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Zespół Folk Band - Szła dziewczyna koło młyna - tel. 608 386 079


🤍 tel. 690 013 640 #ZespółFolkBand #wesele #zespoływeselne #impreza #videofilmowanie #młodapara #narzeczeni #2022 #2023 #onaion #planujemywesele

OTYKEN - STORM (Official Music Video)


#otyken #indigenous #native Listen to the new song OTYKEN - STORM on all digital platforms: - Spotify: 🤍 - Apple Music: 🤍 and others… The music video was filmed in Siberia, Krasnoyarsk Territory, on the Chulym River. 30 km from the village of Pasechnoye (the capital of the Chulyms). This is the birthplace of the members of the OTYKEN group. Chulyms are the smallest indigenous people of Siberia. According to one version, the Chulyms are the ancestors of the Japanese Ainu and the indigenous peoples of North America. According to another version, the Chulyms are an ancient Turkic tribe. The song OTYKEN - STORM talks about the difficulties that people face when traveling to the East. The music of the OTYKEN group is dedicated to giving kindness and warm light to all people on earth! The magical power of our music will heal your soul and your body as well, and it can even send you into a trance. Thanks to all the caring people who sent us donations for the filming of the music video OTYKEN – STORM. We tried very hard and gave it our all! Members of the music video OTYKEN – STORM: Producer, songwriter - Andrey Medonos Sound - Dmitry Kruzhkovsky Vocal – Azyan Drums – Hakkaida Vargan (Jaw harp) – Tsveta Throat Singing (Synthesizer) – Ach Ikili (Morinhur) - Kunсhari Maracas (deer antlers) – Kykakacha Khomys (string instrument) – Otamay Shaman recitative – Sandro Our products: 🤍 OTYKEN concert schedule: 🤍 TikTok OTYKEN: 🤍 Instagram OTYKEN: 🤍 Instagram Andrey's: 🤍 Instagram Ethno - Honey: 🤍 FB group: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 ВК Музей Мёда и Этнографии: 🤍 ВК группы OTYKEN: 🤍 Thanks guys! You helped us a lot! Video production: 🤍 Krasnoyarsk city, Russia Siberian folk OTYKEN band. Concert organization: andrei.medocheck🤍



Kontakt Rich Band: +38162412497 Instagram:🤍 Sound REC: Darko Stankovic Mix :Ivan Miladinovic Tehnicka podrska:SoundBox Label and copyright: UZIVOteka Follow UZIVOteka: Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍

The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be In Good Company [Official Music Video]


Official video for "In Hell I'll Be In Good Company" by The Dead South. Stream/Buy the full album, "Good Company": 🤍 Stream the new single "Will The Circle Be Unbroken": 🤍 Save / Order "Easy Listening For Jerks Part 1": 🤍 Save / Order "Easy Listening For Jerks Part 2": 🤍 - Follow The Dead South Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 Join The Dead South’s mailing list: 🤍 - Directed by Zach Wilson of Two Brothers Films. Recorded and Mixed by Orion Paradis at 🤍 We recognize and thank Creative Saskatchewan for their financial support in the production of this video. - Lyrics: Dead Love couldn't go no further Proud of and disgusted by her Push shove, a little bruised and battered Oh Lord I ain't coming home with you My life's a bit more colder Dead wife is what I told her Brass knife sinks into my shoulder Oh babe don't know what I'm gonna do I see my red head, messed bed, tear shed, queen bee My squeeze The stage it smells, tells, hell's bells, miss-spells Knocks me on my knees It didn't hurt, flirt, blood squirt, stuffed shirt Hang me on a tree After I count down, three rounds, in hell I'll be in good company Dead Love couldn't go no further Proud of and disgusted by her Push shove, a little bruised and battered Oh Lord I ain't coming home with you My life's a bit more colder Dead wife is what I told her Brass knife sinks into my shoulder Oh babe don't know what I'm gonna do I see my red head, messed bed, tear shed, queen bee My squeeze The stage it smells, tells, hell's bells, misspells Knocks me on my knees It didn't hurt, flirt, blood squirt, stuffed shirt Hang me on a tree After I count down, three rounds, in hell I'll be in good company In hell I'll be in Good Company #thedeadsouth #inhellillbeingoodcompany #goodcompany

Zespół Folk Band - Jedną z gwiazd - tel. 608 386 079


🤍 tel. 690 013 640 #ZespółFolkBand #wesele #zespoływeselne #impreza #videofilmowanie #młodapara #narzeczeni #2022 #2023 #onaion #planujemywesele

Buda Folk Band - Tengerpart


A Buda Folk Band, az autentikus gyökerekből elsajátított tradicionális népzenét emeli át a 21. század urbánus környezetébe, ezáltal a népzene egyfajta városi hagyományőrzését hozva létre. Albumukon saját szerzeményeik mellett, autentikus népzenei számok is felcsendülnek, hangsúlyozva ezzel a zenekar mottóját: Legyen a népzene mindenkié! Maruzsenszki Andor - hegedű, kórus, fütty Takács Ádám - hegedű, brácsa, kórus, Csoóri Sándor “Sündi” - kontra, bolgár tambura, koboz, ének, kórus Éri Márton - brácsa, kontra, kórus Salamon Soma - harmonika, furulya, kaval, kórus Pénzes Géza - bőgő, gitár, kórus km.: Márczi Anna “Tücsi” – ének Zimber Ferenc – cimbalom Cím: Tengerpart Előadó: Buda Folk Band Album: Magyar Világi Népzene Megjelenés éve: 2013 Kiadó: Fonó Budai Zeneház Műfaj: Folk

Disney+ series to feature Scottish folk band Peat & Diesel's music


Scots folk rockers Peat & Diesel are set to be exposed to a new global audience of millions after their tune was picked up to soundtrack a new Disney+ series. The trio said they were "delighted and privileged" to have their track featured in new superhero show Extraordinary. The band - made up of Boydie MacLeod, Inness Scott and Uilly Macleod - were approached by the entertainment goliath to have their song Western Isles on the eight-part show. Extraordinary was released on the streaming service today and is set in a world where everyone except main character Jen develops superpowers. Original Article: 🤍 Daily Record Homepage: 🤍 Daily Record Facebook: 🤍 Daily Record IG: 🤍 Daily Record Twitter: 🤍 Daily Record Newsletters: 🤍 You can get all the latest news, sport, showbiz and comment at LIKE | COMMENT | SUBSCRIBE | SHARE #DailyRecord #DisneyPlus #Scotland

Wat zullen we drinken dutch folk song @ Balver Höhle Irish Folk Festival


Rapalje is performing "Wat zullen we drinken" at The Balver Höhle (Celtic Music Festival) Son ar chistr ("The song of the cider" in the Breton language, "Ev Chistr ’ta Laou!" originally) is a traditional song of Brittany, whose words in Breton were written in 1929 by two teenagers. The melody became known by the interpretation of the famous Breton singer Alan Stivell in the 1970s and in 1977 by the Dutch band Bots under the name "Zeven dagen lang". The Celtic Band plays Celtic Renaissance Music at a Festival that looks like a Renaissance Festival or Renaissance Fair or Faire. The Balve Cave is the biggest cultural cave in Europe. It is located in Balve, Germany. And every year the Festspiele Balver Höhle organization is presenting the Balver Höhle Irish folk & Celtic Music Festival. RAPALJE MERCHANDISE 🤍 SUPPORT US ON PATREON 🤍 FREE EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS BY EMAIL 🤍 SUBSCRIBE FOR RAPALJE VIDEOS EVERY WEEK 🤍 #rapalje #celticmusic #folkmusic EVERY SATURDAY RAPALJE SHOW 🤍 RAPALJE Homepage: 🤍 Merchandise: 🤍 Agenda: 🤍 FOLLOW US Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 The musicians of Rapalje with their wild hair and medieval kilts create a flaming energy with their enthusiasm and motivation. With sensitive ballads, fiery songs and vivacious Celtic melodies Rapalje electrifies their audience. A concert of Rapalje is like a journey through time with recognizable licentiousness and a rough way of life. Wat zullen we drinken 🤍 Balver Höhle Irish Folk Festival -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Your new T-shirts arrived! - Rapalje Show 82" 🤍 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-

Mumford & Sons - Hopeless Wanderer (Official Music Video)


The official 'Hopeless Wanderer' music video. Taken from the Mumford & Sons album Babel. Listen to Mumford & Sons: 🤍 Listen to Marcus Mumford's debut solo album (self-titled): 🤍 Follow Mumford & Sons: 🤍 Welcome to the official Mumford & Sons channel. Subscribe today for a vast video collection of music videos, iconic live performances, exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes content and playlists to explore Mumford & Sons musical legacy in-depth. Subscribe to the official Mumford & Sons channel here: 🤍 Watch more: 🤍 Lyrics below: You heard my voice, I came out of the woods by choice Shelter also gave their shade But in the dark I have no name So leave that click in my head And I will remember the words that you said Left a clouded mind and a heavy heart But I am sure we could see a new start So when your hopes on fire But you know your desire Don't hold a glass over the flame Don't let your heart grow cold I will call you by name I will share your road But hold me fast, hold me fast 'Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer And hold me fast, hold me fast 'Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer I wrestled long with my youth We tried so hard to live in the truth But do not tell me all is fine When I lose my head, I lose my spine So leave that click in my head And I won't remember the words that you said You brought me out from the cold Now, how I long, how I long to grow old So when your hope's on fire But you know your desire Don't hold a glass over the flame Don't let your heart grow cold I will call you by name I will share your road But hold me fast, hold me fast 'Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer And hold me fast, hold me fast 'Cause I'm a hopeless wanderer I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under And I will learn, I will learn to love the skies I'm under The skies I'm under Music video by Mumford & Sons performing Hopeless Wanderer (C) 2013 Mumford & Sons, under exclusive license to Island Records Ltd, a division of Universal Music Operations Ltd

Irish Folk Band De Danann, at the TG4 Traditional Irish Music Awards 2000 | Gradam Ceoil TG4


Live from the Cork Opera House : Irish traditional Folk Group, De Danann, with a set of reels : Mulvihil's Reel (0:00) [aka The High Road To Glen] & The Dublin Porter (Reel 1:00) : Frankie Gavin (fiddle), Aiden Coffey (button accordion), the late Alec Finn (bouzouki), Brian McGrath (banjo) & Colm Murphy (bodhrán) joined by Connemara Irish sean-nós dancer Joe Ó Neachtain at the TG4 Irish Traditional Music Awards in 2000. De Danann recorded this particular set of tunes on their album 1/2 Set To Harlem in 1991 . An grúpa cáiliúil traidisiúnta De Danann ag Gradaim Ceoil TG4 sa mbliain 2000 i gCeol Aras Chorcaigh le cúpla port agus Seosamh Ó Neachtain as An Spidéal, Conamara le steip sean-nóis . Subscribe to TG4’s Irish Traditional Music Channel on YouTube ➡️ 🤍 Glac síntiús chuig Cainéal Ceoil TG4 ar YouTube➡️ 🤍 You can access all of the Gradam Ceoil TG4 awards shows in full since 1998 by following the link below. Is de thoradh comhthionscadail idir TG4 agus an Irish Traditional Music Archive / Taisce Cheol Dúchais Éireann (ITMA) an chartlann seo. 🎶 ➡️ 🤍 #Gradam #TG4 #TradTG4 #CeolTG4

soul of folk | folk performing band | Narukara


soul of folk Ethnic Folk band Narukara our social media links 👇🏻 more details follow Instagram : 🤍 follow Facebook : 🤍

40 Essential INDIE FOLK Bands


Which are the ESSENTIAL INDIE FOLK BANDS you need know about? Which are the best current Indie Folk bands that are the minimum you need to have their records before building on your Indie-Folk Music record collection? Mmmm tough one to answer, there are so many excellent & amazing Great Indie-Folk Bands. Here is my personal list of the current BEST INDIE FOLK Bands currently to get into. Understand this is a very subjective issue & everyone has their valid opinions. These 40 Indie Folk Bands are suggesting building blocks to your Record collection (especially for beginners) which will be built on by other older & newer artists-records as they get discovered or appear to your likes. Said in a different manner, this is MY choice of the essential INDIE-FOLK Bands records that you NEED TO OWN, listened to & have within any serious Indie Folk Music Record collection… They are just 40 names restricted in number for discipline sake and in NO particular order of ranking. Realize perfectly well that there are many other great Indie Folk Music bands missing, but had to chose only 40 for this list...Based criteria on factors like Innovation, Impact, Debut acclaim, Influence on others, Sales, Different Genres & Durability. The debate is naturally opened & naturally welcomed :O) *BAND = more than 1 person, single artist names left out of list. _ Indie folk is a music genre that arose in the 1990s among musicians from indie rock scenes influenced by folk music. Indie folk hybridize the acoustic guitar melodies of traditional folk music with contemporary instrumentation. The genre has its earliest origins in 1990s folk artists who displayed alternative rock influences in their music (source Wiki) FULL VIDEO LIST OF THE 40 ESSENTIAL INDIE FOLK MUSIC BANDS (in NO particular order of priority): Fleet Foxes The Civil Wars Alt-J Band of Horses Mumford & Sons Neutral Milk Hotel My Morning Jacket Grizzly Bear The Mountain Goats Noah and the Whale Wilco The Lumineers Beirut The Avett Brothers Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Bright Eyes Monsters of Folk Other Lives Passenger The Head and the Heart Matthew & the Atlas The Shins Okkervil River Blind Pilot First Aid Kit The Decemberists Of Monsters and Men The Milk Carton Kids Midlake Vancouver Sleep Clinic Wye Oak The Blindspots Half Moon Run Stornoway Dry the River The Jayhawks Margot and the Nuclear So-So's Blitzen Trapper Boy & Bear Fossil Collective Audio: courtesy of MY MORNING JACKET - “One Big Holiday” (All content is copyrighted and owned by the recording artists and/or studios. No infringement of copyright is intended in any way under DMCA, under the terms of NON-COMMERCIAL fair use for commentary. I do not claim to own any of the featured content.)

THE PAUL McKENNA BAND ... Multi Award Winning Scottish Folk Music


THE PAUL McKENNA BAND Multi Award Winning Scottish Folk Music live at the star folk club Glasgow 🤍 Watch in Hd for best result.

Zespół Folk Band - Ale, ale Aleksandra tel 608 386 079


🤍 tel. 690 013 640 #ZespółFolkBand #wesele #zespoływeselne #impreza #videofilmowanie #młodapara #narzeczeni #2022 #2023 #onaion #planujemywesele

Zespół Folk Band - Hej z góry, z góry - tel. 608 386 079


🤍 tel. 690 013 640 #ZespółFolkBand #wesele #zespoływeselne #impreza #videofilmowanie #młodapara #narzeczeni #2022 #2023 #onaion #planujemywesele

Heilung | LIFA - Krigsgaldr LIVE


LIFA is recorded live at Castlefest 2017. Get the album here: 🤍 🤍 Remember, that we all are brothers All people, beasts, trees and stone and wind We all descend from the one great being That was always there Before people lived and named it Before the first seed sprouted

Predstavljanje Folk House Band-a - Etno kafana Palisad 2017


Label and copyright: UZIVOteka FB stranica:🤍 FB profil:🤍

Hollow Coves - Coastline (Lakeside Acoustic Session)


Follow us on Instagram: 🤍HollowCoves Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Listen to Coastline on: Spotify: 🤍 Apple: 🤍 Google: 🤍 Video: Sam Fregonese 🤍

Zespół Folk Band - Baju, baj proszę pana (Jambalaya) - tel. 608 386 079


🤍 tel. 690 013 640 #ZespółFolkBand #wesele #zespoływeselne #impreza #videofilmowanie #młodapara #narzeczeni #2022 #2023 #onaion #planujemywesele

HARE KRISHNA | FAKIRA | Full Album Official Music Video | Bengali Folk (2022)


Our second album HARE KRISHNA is released now, and the making of HARE KRISHNA album has been a terrific journey for all of us. We have always pledged to record and mix master our albums HARE KRISHNA in our best possible way and render the same before the audience, since audience is our only resource and we always try to serve them the best which they deserve. This time also there has not been any exception. We wanted to record our new album in the best place of the country so we waited for the opportunity to do so. Our new album 'Harekrishna' has been fully recorded in Yash Raj Studio at Mumbai and it has been our absolute luck to get a chance to work with Shri Vijay Dayal Ji, who is not only the greatest Sound Engineer of India but also is a very established name throughout the world in this field. He was present in the whole recording session and we were delighted to get a chance to learn from him a lot. This decision of us was not only to render the best audio experience to the audience but we also wanted to verify ourselves. Once the album gets released we are eagerly waiting for the audience to judge how much we have been able to do justice to the same. One thing about this album we must say, its music video made with the album itself and all eight songs have been used in making this music video. Audience will feel the essence when they see the video. Like our first album 'Itorpona', our second album 'Harekrishna' also has eight songs, some of which are quite known and some are not so well known among people. Bengali Kawali has been our uniqueness since we rendered the song 'Delhi te Nijamuddin Auliya Elo' and it was hugely accepted by the audience. In our second album also, there are some Bengali Kawali songs. We hope they will be widely accepted and liked by the audience. The fruit of our long hardship is released now, just before the Durga Puja. With whole heart we are waiting for you to listen to the album and share your valuable opinion about it with us. 0:29 Raai 06:03 Dil Doriya 12:20 Anondo Bajar 19:47 Asheq Gon 24:53 Hare Krishna 32:07 Rasul 37:54 Sahoj Manush 43:50 Banka 🤍TimirBiswaslive 🤍buntyspercussion7230

Hermes House Band - I'm Into Folk (Live version)


Hermes House Band, Europe's biggest party band! Live in Denmark, Germany and France! Performing their new single: I'M INTO FOLK.

OMNIA (Official) - Fee Ra Huri


For more info visit us at: 🤍 or connect via Facebook: 🤍 Watch in full screen HD! - This song was originally intended to be called "the Bilbo Boogie" but due to copyright law we decided to call it Fee Ra Huri instead (but we won't tell you what it means...hehehe!) This video was filmed in Köln (D) during the "OMNIA I don't Speak Human Tour". This track is taken from the new OMNIA Live Album "Live on Earth". You can buy it here: 🤍 Music & lyrics Steve Sic & Jenny Evans van der Harten All music & publishing rights ©PaganScum Records 2012 Written in 2003



New single 'ONE FOLK' out now: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to NUCLEAR BLAST: 🤍 / SUBSCRIBE to EQUILIBRIUM: 🤍 LISTEN TO 'ONE FOLK': 🤍 Album 'RENEGADES' Is Out Now: Nuclear Blast: 🤍 iTunes: 🤍 Amazon: 🤍 Google Play: 🤍 LISTEN AT: Spotify: 🤍 Apple Music: 🤍 FOLLOW EQUILIBRIUM 🤍 🤍 🤍 Tour Dates: 🤍 LYRICS Don't hope for the plea of insanity Don't think I will ever forget I still see the beauty of humanity I still feel love and respect Instead of shouting out your own fears Choose the mask of a human face Try to feel the pain and all the tears And promise to leave this bloody trace One nation One clan As the sun unites our hands Each colour Each tribe Where the eagle cries with pride We're all wanderers in this universe We're all connected beings Every tiny soul is precious Let's uni te the world and heal it To all my fathers, mothers, daughters, and sons I will engrave these words into your hearts Cry it out loud at the top of your lungs Until we meet as shining stars One nation One clan As the sun unites our hands Each colour Each tribe Where the eagle cries with pride One nation One clan As the sun unites our hands Each colour Each tribe Where the eagle cries with pride #equilibrium #onefolk

Dolan's pub (Limerick, Ireland) - Irish Traditional Music Session


Every evening, musicians come to Dolan's pub and play traditional music to the customers' delight. If you are in Limerick, you should definitely have a pint there! Or more... Tunes: 1. The Morning Dew (As on the 1st track of the album "Traditional Irish Accordion" by Tony MacMahon) 2. Cooley's reel (or Joe Cooley’s Fancy) 3. The Wise Maid 14089211 - MA Ethnomusicology - University of Limerick FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍

Venezuelan musicians create world’s biggest ever folk band | Al Jazeera Newsfeed


See and hear how more than 400 Venezuelan musicians set a new world record for the biggest-ever folk band. Do they sound good to you? Subscribe to our channel 🤍 Follow us on Twitter 🤍 Find us on Facebook 🤍 Check our website: 🤍 Check out our Instagram page: 🤍 🤍AljazeeraEnglish #Aljazeeraenglish #News

Buda Folk Band - Kavalos


A Buda Folk Band tagjai gyerekkoruktól kezdve foglalkoznak a magyar és más kelet-európai népek zenei hagyományával. Számukra természetes az autentikus népzene jelenléte a városi kultúrában. A népzene mellé más zenei műfajokból is szívesen merítenek gondolatokat, így hozván létre egy sajátos, ugyanakkor rendkívül színes zenei vegyületet. Zenéjüket úgy nevezték el, hogy „világi” népzene, mely szójáték arra utal, hogy meggyőződésük szerint a magyar népzene már önmagában is világzene. Ezt az elképzelést olyan hangszerekkel valósítják meg, amelyek Magyarország területén nem mind őshonosak, de a Kárpát-medencében és a környező népek kultúrájában megtaláljuk őket. Ilyen például a hagyományos magyar népi hangszerek mellett, a kaval, a tambura, a koboz vagy a tangóharmonika. Más szóval a Buda Folk Band saját hangszerelésében és stílusában szólaltatja meg a magyar népzenét. A népzene természete magában hordozza az állandó változást és az egyéni önkifejezést. Mi, magyarok az első hangrögzítő eszközök megjelenésétől kezdve élen járunk saját népzenei hagyományunk gyűjtésében. Ahhoz, hogy jobban tudjunk tájékozódni benne, elengedhetetlen a még élő paraszti közösségek megismerése. Amikor az eredeti, falun játszott népzene hangfelvételek, gyűjtések formájában városi környezetbe kerül, megteremti saját maga fennmaradását, és új zenei gondolatokat ébreszt. Ezen a lemezen is ilyen dalokat, a paraszti kultúra emlékeiből a magunk stílusában értelmezett saját gyűjtésünket szeretnénk megosztani.

Ukrainian folk band DakhaBrakha uses music to bring attention to the war in their homeland


While some Ukrainians are fighting on the frontlines in the war against Russia others have taken a different approach. Ukrainian folk group DakhaBrakha is using a multi-city tour of the U.S. to raise awareness of their war-torn homeland and fight back, in their own way, against Russian aggression. Special correspondent Mike Cerre reports. Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: 🤍 Find more from PBS NewsHour at 🤍 Subscribe to our YouTube channel: 🤍 Follow us: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe: PBS NewsHour podcasts: 🤍 Newsletters: 🤍

Zespół Folk Band - Kaczuszki - tel. 608 386 079


🤍 tel. 690 013 640 #ZespółFolkBand #wesele #zespoływeselne #impreza #videofilmowanie #młodapara #narzeczeni #2022 #2023 #onaion #planujemywesele

ആദ്യ സ്റ്റേജിൽ തന്നെ ലോകം കീഴടക്കിയ കുരൽ നാടൻപാട്ട് KURAL FOLK MUSICAL BAND SASTHAMCOTTA


KURAL FOLK MUSICAL BAND SASTHAMCOTTA Mazhavil Zone. Bipin Karete, Mob 8547118500, ആദ്യ സ്റ്റേജിൽ തന്നെ ലോകം കീഴടക്കിയ കുരൽ നാടൻപാട്ട് വേദിയിൽ മാറുന്ന കാലത്തിനൊപ്പം മലയാളിക്ക് മറക്കാനാവാത്ത ദൃശ്യ ചാരുത തീർത്ത് കുരൽ നാടൻപാട്ട് KURAL FOLK MUSICAL BAND SASTHAMCOTTA PO KOLLAM, KERALA 690521 കേരളക്കരയാകെ ആടിതിമിർത്ത് കുരൽ നാടൻപാട്ട് ഇടിവെട്ട് നാടൻപാട്ടുമായി കുരൽ നാടൻപാട്ട് SINGERS : JEEVANDAS SASTHAMCOTTA , PRABINDH CHENNITHALA , SAYOOJ PUTHOOR, ARUNA K MANOJ , SOUGANDH SASTHAMCOTTA, AKASH RAJ PAKKNAR, ANANDHU SASTHAMCOTTA ORCHESTRA THAVIL : ANANDHU CHENNITHALA RYTHAM PAD : MAHADEVAN PUNNAPRA DRUMS : MILAN KRISHNAN ADOOD BASS& LEAD GUITAR : VINOY CHENGANNUR STAGE MANAGER : SUBINDH SASTHAMCOTTA KURAL FOLK MUSICAL BAND SASTHAMCOTTA കുരൽ നാടൻപാട്ട് ,പാണ്ടവാസ്, തിരുമുടിയാട്ടം, നാടൻപാട്ട്, കൊച്ചിൻ പാണ്ടാവാസ്, നാടൻപാട്ട്, നാടൻപാട്ടുകൾ, ഇപ്റ്റ, പാണ്ഡവാസ്, പതി കാരളപതി, പാട്ടുപുര, നാട്ടരങ്ങ്, വരമ്പ്, Nadan pattukal, Pandavas, Ipta, Pathi Karalapathi, Nattarang, Nadanpattu, Pattupura, Varamb, Malayalam, Kerala, Indian Folk Song, Vedika, PHONE 6235603007 Mail kuralfolkmusicalband🤍

The Full English - Arthur O'Bradley at Folk Awards 2014


The Full English performs Arthur O'Bradley at the 2014 Folk Awards

ഇത്ര ചെറുപ്പത്തിൽ പിള്ളേർ വേറെ ലെവൽ full വീഡിയോ കാണാം #31MEDIAandVLOGS കുറിഞ്ചി #folk band #kodaly


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Fagunero Mohonay ( Rock Version ) ft. Krakers | Tribute To Bhoomi | Folk Studio Bangla Song 2019


Song : Fagunero Mohonay ( Rock Version ) Singer : Kumar Gourab Chakraborty Original Song Credits : Bhoomi Band Band : Krakers - The Band Guitarist - Tuhin Tapader Bassist - Arijit Bhowal Keyboardist - Ankur Basu Drummer -Arunava ghosh Audio Production : Kumar & Ankur Lights : Krishna Cinematography : Shaon Halder Label: Folk Studio Bangla For Live Shows : 8972190800 / 7001170197 Subscribe our YouTube channel : 🤍 Like Our Facebook page : 🤍 Follow us on Instagram : 🤍 Visit Our website : 🤍 Contact : +8801968471155 * ANTI-PIRACY WARNING * This content is Copyright to Folk Studio Bangla. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented. #PahelaBaishakh #FaguneroMohonay #Bhoomi #Rock #BanglaSong #BanglaRock #FolkStudioBangla #FSB

Jugni (Cover Song) | ( Punjabi Folk Band )| Jatinder Dhiman , Mantaaz Gill & Navjot Kaur


Jugni | ( Punjabi Folk Band ) | Jatinder Dhiman , Mantaaz Gill & Navjot Kaur | Latest Punjabi Songs 2017 Download from Geetmp3 | 🤍 Download from Musicout | 🤍 Title | Jugni (Cover Song) ( Punjabi Folk Band ) Singer | Jatinder Dhiman , Tari Sanana & Navjot Kaur 🤍 Lyrics | Traditional Music | Vikrant Grooves Dop | Sukh Kamboj Production | H.S Dhaliwal Editor | Karanveer Singh Directed By | Sohi Saini & Varinder Kamboj Video By | VK Films Still | Sukhdev Singh Producer | Jagjitpal Singh Designs | Roop Kamal Singh Spl Thanks | Gurinder Singh, Guri Singh Rao( Canada) & Vipan Kumar

Chinese Folk Fantasy by James Curnow


To purchase print edition or for more info: 🤍 To purchase, download and print instantly: 🤍 MusicWorks - Grade 2 The distinctive music of China and its rich history in the arts give this medley a special appeal to student performers. James Curnow's excellent blend of three traditional folk melodies is ideal as a teaching piece for young bands, and also an effective number for contest or festival. Includes: Dayung Sampan, Shalihonba and Yangtze Boatmen's Chantey. HL04003193 HL04003194

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