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Ever wondered how Seachem Purigen removes tannins from tank water? Here, we show off Purigen clearing the water after adding in some brand new logs! Music by: 🤍

Guide to CRYSTAL CLEAR Aquarium Water | How to Regenerate the Purigen?


Browse Seachem Purigen on Our website: 🤍 CHAPTERS 00:00 Intro 00:30 The basics 01:13 Our recommendation 01:56 Seachem Purigen sizes 02:15 How often should the Purigen be changed? 03:19 How to regenerate the Purigen? 05:29 That's all, Folks! MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL 🤍 NEW GREEN AQUA MERCH AVAILABLE: 🤍 Click the bell to get notified of new updates. Feel free to comment and give feedback to us. We're glad to answer your questions. BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER, JOIN US 🤍 MORE AQUASCAPING VIDEOS BY GREEN AQUA AQUASCAPING - CINEMATIC VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - GUIDE AND HOW TO VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - MAINTENANCE VIDEOS: 🤍 GREEN AQUA WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 FLICKR: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 - OUR VIDEO AND AUDIO GEAR 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Our list contains affiliate links. We will receive a small commission if you click on one of the product links. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support! - CREW Camera Operator: Miki Bacskai Post-Production: Miki Bacskai Social media: Viktor Lantos Subtitles: Tamás Demeter Graphics, editing, and color grading made in DaVinci Resolve Studio 18 OUR FAVORITE TOOLS: TUBEBUDDY: 🤍 MORNINGFAME: 🤍 GENIUSLINK: 🤍 MUSIC LICENSED THROUGH EPIDEMIC SOUND 🤍 #greenaqua #howto #purigen



📖 - Video Description: Difference between activated carbon and Seachem Purigen In this video I will show you my opinion between activated carbon and Seachem Purigen. Both are very good in the aquarium, but they have some difference between them in how aggressively they remove the organic compounds from the water. Activated carbon is more aggressive than Purigen, however, Purigen is, in my opinion, more efficient in what we want from chemical filtration in our aquariums. We want to get as much of the bad stuff out of the water as possible, but we don't want to get everything out. And you, what is your opinion about these two products? I hope you enjoyed it and wanted to see more, and more, and more ... and your desire to subscribe and watch all my videos about discus fish, discus fish tank maintenance, nano tanks, aquascaping, discus fish treatments.... Thank you very much. ❤️ 🎵 - Used Songs: - Music by 🤍HoobeZa Link - 🤍 📩 - Email me: - psk.aqua🤍 🔗 - Let´s connect: - Facebook: 🤍 - Instagram: 🤍 - Youtube: 🤍 📽 - Shot with: - iPhone 12 Pro Max 256Gb Blue 💻 - Edited with: - iMovie 🗝 - Key Words: #activatedarbon #chemicalfiltration #purigen

Aquarium Water Clarity [TIME LAPSE SEACHEM PURIGEN TREATMENT!] - Did it Work?


Is Seachem Purigen the real deal? Does it deliver on it's promise and really clears up tanks or is it all just hype and sales pitches? My moving of more substrate from the 210 gallon to the new 300 gallon African Cichlid tank created foggy mess in the 300. To clear things up I dropped three bags of Seachem Purigen into the sump filter. Now you can see, using time lapse photography, what happened. Do you think it made a difference? I suggest you tune in on Sat. for the Cichlids & Coffee live stream. I'm going to use that 300 gallon monster tank as the backdrop, for the first time, and you will see the difference several days of Purigen can have on a tank. Questions? Thoughts? Tips? Share them in the comment section. We all learn from each other at this channel. Remember to always be learning and don't ever forget that you reading this right now - YOU ROCK! If you like the content of this channel please don't forget to hit that sub button, thumbs up and notification bell. It tells YouTube that something worthwhile is going on and encourages YouTube to share the channel with other fish keepers like you and me. Lighting of the 300 and 210 gallon African Cichlid tanks is provided by JC&P and AQQA. For JC&P LED lights and the other aquarium products they offer use this link: 🤍?sca_ref=936021.gPiOsPIQTH For AQQA lights use this link: 🤍 For 10% off AQQA use code: AQQA2022 Remember that fish keeping is truly a "fluid situation" and what works for one set-up might not work for another. Do plenty of research gathering information from several reliable sources before making any changes in your aquarium. Some of you have asked for a way to support the channel. I thank you for asking. Here are a couple ways you can help to keep the content coming: - Join the "Garage Gang" by becoming a Patreon member and get early access to videos and behind the scenes content not available to the public. Use this link for more info: 🤍 - Do you shop on Amazon? Use this link to visit my Amazon store (and for all of your Amazon purchases, fish or non-fish related): Any qualified purchase, after using that link to get to Amazon, will provide the channel with a small percentage. You still get the best price on all goods, so we all win! - Visit my TeeSpring store at: 🤍 and pick up some channel merchandise. The store offers coffee mugs, tees, hoodies and other cool stuff. All purchases pay the channel a small percentage. Use "LIVESTREAM" for a 10% discount at check-out. Live Streaming Join me and a great group of fish keepers on Saturday's at 11am Central (that's 9am Pacific / Noon Eastern) for The Cichlids & Coffee live stream. It's a great hour of fish fun and gets into everything from setting up a tank, proper filtration, fish selection and everything in between. I hope to see you there. A big shout-out to my channel sponsor THE CICHLID SHACK, a provider of top quality fish and fish keeping food and supplies. Visit the shack at and use "shackattack10" for a 10% discount on all products (including food) and use "shackattack15" for a 15% discount on all fish purchases that total over $100. Note: Discounts do not apply to shipping cost. Thank you to key vendors that have helped with my new fish room including: Aquarium Co-Op, a top provider of both products and knowledge for all types of fish keepers. Sicce, a top quality manufacturer of aquarium pumps and filters. Hygger/AQQA - makers of a variety of aquarium products such as tanks, lights, pumps and heaters. JC & P, providers of lights, rocks and other quality aquarium products. Underwater Galleries, makers of the most beautiful ceramic caves available. Xpertmatic, maker of good quality internal filters and air pumps. Many of these products are listed in my Amazon Affiliate store at: 🤍 For a behind the scenes look and access to photos and videos not posted anywhere else, please follow me on Instagram at: ben.o.cichlid If you're looking for a very helpful, knowledgeable and supportive group, check out the "Ben O'Cichlid" group on Facebook. Cichlid is in the name but all types of fish keepers are welcome. Be sure to answer all the join-in questions or the group moderators will not let you in. It's how we keep the trolls out. Thank you for the on-going support and encouragement!

CLEAR water in my African Cichlid tank: Results of UVC and Purigen (Part 2)


In this video I show the difference ultraviolet clarifiers (UVC) and Seachem Purigen made to the colour/clarity of my aquarium water one week after adding them in. There is a Part 1 to this video which I discuss in my detail why I wanted to try UVC and Purigen which you might like to check out: 🤍 Timestamps: 1:20 - What is UVC? (Brief) 1:34 - Does UVC work? Before and After 2:06 - Does UVC Kill Good Bacteria? 2:40 - Running Costs of UVC 3:29 - Other Options for Fixing Green Water 4:36 - What is Seachem Purigen? (Brief) 5:02 - Does Purigen Make Water Clearer? Before and After 6:04 - Does Purigen Prevent Nitrates? 6:51 - Does Purigen Lower pH? 7:06 - Running Costs of Purigen 8:15 - Precautions when Using Purigen 9:53 - Do I recommend UVC and Purigen? If you are struggling with green or dirty water it is good to understand the core of why the issue is occurring. You might find my other video "4 common causes of 'dirty' water and how to fix them" helpful: 🤍 If you found this video helpful please don't forget to give it a like and leave a comment down below to let me know what you think. If you're enjoying my content I would love for you to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell notification to get notified each time I upload a new video! Follow me on Instagram at kaitys_cichlids for more regular updates :) I would love to know: What do you think of chemical filtration like Purigen? What do you think of UVC? Share you experiences! Happy fish keeping! - Music: - Osaki x Tonion - Provided by Lofi Records - Watch: - Download/Stream: 🤍 📥 | Download this music (free) → 🤍

Seachem Purigen [ENG SUB]


For more information: 🤍 🤍 Purigen® Highest organic removal capacity Possesses enhanced capacity owing to its vast surface area; both spherical and macroreticular Helps control ammonia/nitrite/nitrate Color changes as it exhausts; easily regenerated 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

How to recharge Purigen.


#Purigen #rechargePurigen #Seachem Re-upload of this how to video. Edited to comply with new YouTube guidelines. How to recharge Purigen which can be dobe up to ten times.

Should you be using Purigen?


Should you be using Seachem Purigen? How does it work? In this video I go through how it works and why you might want to use it in your home aquarium. This video is not sponsored and all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Seachem Purigen what does it do?


This Video we discuss Seachem Purigen and why its good! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Before Using Chemical Filtration - WATCH THIS! [Is it a Waste of Money? Do You Really Need It?]


Is chemical filtration a waste of money? Does it work? Do you really need it? Do I use it? These are some of the questions I've been hearing lately. Well, here are my tips, based on first hand experience on using (or not using) chemical filtration. I've used all of the most popular brands like ChemiPure (Blue and Green), Seachem Purigen and Seachem Matrix Activated Charcoal). I give you my conclusion and final verdict on this subject at the end of this video. You agree or you might disagree. I certainly want to know what's been your experience with chemical filtration? Did you notice a difference? Do you use it now or have you stopped using it? Why? Share your thoughts, knowledge and experience in the comments below and let's "Always Be Learning!" Interested in trying out some of the products mentioned in this video? They are all available at my Amazon Store. Here are some links: ChemiPure Blue: 🤍 ChemiPure Green: 🤍 Seachem Purigen: 🤍 Seachem Matrix Carbon: 🤍 Seachem Pristine: 🤍 Note: Pristine was mentioned in the video by "Clarity" is the product that was being thought of since Pristine, like their Stability product, is a bacteria additive. Here is a link to Seachem Clarity: 🤍 Pond Sponges (cut to the shape needed): 🤍 Pinky Filter Floss: 🤍 Water polishing (crib batting) poly-fil: 🤍 Pumice (as filter bio media): 🤍 Biohome Ultimate (bio media): 🤍 To see all the products I've used and/or tested, visit my Amazon store at: Amazon disclosure: When using my store link to get to Amazon, anything you purchase from anywhere in Amazon gives my channel a small percentage without raising your cost one penny. It's a great way to support the channel. For more fish keeping videos with tricks, tips and hacks, check out these playlists: For "My Best Fish Keeping Tips" click here: 🤍 For tips and tricks with Fluval FX canister filters go here: 🤍 For tips and tricks with SunSun canister filters go here: 🤍 For videos on water changes and controlling nitrates, click here: 🤍 For videos on general canister filter maintenance, click here: 🤍 My Top 10 most popular videos of all time: 🤍 If you like the content of this channel how about hitting that sub button and bell? That way you'll get notified whenever I upload new content or when I'm going to be delivering a live stream! For more fish fun, photos, previews and a look behind the scenes, follow me on Instagram at: ben.o.cichlid. Did you know that there's a friendly and helpful fish keeping group on Facebook called: "Ben O'Cichlid"? Cichlid is in the name but all fish keepers are welcome! If you're on FB, check it out. If you would like to join please be sure to answer all the join-in questions so that the admins approve your request (it's how we keep the trolls and bots out!). Don't forget to stop by on Saturday🤍10am for the Cichlids & Coffee live stream. We get into some fun discussions about taking care of our finned friends. Why not watch the live stream while drinking out of a Ben O'Cichlid coffee mug or wearing a channel hoodie or tee. Purchases of channel merchandise help to support the channel and are greatly appreciated. You can visit my Teespring store by clicking here: and don't forget to use the code "LIVESTREAM" for a 10% discount at check-out. Shout-outs to Christopher Martin for the Cichlids & Coffee logo, to Sam Penny for the Youtube channel banner art and to Phil Griffiths for the dropping fish video, for putting Sam's artwork in the surf and for the channel icon! Never forget - you reading this right now - YOU ROCK!

Klares Wasser im Aquarium - Seachem Purigen regenerieren | Liquid Nature


Wenn dir dieses Video gefallen hat, gib ihm einen Daumen nach oben und abonniere bitte diesen Kanal, dann verpasst du keine neuen Videos 👍 Seachem Purigen: 🤍 ADA Clean Bottle: 🤍 Microbe-Lift XTreme: 🤍 Du willst, dass wir bei dir zuhause oder in deinem Unternehmen ein Aquascape einrichten und vielleicht auch auf Dauer pflegen? Dann schaue hier auf unserer Webseite vorbei oder schreibe uns eine E-Mail: 🤍 info🤍 Besuche unser Ladengeschäft in Wien. Blindengasse 5, in 1080 Wien Di-Sa 12-18Uhr 🤍 oder schaut in unserem Online Shop vorbei: 🤍 Folge uns auf Social Media! Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Kamera & Schnitt: 🤍

Does Seachem Purigen work? #seachem #purigen #tropicalfish


In this video we look at Seachem Purigen. We get asked often if this product is any good, and truth be told, it is amazing. But instead of telling people that, we thought we would show you. To start with we hit this 150L aquarium with some Sera Aquatan, and we hit it really hard. The water was nearly black when we put the Purigen in. Over the course of a week, Purigen did it's magic until we had a sparkling clear aquarium again. You can buy Purigen from our website 🤍 (New Zealand only) 🤍

Seachem Purigen - Removes Cloudy water fast


My Shrimp tank has been suffering from cloudy water for some time now. I was told about Purigen from Seachem. Added it to my Hang on Back filter and this is the result after only 3 hours

Seachem Purigen Ultimate Filtration Media: What YOU Need to Know


🤍 SeaChem Purigen is a filtration media designed to remove dissolved and insoluble substances from aquarium water. Purigen is a specialty adsorbent in the form of synthetic resin beads. The tiny beads have a large macroporous internal network that adsorbs and traps a variety of organic compounds found in saltwater, reef and freshwater aquariums. Here’s how it works: Naturally-occurring organic compounds are continuously released into the aquarium from fish, corals, algae, biological filtration and food products. If left in the water, these complex substances break down into undesirable substances like ammonia, phosphate and nitrate. A build-up of organics, like proteins, lower water quality, redox potential, water clarity and can even increase the chances of disease problems in your aquarium. Purigen selectively captures and holds these organics while ignoring essential trace elements like strontium and molybdenum. Aquarium water will sparkle with clarity, allowing more light to penetrate into your tank. You’ll notice an improvement in your coral’s color and growth. Purigen can also reduce the organic load on your protein skimmer. It will be easier to control nitrates and phosphates too. Purigen beads turn brown or black when loaded with organics. At this point Purigen should be replaced with fresh media. Purigen can be regenerated using a strong bleach solution if desired. For best results use 250 ml of Purigen in a resin bag, for up to 250 gallons of water. Replace the resin every six months or sooner if the resin changes color. PRODUCT LINK: 🤍 WATCH MORE WYNTK VIDEOS: 🤍

Can Seachem Matrix Really Reduce Nitrates?


Seachem Matrix is one of the best Bio-Medias on the market. Many of us already know that. It will keep your tank cycled and your water crystal clear without ever having to replace it. While many bio-medias out there can accomplish pretty much the same, Seachem Matrix also claims to be able to reduce Nitrate levels! Anaerobic Bacteria are not easy to grow in our over oxygenated tanks and filters. But Matrix is so porous that it claims to be able to support an anoxic environment promoting the growth of anaerobic bacteria which will complete the nitrogen cycle by converting nitrates to nitrogen gas. This is a big statement! And before I claim the same, I will confirm it on my very own tank! Here's hoping! 😊 Watch the Pot Scrubber Series Here - 🤍 Watch the Matrix conclusion video here - 🤍 💖 Become a Member 🤍 📘 Get Crystal Clear Water! Now in eBook and Paperback! 🤍 🐟 African Cichlid Free Webinar Training 🤍 🧐 Get 1 on 1 Premium Coaching - Just You and I! 🤍 🚀 Looking for Anything/Everything KaveMan related? Use The Master Link | 🤍 💬 Text KAVEMAN to (855) 912-1170 to opt-in to text notifications! ✅ How You Can Support The Channel 1.) Hit the LIKE Button (It helps a ton!) 👍 2.) SUBSCRIBE (and press the bell icon) 🔔 3.) Comment during the first hour a new video drops 👀 4.) Join the Free Facebook group - Best group in town! 😊 🤍 5.) Buy KaveMan Merch - Tees & Hoodies 🎁 🤍 6.) Shop at my affiliate store - 🏪 🤍 OR with my affiliate links below 👇 👇 Mechanical Media Poly-Fil - 🤍 Fluval White Polishing Pad - 🤍 Fluval Blue Polishing Pad - 🤍 👇 Bio-Media Seachem Matrix - 🤍 Pot Scrubbers - 🤍 Large Media Bags - 🤍 👇 Chemical Media Chemi Pure Blue - 🤍 Purigen - 🤍 👇 Water Conditioners Seachem Prime - 🤍 Seachem Safe - 🤍 Seachem Stability - 🤍 Seachem Stress Guard - 🤍 Cichlid Trace - 🤍 Cichlid Lake Salt - 🤍 Malawi Buffer - 🤍 American Cichlid Salt - 🤍 👇 Substrate Aragonite Sand - 🤍 Crushed Coral - 🤍 Pool Sand - 🤍 👇 Equipment Fluval FX6 - 🤍 Fluval 407 - 🤍 Wave Maker in 75G (Top) 1600 GPH - 🤍 Wave Maker in 75G (Bottom) 1000 GPH - 🤍 Wave Maker in 210G - 3400 GPH - 🤍 Tank Light 75G - 🤍 Tank Light 210G - 🤍 Heaters - 🤍 Air Pump - 🤍 Water Thermometer - 🤍 50 FT Python (Tube and Hose) - 🤍 Water Change Pump 800 GPH - 🤍 Big Water Pump 2600 GPH - 🤍 Big Water Hose - 🤍 Hose Clamp - 🤍 📌 What I Feed 📌 Northfin Cichlid Formula - 🤍 Northfin Veggie Formula - 🤍 Northfin Krill Formula - 🤍 (Mixed with) Garlic Guard - 🤍 Vita Chem - 🤍 Vitality - 🤍 Zoo Plankton - 🤍 (Treats) Freeze Dried Jumbo Krill - 🤍 Veggie Wafers - 🤍 Raw Shrimp Fresh Zucchini 👇Camera and Recording Gear Cannon M50 Kit - 🤍 Tripod - 🤍 ✅ LETS LINK UP (Daily Pics and Vids) Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 ✅ FOR MORE AQUARIUM TOPICS AND ADVICE VISIT 🤍 📌 BEGINNERS IN THE HOBBY START W/ THIS PLAYLIST 📌 🤍 #KaveManAquatics #AquariumHobby

Purigen Seachem 3 days after


Does Seachem Purigen Work? Purigen vs Black Beard Algae PART 1


Hey guys! So I'm having a minor issue with some Black Beard Algae (a.k.a Black Brush Algae). I'm going to try to combat it with some Seachem Purigen which is supposed to remove excessive organics which can be the main cause of black beard algae. This is part one of Does Seachem Purigen Work to Remove Black Beard Algae. Don't forget to subscribe for updates on this issue. Black Brush Algae Video = 🤍 Link to PART 2 = 🤍

Purigen: How To Recharge Safely!


Purigen is a great water clarifier and impurity remover, and is made even better by the fact it can be recharged! However, recharging calls for using bleach...which can be pretty scary, especially considering you want to put the Purigen back into your tank! This video takes you through the relatively simple process to ensure you safely recharge your Purigen.

GLASKLARES WASSER?! Seachem Purigen im Aquarium


Wir haben ein Experiment mit Seachem purigen gemacht. Die Ergebnisse dieses Experimentes basieren rein auf unserer optischen Wahrnehmung. Kein Wisseschaftliches Video. Zooland Frechen: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Video by Alex Trüggelmann: Instagram foto & video: 🤍 Instagram Aquascaping: 🤍

Seachem Purigen


Seachem Purigen Purigen® is een premium synthetisch filtermateriaal dat anders is dan elk ander filtermedium. Het is geen mengsel van ionenwisselaars of adsorbentia, maar een uniek macroporeus synthetisch polymeer dat oplosbare en onoplosbare onzuiverheden uit water verwijdert met een snelheid en capaciteit die alle andere concurrerende producten met meer dan 500% overtreft. Purigen® controleert ammoniak, nitrieten en nitraten door stikstofhoudend organisch afval te verwijderen dat anders schadelijke verbindingen zou vrijgeven. De impact van Purigen op sporenelementen is minimaal. Het verhoogt de redox aanzienlijk. Het reinigt water tot een ongeëvenaarde helderheid. Purigen® wordt geleidelijk donkerder naarmate het uitgewerkt raakt en kan gemakkelijk worden vernieuwd door te behandelen met bleekmiddel. Purigen® is ontworpen voor gebruik in zowel zee- als zoetwater. Purigen® verwijdert oplosbare en onoplosbare vervuiling uit water met een snelheid en capaciteit die alle andere concurrerende producten met meer dan 500% overtreft. Werking: Purigen® is de organische filtratiehars met de hoogste capaciteit op de markt. Geen enkel ander product kan tippen aan het vermogen om vervuiling en verkleuring te verwijderen en water te reinigen tot een ongeëvenaarde helderheid. In tegenstelling tot andere producten op de markt die eenvoudige ionenuitwisselingsharsen zijn, is Purigen® specifiek ontworpen als een organische wegvangende hars. Wanneer ionenuitwisselingsharsen tot hun capaciteit worden gevuld door metalen en andere verontreinigingen, heeft Purigen® nauwelijks zijn potentieel bereikt. Purigen® negeert over het algemeen eenvoudige elementaire verbindingen, die een extreme affiniteit hebben voor stikstofhoudende organische stoffen. De primaire bron van stikstofverbindingen in een aquarium is afval. Vissen, koralen en zelfs planten produceren stikstofhoudend afval. Purigen® verwijdert dat afval sneller en vollediger dan al het andere op de markt. Capaciteit: Purigen's® heeft een verhoogde capaciteit dankzij het enorme oppervlak. Alle andere harsen op de markt zijn puur bolvormige geëxtrudeerde kralen. Deze kralen blijven zelfs onder een microscoop glad. Purigen® is zowel bolvormig als macroreticulair. Het heeft microscopisch kleine poriën die het bruikbare oppervlak vergroten tot vele malen dat van een puur bolvormige hars. Regeneratie: Purigen® kan ook worden geregenereerd. Omdat het afvalproducten adsorbeert, zal Purigen® van kleur veranderen van lichtblond naar donkerbruin, bijna zwart. Als het eenmaal is uitgewerkt, kan het worden geregenereerd met een oplossing van bleekmiddel en water. Het bleekmiddel zal de organische stoffen die uit het aquarium zijn verwijderd letterlijk "verbranden". Pas op voor producten die beweren regenereerbaar te zijn met een zoutoplossing. Dat is de regeneratieprocedure voor ionenuitwisselingsdoeleinden. Een zoutoplossing verwijdert geen organische stoffen. Hoewel dergelijke harsen een beperkte capaciteit voor organische adsorptie hebben, vervangt een zoutregeneratieproces alleen verwijderde ionische verbindingen. Het vernietigt geen grote organische moleculen die zijn verwijderd, wat de primaire functie is van organische adsorptieharsen. Werkwijze: Voor gebruik afspoelen. Gebruik in een fijnmazige (180 micron of minder) filterzak zoals Seachem's The Bag™. Voor de beste resultaten moet Purigen® zo worden geplaatst dat de waterstroom erdoorheen wordt gemaximaliseerd. Het kan worden gebruikt in een potfilter, mediakamer, boxfilter, sump, bioloog of elk ander hoog debietgebied van een druppelfilter. Elke 250 ml behandelt tot 1.000 L gedurende maximaal zes maanden. Actieve werking wordt aangegeven door een uitgesproken verkleuring van het filtermedium tot donkerbruin of zwart. Regeneratie Week in een 1:1-bleekmiddel: wateroplossing gedurende 24 uur in een niet-metalen bak in een goed geventileerde ruimte en buiten het bereik van kinderen. Gebruik normaal 8,25% huishoudbleekmiddel (niet-geparfumeerd, geen kleurstoffen, gebruik geen bleekmiddel zonder spatten). Goed uitspoelen en 8 uur laten weken met een oplossing die 4 eetlepels Prime® of een gelijkwaardige dechlorinator per kopje water bevat. Goed uitspoelen. Voor gebruik in zoet water, 4 uur laten weken met een oplossing met 2 eetlepels buffer per kopje water (Discus Buffer®, Neutral Regulator®). De oorspronkelijke kleur en volledige activiteit zouden nu hersteld moeten zijn en Purigen® is klaar voor hergebruik. Let op: sommige slijmhuidproducten kunnen Purigen® permanent vervuilen en regeneratie bemoeilijken. Niet opnieuw gebruiken als de geur van bleekwater/chloor waarneembaar is. Week in geval van twijfel het medium in een kleine hoeveelheid water en test op restchloor met een chloortestkit.

Update on seachem purigen


So I've used purigen on my tanks and the nitrates went crazy! I've never had problems with nitrates..just ammonia and nitrite. It could just be a coincidence but be careful!

Seachem purigen ve filtru!



Seachem Purigen Review - Before & After (HD)


Decided to run Seachem Purigen in my 20 long setup to see how it helps with polishing the water. Tank is a 20 long and will have all male Convict Cichlids. I know the tank is overpopulated, but no one told me that Convict Cichlids were the rabbits of the aquarium world. It didn't take too long for 4 to turn into 40+ I've been giving away Convict Cichlids for the last 8 years... and though I've managed to stop the spawning, I still have a mess of them to take care of. Running a Fluval 106 Canister filter, Aqua Tech 30-60 HOB filter, Mean Green Killing Machine 9 watt Sterilizer, Fluorescent & LED lighting, Play Sand substrate. I'm probably going to make a 5 gallon fluidized sand filter to increase biological filtration as well as water capacity.

Jak działa Purigen? NAPISY PL


Zobacz jak działa Purigen w praktyce. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Purigen 💪 resina para bajar nitritos y nitratos del acuario 🐟 como usar y como regenerarla ♻️


Purigen es seguramente una herramienta muy útil 👌 para solucionar problemas de picos nitritos o nitratos en nuestro acuario. Esta SUPER resina de absorción es un gran aliado que todo acuarista debería tener y que nos sacara de apuros en situaciones criticas del acuario. En este video te explicaremos que es Purigen, como usarla y cómo regenerarla una vez saturada. 🤍 #purigen #regenerarpurigen #bajarnitritos #bajarnitratos #seachem #filtraciónacuarios



Soak in a 1:1 bleach:water solution for 24 hours in a non-metalic container in a well ventilated area and away from children. Rinse well, then soak for 8 hours with a solution containing 2 tablespoons of ChlorGuard™, Prime®, or equivalent dechlorinator per cup of water. How to regenerate Purigen | Seachem Purigen | What is seachem Purigen | how to use seachem purgien | high ion exchange resin | seachem purigen clear water purigen clear water, purigen high ion exchange resin clear water, purigen ion exchange resin clear water, seachem purigen clear water, purigen ion exchange resin, purigen high ion exchange resin, regenerate seachem purigen, seachem purigen bleach, how to regenerate seachem purigen, how to regenerate purigen, regenerate purigen, recharge seachem purigen, how to clean seachem purigen, recharging seachem purigen, what is seachem purigen, cleaning seachem purigen, seachem purigen, how to save money in the aquarium hobby,

Crystal Clear Aquarium Water - (Easier than you think)


Every aquarist wants crystal clear aquarium water. Some have a harder time getting it then others. But it's much easier to achieve than you think. With a few of these clear water tips you'll enjoy a beautiful clear tank all the time. Maintaining crystal clear water is simple as well. In this video we'll tackle the easiest things to fix and simplest things to avoid to prevent cloudy aquarium water. GET YOUR FREE EBOOK on Crystal Clear Aquarium Water - 🤍 While filming this video about "crystal clear water" my filter decided to start spitting up some junk and made my water look terrible. 🤦‍♂️ Unfortunately I didn't realize until post editing. But instead of scrapping the whole video I decided it still has plenty of helpful information for all of you that need it. So I'll take the criticisms of a dirty tank on the chin like a champ. Enjoy! 😊 🐟 Want to learn how to keep your very own African Cichlids? It's not as hard as you think, JOIN ME FOR A FREE WEBINAR TRAINING! 😊🐟 Register Here - 🤍 PRODUCTS DISCUSSED - (Affiliate Links) Activated Carbon - 🤍 Seachem Purigen - 🤍 Sponge Filter - 🤍 Freesea 1600 GPH Wave Maker - 🤍 ✅ JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP - KaveMan Aquatics Family 🤍 ✅ How You Can Support The Channel: 1.) Hit the LIKE Button (It helps a ton!) 👍 2.) SUBSCRIBE (and press the bell icon) 🔔 3.) Comment and Share with anyone you think it'll help! 👋 4.) Get Crystal Clear Water(Free Ebook) - 🤍 📘 5.) Buy KaveMan Merch - 🤍 🎁 6.) Shop with my affiliate links below 👇 📌 Products and Equipment I use in my tank (Affiliate Links) 📌 Mechanical Media Poly-Fil - 🤍 Polishing Pad - 🤍 Bio-Media Fluval Ceramic Rings - 🤍 Seachem Matrix - 🤍 Chemical Media Chemi Pure Blue - 🤍 Purigen - 🤍 Water Conditioners Seachem Prime - 🤍 Seachem Stress Guard - 🤍 Cichlid Trace - 🤍 Cichlid Lake Salt - 🤍 Malawi Buffer - 🤍 Substrate Aragonite Sand - 🤍 Crushed Coral - 🤍 Equipment Fluval FX6 - 🤍 Fluval 407 - 🤍 Wave Maker 1600 GPH - 🤍 Wave Maker 800 GPH - 🤍 Tank Lighting - 🤍 Heaters - 🤍 Air Pump - 🤍 Water Change Pump - 🤍 Water Change Hose - 🤍 📌 What I Feed 📌 Northfin Cichlid Formula - 🤍 Northfin Veggie Formula - 🤍 Northfin Krill Formula - 🤍 (Mixed with) Garlic Guard - 🤍 Vita Chem - 🤍 Vitality - 🤍 Zoo Plankton - 🤍 (Treats) Freeze Dried Jumbo Krill - 🤍 Veggie Wafers - 🤍 ✅ GET YOUR FREE EBOOK on Simple Steps to getting Crystal Clear Aquarium Water 🤍 ✅ FOR MORE AQUARIUM TOPICS AND ADVICE VISIT 🤍 ✅ Like my shirt? Visit the KaveMan Merch Store for more original designs 🤍 🎁 ✅ LETS LINK UP (Daily Pics and Vids) Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Web - 🤍 📌 BEGINNERS IN THE HOBBY START HERE 📌 🤍 WATCH NEXT - Crystal Clear Aquarium Water - 🤍 Aquarium Water Change - 🤍 210 Gallon Tank Upgrade - 🤍 Aquarium Wave Maker Positioning - 🤍 10 Tips On African Cichlids - 🤍 Cleaning Aquarium Substrate - 🤍 Fluval FX6 Media Set up - 🤍 Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle - 🤍 If you enjoyed the content and found it helpful consider Subscribing and you wont miss any new content. New videos are uploaded weekly and the support is highly appreciated! Thanks in Advance! 😊 Subscribe here - 🤍 #KaveManAquatics #AquariumHobby #crystalclearaquariumwater

How to use Seachem Purigen®


Purigen® কি জিনিস? 🤍 কি কাজ করে? কিভাবে কাজ করে? কোন সাইজের কিনবেন? কিভাবে ফিক্স করবেন? শুভকামনা রইল। 👻 🤍 👻 💻 লারনার্স ট্যাংকের ওয়েবসাইটঃ 🤍 📘 Facebook - 🤍 📷 Instagram - 🤍 🐤 Twitter - 🤍 📚 একুরিয়াম সম্পর্কিত একদম বেসিক বিষয় সম্পর্কে জানতে দেখুন: 🤍 📚 প্লান্টেড ট্যাঙ্ক নিয়ে আগ্রহ থাকলে দেখতে পারেন: 🤍 👻 FAQ: সচারচর জানতে চাওয়া প্রশ্ন: 🤍 🍀 যেভাবে জলজ গাছপালা সংগ্রহ করতে পারেনঃ 🤍 👇 নিচে দেয়া ফেইস-বুকের গ্রুপ গুলো সাবস্ক্রাইব করে রাখতে পারেন: 📰 🤍 📰 🤍 📰 🤍 📰 🤍 👇 কিছু রেপুটেড লোকাল ফিস স্টোরঃ 🌿BAZ 🤍 🌿Nature Aquatics 🤍 🌿Atlantis 🤍 🌿Aqua Den 🤍 #aquarium #planted_tank #dirted_tank #aquascaping #plantedtank #dirtedtank #gardensoil #gardensoiltank #gravel #sand #natureaquarium #aquascaper #aquascaping #lowtech #lowtechtank #aquarist #lowtechaquarium #lowtechplants #plants

Seachem Purigen Test


🤍AquaC14 follow me on Twitter I added a bag yesterday to the filter Here are the results less than 24 hrs later Amazing results I recommend this product Thanks to Victor Aquatics for Advice There is no sponsor for the channel Hit the SUBSCRIPTION button 🤍



Do you have a planted tank that you like, but would like to make it even better? Or just tired of the old look of your aquascape? This step-by-step guide will help you in the process. We will add new hardscape and new plants to refresh the looks and make it vivid again. We also changed the nice ADA AQUASKY MOON LED light to a more reddish Twinstar light to accentuate the autumn colors of this particular scape. AQUARIUM: 60 x 30 x 36 cm, ADA Cube Garden 60-P 🤍 AQUARIUM CABINET: 60 x 30 x 70 cm ADA Cube Cabinet Clear AQUARIUM LIGHTING: ADA Aquasky 601 MOON changed to Twinstar Light 600S LED light to accentuate the red colors. 🤍 AQUARIUM FILTRATION: ADA Superjet ES-600 for 36 cm height, ADA in- and outflows, ADA Bio Rio and Seachem Purigen filter media 🤍 AQUARIUM DECORATION: Iron wood, ~ 1 kg. More Iron Wood and Frodo stones added during the process. 🤍 AQUARIUM SUBSTRATE: ADA Substrate system with ADA Power Sand and ADA Aqua Soil Amazonia 🤍 AQUARIUM CO2: a Pressurized system with ADA Do!Aqua Music 20d diffuser. 🤍 OTHER ACCESSORIES: Eheim Skim 350, Twinstar M5 sterilizer 🤍 AQUARIUM FERTILIZATION: ADA liquid fertilizers 🤍 AQUARIUM PLANTS: Eleocharis acicularis 'Mini', Anubias nana 'Mini', Myriophyllum guyana, Rotala vietnem H'ra, Hygrophila pinnatifida, Cryptocoryne albida 'Brown', Marsilea crenata, Gratiola Viscidula 🤍 NEWLY ADDED AQUARIUM PLANTS: 2x Staurogyne repens, 1x Rotala 'Bonsai', 1x Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini', 3x Bucephalandra sp. 'Lamandau Mini Red', 2x Bucephalandra sp. 'Red' 🤍 AQUARIUM FISH: Apistogramma macmasteri, Nannostomus marginatus 🤍 MORE AQUASCAPING VIDEOS BY GREEN AQUA: GREEN AQUA STORE BUDAPEST – GRAND OPENING: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - CINEMATIC VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - GUIDE AND HOW TO VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - MAINTENANCE VIDEOS: 🤍 If you like the video, please do not forget to subscribe. Click the bell to get notified of new updates. Feel free to comment and give a feedback to us. We're glad to answer your questions. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: 🤍 GREEN AQUA WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 FLICKR: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 Music: "Can't Stop Won't Stop" by Ian Post. Music licensed through 🤍 - License Number 366579



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An Aquarium Filter Guide For Planted Tanks


In this quick tutorial, we talk about the aquarium filtration in the planted aquarium, discussing the importance of aquarium canister filters as one of the possible off-the-shelf solutions, the different filter types, and much more. Enriched with beautifully planted aquariums as usual. The question of the day though is how much is 60 x 5? Hint: we said 350 in the video. :) Some of you have asked about the fish at 0:22, it is Brevibora dorsiocellata. Seachem Matrix for the Oase Biomaster filters is no longer available. MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: 🤍 Click the bell to get notified of new updates. Feel free to comment and give feedback to us. We're glad to answer your questions. BECOME A CHANNEL MEMBER, JOIN US: 🤍 MERCH STORE: 🤍 SUMP FILTER VIDEO: 🤍 AQUARIUM FILTRATION PRODUCTS: 🤍 EXTERNAL FILTERS: 🤍 FILTER MEDIA: 🤍 MORE AQUASCAPING VIDEOS BY GREEN AQUA: GREEN AQUA STORE BUDAPEST – GRAND OPENING: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - CINEMATIC VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - GUIDE AND HOW TO VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - MAINTENANCE VIDEOS: 🤍 If you like the video, please do not forget to subscribe. Click the bell to get notified of new updates. Feel free to comment and give feedback to us. We're glad to answer your questions. GREEN AQUA WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 FLICKR: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 THIS VIDEO IS PRODUCED IN COLLABORATION WITH OASE 🤍 MORE AQUASCAPING VIDEOS BY GREEN AQUA AQUASCAPING - CINEMATIC VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - GUIDE AND HOW TO VIDEOS: 🤍 AQUASCAPING - MAINTENANCE VIDEOS: 🤍 GREEN AQUA WEBSITE: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 FLICKR: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 THIS VIDEO IS PRODUCED IN COLLABORATION WITH OASE 🤍 - OUR VIDEO AND AUDIO GEAR 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Our list contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on one of the product links, we will receive a small commission. This helps support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support! Post-production by Péter Hajdu and Balázs Farkas Sound mixing in Adobe Audition: Viktor Lantos Graphics, editing and color grading made in DaVinci Resolve Music: "Silk" by Mariami, "Bother" by Chris Coral, "Come Clean" by Gloria Tells, "Just You And Me" by MNDLSS, Music licensed through EpidemicSound and 🤍 - License Number 366579. #greenaqua #aquascaping #tutorial #beginners #howto #aquariumfilter #filtration #filtermedia #seachempurigen #seachemmatrix #oase #eheim #ada #aquariumfiltration

ลดแอมโมเนีย ช่วยให้น้ำใส ด้วย Seachem Purigen #seachem


Seachem Purigen วัสดุดูดซับแอมโมเนียที่ดีที่สุด ดีกว่าวัสดุอื่นๆ ในท้องตลาดถึง 5 เท่า ทำหน้าที่ดูดซับของเสีย และควบคุมค่าของเสียหลัก ไม่ว่าจะเป็นแอมโมเนีย ไนไตรท์ และไนเตรท ซึ่งเป็นสาเหตุทำให้ปลาป่วยหรือตาย ช่วยให้น้ำในตู้ปลามีคุณภาพดี สะอาด มีส่วนช่วยให้น้ำใสขึ้น จากการดูดซับค่าของเสียในน้ำ สามารถล้างทำความสะอาด แล้วใช้ซ้ำได้สูงสุดถึง 10 ครั้ง วิธีใช้ : สำหรับขนาด 100 ml. ให้นำไปวางบนกรองชั้นบนที่น้ำไหลผ่านได้ทันที สำหรับขนาด 250 ml. ขึ้นไป ให้ใส่ใน The Bag หรือถุงใส่วัสดุกรองก่อนนำไปวางบนกรองชั้นบนที่น้ำไหลผ่าน หมายเหตุ : แนะนำให้ใช้ร่วมกับถุงใส่วัสดุกรอง The Bag เพื่อประสิทธิภาพที่ดีที่สุด สามารถนำมาล้างแล้วใช้ซ้ำได้มากถึง 10 ครั้ง น้ำสะอาด น้ำใส ปลอดภัยจากแอมโมเนีย แค่ใช้ Seachem Purigen สั่งซื้อสินค้า/ติดต่อเรา 💬Line : 🤍pcn_shop #Seachem #SeachemPurigen #Purigen #วัสดุดูดซับแอมโมเนีย #ลดแอมโมเนีย #ลดแอมโมเนียแบบเร่งด่วน#กำจัดแอมโมเนีย #ซีเชม #ไนไตรท์ #ไนเตรท #แอมโมเนีย

Regenerating Seachem Purigen 100ml


A video on how to regenerate Seachem Purigen 100ml (in a mesh bag) by soaking in 1:1 water:bleach solution for 24 hours. Then rinse them off and soak in Prime or dechlorinator solution (dosage: 4 tablespoons of Prime in a cup of water) for 8 hours. After that rinse them off and your Purigen is ready for use.

Seachem Purigen Review


This is a brief review of my use of Seachem Purigen. It's an amazing product with super quick results. Ideal for those who want crystal clear water or want to remove persistent tannin discoloration.

Восстановление Seachem Purigen


В этом ролике вы увидите восстановление свойств наполнителя для химической фильтрации seachem purigen. Приятного вам просмотра. Если данная информация была вам полезна и интересна, ставьте лайки.

Using Seachem's Purigen in an external filter.mp4


The use of Purigen as additional filtration and water polishing agent in a 450 l big barb tank

Recharging Seachem Purigen & Green Effect Crystal+


Recharging Seachem Purigen & Green Effect Crystal+ *Crystal+ is a more affordable and locally made version of Purigen* The contents in the bags of Purigen and Crystal+ have changed from white (more like beige actually) to a reddish brown. To recharge them for use again... Place them in a container and fill up 50% bleach and 50% water till all bags are covered. Let sit for 24 hours When fully recharged, the contents will be white again. If not just agitate the bags and let sit for another 24 hours. Pour out the bleach solution and rinse thoroughly. Now add 3 times the amount of anti-chlorine (I used Seachem Prime) you usually would to that amount of water in the container and let sit for 24 hours. Pour away the contents and rinse once more. Pat dry and store em(while still damp) in ziplocs for your next usage. Like what you see? Would appreciate if you could like and subscribe to my channel! This video has been shot and edited on a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G.

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