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Making your own homemade chicken feed! This diy chicken feed will help your chickens and you! I will show you how to make your own chicken feed so that your hens will lay MORE EGGS and it will SAVE YOU MONEY! #chickenfeed #chickenfood #chickens * Click the Link to Subscribe and follow along with us: 🤍 Follow on Instagram - Acres_of_adventure Hello everyone, Welcome to Acres of Adventure. We are a family of 5 that is always looking for ADVENTURE! We lived in the city our whole lives and decided to move our kids out to the country to start our homestead. We want to build a small farm and start to enjoy life more outdoors and slowly. We wanted to show our 3 kids that working hard for what you make and taking care of animals is a great rewarding feeling! So please Subscribe and follow along with us on our journey as we make many mistakes that hopefully we learn from! Send us an email at AcresOfAdventure1🤍gmail.com if you would like to partner up and make a collab video with us!

Homemade Feed Pellet Machine - Pellet mill Machine


Homemade pellet machine - building pellet machine from scrap materials. Making pellets at home. Homemade pellet mill machine. #pelletmill #pelletmachine #pellets

Whole Grain Chicken Feed Mix | How To Make Your Own


Learn how to make your own chicken feed with only 5 ingredients!! We've had high success with this chicken feed mix. Its a whole grain, high protein option that is actually cheaper for us than store bought. Our chickens lay year round on this mix! Thanks for watching! If you like what you see, please consider subscribing to our channel! We greatly appreciate all the support! Here's what you need to make your own: 1. 2 (40 lb) bags of black oil sunflower seeds 2. 2 (40 lb) bags of whole corn 3. 2 (40 lb) bags of whole oats 4. 10 lbs whole flax seed 5. 10 lbs white millet Protein Analysis: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds - 26% protein (40 lbs = 10.4% protein) Whole Corn - 9% protein (40 lbs = 3.6% protein) Whole Oats - 15% protein (40 lbs = 6% protein) Flax Seed - 37% protein (5 lbs = 1.85% protein) Millet - 9% protein (5 lbs = .45% protein) =22.3% protein Follow us on Facebook: 🤍 #HomemadeChickenFeed #MakeYourOwnChickenFeed #SawyerRidgeFarm #Chickens #LayingHens #Homesteading #Farming

Poultry Feed Formulation: How to Make your Own Poultry Feed (HD)


Timestamps: 0:00 Introduction 0:34 Importance of Making Your Own Poultry Feed 2:53 Broiler Feed Requirements in Different Stages 3:43 How To Make 100 kg Broiler Starter Mash? (1-4 weeks) 4:21 How to make Broiler Finisher Feed (Greater than 4 Weeks) Poultry feed accounts for more than 80% of the cost of poultry production. Right now, the increasing cost of feeds is driving many poultry farmers out of business. Making your own feeds would cut down costs while increasing the profit margin of your poultry farming. Success in the poultry farming business mostly depends on feeding quality feed and feed formulation system. For proper growth, egg production and good health, poultry birds require energy. In order to obtain the desired growth rate, you must have to purchase and provide highly nutritious poultry feed. Except for adequate and quality feeding, you can’t run your business properly. Visit our website, 🤍 Follow us on Facebook 🤍 Buy Our Poultry Feed Formulation Ebook 🤍 Related search querries: how to make poultry feed at home, poultry feed, poultry feed formulation, poultry farming, chicken feed preparation, how to prepare chicken feed at home, how to prepare broiler chicken feed, chicken feed formulation, chicken feed formula for broilers, poultry feed formula, make your own poultry feed, how to make broiler feed, how to make broiler chicken feed how to make your own poultry feed, how to formulate your own poultry feed, how to formulate feed for chicken, how to make feed for kienyeji chicken at home, feed formulation at home, poultry feed making, poultry feed making machine, poultry feed formulation for broilers, poultry feed ingredients, poultry feed raw materials product, chicken feed, chicken feeding, chicken feed formulation in kenya

How to Mix Homemade Chicken Feed To Get More Eggs!


Get MORE EGGS and healthier happier chickens at less cost then store bought. In this video I show all you need to know about creating your own all natural chicken feed!

How to Make Your Own Chicken Feed


In this video I make my own chicken feed from whole food ingredients. 50 pound bag of Whole Oats 50 pound bag of Whole Corn 40 pound bag of Sunflower Seeds 10 pounds of Flax Seeds We're starting a small scale farm of less than a quarter acre to sell produce at a local farmer's market next spring! Follow along on our journey and subscribe to our channel! 🤍 Hey! I’ve been using Lolli to earn free cash and bitcoin back when I shop and share with friends! Use my code when you download Lolli and start earning free money today. Code: 3MXEZG 🤍 Join our email list and receive our free guide: "10 Essential Steps to Create a Life You Love" 🤍 Visit our blog: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 #chickens #raisingchickens #chickenfeed #homesteading

How to make Organic Feeds for Native chicken / Hog Poultry


Hi guys , I hope you enjoy watching this video. The measurement of ingredients we use in this organic feeds are base only to the availability of the ingredients. but the best measure you can use for the ingredient except the rice brand and grated coconut it 1:1:1.. example. 1kilo of malunggay leaves 1 kilo of banana stalk 1 kilo commercial feeds. (optional) 1kilo of any other nutritious ingredients you wanna add to the mixed feeds. about the molasses you can have 1:10. 1 liter of molasses 10 liters of water.

How to make a tray to feed the chicks is very simple _ Rescue the chicks who have lost their mothers


How to make a tray to feed the chicks is very simple _ Rescue the chicks who have lost their mothers

Homemade Lathe #9 | Power-Feed


In this video I build my own Auto-Feed for my Homemade Lathe from mostly scrap parts. If you want to support me, you can simply donate money via Paypal: 🤍 Thank you :D The complete Playlist of the Lathe Build: 🤍 Thank You for Watching :D

🐮🐮Homemade feed Pusher 🐮🐮


Een zelfgemaakte voeraanveger. Op marktplaats een oude dikke ongeremde 10 tons landbouwas gekocht. Deze is doormidden gezaagd. Om de wielen makkelijk te laten rollen zijn de assen onder een kleine hoek weer aan elkaar gelast met een kokerframe ertussen. Hieraan zitten weer aanlasoren zodat hij aan de snelwissel kan van een giant minishovel. Er zijn 2 oude velgen gebruikt van een vrachtwagentrailer om vierkante hartplaten te maken. Hieraan zitten 2 versleten banden die hiervoor nog jarenlang dienst kunnen doen.

Homemade Chicken Feed - first time making it!


We've always wanted to make our own chicken feed so we would have more control of our food. We came across this recipe at Sawyer Ridge Farm and modified the numbers to fit our needs. My daughter also discovered a strange place that one of our chickens decided she would lay her eggs at. Whats in our chicken feed? 50 lb - Black Oil Sunflowers 50 lb - Whole Corn 50 lb - Whole Oats 6.25 lb - Flax Seed 6.25 lb - Millet WE HAVE A WEBSITE!!! - 🤍 Check us out on our other Social Media Outlets Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Email us at: Rockycreekfamily🤍gmail.com ROCKY CREEK HOMESTEAD* After battling Psoriasis for years, I discovered the power of quality food and its positive impact on my skin condition. This sparked my desire to raise my own quality food. So come along with our Family as we transition from urban living to small self sustaining family farm. Learn from both our successes and failures in hopes it may inspire others to try new things. We entered into this journey with no prior experience and hope to provide many laughs and learning experiences. We learned most of how to do what were doing from watching others and hope to be able to provide a similar learning opportunity to anyone else who may benefit from this. Thank you for coming along with us on this journey and we hope it is enjoyable for you and your family.

Homemade Feed Bunks


A simple DIY project to make feed bunks/troughs using plastic barrels.

homemade chicken feed machine, small business investment,poultry feed making machine


500kg/h feed pellet machine,used for poultry ,livestock and fish feed pellet machine capacity : 500kg/h feed mill machine voltage:380v/18.5kw pellet size:1.5-12mm quality guarentee : 1 year if you need livestock/poultry feed processing machines ,connect me and you will get more details Katrina.Sun Xinzheng Yongfeng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. P: +8615137160392 (whatsapp/wechat/viber) Email : katrinafitting🤍gmail.com

Low cost chicken feed from banana tree


Hello everyone. Low cost chicken feed from banana tree. - Please subscribe my chanel:🤍 - Website:🤍 Vaccine make yourself for babies chicken prevent disease 🤍 How to make Incubator egg|Hatching Egg Incubator at home 🤍 How to make Chicken feed tank with Plastic Wooden boards 🤍 = -What can be made from plastic bottles Chicken feed tank 🤍 -How to make Chicken feed tank with Plastic PVC tube 🤍 -What can be made from plastic bottles Chicken water tank 🤍

Homemade Pig Feed and Expanded Goat Area


This year we are mixing up our own homemade pig feed. It is made of cracked corn, soybean meal, and mineral salt. By mixing our own hog feed we should save money. Also we are going to look at the billy goats and their expanded area. We added another section of electric netting and it added lots of extra space for the goats. Our Facebook page: 🤍 E-mail us at: countryviewacreshomestead🤍gmail.com Send Mail to: Country View Acres P.O. Box 469 Robinson, IL 62454 We live in southeastern Illinois on a 41 acres homestead. We just finished building our log cabin overlooking our pond. We are trying to grow our own food and raise livestock. Follow us on our journey living the rural life and developing our property and becoming more self sufficient.

How to make Easy Homemade Poultry Feed Making Process & Total Cost | घर पर बनाएं पोल्ट्री फीड


Easy Homemade Poultry Feed Making Process and Total Cost ( ऐसे घर पर बनाएं पोल्ट्री फीड ) Hello Kisaan Dosto Swagat Hai aapko Ek or new video Mai jisme mene bataya hai homemade poultry feed ke formula ke bare Mai or kitna kharcha aane Wala hai to Puri jaankari Milne Wala hai so es video ko aant tk jarur dekhna or video acchi laage to like , share or channel ko subscribe Farming For New Generation ..🥰🙏 1) Farming में 500 रुपए लगाए और लाखों कमाए :- 🤍 2) सेब की खेती हुई आसान,भारत में कहीं भी लगा सकते है:- 🤍

Homemade Chicken Organic Feed by Dr Arshad | Poultry Feed Formulation


This Video is about Chicken Organic Feed Formulation by Dr Arshad. Like people, chickens require a balanced, nutritional diet. The five cornerstones of a Wholesome chickens’ diet are: Water: chickens drink nearly double the amount of feed they consume – so be sure they have access to fresh water at all times. Protein: to help them develop, grow, produce feathers and lay eggs- protein is essentially the building blocks for everything we love about chickens. Carbohydrates: great for energy, keeps their bodies active. Fat: provides chickens the required energy increase, helps spread micronutrients throughout the entire body, also it makes the food taste good. Minerals and vitamins: these are like the small things you don’t think that makes life run easily. You may just realise they’re lacking when something goes really wrong. Whole Corn 8.5 kg Soft Wheat 0.5 kg Lentils 150 g Peanuts 100 g Sesame seeds 50 g Peas 200 g Oats 150 g Wheat Bran 200 g Barley 150 g How to make Poultry Feed in Pakistan Low Cost Feed Formula Low cost Feed Formulation Best Poultry Feed Formula Poultry Feed How to make Poultry Feed Poultry Feed Formula Poultry Feed Formulation Chicken Feed Chicken Feed Formula Chicken Feed Formulation #PoultryFeed #ChickenFeed #ChickenOrganicFeed #OrganicFeedForChickens #DrArshad #DoctorArshad #OrganicFarming #AnimalFeed

homemade chicken feed machine small business investment


silage cutter machine and feed pellet machine 🤍feedpelletmills.net Email: zzwoodstar🤍gmail.com whatsapp: +86-13683823082

Смеситель комбикорма своими руками. Самодельный кормосмеситель горизонтальный ! Homemade feed mixer


В этом видео показан самодельный смеситель для комбикорма и других сыпучих материалов. Оказываем услуги по проектированию УЗВ и других рыбоводных хозяйств, интенсификация выращивания рыбы , экономическое обоснование . По вопросам проектирования, изготовления барабанных фильтров, консультаций и сотрудничества пишите по адресу rybovody🤍gmail.com или на форум 🤍 Заработок на криптовалютах 🤍

how to make fish feed making machine at home | homemade feed making machine | DIY ideas | DIY tools


Hi guys,,,,, Today we make a beautiful fish 🐟 feed making machine. machine is looking amazing, and very strong I show you, how to make feed making machine Homemade feed making machine | DIY feed making machine. I think the video is brings you some ideas. I hope you all enjoy this video. And please don't forget to subscribe my channel #makewithmjconstruction and press the bell ikon and select all. For latest update videos. Big,,,,, thank you,,,,,,, watching my videos. make _ pvc plastic pieces of pipe, 2"×1"=1pise soket used juicer machine and iron pipe piece. it's very important for us making feed for the fish 🐟 farmers #makewithmjconstruction #feedmakingmachine

Homemade Chicken Scratch~


There are many ways to make Chicken Scratch. Traditionally, they are a 3-Grain mix should you buy a pre-mixed bag. I am going with a homemade "5 Grain Mix" this time round. You can add corn, oats, wheat, milo, barley, sunflower seeds, peas and so much more! Lots of choices. I am also adding my own supplements, too. It makes a great treat for all of your sweethearts! Enjoy and thanks for watching! Like, Subscribe and Share! xo Is Homemade Cheaper? Always do the math... :🤍 Like us on Facebook: 🤍

Homemade lathe to metal made from scrap, longitudinal feed, part 2


In this video, I made a longitudinal feed for my homemade metal lathe. As guides I used metal angles and a metal square 25 * 25 mm. I fastened all the guides to the frame with bolts so that they could be adjusted, I tried to use welding to a minimum. Once the guides were ready and mounted on the machine frame it was time for the caliper. It will be made of 12 mm thick sheet steel. Welded the corners of the outside. Then he started pressing the caliper to the frame. And at the very end I mounted the lead screw, used the M14 hairpin. Also made the steering wheel for this screw. One of its turns will correspond to 2 mm of the screw stroke. The next stage is the transverse gear and the tool holder, then the pile-up and the electrical part. What you need to make a metal lathe in your home workshop - a piece of channel, a pair of angles, profile pipes, electric motor, lathe chuck, wide thrust bearing, drive pulleys. And from the tool, it is an angle grinder, drill or drilling machine, files and welding machine, and most importantly a great desire to do something with your own hands. What did I do? Not 1K62, tv-4, izh250. The self-made lathe on metal is made of scrap metal. How to make a lathe on metal. Look what I found at the metal reception. In this video you can see the following things that I did myself: Tap holder - 🤍 Trolley for welding machine - 🤍 Small metalwork vices - 🤍 Workbench table - 🤍 The lamp is made of gear - 🤍 Belt grinder made of angle grinder - 🤍 Automatic carriage for Bulgarian - 🤍 PS. Support me on Patreon - https://patreon/madeingarage

$100 DYI homemade 1 ton feed hopper grain bin


Needed at better way to store feed and get it out of the garage into the barn. Metal silos too big. Plastics or metal hoppers $1500 or more. Grain bins / Gravity wagons also to big. Couldn't find anything cheap or small enough for 1 ton of feed. Its a 3 way corn mix I use. I couldn't find anything on a working wood grain bin. I found some wood feed boxes, buts not what I wanted. I hope this gives someone a good starting point for there small hobby farm. BTW the bottom part at an angle is supported by 3 - 2x4s in the center and one at each end, I didn't show that part. Updated video of my loading the bin with feed 🤍

How to Make the World's Best Homemade Deer Attractant Feed Mineral


Join Tyler in the Kitchen as he show's you how to make the World's Best DiY Homemade Deer Attractantst!

Cheap & Easy Homemade Fish Food | High Protein


I will show you how I make my Cheap & Easy Homemade Fish Food, High protein and almost all fishes love it, It can help for faster growth and very economical.

Waste Oil Burner .. Homemade Drip Feed .. Free Heat


How to make a homemade drip feed for a waste oil burner. Close up view of the drip feed system on this homemade waste oil burner. This oil drip feed system really makes an Awesome amount of heat for as little as 2 litres of waste oil per hour. I made this video to show in some detail how I control the oil into the burn chamber of this waste oil burner / heater. It is quite economical for the amount of heat it is capable of generating and smoke free. The oil delivery is a simple drip feed with a 1/2 inch gate valve which I detail in the video. This simple little waste oil stove is fed from a bucket of oil and requires no power. It could be miniaturized but it has a dual use shed heater and cooking. This drip feed system combined with the burner in this video makes lots of heat and could be used to heat water for free which I will show in some of my upcoming videos. I used this burner design and drip feed oil system in one of my tin can burners. Cheers Gerry _ 🔴Support this Channel If any of my videos helped you out or you just want to support the channel. Buy Me a Coffee 🤍 Paypal 🤍 _ Amazon UK Riello RDB Burner 🤍 Waste Oil Burner Nozzle assembly 🤍 Diesel Air heater 🤍 Sip 40 amp Plasma cutter 🤍 200 amp Tig welder 🤍 18v Makita tool Kit 🤍 _ Amazon.com Waste oil burner Nozzle assembly 🤍 Diesel Air Heater 🤍 Sony A6400 🤍 200 amp Tig welder 🤍 18v Makita tool Kit 🤍 40 amp Plasma cutter 🤍 _ My Gear used in this video. Sony A6400 🤍 Lav mic 🤍 Hero 8 black 🤍 Hero 7 black 🤍 Takstar Shotgun Mic 🤍 _ DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we’ll receive a small commission. 🔴Waste Oil Burner Complete playlist 90+ videos 🤍 🔴Build a new and Improved Fantastic Output Waste oil Burner 🤍 🔴My first Homemade Tin Can Burner 🤍 🔴Demo of my latest design 2 litres per hour burner 🤍 🔴How to make this 2litre per hour burner 🤍 🔴How to make a propane tank stove 🤍 🔴More updraft burners 🤍 ........................Paramotor Trike Complete build................. 🔴 1. Paramotor trike made from scrap . It really flies !! 🤍 🔴 2. Homemade Paramotor Trike from Scrap 🤍 🔴 3. Homemade Paramotor Trike Final Alterations 🤍 🔴 4. Paramotor trike .. Centre of Gravity Testing .. 🤍 🔴 5. 5 Dollar Homemade paramotor trike really flies 🤍 🔴 6. 2nd Test Flight 🤍 🔴 7. 3rd Flight 70 Km Rural Ireland..🤍 🔴 Paragliding 🤍 If you want to send me stuff Gerry Kennedy PM1648997 Unit C1, North City Business Park North Road, Dublin 11 D11 RW30 Ireland ✅Facebook 🤍 Music: "Trance Jedi" 🤍

How to raise insects at home | Live food for chicks | Free chicken feed ideas | maggots for chicken


I tell you in this video how to raise maggots for chicken at home without any cost. free feed formulation, how to produce insects at home for your birds. must watch the complete video . thanks #sussexfancypoultry #livechickenfood

How to start feeding homemade cat food


Do I have to use a homemade cat food recipe? YES! Avoid unbalanced nutrition and deficiencies using these complete recipes. Homemade cat food is the best because you control the ingredients and how it's made! But homemade cat food is more complex than people realize. Please be responsible! ▶️ Healthy cat treats 🤍 📝 Printables 🤍 ♥️ Support us on Patreon 🤍 DISCLAIMER: Nothing I say is medical advice. You (and only you) are responsible for your cat. I earn a commission through affiliate links below. No additional cost to you. Step 1: Plan Plan out at least 4 months for the transition. You will focus on one new recipe per month. Why use different recipes? Because variety is key. Wild cats eat 5-7 different proteins to complete their diet. Step 2: Prepare Have a conversation with your cat about the new changes. Take your cat to the vet for urinalysis, fecal, bloodwork, and weight. If your cat is overweight/obese ask the doctor what an ideal weight is and a safe weight loss plan for your cat. NOTE: Do not reduce calories until your cat is eating homemade cat food. Upgrade the food first. Please watch the video for weight loss instructions! Step 3: Recipes I didn't create these recipes. Please use them as is or do not use them at all. There are NO substitutions! Please contact the recipe creator if you have questions or work with a nutritionist (options below). EASIEST RECIPE Dr. Judy Morgan (raw or cooked) 🤍 Required supplements (on chewy): feline minerals 🤍 cat essentials 🤍 fish oil 🤍 EASIEST MEAL PLAN Renewed Pet (raw and cooked, use code CATICLES10 for 10% off) Free recipe pamphlet, food balancer supplements (required), and a digital scale 🤍 Dr. Lisa Pierson (raw and cooked) 🤍 Dr. Karen Becker (raw and cooked) 🤍 TC Feline (raw boneless with bone replacement) 🤍 Dr. Karen Becker's book 🤍 Kymythy Schultze book 🤍 Supplements on Amazon 🤍 Work with a nutritionist 🤍 (board-certified vet nutritionist) 🤍 (certified nutritionist but not a vet) 🤍 (certified nutritionist but not a vet) More options 🤍 Step 4: Buy ingredients and supplies Hare Today Easiest homemade option: buy meat, bones, and organs chubs plus Alnutrin and fish oil 🤍 Raw Paws Pet Food (use code CATICLES15 for 15% off) Easiest homemade option: get a free meal plan with them! 🤍 Feed raw without the prep- Darwin's! 🤍 - tell them about your cat and get 10 lbs for just $14.95! Darwin's is already complete and balanced - just thaw and serve! Meal prep supplies on Amazon 🤍 Step 5: Start the transition You will start the transition with 1 meal. The remaining meals will be 100% current food. Add an additional 5% new food and subtract an additional 5% current food each day. Day 1- 95% current food, 5% new food Day 2- 90% current food, 10% new food Day 3- 85% current food, 15% new food And so on. Once the first meal reaches 100% new food, start the transition on the next meal. Use a new recipe for each transition meal! Variety is key! ⏰ Chapters: 0:00 Do I have to use a recipe? 0:30 Important first step 0:46 Plan before you start 3:01 Homemade cat food recipes 8:24 Ingredients and supplies 11:57 How much to feed 13:14 Plan the transition 14:13 Raw food safety 15:42 Transition to homemade cat food 17:55 FAQ 🎥 WATCH NEXT 🎥 Cat food REVIEWS 🤍 Meal prep tips 🤍 ✅ Cat food reviews 🤍 😸JERICHO'S SUPPLIES ON AMAZON 🤍 😻JERICHO'S SUPPLIES ON ETSY 🤍 ▶️ SUBSCRIBE 🤍 📕 Switch to RAW ebook 🤍 😽 MY TOP PICKS 🤍 😺 MEWSLETTER 🤍 🙏 Connect with me 🤍 🤍 🤍 #catcare #catnutritionguide #catnutritionist #jesscaticles

Homemade Chicken Scratch


Our Etsy Store: 🤍 Stacy's Chicken Feed: 🤍 Scratch and Peck Feed: 🤍 The Homesteader's Natural Chicken Keeping Handbook: 🤍 Homesteader's Herbal Companion: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchasesl MISC ITEMS WE USE (Affiliate Links): Mother Earth Products: (Save 10% by going through this link!): 🤍 Country Living Grain Mill: 🤍 All American Pressure Canner: 🤍 Treadle machine: 🤍 Nesco Dehydrator: 🤍 Stovetec Rocket Stove: 🤍 Berkey Filters: 🤍 Manual Mixer/Egg Beater: 🤍 Cuisinart Stick Blender: 🤍 Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan: 🤍 Miter Saw: 🤍 Dewalt Combo Pack: 🤍 Skeletool: 🤍 Nourishing Traditions: 🤍 *Gander in the Pratie Hole, Morrison's Jig, Drowsy Maggie by Sláinte is licensed under a Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Social Media and Contact Information: MeWe Group Page: 🤍 Email/paypal: raincountryhomestead🤍gmail.com Patreon: 🤍 Snail Mail: Rain Country, PO Box 816 Forks, WA 98331 NOTE: This information is meant for educational purposes only .I am NOT a doctor nor pretend to be one. Nothing I say should be used to replace professional medical counseling. Also, PLEASE do your OWN research!

How to make Chick Mash I Quality & Homemade Feed


See more on 🤍

200kg per hour Maize Corn Feed Pellet Mill


#feedmill #pelletmachine Model KL180 animal feed pellet machine Capacity 150-200kg per hour, Compression roller number: 4pcs Motor power : 4.5kw, Diesel engine 12HP. More detail,please email me at seven🤍chinaoreco.com Or wechat /whatspp: +8615890043127

How to make POULTRY Feed || Poultry Feed Formulation || Feed Milling


Dostoo, Hope you like the content. Do like comment share the videos, and also SUBSCRIBE the channel. Thanks for your support.🙂🙂

How to Make Layer Feeds


Kung kayo ay may mga paitlugin na manok o pato, pwede kayong gumawa ng sarili ninyong feeds para sa kanila gamit ang formula na ito. sundan lang ang mga procedures :) - - #TheAgrillenial #Agriculture #AgricultureTips

pangasius homemade fish feed making process | raw materials| how to make fish food at home very easy


video topic:- pangasius farming process, pangus fish feeding, pangasius homemade fish feed making process,fish feed making raw materials,pangas fish farming fish feed making :- smal fish - big fish kg. protein - kg. protein Fish Mill - 25.00- 15.00 - 20.00- 12.00 meat Borne 20.00 10.00 15.00 -07.50 mustard cake-15.0005.50-15.0005.50 rice bran25.00- 03.00-25.0003.00 corn dust10.0001.00-20.00 -02.00 molasses/Ata-04.00- 00.00 04.5000.00 Vitamin - 01.00 00.00- 05.00 00.00 - total 100kg 35%p-100kg 30%p Our project Name:- M/s Ganga Matshya hatchery address:-Purbo Collegepara, (Jalkhana More)Raiganj, uttar Dinajpur *Follow us me* *Facebook 🤍 *Instagram 🤍 *youtub 🤍 *Facebook page:- 🤍 WhatsApp-Group 🤍 For business inquiries:- My Name:-Subrata chowhan Instagram:-🤍 email:-subratachowhan🤍gmail.com #fishfarmingsystemandmethod #fishinfo #pangasiusfishculture #fishfeeding #pangash #fishfarming #fish #bigfish #feedmaking #fishfood

Easy Homemade Poultry Feed Making Process and Total Cost || ऐसे घर पर बनाएं पोल्ट्री फीड


Topic :- Easy Homemade Poultry Feed Making Process and Total Cost ( ऐसे घर पर बनाएं पोल्ट्री फीड ) Hello Kisaan Dosto Swagat Hai aapko Ek or new video Mai jisme mene bataya hai homemade poultry feed ke formula ke bare Mai or kitna kharcha aane Wala hai 100 kg feed banane Mai ..to Puri jaankari Milne Wala hai is video se video ko aant tk jarur dekhna or video acchi laage to like , share or channel ko subscribe KR Dena ..🥰🙏 1) Homemade Poultry feed making process:- 🤍 2) Natural Poultry Feed ( Feed Cost 00 ):-🤍 3) Sonali Murgi breed detail :-🤍 MEDICINE BUYING LINK 👇 1) Brotone vet :- 🤍 2) Ostovet 1 liter :- 🤍 3) Ostovet 5 liter :- 🤍 4) Vimeral 300 ml :-🤍 IMPORTANT EQUIPMENT FOR POULTRY FARMING BUYING LINK 👇 1) Poultry Drinker :- 🤍 2) Small Automatic Drinker :- 🤍 3) Jumbo Automatic Drinker :- 🤍 4) Poultry Feeder :- 🤍 FOLLOW ME ON 👇 Instagram :-🤍 Facebook :- ALL VIDEOS RECOMMEND FOR YOU 👇 1) Poultry Farming related videos :-🤍 2) Dairy Farming related videos :-🤍 3) Mushroom Farming related videos :-🤍 4) Goat Farming related videos :-🤍 YOUR QUERY 👇 -Easy Homemade Poultry Feed Making Process and Total Cost -ऐसे घर पर बनाएं पोल्ट्री फीड -make Poultry feed at home NOTICE ⚠️ I am Not oner Of any content which I used in my video ... all resource like Picture or Video from Google or anyother helpful Site ..which help me to explain my video nicely or deeply .. So I credit to my all work to Google or anyother helpful Site ..If I use anyothers content then I will definitely credit to Him .. Thanks I hope All owner Understand to me if I used some content in my video 🙏 {Don't Forget to LIKE , SHARE & SUBSCRIBE} #Homemade #PoultryFeed #KisaanTuber Stay Tuned 😉

How to Make Homemade Organic GMO Free Chicken Feed


I purchased my grains in bulk from here: 🤍 🤍 This is just what I use and what works for me. Use at your own discretion. I mix it up a bit by using other grains and things like shredded coconut and hempseed too. I show the cost breakdown and tell where I get everything here: 🤍

How to make Poultry feed at home


In this video i explained how to make feed at home because we are making poultry feed for our farm.Many farmers wanted to know the process of making feed at home.So this video is very helpful for you to make poultry feed at home.

Homemade hammer mill/Low cost hammer mill/Hammer mill/Crusher mill /homemade crusher mill


A homemade hammer mill is shown in this video. It can be used for crushing stones and all other non-metallic materials. For hammer mill operation view the video by title "hammer mill operation" The video link 🤍

The Best Homemade Deer Block! Store Bought Vs Homemade


In today's video, we are comparing which deer bait works best: Homemade or Store Bought. We will be comparing our homemade fortified deer feed block with a couple of different different brands from our local tractor supply co (Record Rack, Big & J, Purina and Mighty Deer Lick). Be sure to tune in and see which one the deer prefer! Connect with White Bucket Outdoors: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Produced by Brokenstraw Media Connect With Brokenstraw Media: Website: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

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