beginners - 🤍 ○ 14 Tips On How To Fly A Drone In Snow & Cold Temperatures | DJI Mini 3 Pro Winter Flying Tips - 🤍 🎧 MUSIC + SFX 🤍 💾 MICRO SD CARDS Drone Micro SD 128GB - 🤍 Drone Micro SD 256GB - 🤍 DJI RC Controller Micro SD - 🤍 📸 ND FILTERS DJI Mini 2 ND Filters - 🤍 DJI Mini 3 / PRO Mega Pack - 🤍 DJI Mini 3 / PRO All Day Filters - 🤍 DJI Mini 3 / PRO NDPL Filters - 🤍 DJI Mavic 3 ND Filters - 🤍 DJI Mavic 3 CLASSIC ND FILTERS - 🤍 DJI Avata ND Filters - 🤍 🔥 FREE DRONE CREATIVE PACK 🤍 📸 CAMERA GEAR Main Camera - 🤍 Camera Lens - 🤍 Camera Filter - 🤍 Wireless Microphone - 🤍 Studio Microphone - 🤍 Studio Light - 🤍 Tripod - 🤍 GoPro Hero 11 Action Camera - 🤍 DJI Osmo Action 3 - 🤍 Drone Car Charger - 🤍 Smartphone - 🤍 Mobile Gimbal - 🤍 Editing Software - 🤍 📸 FOLLOW ME ON Instagram - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 🔥 DRONE ESSENTIALS DJI Mini 3 Pro Prop Guard - 🤍 DJI RC Screen Protector - 🤍 Better Screwdriver For Prop Screws - 🤍 Landing Pad - 🤍 🎒 DRONE BAGS & CASES Favourite Backpack - 🤍 Avata Bag - 🤍 DJI Mini 3 Pro Hard Case - 🤍 DJI Avata Hard Case - 🤍 📸 Drone used: DJI Mini 3 Pro. Firmware: DJI Fly Update 1.9.1 available for DJI Avata, DJI Mini 2, Mavic 3, Mini 3 and Mini 2 also. 📧 CONTACT: For business inquires only, please use this email: business🤍 😀 And please subscribe to my channel, I really appreciate it! DISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for supporting my channel so I can continue to provide you with free content each week!

PODCAST Like AUDIO for YouTube Videos? / QUICK & EASY Audio Editing for Beginners in HINDI /Audacity


PODCAST Like AUDIO for YouTube Videos? / QUICK & EASY Audio Editing for Beginners in HINDI /Audacity / Anithing Hi My name is Ani, In this Audio recording process and Audio editing for Beginners video, I've showed my personal techniques, how I record and edit Audio for My YouTube Videos. It's included my entire Audio setup for youtube and also Audio editing in premiere pro for Beginners. Hope you like the presentation and will let me know by commenting and Subscribing to the channel. Love you guys. - Follow AniThing on Social media Facebook : 🤍 Insta : 🤍 - My Mic : 🤍 Mic Arm : Audio Foam : 🤍 - Background music : 🤍 #audioediting #audacity #premierepro

Did you noticed that bow sound? | Baashha Paru Song Recording!


Did you noticed that bow sound? | Baashha Paru Song Recording! #baashha #rajinikanth #vikkals

Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording - A Brief History of Recording


This is the first section of Alan Parsons' Art & Science of Sound Recording video series. There has never been a more entertaining and informative way to learn about home and studio recording. This program covers everything from dealing with room acoustics to creating timed delays. From demo loop to iTunes. Learn more at 🤍

WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY behind the scenes - Badgers Ep2 | On assignment, sound recording, camouflage z6


I'm now ready to begin my one year wildlife photography project where I am sharing how we work with badger on a remote island in Denmark. I'm working together with a scientist and our goal is to document the behaviour of the badgers and to study the diurnal activity of the badgers at Vorsø and compare it to the activity of badgers living in agricultural areas i.e. in areas with human activity. ••• FOLLOW ME ••• Join my newsletter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Website: 🤍 ••• FINE ART PRINTS ••• 🤍 ••• Q&A ••• Q. What sound equipment do you use for stereo recordings? A. I am using a Tascam DR100 mk.3 together with 2 x Lineaudio CM3 microphones in a ORTF configuration. Q. How is the Tamron 150-600mm on the Z6 and would you reccoment it? A. I really like it since it is flexible, lightweight and sharp enough for me. I do not like to recommend cameras and lenses since our need are so different. Q. What is the name if the plants you are picking from the forest to eat? A. Wild Garlic or Ramsons (Allium ursinum) Q. What camera do you use for vlogging? A.I am using the Nikon Z6 for both photography and vlogging Q. You mentioned that you go up to 15000 ISO. How far did you go with the d850? I often struggle with it in the evening since i try to stay as low as possible and often think at 4000 iso i'm high and won't get any good ones when i go higher. A. To be honest I do not think so much about the ISO. When light gets lower I try to choose the slowest possible shutter speed (depending on the subject) and then I photograph until it is no longer possible. Usually around ISO 50.000. The photo gets very grainy but I don't mind so much. Still better than no photos at all;) Q. what hard case do you use for your laptop when traveling? A. I use the Peli 1090 Q. what knife you are carrying A. It is a home made one. Q. where did you buy your pullover. A. I am so lucky to have a very good friend from Norway who is knitting these sweaters for me. Q. What is the "salat" you are boiling? A. It is cabbage with salt and then after cooking for about 3 minutes I add cold butter and eat it;) •••••••••••• In this video I am on a desolate, protected island in Denmark to do wildlife photography. Since early March I have been working hard and systematically with trail cameras and tracking to find and photograph foxes and badgers in the scandinavian nature. Now finally the hard work and all the effort pays off. Together with my friend and colleague, scientist Sussie Pagh I have got permission to a protected island in Denmark and here we finally found an active badger den. Sussie Pagh is a scientist employed at the University of Aalborg. At the time being she studies the breeding behavior of badgers on the Island. With surveillance cameraes she studies the diurnal activity of the badgers at Vorsø and compare it to the activity of badgers living in agricultural areas i.e. in areas with human activity. In the future it is the plan to investigate the diet of the badgers on Vorsø, where they seem to thrive extremely well. On the first trip to the island we were spending two days observing and photographing these amazing animals and we believe there are more than 10 badgers from 3 generations living together in this small community of connected dens. In this episode I am alone on the island to photograph the badgers but also to record nature sounds from this location. I am not too lucky with the badgers, but hopefully the luck will turn. I hope we will get many more opportunities to photograph these badgers and I am looking forward to sharing these small adventures. ••• GEAR LIST ON MY WEBSITE ••• These are affiliate links: 🤍 ••• MUSIC ••• Soundstages A Lighter Touch Blissful Awakening - Silver Maple Gone - Galvin Luke All songs are from Epidemic Sound - get 1 month for free by using my affiliate link: 🤍 See you out there. All the best Morten

स्टुडियो जैसी रिकॉर्डिंग अपने फ़ोन में कैसे करे || How to Record AUDIO On Phone || Musical Guruji


Record On Phone with MUSIC - 🤍 ONLINE Music Courses By Musical Guruji - * 🤍 MY Album Songs - * Tum Ho - 🤍 Lonely Bird - 🤍 O Re Khuda - 🤍 Best Guitar for beginners - Yamaha F310 🤍 Fender SA105 🤍 Best Keyboard for beginners - Yamaha PSR E263 - 🤍 Yamaha PSR E363 - 🤍 Top 5 guitar for beginners * Under 2500 Rs - 🤍 Under 4000 Rs - 🤍 Under 6000 Rs - 🤍 Under 7000 Rs - 🤍 Under 8000 Rs - 🤍 TOP 5 keyboard for beginners * Under 2000 Rs - 🤍 Under 3000 Rs - 🤍 Under 6000 Rs - 🤍 Under 7000 Rs - 🤍 Under 8000 Rs - 🤍 Under 11000 Rs -🤍 My Equipments - * Camera - 🤍 Tripod - 🤍 Boya Mic 🤍 Condenser Mic 🤍 Sound Card - 🤍 Launchpad 🤍 Laptop 🤍 Desktop iMAC 🤍 Midi Keyboard 🤍 Head Phone 🤍 Voice Recording On Phone Audio Editing On Phone Cover Song Recording and editing on phone

Sound Recording Session - Scania R 420


Footage from truck sound recording session done by the crews from SCS Software (🤍) and Silent Noise (🤍). The Scania R420 tractor and the trailer were kindly lent to us by Scania Ceska Republika (🤍) With microphones placed in the cabin, near the engine and near the exhaust, we spent a total of over 10 hours driving on an empty airport strip and also on the highway late into the night.

TV Show Sound Recording Device


▶ Check out my gear on Kit: 🤍 #reanthort #reanvlog #ពូជ្រួញ Get the Mic here: 🤍 - Song: LiQWYD - Another Time (Vlog No Copyright Music) Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music. Video Link: 🤍

How Copyright Works: Musical Composition Copyright and Sound Recording Copyright | Berklee Online


Download Your Free Music Business Handbook Now: 🤍 Earn Your Music Business Degree Online with Berklee: 🤍 In this video, Berklee Online course author E. Michael Harrington explains the difference between composition copyright and sound recording copyright. The composition goes from being what was in your head to being actual music, recorded by a band or orchestra. There’s a copyright for both the composition and how the overall sound is arranged. A song will always have two copyrights. You will get paid royalties for every use of a recording: vinyl, digital, etc. Dr. Harrington details some of the unusual specifics: If another artist covers your song and posts it online, theoretically the composer and record label will all get paid. If it’s played on FM radio, only the composer gets paid. About E. Michael Harrington: Dr. E. Michael Harrington is a professor in music copyright and intellectual property matters. He has lectured at many law schools, organizations, and music conferences throughout North America, including Harvard Law, George Washington University Law, Hollywood Bar Association, Texas Bar, Minnesota Bar, Houston Law Center, Brooklyn Law, BC Law, Loyola Law, NYU, McGill, Eastman, Emory, the Experience Music Project, Future of Music Coalition, Pop Montreal, and others. He has worked as a consultant and expert witness in hundreds of music copyright matters including efforts to return "We Shall Overcome" and "This Land Is Your Land" to the public domain, and has worked with director Steven Spielberg, producer Mark Burnett, the Dixie Chicks, Steve Perry, Busta Rhymes, Samsung, Keith Urban, HBO, T-Pain, T. I., Snoop Dogg, Collin Raye, Tupac Shakur, Lady Gaga, George Clinton, Mariah Carey, and others. He sits on the editorial board of the Journal of Popular Culture, advisory board of the Future of Music Coalition and the Creators Freedom Project, and is a member of Leadership Music. Michael has been interviewed by the New York Times, CNN, Bloomberg Law, Wall Street Journal, Time, Huffington Post, Billboard, USA Today, Rolling Stone, Money Magazine, Investor's Business Daily, People Magazine, Life Magazine, and Washington Post, in addition to BRAVO, PBS, ABC News, NBC's "Today Show," the Biography Channel, NPR, CBC and others. He teaches Music Business Capstone and Music Licensing courses at Berklee Online, and is the course author and instructor for Music Business Law, part of the curriculum for Berklee Online’s Master of Art in Music Business degree. About Berklee Online: Berklee Online is the continuing education division of Berklee College of Music, delivering online access to Berklee's acclaimed curriculum from anywhere in the world, offering online courses, certificate programs, and degree programs. Contact an Academic Advisor today: 1-866-BERKLEE (US) 1-617-747-2146 (international callers) advisors🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Copyright Law | E. Michael Harrington | Composition Copyright | Copyright Infringement | Composition and Sound Recording Copyright | Music Business | Berklee Online | Berklee College of Music | Music Business Law

Removing The Boxy Sound From A Voice Recording


A prevalent issue with voice recordings is a boxy sound resulting from a resonance. A resonance occurs from a low-mid frequency reflection based on a room's length, height, and width. This reflection can happen in both an untreated and treated recording space. Resolving the problem with a professional acoustic treatment designed to absorb the resonant frequency is best. However, minimizing the effect can be accomplished with a parametric EQ. This video shows how to identify and modify offending resonant frequencies for a voice recording to improve sound quality significantly. Voice-Over audio engineer Lenny B walks you through a real-life scenario as he assists a professional voice-over talent with his voice recording quality. Finally, hear the difference it makes to the final recorded voice-over sound. A custom processing preset by Lenny B for voice-over is a series of plugins explicitly tuned for your voice, in your room, and on your microphone. To compete in today's voice-over world, you must ensure that your demos and auditions are extraordinary. Voice-over artists at every experience level from all over the world are fighting to win work. However, if you don't have a professional sound, you will lose out to someone who does. Custom voice-over processing presets can take your audio presentation quality to the level necessary to compete with the pros. Instead of taking it upon yourself to tweak the parameters like EQ compression, DeEssing, and saturation, you can hire a professional voice-over audio engineer to create it for you. Once you have the custom preset on your system, you have "The Sound" every time you press the record button. Links: 🔴 Submit Your Voice-Over For Processing: 🤍 🔌 Pro Q-3 EQ by Fabfliter: 🤍 🔌 Scheps Omni Channel by Waves: 🔌Youlean Meter Plugin 🤍 🔗 Website 🤍 🔗 Sennheiser 416 Microphone 🤍 🔗 Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 🤍 Disclosure: Some links above are affiliate links to products and services I use and recommend. I may receive a small commission on sales through these links at no additional cost to you. I appreciate your support, as this helps me continue to create content for the channel. As an Amazon Associate, a fee is earned from qualified purchases. Again, there is no additional cost to you.




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