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Finding cool places to sleep! | Solo female van life


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BOEING 737 LANDING into AMALFI COAST Naples Airport RWY24 | Cockpit View | Life Of An Airline Pilot


Sponsored: Click my link - 🤍 to get a 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D3K2 & 10 travel packs FREE with your first purchase! You can’t put a price tag on your own health. Let me take you along to Naples Airport (NAP/LIRN), the airport everyone flies into when visiting the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Positano and Pompeii! A cockpit view approach and landing in a Boeing 737-800 on runway 24 in Naples airport, Italy. The video shows what it's like to fly a steeper (3.33°) ILS approach and visual landing in a Boeing 737 800. ATC audio, interesting facts, approach charts and actual call-outs and Boeing procedures were added to provide a sense of everything that is going on inside the cockpit during landing. Would you also like to see approaches and landings in islands like Samos, Mykonos or even other places in Italy? Let me know what you think guys! You might also like: BOEING 737 Amazing LANDING ICELAND Keflavik Airport RWY01 | Cockpit View | Life Of An Airline Pilot 🤍 BOEING 737 Stunning LANDING into LESBOS Airport GREECE RWY14 | Cockpit View | Life Of An Airline 🤍 BOEING 737 Challenging LANDING Madeira FUNCHAL Airport R05 | Cockpit View | Life Of An Airline Pilot 🤍 Your Pilot Academy Pass any flight school and airline selection process by becoming the best version of yourself. It's time to get hired ➳ 🤍 Become An Airline Pilot eBook ➳ 🤍 Download the Preflight by DutchPilotGirl App ➳ 🤍 Follow DutchPilotGirl: Patreon ➳ 🤍 Instagram ➳ 🤍 Website ➳ 🤍 eBook ➳ 🤍 Aviation Apps ➳ 🤍 Website ➳ 🤍 Facebook ➳ 🤍 Twitter ➳ 🤍 LinkedIn ➳ 🤍 ★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★ Thank you so much for watching this video!. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment below! I'll be answering as many comments in the first hour after publication. If you liked this video, please hit the like button and subscribe to our DutchPilotGirl channel to never miss out on any of my future videos. Have an amazing day guys! Audio: 🤍 #plane #Aviation #airplane #ad

Love of my life - Queen | Patricia van Haastrecht COVER


COVER SESSIONS Love of my life - Queen Hope you like it! If so, please like, share and subscribe to my channel to be the first one to see upcoming videos! Love, Patricia PIANO Alexander Klement Find me at INSTAGRAM 🤍instagram.com/patriciavanhaastrecht FACEBOOK 🤍facebook.com/patriciavanhaastrecht WEBSITE 🤍patriciavanhaastrecht.nl LABEL Redline Music

Raqqa woman secretly flims her life under ISIS rule.


One woman goes undercover, risking her life to give a rare look at civilian life inside one Syrian city under ISIS rule. JimOne woman goes undercover, risking her life to give a rare look at life inside Syria under ISIS rule. Jim Clancy reports

Leaving the Islamic State - Life back in Germany | DW Documentary


At the age of 15, Leonora Messing secretly left her home in Saxony-Anhalt. She’d planned her journey down to the last detail, traveling via Turkey to Syria. She had her heart set on marrying an IS fighter - a man she had never even met before. She joined the Islamic State terror organization and married IS intelligence officer Martin Lemke, who was also from East Germany. Years of horror began - a life-and-death struggle. Leonora’s father, Maik Messing, a baker from the southern Harz region, did all he could to get his daughter out. He suddenly found himself in touch with traffickers and talking to Al Qaeda a previously inconceivable scenario. He was fighting for his daughter’s life and gripped by constant fear; at one point he thought she might even be dead. After seven years, Leonora returned to Germany. After a short spell in prison, she was eventually put on trial. Readjusting to life back in her home country was a challenge for Leonora and her family. Her traumatic experiences haunt her. A team of reporters documented this moving story about guilt, blame and second chances. #documentary #dwdocumentary DW Documentary gives you knowledge beyond the headlines. Watch top documentaries from German broadcasters and international production companies. Meet intriguing people, travel to distant lands, get a look behind the complexities of daily life and build a deeper understanding of current affairs and global events. Subscribe and explore the world around you with DW Documentary. Subscribe to: ⮞ DW Documentary (English): 🤍 ⮞ DW Documental (Spanish): 🤍 ⮞ DW Documentary وثائقية دي دبليو (Arabic): 🤍 ⮞ DW Doku (German): 🤍 ⮞ DW Documentary हिन्दी (Hindi): 🤍 For more visit: 🤍 Follow DW Documentary on Instagram: 🤍 Follow DW Documental on Facebook: 🤍 We kindly ask viewers to read and stick to the DW netiquette policy on our channel: 🤍

Nomadic women and girls preparing food.Life in difficult conditions


#iran #nomadiclife #rural #rustic #country #kebab #native #life #female #Life in difficult conditions#Women and girls of Iranian nomads

Jonna Fraser & Lil Kleine - 4 Life (prod. Jack $hirak)


Check '4 Life' van Jonna Fraser, Lil Kleine & Jack $hirak nu op je favo streaming service: 🤍 Op 10 oktober staan Jonna Fraser en The Lions in de grote zaal van de Paradiso, kom het checken: 🤍 Neem een kijkje achter de schermen van de '4 Life' clipshoot met Jonna Fraser en Lil Kleine: 🤍 Video credits: Eye Society #JonnaFraser #LilKleine #4Life Subscribe op het Noah's Ark YouTube kanaal: 🤍 Volg Jonna Fraser: IG: 🤍 FB: 🤍 Volg Lil Kleine: IG: 🤍 FB: 🤍 Volg Noah's Ark: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍

Mijn verrichtingen aan boord van de Lady of Life 😀


Ik leg uit welke isolatie ik ga gebruiken, en verder nog een paar ideetjes. Het begint op werk te lijken :-)

8 Female Criminals Reacting To Life In Prison


9 FEMALE Criminals Reacting To LIFE In Prison 🔔 Subscribe now with all notifications on for more Courtroom scenes, Sentences and Reactions In 2012, a Kentucky woman named #shayna #Hubers shot her boyfriend Ryan Poston six times and claimed that it was in self-defense. Prosecutors said she #murdered him because he wanted to break-up with her. Surveillance footage from the police interrogation room showed Hubers dancing and singing 'I did it, yes I did it' just hours after the shooting. It only took five hours for the #jury to determine they believed the prosecution. Hubers was first found guilty of #murdering Poston in 2015 and sentenced to 40 years in prison. The trial was thrown out after it was revealed one of the jurors had a prior felony conviction, which is illegal in Kentucky. Hubers wept into the lap of her attorney before the #verdict was read. She also mouthed the words 'I love you' to her mother. Poston's family released a statement after the verdict, saying it brought them peace but not happiness. On the night of October 12, 2012, Poston was supposed to meet Miss Ohio 2012 Audrey Bolte for a date. Instead the young #lawyer was found dead in his penthouse apartment, shot six times in the forehead, back, and torso. 📺 Watch the entire video for more information! #Courtroom #sentences #female#reaction #lifeinprison _ About Courtroom Moments 🎥 Videos about Courtroom Moments and Sentences 🎨 Written, voiced and produced by Courtroom Moments 🔔 Subscribe now for more Courtroom Moments and Sentences videos _ 💼 Business Inquiries and Contact • For business inquiries, copyright matters or other inquiries please contact us at: thecourtroombusiness🤍gmail.com ❓ Copyright Questions • If you have any copyright questions or issues you can contact us at thecourtroombusiness🤍gmail.com ⚠️ Copyright Disclaimers • We use images and content in accordance with the YouTube Fair Use copyright guidelines • Section 107 of the U.S. Copyright Act states: “Notwithstanding the provisions of sections 106 and 106A, the fair use of a copyrighted work, including such use by reproduction in copies or phono records or by any other means specified by that section, for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright.” • This video could contain certain copyrighted video clips, pictures, or photographs that were not specifically authorized to be used by the copyright holder(s), but which we believe in good faith are protected by federal law and the fair use doctrine for one or more of the reasons noted above.

Adorable Little Girl Plays Tag With Her Dogs! Phil Has So Much New Energy!!


Our dogs love being around us all the time but they especially love being with Amelia! Not only does she play with them she supplies them food from the table secretly too! Such big dogs getting rowdy with each other but as soon as tey turn to her it's soft and gentle mannerisms. She's so used to it but you'd thing such big animals playing like that would strike fear into a little girl. Phil was having a good day with lots of energy and enthusiam to play with both Teddy and Amelia. Niko only plays on her terms she can be grumpy that way, her and Milo must have been having a chat somewhere about the price of dog food.



I have created a dedicated “Woman Life Freedom” channel in my Discord to talk openly, share information and voice your thoughts about the uprising in Iran. Join my Discord here: 🤍 If you would like to learn more about what is happening in the world right now we would like to refer you to the following article: 🤍 Ai Visuals by 🤍aiplague Written by Sevdaliza Produced by Sevdaliza & Mucky I wrote a song for oppressed women around the world. I stand proud as an Iranian woman and I am supporting the fight of my sisters who shed their blood, hair, hearts and brains to give us all the hope, that one day, we will be free. At a young age I became aware of the systematic means of forcing women into obedience through violence and intimidation. To persuade women that their minds, bodies, and freedom do not belong to them. Our humanity demands we stand up against the oppression of women. Now. And forever. We must continue to speak up and fight institutions that condone oppression, violence and murder. We must face the people that deny the dignity and respect for all of us women. We are so tired of being told how to be, what to be. Sevdaliza #mahsaamini #sevdaliza #human

Women of ISIL: Life Inside the Caliphate | Witness


Teachers, nurses, mothers, torturers - under the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group's rule, women played crucial roles in the organisation, some as willing participants, others as coerced victims. Through a series of rare testimonies, women from Syria and Iraq share what everyday life was like under the armed group. Their accounts reveal an organisation that is both brutal and uncompromising. Women hired as religious police patrolled the streets, looking for people who broke dress codes or committed other moral offences. Teachers taught schoolchildren Islamic lessons beyond their age. Nurses were forced to work at ISIL-controlled hospitals. Schools were closed and repurposed as training centres. Make-up was forbidden. Movement was restricted. And torture was a regular punishment, used for offences as minor as wearing nail polish. In Women of ISIL, we speak to the women fully integrated into the organisation, playing active roles in punishment and torture, as well as those who resisted through everyday acts of defiance, including running a salon, or teaching schoolchildren in private. They recall a time when even the police were policed, spies were surveilled, and women paid the ultimate price for a violent rule of law. - Subscribe to our channel 🤍 - Follow us on Twitter 🤍 - Find us on Facebook 🤍 - Check our website: 🤍

Glennis Grace singing 'All my life' (cover K-C and jojo)


Glennis Grace singing 'All my life' (cover K-C and jojo) #GlennisGrace #AllMyLife

Two Americas: March for Life vs. Women’s March in 2023


Sign your protest against Planned Parenthood here: 🤍 Within 48 hours, two very different marches took place in Washington, D.C. The March for Life is the largest annual rally to end abortion. It’s youthful, peaceful, and prayerful. In contrast, the Women's March promotes abortion on demand. Its followers support homosexuality and transgenderism. This march displays vulgar and obscene signs. TFP Student Action went to both marches to ask the same questions. The answers reveal a great contrast and division without our nation. These two marches represent two Americas: One America stands for God and moral values, and the other America tramples on those same values. There’s a battle between the America that loves God and His Law and the America that promotes vice and the culture of death. Which America do you want? Which America will you fight for? 00:00 introduction 00:47 What did you think about the reversal of Roe v Wade? 01:29 Which side has the most momentum? 03:00 What is the greatest injustice in USA? 04:24 What is the role of purity and chastity? 05:56 Planned Parenthood offer puberty blockers to kids. What's your opinion about that? 07:11 Only women get pregnant? True or false. 07:48 conclusion #MarchforLife #WomensMarch Site: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Matt Walsh Reacts To Day In The Life TikToks


Get 3 Months of ExpressVPN FREE! 🤍 Matt Walsh is forced to watch stupid 'Day In The Life' TikTok's Become a DailyWire+ member and watch the full show: 🤍 LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for new videos every day. 🤍 Stop giving your money to woke corporations that hate you. Get your Jeremy’s Razors today at 🤍 Watch my hit documentary, “What Is A Woman?” here: 🤍 Represent the Sweet Baby Gang by shopping my merch: 🤍 All the cool kids have newsletters, so I made one too. Sign up to get it every Friday here. Click here: 🤍 #MattWalsh #TheMattWalshShow #News #Politics #DailyWire #WhatIsAWoman



截止今年,终于把我知道的云南猪肉的腌制方式都拍完了!这些素材也是我拍了6年时间积攒下来的,还是很感慨祖辈们的聪明才智,在过去资源极度匮乏的年代,可以用这些方法让一头年猪可以吃上这一整年,代代相传,保留至今,成了每个地方独特的家乡美味! ※Click "cc" on the lower right menu to choose your subtitle language. As of this year, I've finally videoed all the methods of marinating pork in Yunnan that I know! It took me 6 years to do it. With their ingenuity, our ancestors invented these methods to preserve a pig for a whole year when resources were extremely scarce, which have been passed down from generation to generation and have created the unique hometown delicacy of each place! 大家好!我是滇西小哥,一个地道的云南妹子,如果你喜欢我的视频,请持续关注我的频道, 我会在不同的平台分享我的生活,以及云南特色美食,祝你们天天开心,每天都有美食相伴~ YouTube【滇西小哥 Dianxi Xiaoge】▶️🤍 Facebook【滇西小哥 Dianxi Xiaoge】 ▶️🤍 Instagram【dianxixiaoge_apenjie】▶️🤍 #滇西小哥 #DianxiXiaoge #ĐiềnTâyTiểuCa #猪肉 #Pork



CAMPING WITH FIVE OTHER VAN DWELLERS | Life on the road Want to send me something? 512- 1771 Robson St Vancouver (BC) V6G 1C9 The Nomad Cookbook (ebook): 🤍 Merch & stickers: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍 Everything inside my van: 🤍 WAYS TO HELP THIS CHANNEL: Patreon: 🤍 Paypal: 🤍 Business inquires only: emi🤍thecatladyvan.com Music I use: 🤍 Please note the above links are affiliate links so Kelly and I get a small commission at no cost to you when you shop through one of the links. I will never promote something that I don't like or use in my daily life. Thank you so much for the support!! Thank you for watching! Please like, subscribe and share! Hi my name is Emi. I'm born in raise in small town just outside Quebec City, this is where my lovely accent come from. My #vanlife story starts in September 2018. After a long-term relationship that I was trying for more than a year to rebuild, I decided it was time to end this toxic relationship once for all. This is where I decided to move away from this man that I was still in love with. I put all my belongings inside my SUV (GMC Jimmy) and moved six hours from where I was living. I didn’t know where I would sleep, didn’t know where I would work but I knew I needed to make a drastic move. At that time, I told myself I will only sleep in my car for a month while looking for a place to rent. What I didn’t know is that one month became another month and another month. In the end, I end up sleeping in my car for a full year. Even if people will consider this the lowers time of my life, this experience was the best thing I couldn’t have done with my life. I took that year to focus on myself, decide what I wanted, and most importantly what I didn’t want. That year made me also realize that for so long, I was chasing the wrong dreams. I was chasing what society wanted me to be: to have a big house, a steady job, kids, get married… None of those dreams was making me happy. In September 2019, while I was actively looking for a van, I received a phone call that someone had found my cat (Kelly). After, trying for hours with no success to communicate with my ex-boyfriend (who was taking care of her), I decided to drive the six hours to go pick her up. Without going into too much detail, it turns out he wasn’t able to take care of her anymore. So I brought her in a cat kennel for a couple of days until I found a van we both could live in. I put all the savings that I had accumulated while living in my car and bought my van (a 2011 Ford Econoline that I end up adding a hightop) In the beginning, It wasn’t so glamour. My cat and I were sleeping on a mattress on the floor of the van. We both had to adjust. Now, my cat loves this lifestyle as much as I do; she looks at the window while I’m driving and she loves exploring new places. Since then, my cat Kelly and I are have been living full-time in my self convert van.

Kevin Johnson - Woman you Took My Life • TopPop


Watch our great music videos ❯ 🤍 More TopPop? Subscribe here ❯ 🤍 More info on Wikipedia ❯ 🤍 Broadcast date: 1968-01-01 This is to let you know that the video recording of the video clip was originally recorded by AVROTROS Broadcasting. AVROTROS Broadcasting hereby warrants and represents that it is the sole and exclusive owner of the physical film and/or videotape footage in this video clip. The performance of the artist(s) in the clip was filmed and recorded with the written consent of the artist(s) and their representatives. AVROTROS is a Dutch radio and television broadcaster, founded in 2014 from a merger of AVRO and TROS. From January 1st, 2014 the name of the merged broadcaster was used in joint programmes. AVRO was founded in 1923 as the Netherlands first public broadcaster. TROS started broadcasting in 1964. Toppop was a weekly AVRO pop program that was aired between 1970 and 1988. AVROTROS Broadcasting PO Box 2 1200 JA Hilversum The Netherlands TopPop was the first regular dedicated pop music TV show in the Dutch language area. Dutch broadcaster AVRO aired the programme weekly, from 1970 to 1988. Presenter Ad Visser hosted the show for its first fifteen years. World famous music artists performed on TopPop: ABBA, 10CC, Bee Gees, The Jacksons with Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Earth & Fire, Queen, Golden Earring, Boney M, KC & The Sunshine Band, Chic, Donna Summer and many many more.

My 10 Van Life Essentials - Ep 26 - Solo Female In Mobile Beauty Studio Van | MoniquePowers.com


Here are my 10 essential, non-negotiable things I needed in my van: 1. White passenger van with step and windows 2. Window Tint 3. 2 Solar panels 4. Window and Door Screens 5. Window Shades 6. Compost Toilet 7. Sliding Bathroom Door 8. Running Water 9. 2 Maxxair fans 10. Mirror Video Title: 10 Van Life Essentials - Ep 26 - Solo Female In Mobile Beauty Studio Van | MoniquePowers.com This video provides information about 10 Van Life Essentials and much more. - Solo Female In Mobile Beauty Studio Van - Ep 26, but also covers the following topics: Joshua Code - Week 4 ✅ Please subscribe to my channel for more videos on How to Work Remotely in a Unique Mobile Beauty Studio Van as a mobile esthetician, mobile barber, mobile manicurist, mobile cosmetologist. To do mobile facials, mobile manicures, mobile pedicures, mobile hair cuts, mobile spray tans, mobile eyebrows, mobile lash extensions, mobile lash lifts, mobile airbrush makeup, mobile makeup. Learn how to erase wrinkles, get rid of wrinkles, look younger, get rid of acne, coverup blemishes and how to maintain your attractive look: 🤍 ✅ Stay Connected To Me. 👉 Instagram: 🤍 👉 My Website: 🤍 ✅ For Business Inquiries: monique🤍moniquepowers.com = ✅ My Playlists: 👉 2023 - My Journey Continues | Ep 19-Present 🤍 👉 2022 - Just Getting Started Again | Ep 1-18 🤍 👉 Spending Time in New York 2022 🤍 👉 My Vacation in Aruba 2022 🤍 👉 In The Beginning… (2017-2018) 🤍 ✅ Other Videos You Might Be Interested In Watching: 👉 Solo Female In Mobile Beauty Studio Van | Vacation With Me In Aruba Pt. 1 of 3 | Ep. 7 🤍 👉 Solo Female In Mobile Beauty Studio Van | Vacation With Me In Aruba: The Meltdown Pt 3 of 3 | Ep. 9 🤍 👉 Flip This Treatment Room 🤍 Marinello School of Beauty 🤍 👉 Solo Female In Mobile Beauty Studio Van | How To Pack In Case Your Luggage Gets Lost | Ep. 5 🤍 ✅ About Me. I'm a licensed cosmetologist with an esthetician and manicuring license. In 2020, I closed both of my beauty studios and transitioned my business into a luxury mobile van. No one believed in me but I believed in myself. Follow along as I strive to encourage you to follow your dreams (at any age) even when others don't understand your journey. I want to show you what it's truly like to have a mobile beauty business on wheels, how to have a better work/life balance and just start having some fun in life. For Collaboration and Business inquiries please use the contact information below: 📩 Email: monique🤍moniquepowers.com 🔔 Please Subscribe for more creative content on Beauty, makeup and lifestyle: 🤍 #mobilebeautystudiovan #solofemalebeautystudiovan #watertankfelldown #watertankfellfrommobilebeautystudio #solofemalehandledawatertank #watertankfellfromtop #vanwatersystem #vanwatertank #mobilebeautystudio #vanlife #blackvanlife #solofemale #solofemalevanlife #mobile #mobileesthetician #mobilebeauty #mobilespa #mobilesalon #beautyinfluencer #meritageresortandspa Disclaimer: We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which is incurred from you acting or not acting as a result of reading any of our publications. You acknowledge that you use the information we provide at your own risk. Do your own research. Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. © Monique Powers

COSMIC WOMAN over de magie van The Web of Life 🕸️🕷️❤️


Tessa Koop is schrijfster van het boek Cosmic Woman en ervaringsdeskundige in een kosmisch bewustzijn, verbonden aan de 13 Manen. Als je ontwaakt in een wereld van energie, wil je graag de spelregels kennen voor het Spel van de Frequenties. Maar ook weten hoe je zelf kunt veranderen als een vlinder van gewoon naar buitengewoon. Tessa is jouw reisleidster bij jouw v(l)ind(er)tocht en metamorfose. 🤍cosmicwoman.nl

‘He’s taken 20 years of my life away’ - Woman raped by David Carrick shares her harrowing story


The serial rapist and former Metropolitan Police officer David Carrick was in court today. (Subscribe: 🤍 He's already pleaded guilty to attacking 12 women over 17 years. It's the only chance many of his victims will get to have their stories officially heard. - Follow us on Instagram - 🤍



Thanks for watching xx 414,369 ❤️ Check out my Sunday POV: Free Gift Inspired video 💝 In Toca Life World 🌎 #freegiftinspired #tocaboca #WildTocaGirl Toca Life World is a game where you can build stories and create your own world! There are lots of fun locations to explore as well as hidden secrets and surprises! If you like this video please subscribe to become a member of the Wildsquad! 🤩💜 Music 🎶 Music: I Got A Girl Musician: Philip E Morris

Atlanta woman on parole after she's sentenced to life in prison for murder she didn't commit


An Atlanta woman sentenced to life in prison for a murder she didn't commit is out on parole. It's a year's long first that only happened now thanks to a new unit at the Fulton County District Attorney's Office, reviewing the integrity of past convictions. 11Alive is Where Atlanta Speaks. We believe that news shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, but a dialogue with you. Join in, share your thoughts and connect with new perspectives. Subscribe to 11Alive for exclusive content: 🤍 Download our 11Alive News app: 🤍 Follow 11Alive on Social: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍

Birth To Death of A SUPERHERO In Real Life!


Birth To Death of A Superhero! We love 🤍rebeccazamolo Birth to Death videos! what other one should we post next? a popstar? a fashion model? a dancer? a Barbie? In this viral video on youttube trending we find out if Basic Girl will ever get her powers or will she lead a miserable life as a sidekick! What until the end to see something truly amazing happen and don't forget if you believe in yourself you can do anything you can dream of! starring 🤍Fayeknightly 🤍peja 🤍anissienna 🤍nayelilovera 🤍rydertullymusic 🤍caylarose_music 🤍dixonsisterss and Gia as Lightning! watch BIRTH TO DEATH OF A CHEERLEADER! 🤍 watch GIVING AWAY FAYE! 🤍 watch 🤍rebeccazamolo Birth To Death of A Dancer 🤍 watch 🤍jordanmatter new video where Salish and Payton become twins 🤍 watch 🤍FunSquadFamily adopted a sister! 🤍 watch 🤍anazalaVlogs new video! Mom coming home! 🤍 contact us: rockdesk🤍rockyourhair.com

Solo Female Van Life Tour! Choosing Vanlife in Converted camper van.


Loreen lives in a van that at her son once lived in. she has really made it her own. with adding solar and batteries, a gravity fed water system, and much much more. follow Loreen here. 🤍 Van Life Tours 🤍 Vanlife Video Podcast 🤍 Vanlife Audio Podcast 🤍 Discord 🤍 Movies 🤍 🤍 🤍 Vlogs 🤍 Thank you to Patreons! Jamie F, Renay E, Andrew B, Madison and Raynor, Jennifer S, Mario R, Doug B, Marian H, Cody S, Ashton S, Akshay A, Curtis, and Sonya B! Patreon 🤍 Paypal 🤍 Bitcoin 3Ao1PoA7i1mY4R2eQp8HYSJv77jZ1HkMN7 If you read all this give us 1 thumbs up emoji, 1 tree emoji and 1 Video camera emoji in the comment section.

Handcuffed Hero: Good Samaritan arrested after saving woman's life


11Alive's Chief Investigator Brendan Keefe has the story. He spent decades saving others, but the last life this retired fire chief saved, cost him his freedom. 🤍 11Alive is Where Atlanta Speaks. We believe that news shouldn’t be a one-way conversation, but a dialogue with you. Join in, share your thoughts and connect with new perspectives. Follow 11Alive on Social: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to 11Alive for exclusive content: 🤍 Visit Site: 🤍

A Day In My Life As A Model In London | Life On Set, Zimmerman, & London | Sanne Vloet


A Day In My Life As A Model In London | Life On Set, Behind The Scenes, Zimmerman, & England | Sanne Vloet Hey Guys! WOW! It is getting hot in England! Last week I was in town for another shoot with Zimmerman and I wanted to take you guys with me on set! I have to say that this year I've been so LUCKY with these beautiful location shoots! Has anyone ever been to Kew Gardens in London? It was another very special setting at the Botanical Gardens in London. I've spent some time in London before, but this is my first time ever going and I just couldn't believe how beautiful it was there! I tried to film as much as possible, but the team on set and all the other models worked so well together that we finished the entire shoot in three hours! Hopefully this video can give you guys a little idea of how much fun you can have on set with a fun squad! I am actually thinking about filming another Q&A soon (this time with a friend) so if you guys have any questions for me, please comment below! Xoxo Sanne Don't forget to subscribe and come say Hi on my other socials! Instagram: 🤍 Weibo: 🤍sannevloet Twitter: 🤍 Inquiries: management🤍sannevloet.co

What NO ONE Tells you About Life as an AIRLINE PILOT | 10 Years of FLYING PLANES


The first 100 people to go to 🤍 are going to get unlimited access for 1 week to try it out. You'll also get 25% off the full membership. The 7-day trial is completely free and you can cancel at any time during that period. Let me take you along with my journey, 10 years as an a pilot. I talk about the pilot loan, the flight training, being a student pilot, flight schools, being an unemployed pilot due to the economic crisis in 2013, airline selection processes, pay to fly contracts, airlines I worked for, lessons I’ve learned and basically all the things that can come on your path as an airline pilot. I hope it will shed some light on the aviation industry, the ups and the downs. Let me know what you think of this video guys! What no one tells you about life as an airline pilot, 10 years of flying planes. Download my eBook ➳ 'Become An Airline Pilot’ 🤍 Join my Patreon ➳ 🤍 Download my latest App ➳ ‘Preflight by DutchPilotGirl’ (IOS & Android) 🤍 Follow DutchPilotGirl: Instagram ➳ 🤍 Website ➳ 🤍 eBook ➳ 🤍 Aviation Apps ➳ 🤍 Website ➳ 🤍 Discord ➳ 🤍 Facebook ➳ 🤍 Twitter ➳ 🤍 LinkedIn ➳ 🤍 ★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★ ▼ My personal cockpit items ▼ The items I take with me on duty: My Headset: 🤍 My Sunglasses: 🤍 My Pilot Bag: 🤍 All other cockpit gear I use: 🤍 ▼ My video gear ▼ The gear I use to record my videos: My Vlogging Camera: 🤍 My Action Camera: 🤍 My Drone: 🤍 All other gear I use: 🤍 ★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★ Thank you so much for watching this video. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment below and maybe I will be answering your question in the next video. If you liked this video, consider a thumbs up or subscribe to this DutchPilotGirl channel to never miss out on any of my future videos. Have a great day guys! Audio: 🤍 #DutchPilotGirl #Aviation #CockpitView #LifeAsAnAirlinePilot

This Guy Stops His Friend From Spoiling A Girl's Life | Rohit R Gaba


See How This Guy Stops His Friend From Spoiling A Girl's Life. The most essential thing in a Relationship is respect. If you can't respect your partner then it's not love and even if you both aren't together then taking revenge is not a good option Credits: Director: Jogeswar Baghel AD: Anjali Mishra, Mirth Deka Writer - Jogeswar Baghel Cinematographer: Himanshu Srivastava, Abhishek Nayak Editor: Shivoham Head of Production: Sudhanshu Mishra Production Team : Tanya Barua & Mirth Head of Post Production: Anuj Ramatri Social Media Manager: Tashreen Fatima Channel Manager: Vivek Rajput Actors: Rohit R Gaba Mohan

One woman's story of life beyond death


Janis Heaphy Durham was not the kind of person who believed in after-death communication, until her husband, Max, died. And that, Durham says, is when things started getting weird: Lights in her Sacramento home would flicker; clocks would stop at the moment Max died. And then the mysterious handprint appeared on her bathroom mirror. Tracy Smith reports on the paranormal activity at the heart of a new book, "The Hand on the Mirror."

Woman fears for life after house shot multiple times


A mother and her family are living in fear after she says her home has been shot up multiple times this month. READ: 🤍

"80 for Brady" and its real-life inspirations


Friends Betty Pensavalle and Elaine St. Martin were founding members of a passionate fan club devoted to NFL quarterback Tom Brady, comprised of women of a certain age, called "Over 80 for Brady." They inspired a new motion picture comedy, "80 for Brady," starring Hollywood veterans Sally Field, Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno and Lily Tomlin. Correspondent Lee Cowan talks with the Brady fans, and with the stars who played Brady fans, about football, friendship, and the power of Tom. #tombrady #80forbrady #janefonda #ritamoreno #sallyfield #lilytomlin "CBS Sunday Morning" features stories on the arts, music, nature, entertainment, sports, history, science and Americana, and highlights unique human accomplishments and achievements. Check local listings for CBS Sunday Morning broadcast times. Subscribe to the "CBS Sunday Morning" YouTube channel: 🤍 Get more of "CBS Sunday Morning": 🤍 Follow "CBS Sunday Morning" on Instagram: 🤍 Like "CBS Sunday Morning" on Facebook: 🤍 Follow "CBS Sunday Morning" on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our newsletter: 🤍 Download the CBS News app: 🤍 Try Paramount+ free: 🤍 For video licensing inquiries, contact: licensing🤍veritone.com

Woman sentenced 25 years to life for Escondido crash that killed four people


A motorist who struck and killed four people in Escondido, including two children, was sentenced on Thursday to 25 years to life in state prison.

Dutch girl listens to the Meaning of life Muslim Spoken Word


Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have other interesting video's where I can learn from, please let me know in the comments down below. Have a nice day! See you soon, Liss My Instagram: LissiesChoice 🤍 My TikTok: LissiesChoice 🤍

Different style anda cooking recipes by santali TRIBE girl | Rural village life


Different style anda cooking recipes by santali TRIBE girl | Rural village life This video is about cooking in village style. This is a tribe village. In this video santali girl is cooking egg recipes with potato. She cook very tasty recipe for her family everyday. She try to show their cooking style through this channel. You watch the video from beginning to end and enjoy a lot. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Please SUBSCRIBE our channel and PRESS the bell icon to get Notification this type of videos. #eggcooking #andarecipe #rurallife Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use.

Develop The Lucky Girl Syndrome 🍀 🌹| Attract Your Dream Life


Develop The Lucky Girl Syndrome | Attract Your Dream Life 🍀 ❤️ In this video we focus on 8 things that can help you to develop the lucky girl syndrome. I first heard of this concept on TikTok and it was fascinating to me. That's why we will focus on the things you can do to become a true lucky girl. 📸Thumbnail Model: Creme_de.la_femme #luckygirl #luckygirlsyndrome #myfemmedaily 💕Sign Up For My Femininity Course Waitlist💕 🤍 💕 ⬇️ BOOK YOUR COACHING SESSION HERE ⬇️💕 🤍 💕If you want to support my channel. Thank you 😊 💕 Paypal: 🤍 💕My Femme Daily Amazon Store💕 🤍 Do you want inspiration and motivation? Follow me on Instagram. Instagram: 🤍 * Femininity. How to be more feminine for women. Femininity for women. How to embrace your femininity. How to embrace your feminine energy. Ways to be more feminine. How to be feminine. Femininity tips. Femininity Journey. Tips on how to be feminine. Increase your femininity. Tips for feminine women. How to feel feminine. Life coaching.

Bro's living life in easy mode #shorts


73 Questions With A FEMALE AIRLINE PILOT | Life Of An Airline Pilot By @DutchPilotGirl


Get 70% off NordVPN! Only $3.49/mo, plus you get an additional month FREE at: 🤍 Use coupon code: dpg Answering 73 rapid-fire questions about planes, the aviation industry, my pilot career, being a female airline pilot, personal questions and so much more! 73 Questions With A Female Airline Pilot - DutchPilotGirl What was your scariest failure? Any advice for student pilots or people who are about to start a flight training? Worst case scenario, what if we have a double engine failure after take-off? What is the most bizarre thing you experienced during a flight? How many times do pilots make an autoland? The best thing about social media? The worst thing about social media? How far from the runway before you lower the gear? What would you say to little girls and boys who might want to become a pilot? What was the hardest part of the pilot training? Have you ever had to divert to another airport? Have you ever had to declare an emergency? Do you always use PAPI lights? Did you ever see a laser from the cockpit? Do you miss flying in the US? What is your best travel tip? Why are the engine start switches placed in continues? What is the best memory from your previous company? How much does a type rating cost? Do you have any tips for upcoming flight school students? Are you scared/worries about how the aviation industry will transform after this situation? How did your flight training go? Any retakes and rechecks? Is your PREFLIGHT APP By DutchPilotGirl supporting IOS systems? Did you get another degree in case becoming a pilot didn’t work out? How old were you when you first flew an aircraft by yourself? Are pilots being paid during this time (lockdown situation)? Favorite music/band/singer? Which aircraft type would you love to fly at least once? This and much more in this video :) Thank you for sending all your questions guys. I hope I’ve been able to give an answer you were looking for. Make sure to comment below if you have another question which was not included in this list. I might create another video with a bunch questions another time, depending on the demand. Download my eBook ➳ 'Become An Airline Pilot’ 🤍 Download my latest App ➳ ‘Preflight by DutchPilotGirl’ (IOS & Android) 🤍 Follow DutchPilotGirl: Instagram ➳ 🤍 Patreon ➳ 🤍 Website ➳ 🤍 eBook ➳ 🤍 Aviation Apps ➳ 🤍 Website ➳ 🤍 Facebook ➳ 🤍 Twitter ➳ 🤍 LinkedIn ➳ 🤍 ★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★ ▼ MY PERSONAL COCKPIT ITEMS ▼ The items I take with me on duty: My Headset: 🤍 My Sunglasses: 🤍 My Pilot Bag: 🤍 All other cockpit gear I use: 🤍 ▼ MY VIDEO GEAR ▼ The gear I use to record my videos: My Vlogging Camera: 🤍 My Action Camera: 🤍 My Drone: 🤍 All other gear I use: 🤍 ★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★★☆★ Thank you so much for watching this video! If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to comment below and maybe I will be answering your question in the next video. If you liked my video do not forget to SUBSCRIBE and THUMBS UP! Audio: 🤍 Thank you NordVPN for sponsoring this video. #Vogue #73Questions #aviation

From the 60 Minutes Archive: Women describe life under the Taliban


From 2001, five young women, refugees from Afghanistan, talk about living under Taliban rule. "60 Minutes" is the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still a hit, over 50 seasons later, regularly making Nielsen's Top 10. Subscribe to the “60 Minutes” YouTube channel: 🤍 Watch full episodes: 🤍 Get more “60 Minutes” from “60 Minutes: Overtime”: 🤍 Follow “60 Minutes” on Instagram: 🤍 Like “60 Minutes” on Facebook: 🤍 Follow “60 Minutes” on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our newsletter: 🤍 Download the CBS News app: 🤍 Try Paramount+ free: 🤍 For video licensing inquiries, contact: licensing🤍veritone.com

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