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How To Rig The Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ


The Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ is a paddletail lure that you can rig weedless or on a jig head. It's a good choice for inshore fishing shallow water or deeper zones if rigged with enough weight. I wanted to give you a quick tutorial on how to rig this lure so you know how to properly use it on the water - which is what I do in this video. You can see the full review and rigging tutorial for the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ here: 🤍 What to know about the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ? Z-Man suggests that you pair this lure with the Redfish Eye jigheads, 4/0 HeadlockZ HD jigheads, and 4/0 EZ KeeperZ weighted hooks. There are five lures that come per pack. The specs for the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ are: Length: 4 inches Price: $4.49 This is a durable and tough lure that is good for catching redfish, trout, snook and basically any other inshore species. I like it for shallow water fishing and have had success using it. While it is not perfect, it is a good choice when looking for paddletail lures. Remember, we are not affiliated with any fishing lure companies. All our reviews are objective and independent. If you have any questions about how to rig this lure, let us know in the comments. Check out the Salt Strong Insider Fishing Club if you want to improve your fishing game: 🤍 Tight Lines!

Better Than D.O.A.? Putting Z-Man MinnowZ To The Test


In this video, I tested out the Z-Man MinnowZ for my first time ever to see if it is really better than one of my favorite fishing lures: the D.O.A. C.A.L.. Z-Man lures are one of the most often requested lures from people who comment on my videos. These are extremely durable baits that give off a great action in the water even with slower retrieves. It didn't take long for me to start getting some redfish, snook, and speckled trout for a Tampa Bay area inshore slam! If you like this video and want to see more, make sure you hit that thumbs up and Subscribe! Check out the See Ya Dude T-Shirts! 🤍 Check out the website, sign up for FREE stickers, shop the apparel, and browse the Amazon store! 🤍 See Ya Dude's social media pages: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 - Gear: 2500 Penn Battle III: 🤍 St. Croix 7' Avid Inshore Spinning Rod Lite: 🤍 10# braid: 🤍 3’ of 25# fluoro leader: 🤍 Z-Man Minnowz: 🤍 Z-MAN HeadlockZ jigheads: 🤍 GoPro: 🤍 GoPro Head Mount: 🤍 Fancy Camera: 🤍 Camera Microphone: 🤍 55-210mm F4.5-6.3 Lens: 🤍 Camera SmallRig Cage: 🤍 Drone: 🤍 *The above are Amazon Associate links that'll help support my channel at no extra cost to you* #SeeYaDude #ZMan #MinnowZ

Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ (Lure Review & Retrieve Tips)


The Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ is a paddletail lure that can be used for both shallow water fishing in addition to covering some deep zones if rigged properly. You can rig it both weedless and on a jig head. In this video, I give you my full review explaining the top pros and cons of the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ. You'll also see some cool underwater footage showing the fish’s point of view in the video. See the full review of this lure here: 🤍 Note: We are not affiliated with any fishing product companies. If you’ve used this lure, let us know what you thought of it in the comments section. We love to hear your honest feedback on any products we review! The Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ Specs Here are the specs to the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ: Length: 4 inches Lures per pack: 5 Price: $4.49 If you have any questions about this reivew or lure, let us know in the comments. If you want to up your fishing game, check out the Salt Strong Insider Fishing Club: 🤍 Let us know if you've used this lure and what you thought of it. Tight Lines!

How To Rig Zman MinnowZ Lures [Super Close-Up View]


See exactly how to rig Zman MinnowZ lures in this high-quality close-up view video. You'll see a variety of jig heads that these MinnowZ lures from Zman can be rigged on. And you'll see the pros and cons of the various jig head keepers. Best of all, you'll see super-close up view of exactly how these Zman MinnowZ lures are rigged. Here's a link to see a full review we did on this popular lure on our website: 🤍 And here's a link to see the loop knot that I like best for attaching these MinnowZ jigs onto my line: 🤍 Please leave a comment below about anything I missed in this rigging video or any tricks you've learned. Fish On!

How To Use The Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ To Catch Big Fish (Rigging Tips, Where To Use Them & More)


Want to catch big fish? One way it to use a big lure! Bigger redfish, snook, and tarpon around inlets and passes aren’t looking for a small meal, so it’s best to use big baits in these areas. In this review, I’m breaking down the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ. In particular, I’m sharing my thoughts on the 7″ model. You’ll see: - how to rig them to catch more fish - when and where to use them - some awesome underwater footage so you can see what it looks like in action - and much more If you’re looking to catch big fish this summer, you're going to love this video. Have any questions about these lures? Have you used them before? Let me know in the comments below. You can get these lures from our online tackle store here: 🤍 And if you want 20%, off click here to join us in the Insider Club: 🤍 You’ll get 20% off all the items in our store for life, as well as our best fishing spots and tips. To try out a FREE pack of Slam Shady paddletails, click here: 🤍

Quick and Easy Way to Make the Z-Man Diezel Minnowz Better!


The biggest struggle I have with the Diezel Minnowz is if I get a hit, run the bait thru lily pads/grass, the hook tends to pop out and then side hook the dorsal fin or side hook it then poke through it. That led to constant adjustments that became a pain to deal with over and over. This was a quick fix and has worked great for me. _ Pegs direct through Harmony Fishing 🤍 Pegs through Amazon 🤍 🤍 _ They need our support! 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

How to Rig and Fish the ZMan 3" MinnowZ


Justin gives us a run through on one of his and Australia's favourite soft plastics, the ZMan 3" MinnowZ, including jighead selection and how he fishes this versatile paddle tail plastic. For more videos, articles, rigging guides and more, visit - 🤍tackletactics.com.au

Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ 4" | How to Rig It


How to rig the 4" deizel minnowz 4" on a texas eye for catching redfish, snook, and trout #short #shorts

Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ rigged with Eye Strike Texas Eye Jig (Lure Review & Underwater Footage)


In this video we take an in depth look at what I believe to be the best shallow water sightfishing bait combination for redfish. The Texas Eye Jig from Eye Strike Fishing paired with the four inch Diezel MinnowZ from from Z-Man does it all. We go over rigging and retrieve as well as take a look at some great underwater video of the bait in action to really understand how the bait reacts to different retrieves. Be Sure to check out My live Fishing show Eastern Current on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram as well as anywhere that you can listen to podcasts. If you want to watch live follow our facebook page and tune in every Tuesday night at 8PM eastern standard time. Also check out Eastern Current's website! 🤍 -FOLLOW- -Instagram- 🤍 -Facebook- 🤍 -Website- 🤍 🤍 REEL- 🤍 -ROD- 🤍 -CAMERA GEAR- -Sony A6500- 🤍 -GoPro Hero 4 Black- 🤍 -DJI Osmo Pocket- 🤍 -DJI Mavic Pro 2- 🤍 SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT, LIKE

How to Rig & Fish the ZMan 4" DieZel MinnowZ


The ZMan 4" DieZel MinnowZ is a 10X Tough paddle tail plastic that is dynamite on medium to larger predatory species, including flathead, mulloway, mangrove jack, snapper, barramundi, Murray cod and more. In this video we look at rigging and fishing the 4" DieZel MinnowZ for a range of applications and techniques. Fish on! For more videos, articles, rigging guides and to subscribe to our Tackle Tactics Inspire Newsletter, visit 🤍tackletactics.com.au.

Zman MinnowZ Review [Top 3 Pros & Cons]


The Zman MinnowZ is becoming a very popular paddletail lure for saltwater anglers. I began using them a few months ago and I have been very impressed with some aspects of these baits. But there are some cons of these bests that I believe anglers need to keep in mind when deciding which lures to buy and use. This Zman MinnowZ review video explains the top 3 pros and cons of these baits. I also did a full review on the Salt Strong blog on this Z-Man lure and you can see it here: 🤍 If you have experience (good or bad) with these Z-man MinnowZ baits, please let us know your experience using them by leaving a comment below. Since rigging is the #1 problem with these baits, I put together a detailed "how to rig" video that you can watch on our website at this URL: 🤍 But check out the full video where I talk about how strong their Elaztech plastic is, why it can be tough to rig on jig heads, how long they last, and more. Thanks so much for your time in watching this video. Fish On! P.S. - For more saltwater fishing tips, check out: 🤍

Making Spin Tail Soft Lure From Broken Zman Minnowz


How To Use Broken Soft Plastic Bait Come To Better Fishing Lure

Why this is One of the BEST Saltwater Lures- Zman Diezel Minnowz


#Zman #zmanfishing #zmanlures The Lure I Used: 🤍 Fishing with Zman Diezel minnowz! Fatbelly fishing does an artificial lure review of the Zman minnowz. I show you how to go inshore flats fishing for Speckled trout and snook using a pearl color lure. I Use white lures and light colored lures in clear water to replicate a bait fish. Fishing from shore, on a boat or wade fishing all works for this particular lure! fishing for snook and trout is an awesome time and some of my favorite inshore fish to catch. Subscribe for more fishing Message me on Instagram: Fatbelly_Fishing

How to Catch Flathead on Soft Plastics - ZMan 3" MinnowZ


Justin jumps in the boat with two of his cousins and they head out in search of a few flathead, tying on the tested and proven ZMan 3" MinnowZ. Fish on! Gearing Up: TT Rods Red Belly Spin Rods - RBS702M 7' 3-6kg Okuma Epixor XT Spin Reels - EPXT-30 Platypus Pulse X4 Braided Fishing Line - 10lb Platypus Stealth FC Fluorocarbon Leader - 10lb ZMan 3" MinnowZ - Assorted Colours TT Lures HeadlockZ HD Jigheads - 3/8oz 3/0 TT Lures Big EyeZ Jigheads - 3/8oz 3/0 Pro-Cure Super Gel Scent - Sardine / Pilchard For more videos, articles, rigging guides and to subscribe to our Tackle Tactics Inspire Newsletter, visit 🤍tackletactics.com.au.

How to Rig & Fish the ZMan 5" & 7" DieZel MinnowZ


With the arrival of the ZMan 5" and 7" DieZel MinnowZ we take the time to run through suitable jigheads to suit these larger 10X Tough ElaZtech swimbaits and look at different applications for rigging with these heads. Fish on! For more videos, articles, rigging guides and more, visit - 🤍tackletactics.com.au

Ultralight Fishing With Soft Lure Zman MinnowZ 3"


Ocellated Snake Head Fishing At Kali Item With Amat Gabus The Gerat Lokal Fisherman Using Pink Soft Plastic Bait

ZMan DieZel MinnowZ 7" | How to Rig It


How to Rig the ZMan DieZel MinnowZ 7" #short #shorts

ZMan MinnowZ (Flats Class Custom Color) | How to Rig It


How to rig the ZMan Minnowz on a jighead #short #shorts

You can throw this ANYWHERE!


Whether you're throwing at schooling bass or hammering out a wind-blown point, you're going to be able to sling this baby just about anywhere! MinnowZ: 🤍 Finesse EyeZ: 🤍

Toman Haven | Topwater Mama | Zman Diezel Minnowz


End of years mama ! See my full journey here & Don't forget to watch, like, comment, subscribe and push the bell button on this video gais.

Z-Man 3.5" TRD MinnowZ - Ned Rig Unterwasservideo


Unterwasservideo vom Z-Man 3.5" TRD MinnowZ am Ned Rig. Verwendetes Material: 3.5" TRD MinnowZ von Z-MAN 🤍 Finesse ShroomZ Weedless von Z-MAN 🤍 Erhältlich im gut sortierten Fachhandel und natürlich auf CAMO-Tackle.de!

Pond Fishing with Z-MAN MinnowZ Swimbaits


In this video I tried out the Z-MAN Minnowz for the first time, and I ended up having a lot of success with them. Try Out the Z-MAN MinnowZ: 🤍 Message Me at: aarons.outdoor1🤍gmail.com Follow me on Instagram at: aarons_outdoor My 3 Favorite Spinning Rod Setups: 7’ Medium Rod Shimano Sahara 2500 🤍 Lew’s Custom Speed Stick 🤍 6’7” Medium Light Rod Shimano Sedona 2500 🤍 Lew’s Mach Spinning Rod 6’ Light Rod Shimano Nasci 1000 🤍 St. Croix Triumph Spinning Rod 🤍 My Camera Gear My GoPro 🤍 GoPro Chest Mount 🤍 My “Big” Camera 🤍 My “Big” Camera Microphone 🤍 My Drone 🤍 My Tripod 🤍 *Above are Amazon associate links

Canal Jewfish / Zman Minnowz


Hey guys welcome back to a brand new episode of Brayden's Fishing World. This arvo I'm down at a new spot and I'm going to be hopping some Zman 3 inch Minnowz. Thanks for watching and as always make sure to like, leave me a comment down below and most importantly Subscribe. Gear: Rod- Samaki Zing Extreme V2, 7 foot, 4-8lb Reel- Shimano Stradic FL 2500 Lure- Zman 3 inch minnowz in pearl Line- 8lb Daiwa J-braid Grand Leader- 16lb Shimano ocea

Mangrove Jack Fishing | Z-man dieZel minnowZ swimbait 4in | Tamil meenavan fishing


Hi anglers ,in this video I had recieved a gift from Cabral outdoors and they have sent me an awesome product called Zman DeiZel MinnowZ... I had tested it and the results were amazing !! Cabral outdoors also gave a great deal to our fishing community ... so our community has a great news coming ahead!! and the deal is whoever is wishing to buy their products can use this COUPON CODE to buy and they get a 5% discount ... So make sure to go and check them out 👍 Please share your valuable comments and feedback. Also do subscribe for more video. Tackles Details:- Rod:- Pioneer Fire E-Glass 9ft Spinning Rod Reel:- Daiwa MG S 4000 Hook:- 13 g LOCK TYPE JIGHEADS Lure:- Z-man dieZel minnowZ swimbait 4in To buy the lures used in this video click on the link below and get 5% discount 🤍 Get a discount by clicking on the link below Coupon code :TAMILMEENAVANFI

5 Inch DieZel MinnowZ


The upsized profile and increased thump of the new 5-inch size of the DieZel MinnowZ is super appealing to big fish in fresh or salt. Whether rigged as a ChatterBait or swim jig trailer, on a HeadlockZ HD jighead, or weedless with a ChinlockZ SWS swimbait hook, upsizing this proven profile means all the bait’s action and other great attributes get amped up another notch! *Available at ICAST 2019

Improve your Zman Diesel MinnowZ


Whats up LowCountry, I'm DanFromSavannah and in this Bite Size Tip, I'll be disclosing my secret for exactly how I make my soft plastic's irresistible to any inshore species fish. Drop Zone Glass Rattle beads - s🤍 Get your official Low Country Fishing Merchandise here 🤍 —————————————————————————————————————

Kayak Fishing with the Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ and Eye Strike Texas Eye Jighead (BEST Texas Rig)


Today I'm kayak fishing with the Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ rigged with an Eye Strike Texas Eye jighead. It's absolutely the best Texas rig setup for your soft plastics! As you know, I've recently switched over to Z-Man soft plastics and Eye Strike jigheads for kayak fishing and I'm sure glad that I did. Today I decided to throw a variation that I haven't shown you in the past. The Texas Eye Jighead has a phenomenal design. It is essentially a worm hook with an articulating jighead connected to it. In addition, it has large eyes which fish target and it has the best bait keeper in the business. And no, I'm not sponsored (currently) by Z-Man! Together, this results in the most life like, realistic looking soft plastic presentation you can have with very little effort. What's even better, is that it puts fish in the boat! Be sure to check out these Texas Eye Jigheads on my gear page - 🤍 Get the backstory on this episode on my blog - 🤍 Thank you for watching! ~Kayak Fishing Addict 🤍 PS Enjoying all of the addictive Kayak Fishing Catches, Tips, and Tricks? Then please click LIKE and then SUBSCRIBE to my channel! JOIN THE CLUB! - 🤍 // Related Videos You Might Like ○ Z-Man Diezel MinnowZ rigged with Eye Strike Texas Eye Jig (Lure Review & Underwater Footage) → 🤍 // CONNECT WITH ME! Blog: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 // MY GEAR SHOP - See & Comparison Shop all my gear! ○ 🤍 // DISCOUNT TACKLE - Kayak Fishing Addict on Discount Tackle! ○ 🤍 // AMAZON - Kayak Fishing Addict on Amazon! ○ 🤍 // HOBIE EYEWEAR - Quality fishing sunglasses! ○ 🤍 - Use code KFAHOBIE21 at checkout for 20% off!!! DONATIONS: This video is free to watch and enjoy! It is part of a channel designed to share kayak fishing catches, tips, and tricks to entertain, inform, and help you put more fish in the boat! As a patron of this digital creative, you can support my work with your views, likes, subscribes, comments, shares, channel memberships (join), affiliate link usage, and voluntary donations. To make a voluntary donation, please visit: 🤍 DISCLAIMERS: Links included in this description may be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission. There is no additional charge to you! Thank you for your support! As a Hobie Eyewear Ambassador, my eyewear is provided exclusively by Hobie Eyewear. As a Discount Tackle Ambassador, some of my tackle is provided by Discount Tackle. I am also an Amazon Influencer. // SHOT ON GoPro Hero8 & DJI Mavic Mini Color Graded with Davinci Resolve Studio I'm an FAA Certified Part 107 Remote Drone Pilot // ABOUT ME My name is Ron. I was bit by the kayak fishing bug, and now I'm an addict. Follow me on my journey through the marsh on my hunt for redfish, speckled trout, and flounder. On the hunt to get my fix I'll share what I've learned, the locations I fish, and the techniques and equipment I use, and I hope to learn from your comments as well! Sharing Kayak Fishing Catches, Tips, and Tricks to entertain, inform, and help you put more fish in the boat! #kayakfishingaddict #kayakfishing #fishon

TACKLE TIP: How to Rig the Z-MAN 5-inch Diezel Minnowz Swimbait


[CLICK ON "more" TO SEE ALL THE LURES & GEAR I USE] While in Canada a couple months ago, I got the chance to use the new 5-inch Diezel Minnowz from Z-MAN. I paired it with a Mustad Grip Pin hook and you won't believe what happened on my very first cast with this lure! Shop some of my most commonly used gear/tackle below: Z-MAN DIEZEL MINNOWZ: 🤍 MUSTAD GRIP PIN HOOK: 🤍 JACKSON KAYAK COOSA: 🤍 FIND YOUR NEAREST JACKSON KAYAK DEALER: 🤍 FISH USA Z-MAN SPECIAL: Offer: 20% Off products in the Z-Man TRD series at FishUSA (in-stock only) Coupon: DREWTUBE (Enter code at checkout. Cannot be combined with other promotions.) Date: Sept 5 - Oct 7th (expires at 11:59 pm EST) TRD CRAWZ: 🤍 BIG TRD: 🤍 FINESSE TRD: 🤍 TRD TUBEZ: 🤍 TRD MINNOWZ: 🤍 TRD HOGZ: 🤍 BENDING BRANCHES ANGLER PRO NAVIGATOR PADDLE: 🤍 INFO ON TENNESSEE TRAILERS: bit.ly/TNtrailersinfo TENNESSEE TRAILER ORDER FORM (free upgrade - $200 value - when ordering through this link): 🤍 ROD & REEL: 13 Fishing Fate Black: 🤍 13 Fishing Inception Sport Z: 🤍 ANCHORING/BOAT POSITIONING Power-Pole Micro Anchor: 🤍 Anchor Wizard: 🤍 TACKLE SOLUTIONS: 🤍 KAYAK FISHING ACCESSORIES: 🤍 Other gear I use: Line: Hi-Seas Grand Slam braided line Sunglasses: SMITH Optics Fish Finder: Raymarine Element 7 PFD: Kokatat Leviathan Kayak Fishing Accessories: Yak Attack, Boonedox Clothing: Under Armour On Kayak Cameras: GoPro Hero 7 Black Fish Grips: Lucid Fishing fish grips Cooler: Orion Coolers Trip Tracker & Map app: Anglr DON'T FORGET TO LIKE & SUBSCRIBE!

5 Inch DieZel MinnowZ


Don’t be afraid to throw a bigger bait on the flats! Learn how we’ve been rigging and fishing the new 5” DieZel MinnowZ for redfish and seatrout recently. Gear Used: 5" DieZel MinnowZ™ 🤍 TT Lures® ChinlockZ SWS™ 🤍

The Perfect Swimbait Combo


This is my perfect swimbait combo. I think 3", 4", and 5" Swimbaits are best for catching bass in any situation. Check out my swimbait kits here 🤍 My Favorite Swimbait Jig Heads 🤍 #swimbaits #fishingcombo #jighead #bassfishingtip #beginnerfisherman #blat #zman #outdoors #spring #fishing

Finesse Swimbaiting for Big Smallmouth Bass: Z-Man - 4" DieZel Minnowz and 3" Minnowz


Learn how to fish a finesse swimbait to catch big smallmouth bass. You’ll learn where and why to throw the Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ and MinnowZ as well as getting to see it in action. Please subscribe! Z-Man- DieZel MinnowZ-🤍 Favorite Rods- 721MH Rush: 🤍 Use the code GB20 for 20% off the favoriteusa.com

Zman 3" Minnowz Short Review


Fall Fishing With ZMAN MinnowZ


Thank you all for watching :) If you would like to send anything Into the show Send to—Bass&Grass PO BOX 62 OLD FORT TN, 37362 (ps. Cannot receive UPS Shipments) US post office only :) If you would like to give a donation Help support the channel :)🤍 Feel free to contact me anytime :) My email—Greenfeet1983🤍gmail.com Snapchat—steve.s1983 Instagram—Greenfeet83 Filming gear GoPro 🤍 GoPro 🤍 GoPro 🤍 Osmo Pocket 🤍 Microphone 🤍 Chest mount 🤍 Head Mount 🤍 Drown 🤍 Editing computer 🤍 Fishing Boat Boat Triton 1446 crappy Trolling motor 🤍 Motor Suzuki 20hp 🤍 Boat Seats 🤍 Cupholder for boat seat 🤍 Fishing Gear Bass Reel 🤍 Ultralight Reel 🤍 Ultralight Rod 🤍 Bass Rod 🤍 Bass Reel 🤍

Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ Swimbait - Product Breakdown and Rigging Tips - Z-Man HeadLockZ - SFTtackle.com


To purchase product(s) featured in this video, click here – Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ Swimbait - 🤍 Z-Man HeadLockZ JigHeads- 🤍 Join us at SFTtackle as Corbin Gotwalt knows a thing or two about Swimbait Fishing. Corbin explains how uses Z-Mans DieZel MinnowZ paired with a HeadLockZ Jighead to land giant Striped Bass. Not only is the DieZel MinnowZ a fish catching bait, it is made out of ElazTech so each bait will catch fish after fish. Corbin has vast on the water experience targeting trophy fish on rivers, lakes, and salt water. Susquehanna Fishing Tackle Inc. is owned and operated by the Acord family. George Sr., George Jr., and Mike hatched the idea in the late 80's and brought it to fruition May 1, 1989. Our mission statement, providing anglers with quality products and services that help them catch more fish, all at excellent prices. Susquehanna Fishing Tackle's inventory includes tackle for saltwater, trout, fly fishing, walleye, catfish, salmon, steelhead, panfish, and one of the largest smallmouth/largemouth bass inventories to be found in the mid-atlantic. Also available is an extensive rod and reel inventory as well as electronics, a full line of waders, and clothing. New products are constantly added so as to keep up with this ever-growing industry. 🤍 #stripedbass #zmanfishing #swimbait #fishingtackle #softplastics #fishingtips #diezelminnowz #headlockz

How to Catch Flathead on Soft Plastics - ZMan 4" DieZel MinnowZ


Bo Sawyer (The BoBo Boat) takes us out for a morning session on the water, chasing flathead on the go-to ZMan 4" DieZel MinnowZ. Bo talks gear, techniques and where he's putting the plastic to get the bites. Fish on! Gearing Up: TT Black Mamba Spin Rod - BMS701M 7' 3-6kg Okuma ITX Carbon Spin Reel - ITX-2500H Platypus Pulse X8 Braid - 10lb ZMan 4" DieZel MinnowZ TT HeadlockZ HD Jighead - 3/8oz 3/0 Pro-Cure Super Gel Scent For more videos, article, rigging guides and to subscribe to our weekly Tackle Tactics Inspire Fishing Newsletter, visit 🤍tackletactics.com.au.

Gold Coast Giant Trevally / Zman 3" Minnowz


Hey guys welcome back to a brand new episode of Brayden's Fishing World. Today I was fishing with some 3" Zman soft plastics and I caught a massive estuary Gold Coast Giant Trevally. If you enjoyed todays video make sure to like, leave me a comment down below and most importantly Subscribe!!

The Best ZMan DieZel Minnowz Rig - Snakelockz for Mangrove Jack


If you're wanting to skip cast a Zman soft plastic on a TT Snakelockz jig head, then this little adjustment can help you get more out of your lure, so it's able to skip better and look more realistic. The more common rigging used with a SnakelockZ is a super effective option especially for sitting in sand and mud whilst chasing fish like Flathead and Bass. This style of moving the plastic closer to the jig head has made a difference for me. For more info and action on other ways to fish with a Man Diesel Minnow, make sure you check out my Zman DieZel Minnow Review

Mangrove Jacks Catching BACK to BACK | Z-man dieZel minnowZ swimbait 4in | Tamil meenavan fishing


Hi anglers ,in this video I had recieved a gift from Cabral outdoors and they have sent me an awesome product called Zman DeiZel MinnowZ... I had tested it and the results were amazing !! Cabral outdoors also gave a great deal to our fishing community ... so our community has a great news coming ahead!! and the deal is whoever is wishing to buy their products can use this COUPON CODE to buy and they get a 5% discount ... So make sure to go and check them out 👍 Please share your valuable comments and feedback. Also do subscribe for more video. Tackles Details:- Rod:- Mitchell Fluid 9Ft Reel Reel:- Daiwa MG S 4000 Hook:- 13 g LOCK TYPE JIGHEADS Lure:- Z-man dieZel minnowZ swimbait 4in To buy the lures used in this video click on the link below and get 5% discount 🤍 Get a discount by clicking on the link below Coupon code :TAMILMEENAVANFI

A3 Doublespin Lure rigged with Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ (Lure discontinued)


A3 Doublespin Lure rigged with Z-Man DieZel MinnowZ (Lure discontinued)

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