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How To Make Free Liquid Fertilizer From Almost Anything with this Ancient Method


Could you feed your plants without buying any fertilizer? This is how we feed a garden for free with fermented plant juice, AKA Dave's Fetid Swamp Water. I thought I was clever, but the Koreans were hundreds of years ahead of me. Compost Everything: 🤍 Dave's Fetid Swamp Water Tees: 🤍 Compost Your Enemies Tees: 🤍 Other Composting Resources: JADAM Organic Farming: 🤍 The Regenerative Grower's Guide to Garden Amendments: 🤍 If there was a fertilizer shortage, would you still be able to grow a garden? Do you know how to turn weeds into fertilizer? Today you'll learn how to make your own liquid fertilizer/compost tea from readily available materials, like weeds, chicken manure, food scraps and more. Subscribe to the newsletter: 🤍 David's Other Gardening Books: 🤍 David's gardening blog: 🤍

Benefits of Liquid Feed Supplement for Beef Cattle


Liquid feed is a molasses based supplement for beef cattle that provides added minerals, vitamins, protein and energy in a convenient form.

How to make a liquid fertiliser (that doesn't smell bad!) from nettles or comfrey.


Aranya demonstrates how to make an aerobic liquid plant fertiliser using things that most people would just throw away. This is one of four videos I just added to my 'Design Your Site with Permaculture' course. 🤍 For two-week residential permaculture design courses with Aranya visit: 🤍

The Finest Natural Fertilizer - Homemade JADAM Liquid Fertilizer


Learn to make this incredible life giving elixir.... Fertilizer = Food Buy the JADAM book Here: 🤍 Say "Thank You" by making a donation to my PayPal: 🤍 Buy High Quality Seeds 🤍 True Leaf Market 🤍

How To Use Liquid Natural Fertilizers Properly - JADAM JLF


Everything you need to know about using your homemade natural fertilizers... in this video we discuss how much to use, when to use it, and why natural homemade fertilizers are far superior to anything chemical based. Say "Thank You" by making a donation to my PayPal: 🤍 Buy High Quality Seeds 🤍 True Leaf Market 🤍

Benefits of Liquid Feed


Cooperative Farmers Elevator provides quality liquid feed options for your farming operation.

Making JADAM Liquid Fertilizer


In this video, the Heartwood Farm Permaculture Director, Joey Burger, teaches you to make JADAM Liquid Fertilizer. This is a technique of making anaerobic plant teas to feed to your garden, and is a staple of the Korean Natural Farming method. JADAM Liquid Fertilizer is a great place to start your journey from lawn to garden and is a prime example of Regenerative Agriculture. Heartwood Mountain Sanctuary is an eco-retreat, learning village, permaculture demonstration site, community hub, and mountain getaway, nestled in the hills of Northern California in Humboldt County, at the heart of the Emerald Triangle. For more information go to 🤍 Heartwood is a 1Heart HUB company, an organization that is dedicated to weaving Aloha around the world through the practices of Foods, Art, Culture, and Ecology. 1Heart HUB is building a rainbow bridge of unity from Hawaii to the West Coast. Check out more of our farming videos featuring Dragon Heart Farms, Heartwood's sister farm in Hawaii. 🤍 We hope you enjoyed the video, be sure to like and subscribe for ever evolving content in the realm of Permaculture and Regenerative Agriculture.

MIX 30 The High Energy Liquid Livestock Feed. Ranchers Testimonies


MIX 30 the high energy liquid livestock feed. Hear from ranchers who wanted to share their MIX 30 experience.



In this video we show you how we created a compost tea brewer out of a 55 gallon barrel to produce organic liquid fertilizer for our raised bed garden. Thanks for watching and enjoy! Things in this video (affiliate): Aerator Pump: 🤍 Worm Castings (15lbs): 🤍 Fish Fertilizer: 🤍 Blackstrap Molasses (Unsulfured): 🤍 Compost Tea Recipe (50 gallons): - 16 cups of worm castings - 1 cup of fish fertilizer (or kelp) - 1 cup of blackstrap molasses Build Materials: - 2 10' 1/2" PVC Pipe - 8 45° 1/2" PVC Unions - 1 90° 1/2" PVC Union (one side threaded) - 1 1/2" to barb fitting (size depends on aerator pump) - 3 1/2" tees - 2 1/2" caps Chapters: 0:00 - Why We Need Compost Tea 2:04 - How We are Aerating 2:56 - Food Safe 55 Gallon Barrel 4:26 - Step 1: Making the Base 6:59 - Step 2: Supply Line & Top Bar 9:26 - Step 3: Putting it all Together 12:01 - Step 4: Air Supply Line 13:06 - Step 5: Drilling Holes 13:50 - Testing the System 14:49 - Making the Compost Tea 18:14 - Final Result & Common Questions 19:35 - Outro A little about us: In September 2015, our hearts were hijacked with the dream of living on a large farm, with community, growing food, caring for animals and loving on children in need of care and healing. It was a God moment, where our dreams collided with His dreams… a dream so big we could never do it in our own strength and wisdom. Since then, we have been on a journey to see that dream become a reality. This channel documents that journey. Instagram - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Website - 🤍 All music licensed from Artlist: 🤍

7 Benefits of Purina Accuration Liquid Feed


Austin Arms with Ark County Store discusses the 7 benefits of using Purina Accuration Liquid Feed for your cattle.

SECRET LIQUID FERTILIZER | See What Happens When You Use This Organic Fertilizer


A cocktail secret liquid fertilizer as a foliar spray will instantly boost flowering and plant growth. This organic fertilizer recipe will not only make your plant grow faster, but also produces loads of flowering and fruiting. Also you will learn how to make compost tea and what is foliar spray in this video. Well, before I show you the actual recipe or the Formula for the making of our so called magic solution, you must know some Basic concepts. Please do not skip these 5 points am gonna discuss now. Will try to make it as short and as simple as possible, specially for beginners. Everything you see in the video are based on scientific concepts and research. The main advantage of this magic foliar spray is that its independent of your soil ph. Well, before I show you the actual recipe or the Formula for the making of our so called magic solution, you must know some Basic concepts. Please do not skip these 5 points am gonna discuss now. Will try to make it as short and as simple as possible, specially for beginners. 1. What do you mean by foliar Spray? Foliage means leaves! So the term foliar spray says it all. 2. Next Point is about Calcium and Its importance. 3. Next Point is about Magnesium and Its importance. 4. Soil PH concept: Video at 🤍 5. And last concept: Many Experts recommend applying egg shells andcalcium tablets to soil and some evenmake a smoothie juice or paste using all kitchen waste like banana peels, fruit peels and what not. This in perhaps unscientific according to me to directly apply to your plants. I don’t know! If you have any scientific explanation to this, please do write in the comment box. What I feel is why not utilize this idea of making this smoothie and keeping a dedicated heavy duty blender or mixer for this purpose for faster composting. Yes! if you are adding this paste to your compost bin and feeding your earth worms, this can accelerate composting process. Well, Now moving on to the Formula or the recipe of this Magic Fertilizer liquid. I will quickly list out the ingredients one by one and quickly explain the benefit of each of these components. PLEASE WATCH VIDEO FOR THE RECIPE (FORMULA). So you can utilize this concept if your plants are not performing well despite all your efforts, care, fertilizing, watering promptly and what not! Many viewers keep asking the same question. So why not make it a habit of alternating your feeds – that’s fertilizing your plants once in 15 days with foliar spray to feed your plants. Because this idea is independent of soil PH value. Please LIKE and Share your Thoughts and COMMENTS below. Also please SUBSCRIBE to our channel with Notification Bell "Turned On" to receive notifications on new additions and activity of our channel. Happy Gardening! RELATED VIDEOS: ALL GARDENING SECRETS VIDEOS: 🤍 SECRETS TO BOOST FLOWERING: 🤍 ORGANIC GARDENING MAGIC FERTILIZER: 🤍 COCKTAIL MIXED FERTILIZER RECIPE: 🤍 PERFECT SOIL PH: 🤍 WOOD ASH AND SOIL PH: 🤍 Acid Loving Plants: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE TO DOCTORS HEALTH TIPS CHANNEL: 🤍 (I am a medical doctor with hobby as gardening) Free SUBSCRIBE TO Our Channel at: 🤍 CLICK NOTIFICATION BELL TO "ON" TO RECEIVE UPDATES! Our Facebook Page: 🤍 Our Twitter URL: 🤍 Our Instagram Link: 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Garden Tips - Gardening Channel in English - 🤍 Gardening Tips Hindi - 🤍 CHECK OUR PLAYLISTS: 🤍 Our Website: 🤍 My Purchased Gardening Products: 🤍 Join Our WhatsApp Group to learn from experts: Please Join Here 🤍 for a small fee. After Joining, please contact us with your youtube user id and whatsapp number to be added to our Gardening Family. Contact here - 🤍 (enquiries). Happy Gardening! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- #gardening #gardeningtips #gardentips #gardeningideas #farming #agriculture #botany #plants #garden

How to make protein tubs for cows. 3000% cheaper than buying them easy


How to make protein tubs for cows. This is a great way to lower your feed cost drought or over wintering cattle.

What are Liquid Feeds? | Liquid Feeds Inc


At Liquid Feeds Inc, we pride ourselves in providing nutritional solutions to fine tune the nutritional requirements of your ruminant animals, in particular by providing products to create the most productive rumen which is essential for maximizing your own forage potential, animal health, reproduction, milk production and components. In this video we owners Ross and Anton discuss the history of Liquid Feeds and some of the benefits it can provide to your livestock. For more information on molasses based liquid feed supplements please visit 🤍

Simplest way to make a liquid feed for free! - update


My liquid feed is ready to start using, all those leaves and vegetation have rotted down nicely in the bucket. But holy moly it doesn't half smell. Here's the link for when I initially made the liquid feed: 🤍

How to feed your planted tank with liquid fertiliser!


I discuss how to feed your planted aquarium and aquatic plants with comprehensive all-in-one liquid fertilisers. Most live plant aquascapes will do much better with liquid fertilisers added. Let me know what fertilisers you're using! Tropica Specialised Nutrition - 🤍 Tropica Premium Nutrition - 🤍 EA Aquascaper Complete Liquid Plant Food - 🤍 🤍 NicolG Thrive - 🤍 Aquarium co-op Easy Green - 🤍 Dustin's Growth Juice - 🤍 Dennis Wong's APT Complete - 🤍 Keep on scaping! George Where I get my plants - 🤍 My favourite aquariums with a lid - 🤍 My favourite filters - 🤍 Fritz Aquatics - 🤍 Felix Smart Aquarium - 🤍 Oase BiOrb Air - 🤍 Follow me on Instagram - 🤍 Buy merch - 🤍 #georgefarmer #aquascape #keeponscaping

RFDTV Quality Liquid Feeds Live from the 2016 NCBA Tradeshow Part 1


Learn how QLF Liquid Supplements can fit into your cattle operation.

How To Make Liquid Fertiliser & Black Gold


One of the most effective ways of feeding your plants is with liquid fertiliser. Nutrients are easily absorbed through the roots and leaves when you apply a liquid fertiliser. Our summertime recipe is made up of comfrey, stinging nettles and cleavers (bidibidi). This combination is high in potassium and low on nitrogen which is exactly what hungry summer-fruiting veges like tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines (eggplants), zucchinis (courgettes) and melons thrive on. We make up 200-litre drums, but for a smaller garden you can use a container that’s around 20-litres in capacity. Push the green material down as hard as you can into the container till it’s full to the top, add water, put a lid half-on (so the gases caused by the fermenting process can escape) and leave for a month. At this stage it will be a black liquid. You may notice hoverfly larvae when you take the lid off – they are totally beneficial for your garden. After a month or so give the mixture a stir. The woody material that you dredge up can be used as a mulch. Dilute the liquid to the colour of weak tea and apply to the leaves as well as roots of plants. This mixture will almost double a crop of potatoes. A winter recipe will include fish heads, animal manure along with seaweed and weeds like puha, thistles, plantains and cleavers. This winter brew is good for kale, silverbeet and other green leafy vegetables which need nitrogen rather than potassium that summer veges like. Another great way to feed your soil is by applying what we call Black Gold. There are three ingredients in Black Gold: coffee grounds, seaweed (preferably kelp – the big straps – because it has many more minerals than seaweed) and an animal manure. We suggest you make it in a black plastic rubbish bag to attract the heat. We layer in firstly coffee grounds, then kelp, then animal manure, then repeat till the bag is full. Don’t seal the bag as we want air to get in. Leave it in a sunny place and every now and then turn it over to aerate. It’ll take about 6 months till it’s ready to use.

FREE Liquid Fertilizer for your Garden || Black Gumbo


In this video I will show you how I make liquid fertilizer from the weeds and refuse from my garden. I learned about this method from David the Good, his book, "Compost Everything," taught me about how to use even those noxious weeds from my garden to reclaim the minerals and nutrition that those weeds robbed from my soil. I'll show you how easy it is, even if it is a little bit stinky. this is an exceptional way to recycle the weeds in your garden to reclaim the nutrition that they have taken up and stored in their biomass. Support my channel by shopping at Seeds for Generations: 🤍 _ Black Gumbo shares our suburban, backyard, sustainable gardening efforts. We work a small-scale, typical Zone 9a garden and raised beds, the kind of gardening accessible to all. We tend to take the slice of life approach and hope you will enjoy our family, our dog, our cooking, our adventures, and occasionally some commentary and advice. We love family, joy and friendship, and we invite you to enjoy these things with us! Please subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Visit us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram; 🤍 We’d be so grateful if you would like and share our videos if you find them useful. It helps us immensely.

Feeding Cows Liquid Feed!


It is time to start feeding the cows liquid feed. Grass is low and dormant, the liquid feed will provide protein, fat, and energy to keep weight while on dry grass and hay. Our Website - 🤍 Follow on Facebook - 🤍NHRShorthorns #tractors #Farmlife #ranchers #mahindra #johndeere #farmers #farmwork #cattle #ranchlife #farm #ranch #hay #therockblock #rockblock #texas #haykings #tractor #hayfarm #630MOCO #rollinghay #mowing #tractor #459 #johndeerebaler #shorthorn #cuttinghay #equipmentrepair #farming #pasture #pasturemowing

Why I use Mix 30 liquid feed


Ive been getting alot of questions on my older videos about this stuff so here you go. Hope this answers questions for alot of newer subs and anyone who stumbles across is. Almost have our delivery trailer done and Ill be sure to make a video on that as well. Thanks and if you want a tshirt, still have some available on our website

Liquid Feed for pigs


Description of the liquid feed distribution for pigs. When used in liquid feed systems, the lactic acid bacteria BACTOCELL helps control microflora from the tank to the pipes and helps keep the soup safe and palatable. Find out more about this probiotic bacteria on 🤍 Not all products are available in all markets nor associated claims allowed in all regions. Connect with us: ▶ Website: 🤍 ▶ LinkedIn: 🤍 ▶ Facebook: 🤍 ▶ Twitter: 🤍 Lallemand Animal Nutrition is a global leader in microbial fermentation using yeast and bacteria in animal agriculture.

I Tested the World’s CHEAPEST Liquid Fertilizer


In this video, we will show you the BEST kept Secret in Lawn Care and it ONLY costs $6 per gallon! We will be applying a rather unusual product to our lawn today called Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Not many people know that Diesel Exhaust Fluid can be used as a lawn fertilizer as it only contains 2 simple ingredients: Urea and Water. Urea is the main source of nitrogen in diesel exhaust fluid and it is found in nearly every liquid and granular fertilizer on the market. Nitrogen is the single most important nutrient to add to a lawn. Nitrogen allows grass to grow new green foliage which is then used by the plant to photosynthesize, generating energy for sustained root growth and disease prevention. Urea contains 46% Nitrogen and is a very concentrated form of Nitrogen making diesel exhaust fluid a very effective source of nitrogen. Application Rates Per 1k sqft: (Mixed w 1 gallon of water) Low Rate (0.10 lbs of N) : 9.5 oz per 1k sqft Medium Rate (0.15 lbs of N): 14.25 oz per 1k sqft High Rate (0.20 lbs of N): 19 oz per 1k sqft *BE SURE TO MIX WITH 1 GALLON OF WATER PER 1K SQFT AND WATER IN AFTER APPLICATION. Like, Comment and 🔴 SUBSCRIBE 🔴 Timestamps: Intro: 0:00 Best Kept Secret in Lawn Care: 0:35 What is Diesel Exhaust Fluid?: 01:02 Fertilizer Test: 01:45 Application Rates: 02:49 RESULTS: 03:47 ➡️ Products used: Sprayer: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. 🎙️Link to our podcast “America’s Top Lawns” : 🤍 🔔 Subscribe here: 🤍 📸 Add me on Instagram: 🤍 🔴 How to make your lawn GREEN: 🤍 For sponsorship, product reviews and collaboration, email: princesscutlawn🤍 Thank you for watching!

Use this homemade liquid fertilizer as a rich source of nitrogen and potassium for your plants.


Watch 🤍 for other extra nourishing homemade liquid fertilizers. Be it gardening beginners or those who have been into gardening for quite a few years, all if us are constantly looking out for organic, homemade fertilizers which can provide rich nutrients to the plants. In this hunt for liquid fertilizers, we would have tried quiet a lot of homemade fertilizers ranging from manure tea, compost tea, banana peel liquid fertilizers, onion skin liquid fertilizer to crushed egg shell liquid fertilizer. This particular fertilizer that we are going to discuss today is quite different from the above ones and it can be easily made from one if the common plants that grows in your garden or backyard itself. But, this plant is considered a waste and commonly thrown away. It is also mostly considered as a hindrance to your other useful vegetable plants or ornamental plants. By this time you should have guessed it, yes it is nothing other than grass. Most of the time, almost in every garden and lawns we have these grasses growing out of control. We just trim of the grasses and throw it away. Here is the good news. These grasses when used as a liquid fertilizer will contribute to enhanced growth and development of plants and it also increases the quality of food provided by the plants. Ok, now before we move onto the actual process of how to make the liquid fertilizer using grass, let's see what component in grass actually contributes to this better growth of your plants. Grass is very high in nitrogen content and this component is the one that actually makes up the plant DNA and chlorophyll, which is necessary for making its own food. Apart from this, the grass liquid fertilizer is also rich in potassium and this is the component that plays multiple roles in plant growth. Potassium helps in help in 1. Easy transport of water, nutrients bad carbohydrates in plant tissue 2. Increase root growth 3. Reduce wilting 4. Increases photosynthesis 5. Enhances the protein content in plants 6. Decreases or slows down crop diseases Having so many benefits for your garden, now it is high time to see how to make this grass liquid fertilizer or garden tea for your plants. Every time you cut down your grass from your lawn or your backyard, just collect them in a bucket. Once you have half a bucket of these grass cuttings add water in the bucket till it covers the grass surface. Allow this to sit for 1week to 10 days. Intermittently keep mixing it, in order to aerate it well. After 10 days you can use this grass liquid homemade fertilizer directly to your plants or if you want to feed your seedlings or smaller plants, just dilute the solution in 1:3 ratio and add it to the plants. This fertilizer can be made much effective by adding few other plants or something called weeds in your garden. Here are the other kinds of weeds or plants that can be added to make the liquid fertilizer. 0:00 Start 0:14 various liquid homemade fertilizers 1:11 A rarely known liquid fertilizer that can be made at home 1:27 Benefits of this rare homemade liquid fertilizer 1:44 What component of this fertilizer actually nourishes the plants 2:12 How to prepare this rarely known homemade liquid fertilizer Gardening ideas for home Gardening for beginners Gardening is my passion Gardening hacks Gardening ideas Gardening tips Gardening at home Gardening tricks Gardening tools Gardening tools for beginners Gardening tools and equipment Gardening and health tips Gardening at home terrace Gardening at terrace Gardening business startup Gardening business Gardening basics Gardening beginners Gardening bags for planting Gardening business at home Gardening balcony Gardening course Gardening channels Gardening decoration ideas Gardening decoration ideas for home Gardening equipments Gardening easy ideas Gardening flowers Gardening flowers at home Gardening guide Gardening herbs Gardening ideas for balcony Gardening on roof top Vegetable gardening Gardening pot ideas Gardening pots Gardening pots ideas Gardening pots wholesale Gardening soil preparation Gardening soil mix Gardening spray bottle Coco peat Vermicompost Compost Gardening seeds Gardening compost Gardening stands for home Diy gardening stands

Liquid Feed Supplement


Pouring on liquid feed on wheat straw to make up for shortage of hay.

Top 8 Liquid Fertilizer for your Plants / Garden.


Top 8 Liquid Fertilizer for your Plants / Garden. Visit my website : 🤍 How to make Compost at Home : 🤍 1) Mustard Cake Fertilizer : 🤍 2) DAP fertilizer : 🤍 3) Cowdung fertilizer : 🤍 4) Seaweed fertilizer : 🤍 5) Vermicompost : 🤍 6) Organic fertilizer : 🤍 7) Liquid fish fertilizer : 🤍 8) Wood ash : 🤍 Purchase Cocopeat : 🤍 Purchase Rooting hormone : 🤍 Purchase vermi-compost : 🤍 - Gadget i use :- 1.) Mic : 🤍 2.) My Smartphone camera: 🤍 3.) My light: 🤍 4.) My tripod: 🤍 5.) My phone: 🤍 6.) My Vlogging Camera: 🤍 7.) My Green Screen: 🤍 * Follow me on Instagram Username: theonepage_gardening 🤍 Like us on Facebook : 🤍 * Usage disclaimer :- Use of any part , sub part or extract of this video , it's lyrics, it's music track, it's usage, It's distribution, display , disposal without permission of owner is strictly prohibited. If any person found using in any sense the content provided in this video by any unfair means or without permission , then he will be liable for prosecution or legal repercussions as per section 107 of copyright act 1976. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. #liquidfertilizer #fertilizer

All About PLANT FERTILIZER Food 🍀 Indoor/Outdoor Plants🍀 How Apply Powder, Liquid & Spike Fertilizer


Learn all about plant fertilizer for indoor and outdoor plants in simple language! Shirley Bovshow explains the difference between powder fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, and spike fertilizers and how to use them correctly. Think of plant fertilizer as nutrition supplements for plants that provide important macronutrients such as nitrogen for green leafy growth, phosphorus for fruit and flower vigor, and potassium for the overall health and vigor of a plant. Every package of fertilizer has three numbers separated by dashes on the label. For instance, "10-10-10" on a package represents the ratio of ingredients beginning with how much nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium a fertilizer formula contains! You will learn what these numbers represent after watching this gardening video! Shirley demonstrates how to apply powder and granular fertilizer to outdoor plants that are planted in the ground or in containers. The plant-feeding process begins with watering your plants first before fertilizing them. Next, powder or granular fertilizer is scratched into the soil and watered again. Indoor plants can be fertilized using liquid fertilizer but it's too expensive to use outdoors on landscape plants. Shirley demonstrates how to mix the liquid fertilizer with the proper amount of water and feed your indoor plants. Indoor houseplants can also be sprayed with fertilizer as the leaves absorb the liquid food through it's stomata or "pores." Leaves have pores just as we have pores in our skin and they are highly absorbant. Lastly, learn how to use fertilizer spikes correctly and learn the pro and cons of using this type of "set it and forget it" plant fertilizer. Shirley addresses common plant feeding questions: What are the fertilizing basics? How do you apply fertilizer to plants? When should I fertilize my plants? Do you really need to fertilize plants? What do fertilizer numbers mean? How do you apply fertilizer to soil? Why do you have to water plants before feeding them? How do you use a liquid fertilizer? How do you use fertilizer spikes? What is the best type of fertilizer for my houseplants? Is organic fertilizer better than non-organic fertilizer? 🍀If you learn from the garden video, please LIKE IT! 🍀 Subscribe to Eden Maker by Shirley Bovshow Channel! We have a 100% REPLY RATE TO ALL COMMENTS AND QUESTIONS! 🍀 Do you have a garden question that needs an answer but don't know who to ask, or no one is answering your comments? ASK SHIRLEY! No question left behind! 100% REPLY RATE Shirley Bovshow's "Eden Maker" gardening videos on how to grow and care for plants, orchids, garden makeovers, container gardening, garden DIY, plant and flower crafts, how to grow food, miniature and fairy gardening, succulents, how to propagate plants, indoor plants, floral design, hydroponic , garden design, and clever tips for life rooted in the garden. Inspiration and practical information. Watch, "Ask Shirley," a weekly, garden live stream show featuring garden questions and garden answers, plant care information, plant propagation and gardening lessons by Shirley Bovshow. Featuring Los Angeles landscape designer, Shirley Bovshow, garden lifestyle expert for the Hallmark channel show, Home & Family.

Liquid Feed vs Molasses Tubs vs Pressed Blocks


Riomax® Questions - Answered! Brought to you by Tom. What is the difference between liquid feed, molasses tubs and pressed blocks? Tom explains the different types of tubs and how they are made. He covers molasses based tubs, pressed tubs and liquid. If you have any questions, give us a call at 888-762-3299 or visit our website 🤍

How to Use LIQUID FERTILIZER in Your Vegetable Garden || Black Gumbo


It always seems to be a mystery - how often should I fertilize my garden? Some gardeners swear by regular fertilizing schedules and precise mixtures, others do not fertilize at all. In this demonstration, I'll show you the middle approach. I fertilize in ground plants and container gardens with a low dose, organic fertilizer on a regular basis to insure my plants get the nutrition they need to produce a successful harvest. Join me and let's feed our plants! _ Black Gumbo shares our suburban, backyard, sustainable gardening efforts. We work a small-scale, typical Zone 9a garden and raised beds, the kind of gardening accessible to all. We tend to take the slice of life approach and hope you will enjoy our family, our dog, our cooking, our adventures, and occasionally some commentary and advice. We love family, joy and friendship, and we invite you to enjoy these things with us! Please subscribe to our channel: 🤍 Visit us on Facebook: 🤍 Follow us on Instagram; 🤍 We’d be so grateful if you would like and share our videos if you find them useful. It helps us immensely.

First Liquid Fertilizer and Humic Application | Simple Lawn Solutions


What is different about liquid fertilizer vs granular fertilizer? Today I apply my first liquid fertilizer application and humic/fulvic to my low cut turf. With liquids we can apply lower rates more often or use liquids as a boost to your normal granular lawn care program. Ryan Knorr Lawn Care is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate programs below. An affiliate advertising program is designed to provide a means for sites and creators to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to or other product sites. I receive a small commission through these links. Simple Lawn Solutions 15-0-15 - 🤍 16-4-8 - 🤍 28-0-0 - 🤍 Root Hume (Humic/Fulvic) - 🤍 Learn something from this video and want to help support me directly? Join Our Community - 🤍 My Merch Store - 🤍 Paypal - 🤍 - My Podcast - 🤍 Products and Equipment I use in my lawn can be found here 🤍 Wonder how I achieve the look of low cut turf? Learn all about the Swardman Reel Mower!! - 🤍 Liquid Fertilizers and Humic I use in my Lawn - Simple Lawn Solutions - 🤍 Great Place to Purchase Lawn Products - 🤍 Sprayer I use - Sprayers Plus 105Ex 🤍 - Get free shipping with code GOELECTRIC Or grab it on Amazon - 🤍 Kujo Yard Shoes Promo Code - Save 10% on a pair of shoes 🤍?promo=10ryanknorr Notice my MN sports hats/sweatshirts? Grab your favorite team gear here - 🤍 - Find me on Social Media 🤍 🤍 🤍p://🤍 (My Music, Vlogs, etc) Want to learn how I became a lawn care youtuber? - 🤍 Learn how to renovate your lawn from start to finish - 🤍ps://🤍 Main Camera Setup Panasonic G7: 🤍 New Main Wide Angle Lens - 🤍 Zoom Lens for G7: 🤍 Prime Lens for G7: 🤍 GoPro - 🤍 Video Tripod: 🤍 Phantom 4 Pro Drone: 🤍 Macbook Pro: 🤍 Livestream/Podcast Equipment Panasonic G7: 🤍 Camlink (streams my G7 camera to my computer) - 🤍 Mixer - 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 Shure Beta 87a Mic - 🤍 Guest Microphone - 🤍 Light - 🤍 Softbox for light - 🤍 Light Stand - 🤍 Mobile Audio Recorder - 🤍 Mobile Mixer - 🤍

Liquid feeding & fermenting (Fam. Kirmaier)!


Interesting company report at the Kirmaier family in bavaria, Germany: Liquid feeding & fermenting for top daily gains and top feed conversion! Should you have any questions or if you are interested in our liquid feeding- and fermenting systems, feel free to contact us anytime. Your SCHAUER Agrotronic Team! 🤍 office🤍

Why LIQUID FEED your lawn


Instead of getting lots of growth from a granular fertiliser why not try liquid feed on your lawn? You wont get as long in terms of longevity in your lawn but you will be able to control your lawn in terms of keep it more manageable. #liquidlawnfeed #whyliquidlawnfeed #feedingwithliquids #controlyourlawn #danielhibbertlawnexpert Visit my Ebay store at 🤍 or click the links below Equilibrium 18-5-15 NPK 2%ca 2%mg with humic acid and mycorrhizae 8KG TUB 🤍 2KG TUB 🤍 H2GO Wetting Agent 🤍 Steller Bio Boost 1ltr to treat 500m2 🤍 Galactic Green 1Ltr to treat 250m2 🤍 Instagram 🤍danielhibbert79 About the channel Daniel Hibbert Lawn Expert aims to bring you easy to follow and understand methods, tips and most importantly end results to make your lawn care journey enjoyable and successful, With over 25 years of working on domestic lawns there is not much I don't know and am happy to guide everyone on the way to their own lawn dreams Throughout history men have always been drawn to grass, weather it be in the park , a sports ground or simply in your own garden, there's just something about those quintessential British stripes that makes you want them for yourself, not to mention getting on over on your neighbours. Follow Daniel on his lawn journeys, in his step by step videos this year, whilst you create your own lawn journey. Achieving that dream lawn you have always wanted with simple and easy to follow methods, the lawn you have always dreamed of is only a grass seed away

Organic liquid Fertilizer From Waste Decomposer | Waste Decomposer Preparation


Waste decomposer is consortia of decomposing bacteria which when applied to organic waste coverts it into compost which can be beneficially used in home garden as organic manure. Advantages of this process. 1. Waste is getting directly converted to natural manure. 2. Generally if we mix the kitchen waste into other waste like plastics and paper, the Garbage dust bins in our streets will get the bad smell. 3. For garbage collectors it would be easy to segregate the waste use and use it for recycling. 4. Chemical free fertilizer Other Video: Onion as khad: 🤍 Kapur: 🤍 Pravin Mishra Environmentalist New Delhi, India Contact:9818789315 #liquidFertilizer #Kitchenwaste #NaturalManure ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ VIDEO DECLAIMER - THIS VIDEO IS NON PROMOTIONAL ,THIS VIDEO IS CREATED ONLY TO PROVIDE EDUCATION INFORMATION ,THIS CHHANEL IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PROFIT OR LOSS IN ANY KIND OF BUSINESS... ITS ALL DEPEND ON BUSINESS PLAN AND YOUR HARD WORK ...PLZ YOU MUST RESERCH YOURSELF BEFORE START ANY TYPE OF BUSINESS ..THIS VIDEO IS ONLY FOR EDUCATION PURPOSE... ............... DELHI DUDES !!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EVERYONE SO KEEP SMILE AND SUPPORT OUR CHANNEL LIKE =SHARE=SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL DELHI DUDES !! Thank You So Much......... Our Social Media Link: - Youtube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Regards Delhi Dudes

Free homemade liquid feed


Often people buy liquid feeds for tomatoes or other veg or make their own with the permaculturist's favourite comfrey. My comfrey never has grown well and the slugs have always attacked it so I make my own from grass or nettles or other green plants. Here's a quick how to using my method. It's usable after 2-3 days with just grass but nettles are better left a week or more. Often up to a month. (made with #spliceapp - 🤍)

Sampling Liquid Feed


Chad Linton demonstrates how to use a "Texas tube" for taking liquid feed samples.

"There Are No Weeds" - Revolutionize Your Understanding With This AMAZING Liquid Fertilizer - JADAM


This video will explain how "weeds" are actually very beneficial. Utilizing this method of fermentation you will be able to transform unwanted plants into nutrient rich fertilizer to help you feed the soil that will soon feed you nutrient dense foods! Say "Thank You" by making a donation to my PayPal: 🤍 The "Real Deal" Brazilian Hat (I'm wearing in this video) 🤍 I Get Many Of My Seeds 🤍 True Leaf Market 🤍 Mylar Bags for the 5gal Bucket (10pack) + oxygen absorbers 🤍 1 Quart Mylar Bags + oxygen absorbers 🤍 1 Gallon Mylar Bags + oxygen absorbers 🤍 5 Gallon BUCKETS with LIDS (food grade) 🤍 Oxygen Absorbers (get extra) 🤍 The Grow Bags: 🤍 The Weed Barrier: 🤍 (this stuffs heavy duty) The Staples: 🤍

Farm Basics #1186 Liquid vs. Dry Fertilizer (Air Date 12-27-20)


Darren and Brian Hefty talk about the reasons why a farmer may choose to use a liquid vs. dry formulation of a fertilizer or plant nutrient.

Pro-Sweet Liquid Feed


Our Pro-Sweet™ Liquid Feed is a great choice for hobby beekeepers! Unlike sugar water, Pro-Sweet™ has both binomial (bees treat these like nectar) and monomial sugars (bees treat these like honey), so it not only stimulates the bees but helps add weight to the hive. Pro-Sweet™ won’t crystallize or ferment like sugar water, plus there is no more going through the check out line with a cart full of sugar or making a mess of your kitchen!

MIX 30 Liquid Feed


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Homemade natural liquid fertilizer that is easy, organic natural and free for your organic gardening or farming practices that will be the best fertilizer for plants. Your easy homemade soil fertilizer that you make yourself will cost you next to nothing, free you from the dependency of big agricultural industries, and give you a more self sustaining farm or garden life style. If you want to know how to make garden soil healthy again then I suggest learning the natural farming practices like JADAM and KNF, Korean Natural Farming which will teach you these easy low cost practices such as this natural liquid fertilizer for plants at home that we call JLF. This vid stems from a previous vid of mine called How to Soil Block Recipe showing how to make soil blocks for seed starting without using the products from the big box stores or nurseries. May All Your Branches Become Full of Fruit. 3 Basket Living 3basket🤍 This Video is the property of 3 Basket Living, Youtube channel. DO NOT use any portion of this video without our expressed permission from 3 Basket Living.. If you are found using any part of our video's we will file copyright charges against you and your channel.

How to Use Miracle-Gro Liquid All Purpose Plant Food 32 oz


Instantly give plants the nutrients they need to flourish with Miracle-Gro® Liquid All Purpose Plant Food. Just mix the product with water and feed every 1-2 weeks for big, beautiful Miracle-Gro® results.

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