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Home Office # 308


TICKETS FÜR KONGRESS: 🤍 Unterstütze uns mit einem Abo: 🤍 Pandemie wurde für beendet erklärt. Die Maskenpflicht ist bundesweit gefallen. Ist dieses Kapitel damit abgehakt? Für uns jedenfalls nicht, denn die Aufarbeitung hat gerade erst begonnen. Was wir in den vergangenen knapp 3 Jahren bereits in diesem Format angesprochen, aufgedeckt und erörtert haben, dringt nun allmählich auch in den Mainstream vor. Doch werden wir so oft wieder ein gigantisches Ablenkungsmanöver von den relevanten Fakten erfahren? Mit dieser letzten Sonntag LIVE Home Office Ausgabe verabschieden wir uns in die Winterpause. Ab Dienstag dem 21. Februar sind wir ab 20 Uhr wieder LIVE für euch da. NuoViso ist unabhängig und crowdfinanziert! Wenn Dir unsere Arbeit gefällt, kannst Du uns mit einem Abo oder einer Spende unterstützen. ► Website: 🤍 ►Abo: 🤍 ►Shop: 🤍 ►Telegram: 🤍 ►Spenden: 🤍

Home Office # 307 feat. @KilezMoreTV


Im australischen Outback hat man eine nur wenige Millimeter große radioaktive Kapsel wiedergefunden, die man zuvor verloren hatte. Dies veranlasste uns heute über die sogenannten "Broken Arrows" zu sprechen. Insgesamt 17 Atombomben sind in den letzten 70 Jahren allein den US-Streikräften abhanden gekommen. Einige liegen auf dem Grund des Meers, von anderen weiß man den Aufenthaltsort gar nicht. Und dies sind nur die Zahlen des US-Militärs. Außerdem sprechen mir mit Kilez More, der nach 3jähriger Schaffenspause, was seine Musik betrifft, neue Inspiration in Indien sucht. Ob er sie bereits gefunden hat, verrät er uns in dieser letzten Donnerstag-Ausgabe der Gruppentherapiesitzung im Home Office. Können 100 Ärzte lügen? Webseite: 🤍 NuoViso ist unabhängig und crowdfinanziert! Wenn Dir unsere Arbeit gefällt, kannst Du uns mit einem Abo oder einer Spende unterstützen. ► Website: 🤍 ►Abo: 🤍 ►Shop: 🤍 ►Telegram: 🤍 ►Spenden: 🤍

Home Office - Fabio Wibmer


When you’re limited you get creative - Welcome to my Homeoffice. ►Go Behind the Scenes 🤍 Hope you’re all staying safe and make the best out of that crazy time. Thanks to the best roommates out there! Hannes, Marius, Jonas & Laura. It's been such a laugh :) ► Subscribe to see more videos: 🤍 ►Get my merch here: 🤍sick-series.com ►Sound powered by Teufel: 🤍 ► Check my Documentary "To The Limit" here: (also available worldwide on iTunes) English Version: 🤍 Deutsche (german) Version: 🤍 ► Music by Musicbed With my link you can get a 30-day free trial to try the best music for your videos! 🤍 ► Produced by: Sick Cinema ►You can also follow me on: Instagram: (🤍wibmerfabio) Facebook: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍wibmerfabio Cheers, Fabio

3 Interior Designers Transform The Same Home Office Space | Space Savers | Architectural Digest


We gave interior designers Lula Galeano, Laura Hodges, and Alvin Wayne a photo of the same home office space - then asked each of them to create a design for it in their particular style, however they pleased. Three artists, one canvas, each bringing something different to the space. See which designer comes closest to creating your ideal home office. Shop these spaces! LAURA'S SPACE: (Similar) Farrow & Ball Card Room Green Paint 🤍 (Similar) White Elfa Décor Bookshelf 🤍 (Similar) West Elm Stepped Medallion Easy Care Rug 🤍 (Similar) Pottery Barn Belgian Flax Linen Roman Shade 🤍 (Similar) Etsy Defiant Walnut Floating Desk 🤍 Design Within Reach Fritz Hansen Series 7 Task Chair 🤍 Frey Desk Lamp 🤍 54 Kibo Woven White Pendant Light 🤍 Samsung Frame TV 🤍 (Similar) Ceramic Indoor/Outdoor Wall Planters 🤍 ALVIN'S SPACE: Inside Stores Groundworks Wallpaper Entangle Paper Raven 🤍 (Similar) Jake Arnold Chiltern Rug for Lulu and Georgia 🤍 (Similar) West Elm European Flax Linen Curtain 🤍 (Similar) CB2 Marisa High Gloss Walnut Desk 🤍 Sarah Sherman Samuel Rise Daybed 🤍 Kelly Wearstler Trancas Credenza 🤍 (Similar) Hay Rice Paper Shade 🤍 Kelly Wearstler Coquette Table Lamp 🤍 (Similar) Pottery Barn Vintage Bronze Mirror 🤍 LULA'S SPACE: (Similar) Rejuvenation White Oak Floating Shelf 🤍 (Similar) Etsy Hammered Brass Drawer Pull 🤍 (Similar) Urban Outfitters Keely Hilo Tufted Rug 🤍 (Similar) Coyuchi Ashbury Organic Quilt 🤍 (Similar) Perigold Natural Petrified Wood Log 🤍 Benjamin Moore Pomegranate AF-295 🤍 (Similar) Adesso Small Orb Pendant 🤍 When you buy something through our retail links, we earn an affiliate commission. Director: Jasia Kaulbach Director of Photography: Kevin Dynia Editor(s): Shandor Garrison Talent: Alvin Wayne, Laura Hodges, Lula Galeano Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi Senior Producer: Alyssa Marino Producer: Joel David Ahumada Associate Producer: Josh Crowe Field Associate Producer: Brandon Fuhr Production Manager: Melissa Heber Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila, Julie Suronen Camera Operator: Zach Eisen Gaffer: Gautam Kadian Audio: Brett Van Deusen Production Assistant: Patrick Sargent Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen Assistant Editor: Andy Morell Graphics Supervisor: Ross Rackin Graphics, Animation, VFX: Sam Fuller Special Thanks: Reeba Mehdi and the Team at Space Joy Designer Portfolio Pictures provided by: Nick Glimenakis 🤍 Jennifer Hughes 🤍 Hoshi Joell 🤍 Eric Petschek 🤍 0:00 Meet The Designers 1:04 Walls And Shelving 3:37 Flooring 5:29 Windows 6:49 Furniture 10:46 Lighting 12:05 Art And Decor 14:13 Final Thoughts 15:10 Designer Talk Want even more AD? Subscribe to the magazine and get a free tote ►► 🤍 Still haven’t subscribed to Architectural Digest on YouTube? ►► 🤍 ABOUT ARCHITECTURAL DIGEST The leading international design authority, Architectural Digest features articles and videos of the best in architecture, style, culture, travel, and shopping.

Architect’s Work From Home Setup - Home Office 2022 Revamp


#desksetup #homeoffice #GoveeRGBIC After months of planning, tweaking and refining, I can finally share with you the revamped home office! Although the general layout of the room is about the same, the little refinements I made really makes it feel like a totally different space. As soon as I enter the room, it feels like I am being teleported to a different space where work is encouraged and play is necessary. It’s a space I’m truly proud of. As much as I want to say that this is my “endgame”, I know I will tweak things here and there, but I do know I want to focus on helping other people build theirs. Also, now that I’ve shared the new space, I can go back into creating more content. 😅 Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 0:50 Home Office Revamp 7:04 Final Look Links & Codes: Govee LED Strip RGBiC - 🤍 Wood Panels - 🤍thewoodveneerhub.com/jonimperial use "JONIMPERIAL" for 5% off Sway Desk - 🤍 Desk Drawer - 🤍 Neat Filing Cabinet - 🤍 Cable Management Solution - 🤍 Caster - 🤍 Gantri Light - 🤍 Use “IMPERIAL20” to get $20 off your purchase! Grovemade Desk Pad - 🤍 Grovemade Laptop Stand - 🤍 Grovemade Headphones Stand- 🤍 Grovemade Wool Coasters - 🤍 Grovemade Sticky Note Stand - 🤍 Grovemade Pen - 🤍 Grovemade Pen Cup - 🤍 Grovemade Shelf - 🤍 Use the code “JON10” to get 10% off your first Grovemade purchase. 43" TV - 🤍 Kanto YU4 - 🤍 MX Keys -  🤍 MX Master 3 - 🤍 DeltaHub wrist rest - 🤍 34” Dell Monitor (similar model) - 🤍 Ergotron LX Monitor arm - 🤍 Govee Lyra Lamp - 🤍 iPhone 5 Framed Art - 🤍 Kobe Bryant Action Figure - 🤍 Ladder Shelf (Similar) - 🤍 Narrow Storage Cabinet - 🤍 8-Cube Storage Organizer - 🤍 Duorest Alpha - 🤍 BenQ Screen Bar - 🤍 Maps - 🤍 By using my links and codes, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting me! It means a lot. 📱Tech and Gear that I use: 🤍 Get your ergonofis products here: 🤍 Get your Grovemade stuff here: 🤍 🎧 Royalty free music - 🤍 📃Buy Paperlike V2 using this link: 🤍 By using the link, you are supporting my channel with no additional cost to you. I get a little bit to buy a cup of coffee. Get your Moft products here:🤍?ref=jonimperial Jon Imperial is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to 🤍amazon.com

TUDO sobre o CONTROLE do trabalho em HOME OFFICE


Já faz um tempo que as empresas estão percebendo os benefícios de adotar um regime de trabalho remoto. Mas como as empresas sabem se o funcionário realmente está trabalhando no home office? Existem mecanismo de controle da jornada? É possível fiscalizar o trabalho? O Funcionário pode trabalhar em outro local que não seja a sua casa? Vamos entender se há diferença entre o home office ou teletrabalho. A legislação utiliza o termo teletrabalho e o define como sendo um regime de contrato de trabalho onde o serviço será executado fora das dependências do empregador, de forma preponderante ou não, sendo utilizados meios tecnológicos para execução do serviço. O local da prestação dos serviços pelo empregado neste regime pode ser na sua própria residência, mas também pode ser em qualquer lugar, desde que não seja na empresa. O home office não é um termo tratado pela legislação, e sim por entendimentos doutrinários, em que o serviço seria executado na residência do empregado, o que não é uma regra quando falamos em teletrabalho, pois como acabamos de falar, basta que o serviço seja executado FORA das dependências da empresa e utilizando meios tecnológicos para execução do serviço. No fim das contas, na prática, quando falamos em trabalho executado em casa, o teletrabalho e o home office podem ser considerados similares. A Econet Explica tudo isso e muito mais, neste vídeo. #homeoffice VEJA TAMBÉM: 👉 VAZAMENTO DE DADOS e SIGILO PROFISSIONAL 🤍 FAÇA PARTE DO GRUPO DO CANAL NO TELEGRAM: 👉Acesse: 🤍 ⚠️TÁ SABENDO DA NOVIDADE?⚠️ 🎧🎧🎧 ECONET EXPRESS EM ÁUDIO!!! 🔊🔊🔊 Agora, os conteúdos do Econet Express estão disponíveis também em áudio! 🤍 A informação por completo, onde você estiver. As publicações mais importantes da Imprensa Oficial, com velocidade expressa, traduzidas para você do jeitinho que só a Econet faz. Para saber os detalhes e estar sempre atualizado, é só dar play! 👉 Spotify 🤍 👉 Soundcloud 🤍 👉 Amazon Music 🤍 👉 Deezer 🤍 Siga a Econet nas redes sociais: Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Linkedin: 🤍 Ainda não é cliente Econet? Solicite já seu acesso demonstrativo e venha fazer parte da maior comunidade tributária do Brasil: 🤍 Econet Editora. A informação por completo

Stylish Home Office Transformation With Lots of Storage | Freestyled


DIY designer Adar Kirkham brings her interior design skills to this series, Freestyled. With a small budget and just 24 hours, Adar completely revamps rooms that are in desperate need of some style. Today, she visits the Farmer family, who had a busy year launching a new skincare business that's growing faster than their tiny office space can handle. Adar brings in much-needed storage, a space to photograph products, and an organized desk for a more efficient and stylish office room. Check out the amazing transformation! #HGTVFreestyled Head to 🤍 for more on this series! Loved this episode? Check out more budget makeovers from Adar here: 🤍 You can follow Adar on Instagram here: 🤍 Stay tuned for more episodes of Freestyled, here on Handmade every Sunday. Subscribe and follow HGTV Handmade for more crafty inspiration: ▶️ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 📸 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 👻 SNAPCHAT: 🤍 🗣️ FACEBOOK: 🤍 ⏰ TIKTOK: 🤍 🏠 ON HGTV: 🤍 For more HGTV around the web, check out: HGTV YouTube Channel: 🤍 HGTV on Twitter: 🤍 HGTV on Facebook: 🤍

Home Office - Cool Music


Home Office - Cool Music - Playlist Spotify: 🤍 01 00:00 Subliminal Love – Sound Behaviour 02 04:19 Slide - Buddha Sounds 03 07:47 Chiringuito Blues - Eli Kazah & Klub Rider 04 10:10 Vibrations - Lila Liu 05 13:53 Spinning Around - Acoustic System 06 17:33 Moon State - Hypnomusic 07 20:39 Whiskey and Chocolate - Von Mondo 08 23:14 This Girl (Chill Mix) - Groove Messengers & Jamaican Reggae Cuts 09 26:21 Todas As Cosas - Groove Da Praia 10 29:42 Love You Inside Out - Beluga's Trio & Shelly Sony 11 33:25 Come Go With Me – George White Group 12 37:28 If You Want Me To Stay - Don & Gene 13 40:30 The After Day - Limelight Sound 14 48:06 White Lines Flamenco - Klub Rider 15 50:49 Love - Buddha Sounds & Ahy'O 16 55:11 Size Of Relief - Urban Love & Ivette Moraes 17 58:29 Close To You - Andrew Sacks 18 01:01:56 Seduction - Von Mondo 19 01:04:12 Oddity - Corcovado Frequency 20 01:07:33 Give Me What Is Mine - Gregory Matthew 21 01:10:59 Time To Time - Corcovado Frequency 22 01:14:28 Open Your Eyes - Beluga's Trio Feat.Tania Love 23 01:18:06 The Eternal Journey - Klub Rider 24 01:21:08 Modern Sky - Future Soundscapes 25 01:25:52 Drums - Corcovado Frequency 26 01:28:37 Before You Return - Jaken O'Neill 27 01:31:46 Ambar Zone – Eternal Trip 28 01:36:06 On Your Shadow - Style Project 29 01:39:20 Touch The Sky - Beluga's Trio 30 01:42:07 La Copla De Arriba - Seoan & Buddha Sounds & Laura Peralta 31 01:46:00 Spaghetti Beach - Bellestar 32 01:48:19 Night Highway - DJ Style 33 01:51:58 Harmony - George Evans 34 01:56:01 Without You - Rosin Taylor 35 01:59:17 Slow Down - DJ Style 36 02:03:02 Now Ya Feeling - Funky Brother's & Marianne Pretty 37 02:07:10 Omen - Shelly Sony 38 02:11:11 Summer Sex - Beluga's Trio Feat. Jaken O'Neill 39 02:14:07 Alaska Sunset - Bridge Luka 40 02:17:31 Little - Oman Chali 41 02:21:11 Everywhere - Eve St. Jones 42 02:24:12 The Art Room - Von Mondo 43 02:26:24 In Too Deep - Cassandra Beck #Home #Office #CoolMusic #Lounge #Bossanova #Jazz #Chill



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My 2023 Home Office Tour


In this video, I'm sharing my top picks for a fully optimized home office setup. Here are the products I recommend: Desk: Autonomous.ai Smart Desk 2 - Autonomous.ai Chair: All33 Chair - 🤍 Monitor: LG 49WL95C-W - 🤍 Mount: AVLT Single Arm Desk Mount for 13” - 43” - 🤍 Laptop Mount: Vivo Single Laptop Desk Mount - 🤍 Keyboard: Nuphy Halo 75 - 🤍 (Use code “JUSTIN” for 10% off) Mouse and Trackpad: Logitech MX Master 3s - 🤍 Apple Magic Trackpad 2 - 🤍 Deskmat: Nomad Desk Mat - 🤍 Audio Setup: Mic: Shure SM7B - 🤍 El gato LP Mic Arm - 🤍 Mic Preamp: dbx 286s - 🤍 Audio interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo - 🤍 Storage Unit: Ikea Bekant Storage Unit - 🤍 Webcam: Anker PowerConf C300 - 🤍 Lights: BenQ ScreenBar Plus - 🤍 Elgato Key Light - 🤍 Govee Floor Lamp - 🤍 Govee Glide - 🤍 Clock: Google Nest Hub Max - 🤍 Don't forget to use my affiliate links when you make your purchase to support the channel! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or other recommendations for your home office setup. ~ MY GEAR: 🤍 ~ FOLLOW ME: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍chau_codes WHERE I GET MY MUSIC: Epidemic Sounds: 🤍 ~ For inquires and collaborations - justin🤍chau.codes Timestamps: 00:00 Intro 1:00 Desk 2:10 Chair 3:10 Monitor 5:17 Monitor Arm 6:45 Laptop Stand 7:29 Keyboard 8:26 Mouse and Trackpad 9:43 Desk Mat 10:42 Mic and Mic Arm 11:29 Pre-amp 11:51 Audio Interface 12:40 IKEA Bekant Storage Unit 13:20 Webcam 13:37 ElGato Key Light 14:05 BenQ Screenbar Light 14:38 Govee Floor Lamp 14:48 Govee Glide 15:57 Desk Clock 15:46 Outro

My 2021 Home Office Tour


#desksetup #homeoffice #desktour AFFILIATE DISCLAIMER: The links provided are Affiliate Links which means if you purchase through them I get a small commission. Desk: 🤍 Cable Management: 🤍 Filing Cabinet: 🤍 Monitor: 🤍 Monitor Arm: 🤍 Watch Box: 🤍 Round Mirror: 🤍 Desk Mat: 🤍 MagSafe Stand: 🤍 Desktop Charger: 🤍 Headphone Holder: 🤍 Analog Clock: 🤍 Mac Mini mount: 🤍 Black Area Rug: 🤍 White Area Rug: 🤍 Speakers: 🤍 Wall Coat Hanger: 🤍 Microphone: 🤍 Audio Mixer: 🤍 - My Setup Videos: My Dream Setup 2020: 🤍 Wife's Home Office: 🤍 Gaming Desk: 🤍 Cozy Setup: 🤍 Small Space Setup: 🤍 My Amazon Store: 🤍 My YouTube Gear: 🤍 Music and SFX: 🤍 (30day free trial) SOCIAL: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Coffee with Creators Podcast: 🤍 “Taralets” Filipino Podcast: 🤍

How to DIY Build a Luxury Home Office | It's Cheap & Easy


Come take a tour of our luxury home office that we DIY built in a few days, it's cheap and easy to do! I'm Alex, I'm a travel filmmaker, photographer, TV host, and the founder of 🤍Vagabrothers. On this channel, I'll share my journey of moving to New Zealand and renovating a Homestead as well as travel guides, motivational and inspirational videos from lessons I've learned during my life, and cooking recipes of international cuisine using organic vegetables grown in my home garden. Hopefully, my videos will help you learn new skills, find happiness, inspire exploration, and grow your creativity. Stay tuned friends! - + SUBSCRIBE | 🤍 + INSTAGRAM | 🤍 - MY MERCH STORE: 🤍 ALL MY FAVORITE PRODUCTS & BOOKS: 🤍 - MY PHOTOGRAPHY PRINTS | 🤍 GET $10 FREE BITCOIN: 🤍 GET $55 Dollars FREE For Your Next AIRBNB! 🤍 - HOW I LEARNED SPANISH | 🤍 HOW I LEARNED FRENCH | 🤍 MY BACKPACK | 🤍 MY CAMERA | 🤍 MY LENS | 🤍 MY DRONE | 🤍 MY MICROPHONE | 🤍 MY HIKING BOOTS | 🤍 MY TRAVEL YOGA MAT | 🤍 - BOOK RECS + Obstacle Is The Way | 🤍 + Discipline Equals Freedom | 🤍 + The Power Of Habit | 🤍 + Can't Hurt Me | 🤍 + "Prisoner's of Geography" -🤍 + "The Power of Geography" - 🤍 - + MY HAIR GEL | 🤍 - TRANSLATE MY VIDEOS: 🤍 #diy #home #office - - meditation,productivity,millennial,wellbeing,happiness,purpose,clarity,balance,mental,minimalism,minimalist,efficiency,habits,challenges,discipline,sleep,balance,focus,productive,emotion,languages,italian,french,spanish,efficient,accelerated,essentialist,essentialism,honesty,honest,20s,clear,meaning,stoics,stoicism,philosophy,italy,france,meditation,inspiration,motivation,goals,habits,habit,tip,hack,digital,social,media,presence,art,life,21st,century,intention,intentional,intentionality,mental health,honest storytelling,mental clarity,learning online,30 days,7 days,self discipline,how to,emotional intelligence,learning languages,deeper meaning,social media,the art of living,21st century, New Zealand, New Zealand Travel, Homestead, Homesteading, Homestead Rescue, How to Start a Vegetable Garden, How to Grow Food, How to Garden, Homesteaders, Living off the Land, Travel Guides, Travel Vlogger, Vagabrothers, NZ, Lifestyle Block, Acres, Rural Life, Leaving the City

Kakas, Kalleo Drake & Mu540 - Home Office (Prod. Mu540)


Ouça #homeoffice em todas as plataformas: 🤍 SIGA NAS REDES SOCIAIS | 🤍kakas777, 🤍kalleodrake, 🤍mu540, 🤍oq.originalquality, 🤍favelarecords FICHA TÉCNICA MUSICA: Prod.: Mu540 | 🤍mu540 VIDEO CLIPE: Produzido por Original Quality Direção: Gabriel | 🤍gabriel.oq Ass Direção: Jean Furquim | 🤍jeanfurquim.oq Camera: Gabriel, MR | 🤍mrobrto Cenografia: LF | 🤍lf.oq_ Produção: Raffi | 🤍originalraffi Stylist: Gabriel Fernandes | 🤍gabrielf.jpg Casting: Maiara Ocura Edição: Wenny | 🤍wennylife NOSSAS REDES SOCIAIS Instagram: 🤍oq.originalquality TikTok: 🤍oqproducoes Twitter: 🤍oqproducoes Face: 🤍oqproducoes Todos os direitos reservados

Home Office # 306


Am 31. Januar endet die Abgabefrist der Erfassungsdaten für die neue Grundsteuererhebung ab 2025. Die bereits schon einmal verläöngerte Frist solle nun nicht noch einmal verschoben werden, so das Bundesfinanzministerium. In der Folge wurden für viele Millionen Immobilienbesitzer- oder Teilhaber hohe Strafgelder angekündigt. Dennoch lassen am kommenden Dienstag mehr als ein Drittel aller Betroffenen die Frist verstreichen. Hat man keine Angst vor der Strafe? Liegt es am Unvermögen vieler Bürger, die komplizierten Fragebögen auszufüllen? Oder wissen aufgrund des katastrophalen Informationsmanagements der Regierung Millionen von Bürgern gar nichts von ihrer Pflicht? Mancheiner vermutet gar einen kollektiven Boykott gegen die neue Grundsteuerreform. NuoViso ist unabhängig und crowdfinanziert! Wenn Dir unsere Arbeit gefällt, kannst Du uns mit einem Abo oder einer Spende unterstützen. ► Website: 🤍 ►Abo: 🤍 ►Shop: 🤍 ►Telegram: 🤍 ►Spenden: 🤍

10 Premium Desk Setup Accessories You’ve Never Heard Of!


Here are some unique and premium desk accessories I’ve been using and I think are worth adding to your desk. Feel free to comment and share your own desk accessory recommendations! Thank you Homedics (pronounced ho-meh-dics, I totally mispronounced it) for sponsoring this video. 10 extra tech accessories to check out: ↪ 🤍 Accessories ↪ Drift Kinetic Sand Table - h🤍 ↪ CalDigit TS3 & TS4 - 🤍 / 🤍 ↪ Nomad Base One Max - 🤍 ↪ BlackWing Pencil Kit - 🤍 ↪ Shure MV7 + Rode PSA1 - 🤍 / 🤍 ↪ Rocketbook - 🤍 ↪ Hasami Mug - 🤍 ↪ BENQ Halo Bar - 🤍 ↪ Yamazaki Tower Organizer - 🤍 ↪ MacBook M2 Air - 🤍 ↪ Wallpaper - 🤍 ↪ Top 14 Tech Gadgets - 🤍 ↪ MacBook M2 Air Review - 🤍 ↪ My Home Office Setup - 🤍 ✅ Drop a like and subscribe if you enjoy this video, thank you for your support! Comment the codeword "techie" if you see this 🥏 Sub for more ↪ 🤍 🥏 LET’S CONNECT ↪ Instagram - 🤍 ↪ Facebook - 🤍 ↪ Newsletter - 🤍 ↪ Website & Blog - 🤍 🥏 GOODIES ↪ Newsletter - 🤍 ↪ Wallpaper - 🤍 ↪ Business & Marketing Courses - 🤍 ↪ Snapchat Credit - 🤍 ↪ Start an Online Store - 🤍 🥏 TECH GEAR ↪ Current Setup - 🤍 ↪ Full Kit List - 🤍 ↪ My Fav Desk Accessories (“AEZ10” for 10% off) - 🤍 🥏 VIDEO CHAPTERS 0:00 - Premium Desk Accessories 0:40 - Kinetic Sand Table 2:18 - Thunderbolt 4 Dock 3:32 - Base Max Charger 4:35 - Blackwing Pencils 5:30 - Shure Microphone 6:30 - Smart Notebook 7:37 - Japanese Porcelain Mug 8:24 - Halo Lightbar 9:08 - Tower Desk Organizer 9:50 - M2 Air BUSINESS INQUIRIES: contact🤍andrewethanzeng.com I may earn commission from some of the links above (thank you in advance for supporting our channel) #deskaccessories #desksetup #tech 10 Premium Desk Setup Accessories You’ve Never Heard Of!



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Home Office # 304


Unsere Arbeit unterstützen: 🤍 Die Gemüter erhitzen sich immer mehr an einer Vielfalt von Themen, welche letztlich nur ein Ziel haben: Spaltung. Doch wer sind die Stichwortgeber im Hintergrund, deren Handeln oftmals das Ergebnis amerikanischer Thinktank-Strategien ist? Diese und natürlich weitere Fragen diskutieren wir wieder LIVE ab 21 Uhr in Sitzung Nummer 304 unserer Gruppentherapie-Stunde. NuoViso ist unabhängig und crowdfinanziert! Wenn Dir unsere Arbeit gefällt, kannst Du uns mit einem Abo oder einer Spende unterstützen. ► Website: 🤍 ►Abo: 🤍 ►Shop: 🤍 ►Telegram: 🤍 ►Spenden: 🤍

Home Office # 303


Derzeit sorgen 5000 Polizisten für den Schutz der 2500 Teilnehmer, welche mit über 1000 Privat-Jets nach Davos flogen, um darüber zu beraten, wie man dem Rest der Bevölkerung klar machen kann, den Gürtel enger zu schnallen. Derzeit im Trend ist dabei der moderne Ablasshandel mit CO2-Ausgleichszertifikaten, welche derzeit zwar noch ganz freiwillig sind, aber schon bald zum verpflichtenden Element eines braven Staatsbürgers werden könnte. Versteckt sich hier ein Social Creditsystem mit klimafreundlichen Anstrich? Darüber und noch viel mehr diskutieren und analysieren wir in Home Office Session 303. NuoViso ist unabhängig und crowdfinanziert! Wenn Dir unsere Arbeit gefällt, kannst Du uns mit einem Abo oder einer Spende unterstützen. ► Website: 🤍 ►Abo: 🤍 ►Shop: 🤍 ►Telegram: 🤍 ►Spenden: 🤍

Home Office # 305


Wie läuft das eigentlich genau ab beim Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos? Diese Frage stellten wir in einer der letzten Sendungen und prompt meldete sich Benny bei uns, der in Davos aufwuchs und über die Jahre auch den ein oder anderen Spitzenpolitiker mit der Limousine vom Flughafen zum Veranstaltungsort fuhr. Benny nimmt uns mit auf eine Reise nach Davos und gibt Auskunft über die Abläufe der größten Wirtschaftsmesse der Welt. 00:00 Intro & Anmoderation 01:06 Smalltalk 10:09 Grünes Gewölbe 18:27 Gast Benny gibt nähere Einblicke zum WEF in Davos 1:13:49 Nachwort zum WEF 1:27:24 Insekten als Nahrung 2:02:50 Nächster Nuoviso Kongress und Schlussworte NuoViso ist unabhängig und crowdfinanziert! Wenn Dir unsere Arbeit gefällt, kannst Du uns mit einem Abo oder einer Spende unterstützen. ► Website: 🤍 ►Abo: 🤍 ►Shop: 🤍 ►Telegram: 🤍 ►Spenden: 🤍

Home Office # 302


In Davos versammelt Klaus Schwab mal wieder die Wirtschaftselite, um die "Zukunft zu schmieden". Eine Komponente dieser Vision ist die künstliche Intelligenz, welche zunehmend Arbeitsplätze ersetzen soll. Doch schaffen es diese künstlichen Algorithmen auch unsere Seele zu erreichen mit Kunst, Poesi oder Therapie? Wir machen heute den Test! Also seid LIVE dabei ab 21 Uhr, wenn die Home Office Crew wieder in den Ring steigt. NuoViso ist unabhängig und crowdfinanziert! Wenn Dir unsere Arbeit gefällt, kannst Du uns mit einem Abo oder einer Spende unterstützen. ► Website: 🤍 ►Abo: 🤍 ►Shop: 🤍 ►Telegram: 🤍 ►Spenden: 🤍

UK Home office - 10 Recent Announcements & Proposals | UK IMMIGRATION | UK VISA 2023


#ukimmigration #ukhomeoffice #ukvisa * 👉Subscribe to my channel: 🤍 👉Book my time for a 1-2-1 consultation : 🤍 👋 CONNECT WITH ME on other Social Handle : 👉Instagram : 🤍 👉Facebook : 🤍 👉Email: yourknowledgebuddy🤍gmail.com 👉Download free Templates : 🤍 * Hi all, Today's video update brings you the latest Announcements & Proposals for UK immigration. So I'm summarising 10 new updates here so that you get a good understanding of what is happening in the UK. Other Recent Changes video : 1. Student working hours: 🤍 2. FTA Deal Updates: 🤍 3.PSW & Dependent Visa :🤍 4. Financial Support to students: 🤍 5. UK India Young Professional Scheme: 🤍 * Other Useful Playlists which I created for you guys are : 👉 Netherlands : 🤍 👉 NZ : 🤍 👉 Sweden : 🤍 👉 Canada : 🤍 👉 Scholarships 2023 : 🤍 👉Migrate to New Country : 🤍 👉 Ireland : 🤍 👉 UK Carer Jobs : 🤍 👉 CV and Cover Letter : 🤍 👉 AUSTRIA : 🤍 👉 All UK Visa Types : 🤍 👉 Interview Playlists (People who got job directly from India) 🤍 * Keywords for search Can International students work for more than 20 hours per week in the UK ? New UK immigration changes from 6th April Why UK student visa is getting delayed? Why is the Uk student visa priority and super-priority closed? Can students with distance learning apply for Graduate visa in the Uk ? When is High Potential visa starting in the UK ? When is Startup visa starting in the UK ? Who can apply for Startup visa ? Who can apply for High Potential visa ? uk student visa, uk,fees after visa for uk,uk student visa 2023,study visa,uk visa update,visa,uk study visa,fee after visa australia,uk visa,uk student visa process,fee after visa,uk student visa new rules 2023,uk student visa application,study in uk,uk student visa update,uk student visa 2023,uk students visa,uk study visa 2023,student visa uk,uk study visa 2023,student visa uk investor visas,entrepreneur visa uk,uk citizenship by investment,investment visa uk,high potential individual visa uk,business immigration uk,uk news,uk visa,uk immigration,bbc,cnn,business visa uk,uk business visa from india,uk business visa from pakistan,uk business visa fees,uk business visa from india cost,uk business visa investment,uk business visa from dubai,uk business visa types,uk tier 1 business visa,uk visitor business visa,uk visa 2023,ukvi



Olá amigos do canal! No vídeo de hoje vamos falar do nosso trabalho aqui em Portugal eeeeeeeee! Espero muito que gostem do vídeo, foi feito com muito carinho e tentando ser o mais claro possível! Um forte abraço dos Nordestinos em Portugal! . . - CURSO COMO GANHAR EM DÓLAR 💵👇🏻 . 🤍 . . NOSSO INSTAGRAM: 🤍 . . FAÇA SEU CARTÃO WISE: 🤍 . * CONHEÇA OUTROS VÍDEOS NOSSO * . FOMOS ENGANADOS EM PORTUGAL - SETEMBRO 2022 . 🤍 . TRABALHO EM PORTUGAL - MINHAS EXPERIÊNCIAS - SETEMBRO 2022 . 🤍 . COMPRAS EM PORTUGAL - PRIMARK - SETEMBRO 2022 . 🤍 . BRASILEIROS INDO EMBORA DE PORTUGAL - ENTENDA O PORQUÊ - JULHO 2022 . 🤍 . PEDI DEMISSÃO DO MEU TRABALHO EM PORTUGAL - AGOSTO 2022 . 🤍 . QUANTO GANHAMOS EM PORTUGAL - TODOS OS DETALHES - JUNHO 2022 . 🤍 . VALE A PENA MORAR EM PORTUGAL ? MAIO 2022 . 🤍 . ARRENDAMENTO E TRABALHO EM PORTUGAL - MAIO 2022 . 🤍 . [RENDA EXTRA] TRABALHO EM PORTUGAL - MAIO 2022 . 🤍 . NOSSA CASA NOVA EM PORTUGAL - LEIRIA - MAIO 2022 . 🤍 . CUSTO DE VIDA DE UM CASAL EM PORTUGAL 2022 - NOSSA REALIDADE 🤍 . EMPREGOS EM PORTUGAL] COMO CONSEGUIMOS - TODOS OS DETALHES - ABRIL 2022 🤍 . [A VERDADE] COMO CONSEGUIR TRABALHO EM PORTUGAL - 2022 - MUITA OPORTUNIDADE 🤍 . CARTÃO WISE [COMO LEVAR DINHEIRO PARA PORTUGAL] - NOSSA EXPERIÊNCIA - ABRIL 2022 - 🤍 . [UM MÊS] QUANTO DINHEIRO GASTAMOS EM PORTUGAL - NO NOSSO PRIMEIRO MÊS - ABRIL 2022 - 🤍 . [FOI TENSO?] NOSSA IMIGRAÇÃO EM PORTUGAL - MARÇO 2022 - MUITAS DICAS - 🤍 . [VALOR EXATO] QUANTO GASTAMOS PARA VIR MORAR EM PORTUGAL - MARÇO 2022 - CASAL 🤍 . TOUR NA NOSSA CASA EM PORTUGAL - COM PISCINA - 2022 🤍 . [GOSTAMOS?] TOUR PELA CIDADE QUE MORO EM PORTUGAL - ALCOBAÇA - LEIRIA - ABRIL 2022~ 🤍 [QUANTO PAGAMOS] NOSSO CARRO EM PORTUGAL - ABRIL 2022 🤍 . [PARA CASAL] MERCADO EM PORTUGAL - COMPRAS DO MÊS - MARÇO 2022 🤍 . PRIMEIRA COMPRA EM PORTUGAL - 2022 - QUANTO GASTAMOS ? Itens básicos de Eletrônicos. 🤍 . ROTEIRO VIAGEM PORTUGAL - 2022 - BÁSICO PARA UM DIA. 🤍 . . #trabalhoemportugal #trabalhandoemportugal #trabalharemportugal #vistodetrabalho #custodevidaemportugal #vivendoemportugal #brasileirosemportugal #leiria #morandoemportugal #portugal2022 #comprasemportugal #moraremportugal #viveremportugal #marketingdigital #casalemportugal

Making My New Photography Home Office


My home office was never that well designed and with winter drawing in, I decided to take on the project and try to create the perfect home office for the landscape photographer. Thank you to Beer52 for sponsoring this video. Get a Free Case: 🤍 Please Help Support Lee's Art Work: 🤍 If You Are Considering a Sit/Stand Desk: 🤍 See the Huge Range of Studio Products from iFootage: 🤍 My Landscape Photography Calendar: 🤍 My Landscape Photography Book: 🤍 Binge Watch My Entire 'On Location' Catalogue: 🤍 You Might be Interested in These: My Website: 🤍 My E-Book: 🤍 My Facebook: 🤍 The Gear I use & Used to Make These Videos. 𝘛𝘩𝘦𝘴𝘦 𝘢𝘳𝘦 𝘢𝘧𝘧𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘬𝘴. Main Video Camera: 🤍 Tripod: 🤍 My Full Kit List: 🤍 The Music in These Videos from Artlist & Epidemic: 𝘢𝘧𝘧𝘪𝘭𝘪𝘢𝘵𝘦 𝘭𝘪𝘯𝘬 🤍 🤍 00:00 - Intro 00:23 - The Problem 02:01 - Transforming the Base 05:15 - The Desk 07:46 - The Work Station 08:59 - The Sponsor 11:19 - Acoustics 13:21 - Photo Gear Storage 14:33 - Office & Video Lighting 18:51 - The Full Office Tour #LandscapePhotography #homeoffice

Die besten Home-Office Gadgets & Tipps!


Home-Office? Die Gelegenheit die eigene Wohnung zum Traum-Büro zu verwandeln! Elektrischer Schreibtisch: 🤍 Tisch bei Amazon: 🤍 Wasserfilter: 🤍 Kabelmanagment: 🤍 Noise-Canceling Kopfhörer: 🤍 In-Ear Noise Canceling: 🤍 Dyson Luftreiniger: 🤍 MX Master 3: 🤍 Wireless Charger: 🤍 AirPods: 🤍 Reinigungsalkohol: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 iKnowReview Hülle: 🤍 Meistens die Hintergrundmusik: 🤍 Amazon Links unterstützen meinen Kanal - der Einkauf kostet für dich genau gleich viel :)

My Home Office Tour 2022 | A few Upgrades to my WFH Setup!


A tour of my home office and the upgrades I made to it in 2022! Instagram ▬ 🤍 Twitter ▬ 🤍 Download my wallpaper! 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬ Video Chapters ▬▬▬▬▬ 00:00 - Introduction 00:35 The Desk 1:37 - Mac Studio & 48TB Harddrive 2:37 - Monitors 4:58 - BenQ Lightbar 5:41 - Desk Speakers 6:02 - Keyboard & Mouse 6:39 - Desk Accessories 7:09 - Desk Chair 7:37 - Cable Management 8:10 - Battery Backup 9:00 - Desk wall art 9:24 - Entertainment setup 9:31 - Wall Panels 9:55 - Oled TV 10:47 - Apple TV & Airpods Pro Pairing 11:07 - Vizio Soundbar 11:42 - Xbox Series X 12:04 - TV Stand 12:10 - Philips Hue Lighting 12:45 - Couch & Wall Decor 13:39 - Outro ▬▬▬▬▬ List of items ▬▬▬▬▬ - Desk Setup - Desk Top (IKEA countertop) ▬ 🤍 Standing Desk Legs ▬ 🤍 Husky Work Table ▬ 🤍 Apple Mac Studio ▬ 🤍 OWC Thunderbay 8 48tb ▬ 🤍 BenQ 32 inch 4k Monitor ▬ 🤍 27 inch 4k Monitor ▬ 🤍 Monitor Desk Mount ▬ 🤍 Desk Speakers ▬ 🤍 Grovemade Desk Shelf ▬ 🤍 Desk Mat ▬ 🤍 BenQ Lightbar ▬ 🤍 MX Master 3 Mouse ▬ 🤍 Apple Magic Keyboard ▬ 🤍 Cable Management Raceway ▬ 🤍 Vivo Cable Tray ▬ 🤍 Desk Chair ▬ 🤍 Battery Backup ▬ 🤍 - Lighting - Govee Light Beam ▬ 🤍 Philips Hue Bulb ▬ 🤍 Philips Hue Lightstrip ▬ 🤍 Philips Hue Remote ▬ 🤍 Floor Lamp ▬ 🤍 Nanlite Forza 200 ▬ 🤍 MATTHEWS C STAND ▬ 🤍 SOFTBOX ▬ 🤍 - Entertainment Setup - LG OLED 48" C1 ▬ 🤍 VIZIO 5.1 Soundbar ▬ 🤍 Apple TV 4K ▬ 🤍 TV Stand ▬ 🤍 Xbox Series X ▬ 🤍 CB2 COUCH ▬ 🤍 MINI FRIDGE ▬ 🤍 - Wall Panels - Foam Sound Panels ▬ 🤍 Acoustic Panel Tiles ▬ 🤍 -Wall Decorations - Magazine Holder ▬ 🤍 iPhone Art ▬ 🤍 Wall Canvas: ▬ bit.ly/3Axm63J Wall Shelf ▬ 🤍 NOTE: This is not the same shelf as mine. It is smaller. - Wall Paint - Behr Black Paint ▬ 🤍 Steel Wool ▬ 🤍 As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Some of the links are affiliate links and if you decide to buy the gear through them I earn a small commission which helps me continue to create these videos!




414: Home Office Strategies


Become a Tax Pro! CLICK HERE! 🤍 #Taxfree #taxes #Markjkohler #KKOSLawyers #legal #smallbusiness 00:00 Intro 02:12 Topic Overview 03:15 Home office deductions strategy 7:40 Admin Exception 14:43 Story 21:02 S-corp strategy 23:45 unlocking the Auto deduction 25:07 Augusta Rule 29:33 Privacy Everything you need is right here for you! 🤍 I go LIVE almost every week...Don't forget to Subscribe and Hit that bell icon so you get a notification every time I upload a new video or go LIVE SIGN UP for my weekly newsletter to download my FREE E-book "The ultimate tax strategy guide ebook by Mark J Kohler" and schedule an Interview with an Attorney or CPA from my team! Visit 🤍 If you need help structuring your business or setting up your S-corp to save the most on taxes and ensure maximum asset protection, click here to schedule an interview: 🤍 Visit markjkohler.com for all of Mark's game-changing educational materials, take charge of your ship, and start SAVING thousands in taxes! If you liked the video, please give it a "Thumbs up!" and please subscribe to see more! Set up a self-directed retirement account at directedira.com and start saving today! Visit 🤍 to listen to Mark Kohler and Mat Sorensen break down complex Tax & Legal strategies in an easy-to-understand way every week! Follow me on Instagram, TikTok Facebook, and Twitter 🤍markjkohler

Az igazi HOME OFFICE - Handras költözik E17


Ez lett a rendetlen kis szobából. Eszméletlen király! Süli Woodwork: 🤍, 🤍 Belsőépítészet: 🤍, 🤍 Hue Perifo sínrendszer: alkonylampa.hu Modellautók: modelfutár.hu Fotel: 🤍 (Moro fotel) Studió hangfalak: 🤍 Yamaha HS5 Levitáló izző: 🤍 A korábbi videókból: Konyhabútor és tervezés: Niki: nife.interior🤍gmail.com instagram: nife.interior Villeroy&Boch tányérok és evőeszközök: 🤍 Blanco csap és mosogató innen: 🤍 Csempe : 41zero42 Pack Rokfort Home A legtöbb konyhai kiegészítő, WMF cuccok innen: 🤍 Étkezőszékek: 🤍 Bárszék: Normann Copenhagen, Form - 🤍 Találtunk új étkezőasztalt a videó után: 🤍 Kanapé és ágy: 🤍 🤍 Kapcsolók és dugaljak: 🤍 Fürdőszobapult: 🤍 Burkolatok: 🤍 Progresszív Burkoló: 🤍 Furnérozott ajtók: 🤍 Napelemek: http://tisztaenergiák.hu Szauna: 🤍 Husqvarna 🤍 Zsombor: 🤍 WPC: 🤍 Pomázi kertészet: 🤍 Nappali fal szín: S2002-Y50R Padló: K4421 KAINDL Natural Touch Standard 4 Terazzo kövek: ARIOSTEA Fragmenta Bianco Greco Fürdőszoba csapok: BUGNATESE Kobuk Burkolatváltók: PROFILITEC Rozsdamentes acél burkolatváltó profil Macska: Bengáli Támogathatsz itt: 🤍 vagy itt: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Blog: 🤍 Ezeket használom a videókhoz: 🤍

Como decorar a parede do home office: dicas da Karla Amadori


Se você tem um escritório em casa, a Karla Amadori do 🤍diycore vai te dar dicas de como decorar aquela parede do seu home office! Uma composição de quadros é algo que funciona super bem. Escolha imagens e molduras que você gosta e, para fazer um teste, monte no chão antes de fazer a fixação na parede. Assim, você consegue visualizar melhor antes de deixar a decoração mais definitiva. Quadros de cortiça também são uma ótima ideia! Você pode colocar tarefas em papéis adesivos, fotos e pequenos objetos. Um mural aramado tem uma pegada mais industrial e minimalista, mas você pode colocar mais itens por ser mais versátil. Se você quer trazer mais cor para o ambiente, que tal fazer uma pintura geométrica? Existem várias opções que compõem super bem o ambiente. Você pode fazer uma pintura de arco, por exemplo, que ajuda a delimitar o espaço de trabalho e ainda traz bastante estilo para a decoração. Papéis de paredes trazem versatilidade por terem várias cores, padronagens, estampas... Existem inúmeras opções e você pode usar a criatividade na hora de escolher o que vai aplicar, trazendo mais vida para esse espaço! Bandeiras de tecido estão super em alta e são menos definitivas, ou seja, é algo facilmente removível. Elas podem ser fixadas com ganchos adesivos e trazem bastante cor para o ambiente. O stencil também é uma opção cheia de possibilidades e as prateleiras são ótimas aliadas para preencher essa parede. Você pode apoiar objetos de decoração, livros e caixinhas organizadoras com itens que você precisa utilizar no dia a dia. Nichos podem ser utilizados individualmente ou em composições e têm a mesma função que as prateleiras. E para finalizar, as plantinhas não poderiam faltar! Você pode utilizá-las não só na decoração do ambiente em vasos variados como criar uma parede viva, um jardim vertical nessa parede e preencher todo esse espaço. O que achou dessas dicas? Conta pra gente nos comentários qual você vai colocar em prática pra transformar seu home office! Decore você também o seu escritório: Quadros: 🤍 Quadro de cortiça: 🤍 Mural aramado: 🤍 Tintas para parede: 🤍 Papel de parede folhagem: 🤍 Papel de parede tijolinho: 🤍 Prateleira amarela: 🤍 Prateleira embutida: 🤍 Prateleira pontas arredondadas: 🤍 Nicho aramado: 🤍 Nicho quadrado: 🤍 Mini palmeira: 🤍 Planta pendente: 🤍 00:00 - Apresentação 00:13 - Composição de quadros 00:54 - Quadro de cortiça 01:25 - Mural aramado 01:52 - Pintura em arco 02:29 - Papel de parede 03:10 - Bandeiras de tecido 03:40 - Stêncil 04:02 - Prateleiras 04:41 - Nichos 04:55 - Plantas e jardim vertical #casadeverdade #karlaamadori #homeoffice

home office makeover + AMAZON HAUL | organize and decorate with me


FINALLY redid my office space!! Let me know what you guys think. :) AMAZON LINKS: 🤍 Desk and bikini racks are from ikea. Dresser was handmade by my great grandpa. for more workouts, outfits, life: 🤍 tiktok!!!! 🤍 shop my swimwear: 🤍 🤍 🤍 all my gym outfits: 🤍 CODE GABBY for 10% OFF YOUR ORDER :D the only supplements I take: 🤍 code: GABBY for free shipping on orders over $50 WORKOUT GUIDES: 🤍 ($10 guides!!) join my discord family and chat with me: 🤍 email me: gabby.scheyen🤍gmail.com This video is not sponsored. Alphalete, Alani Nu, and rstyle/magik/amzn are affiliate links in which I get a commission.

Home Office # 299


Gruppendynamische Prozesse und die Feststellung, dass es an den Tagen vor Silvester "leicht war, an Feuerwerkskörper zu kommen" sind die Erklärungen für die Zerstörungs- und Angriffsorgien von überwiegend Jugendlichen mit Migrationshintergrund in Berlin, aber auch andernorts während des Jahreswechsels. Busse und Autos brannten inmitten der Hauptstadt aus. Rettungskräfte, Feuerwehr und Polizei wurden dutzendfach attackiert und an ihrer Arbeit gehindert. Doch anstatt das Problem beim Namen zu nennen, framen die Medien die Täter als rechtsextrem und die Politik denkt über ein Böllerverbot nach. 00:00 Intro & Anmoderation 00:54 Smalltalk 03:23 Papst 07:50 Darts Weltmeisterschaft 11:53 Eskalationen in der Silvesternacht 52:22 Umfrage zur Umfrage! Schreibt uns Fragen für Sendung 300! 54:50 Michael Ballweg 1:08:40 Sprecher des Repräsentantenhauses 1:26:11 Deutsche Comedy 1:36:38 Dystopische Zukunft 1:51:43 Kultur in Chemnitz NuoViso ist unabhängig und crowdfinanziert! Wenn Dir unsere Arbeit gefällt, kannst Du uns mit einem Abo oder einer Spende unterstützen. ► Website: 🤍 ►Abo: 🤍 ►Shop: 🤍 ►Telegram: 🤍 ►Spenden: 🤍

2023 Home Office Tour | Cozy, Productive, & Aesthetic WFH Setup


Take a tour of my cozy, bright and productive home office! I feel inspired and at ease while getting work done in here everyday. In this video, I go through my work-from-home setup, share my favorite pieces and the brands to go with it. ✨ Links below ⤵️ Home Office Tour Links: » 🤍 » amazon shop (with treadmill): 🤍 » more product faves: 🤍 t i m e s t a m p s » intro: 0:00 » doors: 1:30 » storage cabinet: 2:55 » couch and lounge area: 6:55 » desk setup: 8:40 » questions and details: 11:09 » music from epidemic sounds: 🤍 s h o p » 📔 My brand new 2023 Vision OS Journal (and more!) 🤍 » Design Your Year Notion Pack: 🤍 y o u m i g h t a l s o l i k e ✨ New Desk Setup | Standing Desk, Walking Pad, Cable Management: 🤍 👀 What's on My Mac | My Favorite Apps & Tools for Healthy Productivity: 🤍 s a y h e l l o » insta: 🤍 » tiktok: 🤍 » website: 🤍 » biz inquiries: team🤍julesacree.com a b o u t m e I’m Jules! I produce video content & lifestyle tools that help you design your most intentional life. Learn more about me here: 🤍 ⊹ tags: home office tour, creative office tour, desk setup, home office setup, ergonofis standing desk, tech setup, desk setup, productive workspace, ergonomic workspace, cozy home office, work from home life, dream desk setup, logitech keyboard, cozy desk setup, desk tour, what's on my desk, feel-good workspace, productive setup, under desk treadmill, Samsung m8 monitor, aesthetic setup ⊹ #desksetup #wfhsetup #standingdesk #aestheticdesk #homeofficesetup #homeofficedecor #homeofficetour

Wasted Space to Home Office in 10 days


Thank you to DealDash for sponsoring this video. Use the promo code ALM for 100 free bids worth $10 when making your first bid. Try today at 🤍 This week I’m finally building my dream home office. I install electrical outlet boxes, drywall, paint, wallpaper, and tongue and groove Douglas fir paneling. Next week I’ll be building cabinets and my sit-stand desk, so make sure you’re subscribed! You can support the channel by joining the Patreon! 🤍 Tools and materials used in video. Affiliate links help support my channel. Thanks! Rockler Marking and Measuring Tool Pouch 🤍 ISOtunes Pro 2.0 Noise Cancelling headphones 🤍 Outlet Tester 🤍 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 30 degree Battery Powered Nail Gun 🤍 Ryobi Compound miter Saw 🤍 Bosch cross line Laser Level 🤍 Milwaukee M12 Multi Tool 🤍 Drywall T Square 🤍 Milwaukee M18 Drill and Driver 🤍 Bostich 18 gauge Brad Nailer 🤍 Empire 24” level 🤍 Milwaukee hole saw kit 🤍 AWP HP knee Pads 🤍 Milwaukee M18 Rocket Light 🤍 The Wallpaper came from “I Love Wallpaper” I’m not affiliated with them, but I was really impressed by it. 🤍 For project plans and more Alm Fab visit 🤍 Instagram 🤍almfab 🤍 Pinterest /almfab 🤍 Facebook /almfab 🤍

QUARTO E HOME OFFICE: dicas para ambiente multifuncional | Dica de Reforma | Maurício Arruda


Precisando adaptar um quarto para o home office? Neste vídeo, Maurício Arruda dá dicas para combinar cores na decoração com móveis brancos, como proteger o piso durante a reforma, como escolher uma marcenaria adaptável para múltiplas funções, como testar a tinta para ajudar na escolha da cor do ambiente e muito mais. Confira! #DecoraNoGNT #DicaDeReforma #MaurícioArruda 0:03 - como combinar cores na decoração com móveis brancos 0:35 - como proteger o piso durante a reforma 1:18 - como escolher uma mesa para mais de uma função 2:54 - como escolher a cor do ambiente da melhor maneira 4:23 - como fazer uma composição de tapetes 5:17 - como escolher um sofá cama para quarto de hóspedes Curtiu as dicas do Maurício? Conta pra gente nos comentários qual você mais gostou. ;) _ Inscreva-se no casa GNT: 🤍 Assista aos programas na íntegra no GNT Play: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍



Esse antes de depois do home office da Rayssa nos surpreendeu. Ela transformou o espaço deixando funcional e muito criativo. Para os aéreos, a Rayssa do Gaveta Mix utilizou módulos da cozinha Botanic. Você encontra os detalhes aqui: 🤍 O colchão escolhido para receber as visitas nesse quarto foi o Sonolev: 🤍 Gente, ela é muito criativa, né? Você reparou nas cores e na distribuição dos móveis? NÓS AMAMOS fazer parte dessa reforma. :: ✔️ Acesse a nossa loja oficial e consulte mais detalhes e valores: 🤍 ✔️ Além do nosso site, os produtos utilizados neste vídeo você podem ser encontrados nas lojas físicas próximas de você, consulte: 🤍 :: = ✦ Inscreva-se no nosso canal e ative o 🔔 para receber as notificações e saber, com exclusividade, toda vez que publicarmos um vídeo novo. = ✦ Acesse nossa loja oficial: 🤍 ✦ Acesse nosso site e confira nossos produtos: 🤍 ✦ Curta nossa página no Facebook para saber as novidades: 🤍 ✦ Siga-nos no Instagram 🤍

Ideias para organizar HOME OFFICE e ATELIÊ no mesmo cômodo | Dica de Organização | Micaela Góes


Quer aprender como montar um home office e um ateliê que dividem o mesmo cômodo? Aprenda com Micaela Góes, nossa rainha das dicas de organização, a organizar seu escritório e seu ateliê sem deixar a bagunça dominar o espaço. Cômodos multifuncionais precisam de atenção tripla à arrumação, caso contrário, o caos se instala. Então confira este vídeo e as dicas que a Mica deu quando organizou a casa da Thalita Carvalho! #SantaAjudaNoGNT #DicaDeOrganização #MicaelaGóes E aí, pegou as dicas? Deixa o like e comenta qual vc achou mais útil :) Inscreva-se no casa GNT: 🤍 Assista aos programas na íntegra no GNT Play: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Pinterest: 🤍

O futuro do home office é o road office | Travaleiros Renan e Lais Jereissati | TEDxFAAPStudio


De onde você gostaria de estar trabalhando agora? A Lais e o Renan do canal Traveleiros comentam como abandonaram o estilo de vida convencional de São Paulo para viver em um motorhome viajando o mundo como nômades digitais. Com a internet é possível trabalhar remotamente de qualquer lugar, inclusive em movimento. Lais e Renan Jereissati montaram um motorhome por contra própria e hoje vivem na estrada, viajando pelo Brasil há mais de 2 anos. Contam detalhes sobre esse estilo de vida nas redes sociais do projeto 🤍Traveleiros engajando mais de 5 milhões de pessoas através de conteúdos sobre viagens, aventuras e lifestyle. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at 🤍



Nesse apartamento de 80 m² o pedido foi deixar tudo escondido! Lavanderia, Escritório, Quarto visitas... Criamos marcenarias inteligentes para essas soluções. Vocês acham prático? Ou preferem deixar tudo aparente mesmo, sem porta nenhuma? Me conta! Esse escritório na Sala com o ripado que abre e fecha roubou meu coração ♥ Esse foi um PROJETO AD, que fazemos para o Brasil todo, detalhamos todo o Projeto Criativo e o acompanhamento da obra fica por conta de um parceiro nosso :) Nesse Projeto a Raquel Nascimento e a Mara Clementino cuidaram de toda a execução pra gente. Para mais informações projeto🤍domaarquitetura.com.br Espero que gostem! Compartilhem :) Me conta qual foi o cantinho preferido de vocês ♥ Filmo com Celular, GoPro e Canon 6D Edição: Tharcizo Nascimento

Home Office Deduction Explained: How to Write Off Home Office Expenses & Save on Taxes


If you are a business owner that does ANY work from home, and you’re NOT taking the home office deduction... then you’re probably paying more than you have to in taxes to the IRS. Become a Tax Client: 🤍 But don’t worry, you’re not alone… More than 2 million people overpay the IRS every year. So if you want to keep doing that, then don’t watch the rest of this video. But if you want to take the home-office deduction on your tax return, I am going to give you all of the information you need to do this correctly in this video. All you have to be is a business owner or independent contractor - meaning you receive 1099 income, or in other words, the income you receive is not taxed upon receipt. If that’s you, and you work from home, then get some ready for some tips to lower that tax payment to the government. Outline: What is the Home Office Deduction?: (1:20) Who Qualifies for the Home Office Deduction?: (1:58) What Home Expenses Can You Deduct?: (2:38) How to Calculate Your Home Office Deduction: (5:19) Recap: (8:16) Interested in talking with someone from our team? Sign up to get notified when we are accepting new clients here: 🤍

Descubra as Novas Profissões Home Office do Marketing Digital


🔥Como Criar EBOOKS LUCRATIVOS: 🤍 ❤️ Se inscreva no canal, é grátis e você ainda não paga nada!😜 👉 🤍 ▶ Seja membro do APOIADOR do Canal e tenha benefícios exclusivos: 🤍 🔥Comece a sua carreira ou negócio online seguindo este Mapa da Trilha Digital 👇 ▶ 🤍 👊 SIGAM-ME OS BONS ツ ▶ Instagram Siméia: 🤍 ▶ Instagram Escola: 🤍instagram.com/escoladenegociosdigitais ▶ Telegram: 🤍 🛠️ MINHA CAIXA DE FERRAMENTAS DE MKT DIGITAL 🧰 ▶ 🤍 📚LIVROS DE MARKETING E NEGÓCIOS QUE RECOMENDO📚 ▶ 🤍 📽 EQUIPAMENTOS QUE EU UTILIZO:🎞 Câmera Canon T7i - Https://amzn.to/3qnlzfl Microfone Gamer - Https://amzn.to/34dcvvn Gravador De Voz Sony - Https://amzn.to/3ojwi8q Microfone Lapela Sony - Https://amzn.to/313zckx Microfone De Lapela Para Smartphones - Https://amzn.to/31vsgaw Estabilizador Para Smartphone - Https://amzn.to/3csacq0 Kit De Iluminação - Https://amzn.to/2oaah86 Kit Completo Ringlight Com Tripé - Https://amzn.to/38ktf1b Headset Hyperx - Https://amzn.to/3at5d6g

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