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The Worst Video Game "Remake" Trailers on YouTube


Go To Express VPN To Get 3 Months Free: 🤍 My GOG Affiliate Link: 🤍 Get 12% off your next SteelSeries order with promo code "GMAN" Support me on Patreon: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Outro animation by SGURK: 🤍 Outro music by Good Malware: 🤍 #gaming #rockstar #breakingbad 0:00 Opening Remarks 02:07 Current Remakes 03:35 Where The Pain Begins 10:14 Nostalgia Baiting 13:36 The Pain Continues 16:16 Jerry's Final Thought 19:33 Closing Remarks 20:07 Express VPN 21:40 Amazingly Awesome Patrons

TOP 13 Awesome Upcoming REMAKE Games 2022 & Beyond | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch


Top Upcoming Remake & remastered Games 2022 & 2023 - New Amazing Remake Upcoming Games 2022 - Best Upcoming Remastered Games 2022 & Beyond Don't forget like and subscribe 🤍 You can donate by clicking on Links Below Bitcoin: 🤍 Ethereum 🤍 Tether 🤍 I need your help Please Support My Other Channel with My Brother's Work, Thanks Evolution of Evil Dead Games 🤍 Evolution of Front Mission Games 🤍 Evolution of Serious Sam Games 🤍 Evolution of Marvel Games 🤍 Evolution of Advance Wars Games 🤍

15 Upcoming NEW Video Game Remakes And Remasters of 2022 And Beyond


Remakes and remasters have become an important part of the games industry as of late. Remakes and remasters are also great ways to test the waters for bringing back dormant franchises. 2022 and beyond is looking to be a great time for fans of remakes and remasters, and here we will be looking at a few such examples:

The Top 10 Video Game Remakes of All Time


Video games are still a comparatively young medium in comparison to film and TV, but there still have been plenty of great remakes over the years that have given proper face lifts to old classics. Here are our 10 favorites. #ign #gaming

10 Modern Fan Remakes of Classic Video Games


If any of these classic games got remakes like the ones fans have made, we'd be incredibly excited! For this list, we’ll be looking at fan created or updated versions of classic games that the original developers haven’t seen fit to give a modern facelift, even if they aren't playable. Our list includes “Tomb Raider 2: The Dagger of Xian” by Nicobass, “Castlevania: Simon’s Destiny” by Andrea Gori, “Banjo-Kazooie” by Project Dream, “The Simpsons: Hit & Run” by reubs, and more! What classic game do you want to see remade for the modern generation? Know any great fan-made remakes you wanna give a shout out? Let us know down in the comments. Watch more great gaming videos here: EVERY Upcoming Final Fantasy Game To Get Excited For: 🤍 10 Upcoming Games To Keep On Your Radar In 2022: 🤍 10 SEGA Games That Deserve a Remake: 🤍 Big thanks to all the channels featured in our video! Project Dream: 🤍 Nookrium: 🤍 Vampirschi Gaming: 🤍 Alpha Beta Gamer: 🤍 Mathew Valente: 🤍 Shirrako: 🤍 Jakoliath: 🤍 reubs: 🤍 CryZENx: 🤍 ARTAKE: 🤍 Subscribe for more great content! 🤍 Got ideas? Great, give them to us NOW! 🤍 MojoPlays is your source for reviews, lists, Let's Plays, character origins and video game lore. #Gaming #VideoGames #Classic #Games #Remake #Nintendo #PlayStation #Xbox

Top 10 Best Video Game Remakes


Support My Channel! Sign up 🏰 Vikings War Of Clans and get 💫 “Novice’s Relocation” item and 200 💰 Gold for FREE ➤ 🤍 We truly are living in the golden age of remakes. Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten best video game remakes. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful video game remakes. We’ll only be included full, from-the-ground-up remakes, so remasters will not be included, no matter how beautiful they may be. #Gaming Check our our other channels! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 WatchMojo's Social Media Pages 🤍 🤍 🤍 Get WatchMojo merchandise at WatchMojo’s ten thousand videos on Top 10 lists, Origins, Biographies, Tips, How To’s, Reviews, Commentary and more on Pop Culture, Celebrity, Movies, Music, TV, Film, Video Games, Politics, News, Comics, Superheroes. Your trusted authority on ranking Pop Culture.

10 Games From The 2000s That Should ABSOLUTELY Get Remade


The games industry as a whole seems to have suddenly realized that remaking games is, more often than not, a successful venture. Like any idea that catches on, that has led to a little bit of saturation, with a number of examples of games getting remakes even if they don't need one, but more often than not, the remakes that do end up getting made are exciting reimaginations of classics. The 2000s decade is quickly becoming the prime era for companies to look at games that can be modernized and brought forward to contemporary audiences, and here, we're going to take a look at a few games from that period that we feel should get remade. Given the nature of this feature, we'll obviously be avoiding talking about games that are already strongly rumored to be getting remakes or remasters, so if you notice omissions like Metal Gear Solid 3 and the like, that's why.

5 Games that Actually Need Remakes


With video game remakes and remasters so commonplace in modern gaming I wanted to talk about games I'd love to see benefit being rebuilt from the ground up. Altered Beast (via NintendoComplete) 🤍 check out Skywind: 🤍 Yell at me on twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Top 7: Insane Fan-Remakes made in Unreal Engine 5 (RTX)


Today we are taking a look at some of the most amazing fan remakes. Using the new unreal engine, with ray traced graphics, bringings us the games we deserved. Enjoy :D Links: Avatar (Elca Gaming): 🤍 Hit & Run (Reubs): 🤍 The Vice Cry Remastered: 🤍 Skyblivion (Rebelzize): 🤍 Doom (no official video, dude disappeared) 🤍 FatDino (plants vs zombies, among us): 🤍 Aguineu (POU RTX, minesweeper, snake) 🤍 Project Borealis (official): 🤍 Our Project Borealis video (highly RECOMMENDED): 🤍 ♪ songs: Intro: Lodhi by Pali Gap 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Avatar: "Makai Symphony - Orchestral" is under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 3.0). 🤍 Music promoted by BreakingCopyright: 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Hit and Run: 1) Track: Funky Hip-Hop by MOKKA / Old Jeans 🤍 Music provided by "MokkaMusic" channel and 🤍 2) Autumn 2011 by Loxbeats 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Vice Cry Remastered: s t a r m a n - lets go back [ synthwave vaporwave ] 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Skyblivion: Wild West Vikings by Alexander Nakarada | 🤍 Music promoted by 🤍 Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Doom: Music: Trouble - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– FatDino, Aguineu: Persuasion (Instrumental) by RYYZN 🤍 Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: 🤍 Music promoted by Audio Library 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Half life 3, digo, Project Borealis 7u7: "MYSTERY" Synthwave (JustinBeats) 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Joey Nasser: 🤍 🤍

Remakes, Remasters and Rereleases - Scott The Woz


Scott plays the same games again. Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Music Used: "Electric de Chocobo" from Final Fantasy VII "Rec Room" from Super Mario 64 DS "Main Theme" from Wii Sports Club "Guardia Millennial Fair" from Chrono Trigger "Secret Area 1" from Double Dragon (NES) "Ryu Theme" from Street Fighter II (SNES) "Overworld (Super Mario Bros.)" from Super Mario All-Stars "Main Title" from Tetris & Dr. Mario (SNES) "Game Select" from Super Mario All-Stars "Ken Theme" from Street Fighter II (Game Boy) "DK Isle" from Donkey Kong 64 "N. Sanity Beach" from Crash Bandicoot "Overworld" from Conker: Live and Reloaded "Chao Race" from Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut "Save Theme" from Resident Evil 4 "Windmill Isle (Day)" from Sonic Unleashed "Apotos (Day)" from Sonic Unleashed "Stardust Speedway (Bad Future) (JP)" from Sonic CD "The Windmill Song" from Klonoa "Title Screen" from Mario Kart 8 "Shop" from The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (Nintendo Switch) "Player Select (Super Mario Bros. 2)" from Super Mario All-Stars "Ending (Super Mario Bros.)" from Super Mario All-Stars "Breakout" from 3D Dot Game Heroes

TOP 13 Awesome Upcoming REMAKE & REMASTERED Games 2021 & 2022 | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch


Top Upcoming Remake & remastered Games 2021 & 2022 - New Amazing Remake Upcoming Games 2021 - Best Upcoming Remastered Games 2021 & Beyond Don't forget like and subscribe 🤍 intro Music Credit: Music: Elixir by JoeniNpcGamer is licensed under a Creative Commons License. 🤍 Support by RFM - NCM: 🤍

Top 10 Amazing Fan Remakes of Classic Video Games


Gamers took it upon themselves to modernize these classic games! For this list, we’re looking at the best fan remakes of popular games that have both already been released and are upcoming. Our countdown includes Fallout 4: New Vegas, Grand Theft Auto: Vice Cry: Remastered, GoldenEye 007, Super Mario 64 Plus and more! Which of these fan remakes looks the most impressive to you? Let us know in the comments! Big thanks to all the channels featured in our video! TeamF4NV: 🤍 World of Longplays: 🤍 Mr. Curious: 🤍 Brent Little: 🤍 Enveloping Sounds: 🤍 Andrew2007: 🤍 lunchxbles: 🤍 Makinofaman29: 🤍 Naceo: 🤍 Quackworth: 🤍 Milton Guasti: 🤍 Zevioid: 🤍 TESRenewal: 🤍 Commander-James Bond-France: 🤍 Krollywood: 🤍 Graslu00: 🤍 Crowbar Collective: 🤍 Fallen Foggy: 🤍 Mors: 🤍 Unreal: 🤍 Have Your Idea Become A Video! 🤍 Subscribe for more great content! 🤍 Visit WatchMojo Club for Great Deals! 🤍 Your trusted authority for Top 10 lists, reviews, tips and tricks, biographies, origins, and entertainment news on Film, TV, Video Games, Comics, Celeb, Music and Superheroes. #Gamers #VideoGames #Gaming

So I Remade Slenderman 10 Years Later...


See how I remade Slender in Unreal Engine with updated graphics and full gameplay. Download on 🤍 Wishlist my game on Steam: 🤍 Join my discord: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Unreal Engine 5 is a state-of-the-art engine and editor with photorealistic rendering, dynamic physics and effects, lifelike animation, robust data translation, and much more—on an open, extensible platform that won't tie you down. Slender is a free-to-play indie first person horror game made in 2012 by Parsec Productions. The game is based on an online folklore character known as Slenderman, who is depicted as a tall humanoid creature. 0:00 - Introduction 0:50 - Game Mechanics 3:43 - Level Creation 5:41 - Gameplay #gamedev #unrealengine #slenderman #indiedev #ue4 #ue5

I Remade GTA: San Andreas Because Rockstar Wouldn't


This is how GTA: San Andreas looks in 2021. Download Core to play and create PC games for FREE at 🤍 Links Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Join my Discord server: 🤍 My Patreon: 🤍 My Music Channel: 🤍 Download my games here: 🤍 - I remade an intro cinematic from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas using Unreal Engine 4. GTA: SA is one of the best games of all time, so it should be remade. Rockstar, please! - A bit about GTA: SA Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a 2004 action-adventure game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. It is the seventh title in the Grand Theft Auto series. The game is set within an open world environment that players can explore and interact with at their leisure. Carl's journey takes him across the fictional U.S. state of San Andreas, which is heavily based on California and Nevada. - A bit about Unreal Engine 4: The Unreal Engine is a AAA game engine developed by Epic Games. The latest release is Unreal Engine 4, which launched in 2014 under a subscription model. Since 2015, it can be downloaded for free, with its source code available on GitHub. Music in video - Dyalla, Fat Dino. 0:00 The Plan 1:00 Thanks Core! 2:02 Map Recreation 4:22 Modeling CJ 4:50 Animation 6:39 Result 9:53 Conclusion #FatDino #gta #gamedev

I Remade the World's Worst Game but Better


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial is widely considered to be the worst game ever made so I challenged myself to remake it into a game that's actually good. → Download the game: 🤍 → Discord: 🤍 → Twitter: 🤍 Thanks to Bread Stream for the phone piece models. Check out their Twitter: 🤍 Although there's a lot of debate over what's the worst game of all time, many articles and lists point towards the 1982 Atari game: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. I know the game was rushed and it's an older game but this video was more an experiment to see if I could improve a game that has a lot of issues while still staying true to the original game. I made this game with the Unity game engine. I also used Quicktime Player, Audacity, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Photoshop to record and edit this video. My microphone is an AT2020USB+. If you liked this video, consider subscribing so you won't miss my future videos: 🤍 - Other Tyler Green Videos - → I Made Pokemon Red/Blue but it's 3D: 🤍 → I Made a Call of Duty Clone in 10 Days: 🤍 -Music- Nowhere Land - Kevin MacLeod Newer Wave - Kevin MacLeod Blippy Trance - Kevin MacLeod -Unity Assets- Customizable Skybox: 🤍 Nature Starter Kit 2: 🤍 -3D Models- 🤍 🤍 Also 🤍 for some of the animations Next time, should I remake the worst N64 game? (Cough, Superman, Cough) #et #devlog #gamedev

How I Remade The Simpsons Hit and Run in a Week


Try my C Survival Game Course: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 0:43 - Remaking the Map 1:55 - Remastering the Map 3:44 - Creating Homer 4:57 - Adding the UI 5:52 - Gameplay 8:06 - Vehicles 9:24 - Missions 10:13 - Finishing Touches 10:48 - Gameplay Showcase

TOP 15 Awesome Upcoming REMAKE & REMASTERED Games 2022 & Beyond | PS5, XSX, PS4, XB1, PC, Switch


Top Upcoming Remake & remastered Games 2022 & 2023 - New Amazing Remake Upcoming Games 2022 - Best Upcoming Remastered Games 2022 & Beyond Don't forget like and subscribe 🤍 Please Visit These Links of Amazon Selection Stuff For Sale if You Like, They Will Change Every Video And The Revenue Will Not Come To Me But Help Someone Who Need it, Thanks For Nice Work 1 Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter 🤍 2 New World: Deluxe Edition 🤍 3 NUBWO Gaming headsets PS4 🤍 4 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 🤍 5 Battlefield 1 Revolution – PC Origin 🤍 6 Marvel Crisis Protocol Core Set 🤍 7 Roblox Digital Gift Card 🤍 8 Black Shark Gaming Headset for PC, PS4, PS5 🤍 9 SkyTech Blaze 3.0 Gaming Computer PC Desktop 🤍 10 NBA 2K23 Michael Jordan Edition - PlayStation 5 🤍 Please Support My Other Channel with My Brother's Work, Thanks Evolution of Valkyrie Profile Games 🤍 Evolution of Rainbow Six Games 🤍 Evolution of Capcom Games 🤍 Evolution of Street Fighter Games 🤍 Evolution of Resident Evil Games 🤍 Evolution of Sucker Punch Company Games 🤍 00:00 Alone in the Dark 01:39 Gothic Remake 03:16 The Last of Us Part I 04:30 Resident Evil 4 Remake 05:35 Dead Space Remake 09:50 Red Dead Redemption Remastered 11:24 Max Payne 1&2 Remake 12:57 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 13:47 Splinter Cell Remake 15:27 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Remake 16:12 Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake 17:31 System Shock Remake 18:49 Dragon Quest III HD-2D Remake 19:45 Tactics Ogre: Reborn 20:35 Front Mission 1st: Remake

Top 10 Video Game Remakes That Got It WRONG


When it comes to video games, if it ain't broken, don't fix it! For this list, we’re not necessarily looking at the worst video game remakes, but remakes that got its source material wrong and/or messed with the design of the game too much. Our countdown includes “Resident Evil 3” (2020), “Secret of Mana” (2018), “MediEvil: Resurrection” (2005), “Luigi’s Mansion” (2018), “Conker: Live & Reloaded” (2005) and more! What’s a game you’d like to see get remade? Share with us in the comments below! Watch more great gaming videos here: Top 10 Best Video Game Remakes: SHORTSHARELINK Top 10 Changes in Video Game Remakes No One Asked For: 🤍 Top 10 Amazing Fan Remakes of Classic Video Games: 🤍 Big thanks 8 Bitty LP Committee whose footage was used in our video! 🤍 Have Your Idea Become A Video! 🤍 Subscribe for more great content! 🤍 Visit WatchMojo Club for Great Deals! 🤍 Your trusted authority for Top 10 lists, reviews, tips and tricks, biographies, origins, and entertainment news on Film, TV, Video Games, Comics, Celeb, Music and Superheroes. #VideoGames #Gaming #Remakes

Remakes and Remasters


tutorial to setup Goldeneye 🤍 with 🤍 and 🤍 and footage from 🤍

BULLY Remake - Unreal Engine 5 Insane Showcase | Concept Trailer


Imagining BULLY Remake in Unreal Engine 5, A Dream that we Hope will Come True | TeaserPlay's Exclusive Concept in this video we are going to imagine Bully Remake, A great nostalgic game that we need now in next gen graphics, we tried to use all the power and features of Unreal Engine 5 to recreate this such as Lumen, Nanite, Ray Tracing and Metahuman to Create Jimmy Hopkins and Dr Crabblesnitchs Face Unreal Engine 5 is Powerful Engine that going to be used to make many PS5 and Xbox Series X|S games 🔺* Rockstar Disclaimer: This is not a Game, it's just a Concept (Fan-Made) trailer to show the power of Unreal Engine 5 and we have no plans to release this * by 🤍TeaserPlay

13 Games That ABSOLUTELY NEED To Be Remade


With the increase in technology and graphics in the gaming industry, you can look back and see a noticeable difference between games that come from varying years. While some games are in the process of or have already been remade, some games haven’t had their turn just yet, but really deserve it. With that out of their let’s talk about 13 Games That Need To Be Remade. Before we go any further, bear in mind, we’re not talking about a bump up in the graphics department, but rather a complete recreation on a modern system SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: 🤍 LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: 🤍 FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: 🤍

Top 10 Best Video Game Remakes of All Time


There’s always something special about a video game remake. Whether it’s fully rebuilt from the ground up or modernized in enough ways to make it feel brand new, it’s always exciting to see our childhood memories in a fresh and polished light. For this list, we avoided adding video game remasters. Seeing a game remastered is often a sight to behold, but doesn’t quite qualify as a full-on remake. So to that end, here are IGN’s top 10 video game remakes of all time. Our full list: 1. Resident Evil 2 Remake 2. Final Fantasy 7 Remake 3. Demon’s Souls (2020) 4. Resident Evil Remake 5. Metroid: Zero Mission 6. Half-Life Black Mesa 7. Live A Live 8. Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver 9. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 10. Shadow of the Colossus #IGN #Gaming

Why We Need MORE Video Game Remakes and Remasters


There have been certain things going on in my own life, as well as in the world of gaming, that made me conclude that we need MORE video game remakes and remasters. Some people might cringe at this... thinking that if it forsakes new IPs, that we shouldn't have any more remakes/remasters than we already have. I think it's possible to have a market for remakes and new IPs. Not only that, it's necessary. Listen on. SubscribeStar: 🤍 PayPal: Twitter: Discord Link: 🤍 Twitch:

I Remade My First Game Ever in Unreal Engine 5 Early Access


Hey there friends! Today I'm going to be recreating my first game, now in the Unreal Engine 5 Early Access. Subscribe for more content and check out the pinned comment for awesome links :) Outro Music by: Gabe Miller

10 Video Games That Deserve A Remake


Despite decent efforts made by Microsoft and Nintendo (let's not talk about Sony), there are still hundreds if not thousands of titles from previous generations that have been lost to time in the past couple of decades, and unless we’re fortunate enough to own a collection of retro consoles, or can successfully emulate them, then it feels like we’ll never get to experience them ever again. So what better way to rescue a bit of gaming history than yet another remake. Yes, they are ten a penny nowadays but with classics like Silent Hill, TimeSplitters and The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind becoming harder and harder to play, we reckon a fresh version would be totally justified. Here are 10 Video Games That Deserve A Remake! VO: Peter Austin (🤍ThatPeterAustin) Script: Cat Elliot (🤍cat_elliott_) Video Editor: Alex Winters (🤍MrSteakFace) #SilentHill #TimeSplitters #TheElderScrolls Subscribe for more wonderful video game content from Ben Potter, Peter Austin, and Ashton Matthews! TripleJump provides video coverage of video games - including top ten lists featuring current gen platforms (PS4 & PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch and PC), retro consoles (PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox and Sega), as well as Worst Games Ever, video game challenges, launch games videos, first impressions, podcasts, livestreams and much, much more. Careers, contacts, and more information can be found on our website: 🤍 ⇨ Patreon: 🤍 ⇨ Twitch: 🤍 ⇨ Merchandise: 🤍 ⇨ Livestream VODs: 🤍 ⇨ Podcast: 🤍 ⇨ Twitter: 🤍 ⇨ Facebook: 🤍 ⇨ Discord: 🤍 Follow the team on social media: • Ben: 🤍 & Confused_Dude on PSN • Peter: 🤍 & 🤍 • Ashton: 🤍 & 🤍 Follow our friends! • Billy Ray Walrus: 🤍 • Rules Boss: 🤍 • Barbara Pis: 🤍 The TripleJump Podcast is hosted by Acast, but available on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and more! Acast: 🤍

I Remade My Game 4 YEARS Later! • Devlog


In this devlog I am remaking a game I made over 4 years ago! The game is a slime simulator of sorts and it was called "Slime Game." At this time I was just making games for fun and had no idea that I would be where I am now! Game development for me back then was different because I never knew what I was doing, and actually didn't plan anything! I guess some of that hasn't changed though... 🌽Slime Game 🤍 🌟Gelli World Kickstarter Pre Launch 🤍 🏅Patreon 🤍 🔊Discord server 🤍 🐦Twitter 🤍 📷Second Channel 🤍 Videos used in this video Skyrim fox - 🤍 Pokémon Camping - 🤍 #MadeWithUnity I Remade My Game 4 YEARS Later! • Devlog

Top 15 Classic 16-Bit Games Great to Be Remade | 2022


Top 16 bit Games That Ahead of Their Time - Amazing Underrated 16 bit Games Until 2022 - Best Upcoming Games 2022 & Beyond Don't forget like and subscribe 🤍 Please Visit These Links of Amazon Selection Stuff For Sale if You Like, They Will Change Every Video And The Revenue Will Not Come To Me But Help Someone Who Need it, Thanks For Nice Work 1 RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair 🤍 2 OFM Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair 🤍 3 AOC C24G1A 24" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor 🤍 4 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse 🤍 5 Sceptre 24" Professional LED Monitor 🤍 6 Play Computer Speakers for PC or Laptop 🤍 7 【Upgrade】 LED Wireless Mouse 🤍 8 Xbox Series Shttps 🤍 9 Bluetooth Headphones Over-Ear 🤍 10 Anker Soundcore Life Headphones 🤍 Please Support My Other Channel with My Brother's Work, Thanks Evolution of Evil Dead Games 🤍 Evolution of Front Mission Games 🤍 Evolution of Serious Sam Games 🤍 Evolution of Marvel Games 🤍 Evolution of Advance Wars Games 🤍

SILENT HILL: REMAKE || UNREAL ENGINE 5 | First Look & Gameplay | Fan Game


First Look & Gameplay at the upcoming SILENT HILL 1 Fan Remake created in Unreal Engine 5. || SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Follow Progress on the Silent Hill Remake, YouTube - 🤍 Discord - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Telegram - 🤍 ━━━━━━━━━━━━ Support ROE ★ Become a Member - 🤍 ★ Support on Patreon - 🤍 ★ GFUEL (Code: ROE) - 🤍 ★ MERCH - 🤍 Follow ROE 🚪 DISCORD - 🤍 🚪 TWITTER - 🤍 🚪 FACEBOOK - 🤍 🚪 TWITCH - 🤍 🚪 INSTAGRAM - 🤍 ROE Playlists 📺 RESIDENT EVIL News - 🤍 📺 ROE PODCAST - 🤍 📺 ROE LIVE - 🤍 Credits ROE Theme Song by: Mono Memory ► 🤍 ► 🤍 #silenthill #silenthillremake #unrealengine #unrealengine5

How I Remade MW2 with Unreal Engine 5


"Fine, i'll do it myself" Try my C Survival Game Course: 🤍 Get the project files (note I have replaced all copyrighted content with royalty free versions) 🤍 Discord: 🤍

When Does A Game "Deserve" A Remake? (RE4/ The Last of Us Thoughts)


Two of the greatest games of all time, Resident Evil 4 and The Last of Us were both confirmed to be getting remakes in the past week. This has sparked a lot of discussion on what games do/do not deserve to be remade. With these two games meaning a lot to me, this had me thinking quite a lot on the subject, since I am really excited for both, I decided to throw my hat in the ring! And I even mention Sonic Frontiers within the first 60 seconds! * Twitter ▶️ 🤍 Consider Supporting Me on Patreon: 🤍 Check Out The RE4 HD Project: 🤍 Check Out The Code Veronica Fan Remake: 🤍 * Chapters: 00:00 Resident Evil 4 Remake Thoughts 05:20 Does Resident Evil 4 Need a Remake? 09:40 Does The Last of Us Need a Remake? 14:21 What is a Video Game Remake? * #residentevil #thelastofus #residentevil4

10 Video Games That ACTUALLY Deserve A Remake


Was anyone asking for a Last Of Us remake? For more awesome content, check out: 🤍 Catch us on Facebook at: 🤍 Find us on Twitter: 🤍 Check out our merch store at: 🤍 Why not join our Discord? 🤍 WhatCulture Gaming Podcast now available! - iTunes: 🤍 - Spotify: 🤍 WhatCulture Gaming Podcast is also available on Acast, Podbean, Podbay, Podcast Addict, and more to come!

So I Remade Crash Bandicoot BUT You Can't Beat It | Fan Game


I tried to remake the known Bridge level - Road to Nowehere from the original Crash Bandicoot Game in Unity game engine and I wanted to spice the things a bit up and I made it even harder. I hope that you enjoyed the video and let me know what you think about the game so far. You can try this game as well and it's free to download. I would like to see how many tries it would take you to finish it. Crash Bandicoot Bridges Download Link: 🤍 Old Crash Bandicoot Bridges Download Link: (Not Recommended because the difficulty is very dangerous) 🤍 If you want to support me you can do so here: 🤍 Contact Information: E-mail: alexsstuff100🤍

Remaking My First Game! | Devlog #1


I challenge myself to remake my first game ➤Click This to Subscribe Accidentally on Purpose - 🤍 ➤Twitter - 🤍 // descriptive description Since I'd been working hard at getting back into game dev, I thought it would be fun to go back to my roots five years ago when I first dabbled in it. My goal was to remake my first game, basically a roll-a-ball game with a few a hacked on mechanics and levels, but this time around I would challenge myself (and hopefully avoid tutorial purgatory) by not directly googling how to do anything - in essence, no tutorials besides good old Unity documentation and forums. I had no idea just what was in store for me and what I thought would only take weeks - took months. Even though it took forever, the whole process was actually really fun and I learned a lot more than I thought I would - a bit of everything from programming, 3d modeling, animation, sound design, optimization, and much more. It might be a bit of a jump, but AI is next on my list! As for what the game I’ve made actually is/will become, I have no idea! Right now I've got an idea of making some sort of metroidvania since your mobility is pretty limited as sphere and new abilities would really help with traversal, but really I’ll just have to see what happens as I add, remove, and refine different mechanics. Anyways, I really hope you enjoyed watching my first devlog and stick around for the next one! // about me I make video games and videos // other videos you might enjoy Dani - He said I Couldn’t Make a 3D Game… So I Made One! 🤍 Dani - 6 Months of Learning Game Development in Unity (Progress & Result) 🤍 Sam Hogan - I Made a Game with Intentional Bugs 🤍 Sam Hogan - I Made the Hardest Game Ever 🤍 Randall - Programming a New Physics Engine for my Game 🤍 DualWielded - Spicing Up The Cave and Intriguing the player! – Unity Indie Game Devlog #7 (Incaved) 🤍 (p.s. I earn 2 gold stars in this video) // music used LAKEY INSPIRED - Blossom JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure - Golden Wind OST - II Vento Doro LAKEY INSPIRED - The Process Slynk - Twelve Speed Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - Quiet’s Theme Dan Henig - Arpy Artificial.Music - don’t leave me here alone Francis Preve - Classique R.LUM.R - Copycat Slynk - Doctor Momentum // video clips used Dani - Mastering the Art of Animation 🤍 SmarterEveryDay - .50 Cal vs Ballistic Window HARDCORE Slow Mo - Smarter Every Day 187 🤍 Bacon_ - Don’t worry, we’ll get him. 🤍

Top 10 BEST Video Game Remakes | The Completionist


Sometimes when you replay a game due to nostalgia it hasn't aged well. This is where remakes come in. Not HD remasters. We're talking about building upon the foundation of the parent game and not only improving the graphics, but the gameplay and other factors as well. But not all remakes are created equal, that's why I have my list of my Top 10 BEST video game remakes. This is my personal opinion on all the remakes that are currently out. Subscribe: 🤍 NEW and exclusive content when you support Our Patreon: 🤍 WE GOT MERCH! 🤍 Let me know what you thought about my Top 10 best video game remakes! What other remakes would you add to this list? Watch Us On Twitch: 🤍 Find Us On Reddit: 🤍 Follow Us On Twitter: 🤍 Like Us On Facebook: 🤍 Follow Us On Instagram: 🤍 The Completionist Theme By Elite Ferrex - 🤍 Watch more game reviews like my Top 10 Video Game Remakes review on my channel | The Completionist #BestRemakes #Remake #Top10 #Gaming

EVERY Super Mario Game Remade in Super Mario Maker 2


0:00 Intro 0:16 Donkey Kong (Arcade) (1981) (Course ID: M6W-RC-F9G) by ??? 2:58 Mario Bros. (1983) (Course ID: 07Y-WVR-TXG) by SMMPiano 6:37 Wrecking Crew (1984) (Course ID: YH4-49M-GVF) by General BB 11:40 World 1-2 (Super Mario Bros.) (1985) (Course ID: QQ5-DM9-4KF) by MayroSMB1 13:50 World 6-2 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels) (1986) (Course ID: S5C-RJQ-21G) by TTLMario 15:15 World 4-1 (Super Mario Bros. 2) (1988) (Course ID: 71R-KJ6-KGG) by MayroBros2 16:33 Angry Sun Level (Super Mario Bros. 3) (1988) (Course ID: No ID) by SuperC95 (me) 17:18 World 4-1 (Super Mario Land) (1989) (Course ID: WC2-98V-SMG) by SuperC95 (me) 20:45 Gnarly (Super Mario World) (1990) (Course ID: 4XH-WSN-7BG) by SuperC95 (me) 22:27 Mushroom House (Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins) (1992) (Course ID: RSH-TSK-WJF) by SuperC95 (me) 24:18 Go! Go! Mario! (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island) (1995) (Course ID: YC8-FWR-82H) by Avatar5991 27:01 Wing Mario Over the Rainbow (Super Mario 64) (1996) (Course ID: JT1-7RS-K8G) by SeanDreyer 28:47 Ricco Harbor (Super Mario Sunshine) (2002) (Course ID: TWG-01P-XRG) by Rhys_ 30:48 World 8-3 (New Super Mario Bros.) (2006) (Course ID: 7BH-3Y2-NTF) by SuperC95 (me) 34:32 Ghostly Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy) (2007) (Course ID: S1M-JQG-KGG) by SPG64 36:35 World 1-3 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii) (2009) (Course ID: S20-QQY-JLG) by SuperC95 (me) 40:03 Clockwork Ruins Galaxy (Super Mario Galaxy 2) (2010) (Course ID: S95-4XM-BBG) by Nezuko 42:55 World 1-1 (Super Mario 3D Land) (2011) (Course ID: VW8-0LP-BGG) by ReeceeYT 44:49 Impossible Pack (New Super Mario Bros. 2) (2012) (Course ID: CC5-KDN-WWG) by scared L 46:06 Jungle of the Giants (New Super Mario Bros. U) (2012) (Course ID: KB2-0DW-MVG) by SuperC95 49:43 Champion's Road (Super Mario 3D World) (2013) (Course ID: J9V-7XF-2VF) by Bomber913 53:18 World 1-2 (Super Mario Run) (2016) (Course ID: VR9-M81-P5G) by JalexSuper 55:56 Cascade Kingdom (Super Mario Odyssey) (2017) (Course ID: MCT-6F6-3FF) by Gysan 59:11 Scamper Shores (Bowser's Fury) (2021) (Course ID: JM8-T79-4DG) By ReeceeYT Here are a bunch of remakes of levels from each of the games in the Super Mario series. They have all been remade in Super Mario Maker 2. Some of these levels were made by me, as well as many other users. So make sure to go check out these levels for yourself. All footage was recorded at 1080p & 60fps on Nintendo Switch. Enjoy, like and please subscribe if you would like to see more. If you have any suggestions on how to make these videos better or ideas for future videos I would love to hear it. So, enjoy and please subscribe if you would like to see more. My main channel: 🤍 My second channel: 🤍 My "Super Mario Maker 2 Level Showcase" Playlist: 🤍 My "Super Mario Maker Remakes" Playlist: 🤍 Also if you feel inclined to donate to this channel:

Top 10 Laziest Video Game Remasters and Remakes


Move over, developers, here are Fan Remakes BETTER Than The Originals! 🤍 In a world full of video game remakes, these ones just missed the mark. For this list, we’ll be looking at remasters or remakes that felt unnecessary or did little to justify their existence. Our countdown includes Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD, Diddy Kong Racing DS, Guitar Hero Smash Hits and more! Which classic game do YOU think deserves a full remake? Let us know in the comments! Watch more great gaming videos here: 10 Video Games That Might Suck In 2021: 🤍 10 Most Intimidating Video Game Villains Who Never Speak: 🤍 10 Games That Do Norse Mythology Right: 🤍 Have Your Idea Become A Video! 🤍 Subscribe for more great content! 🤍 Visit WatchMojo Club for Great Deals! 🤍 Your trusted authority for Top 10 lists, reviews, tips and tricks, biographies, origins, and entertainment news on Film, TV, Video Games, Comics, Celeb, Music and Superheroes. #WMVideoGames #WMAdventureGames #Gaming

I remade MARIO KART but with RAGDOLLS


I inject new life into the classic Mario Kart series by adding ragdolls and teach the AI to drive around using machine learning Check out Gless' twitch here: 🤍 ► Support the channel by becoming a member: 🤍 ► Download Unity 3D: 🤍 ► Socials Discord: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 My games: 🤍 Edited by: AIA + 🤍n8dev For more educational content on video game development, unity tutorials, and c# programming don't forget to subscribe! This game uses the Unity game engine combined with the asset Game Creator 2 commonly referred to as unity gc2. This is an indie game devlog, the team is currently composed of a single solo dev. ► Credits Music from Uppbeat (free for Creators!): 🤍 License code: AYELEJ21OBIQCKJO 🤍 License code: GONUWYUGU1NNLJFS 🤍 License code: QRMEKAI44L4I4Y76 🤍 License code: GP4TODJZDTTSZLQF 🤍 License code: JYFMLDASETPKQZWN //about I'm a licensed architect who somehow made his way into becoming an indie game developer. Before starting this journey I literally had no experience with Unity, c#, coding, or programming. Now I share fun (and hopefully funny) videos about what I'm working on via this devlog / devblog. Check out some of my other videos! AIA - I accidentally Made Dani's Game 🤍 AIA - I made a game that makes people FALL in LOVE 🤍 AIA - No Modern Videogame Has This Technology... So I Made It. 🤍 AIA - Adding FLIGHT to my DREAM Game 🤍 AIA - Building My DREAM Game 🤍 My specs: Graphics card - RTX3090 Mic - Shure sm7b Boom Arm - Rhode PSA1 Mixer - Go XLR Other related videos: MixMorris - I Remade Mario Kart So You Can Wreck Your Friends 🤍 Samuel Arzt - AI Learns to Park - Deep Reinforcement Learning 🤍 Yosh - A.I. Learns to Drive From Scratch in Trackmania 🤍 CodyCantEatThis - I Made Super Mario Bros but it's 3D 🤍

Gothic 1 Remake - Showcase Trailer 2022 | PS5 Games


Before we can trust you, you'll first need to pass a little test. Can you handle that? Prepare yourself for a visit in the Old Mine, a dangerous place full of vicious creatures. Descend to the bottom and find Ian - he's your man. Tell him that Diego sent you. If you come back alive with the supplies list, we can talk about you joining us. That's all you need to know... for now. Oh, and before you leave, ask Graham for a map. What are you waiting for? Get going! #Gothic #ReturnToTheColony #ps5games

GTA Vice City Remake - Unreal Engine 5 Amazing Showcase l Concept Trailer


GTA Vice City in Unreal Engine 5 | What the Definitive Edition version should have been! Recreation of Vice City in Unreal Engine 5 Exclusively by TeaserPlay, I used Lumen for rendering and my point in making this video was to show how powerful Unreal Engine 5 is for making sandbox games and what the remaster version of GTA Vice City should look like 🔻I have also made the concept trailer of the GTA San Andreas in Unreal Engine 5, which you can watch here: 🤍 Unreal Engine 5 is Powerful Engine that going to be used to make many PS5 and Xbox Series X|S games 🔺* Rockstar Disclaimer: This is not a Game, it's just a Concept (Fan-Made) trailer to show the power of Unreal Engine 5 and we have no plans to release this * ◖Created By TeaserPlay Studio◗

This REMADE Naruto Game is FIRE! 🔥


Roblox Shindo Life. We finally come back to this naruto anime game because it got a new update it's the second year anniversary! Play Roblox Shindo Life► 🤍 JOIN MY DISCORD SERVER: 🤍 ►Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 ►Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 ►Follow me on 🤍 ►My oGVexx Plays Roblox Channel: 🤍 ►My oGVexx Reacts Channel: 🤍 ►For Sponsorships or Endorsements: Email me Check my Channel's "About Me" section for my complete business email. ►Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects from: 🤍 Roblox (originally stylized as ROBLOX) is a massively multiplayer online social game platform, where players are able to create and publish their own virtual worlds using building tools and Lua. Players can earn or purchase Robux, which can be cashed into real-world money if earned from developing games or clothing items. There are over 29 million games and approximately 56 million active/1.1 million peak concurrent players playing a total of 1 billion hours each month. #roblox #naruto #anime

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