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Cauli Flower Arrozcaldo | MUST TRY RECIPE


CAULIFLOWER ARROZ CALDO How to cook Cauliflower Arroz Caldo? It is very easy and this version of arrozcaldo is heathy. I cut the whole cauliflower into bits like the rice consistency and soak in cold water. sauteed all the ingredients and simmer for about 30 mins. after 30 mins I added the cauliflower and cooked it for further 5-10 mins. Season with salt or fish sauce (optional) Garnish with eggs and chives. Eat it hot to best enjoy it. The flavours are very similar to the traditional chicken arroz caldo but this version is just a tad healthier. I highly recommend this dish FB page 🤍 Don't forget to Like & Subscribe :) Ms Draffs Backyard #cauliflowerarrozcaldo #cauliflower #healthyarrozcaldo #outdoorcooking #backyardcooking MB01YTQ6WGDTQ2E MB01DACQCUQ1RUO MB01WEOTY7PYUTF



Real Ube Pandesal How to make Ube Cheese Pandesal - SOFT, FLUFFY & EXTREMELY DELICIOUS!! In this video, I will show how to make ube pandesal with cheese. I will also show how I extracted natural purple color using fruit Purple Yam. I will also show how to make an Ube Halaya (Purple Yam Jam ) Pandesal is a traditional bread in the Philippines, it is consumed by many Filipinos every day for breakfast and snacks. Ube Halaya is one of the perfect complement of this popular Filipino food! Tips and Ingredients for Ube Pandesal Recipe Pandesal Ingredients 4cups bread flour 3tbsp vegetable oil dry yeast 7g salt 1tbsp sugar 1/2 cup butter 2tbsp Ube (Purple Yam) extract - I used about 3/4 cups so no need to add water Ube meat ( I used leftover from extracted purple yam) 2 eggs vegetable oil Ingredients on How to Make Ube Halaya Butter 250g Condensed Milk Evaporated Milk 1/2 cup of sugar Coconut Milk Ube (Purple Yam) Tip 1 Only use 3 1/2 cups of flour, leave other 1/2 cup for dusting Tip 2 Only use approximately 3/4 cups of liquid I used the liquid from extracted Ube about 3/4cup so I did not add more water in the mixture Tip 4 slowly add flour to wet mixtures preferably 1/4 at a time so you can easily control the consistency of your dough Pls, watch the video to see the procedure on how I extracted and made Ube Jam and Ube Cheese Pandesal. Thank you Ms. Draff #UbeCheesePandesal #traditionalcooking #Msdraff'sbackyard #TrendingUbeCheesePandesal #Pandesal how to make ube cheese pandesal MB01R5MBBJFACRH

Intense Battle Between Lioness & Giraffe Over Her Newborn Baby


While still learning to walk, a newborn giraffe must fight for its life from a hungry lioness with only the protection of its mother! The giraffe escapes the lioness, but the ending is something you’d never expect! Incredible footage by 🤍?lsv & 🤍?lsv This unbelievable sighting was captured by 30-year-old, Wildlife photographer and owner of Escape Safari Co, Don Heyneke and by safari consultant Rustom Framjee, founder of Safarinut, while on safari in Olare Motorogi Conservancy, Masai Mara, Kenya. Send in your wildlife video here, and earn money: 🤍 Don tells LatestSightings.com the story: “A female giraffe gave birth to a baby calf. 30 minutes after being born, the giraffes are already able to walk with only minimal stumbling and, within 10 hours, they are able to run. Unfortunately for this young calf, a hungry lioness and hyena showed interest in the calf right after it was born.” “The interested lioness and hyena were trailing the giraffe and her calf, but the hyenas quickly lost interest, leaving only the lioness who was almost herding the herd for over 6kms (4 miles). The newborn calf was knocked over several times by its mother while trying to escape the lioness.” “After walking 6kms, the giraffe and her baby, who at this point had not even had a sip of milk in its life yet, reach a dead-end caused by a riverbed. The lioness creeps up to them, thinking this is the finale to an already intense series.” “The mother tried to protect her calf from the lioness and panicked – accidentally bumping the new-born down a cliff. The new-born calf was now stuck in the riverbed, the mother went outside the riverbed and tried to coax the young calf out but it was too weak to climb the bank.” “The calf lay down and at this point stood no chance against the apex predator who took the opportunity to grab the calf and carry it towards the water.” “The mother did her best to protect her new-born calf and chased the lioness away multiple times and at this point, we thought the calf was 100% dead. To everyone’s surprise, it stood up but not for very long as the calf ended up finding safety in the river where it fell asleep from exhaustion. The baby giraffe, with a fight for survival like no one has ever seen before, drowned.” BOOK YOUR TRIP TO KRUGER: 🤍 To license the footage: Contact🤍LatestSightings.com Get some of our exclusive specials at the Kruger National Park (Free nights): 🤍 Snapchat: LatestSightings Twitter & Instagram: 🤍LatestKruger For live wildlife sightings in the Kruger National Park: 🤍 And like our Facebook page for great sightings and photos: 🤍 Subscribe to us on YouTube: 🤍

Man Discovers An Island Of Mini People And Captured By Them


Lemuel is hurtled to an undiscovered land, where he reinvents himself as the hero of Lilliputians by impressing them with his size. Unprepared for leading them, his ineptitude puts him in danger. MOVIE NAME= GULL1VER'S TRAVELS _ Subscribe to our other social media accounts for daily updates, movie recommendations and more 1. Twitter = 🤍 2. Instagram = 🤍 3. Tiktok = 🤍 4. Adam's YT= 🤍

.50 BMG vs GIRAFFE | Getting scoped by a .50 BMG


.50 BMG vs GIRAFFE | Getting scoped by a .50 BMG Get ready for America’s favorite gun, the .50 BMG, to take on a GIRAFFE! On this episode of “The High Road with Keith Warren”, Keith heads to South Africa with Huntershill Safaris to do something that has never been done before time on; he’s taking on a bull giraffe with a .50 BMG! See what a .50 caliber bullet does to the head of a giraffe AND what the recoil of the .50 BMG does to Keith’s forehead! Check out how we mount this Giraffe, in the next video! - 🤍 The High Road is brought to you by: Timber Creek Outdoors: 🤍 Pulsar NV: 🤍 Sightmark: 🤍 Sierra Ammunition: 🤍 Wildlife Research Center: 🤍 Pyramyd Air: 🤍 Safari Club International: 🤍 Legends Ranch: 🤍 Lucas Oil Outdoor Line: 🤍 Tank Blinds: 🤍 Reconyx: 🤍 Record Rack: 🤍 UVC Powersports: 🤍 Superior Outfitters: 🤍 G2 Ranch: 🤍 Silencer Shop: 🤍 Diamond Blade Knives: 🤍 Conroe Taxidermy: 🤍 If you'd like to hunt with Keith Warren and The High Road team, visit the Texas Hidden Springs Ranch website! - 🤍 Warning! The following video contains hunting and shooting that is educational in nature, but may be offensive to some people. Viewer discretion is advised. Due to the policies of mainstream social media platforms not supporting our outdoor lifestyle, please subscribe to our website 🤍highroadhunting.com in the event that our accounts are removed. We promise to keep your email information confidential Click here to Subscribe! 🤍 Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Google+: 🤍 Every successful person has a mentor, a coach, someone they can trust and turn to for guidance. Keith Warren is that person for both aspiring and avid outdoorsmen alike. Keith has hunted everything from deer, bear, and hogs with air guns, pistols, rifles, and thermal gear. Tag along with Keith as he hunts across America and around the world, providing tips, how to’s, and incredible hunting action with one goal: to help make YOU a better outdoorsman. Be sure to check our videos, subscribe to our channel and join us on The High Road Team! Don’t forget to visit our website 🤍highroadhunting.com where you can register to win great outdoor gear and hunting trips. Keith currently hosts The High Road with Keith Warren and Keith Warren's Deer & Wildlife Stories, nationally broadcast on the Pursuit Channel.



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Pablo swimming pool


How to Make a Floorplan in Excel : Microsoft Excel Tips


Subscribe Now: 🤍 Watch More: 🤍 Making a floorplan in Microsoft Excel is a lot easier than you probably think it's going to be. Find out how to make a floorplan in Excel with help from a mechanical engineer with 32 years of experience in this free video clip. Expert: Edward Russell Filmmaker: Patrick Russell Series Description: Microsoft Excel is a powerful database and spreadsheet tool that is an important part of the Microsoft Office productivity suite of software. Get tips on how to best use Microsoft Excel to its full potential with help from a mechanical engineer with 32 years of experience in this free video series.

Forest Of Dwarfs - Nollywood Movie


In this Nollywood movie, A group of young men have to go to the evil forest in order to save their kingdom from the wrath of the evil gods ... will they return?

Tiktok video upload problem solve | Tiktok video draft Problem fix How To Recover TikTok Draft Video


TikTok video upload problem solve | Tiktok video draft Problem fix | How To Recover TikTok Draft Video 2021 | DRSTechnical #TikTokVideoUploadProblemSolve #Tiktokvideouploadproblemfix #TiktokvideodraftProblemfix #drafts_in_tiktok #draftsintiktok #draftsintiktokproblem #tiktokdraftsdeletedrecover Tik Tok Ki Draft Deleted Video Kaise Wapas Laye How To Recover TikTok Deleted Draft Videos how to recover tiktok draft videos tik tok draft video problem solved tiktok draft deleted video recovery Tik Tok TikTok deleted draft videos recover tiktok draft video deleted tiktok draft video recovery how to recover tiktok drafts how to recover draft video in tik tok how to recover deleted draft video in tiktok tik tok me delete draft video wapas kaise laye #TechnicalVideo #DRSTechnical DRS Technical Best HD Technical Video & More Intersteding Video Don't Forget to subscribe our channel DRS Technical Best HD Technical Video & More Intersteding Video Don't Forget to subscribe our channel All Thanks 🙏🏻

Crocodile Attack in Powai


💎DIAMOND 17 Hand Draff cross gelding available www.magichorseauction.com Driving video !!!!!!!!


If there ever was a such thing as the perfect horse DIAMOND 💎 IS THE ONE. This beautiful 7 year old Fresian X Percheron draft cross gelding standing 17 hands tall will amaze you everyday. Here is one the kids can ride and grandma can as well. I’ve never seen a more patient, calm , gentle , loving horse as Diamond. Find me a 17h draft cross to lope off, stop and move like this guy because they ain’t out there. This is one athletic Gelding. Everyone says there horse is BROKE BROKE GENTLE GENTLE AND BEGINNER SAFE FOR ANYONE…. Well I’m convinced you can move all them others to the end of your list because HERE IS THE BEST THERE IS !!!!! If you have Equine phobia here is your answer!!! If grandma has arthritis, knee replacements she can ride also. If you can’t ride/drive and get along with Diamond 💎 you might as well look for another hobby. He will stand wherever you ask him to for days and not move. Best horse on the ground , in the saddle or on the cart behind him. There is many horses available on the online auction platforms across the web but I guarantee y’all there ain’t one like Diamond 💎. Don’t miss out on this opportunity because he is truly a “ Diamond !! “. Come see him anytime before the auction closes and ride him or drive all you want. Our gates and barn doors are open for anyone anytime 24/7. Thank y’all God Bless. Be sure to watch all the videos and if you have any questions call me ANYTIME!!!!

৩০০ টাকায় সবচেয়ে সুন্দর দোলনা কিনুন কম দামে | Dolna Price In Bd | Beautiful Cradle Price In Bd


৩০০ টাকায় সবচেয়ে সুন্দর দোলনা কিনুন কম দামে | Dolna Price In Bd | Beautiful Cradle Price In Bd BOLAKA COSMATICS AND BABY COLLECTION 382 NO SHOP ,NEW MAKET ,DHAKA 1207 01684252928,01818793913 (IMO,WHATSAPP,BKASH) Cont Me here for your product review : 🤍 #fahimkhanshow #fahimkhanshow

Creamy Chicken Pastel - Ocampo's Kitchen


Andito nanaman po tayo para sa Christmas Special Series natin dito sa Ocampo's Kitchen! Gayahin n'yo na po ang pinoy classic recipe na ito para sa handaan nyo this coming Pasko! Tiyak na pati bisita niyo mag tatake out pa! Recipe 1. Chicken Wings - 1 and 1/2 kg 2. Chicken Liver - 3/4 kg 3. Chorizo - 1 can 4. Mushroom Balls - 1 can medium 5. Carrots - 1 large 6. Quail Eggs - 40pcs 7. Butter - 1 stick 8. All Purpose Cream - 1/2 can 9. Cream of Mushroom - 1 pack 10. Cheese - 100gms shredded Don't forget to LIKE, SHARE, AND SUBSCRIBE! Welcome to Ocampo's Kitchen: 🤍 Like us on Facebook and feel free to share your recipes on our page! Malay nyo, ma-feature kayo sa susunod na video! 🤍 Follow us on Instagram 🤍 For Business please contact: ocamposkitchen🤍gmail.com or message us on Facebook page at Ocampo's Kitchen🥰 #OcamposKitchen #Kapampangan

COOL ART TRICKS AND DRAWING HACKS || Easy And Cool Art Hacks by 123 GO Like!


Let your creativity shine! Learn how to improve your art skills and become a better artist with these creative and fun drawing tutorials! #art #decor #drawing #DIY #hacks Music by Epidemic Sound: 🤍 Stock materials: 🤍 🤍 - This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability. Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses. It is the viewer's responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one plans to replicate. The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment - please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate. All product and company names shown in the video are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.



TRY NOT TO LAUGH | Funny Babies At The Zoo - LAUGH TRIGGER Welcome to LAUGH TRIGGER Channel! Don't forget to subscribe us and hit the bell, you will be the first person watching our newest video. If you're having a bad day, remember LAUGH TRIGGER will always be with you when you need some Vitamin - Funny Vines! LAUGH TRIGGER will bring you the cutest, happiest and funniest videos on the internet. So just let it all out by enjoying our videos. 👉 Subscribe: 🤍 👉 Link videos: 🤍 👉 More videos: 🤍 👉 Business Inquires: lifeawesometv🤍gmail.com #funnyvideos #funnyfails #funnykids

Best 30 Bougainvillea Varieties With Names / Bougainvillea flower


Best 30 Bougainvillea Varieties With Names / Bougainvillea flower Hello friends, Welcome to New Mind Garden.. In this video I have shared More than 30 beautiful Bougainvillea Varieties with names. All the varieties are very beautiful.. Hope you find this video useful. For more videos by New Mind Garden, do visit : 🤍 Like.. Share.. SUBSCRIBE..and Support  : ) #NewMindGarden 🌸Subscribe the channel clicking this link to never miss a video :  🤍 🌿Our Facebook Link : 🤍 🌿🌸 Watch more videos clicking the links below : 🌿 World-class Adenium Varieties : 🤍 🌼 How to make Adenium bonsai : 🤍 🌿 Best Adenium Varieties with caring tips : 🤍 🌼 Best Bougainvillea Varieties with caring tips : 🤍 🌿 Top Air purifying plants (NASA recommended) : 🤍 🌼 Poisonous house plants : 🤍 🌿 Top fruit plants idea for home garden : 🤍 🌼 growing carpet grass or lawn grass : 🤍 🌿 Best summer flowering plants including propagation and care method : 🤍 🌼 Petunia flower..a popular winter flower..grow and care : 🤍 🌿 Blackberry cultivation : 🤍 🌼 Care of rose in summer : 🤍 🌿 Best indoor plants : 🤍 🌼 Nursery visit (part-1) : 🤍 🌿 Nursery visit (part -3) : 🤍 🌼 Nursery visit (part- 2) : 🤍 🌿 Nursery visit (part- 4) : 🤍 🌼 How to grow Orchids at home / Care of Orchid Plant : 🤍 #bougainvilleaflower #bougainvilleavarietynames #baganbilash #bugenvilaplant Topics covered : bougainvillea varieties with names bougainvillea plant bougainvillea bugenvila plant bagan bilash bagan bilash flower paper flower bougainvillea varieties bougainvillea variety names best bougainvillea variety name of bougainvillea flower top bougainvillea buganvilias flower name of bougainvillea bougainvillea name

My Mom Runs a Squid Game! Squid Game in Real Life!


Subscribe Here: 🤍 My Mom Runs a Squid Game! Jock vs Nerd in Squid Game! 🤍 The Squid Game is so exciting! Phil’s mom runs this game. Is he a lucky guy or not? Watch funny situations and awkward moments in our new video. #Mom #SquidGame #inRealLife Follow WooHoo: Subscribe: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 LIKEE: 🤍 WooHoo Español: 🤍 WooHoo Française: 🤍 WooHoo Deutsch: 🤍 WooHooRussian: 🤍 WooHoo Arabic: 🤍 WooHoo Português: 🤍 WooHoo Korean: 🤍 WooHoo Japanese: 🤍 WooHoo Hindi: 🤍 WooHoo Turkish: 🤍 WooHoo Italian: 🤍 WooHoo Chinese: 🤍 WooHoo Thai: 🤍 WooHoo Polish: 🤍 WooHoo Indonesia: 🤍 WooHoo Vietnam: 🤍 About WooHoo: Crafts, life hacks, and more! Don’t forget to turn on notifications, like, & subscribe!



BIGO LIVE DOWNLOAD THIS LINK: 🤍 follow me: naomipena SUBSCRIBE TO OUR MAIN CHANNEL 🤍 Coldest Giveaway  🤍 Shop The Coldest Water    🤍?ref=shop-naomipena Use Promo Code "naomi Peña" to get 10% OFF your entire order. Join our group on Messenger by visiting: 🤍 LET'S BE FRIENDS! Instagram: itsmenaomip Facebook Page : 🤍 FOR BUSINESSES / COLLABORATION Email : itsmenaomip🤍gmail.com Instagram : itsmenaomip 🤍 › itsmenaomip - MUSIC THAT I USED: SoundCloud: 🤍 Youtube: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 FaceBook: 🤍 SnapChat: 🤍 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 🎵 Track Info: Title: Rain by Clueless Kit Genre and Mood: Hip Hop & Rap · Calm #mukbangphilippines #lechonbaboy

CHROMANCE - Wrap Me In Plastic (Lyrics)


CHROMANCE - Wrap Me In Plastic (Lyrics) CHROMANCE - Wrap Me In Plastic 🟢🎵 All uploads in one Spotify playlist: 🤍 🔔 Don't forget to subscribe and turn on notifications! Follow CHROMANCE 🤍 🤍 🤍 _ Wrap Me In Plastic Lyrics [Verse 1] It's my first night out with you Treat me right and buy me shoes Let me be your fantasy Play with me. I wanna be your girl [Pre-Chorus] Just give me some time, I'll be ready Do my make-up. Bathe in my perfume Quick shower won't take too long I'll be done, just sing this song [Chorus] So wrap me in plastic, and make me shine We can make a dollhouse, follow your design Let's build a dog out of sticks and twine I can call you master, you can call me mine Wrap me in plastic, and make me shine We can make a dollhouse, follow your design Let's build a dog out of sticks and twine I can call you master, you can call me mine [Post-Chorus] Wrap me in plastic (Wrap me in plastic) Wrap me in plastic (Wrap me in plastic) (You can call me mine) Wrap, wrap, wrap me in Wrap, wrap, wrap me in (You can call me mine) [Verse 2] Move! Tell me what to do If you're happy, I am too Please, just show me what you like Don't be shy. I wanna be your girl [Pre-Chorus] Just give me some time I'll be ready Do my make-up. Bathe in my perfume Quick shower won't take too long I'll be done, just sing this song [Chorus] So wrap me in plastic, and make me shine We can make a dollhouse, follow your design Let's build a dog out of sticks and twine I can call you master, you can call me mine Wrap me in plastic, and make me shine We can make a dollhouse, follow your design Let's build a dog out of sticks and twine I can call you master, you can call me mine [Post-Chorus] Wrap me in plastic (Wrap me in plastic) Wrap me in plastic (Wrap me in plastic) (You can call me mine) Wrap, wrap, wrap me in Wrap, wrap, wrap me in (You can call me mine) [Bridge] Just give me some time, I'll be ready Quick shower won't take too long Just give me some time, I'll be ready Quick shower won't take too long Just sing this song [Chorus] Wrap me in plastic, and make me shine We can make a dollhouse, follow your design Let's build a dog out of sticks and twine I can call you master, you can call me mine [Outro] Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap me in plastic We can make a dollhouse, follow your design Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap me in I can call you master, you can call me mine

Tapsilog (쇠고기 청키) (thịt bò chunky) (ก้อนเนื้อ) (गोमांस चंकी)Chicharon Bulaklak Pinoy Almusal


FILMED: May 15, 2020 I do not own the song being used. No copyright infringement intended. MUSIC: We Are One [No Copyright Music] 🤍 MUSIC: Ikson - Spring (Vlog No Copyright Music) 🤍 MUSIC: Adventures - A Himitsu (No Copyright Music) 🤍 Facebook Page 🤍 #Mukbang #PhilippineMukbang #Tapsilog #TapaSinangagItlog #ChicharonBulaklak #SpecialSuka #Delicious #Masarap #FilipinoFood #LetsEat #Homemade #MukbangPH Like, Comment & Subscribe. Thank you for watching guyz.

Baby Bash, Paul Wall - Giraffe Pussy (Official Video) ft. Berner


Music video by Baby Bash, Paul Wall performing Giraffe Pussy (Official Video). 2018 Bashtown Music Group 🤍

Lumine and Aether's English VA's Play Genshin Impact (We Are Reunited Quest Part 2)


Join Sarah Miller-Crews, English Voice of Lumine, and Zach Aguilar, English voice of Aether, as they go finish up the We Are Reunited Quest together. Hope you're ready for this emotional and suspenseful journey these travelers have ahead of them... Sarah Miller-Crews' Socials (English Voice of Lumine) ■ Twitter: 🤍 ■ Tiktok: 🤍 ■ Instagram: 🤍 ■ Youtube: 🤍 Zach Aguilar's Socials (English Voice of Aether) ■ Twitter: 🤍 ■ Youtube: 🤍 ■ Twitch: 🤍 ■ Instagram: 🤍 ■ TikTok: 🤍 Thumbnail Art: Elyse (Twitter: 🤍ArtfullyElyse) Lumine & Aether Avatars: Xeiv (🤍IPXakachi) Time codes: 00:00 Welcome & Intro 2:15 Abyss Order Fight # 1 6:57 Zach Tells Us How Awesome He Is 8:25 Abyss Order Fight # 2 - Take One 11:24 Whoopsies - Let's Heal and Get Food 15:13 We Attempt Co-Op 17:57 OH NO IT DIDNT WORK -Take Two 20:37 Abyss Order Fight # 2 - Take Three 23:10 We Look At Artifacts and Stuff 33:15 Fighting the Abyss Hunter - Take Four 42:02 Dainsleif Cutscene & Reading Super Chat 53:16 Abyss Order Fight # 3 55:16 Abyss Order Fight # 4 - Go Barbara! 1:09:40 Zach's Dainsleif Impression 1:13:38 Talking To Barbara 1:20:20 Abyss Order Fight # 5 1:26:41 Zach Tells Us Why He Became a Voice Actor 1:31:35 Fighting the Abyss Herald 1:45:38 Getting Fowl From Draff 1:49:00 A Soul Set Apart 1:53:29 Toad Screaming & Finding the Eye 1:59:58 Call of the Abyss Domain 2:04:32 Fighting the Abyss Mage Again 2:08:45 Time to Get More Food 2:13:24 Whoops We Started the Moonchase Cutscene 2:18:12 Okay Back to Food 2:30:14 Fighting the Abyss Mage Again - FOR REAL 2:43:16 We Are Reunited Cutscene! 2:50:20 Zach & I Talk About Voicing Aether & Lumine 3:05:12 Goodbyes Stream Rules: 1. Please be kind to each other and keep the chat friendly, fun, and safe. NSFW, hate speech, and bullying are not allowed. 2. I can't talk about things that aren't publicly confirmed, unreleased, or unannounced. So if I don't answer something, it's either because I don't know or I'm not allowed to talk about it! 3. Do not ask personal questions (about Sarah’s family, health, location, etc.), do not make assumptions about personal details, and do not share personal information. This is to make sure that everyone here, including myself, stays safe!! 4. No backseat gaming or spoilers, please. 5. When I’m playing, I might not see all of your comments. The best way to ensure that I do is to use a super chat. But even then, if I’m in the middle of something that is taking my attention please be patient with me and allow me to finish what I’m doing before addressing super chats! 6. Okay, that's it. Let's have fun! Anyone who doesn’t follow these rules may have their comments deleted, timed out, or hidden from the channel. Please respect the mods, they are working to help keep this stream fun and safe! (Disclaimer: Any opinions shared during streams are my own and do not reflect the views of any of my employers or their clients.)

Snake Island of Brazil । The Missing Mind


इस वीडियो में हमने स्नेक आइलैंड के बारे में बताया है जो कि ब्राज़ील में मौजूद हैं। अगर आप इस वीडियो को पूरा देखते है तो आप को इस आइलैंड के बारे में काफी मजेदार बाते पता चलेगा। मुझे आशा है कि आपको हमारी यह वीडियो पसंद आई होगी।

The Dwarf Planet Song (feat. Jessica Pace Lyells, Loki Alohikea, Jan van der Beek, and Sophia Oaks)


A song about the 5 confirmed dwarf planets in our solar system from smallest to largest. Subscribe! ➜ 🤍 Visit the Hopscotch Shop! ➜ 🤍 Download the song ➜ 🤍 Sheet music ➜ 🤍 Karaoke/backing track ➜ 🤍 Ukulele tabs ➜ 🤍 Stream on: Spotify ➜ 🤍 Google Play ➜ 🤍 Apple Music ➜ 🤍 iTunes ➜ 🤍 Deezer ➜ 🤍 Voices Ceres: Sophia Oaks 🤍 Makemake: Jan van der Beek 🤍 Haumea: Loki Alohikea 🤍 🤍 🤍 Eris: Matt Pace Pluto: Jessica Pace Lyells 🤍 Song by Matt & Joanna Pace Video animated by Dakota Sheperd: 🤍 Title animation by Brenden Nelson: 🤍 What do you think about this song? Talk to us! Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Lyrics: Let’s have a talk, Pluto. We know you’ve been feeling blue They changed your class, so you go blame it on the IAU Now you’re a dwarf planet, and you’re not thrilled, it’s plain to see But if you look at what makes a planet great The dwarves have two out of three: 1 You orbit a star, and your star is called the sun 2 You have enough gravity to make you round, but you’re missing one: 3 Do you clear your surroundings? Dwarf planets don’t clear their neighborhood They don’t have enough mass, but join the class If you don’t know their names, you should Ceres Makemake Haumea Eris Pluto Ceres Makemake Haumea Eris Pluto (Repeat) I’m Ceres. I’m dark, but I have bright spots I’m the biggest in the asteroid belt, and I’ve got 9-hour days. If you sleep, you missed ‘em I’m the only dwarf in the inner solar system I’m Makemake and I take my time orbiting the sun More than 300 earth years for me is just one You can tell who I am by my reddish-brown hue They used to call me Easterbunny Look it up. It’s true I’m Haumea, and they argued over who really found me I’ve got two moons and a ring around me My shape is warped because I spin so fast In a four-hour blaze, my days go past I’m Eris, and there is no stranger orbit than this, ‘cuz we Bend the rules where I’m at in the Scattered Disc I’ve been hearing some confusion in the past: Pluto may be bigger, but I got more mass And I’m Pluto! To the eight planets I say “Farewell” I’ve got 5 moons, and one’s so large, that I orbit it as well I enjoy my days of blue skies and red snow But I send my love with my Tombaugh Regio And as astronomers keep up their studies They might find our other dwarf planet buddies There could hundreds more in our system alone For now they remain unknown ...except for Ceres Makemake Haumea Eris Pluto Ceres Makemake Haumea Eris Pluto (Repeat) Copyright © 2020 Hopscotch

Raasay Distillery with The Scotch Malt Whisky Society


Escape to the Isle of Raasay with Richard Goslan from SMWS members' magazine Unfiltered, where the distillery is breathing new life into an island with a fascinating history.

Extremely Satisfying Workers!


Workers doing their jobs better than 99.999% of people. CHECK OUT THESE CHANNELS OR ELSE Kent bees 🤍 ABC13 Houston 🤍 Discover With Us 🤍 ViralHog 🤍 Jpcrane 🤍 Responsible_Fill2380 🤍 MBMV 🤍 Loving_jesper 🤍 ItzRajiv 🤍 Mementh 🤍 Containerman2 🤍 MoonKnighter 🤍 TheLawnCareProfessionals 🤍 Loki610 🤍 Majorwtf 🤍 Kendra_matthies 🤍 Vaguenonetheless 🤍 M3 Printing 🤍 Krystleklear1 🤍 Supra_Hero7 🤍 DisciplineDaddy 🤍 Jamaican_snow_owl 🤍 Jt1509 🤍 AustinMollno 🤍 Mark Rober 🤍 Thryloz 🤍 GreenteaDeluxe 🤍 NPCs of Earth 🤍 Sneakermechanic 🤍 Fresh Hair TV 🤍 Blacksoulofficial 🤍 Cyber_Being_ 🤍 New Merch - 🤍 Submit your videos here: 🤍 follow all of these or i will kick you • Facebook - 🤍 • Twitter - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍 • Instagram - 🤍

What Sound Does a Giraffe Make?


Science World visits the Greater Vancouver Zoo to find out, once and for all, what sound a giraffe makes.

İğne Oyası Zürafa Yapılışı D.I.Y


Video da zürafa yapımı, yazma kenarı kıvırma ve yazmaların köşe dönüşleri nasıl yapılır detaylı olarak anlattım. Kolay gelsin. Facebook sayfamız 🤍 Blog adresimiz 🤍 🤍



CONTOH TEKS MC SEMI FORMAL ACARA HAHAL BI HALAL IDUL FITRI TAHUN 1443 H by: akhmad nurmasduki Youtub Olah Rasa Olah Kata السلام عليكم و رحمة الله وبركاته بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم, الحمد لله رب العالمين والصلاة والسلام على اشرف الانبياء و المرسلين, سيدنا ومولنامحمد وعلى اله وصحبه اجمعين, اما بعد  YANG TERHORMAT .... (Penceramah) YANG KAMI HORMATI....  (Tokoh/Pejabat) YANG KAMI HORMATI..... () DAN YANG KAMI HORMATI   SEGENAP TAMU UNDANGAN SERTA PARA HADIRIN YANG BERBAHAGIA.     Puji syukur ke hadirat allah swt, karna atas limpahan rahmat, taufiq, serta hidayah nya semata pada hari ini, (senin, 2 Mei 2022), bertempat di (lokasi acara), kita semua ( peserta jika perlu di sebutkan ) dapat berkumpul bersama dalm rangka halal bi halal yang di selenggarakan oleh (pihak penyelenggara) bekerjasama dengan/disponsori oleh ( pihak seponsor jika ada )     Sholawat beriringkan salam semoga tetap terlimpah curahkan kehadirat junjungan alam tauladan umat manusia, rahmat bagi seluruh alam, yakni baginda nabi agung muhammad saw, besrta para sahabat dan pengikut nya sepanjang masa dan semoga kita semua termasuk umat nya yang senantiasa mengikuti ajaran ajaran nya serta mendapat syafa’atnya di yaumil akhir nanti. Hadirin, tamu undangan yang kami hormati perkenankanlah kami selaku pembawa acara untuk membacakan serangkayan acara Halal bi hall pada hari ini acara yang pertama pembukaan dilanjutkan dengan acara yang kedua pembacaan kalam ilahi dan sari tilawah sambutan-sambutan meempati acara yang ke tiga acara yang keempat ceramah agama acara yang ke lima cara yang terakhir penutup serta doa Setelah do'a dilanjutkan dengan salam salaman, ramah tamah dan photo bersama.. hadirin yang berbahagia, sebagai insan yang beriman dan bertakwa dan dengan harapan semoga acara pada malam hari ini diberikan kelancaran oleh allah subhawana wata’ala, marilah kita buka bersama dengan bacaan ummul quran, على هذه النية و على كل نية صالحة hadirin yang kami mulyakan, Al qur’an, adalah Mukjizat terbesar yang selalu terjaga keutuhannya spanjang zaman sebagai  sumber dari segala sumber hukum Islam, yang sudah barang tentu harus diimani dan diamalkan. marilah kita hayati bersama lantunan butiran ayat suci al quran yang akan di lantukan oleh, saudara (......) Hadirin yang berbahagia, terselenggaranya acara pada malam hari ini tidak lepas dari kerja keras pantia yang menyempatkan waktu dan tenaga nya demi terselenggara nya acara pada malam hari ini,,, oleh karna nya marilah kita ikuti bersama sambutan ketua penyelenggara oleh saudara..( petugas sambutan )     hadirin, segenap tamu undangan yang berbahagia, Hati manusia, laksana tanah yang tandus di pegunungan nan tinggi. Semakin dirawat dan dijaga, disiram, serta dipupuk maka semakin suburlah tanah nya dan kan  mudah untuk ditanami, namun jika tak dirawat dan di jaga, maka bertambah keras dan tanduslah tanah nya. Maka oleh karna nya, marilah kita sima’ bersama ( petugas pidato ). Kepada beliau dengan segala hormat  di silahkan. Hadirin yang kami hormati, sebagai wujud rasa sukur kita ke hadirat allah swt, dan dengan harapan semoga acara pada malam hari ini bermanfaat bagi kita semua, Marilah kita berdo’a bersama yang akan di pimpin oleh ( petugas do’a )...         Hadirin, segenap tamu undangan yang berbahagia, dengan usai nya pembacaan do’a itu tadi maka usailah pula acara kita pada malam hari ini, kami selaku pembawa acara mohon maaf jikalau terdapat kesalahan  maupun kekurangan, ,,,,,   Akhir kata .............. ( penutup ) Semoga bermanfaat, Link contoh Public Speaking tema Ramadhan dan Idul Fitri Oleh Admin Olah Rasa Olah Kata Kultum: 1. Meningkatkan Iman di bulan ramadhan 🤍 2. Lima Perkara yang merusak pahala puasa 🤍 3. Hikmah Ruhiyah Puasa Ramadhan 🤍 4. Meraih Ampunan pada bulan Ramadhan 🤍 5. Kebahagiaan bagi orang yang berpuasa 🤍 6. Keutamaan Sholat Tarawih 🤍 7. Keutamaan Membaca Al-Qur'an 🤍 Mc sholat tarawih 🤍 Mc buka bersama 🤍 Sambutan buka bersama 🤍 Khutbah Idul Fitri 🤍 Mc Halal bi Halal 🤍 Sambutan Halal bi halal 1. 🤍 2. 🤍 untuk mendapatkan teks format PDF cukup sekedar share video yg diminta teksnya ke medsos dan kirim bukti screenshotnya. File akan kami kirim via WA. Admin sangat berterimakasih jika bapak/ibu berkenan donasi untuk mendapatkan teksnya: per tema biaya 10rb. paket 7 tema kultum Ramadhan Rp. 30rb. paket 7 tema kultum, mc tarawih, mc idul fitri, sambutan halal bi halal, 1 khutbah idul fitri Rp. 50rb. transfer ke rek Rek BRI 363801025721530 AN *Akhmad Nurmasduki* konfirmasi dgn menunjukkan bukti transfer ke WhatsApp kami: 🤍

How to Clone Graft a Dragon Fruit


Step by step on how to Clone Graft a Dragon Fruit. This method of grafting will show you how to successful grow the identical fruit that you find or purchase at your local fruit market by grafting the scion stem that’s still attached to the fruit. Check out this video to learn how it’s all done! Grafting Tool Kit: 🤍 Long Ziplock Bags 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL INSTAGRAM: 🤍 Beginner Dragon Fruit grower and need guidance? Come join my Dragon Fruit community! 👇🏼 FACEBOOK DRAGON FRUIT GROUP: 🤍 Please SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, and COMMENT if you enjoy and find my videos helpful and would like to learn more about growing and grafting Dragon Fruits! Thank you for all your support.

FULL MATCH - El Torito vs. Hornswoggle – WeeLC Match: Extreme Rules 2014


In one of the most unique bouts in WWE history, El Torito faces honorary 3MB member Hornswoggle in a thrilling WeeLC Match: Courtesy of WWE Network. WWE Network | Subscribe now: 🤍 - Follow WWE on YouTube for more exciting action! - Subscribe to WWE on YouTube: 🤍 Check out WWE.com for news and updates: 🤍 Watch WWE on Sony in India: 🤍 Find the latest Superstar gear at WWEShop: 🤍 - Check out our other channels! - The Bella Twins: 🤍 UpUpDownDown: 🤍 WWEMusic: 🤍 Total Divas: 🤍 WWE on Social Media Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Giphy: 🤍 WWE Podcasts After the Bell with Corey Graves: 🤍 The New Day: Feel the Power: 🤍

V shape waistcoat cutting // gans waistcoat cutting hindi // best Tailor


Welcome to my channel Please Subscribed to my channel for more video Likeshareandcomment V shape waistcoat cutting // hand waistcoat cutting hindi // best Tailor Join me..... Instagram 🤍 (1)... letestkurtadesign 🤍 (2)....pajama cutting hindi 🤍 (3)...Madi jacket cutting hindi 🤍 (4)....New kurta design 2020 🤍 (5)....Side cut kurta design 🤍 (6)....Man's fitting shirt cutting hindi 🤍 (7)....Kurta design for kids 🤍 (8)....New shirt design cutting and stitching 🤍 (9)....Side cut cross kurta design cutting and stitching 🤍 (10)...Designer shirt cutting and stitching 🤍 -thanxxxxx-you- #besttailor #waistcoat #waistcoatcutting

Feeding Sheep with Raasay Distillery Draff


We’ve been on a ride-along with Christine, who works as a tour guide in the distillery and as a crofter here on Raasay. Through the winter, she feeds sheep our excess barley grain from distillations, known as ‘draff’. The sheep certainly seem to enjoy it! Draff is a by-product of each distillation. Once we remove the liquid wort, the leftover solids are collected in a trailer for the local crofters to take away. Christine, like many here, grew up on Raasay but then had to move away for work and other opportunities. The distillery is now employing over 10% of the island, bringing back young islanders to work the traditional industries on Raasay, like #crofting and distilling whisky.

YamatoCannon Reacts to Guess The Draft | LEC Pop Quiz | 2022 LEC Summer #lec #fnatic


SPOTIFY for all podcasts and Lore readings: 🤍 JOIN NOW: 🤍 FOLLOW NOW: 🤍 SLAP NOW: 🤍 I HATE FACEBOOK: 🤍 DISCORD: 🤍 I’m part of the official League Partner Program with Riot Games. You can read about the program here: 🤍 Jakob "YamatoCannon" Mebdi is a League of Legends coach that has experience coaching Fnatic, Vitality, ROCCAT and many others. He has been involved with League of Legends for over 11+ years. Before he spent his time playing World of Warcraft and all other Blizzard titles (before it all went to hell). #LEC #FNC #Fnatic #YamatoCannon



The first rule of Freeboarding? There are no rules. I think this is harder than the free skates. What do you think? Go to BrailleSkateboarding.com to learn how to skateboard! We have apparel, skateboards and the best lesson plan ever made, Skateboarding Made Simple: 🤍 Check out the top Braille Videos: 🤍 Check out our How to Skateboard series: 🤍 For Media or Brand Inquiries: Jen🤍brailleskateboarding.com To set up collaborations email devin🤍brailleskateboarding,com

Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious)


Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group Tokyo Drift (Fast & Furious) · Teriyaki Boyz The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift ℗ 2006 Universal Pictures Released on: 2006-06-20 Producer: The Neptunes Studio Personnel, Recording Engineer: Seiji Sekine Associated Performer, Vocalist: Emy Composer Lyricist: Keisuke Ogihara Composer Lyricist: Ryo-Z Composer: Pharrell Williams Composer Lyricist: Verbal Composer Lyricist: Wise “The Gold Pen” Auto-generated by YouTube.

Golf Club Living


Design expert, Alena Capra, hits the links and takes you on a tour of a home on a golf course that’s well above par.

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