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Mall Road Lahore - Pakistan | 4K Drive


Driving on Mall Road Lahore from National College of Arts (Istanbul Chowk) to Canal Road Driving Route: 🤍 Please subscribe if you like this video. Thank you.

MMALAM Road| Gulberg |Lahore |Pakistan |Best Street For Shopping Walk Tour|Drive Tour |Famous Brands


Muhammad Mahmood Alam Road, or more popularly known as M. M. Alam Road, is a major road in Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan named in honour of the Pakistan Air Force flying ace, Air Commodore Muhammad Mahmood Alam. Trip Details: 1) Date: 25th Oct 2021 (Monday) 2) Time: 8:00 pm 3) Temperature: 21C 4) Camera: iPhone 12 Pro 5) DJI Om 5 Gimbal If you enjoyed this video, please Like, Share, and Subscribe! :)

Mall Road Lahore from Azadi Chowk to Canal Road | Lower Mall - The Mall - Upper Mall | Mall Lahore


This is video is about driving on mall road lahore, video starts with famous azadi chowk and shows badshahi masjid then route to data sahab and enter lower mall road, then proper mall road with multiple colonial style buidlings, gpo, museum, metro train, markets, tollington, anar kali and old campus of punjab University. Mall road was built durinf coloneal times ans most of buildings were also built by british people. The postal system, canal system, hospitals, markets of modern times are all developed in combined India by them and this road shows a rise of British Empire and their systemic development. Is video me ham mall road ki ser krenge aur dekhen ge gpo, purani imarten, museum, pu ka old campus, aur bohat kuch. detail neeche di gae hai, is me zada tar imarat angrez ki banai hui hai aur unho ne tamam india me aisi roads aur imarat banai thi. 00:00 | Starts 00:15 | Azadi Chowk Flyover Lahore 00:26 | Minar e Pakistan View 00:30 | Badshahi Masjid in View 01:08 | Lady Wellington Hospital Lahore 02:00 | Data Sahib Darbar 02:35 | Bhati Gate Road 02:45 | Urdu Bazar Lahore 03:07 | Metero Bus Stop 03:40 | Kachehri Road 04:45 | The Mall Road Proper 04:55 | Istambul Chowk 05:01 | Zamzama Cannon 05:04 | National College of Arts 05:09 | Punjab University Old Campus 05:15 | Lahore Museum 05:20 | Tollington Market 05:23 | Anar Kali Bazar 06:00| General Post Office GPO 06:12 | Metro Train Station Mall Road 07:21 | Regal Chowk Mall Road Lahore 08:09 | Charing Cross / Punjab Assembly / Wapda House 09:00 | Garhi Shahoo 09:48 | Upper Mall 10:40 | Canal Road 11:27 | Ends Here #MallRoad #Lahore #DrivingVideo

Alhumdulillah My New Car 😁 || Mall Road Lahore


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Hall Road Lahore || Hall Road Computer Market || Hall Road Mobile Mobile Market


0 Hall Road is a commercial road near the historic Mall Road in Lahore, Pakistan. Like the Mall Road, it is surrounded by buildings built by the British before Pakistan's independence in 1947. The name of the road comes from the fact that the British had built 4 huge halls along the road, which catered to meetings, exhibitions, etc. Today those halls have been converted into commercial buildings and is the Hub of Lahore's electronics, TVs, Mobiles, Computers etc. Hall road Lahore is Asia's one of the largest markets of electronics, Computers, Magnets, Electronic Components, CCTV Wire & Cables, Mobiles & accessories, DVDs, etc. It is full of retailers, and wholesalers, and is an extremely busy area due to cheap and readily available electronic imports and pirated DVDs. Hall Road is the largest electronics market of province of Punjab. It has shops for every electronics item from a resistor & silicon chip to complete product. Most of the products are imported from China. Some products e.g. UPS, Stabilizers, dish-antenna and many type electronic kits are designed and assembled here. The products produced here are cheap but are of average or low quality. Many sellers of local products have average customer support and practically there is no warrantee of local made products. The good thing is most of them give option for repairing services on cost to cost basis or some times free. Hall Road also houses the Cathedral School which was established in 1881 under The Management of Lahore Diocesan Board of Education.

My Visit to Mall Road Lahore | Turkish Star NurBanu | Full Episode


Exploring the iconic landmarks of Mall Road Lahore with our Turkish Star "NurBanu Zafer" Watch the latest episode of "Dil Hai Pakistani", Only on Discover Pakistan TV #MallRoad #Lahore #Nurbanu #TarkishStar #DilHaiPakistani #DiscoverPakistan

Aerial View of Mall Road Lahore


Aerial View of Mall Road Lahore

Viral Video OF Fight Between SHO and DSP on Mall Road Lahore


#burhaninfo If You Like the Video Please SUBSCRIBE to our Channel. Thank You Viral Video OF Fight Between SHO and DSP on Mall Road Lahore LAHORE – Police in the provincial capital detained former DSP Imran Babar Jamil, who is accused of sexually assaulting a teenager, and took off his uniform besides dragging him half-naked in a patrolling van. Reports in local media cited that the law enforcers detained a former cop and remanded him in custody. A case was lodged with Civil Line Police Station under the provisions of using law enforcement uniforms, interfering in government affairs, scuffle with police officers, and road blockage. The FIR was registered on the complaint of Sub-Inspector Muhammad Afzal under Section 170, 171, 290, 291 along with other relevant sections. It stated that former DSP Imran Babar Jamil rushed to the spot during a protest organized by journalists on Mall Road on Monday where he also attempted to assault police officials besides threatening them. When the police attempted to remove him from the main highway of the metropolis, Jameel physically assaulted them and tried to the tore the uniform of law enforcement personnel. The FIR further alleges that the accused also donned a police uniform despite being removed from the force after serious allegations. Earlier in 2016, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Imran Babar Jamil was detained after being sacked for allegedly sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl in the Kahna area of Lahore.

Lahore 4K - Drive To Mall Of Lahore From Allama Iqbal Town | Canal Road - Mall Road


Driving to Mall of Lahore from Allama Iqbal Town via Main Boulevard, Wahdat Road, Canal Road and Mall Road Driving Route: 🤍 Please subscribe if you like this video. Thanks 😊

Lahore 4K | Drive from Azadi Chowk to Mall Road #badshahimosque #gcuniversity


Drive from Azadi Chowk to Istanbul Chowk, Mall Road Lahore Driving Route: 🤍 Please subscribe if you like this video #badshahimosque #lahore #minarepakistan

Positive Syed Basit Ali Story of Lahore Roads



Shopping Mall || Emporium Mall Lahore - Largest Shopping Mall🔥🔥🔥Lahore 🇵🇰 by #Nishat Group.


Emporium Mall Lahore - Largest Shopping Mall in Lahore Pakistan By Nishat Group. 200+ Brands. Shops Restaurants and playing areas #emporiummall #Nishat #idealexplorer #shoppinginPakistan #sale #tucson #MG #Glory #MGSuv #dubaishoppingmall #dubaimall #mianmansha #travelvlog #lahore #johartown #nishatgroup #saphire #Shopping #Packagesmall #bounce #outfitters #khaadi #Motorways #hitea #bundukhan #Howdy #mcdonalds #kfc #hardees #bbqtonight #carefour #grocery #secondcup #hyundai #foodpanda #carrefour #hyundaitucson #shoppingfestival #shoppingmallpakistan #imtiazsupermarket #bachaparty #foodcourt #pizzahut #howdy #bbqtonight #optp #funfactory #shoppinginlahore #travelvlogger #travelblogger #nishatgroup #eat #shop #play #eatshopplay #lemongarden #nishathotel #hitea #nishatlinen #junaidjamshed #crossstich #sanasafinaz #nike #outfitters #johnyandjugnu #largestfoodcourt #zerorecliners #foodpanda #sokamal #saltnpapper #fivestar #johnyandjugnu #carefour #grocery #electronics #jafferjees #hugoboss #tariqjameel #waseembadami #darazpk #darazsale #darazsale1111 #sale11.11 Sale 11 November Lahore shopping festival Emporium shopping festival #shoppingfestival #emporiumshoppingfestival #bigsale #nishatemporium #blessedfriday #luckydraw #sonata #shoppingfestivslluckydraw #centaurus #centaurusmall My facebook id 🤍

Pak History: How Zamzama Canon came to Mall Road Lahore


Here you'll know the story and amazing journey of #Zamzma Toop. You can see it on the mall road of Lahore in between Lahore Museum and Punjab University Old Campus. Zamzama Toop or Kims Gun tell the story of Pakistan and Hindustan History. #DekhoSunoJano #FaisalWarraich is presenting it for the great people of Pakistan Follow Us: YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Dailymotion: 🤍 Watch All Episodes of "Wo Kon Tha" 🤍 Watch All Episodes of Pakistan's History: 🤍 Watch All Episodes of "History of China" 🤍 Watch All Episodes of "Nation Power Series" 🤍 Watch All Episodes of "Ottoman Empire" 🤍 Watch All Episode of "The Universe" 🤍 Watch All Episodes of "French Revolution" 🤍 Must share your thoughts in comments below.



Mall Road Lahore-Hindu Sikh Muslims ki Commercial Buildings || यहां गोरों के डांस क्लब थायो


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Mall Road Lahore Apartments on 3 Years Installments Fori Possession on 50% Sk hights Property Deals


Mall Road Lahore Apartments on 3 Years Installments Fori Possession on 50% Sk hights Property Deals Apartments on 3 Years Installments Location :Victoria Park Mall Road Lahore Contacts: Suleman Shakeel: 03206463947 Malik Arshad Shb: 03214892929 3 سال کے انسٹالمنٹ پر اپارٹمنٹس حاصل کریں 50 فیصد کی ادائیگی پر موقع پر قبضہ حاصل کریں رجسٹری انتقال گیس بجلی پانی ہمارے پاس 258 سکیئر فٹ سے لے کے 827 سکیر فٹ تک اپارٹمنٹس موجود ہیں ایک بیڈ اور دو بیڈ کے خوبصورت اپارٹمنٹس 🔷لاہور پی سی ہوٹل سے صرف 2 منٹ کی ڈرائیو 🔷لاہور Zoo کے بھی بالکل قریب 🔷لاہور اسمبلی ہال سے 1 منٹ کی ڈرائیو 🔷لاہور چمن آئس کریم سے بھی 1 منٹ کی ڈرائیو 🔷گنگا رام ہوسپٹل اور میو ہوسپیٹل سے قریب ترین 🔷لاہور ہال روڈ سے صرف 1 منٹ کی ڈرائیو 🔶 تو ہے نہ پھر زبردست اور ٹکٹ ایٹم 🔴1600پر سکیر فٹ کے حساب سے پارٹمنٹ حاصل کریں ✅لفٹ کی سہولت موجود ✅ 24 گھنٹے سکیورٹی ✅گیس کی سہولت موجود ✅واپڈا کی بجلی کا ذاتی میٹر ✅روف ٹاپ پر باربیکیو ایریا ✅روف ٹاپ پر مسجد ✅بیس منٹ میں پارکنگ کی سہولت ✅جم کی سہولت ✅رجسٹری انتقال ✅کمرشل ایریا ✅سٹیٹ آف دی لائف ✅ایمرجنسی ایگزٹ ✅50 فیصد پر قبضہ مزید اگر کوئی ہم سے اپارٹمنٹ خریدتا ہے تو ہم 1 بیڈ والے اپارٹمنٹ کو ایک بیٹری والا Ups اور 2 بیڈ والے اپارٹمنٹ کو دو بیٹری والا Ups بطور گفٹ لگا کر دیتے ہیں نوٹ :یہ اپارٹمنٹ سیمی فرنشڈ اپارٹمنٹ ہیں ان کے اندر ہم لکڑی کا کام سیلنگ کا کام ٹائل فلورنگ چولے اور ہوڈ پنکھے اور ایگزاسٹ لگا کر دیتے ہیں Contact Us For More Details And Information Property Deals Real Estate And Builders

Visit to Amana Mall Link Road | Model Town Lahore | Fouzia Yaseen Vlog


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Lahore City 2022 [4K] | Mall Road | Downtown Ride | POV


► Benelli 302S ► Austin Racing Titanium Exhaust ► Pirelli Angel GT Tyres ► SP Connect Mount ► LS2 Valiant 2 ► Cardo PACKTALK Bold ► GoPro Hero 10 Black ► PolarPro ND Filters ► Zoom H1n Mic #Lahore #4K #Benelli302S

Waheed Designer | Mall Road Lahore | Dulha House | Customized Groom Suits | Pakistani New Trending


Hey there, get yourself a new elegant dashing decent, and much more stylish groom looks on the special occasion of your life. The best suit shows the best confidence. We have brought you the best designer in town for your special looks and trends in Lahore. Get a 10% Discount as a courtesy gift and as a thank you for watching our video. For you Dulha suits, waistcoat, sherwani, Atchison and many more, Please contact: Waheed Designer Shop#32, Naqi Arcade, Mall Road, Lahore. 0324 479 4737 ♥ LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SPREAD LOVE ♥ Enjoy & stay connected with us! imran1332🤍 * Five Ways The Groom Can Stand Out In His Wedding Suit * More often than not, the bride will usually be the canter of attention on your wedding day and understandably so, but that doesn’t mean that you – the groom – has to sit on the sidelines. At Whitfield & Ward, we believe that the groom’s wedding suit should be a stand-out look that complement’s the bride and fits in with the venue. The most asked question from couples hiring wedding suits is, “how do we make the groom different to the rest of the groomsmen?”. A good point, because while it’s obvious who the bride is, a sea of suits can make it difficult for the groom to stand out, but a few subtle changes can make a dramatic difference! Here are our 5 top tips on how the groom can make his mark: 1. Opt. for a different suit If you’re looking to make a statement and wear something that reflects your style and personality, opt for a suit in a different style, cut or colour to the rest of the groomsmen. As the groom, there’s no hard and fast rule that says you have to have to perfectly match the rest of the guys. In fact, more and more grooms are choosing to differentiate themselves by wearing contrasting jackets and trousers. For example, you may want to wear a patterned suit, while your groomsmen wear plain suits. But of course, it depends on your personality and there are other subtler ways to stand out if this look isn’t quite for you. 2. Wear a contrast waistcoat A contrasting waistcoat for the groom is one of our favorite ways of setting him apart from his groomsmen. It allows you to experiment with pattern and color to create a dynamic look that will instantly show your guests you’re the main man! Our only tip is to be mindful of mixing prints when selecting your groomsmen’s waistcoats – in our view, it is best to opt for a plain color that doesn’t clash with your own. However, if you’re looking for something a little more understated, you may want to wear an identical waistcoat to your groomsmen but in a different style. At Whitfield & Ward, we offer the same waistcoats in a large selection of styles from double-breasted to contemporary horseshoes – all of which will give you that wow factor. 3. Pick a different tie & pocket square While your groomsmen can wear plain ties and pocket squares, consider something much more elaborate for yourself in a different color or pattern. The pocket square doesn’t even need to be an exact match to the tie; in fact, mixing and matching will allow you to put your own individual spin on your wedding suit. This is the easiest option for groom’s who don’t want to completely stand out, but still want to be different. Bow ties, which are often considered a formal accessory, are also becoming more popular choice for weddings. 4. Make a statement with accessories There are a handful of ways to incorporate statement accessories to really personalize the groom’s look, such as a fob watch, tie bar or lapel pin. Braces are also a great addition to your wedding suit and can serve as an alternative evening look when worn with just a shirt, trousers and a bow tie. 5. Wear different shoes As the groom, you can take it up a notch with your footwear by choosing a style or color that is different from your groomsmen. In recent years, black shoes have given way to other colors such as navy, brown and oxblood. This is a great opportunity to find something that corresponds with your personal style and could totally transform your look. #youtubepakistan #pakistan #pakistaniyoutuber #tiktokpakistan #youtube #youtuber #pakistani #pakistanyoutubearmy #lahore #islamabad #pakistanicelebrities #instapakistan #pindiboys #madeinpakistan #facebookpakistan #igpk #islamabadians #islamabaddiaries #peshawar #rawalpindi #pakistandrama #pakistanzindabad #cronavirousinpakistan #pakistanfashion #hellopakistan #islamicquotes #publichangingofrapists #karachifashion #browngirls #youtubefrance Should groom wear something different than groomsmen? Mismatched Groom and Groomsmen Attire If matching isn't your thing, that's cool. No groom and groomsmen need to dress the same. It's important, however, that everyone at least looks cohesive and adheres to a dress code. A groomsman wearing linen pants will look odd next to a groomsman in a black tuxedo. Black Kurta Churidaar Duck Egg Green Kurta and Jacket Set Royal Blue Kurta with Bandhgala Burgundy Suit

The Mall Road, Lahore, August 1987 - The Music Gallery Presentation


Memory Lane - 1987 - Mall Road, Lahore. Town Hall Kim's Gun Lahore Meusum GPO High Court Regal Chowk Charing Cross Assembly Hall WAPDA House Alfalah Building Freemason Building St. Anthony's High School Lahore Hilton Alhamra Art Centre Governor House PC Hotel This Video is Property of Mr. Hanif Tayab Hasan - The Music Gallery - TMG 🤍 GOR Mr. Hussain T. Hasan Mr. Irfan Aziz own the copyright of this video and any use of the video without prior permission of the owner is strictly prohibited. Any use of the video without prior permission will be deemed infringement of Intellectual Property Rights. The owners of the video reserves the right to legal recourse in case of violation.

Upper Mall Road - Mall Road - Canal Bank Road in Lahore, Pakistan | 4K video


Upper Mall Road - Mall Road - Canal Bank Road in Lahore, Pakistan | 4K video. My trip to Pakistan in November 2014 was memorable in many ways. One of the reason why I can't forget is the beautiful Canal Bank Road scenery. In this video I am heading towards WAGAH BORDER Pakistan - India. If you want to see that video please visit: 🤍 Please don't forget to like, share and comment my video. If you have not yet subscribe my channel show me your love by subscribing it. :) #Mallroad #Uppermallroad #Canalbankroad #Lahore #Pakistan #Sightsandsoundsofpakistan #Lahoreride #Lahoredrive #Longdrive #Lahoretour #TourismPakistan #Lahorecity #Pakistanivlogger #Pakistan4K #Lahorelahorehai #HeartofPunjab #Shehbazsharif

Chor Bazar Lahore | Container Market at Daroghawala Lahore | Non Costom products | Hamid Ch Vlogs


Chor Bazar Lahore | Container Market at Daroghawala Lahore | Non Costom products | Hamid Ch Vlogs Chor Bazar Lahore Complete Address Watch this video :- 🤍 Cover Topic :- 1- New chor bazar in lahore 2- Container market at daroghawala lahore 3- non costom products on half price 4- Container market in lahore 5- Daroghawala container market 6- Jewellery wholesale market 7- Chor bazar lahore location 8- Cheap Market in lahore 9- Pakistan Largest chor bazar 10- Cheapest Imported kitchen accessories 11- DHL and amazon maal in pakistan 12- Low prices toys market 13- Pakistan kabar market 14- Chor Bazar Lahore 15- Cheap Electronics products 16- Cosmetic wholesale market 17- Electronics wholesale market 18- sasta chor bazaar in lahore #Containermarket #ChorBazar #CheapMarket #HamidChVlogs #PakistanVloger Thanks for watching ❤️😍 *Follow Me On Instagram:-🤍 DISCLAIMER: This Channel DOES NOT Promote or encourage Any illegal activities , all contents provided by This Channel is meant for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE only. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use

Chaman Ice Cream Mall Road | Panorama Shopping Centre Lahore | Fouzia Yaseen Vlog


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Mall Road Lahore | Mall Road Night View | Shopping


Mall Road is a major road in Lahore, Pakistan. It was built in British Rules that connects Governer House with all major buildings. This video is about shopping on Mall Road in which you will see mesmerizing Masjid e Shuhuda Night View, Hall Road, Beadon Road, Panorama center & much more. Don't forget to 'Like' the video and 'Subscribe' the channel!

LAHORE Mall Road


Mall road Lahore panorama shopping centre|Lahore city|Lahore Lahore A


Beautiful location amazing variety

Mall road lahore /short visit of mall road lahore


assalam-o-alaikum viewers aaj ki is video mien hum apko dikha rhy hen Mall road lahore ka view Mall road lahore Azadi chowk Lahore museum Regal chowk Chairing cross Anarkali choke Awari hotel Lahore zoo Wapda agr apko hmari yeh video achi lgy to plz humary channel ko subscribe kren videos ko like or share kren aapka feedback humary liye bohut aham hy humain support kren thanks for watching #mallroadlahore#azadichowk#regalchowk#lahorezoo#anarkalichowk

LimeLight Winter Collection October 2022 | Amana Mall Link Road Lahore | Yasin Munir stitching class


#LimeLight #wintercollection #amanamall LimeLight Winter Collection October 2022 | Amana Mall Link Road Lahore | Yasin Munir stitching class Like👍 Share 👩‍💻 Comment ❤ Subscribe 🌹 Thanks for watching 🥰

A visit to Hall Road Lahore | Amin Hafeez


I visited Hall Road Lahore because I had to buy some accessories for my mobile. I went to A.T Alfa and found all things there that I needed including my mobile charger, handsfree, screen protector. The owner of the shop said that he keeps quality accessories that last longer. It contained many items including mobile phone covers, wires, and other related things. This is not a paid content.

Historical Lahore mall road and it's phenomenal buildings.urdu/hindi


a live video on historical Lahore mall road and it's phenomenal buildings.a running commentary with introduction and history of each building. #theMallRoadLahore #historicalBuildingsOfLahore #museumLahore #PunjabUniversityLahore #GpoLahore #regalChowkLahore #hallroadLahore #wapdahouseLahore #lahoreZoo #PcHotelLahore #colonialEra #nasirBagh

Bomb blast hits Lahore's Mall road area


Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore has been hit by a powerful blast, according to media reports. There are reports of heavy casualties. The blast is reported to have occurred outside the Punjab assembly. Rescue operations are underway. Video Courtsey: GEO TV

Pakistan Lahore MALL ROAD TRAVEL Walking beautiful Market


Pakistan Lahore MALL ROAD TRAVEL Walking if you TRAVEL must check the Main Lahore MALL ROAD

Lahore market, Retail outlets, Model town link road


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Mall Road Lahore


Asa jana Malo Mall

SK Heights -- Mall Road Lahore -- Apartments Available On Easy Installments Complete Details


Mall Road Panorama S.K Heights Luxury Apartments For Sale Available on Installment Very Reasonable Price only on 36,12000 Location At The Heart Of Lahore Mall Road Panorama... 1 Bed Apartment... 2 bed Apartment Available... Roof Top... Gym Pool Restaurant... All Facilities Available 24/7 Lift Service And Full Secured CCTV Cam Security Guard's Car Parking Day Care Center Business Center Mosque Mini Mart... G+5 Floor Fully Backup Generator Life Time Building Maintenance Warranty. For Booking & Details: ✅ Call 0300-7888933 ✅ Email : landholdersofficial🤍 ✅ Webste: 🤍 #Skheights #Mallroadlahore #landholders #apartmentsinlahore #property #realestate

Teachers Protest at Mall Road | Lahore News HD


- Visit our website: 🤍 To watch news live, visit: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 #LahoreNewsHD

LAHORE MALL ROAD #kmchohanvlogs


K M CHOHAN VLOGS, LAHORE REGAL | MALL ROAD |#icecream#lahorevlogs

UNDER 100 Rupees STREET FOOD IN LAHORE - MaMa Kebab, Pathory, Al Miraj Mall Road, Pakistan


Must Subscribe for Mazy Mazy Ki Videos 🤍 My Second Channel 🤍 My Third Channel 🤍 A new kind of vlog in Lahore-punjab pakistan. In this video I covered all the food spots that you can enjoy under only Rs.100. First spot: "Urdu bazar k pathory" opposite to HBL in the corner. Tasted wonderfully amazing and are worth tasting. Pathory were fluffy and the chickpeas served with them were the game changer. Second spot: "Chachu Chaat".Tasted their fruit chaat that actually was a mixture of fruits and Yoghurt with chickpeas etc. I liked it! Third spot: "Almiraaj Food corner" Tasted their "Daal and boiled rice served with cutlet and salad" . This had an amazing, authentic taste. Fourth spot: "Mama kabab faroosh" .Tasted their Chicken anda masala,beef anda masala,shami anda masala,alo shami masala. When in the form of mixture,everything tasted very average.but in its original form,everything was soo good! Fifth spot:"chai spot" authentic dhaba taste of the chae with malai on the top. Sixth spot: "Baba jamal tikka shop"Tasted their beef tikkah and beef seekh kabab served with puri pratha,chutni and some salad. Both of the items were chewy but taste was on point and i loved their seekh kababs more than tikkah. Epidemic 🤍 Follow INSTAGRAM 👉🤍 SNAPCHAT 👉 🤍 FACEBOOK PAGE 👉🤍 CONTACT: ranahamza0002🤍 Thanks for watching and feel free to leave a comment, suggestion or critique in the comments below. Make sure to SUBSCRIBE, it’s the best way to keep my videos in your feed and give me the thumbs up if you liked this video. THANKS.. You could also share it if you liked that would be awesome

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