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Tarot vs Oracle Cards


Are Oracle Cards the same as Tarot Cards? In this video, I talk about the origins of both tarot cards and Oracle Cards, the key differences between tarot cards vs Oracle Cards, and why Oracle Cards are created for the modern mystic! Pick a card for free on my website to see how it reflects your situation today: 🤍 Like this video? Get access to more free Oracle Card Mini-Lessons. Learn about Jumper Cards, How to Ask the Right Questions, and How to Tell a Truth from a Lie with Oracle Cards here: : 🤍

Why Use Oracle Cards?


What are Oracle Cards and why use them? In this video, I talk about the benefits of using Oracle Cards. I share how this fluid system of Divination offers daily wisdom and guidance from the Conscious Universe. I also share a little about my intention when creating my own Oracle Card decks! Like this video? Get access to more free Oracle Card Mini-Lessons. Learn about Jumper Cards, How to Ask the Right Questions, and How to Tell a Truth from a Lie with Oracle cards here: 🤍 Pick a card for free on my website to find out what you need to know for your highest good: 🤍 #oraclecards #colettebaronreid

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How to use oracle cards! Learn To Do Readings-Spreads-Shuffling & Trusting Intuition! Beginner Tips!


How to use oracle cards! Learn To Do Readings-Spreads-Shuffling & Trust Your Intuition! Beginner Tips! This video was a request on how as a beginner you can use your oracle cards , your intuition with the cards and also ask the cards the right questions to receive answers! How to use oracle cards, do readings, shuffle, spreads and get your answers! Beyond what may be in the book but access even more using your own intuition! *Also most important you can learn all ways to do it when it comes to tarot & oracle card readings ...and then from that find and do what really comes naturally to you! Absolutely you can find & use the best way personally for you! For example I don’t read reversals, I shuffle and receive cards a particular way, I don’t use spreads most use as I do more “free form” and go more by intuition and guidance...I will show you all what I mean! But key is you can learn how but then adjust to what naturally fits you best along the way! You can develop and have your own natural style of using the cards and doing readings! Here we go! :) Oracle Cards Guidance For Beginners! - 1) using the right oracle cards for your purpose 2) shuffling and receiving cards 3) asking the right questions 4) using your intuition to get all the answers & reading the spread (In addition to what the book meaning says) Enjoy using oracle cards! They are fun, insightful, uplifting, supportive and more! They actually expand your level of tapping in and using your intuition in every day life! They can open you up, expand you, and all your natural intuitive abilities even more! There are also endless variations with amazing artwork and themes to choose from! Go by what you are naturally attracted to and begin your love of oracle cards! *Also here’s some more extra videos already posted to channel* There is a “Tips” playlist if you wish to see more tips! There is a “Close Up Reviews” playlist if you wish to check out oracle decks! You can view the cards, get a bonus reading & see if the right deck for you! These videos more recently posted may be helpful too! How Using Tarot & Oracle Cards Can Really Help You Now! Stay uplifted & supported! 🤍 How To Learn Tarot Easy -By Heart! Tarot Card Meanings/Learn To Do Tarot Readings!-Free Spirit Tips! 🤍 How To Do Tarot & Oracle Readings More As A Real Conversation! -Using Free Form Spreads!-Spirit Tip! 🤍 Cards used: Energy Oracle-🤍 Goddess Guidance-🤍 Sacred Destiny-🤍 Star Temple-🤍 For More Free Spirit Tips! 🦋FREE SPIRIT TIPS! -LEARN TAROT/ORACLE/SPIRIT🦋 🤍 To see All Close Up Reviews Of Decks- 🦋FREE SPIRIT CLOSE UP REVIEWS -TAROT & ORACLE CARDS🦋 🤍 To see All Deck Collections- 🦋FREE SPIRIT DECK COLLECTIONS & COMPARISONS- TAROT & ORACLE CARDS🦋 🤍 🦋The Free Spirit Website now has all Close Up Reviews- Listed A-Z​🦋 🤍 🦋Welcome to THE FREE SPIRIT CHANNEL🦋 FREE SPIRIT SHOP: 🤍 FREE SPIRIT WEBSITE: 🤍 FREE SPIRIT CHANNEL: 🤍 *As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases* *Thanks for all your feedback, liking, subscribing & support!* ❤️TO GIVE A THANKS -AND HELP SUPPORT THE FREE SPIRIT CHANNEL❤️ ❤️CAN NOW CLICK *THE HEART THAT SAYS THANKS* UNDER VIDEOS!❤️ ❤️Thank You For All Your Support!❤️

BACKYARD BLESSINGS CARDS by @usgamessystems | Review & Deck Pairing #oraclecards


Hello and welcome to Mina's Bookshelf "mystical den" for another deck review. This time, with a mini deck that will appeal to nature lovers, collectors of animal and plant based tarot and oracle decks, and "lightworkers" who find guidance and inspiration in the wisdom of Mother Nature. 🦋🕷🐞 The Backyard Blessings: 40 Inspiration Cards by Lynn Araujo & Wendy Cipolla Boccuzzi is mini-deck, but it has a lot of wisdom and common sense to share with the world. The inspirational messages delivered by forty different insects and animals you can easily spot in your own backyard are beautifully and colorfully rendered. The artwork is vibrant and esthetically very pleasing, the messages up-lifting and encouraging. With a combination like this, the Backyard Blessings could be a perfect deck for a younger audience who needs to practice mindfulness as well as anyone who needs to find spiritual grounding and practical advice in a light-hearted and approachable way. I was drawn to work with this deck not nly to receive daily inspirational messages, but also as a clarifying insight of larger tarot cards spread. It worked really well for me as a stand-alone as well as paired with an animal based tarot deck that complements it energetically and esthetically (The Animal Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue). The energy conveyed by the Backyard Blessings was always positive and grounding, great for inspirational messages as well as practical guidance and divination. Highly recommended💚 *A review copy was graciously offered by the Publisher 🤍usgamessystems in exchange of an unbiased and honest opinion. 🤍 #deckreview #divination #oraclecards #metaphysical #tarotdecks #inspirational

Spellcasting Oracle Cards Unboxing and Flip Through


Let's unbox and flip through the Spellcasting Oracle by Flavia Kate Peters, Barbara Meiklejohn-Free with art by Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman! 🔮 I am not sponsored or paid for these reviews. I just simply want you to find what you seek. The links below are NOT affiliated. ☕ If You'd Like to Show Your Support: Buy Me A Coffee: 🤍 🌘 Moon Phase Stand: Jake + Erica 🤍 🔮 Where to Find: Hay House: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Barnes and Noble: 🤍 📷 Follow me on Instagram: 🤍 #Spellcastingoracle #unboxing #flipthrough

Bestselling Oracle Cards You Can Start Selling Now


#tarotcards #oraclecards #diycarddeck FREE Download Card Creator Cheatsheet with BONUS print vendors 🤍 // Sign up for: Incredible Workbooks 🤍 Noteworthy Notebooks 🤍 Calligraphy 101 🤍 Planner 101  🤍 Indesign 101 🤍 * Video designed by Lisa Siefert of Pretty Fabulous Designs SUBSCRIBE for more InDesign Tips & Tutorials 🤍 LET'S BE FRIENDS - Website 🤍 - Facebook 🤍 - Instagram 🤍 - Pinterest 🤍 FREE Downloads  64 Things You Can  Create With InDesign 🤍  Cheat Sheet Lead Magnet Setup 🤍 FREE Courses  5-Day InDesign Mini-Course 🤍  5-Day DIY Day Planner Mini-🤍 To purchase a pre-made InDesign Template, visit my shop at 🤍

How to Shuffle Oracle Cards


Want to know how to shuffle Oracle Cards or how to shuffle tarot cards? What’s so important about shuffling an Oracle Card deck? Is there a special way to mix the cards? In this video, I go over the various ways I use to shuffle my decks. I also talk about some of the myths and superstitions that surround Oracle Cards and the “rules” that don’t actually exist! Like this video? Get access to more free Oracle Card Mini-Lessons. Learn about Jumper Cards, How to Ask the Right Questions, and How to Tell a Truth from a Lie with Oracle cards here: 🤍 Pick a card for free on my website to find out what you need to know for your highest good: 🤍 💖 Get my Daily Oracle Card Picks on Social Media 💖 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 #oraclecards #colettebaronreid #howtoshuffleoraclecards

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1. Gr. 0:00 2. Gr. 8:55 3. Gr. 17:55 Za privatne seanse pišite na mail: omeragic_edina🤍 HVALA VAM SVIMA♥️

Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards


My initial experiences with the Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards! Here is the updated link to any worksheets I have made for Tarot, Lenormand, Deste & Geomancy: 🤍 Where to find me My shop: 🤍 My podcast: 🤍 My Website: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

How to use Moonology Oracle Cards | Yasmin Boland


Discover how to use the Moonology Oracle Cards to give accurate and meaningful readings for yourself and others! Get your deck of Moonology Cards here: 🤍

THE HEART PATH ORACLE CARDS | Review & Deck Pairing #deckreview #oraclecards #divination


Welcome back to Mina's Bookshelf "mystical den" 💙 Today I am sharing with you my thoughts about a deeply soulful and fascinating deck I have consistently worked with throughout the month of July. It's "The Heart Path Oracle Cards: Miraculous Messages of Love" by creator and artist Nadine Gordon-Taylor. This 53-card deck and guidebook published by Bear & Company (a division of Inner Traditions International) in 2020 features Nadine's photo realistic paintings and channeled messages she received from her soul connection to universal love and animal symbolism. Animal totems are, in fact, a big component of this highly spiritual deck, together with cosmic portals, plants, and a plethora of esoteric symbols. The vibrant artwork, with its colorful and layered images, will provide you with many prompts for self-reflection and meditation. The guidebook itself is a work of art: well written, highly enjoyable, brimming with insightful and inspirational messages. The interpretation of the cards is consistently supported by detailed descriptions of the artwork, divinatory as well as spiritual insights, and gracefully wrapped up by a final affirmation. Highly recommended. *A review copy of the deck was generously provided by the Publisher in exchange of an unbiased and honest opinion Please, don't forget to like, share, subscribe, and leave your comment if you enjoyed the content of this video. Thank you for watching and many blessings💙🙏

How to Create Oracle Cards with Canva and Where to Print Them


If you've always wanted to create your own oracle cards, playing cards, tarot cards, or any kind of cards, then this video is for you. Here's how to create an oracle card deck using Canva and where to Print them. 06/8/22 UPDATE ON THE PRINT-ON-DEMAND COMPANY VERVANTE: THEY HAVE INCREASED THEIR PRINT-ON-DEMAND PRINTING COST BY 300%. THEREFORE, I'M NOT USING THEM AT THIS TIME. I'M CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A NEW PRINT ON DEMAND COMPANY AND I WILL SHARE A VIDEO ONCE I FIND THEM. FOR EVERYONE ASKING ABOUT THE COST, HERE'S THE LATEST I RECEIVED FROM THEM: 53 cards printed in full color, 2-sided, 3.5 x 5, round corners, shrink-wrapped) POD $38.87 (AT THE TIME OF RECORDING THIS VIDEO THE COST WAS $11.20) QTY 50 $10.14 each* (THIS HAS GONE UP. USED TO BE $9.59) QTY 100 $6.64 per deck (THIS HAS GONE DOWN. USED TO BE $9.25) QTY 250 $5.49 each (THIS HAS GONE DOWN. USED TO BE $8.38) 🤍 If you want to pick up a copy of my I AM Cards, then go here: 🤍 FREE AUDIBLE TRIAL: 🤍 Here are some of my goodies: I have so many tools to help you reach all your writing, career, and personal goals! If your goal this year is to step it up, then I’m here for you. Here’s how I’m here to help: . 1️⃣ Affirmation cards: this will help you step up your mind game. Your thoughts will now be in your control! 2️⃣ Super Manifesting Journal: with this journal you will map out a plan for your career and personal life. It’s a step by step guide to make sure you get what you desire. 3️⃣ My Book Companion Journal: you will have a companion for the book you’re writing. You will forever remember how you felt while writing your precious book. 4️⃣ Work In Progress Club: in order to get your career and personal life to the next level, you have to have your mind in the right space. In this club, I give you strategies on how to show up every day as your best self. 5️⃣ One on One Consulting for writers. If you’re a new writer and you’re overwhelmed with how much there’s is to know about writing and self-publishing, then a one on one session is perfect for you. All the information you need is in one place, plus, you’ll get to ask all your pressing questions and get answers in real-time! YOU CAN FIND ALL THIS AT 🤍 Buy the Super Manifesting Journal: 🤍 If you're a writer then you might love this: My Book Companion Journal. 🤍 Want to get your mindset right in 2020? My book will get you started: #Believe Dammit: 10 Principles for Attracting and Creating the Life you Crave: 🤍 Check out all my books! 🤍 For daily updates, follow me on Instagram! 🤍 Check out my Amazon Storefront here: 🤍 Equipment I use: Blue Yeti USB Mic for Recording: 🤍 Canon Camera: 🤍 Sony Camera: 🤍 Editing software: 🤍 Laptop: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Links to Amazon are affiliate links.

Best Oracle Deck for Beginners pt 1 #oraclecards #unboxing #divination #psychictarot #prismoracle


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Moonology Oracle Cards, Tarot Flip Through


Moonology Yasmin Boland Artwork by Nyx Rowan I highly recommend this oracle deck. It’s shown to be a favorite amongst tarot and oracle readers. I’ve seen many readers discussing this deck and I’ve yet to hear anyone not recommend it. Each card is gorgeously illustrated with a different moon phase that is paired with a key statement directly on them. They provide detailed interpretations for the cards and even give you an affirmation for you to use to manifest your needs. The cardstock is sturdy but still easy to shuffle. Overall, just a lovely deck for anyone who is interested in tarot/oracle cards, astrology, moon connection, and meditation. Happy reading, Amber

New Release: Aether Creatures Oracle Cards by Teal Swan 'UNBOXING'


New Release: Aether Creatures Oracle Cards by Teal Swan 'UNBOXING' Buy the Deck: 🤍 For Personalized Readings please email me at ShadowMeTarot🤍 You can support my channel by buying your deck from my amazon link, making a donation, or purchasing a deck from my Amazon Wishlist. A thumbs up or heart in the comments or any comments also help the channel grow. Thank you so much for watching! See you again soon. Donation Link: 🤍 Amazon Wishlist: 🤍 For Personalized Readings: ShadowMeTarot🤍 Unboxing, unbox, unboxing video, flip through, flip-through video, Tarot, truth, abundance, fate, love, career, wealth, faith, Work, home, unexpected, outcome, empowerment, divine order, magnet, manifestation, intention, oracle cards, focus, action, destiny, big shift, law of attraction, spiritual tarot cards, tarot reading, tarot reader, zodiac, lightworker, shadow-work, shadow, crystals, lifepath, guidance, soul path, horoscope, spirit messages, astrology, destiny, lessons, traits, journey, 3months, shadowmetarot, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, oracle,



Just a quick little unboxing video on my special little gypsy cards. Follow me: My Instagram is: 🤍 If you want to reach out: simonap87🤍

😊The Answer is Simple Oracle Cards😊 - Full Deck Flipthrough🕊️🌷


Hello everyone, apologies, it has been a while since I posted a video. I have been moving houses and a lot of things kept me busy in my personal life lately but I have missed you all and will try to upload regular videos again. Hope you enjoy this video of a full deck flip through of the oracle cards "The Answer Is Simple" by Sonia Choquette. Enjoy 😊 🦋INSTAGRAM🦋 🤍SofiaPrimrose 🤍 😍JOIN MY FACEBOOK GROUP😍 Sofia Primrose Psychic Medium 🤍 👻Our Paranormal Investigation page👻 ParaFam : Seeking Lost Spirits 🤍 🌸If you would like to support my channel, please feel free to donate 🌸 🤍 Don’t forget to like this video if you've enjoyed it👍, subscribe ❤️ and hit the notification bell to be the first to hear about my new videos 🔔 Love and light to you all Sofia

Stellar Visions: Oracle Cards Review @stephaniegailing7840 @SoshaCreates


Website: 🤍 I discovered this Astrology Oracle deck all over YouTube when it was first launched. I easily bought it on Amazon, and it arrived at my door the next day. This "Stellar Visions" Oracle cards were created by Stephanie Gailing, illustrated by Sasha Davis , published by The Quarto Group "Rock Point". I absolutely love the ethereal, ephemeral and cosmic vibes created by Davis. Some images have a dreamy watercolor effects on some cards. Other images are contrasted with vivid and minimalistic features that brings the imagination into the abstract world! The 53 cards come in a sturdy 2-piece box, with 128 pages of color in a very useful guidebook. The cards are very large and Oracle-size. Careful shuffling and handling is recommended. The cards are heavy, with a hybrid balanced of matte and plastic to the touch. The cards are not easy to slide when separating them. The artwork on the back of the cards are not reversible. The imagery on the front of the cards do not have any borders around them. I'm so happy to add this dreamy Oracle deck to my Astrology collection! Legal Disclaimer: My "MBTI", Tarot and Astrology content and information are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a professional in Astrology or Tarot. I am also not a professional in any medical or psychological expertise like the "Myers-Briggs" or "Jungian theories. I will not be responsible for any of the consequences or situations that happens in your life. Proceed and use my guidance and advice with safety and precaution! #stellarvisions #stellarvisionsoraclecards #stephaniegailing #sashadavis #astrooracle #astrooracledeck #astrooraclecards #astrocards #astrocardsdeck #thequartogroup #rockpoint #astrology #astrologydeck #astrologydeckreview #deckreview #deckcollection #deckcollecting #astrology #astrologyreaders #astrologycards #astrologydeckcollection #astrologycollection #astrocommunity #astrologycommunity #menofastrology #astroboyricardo

THE TANTRIC DAKINI ORACLE | A Walkthrough & Review #divination #oraclecards #deckreview #dakini


Hello and welcome to Mina's Bookshelf "mystical den" for another oracle deck review. The Tantric Dakini Oracle was a fascinating discovery for me: vibrant, bold, and deeply steeped in the creator's knowledge of tantric mystical teachings. Exactly something I was looking for: a deck that could teach me something new and challenge my complacency in the mainstream oracle offerings. If you enjoyed the content of this video, please like, share, subscribe, and leave your comment🙏 You can also reach me via email at: minasbookshelf🤍 to request a personal reading🔮💜 or to submit material for review. *A review copy was graciously offered by the Publisher in exchange of an unbiased and honest opinion.

ANGELS OF ATLANTIS ORACLE | Walkthrough & Review #divination #oraclecards #angels #archangels


Welcome back to Mina's Bookshelf "mystical den" for another oracle deck review. Today I am walking you through THE ANGELS OF ATLANTIS by Stewart Pearce and Richard Crookes. Atmospheric imagery and healing messages grace this 44-card deck. An easy to read tool for divination and clarification. If you enjoyed this review, please like, share, and subscribe. I always appreciate your feedback! Leave your comments in the section below, and don't forget I am accepting books/decks review requests. Also, if you wish to receive a personal tarot/oracle reading, please reach out to me any time at: minasbookshelf🤍 Many blessings💙🙏 *Review copy graciously provided by the Publisher in exchange of a honest and unbiased review

Oracle Today Card Reading: Anxiety #shorts #shortvideo #shortsfeed #oraclecards


#cardreading #shortvideo #shortsvideo #heartchakrahealing #oraclecards Oracle Today Card Reading: 18 Anxiety Oh, this is a tough card to pop up for the day, but hey, life does present situations that may bring about anxiety. How best can you work with this discomfort? Looking at the numerology, this card reduces to IX, The Hermit. Step back from the middle of the crisis and chaos and going within, although it may seem lonely and frightening, it is the place where we will find the true source of the anxiety, fear and worry, and can see our way through it. The external situation is just the knock to get our attention. Seek respite. Seek inner peace. Affirmation: "I let go of fear and worry. I assume the best and live in peace. All is well." It's no accident this reading is supported by Chrysocolla, a stone known to strengthen our resistance to emotional duress. It is supportive of the heart chakra. Energy Oracle Cards, Sandra Anne Taylor Share this reading with someone else today. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs up, comment, and share. Help others find my content. Use this link: 🤍 to: 🎴 Schedule your personal reading 💌 Subscribe to my newsletter, Drops of Goodness, for juicy tidbits 🙏 Generously Contribute 🌀 Follow me on Instagram . . Readings are for entertainment purposes only. I do not provide medical, legal, or financial advice. Interpretation and subsequent actions and consequences are the responsibility of the viewer.

Who's Going To Call You Soon? #oracle #oraclecards #oraclereading #shorts


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Månestøv Orakelkort 💜Moondust Oraclecards


Indhold ≫ 45 kort, størrelse; 9x13 cm med silkemat overflade, alle skabt i akvarel med vand fra danske hellige kilder, måne- og krystalvand. ≫ 28 siders bog med inspiration til at anvende kortene, en lille tekst til hvertkort, spørgsmål til reflektion og inspiration så du kan anvende kortet i praksis. ≫ Elegant og lækker æske til opbevaring Disse kort er til dig, som elsker at have kvalitetskort i hånden, som kommer med budskaber som støtter dig i at leve et let og kærligt liv. Disse kort er skabt med intention om at booste din intuition og styrke din skaberkraft 💜 Håber at du vil tage kærligt imod disse nye danske orakelkort! Kortene kan du købe her: 🤍

#zodiak #taurus ♉❤️Garis Takdir yang Kan Hadir Untukmu💙 #oraclecards #taurustarot #oraclecardqta7296


HaLo Fren.. Berikut ini pembacaan Tarot untuk General Reading. Jadi belum tentu semuanya cocok dan Resonate. Dalam sebuah perjalanan kehidupan perlu mawas diri dan berhati-hati. Semangat selalu ya Fren.. Simak video ini sampai tuntas ya... Terimakasih 🙏😇💕 #zodiak #taurus ♉❤️Garis Takdir yang Kan Hadir Untukmu💙 #zodiac #taurustarot #oraclecardqta #oraclecardqta7296 #oraclecard #general #generalreading #oraclecards #tarot #tarotindonesia #tarotjakarta Konsultasi Private Berbayar silahkan kontak : Email : oraclecardqta123🤍 Atau WA di : 🤍 Tiktok : 🤍 Jangan lupa like dan subscribe channel ini. Klik ajah ya 🤍 Terimakasih 🙏😇💓 #jasatarot #ramaltarot #tarotjakarta #tarot #bacatarot #konselingtarot #oraclecardqta7296 #tarotreader #tarotjakarta #tarotindonesia #tarotofinstagram #tarotsemarang #tarotkoe #tarotbandung #tarotbali #tarotYogyakarta #tarotcommunity #tarotlove

Urgent msg from UNICORN SPIRIT Guides UNIVERSE GUIDANCE #divine #guidance #oraclecards #unicorn


Hello Beautiful Souls, I am MS. I welcome u all to my Channel THE DIVINE GUIDANCE WITH MS. I am an intuitive, clairvoyant tarot reader and a Spiritual Healer. I am here to help u & guide u on this beautiful journey of spirituality & soul awakening. So please join me and let's walk together on this beautiful journey of transformation.Let's help each other by staying positive, raising our vibrations,follow our soul purpose. Together we can and we will  heal and raise the vibrations of our beautiful planet Mother Earth 🌎 Love & Lights 💖💖💖 God Bless us all 😇😇😇 Warm regards MS 🥰 My email id is thedivineguidancewithms🤍 I'm on Instagram as 🤍thedivineguidancewithms. Install the app to follow my photos and videos. 🤍 I am not sponsored or paid for this review. I bought this from Amazon and simply loved it , so sharing it with my soul family. I have bought many other decks also to make guidance videos for my this soul family. in case you wish to support  this channel I am writing my wishlist for more cards.. u can contact me through my email id. also kindly like share and subscribe this channel and encourage me to share all universal guidance and channeled messages with you. thanks alot   #oraclecards #keepersofthelight #oracleofthefairies #guidance #cards  #reading  #blessings #dailyguidance #spiritual #spirituality #soul #souljourney #journeywithin #souls #beautifulsoul #tarot #hinditarot #divine #englishtarot #soulpurpose #guidance #divineguidance #transformation #travellerlife #life #lifejourney #lifepurpose #innerwork #selflove #selfcare #selflovejourney #angel #angels #angelsguidance #divinepower #higherself #spiritguides #gurus #Gods #higherpower #intuitive #clairvoyant #mother #earth #healing #healer #spiritualhealer #loveandlights #vibes #pickacard #goodvibes #positivevibes #positivity #happiness #happysouls #spreadlove #spreadpositivity #nature #mountains #hills #green #india #mountainscape #unboxing #unboxingvideo #oraclecards #oracleofthefairies #deck #universe #universalguidance #guidance #thedivineguidancewithms #channeled #messages #divine #tarot #innerwork #timeless #videos #daily #guidance #tarotdeck #angel #angelguidance #livelovelaugh #soul #soulfamily #soulgroup #family #gratitude #thankyou #blessed #medium #amazon #moonology #moonologyoraclecards #thepsychictarot thepsychic #shorts #short #youtube #youtubeshorts

#New Zielsrouteplanner 💫 #oraclecards 🔮


Een nieuw prachtig oracledeck Zielsrouteplanner van Gerda Duin & Daniëlle van Wanrooy 🔮 - De fluistering van jouw ziel brengt je naar huis - Doe je een duimpje omhoog als je het oracledeck ook leuk vindt? Ga jij mij volgen via dit kanaal? Ik zou het super leuk vinden om vriendjes te worden 🌟 Wordt gratis abonnee! Je hoeft dan niets te missen op gebied van kaartjes en spiritualiteit. ❤🤍 Abonneer 💜 Klik op het 🛎 Doe een 👍 Dankjewel 💋 Volg mij ook op: 💜 IG 🤍 💙 FB 🤍 🖤 TT 🤍 #oraclecards #soul #new #newdeck #rust #inzichten #engelen #eenhoorns #derdeoog #bewustzijn #verlichting #boodschappen #liefdeenlicht #zelfliefde #lichtwerker #mediteren #universum #laatjouwlichtschijnen #gelukkigleven #ikziejou #rijkdom #geluk #hemels #ikbenliefde #vrijzijn #creativiteit #inspiratie #straal #liefdedelen #sterrenstof #namaste #zen #meditation #love #loveshinesparkle #loveyourself #iamlight #healing #heaven #angels #innerchild #inspiratie #liefde #creatief #creative #cardreading #tarot #reiki #quotes #wonderful #wonderen #universe #lightworker #unicorns #magic #meditation #zen #namaste #lovepotion #shineyourlight #iam #selflove #selfcare #wakeup #consciousness #enlightenment #universe #awakening #thirdeye #loveandlight #wisdom #lightworker #meditate #spirit #namaste #lawofattraction #bethechange #shineyourlight #letloverule #creativelifehappylife #universe #wildbeing #weneedyourlove #standupforabetterworld #weareone #freespirit #wearelove - Created by - Music: from

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