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Playlista SBM FM ➡ 🤍 Kup bilety na SB FFestival vol. 4 na Torwarze ➡ 🤍 Zobacz produkty SBM Esthetic ➡ 🤍 Booking koncertowy: e-mail: magda🤍soldoutagencja.pl tel: 783 9999 51 / Magda Bedoes na FB ➡ 🤍 Bedoes na IG ➡ 🤍 Lanek na FB ➡ 🤍 Lanek na IG ➡ 🤍 Title: FPS Artist: Bedoes, Lanek Lyrics: Bedoes Music: Lanek Album: TBA Realizacja/produkcja wokali: DJ Johny dla NOBOCOTO Studio Mix/mastering: DJ Johny & Yah00 dla NOBOCOTO Studio ISRC: PLS281900498

🛑 STOP Killing Your FPS! 🛑 PC Build Fails | Boost My Build


▶️Sponsor: Aura. Protect Yourself & Get 14-Days Free Trial 🤍 🔻Click Show More For Links🔻 *Sponsor: Aura* Protect Yourself & Get 14-Days Free Trial 🤍 - Related Videos: Boost My Build Series Playlist: 🤍 Best Gaming Monitor 2022: 🤍 Best PC Build 2022 PC Parts Explained: 🤍 How to Build a PC Video Playlist: 🤍 PSU Cultist Tier List: 🤍 -Products Mentioned in this Video As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The affiliate links below receive a small commission on qualifying purchases at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting the channel and the content. $1000 RTX Minecraft Build CPU: 🤍 Cooler: 🤍 Mobo: 🤍 RAM: 🤍 Storage: 🤍 GPU: 🤍 Case: 🤍 PSU: 🤍 $2200 Ryzen 7700X PC Build CPU: 🤍 Cooler: 🤍 Mobo: 🤍 RAM: 🤍 Storage: 🤍 GPU: 🤍 🏬 🤍 Case: 🤍 PSU: 🤍 $1000 PC Build 1 CPU: 🤍 Cooler: 🤍 Mobo: 🤍 | 🤍 RAM: 🤍 Storage: 🤍 GPU: 🤍 🏬 🤍 Case: 🤍 ALT Case: 🤍 PSU: 🤍 ▶️CPUs 13th Gen Intel Raptor Lake Processors Newegg: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 12th Gen: i3 12100 🤍 i5 12400 🤍 All Ryzen 7000 CPU Newegg: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 5800X3D 🤍 5700X 🤍 5600X 🤍 5600 🤍 ▶️Memory G.Skill Ripjaws 32GB 3600 CL16 🤍 3200 CL 16 🤍 T-Force ARGB 2x8gb 3600 CL18 🤍 ▶️Storage WD SN570 🤍 ADATA SX8200 Pro 1TB 🤍 ▶️PC Coolers & Cases ID-COOLING SE-224-XT White 🤍 ARCTIC 34 eSports Duo + LGA1700 🤍 Corsair 4000D Airflow 🤍 Phanteks P360A 🤍 Boost My PC Build has viewers like you submit their PC Build lists. We go through them to maximize performance. Learn how to build a pc 2022 and how to build a gaming pc 2022. From the best CPU and GPU combo, to the best SSD, and more. Now that GPU prices have gone down to MSRP, what is the best GPU for your PC build? Whether you are looking at a gaming pc build 2022, or just looking for a budget pc build in 2022, we help you learn how to build a pc. GPU prices going down to MSRP. We'll take care of your PC Build Errors and PC Build Fails and get you doing the best PC Build 2022 in no time! From high end to pc build budget 2021, we cover every PC Build. How to build a PC 2022 & how to build a gaming pc 2022. #PCBuild #PCGaming #GamingPCBuild #BoostMyBuild 00:00 This makes Jason cry 00:43 Protect yourself online 01:29 $800 RTX Gaming Build?! 01:56 OH NO 02:15 MAJOR mistake 02:40 Don’t buy this GPU 03:00 This destroys the build 03:31 Good budget choices? 03:54 Hate this motherboard! 04:24 Cheap DRR4 Ram & SSD 04:49 Great case choice! 05:13 PSU money waste? 05:35 Let's BOOST This Build! 06:00 Real Gaming GPU 06:34 Better priced CPU 06:59 Saving $$ on Cooler 07:14 Love this motherboard! 07:37 Swapped SSD 08:01 You nailed Case & Ram (not PSU) 08:45 Build rocks RTX 09:08 December Boost Update! 10:05 $500 Ultra Budget Gaming Build 10:34 Absolute Insanity!!! 11:12 This CPU is a NO! 11:55 WTF is This Motherboard? 12:43 SERIOUSLY on This SSD? 13:09 Let's BOOST This Build! 13:44 Way Better Case 14:15 REAL GPU for Cheap 14:53 Great CPU for Budget Gaming PCs 15:44 Way Better RAM & SSD! 16:23 Cheap PSU & RGB! 17:09 Look at that Boost! 17:38 December Revisit - How did we do? 18:40 $1000 MS Flight Sim Build 19:09 OMG WTF IS THIS? 19:48 Horrible SSD - don't do this! 20:03 This GPU Isn't What You Want 20:44 I DON'T LOVE This Board 21:19 Great PSU, BAD Sizing 21:51 Let's BOOST This Build! 22:22 I LOVE This Case! 22:58 POWERFUL GPU for 3 Screens 23:28 Gaming CPU & Motherboard Combo 24:33 RGB RAM For Cheap 25:15 A REAL SSD! 25:52 LOOK At That BOOST! 26:33 December Revisit - How Did We Do? 27:29 Should They Have Waited? 27:44 Best 1440p Gaming Monitor 2022

why does NO ONE play this AMAZING ROBLOX FPS???


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The Callisto Protocol PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Comparison | Loading, Graphics, FPS Test


#callistoprotocol #ps5 #xboxseriesx My Monitor: 🤍 The Callisto Protocol comparison on PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X. Comparing loading times, graphics, resolution and FPS Frame rate test. ~30FPS 4K RT mode and 60FPS Performance ON Mode compared. 0:00 Game Size 0:13 Loading from Dashboard 0:51 30FPS Mode Graphics - Missing RT from XSX 2:41 30 FPS Test side by side 4:53 Graphics of Quality vs. Performance Mode 5:14 Performance Mode Resolution 5:37 Performance Mode FPS Test

I Tried Making a Multiplayer FPS Game in 1 Week...


i learned multiplayer game development just so I could make this game. it was a very bad idea... Get my game on Steam: 🤍 Join my Discord: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 Unreal Engine 4 is a state-of-the-art engine and editor with photorealistic rendering, dynamic physics and effects, lifelike animation, robust data translation, and much more—on an open, extensible platform that won't tie you down. Multiplayer FPS games are a sub-genre of shooter video games centered on gun and other weapon-based combat in a first-person perspective in a multiplayer environment. 0:00 - Intro 0:30 - Singleplayer 3:20 - Multiplayer 4:50 - Map Creation 5:28 - Game Objective 6:12 - Testing the game #gamedev #unrealengine #multiplayer #multiplayerfps #fpsgame #indiedev #ue4 #ue5

Better FPS & Graphic Options - Darktide Performance Guide


Warhammer 40:000 Darktide's performance has been vastly increased with the most recent patch, but your FPS might still be low or you might be struggling with a lot of the graphic options in the game. In this performance guide, we go through the graphic options to help you achieve better FPS! 0:00 Intro & Summary 2:17 Best Options for FPS 5:38 Performance Options 10:07 Ambient Occlusion 12:14 Light Quality 14:12 Global Illumination 15:07 Post-Processing & Bloom 16:23 Skin Sub-Surface Scattering 17:27 Screen Space Reflections 18:55 Lens Quality Options 20:47 Lens Flare Settings 21:51 Conclusion - Help Keep the Channel Alive! Use Code "SPARTY" when you buy Sneak Energy!: ► 🤍 Patreon: ► 🤍 Become a Channel Member: ►🤍 Nexus Store: ►🤍 Content Suggestions: ► 🤍 Social Media Twitter: ► 🤍 Discord: ► 🤍 System Specs: Motherboard: MSI MPG z690 Processor: Intel i9-12900FK Graphics Card: EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 8GB FTW Gaming ACX Memory: Corsair Dominator LED 32GB DDR4-3600 Memory #darktide #performance #graphics

60 fps vs 120 fps Video Comparison - LG High Frame Rate


#HFR #60fps #120fps Software to convert 60 fps and 120 fps videos: 🤍  Please enjoy watching the video Support this channel with like, share and subscribe

Best PC Settings for COD Modern Warfare 2 (Optimize FPS & Visibility) - ✅*NEW UPDATE VIDEO*


Best Modern Warfare 2 PC settings to Boost FPS, and max Visibility with low latency For All Users For The Best PC Settings In Modern Warfare 2. New Update Settings - These Settings Will Improve FPS & Visibility And Overall Gameplay 👌🎮❗ Everything You Need To Do To Have The Best FPS In This Video I Show People How To Boost Fps To Its Best Setting, I Show The FPS On The Top Left Coner Of My Screen, Not Just Talking About FPS But Showing The FPS That You Will Be Getting 👌 If This Video Helped You Out Make Sure To Hit That Like Button, Comment Down Below, & Make sure To Subscribe For More Video's 👌👍 You can support my Video here! : 🤍 Or Hit That Join Button There Is A Join Membership On My Channel As A Join Button & In My Links And Also In my Community 👌✔ Feel Free To Join My Youtube Community 🤞 How to get more FPS out Of MW2! MW2! FRAME Boost! 🎮 If This Video Helped You Out - Make Sure to Subscribe for more video's 👍 I upload video's on a regular basis.. And As Always Peace Out ✌ 0:00 – Important Note About New Update 1:08 – RendererWorkerCount Settings 3:56 – Windows Gaming Settings 4:19 – Best Windows Power Plan 6:11 – New NVIDIA Best Settings 8:50 – New In Game Best Settings 13:54 - Important Note ! Thanks for checking out the video. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe, as I'm always covering everything going on in Call of Duty, including WARZONE, WARZONE 2, Modern Warfare & Modern Warfare 2! #mw2 #modernwarfare2 #cod #modernwarfare2 #modernwarfareii #mwii #modernwarfare2pc #mw2 #ModernWarfare2PCSettings #warzone #callofduty #settings #CallOfDuty #MWII #FaZe #fpsboost #increasefps #warzone #warzonesettings #warzone2 #warzonepacific #boostfps #cod #modernwarfare2 #callofduty #callofdutywarzone #callofdutymordenwarfare #callofdutymw2 #callofdutymodernwarfare2 #callofdutybestsettings #mw2bestsettings #callofdutymodernwarfare2bestsettings

If I get a kill, my FPS increases...


Dead by Daylight... but every kill = +5 FPS ➤ Patreon: 🤍 ➤ Become a Member!! 🤍 ➤ Twitch: 🤍 ➤ Discord: 🤍 ➤ Twitter: 🤍 ➤ 2nd Channel: 🤍 ➤ My Website: 🤍 Thanks for watching!! :D ➤ Business Inquiries: kytoyt.business🤍gmail.com About Dead by Daylight: Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer (4 vs 1) horror game where one player takes on the role of the savage Killer, and the other four players play as Survivors, trying to escape the Killer and avoid being caught and killed. #dbd #deadbydaylight

Smoother animation ≠ Better animation [4K 60FPS]


get you the best deals while shoppin' online ▸ 🤍 Honey is FREE and finds coupons with the click of a button. Thanks Honey for sponsoring! the amount of people who just straight up don't understand the point of this video is absolutely staggering. HUGE thanks to Doggybag, Dangrips, Hyojin, and Villa for help with the animation. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 Thanks to Shina for the Appeal painting also 🤍 Trigger warning for loud sounds towards the end of the vid. This was entirely edited, and was supposed to be exported, in 48fps, not 50. Funny thing is, Premiere simply doesn't allow custom frame rates in its export window, despite supporting it as a sequence setting. I could have exported the Premiere file into After Effects and added the sequence to the render cue, but I couldn't because AE threw me an error every time I tried. That, combined with the legitimately unbelievable amount of bugs and errors and crashes left me feeling so exhausted and numb that I ultimately decided it was worth sacrificing one 25th of a second's worth of timing here and there. If you catch any editing errors, that'd be why. Oh well!! Don't buy Adobe products. I'm on Patreon and Twitter also; 🤍 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 - Intro 1:27 - Laying the Groundwork 4:32 - Ad break 5:55 - Timing and Easing 9:52 - Smear Frames But Worse™ 11:11 - Wrong Tool for the Wrong Job 13:58 - Outro Animation used (in order of appearance): Tom and Jerry Pixel Art (various) Cat walk (🤍 Cowboy Bebop Mulan Persona 4 300FPS Bowser in cat suit Spirit (Roughs by James Baxter) Devilman Crybaby A Cat in Paris Wire by Worthikids Spiderverse DBZ Fighterz ParaNorman Spongebob Daffodil 3 by Smallbu Overwatch Moonlight Fox by Smallbu JoJo Part 5 XCOM 2 Cafouillage by Tom Law PokeAwesome Planet Panic TMNT 'Don VS Ralph' Klaus (Lineart by James Baxter) El Dorado Naruto 1Samurai Jack Season 5 Dead Leaves Keep Your Hands off Eizouken Meet Arnold (Cacani Demo) 'Float' by Pixar Music used (in order of appearance): Les Cafes De Paris - Joe E Lee Apple Kid's Theme - Earthbound Let the Game Begin! - SiIvaGunner Noisy Notebook D - Snipperclips Stage Clear - Wii Play Motion Good Evening Bossa - Riverworn Buy Something, Will Ya!? - Earthbound Stamp Mode - Snipperclips Apotos (Night) - Sonic Unleashed Quilty Court - Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn Just One More Night With You - Thiago 5PM - Animal Crossing New Leaf Trophy Gallery - Super Smash Bros. Brawl All the Patrons who helped fund this video: Goldencub2014 Po Grimbeanie Curtis Gerstner Ferdinand Remenec Best Boy Kevin Dayanara Serges Robert Murray Jawser78 ANTHONY DUARTE Mayo Louden Doney koriio Iain Brown James Queen Michael Incavo Octavian Mr. Monocle Ack mack Anxious Joseph Young Jelisaveta Milivojevic Jay CombatWombat Cas Harper dusk PackWaifu Andrew Nieto Lauren Klingele Connor Travis-Hunter Liam Gary Spinrad Gibsoncook Giovanni Lupo Emil Harmsen Zyroablee SentientTurtle Jamichael Folson Superman J1411 Dutch223 Juan Meave Markettt Mark D Davis Parker Magnus Bjerke Vik Joel Ethan Ty Shetler Nindota Willis Scothorn Shaggy_One Erik Torbarik Matthew Lyn Kyle Julian Van Epps Sam Cotter Big Doofy Yami Shaggy NickFlowers Luke Spicer Jesús Flores AAAAAAAA David Velez MashProTato Dan Zynski SaltTea Geoff Porter Chili Completionist FruitSnackBandit Ameer Flippin Sparkle_Plant Amiel Jason Cummiskey Wilson Bestic Robert Venohawk Mark Christina Morley Devin Strayhorn Kendrick Soto Shin Guardian Doggybag Adult_Cool Drew DeVault Spidey-Tron Yihéng Jiang Alex Williams TITO woods Anthony Chrétien-Contreras Clont Bolexle Allen Ryerson Chris Botkin AP Greg Baloney Cojo490 QuiltyPleasures Chotskies Matthew Rothmann Andrew Kisak Aefre TheMusicalDoc Endo Mills Deblobo Matt, flamin hot braindead. Andrew Ross Cale E Quiet269 Rocknerrad Nehkles TooBad Jye Francis Dinah Krone Monkey218 Thrinmon Josepheous Buttsmcgee HyaDoki A Tree Comrade of Homotopia Kenneth Sabian BenT nflatei0n Luke Shepherd Daniel Dorfman Devon Winrick Zack ACarr JonathanShorp Danny DeVoid of Life Danny Wolf -Hero The Triggered Aussie- JoystickDrummer quill Deneb Kusinwolf Alexander Guerrera Charles Kuzmech Rachel Han Ramsey Christopher Stoll Jer456 Allison Easley King Of Hats Hikiko Kirk Plantbat Max Levinton Kloud HeckYeck Jesse Bartels Redtimecat96610 Jean Machine Benedikt Müller Keybladestrike1 Lawrence Trevor harrington ReferenceMaker LuLYeah Cort Sorry Officer Kaltag Elysium Ervin inku EuroPascal #60FPSAnimation #Interpolation #Sponsored

it took me 69 DAYS to play this ROBLOX FPS...


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What Frame Rate Should You Be Filming In?


My Beginners Course on Filming with ANY camera! - 🤍 My Course on Making Epic Online Content - 🤍 More PotatoJet Stuff! - 🤍 ♪♪ Music Libraries I Use ♪♪ Epidemic - 🤍 (30 day free trial) Artlist - 🤍 (This Link = 2 Extra Months with Subscription) Musicbed - 🤍 ►GEAR Camera Gear I use for Youtube - 🤍 Favorite Budget Friendly Camera Gear - 🤍 My Favorite Camera Gear for Pro Work - 🤍 My Editing Setup - 🤍 ►Vlog Channel - 🤍 ►Instagram | 🤍

How I Get *1500+ FPS* In Fortnite! - BEST Optimization Guide!


In this video, I walk you guys through how I personally optimize and tweak my own PC, as well as show you how I get 1500+ FPS in Fortnite. This is something I did in the past with my current streaming PC, so since I just got an insane Gaming PC delivered, I decided to optimize it live with you guys. I go through all the nvidia control panel settings that I use, which Nvidia driver I prefer, how I optimize Windows and what tweaks I use, as well as some useful FPS Boost Tricks to help your game run smoother, get lower input delay, and more FPS before Chapter 4 drops. So if these optimizations helped let me know, drop a like and SUBSCRIBE! As always, if you enjoyed the video feel free to leave a like on the video and subscribe to the channel to stay up-to-date with my content. If you have any questions regarding the video, the channel, or myself, leave a comment and I will be sure to get back to you. If you want to support me, use creator code "Jerian" in the item shop! When you use my Creator Code or Link on the Epic Games Store, I receive money from those purchases. Song: Chill Piano Drake Type Trap Beat "Monaco" by OZSOUND Artist: 🤍 My Social Media: Twitch - 🤍 Second Channel - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 My Setup: Mouse - Logitech Superlight (Black) Mousepad - Artisan Hien Soft XL (Red) Keyboard - Wooting 60HE Headset - HyperX Cloud Alphas Monitor - Dell Alienware AW2521H 25” 360Hz Mic - Shure SM7B + FocusRite Scarlett Solo Cam - Sony Alpha a6400 + Elgato Camlink #fortnite #itsjerian #fps

Bilgisayar Hızlandırma ve En İyi FPS Ayarları 2020 GÜNCEL


Selamlar dostlar, videonun işe yaraması için baştan sona izleyip tüm adımları eksiksiz uygulamanız çok önemli. Daha önce de UNLOST Bilgisayar hızlandırma videoları izlediniz ve güncel bilgilerle yeni bir video hazırlayayım dedim bu videoda sizlere 10 adımda %100 FPS arttırma, pc kasma sorunu çözümü ve pc hızlandırma olanakları sağlayan tekniklerden bahsettim. Bilgisayarım yavaşladı, bilgisayarımı nasıl hızlandırırım? diyenler için güncel olarak yapılan en kapsamlı programsız bilgisayar hızlandırma rehberi oldu diyebilirim. Yazılım kurmadan, para harcamadan yüksek fps nasıl alınır? Bilgisayar nasıl hızlandırılır sorusuna net cevap verdik 4 aylık araştırma ile. Ancak bu işlemlerden %100 verim almak donanımlarınızın üst limitine de bağlıdır. Bu tarz daha fazla video için beğenmeyi ve yorumunuzu yapmayı unutmayın :) Discord ailemize katılın ►► 🤍 Sosyal Medya hesaplarımı takip etmek için tıklayın: Instagram ► 🤍 Facebook(Sayfa) ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Steam ► 🤍 Facebook(Grup) ► 🤍

90 FPS vs 60 FPS vs 30 FPS Does FPS Matter FPS Comparison For BGMI PUBG MOBILE


0:00 How FPS Works 0:42 60 FPS VS 30 FPS 1:33 90 FPS VS 60 FPS VS 30 FPS 2:20 Recoil Comparison 2:54 Rate Of Fire Comparison In this video you will learn how FPS works in games and does fps matter or not, comparison between different FPS in BGMI and PUBG MOBILE. If you find this video helpful, comment down below what's your opinion or what topic i should cover in the next video. You can get my sensitivity and control code on my Discord. Join Discord - 🤍

Ranking the BEST and WORST FPS Games


📺 Twitch: 🤍 🎉 Discord Server: 🤍 🐦Twitter: 🤍 🔴Subscribe: 🤍youtube.com/eggwick?sub_confirmation=1 🦾Sensitivity: 500 DPI, 0.82 in-game. ❌Crosshair: Dot - 0;P;c;5;o;0.902;d;1;0l;1;0o;1;0a;0;0f;0;1b;0 | Standard - 0;P;o;0.751;0l;4;0a;1;0f;0;1t;0;1l;0;1o;0;1a;0;1m;0;1f;0 🐭Mouse: Logitech G Pro Wireless. ⌨️Keyboard: Tofu60 case with Novelkey Creams, NP PBT Crayon keycaps, lubed with Krytox 205, DZ60 PCB. 📧Business Email: eggwick🤍coderedesports.com #eggwick

Running Minecraft at MAXIMUM Framerate (overheating edition)


Today I got a new PC and attempted to get the highest FPS physically possible in Minecraft. It got a little ridiculous. "But Nullzee, if you power cycle the PC twice, overclock the cpu, disconnect your internet, change the power settings, attach a fan to the pc and turn on your bitcoin miner you can get 5% higher framerate, WHY DIDN'T YOU DO THAT????" DISCORD: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 Full PC specs for nerds: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 4.9GHz 16 Cores GPU: Asus ROG Strix RTX 3080 (White) RAM: 32GB DDR4 G.Skill Trident Z Neo RGB 3600MHz Motherboard: Asus ROG X570 Crosshair VIII Dark Hero (WIFI) Cooler: ASUS ROG Strix LC 240 AIO Liquid CPU Cooler (White) Case: Asus TUF GT501 (White) Power Supply: Asus ROG Strix 850W 80+ Gold Premium Buy my BLC cape! - 🤍 Shaders: SEUS PTGI E12 - 🤍 #Nullzee #Minecraft #FPS

Does High FPS make you a better gamer? Ft. Shroud - FINAL ANSWER


Thanks to Nvidia for sponsoring this video! For more information on how high frames and refresh rate help in competitive gaming visit 🤍 To get the best GeForce graphics card for competitive gaming visit 🤍 Subscribe to GeForce YouTube! 🤍 #FramesWinGames 🤍NVIDIAGeForce Want to see how you stack up in our test suite? Download the maps from the workshop! Reflex Aim Trainer: 🤍 Doors and Flow State Test: 🤍 Flick shot test: Map code - 4TR99 Linus Shooting Gallery: 🤍 Thanks to the Santa Ana Esports Arena for hosting us! Learn more about their awesome facility at 🤍 Shroud: 🤍 Grimmmz: 🤍 Corey: 🤍 PaulsHardware: 🤍

Lily Leapers SPEEDRUN (Controller Cam, Settings, FPS)


Lily Leapers - Time Attack Trials speedrun with controller cam and showing the best settings and FPS to use. ✅Subscribe for guides, strategies, tips and tricks. 🔗Join my discord: 🤍 0:00 Speedrun 0:26 Settings

FPS AVATAR Release CARNIVORE DINOSAURS Saving his Girl - Animal Revolt Battle Simulator


Thank you to everyone who supports me!!! Like the video and subscribe to me! SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Animal Revolt Battle Simulator Steam: 🤍 Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is a game where you can create and watch battles between all sorts of creatures such as humans, mammals, dinosaurs... It is a physics-based, sandbox battle simulator game and when units fight each other we can see how arms, legs, and necks bend and twist also bodies fly around when someone hits them. #animalrevoltbattlesimulator #animalrevolt #simulatorbattle #games #dinosaurs #dinosaur #death #run #deathrun #superhero #superheroes #marvel #dc #trex #spinosaurus #superman #spiderman #shazam #death climb #brachiosaurus link donations: 🤍 - ESRB Rating TEEN - Including Mild Blood Violence This Channel is Creating Videos For Ages 14+

winning with EVERY FPS.. (Roblox Arsenal)


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Evolution of FPS Games 1992-2020


Evolution of FPS Games 1992-2020 List 1992 Wolfenstein 3D 1992 1993 Doom 1994 Zero Tolerance 1995 Marathon 2: Durandal 1996 Duke Nukem 3D 1996 Quake 1997 GoldenEye 007 1998 Half-Life 1999 Unreal Tournament 2000 Counter-Strike 2001 Serious Sam: The First Encounter 2001 Halo: Combat Evolved 2002 Medal of Honor: Allied Assault 2002 Battlefield 1942 2003 Call of Duty 2004 Far Cry 2004 Half-Life 2 2005 F.E.A.R. 2006 Black 2007 STALKER shadow of chernobyl 2007 BioShock 2007 Team Fortress 2 2007 Crysis 2008 Left 4 Dead 2009 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 2011 Bulletstorm 2011 Battlefield 3 2012 Borderlands 2 2012 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 2013 BioShock Infinite 2013 Metro: Last Light 2014 Wolfenstein: The New Order 2015 Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege 2016 Overwatch 2016 Titanfall 2 2017 Escape from Tarkov 2018 Far Cry 5 2019 Apex Legends 2020 Call of Duty: Warzone 2020 Doom Eternal 2020 Valorant Special thanks to World of Longplays: 🤍 🤍 Cussan Channel Description: We’re lifelong video game enthusiasts with a passion for showing the world how our favorite hobby has grown with us, from individual series to industry-wide retrospectives. We put significant time and creative effort into each one of our videos, including research, digging into archives, recording voiceovers, and editing. Every video takes as many as 10 hours to produce, because we strive to give our fans consistent, high-quality content. Our popular “Evolution of...” series goes far beyond simply presenting gameplay footage. We take the time to show how a video game property — its gameplay, character designs, graphics, sound direction, etc. — have evolved over time. We include unique voiceover work on each video to enhance the viewing experience. People have been playing video games for decades. In that time, we’ve gone from moving a white line up and down to block a moving pixel, to participating in full-fledged, painstakingly rendered real-time battles with people all over the world. We help older gamers look back on how these experiences have changed throughout their lives, and new gamers to understand the broader context of the series they’re playing for the first time today. The video game medium never stops growing, and we’ll never stop chronicling its evolution. Recording, Editing, and voice over were made by me.



Стань Тестировщиком на Python в SkillFactory: 🤍 Возврат денег за курс, если не нашли работу после обучения + скидка до 60% по промокоду KOMPUKTER до 10.12.2022г. Умный Конфигуратор ПК РЕГАРД - 🤍 Моя группа KOMPUKTER в VK: 🤍 Мой Телеграм канал: 🤍 Мой мерч - 🤍 Всем приветик, дорогие, сегодня я покажу какой я смог собрать игровой компьютер за 30000 с высоким FPS. Искать и договариваться было интересно, я справился, я молодец, всё хорошо. Спасибо большое за просмотр и актив, я вас очень люблю. Комплектующие из этой Сборки ПК, которые можно купить в магазинах: Процессор Intel Core i3 10100F OEM - 🤍 или Процессор Intel Core i3 10105F OEM - 🤍 Они одинаковые, можете взять тот процессор, который дешевле Материнская плата Gigabyte H410M H V3 - 🤍 Оперативная память XPG Gammix D20 - 🤍 Кулер ID-COOLING DK-01S - 🤍 SSD от TeamGroup - 🤍 Блок питания 700W DeepCool PF700 - 🤍 Корпус AeroCool P7-C1 BG Window Black - 🤍 Сайты со сравнением видеокарт: 🤍 🤍 🤍 Сегодня я ел макароны по-флотски и огурец, макароны были очень вкусные и огурец тоже был вкусный. Лайк-Коммент-Подписка - Мы любим флексить низко Моя группа KOMPUKTER в VK: 🤍 Ежемесячная поддержка канала: 🤍 Моя личная страница в VK: 🤍 Моя группа для помощи по железу: 🤍 Дискорд-сервер: discord.gg/kompukter Подписывайтесь, ставьте лайки, пишите комментарии. Сегодня я соберу действительно хороший дешёвый игровой компьютер с авито за 30 тысяч рублей, который покажет актуальность самых дешёвых комплектующих и их FPS в играх в разрешении FullHD и даже QHD. В ролике мы будем использовать сборку ПК с авито полностью из комплектующих которые друг другу подходят и будем её тестить, то есть показывать тесты в играх сборки пк этой. Все совпадения не случайны. Этот бюджетный пк для игр за 30000 с авито показывает себя лучше чем даже какая нибудь сборка пк за 20000 даже если это сборка пк с алиэкспресс. Я изначально хотел поставить в сборку geforce rtx 3080 или хотя бы rtx 3070, но решил взять то что взял. Я также сделал апгрейд пк этого, собрав его в крутом корпусе. СОБРАЛ ЛУЧШИЙ ИГРОВОЙ КОМП ЗА 30К С ВЫСОКИМ FPS В ИГРАХ - СБОРКА ПК ЗА 30000 РУБЛЕЙ сборка пк за 30000,игровой пк за 30000,сборка компьютера за 30000 рублей,игровой пк за 30к,сборка пк за 30к,сборка пк,сборка компьютера,бюджетный пк,пк для игр,собрать компьютер,собрать пк,бюджетная сборка пк,компуктер,kompukter,пк с авито,компьютер с авито,игровой комп,сборка с алиэкспресс,апгрейд пк,rtx 3070,топ пк за 30к,мощный пк за 30000,пк,сборка игрового пк,недорогой игровой пк,тесты в играх,дешевый игровой пк,rtx 3050,сборка пк за 20000

Paris France, Christmas in Paris - Backstreets, HDR Walking - 4K HDR 60 fps


Hi! Welcome to UHD Walking Adventures. In this video, walking tour, Christmas in Paris, Backstreets, HDR Walking. December 3, 2022 Hope you enjoy this video in 4K HDR 60 fps. 00:00 Preview 00:60 Intro 02:50 Rue Saint Martin 05:00 Rue Saint Merri 10:00 Rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie 15:00 Rue Vieille de Temple 17:35 Rue des Franc Bourgeois 21:22 Rue Pavée 23:00 Rue des Rosiers 27:00 Rue Vieille de Temple 28:50 Rue Du Roi de Sicile 30:20 Rue de la Verrerie Thank you for your support and please keep supporting this channel. Please Like, Share and Subscribe. 🤍 More Videos Around France: 🤍 Playlist Walks in Spain 🤍 Playlist Walks in Normandy, France 🤍 Playlist Paris at Night 🤍 Mixed walks: 🤍 walk in paris, paris france, walk around paris, walking in paris, paris vlog, paris lifestyle, paris by night, walk in paris, paris walk, paris 4K walk, paris street walk, paris night walk, walk through paris, walk paris, hdr, paris tour, paris 4K, virtual walking tour, paris walking tour, paris city tour, walking tour, walking tour 4K, walk, asmr, walking around, walking around 4k, 4k, summer, relaxing video, paris women, paris things to do, paris 2022, 4K hdr, paris, paris night walk, paris at night, paris night life, paris night, night walking tour, UHD Walking Adventures, paris walk paris walking tour, travel vlog, hdr video, paris vlog, 4k video hdr, 4k 60fps hdr, french food, Christmas in Paris #4khdr60fps #paris #paris4k #pariswalk #pariswalkingtour #citywalks #parisfrance #Christmas #lightinngs #paris2022 #4khdr #walkingtour #walking #paris vlog #4kvideohdr #4k60fpshdr #french food

Editing Fast On EVERY FPS...🤩 (Chapter 3)


In today's video, I play on 1 fps -1000 fps! Editing fast on every FPS was quite the challenge! You won't believe how laggy Fortnite is on 1 fps! I 1v1'd on different FPS starting at 1 FPS all the way through 1000 FPS. You will see such a difference in edits and 1v1's. So, does FPS in Fortnite make a difference!? Absolutely! Find out what is the best FPS to play Fortnite on in Chapter 3! Can you edit fast on every FPS in Chapter 3? What's your favorite FPS? #FPS #FortniteEdits #1v1 My other channels: Halobombtrooper - 🤍 Halo Shorts - 🤍 Halo Plays - 🤍 Request a video for me to make and get a shoutout! (Link below) 🤍 All support on my vids is greatly appreciated.🌟 🔴 Twitch -🤍 ▶️ Twitter - 🤍 📸 Insta - 🤍 🎮 Discord: 🤍 ⏰ Tiktok: 🤍 Become Legends Socials! 🎁 Youtube - 🤍 🐦 Twitter - 🤍 📸 Instagram- 🤍 📱 Tiktok - 🤍

【MV】エフピーエス/そらまふうらさか feat. 荒野行動【オリジナル曲】


「ボクの背は 君にだったら預けられる」 坂田「すげえなぁこんな曲作れるの」 まふ「有能すぎてすまんな」 うら「歌詞書くのうまいな 死ぬのもうまい」 そら「なんでも出来るな 誤射も一流」 坂田「クソエイム」 まふ「なんか一言余計じゃない?」 普段一緒にゲームをしてる4人のオリジナル曲を作ってみました 第2弾 荒野行動1周年とのことで 夢のコラボレーションです! サビ絵 :八三 🤍xxhachisan 絵/映像:りゅうせー 🤍ryuuseee ●歌 そらる 🤍soraruru ●歌/作詞作編曲/Mix まふまふ 🤍uni_mafumafu ●歌/セリフ台本 うらたぬき 🤍uratasama ●歌/セリフ台本/あほ あほの坂田 🤍sakatandao 前 ロールプレイングゲーム[🤍

Trying 1000 FPS For The First Time... (INSANE)


In today's video I show you how much FPS my PC can give me as well as show off some smooth 240FPS gameplay! KontrolFreeks: 🤍 Code 'Flea" for 10% off Socials: Twitter - FleaYT Instagram - Flea.YT Snapchat - FleaYT Eric Godlow Beats: 🤍 Songs: 'Moonlight' 'Nightfall' 'Don't leave' 'Essence'

FIFA World Cup 2022 - The Corniche 4K 60 FPS #fifa #worldcup #qatar


Qatar’s global street carnival along Doha’s iconic 6km waterfront. Showcasing the culture of Qatari and all countries participating in the World Cup. The atmosphere along the Corniche is celebrating nations – allowing fans to connect from all around the world. Shows take place daily at 3 PM, 3.30 PM, 4 PM, 4.30PM, 5 PM and 5.30 PM before the final vibrant show with an impressive fireworks display at 9 PM. More details 🤍 0:00 Highlights 1:43 Water Fountains Show and Fire works 11:25 Drone Show and Fireworks 18:55 Walking in The Corniche 22:06 View of West Bay Towers 25:42 Lanterns Area 30:19 Lights Decoration 39:08 Fox News Station 📍 LOCATION 🤍 🗺️ WALKING ROUTE *This Video Vlog is Made to show the city and the environment, if you are present on this video and you don't want to be please contact me or comment on this video and i will remove you completely & immediately * #qatar #doha #worldcup #fifa #football #event #2022 #corniche #قطر #الدوحة #كأس_العالم

BEST WARZONE 2 SETTINGS FOR HIGH FPS: Ultimate Warzone 2 Optimization Guide


BEST PC Settings for Warzone 2 Right Now With The New Update And GPU Driver Updates, To Boost FPS/Fix Stutter/Fix Lag/Fix Gameplay.. Everything You Need To Know!! Everything You Need To Do To Have The Best FPS In This Video I Show People How To Boost Fps To Its Best Setting, I Show The FPS On The Top Left Coner Of My Screen, Not Just Talking About FPS But Showing The FPS That You Will Be Getting 👌 If This Video Helped You Out Make Sure To Hit That Like Button, Comment Down Below, & Make sure To Subscribe For More Video's 👌👍 You can support my Video here! : 🤍 Or Hit That Join Button There Is A Join Membership On My Channel As A Join Button & In My Links And Also In my Community 👌✔ Feel Free To Join My Youtube Community 🤞 How to get more FPS out Of Warzone 2 (Season 1) 👌🎮✔ Warzone 2! (Season 1) FRAME Boost!🎮 ✔ If This Video Helped You Out - Make Sure to Subscribe for more video's 👍 I upload video's on a regular basis.. And As Always Peace Out ✌ #mw2 #modernwarfare2 #cod 🕐 TIMESTAMPS 🕐 0:00 - Intro ( Important note ) 1:59 - Gameplay ( Must See To Believe ) 2:43 - No Stuttering Or Freezing 3:37 - Gunfight 3:55 - Felt So Sorry For This Guy 4:23 - Sniper Shot 4:34 - Credit To This Guy 4:42 - Important Speech 5:25 - Everything You Need To Change 12:23 - In Game Settings 21:07 - You Need To Do This! #modernwarfare2 #modernwarfareii #mwii #modernwarfare2pc #mw2 #ModernWarfare2PCSettings #warzone #callofduty #settings #CallOfDuty #MWII #FaZe #fpsboost #increasefps #warzone #warzonesettings #warzone2 #warzonepacific #boostfps #cod #modernwarfare2 #callofduty #callofdutywarzone #callofdutymordenwarfare #callofdutymw2 #callofdutymodernwarfare2 #callofdutybestsettings #mw2bestsettings #callofdutymodernwarfare2bestsettings

This is Warzone 2 on 400 FPS..😍 (NEW $6,000 PC)


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first person shooter


a collection of video games in this genre that i think are cool.

Top 20 New FPS Games of 2022


Games: 0:00 Shadow Warrior 3 1:37 Midnight Ghost Hunt 2:45 Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem 3:48 Instinction 5:05 Nightingale Reveal 5:58 Marauders 6:49 Witchfire 7:43 Scorn 9:03 Scathe 9:51 Ripout 11:08 Warhammer 40,000: Darktide 12:05 Crossfire X 13:22 Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands 14:27 Dying Light 2: Stay Human 15:18 ExoMecha 16:39 Plan 8 18:05 Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 19:01 POSTAL: Brain Damaged 19:43 Way of the Hunter 20:42 Isonzo

The Free FPS games I've been playing in 2022...


In today's video, I describe the various Free to Play games I've been playing in 2022! Ironsight: 🤍 Polygon: 🤍 Hired Ops: 🤍 Planetside 2: 🤍 Splitgate: 🤍 Ring of Elysium: 🤍 Warface: 🤍 Combat Arms Reloaded: 🤍 Halo Infinite: 🤍 Become an official member of the channel to help support the content you enjoy!: 🤍 If you find yourself enjoying the video, a like, subscription and share would be most appreciated :) #freetoplay #fpsgames #Gaming Second Channel: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Twitch: 🤍 Reddit: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Welcome to LateNightGaming where we discuss modern games on a regular basis and go in depth behind your favorite (Or least favorite) titles!

Stone Ocean OP 3 V2 | 4K 60 FPS | Heaven's Falling Down | (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6)


#jojo #jjba #anime JoJo bizarre adventure part 6 new opening with made in heaven 4k 60fps upscaled All rights of ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ストーンオーシャン (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean) belong to their respective owners. jojo, jojo op, opening, jojo stone ocean anime 4k, jojo opening 4k 60 fps upscaled, jojo 4k, jojo ed, jojo, jjba, jojo's bizzare adventure, stone ocean, jojo stone ocean,jojo part 6 , jojo opening part 6 , stone ocean opening, stone ocean opening 3, jjba opening, heaven's falling down, jojo op heaven falling down, v2, version 2, ver 2

600 FPS ☄️


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How to Improve Your Device Performance | How to FIX Lag FPS Drop In Mobile Legends


How to Improve Your Device Performance | How to FIX Lag FPS Drop In Mobile Legends ✓Unicode မင်္ဂလာပါ ဒီဗီဒီယိုလေးမှာ အွန်လိုင်းဂိမ်းတွေ Graphic တစ်အားစားတဲ့ ဂိမ်းတွေကစားတဲ့အခါ၊ ဖုန်းကအရမ်းပူတက်လာပြီး FPS ကျဆင်းလာတဲ့ ပြဿနာအတွက် Tutorial လေးလုပ်ပေးလိုက်ပါတယ်၊ ကိုယ်တိုင်လည်းသုံးရတာ အဆင်ပြေတဲ့အတွက် ပြန်လည် Sharing ပြုလုပ်ပေးတာဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ ဒီလို ဂိမ်းကစားတာမှမဟုတ်ပါဘူး တစ်ခြားသော Social Media တွေသုံးတဲ့အခါမှာလည်း ဒီလို FPS ပြဿနာဖြစ်မယ်ဆိုရင် ဒီနည်းအတိုင်း ဖြေရှင်းကြည့်လို့ရပါတယ်ခဗျာ။ အားလုံးအဆင်ပြေကြပါစေခဗျာ။ ✓Channelလေးကိုလည်း Subscribe လေးလုပ်ပေးထားကြပါအုန်းနော်၊ ဘေးနားကခေါင်းလောင်းလေးကိုလည်း တီးပေးထားခဲ့ပါ ဒါမှကျွန်တော် ဗီဒီယိုအသစ်တင်တိုင်း မိတ်ဆွေတို့ သိရမှာဖြစ်ပါတယ်။ Set Edit APK: 🤍 _ My Device Spec: Xiaomi Note 5A Prime Y1 CPU 1.40 GHZ Snapdragon SOC 432 Ram 3 Low End Device Video Editing: KINEMASTER Mobile Editing Special Big Credit: Mlau YouTuber Dear Moonton, This video tutorial for Educate teach purpose only. ✓Join My Facebook Page 🤍 ✓Zawgyi မဂၤလာပါ ဒီဗီဒီယိုေလးမွာ အြန္လိုင္းဂိမ္းေတြ Graphic တစ္အားစားတဲ့ ဂိမ္းေတြကစားတဲ့အခါ၊ ဖုန္းကအရမ္းပူတက္လာၿပီး FPS က်ဆင္းလာတဲ့ ျပႆနာအတြက္ Tutorial ေလးလုပ္ေပးလိုက္ပါတယ္၊ ကိုယ္တိုင္လည္းသုံးရတာ အဆင္ေျပတဲ့အတြက္ ျပန္လည္ Sharing ျပဳလုပ္ေပးတာျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ ဒီလို ဂိမ္းကစားတာမွမဟုတ္ပါဘူး တစ္ျခားေသာ Social Media ေတြသုံးတဲ့အခါမွာလည္း ဒီလို FPS ျပႆနာျဖစ္မယ္ဆိုရင္ ဒီနည္းအတိုင္း ေျဖရွင္းၾကည့္လို႔ရပါတယ္ခဗ်ာ။ အားလုံးအဆင္ေျပၾကပါေစခဗ်ာ။ ✓Channelေလးကိုလည္း Subscribe ေလးလုပ္ေပးထားၾကပါအုန္းေနာ္၊ ေဘးနားကေခါင္းေလာင္းေလးကိုလည္း တီးေပးထားခဲ့ပါ ဒါမွကၽြန္ေတာ္ ဗီဒီယိုအသစ္တင္တိုင္း မိတ္ေဆြတို႔ သိရမွာျဖစ္ပါတယ္။ Set Edit APK: 🤍 _ My Device Spec: Xiaomi Note 5A Prime Y1 CPU 1.40 GHZ Snapdragon SOC 432 Ram 3 Low End Device Video Editing: KINEMASTER Mobile Editing Special Big Credit: Mlau YouTuber Dear Moonton, This video tutorial for Educate teach purpose only. ✓Join My Facebook Page 🤍 #mlbb #tricksandtips #mlbbfpsdropfix #mobilelegends #pssmytn #pscreationworld #tutorial

Hubungan Hz Monitor dengan FPS Apaan Bang?? #shorts


GRATISS !! Bagi kalian yang mau support channel kita, bisa belanja dengan Link Link ini :D Tokopedia 🤍 Shopee 🤍 Lazada 🤍 Blibli 🤍 Jdid 🤍 atau bisa support gua dengan jadi member 🤍 dan bisa nyawer gua juga 🤍 . barang bekas review, akan gua jual di sini 🤍 = Rig Perang GTiD = TOKOPEDIA Camera Sony A6500 🤍 Camera Sony A6400 🤍 Lensa Fix 🤍 Lensa Zoom 🤍 Lindy Micro HDMI 🤍 Godox SL60W 🤍 Godox Softbox 🤍 Audio Technica 🤍 Boya Shotgun 🤍 Saramonic Blink 500 🤍 Elgato Wave 🤍 . SHOPEE Camera Sony A6500 🤍 Camera Sony A6400 🤍 Lensa Fix 🤍 Lensa Zoom 🤍 Lindy Micro HDMI 🤍 Godox SL60W 🤍 Godox Softbox 🤍 Audio Technica 🤍 Boya Shotgun 🤍 Saramonic Blink 500 🤍 Elgato Wave 🤍 . Reach us : Email Gtidtech🤍gmail.com IG 🤍 Tiktok 🤍 Kepoin gua 🤍 Kepoin Producer GTiD 🤍 Join Discord GTiD 🤍 . #

Roblox FPS Comparaison


Roblox FPS Comparaison GAME : 🤍 In this video you will see comparaison of fps in roblox its so funny

FPS Avatar with all weapons to save his wife - Animal Revolt Battle Simulator


FPS Avatar with all weapons to save his wife - Animal Revolt Battle Simulator A challenge for Avatar to free and rescue his imprisoned wife He has to face and overcome many units to save his beautiful wife You can follow my channel through the link below and of course you support me with this action: 🤍 About Animal Revolt Battle Simulator: Animal Revolt Battle Simulator is the ultimate physics-based battle simulator sandbox! Place two opposing armies made of different types of beasts and watch them tear each other apart in an epic battle! As the creatures fight, you can see the limbs bending, necks twisting, and bodies flying around everywhere! Using this link, you can have all the videos of the previous and next episodes together: 🤍 You can find me at the following addresses : youtub: 🤍 instagram: 🤍 #AnimalRevoltBattleSimulator #Games #Trexclub

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