Polaris remix

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My Hero Academia Season 4 OP: Polaris feat. Will Stetson [ dj-Jo Remix ]


Original song from the opening theme to TV Anime "My Hero Academia Season 4" ("Boku no Hero Academia 4th Season", "僕のヒーローアカデミア 4thシーズン") titled "Polaris" by BLUE ENCOUNT Vocals by Will Stetson 🤍 🤍 Now out on Apple Music, Spotify, and more! 🤍 Genres: Drum & Bass / Drumstep / Experimental / Trap BPM: 190 - Patreon: 🤍 Support my Patreon for high quality mp3 downloads and uncompressed instrumentals! - Happy New Year!! Starting off this year with a bang! I am very happy with this one! I experimented a bit at the end of the song and it turned out to be something I'm really proud of! I hope you guys like it though I'm not sure if most of you will since it is a bit extreme with what I did. Also, I added in You Say Run in there cause I felt like it fit. Overall I tried quite a few things in this remix and I feel like I'm growing with this release musically. Shout out to Will with the fantastic job on the vocals! Check out his vocaloid covers when you have a chance, he does a great job with them ^_^ Here's to a lot more song in 2020! See you guys in 2 weeks! Until next time :3 _ Download: 🤍 Off Vocal / Instrumental Download: TV Size: 🤍 Full: 🤍 Official Discord: 🤍 Official Website: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Tumblr: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Guilty Kiss - Guilty Eyes Fever (PolariS Remix)


Get it here: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Guilty Kiss is my favorite sub-unit among the three in Aqours and their overall vocal quality explains why. At first, I got a K-Pop feel to the first verse of the original song. Aika's powerful expression gave me the idea. I just love everything about Guilty Eyes Fever. I made a remix much less intense than the original as I did a gentler and classy future house kind. Hope you enjoy! Image Source: 🤍 Artist: けいと (keito) Original Song: Guilty Eyes Fever Band: Guilty Kiss Singers: Yoshiko Tsushima (CV. Aika Kobayashi), Riko Sakurauchi (CV. Rikako Aida), Mari Ohara (CV. Aina Suzuki) EDIT: I'd like to thank 终将听见青春的声音 (🤍 because he/she uploaded this one to Bilibili for Chinese listeners because from what I know, most English websites are restricted from China. Here's the link: 🤍 #LoveLiveSunshine #GuiltyKiss #Remix

deadmau5 - Polaris


deadmau5 - Polaris follow #mau5trap new releases here: 🤍 follow airplane mode on Spotify: 🤍 WAF006: 🤍 deadmau5 online: 🤍 🤍 🤍 SUBSCRIBE HERE: 🤍 mau5trap online: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 snapchat: mau5trap #Mau5trap #deadmau5 #Polaris

MY HERO ACADEMIA Season 4 OP Theme - Polaris (HQ Cover) [Styzmask Remix]


Subscribe ► 🤍 Soundcloud☁️ 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 PATREON ▶️ 🤍 I do not use any sample from the original track. I recreate every sound by myself. ╔═════════╝☯╚═════════╗ My Hero Academia Opening season 4 Boku no Hīrō Academia 僕のヒーローアカデミア POLARIS from BLUE ENCOUNT Genre : Anime Opening, remix. Style : Electronic, ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ Art BY VK-for-da-win My Hero Academia - Class A (Costume) (face) 🤍 ╚═════════╗☯╔═════════╝ Styzmask YouTube Playlists Styzmask Anime Remixes 🤍 Styzmask Video Game Music Remixes 🤍 Styzmask Tv shows and movies Theme Remixes 🤍 ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ ̶ Don't reupload my music. Don't reupload my music for your promote channel, with a wallpaper and your logo. Nightcore, bass boosted, extended versions,8D and so on are not allowed. Putting my music on spotify, soundcloud or other music platforms is not allowed. Don't reupload my video.

Invisible Reality & Side Effects - Dream & Reality (Polaris Remix)


Subscribe: 🤍 🔈🎧 Out Today - Invisible Reality & Side Effects - Dream & Reality (Polaris Remix) TechSafari is back to the ground with a next summer banger, a remix by the french producer Polaris for the stellar track 'Dream & Reality' by Invisible Reality & Side Effects ! Get it 🤍 Subscribe to TechSafari Records 🤍 My Website: 🤍 Parallel Universes Progressive Universe: 🤍 Soundtracked Universe: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 😎Psychedelic fashion, art, jewelry & accessories: 🤍 To see our different Psytrance apparel, home items and accessories see: 🤍 Follow Trancentral = Website: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Chill Space Spotify: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 This Channel is a part of the Glide Bros. Network Glide Bros. LTD: 🤍 ★★★ Promote and Spread Psychedelic Trance Worldwide! ★★★ This channel was opened in March 2013 with the purpose to promote the Psy-Trance artists & spread their awe-inspiring music worldwide! It features all the latest from your favorite artists and projects, and also revive classic tracks and albums from the past, every once in a while. I founded this channel for the love I have for Psytrance - a genre I walk hand in hand with since before it was even created. since the era of the Dark '80s, to Techno, Goa Trance & to today's style. I live & breathe Psytrance & I dedicate this channel to those who share the same love! #Psytrance #PsychedelicTrance #PsychedelicUniverse

Saiko - Polaris 🌟 (Official Video) Prod. Came Beats


Saiko - Polaris 🌟 (Official Video) Prod. Came Beats Una nueva canción de 🤍saiko Síguenos en Instagram y mira que hay detrás de "Polaris" 🤍 SUSCRÍBETE 👉 🤍 Venimos con varios palos en YouTube! Dirección: 🤍reyesfilm / 🤍lamanodeoro Mastering: 🤍bluefirebeatz 🤍saikobeibe Producción: 🤍camebeats Co-Produccion: 🤍saikobeibe Operador de cámara, edición y color: 🤍olegbrovchenko ayudante de cámara y operador de drone: 🤍jorgejaen9 Producción Ejecutiva: 🤍lamanodeoro VFX: 🤍cobracut.co Letra: Yeh, yeh-eh Yeh-eh, eh-eh Tú eres de otra ciudad Mi mente está contigo allá la tuya en otro lugar Mismas ganas, diferentes ciudades y no somos na' (Ah) Quiero entenderte, pero no entiendo na' No sé lo que querrá Ni qué piensas yo te pienso a cada Rato parece que te da igual Te llevas el brillo de mi mira' Siempre que tú te vas A kilómetros de mí, que me guíe Polaris pa' llegar hasta ti Cuando estoy contigo a veces no sé ni lo que decir Y eso que yo no era así Pero me tienes aquí A kilómetros de mí, que me guíe Polaris pa' llegar hasta ti Cuando estoy contigo a veces no sé ni lo que decir Y eso que yo no era así (Pero me tienes aquí) Nos separan par de olas, estás distante, lo noté Y ya se que estas no son horas pero no entiendo por qué No hablas claro de una vez Si yo te enseñé Graná y tú me enseñaste cada centímetro de tu piel No somos nada y te soy fiel, yeh-eh Bebé, ¿esta noche qué vas a hacer? Estaba escuchando al Ferxxo y me acordé de usted Yeh-eh A kilómetros de mí, que me guíe Polaris pa' llegar hasta ti Cuando estoy contigo a veces no sé ni lo que decir Y eso que yo no era así Pero me tienes aquí A kilómetros de mí, que me guíe Polaris pa' llegar hasta ti Cuando estoy contigo a veces no sé ni lo que decir Y eso que yo no era así (Pero me tienes aquí) ¿Por qué no intentarlo? Se que aveces no me dormiré por pelearnos También que nos pasaremos días sin hablarnos Le follen al miedo quiero experimentarlo Aunque duela, me muera, me maten que La distancia no mata pero las ganas si yo también Tengo ganas de verte Pero tengo que aguantarme (Eh, eh-eh) Se me está haciendo tarde Tú eres de otra ciudad Mi mente está contigo allá la tuya en otro lugar Mismas ganas, diferentes ciudades y no somos na' (Ah) Quiero entenderte, pero no entiendo na' No sé lo que querrá Ni que piensas yo te pienso a cada Rato parece que te da igual Te llevas el brillo de mi mira' Siempre que tú te vas A kilómetros de mí, que me guíe Polaris pa' llegar hasta ti Cuando estoy contigo a veces no sé ni lo que decir Y eso que yo no era así Y es que en verdad no sé ni qué decirte ahora La verdad que, es que esto no me ha pasado en la vida Así que ya está Que yo me voy a dormir ya, acabo de llegar mi casa Que tengas buen viaje ahora y ya mañana hablamos #saiko #bluefire #polaris

My Hero Academia Season 4 – Opening Theme "POLARIS" (TRAP REMIX)


Title: Polaris Publisher: BLUE ENCOUNT Link to their sites: 🤍 Publish Date: Nov 15, 2019 Link to song: 🤍 I DO NOT claim this song as my own, it is a REMIX. Please support the OFFICIAL owners! I thank you for watching my video! If you want more be sure to drop a like and a comment if you want more of my content, if you feel like this is a good channel, how about a subscribe to stay up to date with it. ~And please have a wonderful day!~ :D #Anime #MyHeroAcademia #Polaris Follow my socials to stay up to date with me! Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 my hero academia,my hero academia polaris,polaris,boku no hero academia,my hero academia polaris cover,my hero academia opening 4,boku no hero academia op,my hero academia season 4 opening,my hero academia 4,polaris my hero,my hero polaris,my hero academia english dub,my hero academia opening,my hero academia english cover,my hero academia season 4 op,my hero academi season 4,boku no hero academia 4 op,raon boku no hero academia,Trap remix,Anime

Fort Minor - Where'd You Go (Aurora B.Polaris Remix)


AirwaveMusicTV - Music for your heart. ♥ » Soundcloud: 🤍 » Facebook: 🤍 » Instagram: 🤍 » Subscribe: 🤍 Fort Minor - Where'd You Go (Aurora B.Polaris Remix) Free Download: 🤍 ► Aurora B.Polaris 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 ► Fort Minor 🤍 🤍 🤍 Photo by André Josselin 🤍 🤍 🤍 Donate via PayPal and support my channel: 🤍 Business inquiries & submissions: AirwaveMusicTV🤍gmail.com

POLARIS X FERXXO 100 (David Berlanga Mashup) [Saiko, Feid]


Aquí os dejo con un mashup que hice con mucho cariño, espero que os guste tanto como a mi :) Seguidme en mis redes para no perderos nada. Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍daviidd_8 TikTok: 🤍david.berlanga

BLUE ENCOUNT / Polaris (Slushii Remix) - SACRA BEATS


SACRA BEATS A NEW YOUTUBE CHANNEL OFFICIALLY REMIXES ANIME SONGS EVERY SATURDAY 5:00PM JST/ 1:00AM PDT SACRA BEATS Playlist: 🤍 ANIME TITLE: MY HERO ACADEMIA ORIGINAL ARTIST: BLUE ENCOUNT Remixer: Slushii SACRA BEATS Playlist Polaris (Slushii Remix) - SACRA BEATS → 🤍 Original song by l BLUE ENCOUNT "Polaris" opening theme song to anime "MY HERO ACADEMIA" → 🤍 BLUE ENCOUNT socials: Youtube: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 OfficialWebsite:🤍 Slushii socials: Youtube: 🤍 Spotify: 🤍 AppleMusic: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Merch: 🤍 MY HERO ACADEMIA → 🤍 ©堀越耕平/集英社・僕のヒーローアカデミア製作委員会 Follow SACRA BEATS socials: → 🤍 → 🤍 → 🤍 FREE LOGO for UGC Usages: 🤍 Contact → sacramusic.official🤍sonymusic.co.jp #BlueEncount #MYHEROACADEMIA #Slushii #僕のヒーローアカデミア​ #ポラリス​ #SACRABEATS

Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk (Lulu Rouge's Stella Polaris Remix)


Unofficial video. Choir of Young Believers is a band from Denmark. This wonderful track from Stella Polaris compilation album "The Second Magic Number" from chillout event Stella Polaris 2012. Fan video. Not for profit, but as support for artists. Get the album "The Second Magic Number" here: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Lyrics: Echoes start as a cross in you, Trembling noises that come to soon. Spatial movement which seems to you, Resonating your mask or feud. Hollow talking and hollow girl, Force it up from the root of pain. Never said it was good, never said it was near, Shadow rises and you are here. And then you cut; You cut it out, And everything Goes back to the beginning. Silence seizes a cluttered room, Light is shed not a breath too soon. Darkness rises in all you do, Standing and drawn across the room. Spatial movements are butterflies Shadows scatter without a fire. There's never been bad, there has always been truth, Muted whisper of the things she'll move. And then you cut; You cut it out. And everything Goes back to the beginning. Never said it was good, never said it was new, Muted whisper of the things you feel. I used part of the short films by Oliver Franklin Anderson No copyright infringement intended. DISCLAIMER: The content within these recordings is the sole property of their respective Owners, Designers, Writers, Creators, Owners, Organizations, Companies and Producers. I do not profit from making and uploading these recordings, their sole purpose is the promotion of the music I like, its authors, and record labels, to the people discovering these bands for the first time. This Disclaimer applies to all uploaded recordings within my account, and all and any content will be removed upon asking, e-mailing or contacting me by the owners, respective authorities, record labels and music companies, immediately upon receiving and acknowledging the message.

Raul Clyde, Saiko - Tuenti Remix (Video)


Video por Arturo Calero & Oleg Brovchenko Producido por Suave44 Master y mezcla: David Marley, Sundaypanic #raulclyde #saiko #tuentiremix 🤍 🤍 Suscribete: 🤍

Deadmau5 - Polaris ( Dj Ossy remix)


Brand new remix of Deamau5's track polaris. it took a while to make, but its finally here! Enjoy Video by: Daniel fosseng Diozstudios.com 🤍

My Hero Academia Season 4 Opening - Polaris by Blue Encount [DFXN Future Bass Remix]


Kawaii Bass remix of Boku No Hero Academia S4's first opening! Please enjoy, like, and subscribe! Stream on soundcloud: 🤍 Original Tracks: 🤍 🤍 Art: 🤍 I love this art, but could not find original artist. If anyone knows please reach out and I will credit! Follow Me: Spotify: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Disclaimer: I do not own rights to the vocal recording used in this track. If any labels wish this to be removed, please contact the business email in my channel and I will resolve it immediately.

My Hero Academia Season Four (Trap / Hip Hop Remix) | Polaris | [Musicality Remix]


Art By: 🤍 🔥 Lets hit that 100k Goal! 🌴 Second Channel: 🤍 FAQ: 🤍 Sound/Drum Kit: 🤍 Free Download: 🤍 Rapping/Singing on my remixes are non-profit unless you need to lease. Always credit me! Have a Request? Click Here!! - 🤍 If you wanna donate lol - 🤍 Like, Sub, and Comment for more beats and remixes!! » Connect with Musicality ● Website - 🤍 ● Email: Itsmusicality🤍gmail.com ● Twitter: 🤍 ● Spotify: 🤍 ● Facebook: 🤍 ● Instagram: 🤍 ● SoundCloud: 🤍 ● SnapChat: 🤍 PS4 - ProdByMusicality Free downloads are for auditioning purposes only. Purchase a lease to use this instrumental commercially.

London Elektricity - Well That’s A Switch (Polaris Remix)


Buy or stream Rebuilding Better Worlds here: 🤍LondonElek.lnk.to/RebuildingBetterWorldsyc Updating the creative spirit of his widely acclaimed 2019 album ‘Building Better Worlds’, London Elektricity revisits his most recent project to date with a specially crafted and hand-picked remix album - ‘Rebuilding Better Worlds’. Featuring an exciting array of artists covering the full drum & bass spectrum, London Elektricity’s latest body of work features remixes from the likes of Cliques, Think Tonk, Logistics, Hugh Hardie, Whiney, Winslow, Seba, Degs & MURIUKI, Mozey & more… Kickstarting the album with a delicate, soul-drenched liquid drum & bass soother is Hugh Hardie with his remix of original album influencer ‘Build A Better World (feat. Emer Dineen)’. Delving deeper into London Elek’s unique style and Emer’s synesthesic vocals, Hugh crafts heart-wrenching piano melodies and gorgeous rolling breakbeats injecting his signature flavours into the track. With no clear indication of their true identity, the latest mystery to sweep across the world of drum & bass CLIQUES step up for an addictively feel-good remix of ‘The Prescription Is Love’. With a handful of releases on their own ‘Cliques Collective Audio’, the faceless artist(s) have already taken the scene by storm and their latest remix proves exactly why. Featuring a full live band, expect elevating brass outbursts, Philadelphia strings and blissful vocals. Quickly gaining a reputation as one of the funniest characters within drum & bass, don’t be fooled by Mozey’s wit and charm. With a fast-growing catalogue of releases spanning labels including Souped Up, Liquid V, Bingo Bass, Serial Killaz and Hospital Records, Mozey’s bass-heavy remix of ‘Funkopolis’ draws upon the playful nature of the original whilst rolling it out into a fizzling drum & bass bouncer. Legendary in-patient Logistics is on remix duties for ‘Never Trust A Hippy’. Incorporating the melodies and soundscapes from the original, Logistics soon flips the track on its head, turning it into a new-wave liquid funk anthem. With further contributions from the likes of Think Tonk, Justin Hawkes, Lilac, Digital Native, Villem, Polaris, and a VIP from London Elektricity himself, the carefully curated tracklist brings together a cross-generational and multi-styled selection of artists from across the drum & bass community. With the original album receiving support from the likes of Mixmag, Magnetic Mag and UKF, as well as being recorded in the immersive Dolby Atmos audio format, London Elektricity shows no signs of slowing down with his latest project. The longevity of his career can be owed to him being the mastermind behind classic Hospital albums including ‘Pull The Plug’, ‘Syncopated City’, ‘Are We There Yet?’ and ‘Yikes!’ (more recently revisited, remastered and repackaged this year as ‘Crikey!’) and London Elektricity continues to push the boundaries of drum & bass with over a quarter-century in the game. Follow Polaris: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Follow London Elektricity: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Follow Hospital Records: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Saint Snow - Dazzling White Town (PolariS Remix)


Get the remix here: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Email: polarisflaremusic🤍gmail.com Check out my Patreon and be a patron to get early access on my tracks and extra content like WAV versions of the songs, instrumentals, and more. Pledging even a dollar per song goes a long way! Cover Art Source: Dazzling White Town byなーらん (🤍naarann_) twitter.com/i/web/status/1273656216237924353 🤍pixiv.net/en/users/12992527 Background Image Source: ☃ by 七草つまみ 🤍 🤍 - - My first Saint Snow remix! It's been many months since the original song came out, so I think this remix has been long overdue. But hey, it's finally out and hope you like it!! I've always wanted to make a Saint Snow remix ever since SELF CONTROL!! Sadly, I can't remix them since they don't have official instrumentals and I rely on them to get the vocal track. Awaken the power had an official instrumental but I didn't have any idea on what kind of remix it will be. It's too fast for the kind of music I make. Thankfully, Dazzling White Town is perfect for my style! - - I want to thank my patrons for still providing the extra support even with the long gaps between releases. Like I said, even a little bit of support goes a long way! Aeryn Faisst Akuseru Fujita Andrew C. Asteriski B-kun bluegreenleaves collapserage Danh Nguyen Dannyel Nelson darlingnya dot-island Dratornic Edwii123 Escenity Frederic Janning Hatsch Yuh Idol_Trash ItionoBen Izy Hazel Kasswuit Kobe-san Lyn 文文 Mirai (WolfBaneSlayer) Phatkubar RedWZ Rirai Sean Serena T. Shpinxis sleeption Sonia Yang Unamin Xinde

Afterglow - Hey-day Capriccio (PolariS Remix)


Get the remix here: 🤍 Check out my Patreon and be a patron to get early access on my tracks and extra content like their instrumentals. Pledging even a dollar per song goes a long way! Patreon: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Cover Art Source: Scar-red by ぽりごん。 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Background Image Source: 断ち切った迷い by ゼツレッド 🤍 Hello dear reader! I hope you enjoyed my Hey-day Capriccio remix, which is the third BanG Dream! remix I made so far. I'm planning on making one remix for each of the five bands, but sadly, it won't happen for a pretty long time. I need to shuffle between different series so that I won't look like I've abandoned one for the other. I still love the entirety of Love Live! and Love Live! Sunshine!! as they are what gave me the push to making these remixes in the first place. This Afterglow remix was supposed to be my Halloween 2018 special. Sadly, I wasn't able to work on it as much as I expected, which is why I wasn't able to make it. I often receive requests on remixing WHITE FIRST LOVE or WATER BLUE NEW WORLD. I know that they are good songs and I like them, but I would've made remixes on them by now if I had ideas on what they'll be. I'd love some suggestions though. Anyway, let me know if you like the musical style in this remix! If you don't, still let me know so I can improve! I'm immensely grateful to my patrons! They are a huge part in helping me with my pursuit to better music. Joshua Andre Tibayan Katarzyna Urban IWROD_official Olivia W. Rirai Andrew C. Jonathan Sit Wilson Ball Anton Guljajev Sam Bakes Leafeyon llllllllll Felix To nanawatobi Pieg Jesus Shpinxis Dratornic Mirai (WolfBaneSlayer) Aeryn Faisst KotoriSR Monktinus Lunarveil Edwii123 darlingnya Danh Nguyen #BangDream #Afterglow #Remix

Boku no Hero Academia Ochestral | Polaris X Peace Sign


Learn piano songs fun and easy with Flowkey ► 🤍 SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE EPIC MUSIC ▸ 🤍 ⇓ More information & download below ⇓ - ∷ Information ▸ Song Title: Polaris x Peace Sign (ポラリス x ピースサイン) ▸ Original Artist: BLUE ENCOUNT & Kenshi Yonezu (米津 玄師) ▸ Covered by: A V I A N D (Me) ⇒ Stream & Download: Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music / iTunes: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 YouTube Music: 🤍 Deezer: 🤍 - Hey guys, Here is my cover of Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia) S4 OP I hope you guys enjoy it! ☕ ▸ Twitter: 🤍 ▸ Facebook: 🤍 ▸ Soundcloud: 🤍 ⇒ To support my music, you can: ▸ Donate: 🤍 - A V I A N D is creating orchestral music from Anime, video games, and more. All arrangement was composed, orchestrated, and produced by A V I A N D (Me). A V I A N D claims full ownership over this arrangement and does not claim ownership over the original. Please do not re-upload my cover on YouTube or other websites Ⓟ 𝟸𝟶𝟷𝟿 𝙰 𝚅 𝙸 𝙰 𝙽 𝙳 PLEASE NOTE: This video is only intended for visualization. Therefore, what is displayed does not represent the actual midi for the song. - #Polaris #PeaceSign #BLUEENCOUNT #KenshiYonezu #僕のヒーローアカデミア4thシーズン #MyHeroAcademiaS4

Yoav - Club Thing (Turboweekend's Stella Polaris Remix)


Piękno świeci jaśniej w sercu tego, który za nim tęskni, niż w oczach tego, który je widzi. -Khalil Gibran- ale to chyba nieistotna różnica :)

Moby - Natural Blues (Lulu Rouge Vs. Stella Polaris Remix)


The best remix so far comes from Lulu Rouge and the Stella Polaris All Stars. It is a remix of Moby's "Natural Blues" I'm sure it will become a favorite on your iPod's Enjoy the 5 mins of magic. Source: 🤍

Laid Back - Sunshine Reggae (Visti & Meyland's Stella Polaris Remix)


Label: Stella Polaris Music (🤍 Release Date - 2012-08-01 Album "The Second Magic Number" available on: 🤍 8th edition from Stella Polaris, the biggest chill-out festival from Scandinavia. From electronica to blissed chill, we have Included exclusive tracks + remixes by performing artists and friends incl. Tracey Thorn, Laid Back, Andy Cato, Rangleklods, Lulu Rouge,Mike Sheridan, Hankat a.m.o. giving you the finest downtempo compilation from the Northern parts. We are a music label and event producers living in Copenhagen. We arrange the biggest annual music chill event in Denmark, taking place in Aarhus, odense and the capital Copenhagen. Alone in copenhagen the event attracks 25.000 people. Over the years we have presented electronic artists such as Moby, Groove Armada, Lulu Rouge, Trentemøller, Buda, T.O.M, Opiate, Pete Gooding. We run Stella Polaris Music label where we have released 6 compilations og electronic music from Booka Shade, Groove Armada, Moby, Trentemøller, Opiate, Blue Foundation, Asle, teitur, Opiate among others. We have uploaded a collection of some of the exclusive remixes that has been produced especially for Stella Polaris. We also have the more uptempo label Okyo. You can follow new tracks here on soundcloud: Okyo Recordings - (🤍 We are always looking for new electronic vibes, so hit us if u have track..... we are simply here to enjoy good music.

Invisible Reality & Side Effects - Dream & Reality (Polaris remix)


Subscribe to TechSafariRecords: 🤍 Get it here: 🤍 Invisible Reality & Side Effects - Dream & Reality (Polaris remix) Release date 15-07-22 / CAFPA2000098 / Techsafari records TSR0192 TechSafari is back to the ground with a next summer banger, a remix by the french producer Polaris for the stellar track 'Dream & Reality' by Invisible Reality & Side Effects ! Follow Polaris: 🤍 Follow TechSafari Records: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 TechSafari Records, based in Montreal in Canada, is a progressive psytrance label born in 2013 with the first V/A compilation titled ‘Dreamscape’ compiled by the head honcho DJ Rikam, dedicated and passionate about electronic music and the psytrance community for over 30 years. TechSafari has a reputation for showcasing talented artists and promising new talents from every corner of the globe. TechSafari records is now considered one of the most influential psytrance labels on planet earth. Movement is the essence of life!

Polaris (haruka nakamura ursa Remix)


Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Labels Inc. Polaris (haruka nakamura ursa Remix) · Aimer I beg you / Hanabira Tachino March / Sailing ℗ 2019 Sony Music Entertainment (Japan) Inc. Released on: 2019-01-09 Lyricist: Aimerrhythm Composer: Masahiro Tobinai Arranger, Re- Mixer: haruka nakamura Auto-generated by YouTube.

Whiney - Spheres (feat. Keeno & Pippa Violets) (Polaris Remix)


Buy or Stream here: 🤍 Firing straight from Whiney’s ‘Waystone’ LP is the enchanting ‘Spheres’; a collaborative force of nature with fellow Med School maverick Keeno, made truly timeless by the sublime vocals of singer/songwriter Pippa Violets. Two more of Med School’s brightest stars have reworked its musical DNA into their own dynamic remixes. The infamous genre-splicer Lakeway has twisted up the tempo with the energetic trimmings of footwork, juke and jungle all alive in this melting pot of hybrid goodness. Plus there’s the phenomenal drum & bass stylings of the newly signed, Toronto-based Polaris. His own unique spin on ‘Spheres’ is a stunning balance of enhanced depth and charged energy, perfect for in and out of the dance. A trait Polaris has perfected with his contributions to ‘Future Sound of Canada’, ‘New Blood 016’, the ‘Forza Horizon 4: Hospital Soundtrack’ and Hospital’s ultimate flagship compilation, ‘Sick Music 2019’. Follow Whiney: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Follow Med School: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk (Lulu Rouge's Stella Polaris Remix) - Trickyleaks Edition


Videoen er optaget i one-take med en mobiltelefon, 6 papkasser, noget træ og noget man bruger til at bygge et tag med. Aner ikke hvad det hedder - Håber du kan lide det... Hvad synes du om det? Skriv gerne en kommentar og SUBSCRIBE for mere :-) Uofficiel video lavet af Rune Klan og Klaus Mulbjerg til Trickyleaks. Tracket er fra Stella Polaris' opsamlingsalbum "The Second Magic Number" fra chill-out eventet Stella Polaris 2012.

Fly Me To Polaris: "Star Wish" remix


This is a random hip hop remix I found while looking for the piano notes to this song. This thing is absolute NOT mine, and all rights go to Kinesus Beats. It's actually pretty good so enjoy! If you wanna find out more about the artist or download check out this website 🤍

Roselia - Re:birth day (PolariS Remix)


Patreon: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 For those who are into BanG Dream!, whether the anime or the game "BanG Dream! Girls Band Party", I'd like to know your favorite band. I really love Roselia and Pastel*Palettes. What got me to love Roselia is their song "LOUDER" since everything there was amazingly catchy. I would never get tired of that song. I actually use that for my alarm when I need to wake up early because it always hypes me up. When Re:birth day came out in the game, blew me away. The usual rock-type drums during the verses and hooks sounded punchy and powerful, and it was fine all on its own. When the drums in the chorus shifted the song to a different gear, from a fast-tempo rhythm to a downbeat one, I was in tears. I've had a much harder time mixing this remix out of all the remixes I've made so far. There's just a lot going on, especially in the drum and bass part. I need to refine my skills if I had a hard time mixing fast -paced drums. I'm still not used to making drum and bass tracks, so please be gentle. Get it here: 🤍 Image Sources: Cover Art: ラ!サ!の絵 by おつまみ (🤍six_kureyon10): 🤍 The girl in the cover art is Yukina Minato, the lead vocalist in Roselia. Her eye color is different in the image. I guess the violet tint made it different, but I'm not so sure. Background Image: リサゆき by 非無 否不未 (🤍aranashi123): 🤍 Franchise: BanG Dream! Original Song: Re:birth day Band: Roselia Members: Yukina Minato (CV. Aina Aiba), Sayo Hikawa (CV. Haruka Kudou), Lisa Imai (CV. Yurika Endou), Ako Udagawa (CV. Megu Sakuragawa), Rinko Shirokane (CV. Satomi Akesaka) #BangDream #Roselia #Remix

QU4RTZ - Beautiful Moonlight (PolariS Remix)


I'm back! Kept you waiting huh? Get the remix here: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Email: polarisflaremusic🤍gmail.com Check out my Patreon and be a patron to get early access on my tracks and extra content like WAV versions of the songs, instrumentals, and more. Pledging even a dollar per song goes a long way! Cover Art Source: "かすみん" by イレンジ 🤍 🤍 Background Image Source "王様になれ" by きたく 🤍 🤍 - - - - Hi! Sorry if I went away for almost 10 months. I went through a lot, and I guess a lot of us did. But don't worry, I'll try to be more active from now on. My situation is slowly getting better and hopefully, I would have more time to make music again. I'm actually in the middle of making an entry for a remix contest of a certain VTuber so I hope you look forward to it! Beautiful Moonlight is the first song in Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai that I like, so naturally this is my first remix from them. I also think QU4RTZ is my favorite so far. And as for my favorite girl, I think it's obvious from the video. I'm very excited for the Nijigasaki anime! It looks very different from the other Love Live! anime series and I'm all for it! Also, it just so happened that I finished a Nijigasaki remix and released it on around the same day of the first episode. That wasn't planned at all! - - - - And finally, I want to thank the wonderful people below that stayed or recently joined as patrons or during my long absence. Their support and tremendous patience means a lot to me. I also want to thank everyone who were also patient especially during our current situation. Aeryn Faisst Andrew C. Asteriski B-kun bluegreenleaves collapse Danh Nguyen Dannyel Nelson darlingnya dot-island Edwii123 Escenity Frederic Janning Hatsch Yuh Idol_Trash ItionoBen Izy Hazel Kasswuit Kobe-san llllllllll Lunarveil Lyn 文文 Mirai (WolfBaneSlayer) Monktinus Phatkubar RedWZ Rirai Serena T. Shpinxis sleeption Sonia Yang Unamin Xinde #LoveLiveNijigasaki #QU4RTZ #Remix

Aqours - MY Mai☆TONIGHT (PolariS Remix)


Patreon: 🤍 (There's nothing much there yet, but I'll release high-quality versions of my remixes there in case you're interested in getting them to support me!) Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 The wait is over! I finished way earlier than I expected. I wrote in my teaser that this one will be released "soon" because I was halfway done with it, and I wanted to show you guys my progress. I didn't write in a date of release I didn't know when exactly will I finish it. MY Mai TONIGHT has a fantastic blend of eastern and western instruments and melodies. When I first listened to it, I knew right away that I want to do my take on a remix of it. I tried to incorporate the koto instruments into the drop, so I ultimately came up with a trap remix. However, it's not the chill trap kind, but it's more like one of those high-tension ones but not those heavy ones with screeching leads since I want the koto to stay in my remix. Working on music is much quicker when I have nothing else to do. I've worked for the remix for a total of 18 hours and 30 minutes in the span of 9 days, the fastest I've done since my Torikoriko PLEASE!! remix. It might be because I had the free time and the inspiration to work quickly. I've also tried to mix and master my remix traditionally in such a way that mixing and mastering are separate processes. Honestly, doing so was more tedious than my way of mixing and mastering, but it resulted to much better-sounding results, so I think I'll stick to the tradition. Get it here: 🤍 I also have an Instagram, but I always forget to post there. Instagram: 🤍 Image Source: MY舞☆姉妹 by しはる: 🤍 EDIT: I read all of your comments, so comment away! Also, there are songs that I can't remix because their instrumentals/off vocal versions didn't come with the albums. SKY JOURNEY is one of them. Miracle Wave, on the other hand, has an off vocal, so I might do that sometime. #LoveLiveSunshine #Aqours #Remix

Guilty Kiss - Guilty?! Farewell party (PolariS Remix)


Get the remix here: 🤍 Check out my Patreon and be a patron to get early access on my tracks and extra content like their instrumentals. Pledging even a dollar per song goes a long way! 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Cover Art Source: 泣き腫らした目と…笑顔 by イサミ丼 🤍 Isami's Twitter: 🤍 Background Image Source: Guilty Kiss by 新世界的阿卡林 🤍 Welcome to the part of the description where only a small percentage of viewers read it! Putting aside the sass for now, here is my remix of yet another Guilty Kiss song! After three months of going on and off on this remix project, I finally got to finish it! Hooray! Hopefully I can make a great remix for Strawberry Trapper so my Guilty Kiss remix discography will be up-to-date. The same goes for AZALEA and LONELY TUNING. Now I'm a long ways ahead for CYaRon!, but I hope I'll make more CYaRon! remixes in the future. But right now, I'm really hooked on BanG Dream! and Revue Starlight, so look forward to remixes of those series in the future. I'll still make Love Live! remixes though, so don't leave just yet! Anyway, that's it for now! There's nothing much else to say about this remix. Hope you enjoy! EDIT: I'll be making a remix of Sakura Bye-Bye to complete the set! A huge thanks to my patrons! They help a ton in supporting my constant quest of improving my music! Joshua Andre Tibayan Katarzyna Urban IWROD_official Olivia W. Rirai Andrew C. Jonathan Sit Wilson Ball Anton Guljajev Sam Bakes Leafeyon llllllllll Felix To nanawatobi Pieg Jesus Shpinxis Dratornic Christopher Czirbusz Mirai (WolfBaneSlayer) Aeryn Faisst KotoriSR Chong Wei Jun (They pledged right just as I finished rendering the video, so I apologize if your name isn't in the video.) #LoveLiveSunshine #GuiltyKiss #Remix




DJ Sakin & Friends - Nomansland (David's Song) (Polaris Mix)


DJ Sakin & Friends - Nomansland (David's Song) (Polaris Mix)

[Short Ver.] Yoshiko Tsushima - in this unstable world (PolariS Remix)


*THE ORIGINAL VIDEO WAS TAKEN DOWN, SO I CHANGED THE VIDEO TO REMOVE THE COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL* You can listen to the full track on Bandcamp and SoundCloud! Bandcamp: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 Patreon: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 Hey everyone! I received an email this morning that my video on my "in this unstable world" remix was taken down. I'm fine with having my videos demonetized due to a copyright claim, but having a video taken down has brought me to start change how this channel works. YouTube has started changing their policies towards copyright. They have become stricter to the kind of materials that are related to mine, which is remixes or mashups. The punishments are more harsh this time around, and I have two chances left before this channel gets deactivated. I had no choice but to make sacrifices. Instead of giving everybody the pleasure of listening to my remixes in the platform and add my videos to their playlists without any hassle, I'm left with posting these short "copyright-friendly" versions of my remixes here and providing links to the full versions on SoundCloud and Bandcamp. I'm sorry everyone, but I can't take too much risks from now on. I hope you're all okay with that. I removed the vocals of the remix in the video, because that has always been the root of all the copyright claims that I get. So now what's left is my original music. Also, I'll only be showing a portion of my remixes, so it's like a trailer for the remix now. It's a shame that people won't be able to listen to full versions of my upcoming remixes here anymore, but it's the price that we must pay for being in this platform. Of course, original songs and content, which there will be in the near future, will be uploaded here in full length. As a way to balance out the content, I'll try to post music-related videos like song ideas or unfinished remixes. With that, I'd love to know your thoughts on these short videos and the changes in the channel. My next remix will be 1000 Crying Skies by Poppin' Party, because I got hooked by it when I was playing BanG Dream! GBP. It will hopefully be out by mid-June, depending on how quickly I finish. Cover Art Image Sources: 无题 by 游客0957 🤍 Yoshiko by Free Style (🤍yohan1754) 🤍 I'd like to thank all my patrons, because I haven't thanked them before and I know that they will be of great help especially now that I can't upload full remixes here anymore: Alexander R. Rosie Gandon Jon Zephanius ParanA Sam Bakes Anton Guljajev Polarbrear Wilson Ball Jonathan Sit Andrew Chao TrueHeart Rirai Felix To Olivia W. IWROD_official Katarzyna Urban Joshua Andre Tibayan #LoveLiveSunshine #GuiltyKiss #Remix

Fly Me To Polaris REMIX [CBR]


Fly Me To Polaris REMIX [CBR] #flymetopolaris #remix

Deadmau5 - Polaris (Feibian Remix)


Finally my Remix of Deadmau5s Polaris is done. I hope you enjoy it. This is the LONG INTRO VERSION, a short Intro version will be uploaded soon. Cover made by me.

Guilty Kiss - Shadow gate to love (PolariS Remix)


Get the song here: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Soundcloud: 🤍 The channel has gone past the 100 subs mark. Thank you so much for taking time to appreciate my passion for electronic music, Love Live!, and Japanese music in general. Although the numbers don't matter to me to be honest, the fact that so many people like the kind of music I make immensely motivates me in making songs like these. Thank you again for all your support! The theme of the song is sexy. Giving more attention to the theme rather than making the remix sound mainstream is quite fun. Honestly, I wanted to make it sound sexier and more passionate, but this is the best I can think of. I personally like the cover art I made. Don't worry, there are sources of all the images I used down below. I can't pinpoint which music genre this remix belongs to. What I made sounds like a mix of future bass, tropical house, and jazz, so I've summarized it under the genre of "Electronic". Hope you enjoy! I'm secretly wishing for Lantis to contact me and ask me to make official remixes like Cutie Panther (Metal-Panther Mix) and Bokura wa Ima no Naka de (LittleMore-Rock Mix) for them. I'd even do it for free. Cover Art Image Image Sources: ろーやん / RoyanBoat88 🤍 Lock On Sweet Honey by tmfly 🤍 Riko Complex by Natsumi 🤍 Trick or Treat by Kougi Hiroshi 🤍 Background Image Source: 🤍 Artist: RegitionLee / Gition Original Song: Shadow gate to love Band: Guilty Kiss Singers: Yoshiko Tsushima (CV. Aika Kobayashi), Riko Sakurauchi (CV. Rikako Aida), Mari Ohara (CV. Aina Suzuki) #LoveLiveSunshine #GuiltyKiss #Remix

Moby - Natural Blues (Lulu Rouge vs Stella Polaris) HD


dedicated to my beloved little honey sucker ..... :-.)))

Choir of Young Believers - Hollow Talk (Lulu Rouge's Stella Polaris Remix)


Apologies for yesterday's mishap; I've been having problems with YouTube recently and it uploaded an audio-less version of this track without me knowing. Everything should be fixed and back to normal now though! ⬇CHOIR OF YOUNG BELIEVERS⬇ 🤍 🤍 ⬇LULU ROUGE⬇ 🤍 ⬇DUSK⬇ 🤍 🤍

Guilty Kiss - Kowareyasuki (PolariS Remix)


Get it here: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Bandcamp: 🤍 SoundCloud: 🤍 I tried my best to match the melancholic feel of the first parts of the song. The first lines of Yoshiko in the original song emphasized how heavy the song feels, which fits well with the whole song falling under the rock genre. Honestly, Guilty Kiss is like a sub-unit to balance the frilly fluffy innocent natures of AZALEA and CYaRon!, and that's what I like about them and their songs. It is an example that proves that not all mainstream idol songs sound the same, although I still agree to that argument to some extent. I honestly don't know what genre this remix falls under. It's leaning more into future bass, but I'm not sure if I can label this under the genre. I don't mind it though, since it would be pretty boring if the remix would sound similar to a lot of songs out there. Making this remix took me a long while to make because I had a hard time to come up with a remix that has parts with different keys, namely c# minor and d# minor. I also had a pretty hard time coming up with a drop that would to the fantastic singing some justice. At first, I came up with a drumstep drop but then I slowly shifted back to trap and future bass. It seems that I'm most comfortable with these genres than any other else, as I have little experience over the heavier ones like dubstep, drum and bass, and drumstep. Kowareyasuki never fails to get me to sing along even while working on the remix. Image Sources: Cover art by 荆 虞 🤍 Background by 夢咲なな (yumesakinana) 🤍 Original Song: コワレヤスキ Band: Guilty Kiss Singers: Yoshiko Tsushima (CV. Aika Kobayashi), Riko Sakurauchi (CV. Rikako Aida), Mari Ohara (CV. Aina Suzuki) #LoveLiveSunshine #GuiltyKiss #Remix

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