Escape room challenge

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World’s Most Dangerous Escape Room!


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Diana and Roma in the Escape Room Challenge


Diana and Roma enter the escape room. Children need to find 7 keys to open the lock and get out. An interesting adventure in the quest room with activities for children - training the mind, dexterity and quick wits. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to Kids Diana Show - 🤍 Instagram 🤍 #DianaandRoma Facebook 🤍



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Secret Playroom ESCAPE ROOM Challenge !!!


#ad Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this video. Addy and Maya are locked in the secret playroom and must solve clues in order to unlock the door. Yes, that's right, it's another ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE !! Will the silly kids find their way out of the super fun play room? You'll have to watch to find out! Check out the new 5 Surprise Mini Brands! Disney Store edition! There are over 70 miniatures of your favorite Disney Store brands to collect! Which ones are YOUR favorites? #disneystoreminibrands #minibrands #5surprise #tictactoy NEW VIDEO: 🤍 Purchase the XOXO FRIENDS Collector Packs: 🤍 Purchase our 'ALL ABOUT ME' book: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy Family: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy Shorts: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to XOXO Gaming: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Camp Hideout: 🤍 Music credits: ThreeIsACrowd by Avocado Junkie ZMT95ZMLY2VW88SO A Happy Lil Jingle For Thee by Mikey Geiger NLKAMH4RY02DHPHC Citrus Soda by Reel Life FB1YXOLLBLIGSLMY The Perfect Getaway by Polyphonic Groove Orchestra IZS3RUJCMDR0UCXM Say That I Am by Adrian Walther PIBL5BK7MVRNP011 Umbrellas by Tiger Gang QGGH8LU7NHKLT0NM Sweetener by Ian Kelosky 6FSQQFSLSAR3ZCCJ He Said, She Said by Dr. Delight XOHGLCY1QZUVHBM3 Festival Summer by Funday 1BVPIZCCLN35R87N Curb Dance by Avocado Junkie C1KY5LQXZDNJQJ3F Sunkissed by 6 Music 0GI4CQDBD1Z84EGF Cakewalk by Avocado Junkie MW2BVQARMKUYPXDY Quiet Uprising by Cast Of Characters KI9SJQXEPQ9T5SUB Friends For Life by Avocado Junkie RXYWOL4PEYH5PQQB Happy Blaster by Ian Kelosky EXFXTVMGAKGUIBDB Butterfly Fires by BRASKO XVQH0U2XZ5WIY4LH Dream Big, Travel Far by Avocado Junkie 2VYWKKT97AEMDOGG On the One by Ian Kelosky 4XJCQW6AAJXIIFNA Good Times Rollin' by Dreamlamp VNGWKETPWTHPLOJY

Toy Master's Escape Room Challenge


Junior Toy Spies Addy and Maya are trapped in their rooms by the Toy Master! If they are unable to figure a way out, new toys will be removed from the shelves of toy stores across the country. Toy Spy Lucy can only help each of the kids one time, so they'll need to be careful asking for help. Will the silly kids solve the clues in order to escape? You'll have to watch to find out! Music Credits: In Light Discovered by Hale Here Comes the Bad Guys by Hale Move by OBOY East West Stomp by Sounds Like Sander Ravin' by Yung Koolade Give by OBOY Projector by Falls Arena by OBOY Moon Party by Hale Extra Cheese Please by New Wave Sounds Escape by OBOY Round House by Cast of Characters Go Go Robo Ranger by Matt Wigton Lets Get Pumped by Caleb Harris Wide Eyes by Alter Ego Good Vibes by Album House Right Now by Paper Planet Whodunit Waltz by King Flamingo Duchess of Doom by Hill When I Found You by Matt Wigton The Big Bowl by Hawksilver Juggernaut by Matt Wigton Get by OBOY Freefall by Neon Beach Swift Tuttle by Achille Richard Wickedly by Falls I Got Nothin' by Caleb Harris Only the Wicked by Dresden the Flamingo Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds Hurdles by Caleb Harris Sparkling Water by New Wave Sounds

😻 Escape Room Challenge 🔑😨 | Best Kids Stories 😻🐨🐰🦁 by Baby Zoo


🌟😻SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 🌟😻 🤍 #babyzoo #kidssongs #babysongs Wow, our animals faced a challenge! 😨 They need to escape the room 😍 How will they cope? Watch in our new story 😉 Our music here 😉 ✨ Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music ✨ 🤍 ✨ Apple Music ✨ 🤍

The Rooms Escape Challenge Walkthrough


00:10 - Room 1 00:44 - Room 2 01:32 - Room 3 02:24 - Room 4 03:13 - Room 5 03:59 - Room 6 04:40 - Room 7 05:28 - Room 8 06:35 - Room 9 08:02 - Room 10 10:08 - Room 11 11:59 - Room 12 14:39 - Room 13 The Rooms: Escape Challenge is a puzzle game where you find the keys and hidden items to solve riddles. This game was played here. 🤍

World's Hardest Escape Room!


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A Real Life Escape Room Challenge!


Lucy created a really fun escape room challenge for the girls today using simple things around the house and ideas from previous videos we've done together. The silly kids must solve secret clues in order to find their way out. Addy and Maya had a blast trying to figure out the puzzles and riddles and eventually unlocked the door to a very special suprise! WE LOST MAYA and WE CAN'T FIND HER !!! 🤍 ⬇️⬇️ Backpacks, face masks, beach towels, and MORE !!! ⬇️⬇️ Parents, purchase Tic Tac Toy MERCH here: 🤍 Parents, order a personalized video message from us on Cameo: 🤍 Click LINK to SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy Family: 🤍 Click LINK to SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy: 🤍 Click LINK to SUBSCRIBE to XOXO Gaming: 🤍 Music credits: 1982 - Half Measure Astro Jetson - Mikey Geiger Beach Trance - Mikey Geiger Low - OBOY Mallets Of Mischief - Rhythm Scott Oceans - SOLO On Track - NOVVA Palermo Con Amor - Dresden The Flamingo Pebble Beach - Abloom Remember - NOVVA Stand Our Ground - Dreamlamp Summer Nights - Tide Electric Venice - Noah Smith

Toy School Escape Room Challenge


The Toy Master is back and this time he is taking over Miss Lucy's Toy School. Addy and Maya are trapped inside the pretend toy school and must solve a bunch of secret clues in order to find their way out. But the silly kids must hurry because for every minute they spend looking for the way out, the Toy Master will take one of their favorite toys. Will the girls unlock the hidden puzzle in time? You'll have to watch to find out! Music Credits: Summer Sun by Yung Koolade Dementor by Dresden, the Flamingo Drop it on Me Girl by Kick Lee Kids Who Dance by Fantoms Swift & Tuttle by Achille Richard Two Lives by Alice in Winter Show Off by Bryant Lowry What I Need by Hawksilver Burst the Clouds by IDOLS Lettuce Celebrate by New Wave Sounds Precision by Joel Slabach Never Stop Dreaming by Neon Beach Shine by OBOY Escape by OBOY Don't Wait by HATCH Empty Fridge by Fey Foxx Brand New by Hawksilver Here We Go Now by Neon Beach Endless Summer by Mikey Geiger Novacane by Fantoms Razor by Matt Wigton Happy Snappy Love by New Wave Sounds

Solving A $100,000 Escape Room!!


Get The Escape Game Here: 🤍 After a year of planning, Immersive Tech and myself can finally reveal what we've been working so hard on! This is a 100% custom Escape Room! Thanks for watching and consider Liking and subscribing! Wes' Channel: 🤍 Gaming Channel: 🤍 My Twitch Channel: 🤍 1000's of PUZZLES Available here: 🤍 The Split Flap: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 LEARN A TRICK I CREATED HERE: 🤍 Get $100 discount and 2 month free to Artlist by using the link: 🤍 Get $100 discount and 2 month free to Artgrid by using the link: 🤍 IF YOU WANT TO SEND ME STUFF: Chris Ramsay CP 50011 BP. Galeries Des Monts St-Sauveur, PQ Canada J0R 1R0 #ChrisRamsay #EscapeRoom

Escape Room Challenge 😨 | Best Kids Songs And Nursery Rhymes by Fluffy Friends


✨💖 Hi Kids! Subscribe to our channel! 💖✨ 🤍 Our Fluffy Friends are stuck in the Escape Room! 😨 Very difficult challenge! 😍 How will they cope? Watch in our new story 😉😍 #kidssongs #babysongs #nurseryrhymes #fluffyfriends

Toy Cafe Escape Room Challenge


The Toy Master is back again and now he's coming after Lulu and her Toy Cafe! Addy and Maya are on their own and have to decode and solve secret clues in order to unlock the doors to the pretend restaurant. The silly kids are in another escape room challenge! Will they figure out the clues in time? You'll have to watch to find out. Music credits: Alive and Free by Nitro Duchess of Doom by Hill Butterfly Milkweed by Isaac Joel String Thing by Hill Double or Nothing by Bryant Lowry 8 Bit Blues by Fairlight Move by OBOY To the Races by Fantoms 90's Groove by Yung Koolade A Real Go Getter by Dresden, the Flamingo Empty Fridge by Fey Foxx Rise by Bryant Lowry Get by OBOY Brenner by Falls Dog Days by Isaac Joel Ravin' by Yung Koolade Knockdown by Aaron Sprinkle Shopping Spree by Funday I Will Deliver by Strength to Last RIVLZ by Matt Wigton

Vlad and Niki in the Escape Room Challenge


#ad Vlad and Niki enter the escape room. Children need to find 7 keys to open the lock and get out. An interesting adventure in the quest room with activities for children - training the mind, dexterity and quick wits. This video features products that Vlad and Niki helped to create. Please Subscribe!



Wij waren te gast bij Ketnet en wij hebben besloten om jullie mee te nemen behind the scenes! Wij keken enorm uit naar de ESCAPE ROOM.. 😱 Bedankt voor al jullie steun! #TEAMCEMI ❤️ ➤ Vergeet zeker niet te abonneren: 🤍 ➤ Kunnen we 10,000 likes halen op deze video? ➤ Koop hier onze merchandise: 🤍 ♦ Celine & Michiel dagelijks volgen? Neem een kijkje hier: - Instagram Celine & Michiel: 🤍 - Instagram Celine: 🤍 - TikTok: Celine Dept Michiel Callebaut - Instagram Michiel: 🤍 ♦ Zakelijk contact? - Stuur een mailtje naar: cemizakelijk🤍 ♦ Intro: 🤍 ♦ Afspeellijsten van video's: Vlogs: 🤍 Challenges: 🤍 TikTok Challenges: 🤍 Wij zijn Celine & Michiel en wij proberen het publiek op YouTube te entertainen met leuke vlogs, challenges en veel meer! Sinds 1 mei 2018 hebben wij een super leuke relatie en wij delen graag al onze avonturen met jullie! Al onze video's zijn in 1080p, dat betekent dus de BESTE kwaliteit! Wij vloggen over onze levensgebeurtenissen, maar hier zie je ook allerlei challenges en dingen zoals TikTok. Reizen en vloggen vinden we het leukste om te doen. Wij uploaden ook veel video's met onze familie, want dat wordt altijd goed ontvangen. Deze video bevat geen betaalde samenwerking of gekregen producten. Deze vermelding is onderdeel van de Social Code: YouTube. Voor meer informatie over deze richtlijnen, ga naar 🤍

Choose The Right Key with Gorilla Mammoth Elephant Cow ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE Animals Cage Game


Choose The Right Key with Gorilla Mammoth Elephant Cow ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE Animals Cage Game - in this video choose the right key with gorilla crossing fountain funny animal videos #choosetherightkey #cow #escaperoom #challenge #mammoth #elephant #dinosaur #wildanimals #animalgames

Celebrity Escape Room (Full TV Special)


Donate to Red Nose Day: 🤍 Jack Black leads Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Adam Scott and Ben Stiller through a laugh-filled escape room adventure as they solve puzzles, find clues and crack jokes – all for a good cause as part of Red Nose Day.

Escape Room Challenge - Searching for XOXO Exclusive Glitter Friends!


PARENTS - Purchase our new XOXO EXCLUSIVE Glitter Friends here: 🤍 #ad This is a promotional video. The pretend Toy Master has trapped Addy and Maya inside their bedrooms and the silly kids have to work together to solve secret clues in order to find their brand new XOXO Exclusive Glitter Friends collection of toys and deliver them to the shelves of Walmart stores across the country. Will the girls be able to find the hidden clues of the escape room in time? Not if the Toy Vandal can help it! You'll have to watch to find out. Music credits: Duchess of Doom by Hill Sushkini by Isaac Joel Nightmare in Paris by Two Dudes Get by OBOY Heads Up Buttercup! by Neon Beach Missing You by Hom Tanks Gap Year '87 by IDOLS Surprisingly Quirky by Avocado JUnkie Curb Dance by Avocado Junkie Escape by OBOY Waken Your Heart by IDOLS Mellifera Linguistica by Isaac Joel Summerside by PALA Time Square by Simple Thieves Shopping Spree by Funday You My Girl by Mikey Geiger Funkin' by Yung Koolade In the Dark by Mikey Geiger Burst the Clouds by IDOLS

Secret Playroom ESCAPE ROOM Challenge!


Thanks to Zuru for sponsoring this video. #ad Are you ready for another Escape Room Challenge? Addy and Maya and their friend Caroline are tasked with solving clues in order to unlock the toys that Lucy has hidden all around the new secret playroom! Will the silly kids be able to solve the clues in enough time? You'll have to watch to find out! Pets Alive Pet Shop Surprise is the ultimate new electronic pet to adopt! With Speak & Repeat, animal sounds and over 10 surprises inside, these pets are the perfect new bestie for kids to cuddle & interact with! Open your Pet Carrier to reveal which pet you adopted, and then celebrate the adoption with all the party surprises inside! Make a DIY party hat, cupcake case and then fill it with Cotton Candy mixture and decorate it with accessories. There are 6 pets to – who will be your new adopted bestie? MERCH! (Backpacks, water bottles, and MORE): 🤍 Order a personalized video message from us on Cameo: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy Family: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy Shorts: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy Cousins: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to XOXO Gaming: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Camp Hideout: 🤍 #Petsalive #Petshopsurprise Music credits: Brent Wood - The Groove Code: NKYFLBWWG9TF9G9L Daniele Musto - Seafoam Code: YKN8GZOKK44AGUHT Delbony - Tropical Shake Code: 8IIYGCOSCHF92TLL DLP - Green Lights Code: XRTNKORBKALDHBVH Dresden The Flamingo - Palermo Con Amor Code: OWZN40LRX4JEAXGP Fantoms - Always Something Code: G0NETOXOZTAHLEXJ Matt Wigton - Touch The Sky Code: JP5IWY4SRSTRFD5X Mikey Geiger - Beach Babes Code: YSLK8FZSRREGMU8N Mikey Geiger - Tropical Trance Dance Code: SRTGV8XH0OC8O0L7 Nitro - Diamonds Code: I5CP3PGUOVTAICRC PALA - Beachtown Bop Code: 4JRWPB16MOGBLVEW PALA - San Diego Splash Code: SCEDSH6PEOP7QTA4 PALA - Unstoppable Code: YSF39DPMD1N7EFND Rhythm Scott - Drama Dee Code: JIURHJW8UCWNRBRD

Escape Room Challenge 🔑😨 with Avocado Baby || Funny Stories for Kids by Pit & Penny 🥑


✨🥑✨SUBSCRIBE TO SUPPORT ME!✨🥑✨ 🤍 Hi kids! 👋 Watch and have fun with Pit & Penny! 🥑😉 #forkids #avocadobaby Music by Epidemic Sound: 🤍 All product and company names shown in the video are trademarks™️ or registered®️ trademarks of their respective holders. The use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Escape Room Challenge Song 🗝️🟧🟨🟪 Funny Kids Stories II VocaVoca🥑Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes


⭐️ [NEW CHANNEL]Subscribe 🐸 DOO-BEE-DANCE ⭐️ 🤍 ✨🥑SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL ✨🥑 🤍 #vocavoca #kidssongs #babysongs Hi kids! 😊 Help our heroes find the right key and unlock the treasure chest!! 🗝️ Dance and sing together with VocaVoca! ✨🎤 Subscribe to our channel to watch new videos every week! 💖 00:00 ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE 02:39 WHERE IS MY NOSE SONG 05:45 YES YES PLAYGROUND SONG 08:17 WHERE ARE MY EARS SONG All product and company names shown in the video are trademarks™️ or registered®️ trademarks of their respective holders. The use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.



This was so crazy, watch to see if they make it out alive! Thank you guys so much for watching, don’t forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE! Thanks Jay for bringing the snakes! 🤍JayPrehistoricPets 🤍benazelart 🤍andrewdavilla 🤍jeremyhutchins 🤍brentrivera 🤍lexihensler 🤍pierson 🤍dominicbrack If you see this, comment if you have ever done an escape room. Love you guys :)

EXTREME Parkour ESCAPE Room (We Got Stuck!)


We got stuck in a pit again, seems to be a trend... Subscribe: 🤍 | Join: 🤍 Watch the newest videos: 🤍 Follow STORROR STORROR clothing: 🤍 Website: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 MUSIC: 90s Child Actor 🤍 Why Worry by Lotus Beats 🤍 Sunday Morning by Thi Fisher Green Lawn by Thi Fisher CAMPARI by Thi Fisher 🤍 Response by Itz Nothin 🤍 Notre Dame by JorDams 🤍 Cold by aki_ 🤍 Send My Love by 🤍samazinmusic 🤍samazinmusic: 🤍 Want us to use your music? - Submit your tracks to MUSIC🤍STORROR.COM - Attach files to your email or use google drive/dropbox etc. - Do not use download links that expire (wetransfer etc). - Include your credit links. - Thank you 🙏 Watch more videos! Water Challenges: 🤍 POV’s: 🤍 Iconic STORROR: 🤍 Most Popular: 🤍 #STORROR #PARKOUR STORROR is a collective of seven elite athletes with big individual characters who were drawn together by a shared passion for movement and love of adventure. After growing up together and developing their skills for over a decade, the boys have built the most iconic brand in Parkour with an enthusiastic following to match. THE TEAM: - Toby Segar 🤍 - Drew Taylor 🤍 - Sacha Powell 🤍 - Joshua Burnett Blake 🤍 - Callum Powell 🤍 - Max Cave 🤍 - Benj Cave 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video features Parkour performed either by professionals or under the supervision of professionals. All members of team STORROR have been training since 2005 and insist that no one attempt to re-create or re-enact any ROOFTOP activities or movement AT HEIGHT performed in these videos.

BEAT ANY ESCAPE ROOM- 10 proven tricks and tips


10 tips to dominate any Escape room! EXTRA INF0- -Check out Dr. Nicholson's website here for more juicy stuff- 🤍 -8 roles for players- 🤍 -This is the escape room I filmed in. They were awesome to work with. If you live in Silicon Valley this is the perfect spot (not all Escape Rooms are created equal)- 🤍 -This is the harder room that looked like a castle- 🤍 MUSIC- 0:07- New Shoes- Blue Wednesday - 🤍 1:23- Spark- Maxwell Young- 🤍 2:08- The Ocean- Andrew Applepie- 🤍 6:33- Cereal Killa- Blue Wednesday - 🤍 8:30- Breakfast- Andrew Applepie- 🤍 10:57- Q- Blue Wednesday - 🤍 11:49- Too Happy to be cool by Notebreak- 🤍 Summary: I visited Dr. Scott Nicholson in Brantford, ON Canada since he is the world expert in Escape Room design. After meeting with him for a day here are the 10 tips I came away with to beat any escape room: 1. Think simple 2. Searching 3. Organize your stuff 4. Focus on what is stopping you 5. Team roles 6. Lock types 7. Code types 8. Written clues 9. Look for patterns 10. Your guide is your friend MERCH- They are soft- 🤍 PLEASE CONSIDER SUBSCRIBING: 🤍 ­ I make videos like this once a month all year long while supplies last: CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 INSTAGRAM: 🤍

Attempting Americas *HARDEST* Escape Room!


SUBSCRIBE!: 🤍 COME TO MY TOUR!: 🤍 Gaming Channel: 🤍 Hour To Midnight: 🤍 Friends in this video: KryozGaming: 🤍 Jaayy: 🤍 Rook: 🤍 Goldglove: 🤍 FemSteph: 🤍 Merch Store: 🤍 Insomnia Merch: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Livestream: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Snapchat: mini_ladd

🗝️Secret Playroom Escape Challenge 🤸🏻‍♀️ 1000 Keys Kids Cartoon by Pit&Penny Learn and Grow


🤍 Hi kids! 👋 Watch and have fun with Pit & Penny Learn and Grow! 🤍pitandpennylearnandgrow ✨📚 0:00 CUTE BABY AVOCADO 0:28 OH NO! BABY GOT TRAPPED IN PRISON! 0:35 LET'S LEARN COLORS! 1:00 THE FLOOR IS LAVA! 1:50 CUTE ANIMALS CHALLENGE 3:05 BABY SHARK IN A POOL CHALLENGE 4:05 BABAY IS RESCUED! GOOD JOB PIT AND PENNY! Today Pit and Penny are going to play in 1000 Keys Challenge and try Escape Room Challenge For Kids! They will save the Avocado Baby this is such a happy day day, that you might even sing a SKids Songs about it! You also will Learn Colors For Kids, Learn Animals For Kids and our friend Policeman Pumpkin will gave Useful Safety Tips For Kids! Let's watch Kids Cartoons on Youtube Kids #kidssongs #kidsvideos #learnandgrow Music by Epidemic Sound: 🤍 All product and company names shown in the video are trademarks™️ or registered®️ trademarks of their respective holders. The use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them.

Escape Room Challenge + more Kids Songs & Videos with Max


It's new kids song about "Escape Room Challenge". #Max #kidssongs #escaperoomchallenge #challenge Please Subscribe! Funny Max Show on Facebook - 🤍 Max Instagram - 🤍 Subscribe to CHANNEL - 🤍 Thank you for your views.

Spelregels | Escape Your House | Escape Room The Game NL


Wil je de spelregels van Escape Your House niet lezen? Kijk deze video!

Twisted Escape Rooms | DO NOT OPEN | Indie Horror Game


PC Gameplay. New Full Game Walkthrough. Mike is trapped in a warped version of his old home. His wife and daughter are missing and something is coming to find you... ►Follow me on Facebook - 🤍 ►Follow me on Twitter - 🤍 ►Join me on Discord - 🤍 ►Support me on Patreon - 🤍 ►More Info - 🤍 ►About the Game - Mike Goreng is trapped in a warped version of his own home. What's going on? Where are his wife and daughter? As a scientist, Mike can't come up with an explanation for what is happening, but his instinct tells him that he is in severe danger... and something evil lurks in the darkness. A TRUE CHALLENGE THAT DEMANDS THE BEST FROM THE PLAYER DO NOT OPEN is a challenging survival-horror classic with gameplay based on escape-room mechanics. Each time the player crosses a door of the Hall of the Victorian mansion Judith's Manor, he will enter a different layer of each area, and its puzzles and riddles will change randomly so that each game is different from start to finish. To unravel the terrible mystery of the manor, the player will find different newspaper clippings, diary pages or other items in each game, making the plot a puzzle in itself. But he must do it before time runs out, or he'd better hide from the terrible threat that stalks him. Are you ready for the DO NOT OPEN challenge? HIDE, SOLVE or DIE! #indiegames #donotopen #horrorgaming * * * * * * * * * * * * * ►Indie Game Playlist - 🤍 * * * * * * * * * * * * *

they thought they could beat me 4v1 in Escape Simulator..


Join Disguised Toast as he challenges 4 of his friends in an intense competition on who can escape the room first! And with money to win, Toast has to give the challenge all he's got! Subscribe to Disguised Toast! ►🤍 Watch me Live on Twitch! ► 🤍 Visit our Website! ► 🤍 Like us on Facebook! ► 🤍 Follow on Instagram! ► 🤍 Follow on Twitter! ► 🤍 Outro Track ► "French Toast" by Drew.0 (🤍 co-written and produced by Steven Tran (🤍 ) Edited by: 🤍 #DisguisedToast #OfflineTV #Valkyrae #Fuslie #Corpse #Miyoung

Diana and Roma Escape Room and more funny challenges


Diana and Roma in the Escape Room and more funny challenges. Collection entertaining kids videos. Thanks for watching! Subscribe to Kids Diana Show - 🤍 Instagram 🤍 #DianaandRoma Facebook 🤍

I took Tom Holland to an ESCAPE ROOM


Will meets his Spies in Disguise co-star Tom Holland for the first time and breaks the ice with an escape room experience he’ll never forget. See Spies in Disguise in theaters Christmas Day! ► SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 Get Tickets: 🤍 Spies in Disguise Trailer: 🤍 ► WATCH MORE Most Recent Videos: 🤍 Best Of Will Smith: 🤍 ► FOLLOW WILL Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 ◈ Created by Westbrook Studios 🤍 Executive Producers: Will Smith, Miguel Melendez Director: Aristotle Athiras Producers: Turner Barrowman, Lukas Kaiser,  Mike Nussbaum, Brandon Scott Wolf, Sadao Turner Editor: Mike Malarkey Director of Photography: Johnathan Na Camera Operator: Michael Dorfman, Jas Davis Sound Operator: Joesh Wright #WillSmith #TomHolland #SpiesInDisguise

Friends Solve Clues in the Toy Master Escape Room


Addy and Maya are visiting with their best friends but the Toy Master has trapped them in another escape room! The silly kids need to solve clues to find their way out. With the help of the Junior Toy Spies, Avery, Sophia, Charlotte and Stela have to find secret messages and clues to figure a way out but the pretend Toy Master is not going to make it easy for them! Music Credits: IDK What Dis Is by Mikey Geiger Flapjack Flipper by Mikey Geiger Uber Dub by Matt Wigton Duchess of Doom by Hill Projector by Falls Give by OBOY I Will Deliver by Strength to Last Tore Up by Aaron Sprinkle Wide Eyes by Alter Ego Brand New by Nitro Stereo by OBOY Wise Guys by Dresden the Flamingo Left Foot Forward by Yung Koolaid Monster by Caleb Harris Juggernaut by Matt Wigton Feel Good Fresh by Nitro Ravin' by Yung Koolaid Exit Strategy by Be Still the EArth Castles and Cannons by Cody Martin It's On Like by Middle January Escape by Mike Arnoult Here Come the Bad Guys by Hill

James Corden & Ariana Grande Visit an Escape Room


Since Ariana Grande loves Halloween and being scared, James takes her to a haunted escape room and they both are terrified while trying to get out. Thank you to 60OUT Escape Rooms. Learn more about visiting one: 🤍 More Late Late Show: Subscribe: 🤍 Watch Full Episodes: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Watch The Late Late Show with James Corden weeknights at 12:35 AM ET/11:35 PM CT. Only on CBS. Get new episodes of shows you love across devices the next day, stream live TV, and watch full seasons of CBS fan favorites anytime, anywhere with CBS All Access. Try it free! 🤍 - Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

Valentine's ESCAPE ROOM Challenge !!!


Lucy has prepared a new escape room challenge competition for Addy and Maya and this one has a Valentine's Day theme with a fun, educational twist! The silly kids will have to go through a series of challenges and tasks like a match-up activity, word search and scramble, and more. Visit the Teachers Are Terrific website for this and other Valentine's Day projects: 🤍 Get your MERCH! Hoodies, Sweatshirts, Backpacks, face masks, beach towels, and MORE: 🤍 Order a personalized video message from us on Cameo: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy Family: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Tic Tac Toy: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to XOXO Gaming: 🤍 SUBSCRIBE to Camp Hideout: 🤍 Music credits: Adrian Walther - You Know What I Need Avocado Junkie - Gotcha Avocado Junkie - Head Start Avocado Junkie - Kidomatic BENSON - Lightning Emorie - You Are So Beautiful Funday - Trampoline Summer Ian Kelosky - Toy Box Reveille - Wild Soul Sounds Like Sander - In This Light Sounds Like Sander - Neverending Minute Wild Wonder - Thirty Three Years

Escape Room - The Sick Colleague PART 2 BARBARA'S SECRET Full Game - 2 Endings / Achievements


Free Game on Steam Escape Room - Der kranke Kollege Achievements : 0:00 intro 2:16 Desk offender : Open the desk 5:11 Fashion czar : Review the coat rack 5:49 Truffle pig : Dig up the money 7:05 Mathematician : Add up very large numbers 7:24 Mack the Knife : Open the fridge 8:36 Stoic : Solve the totally annoying puzzle 11:42 Activator : Activate the voice activator 12:27 Imitator : Pretend to be someone else 13:39 Power user : Restore the computer's electricity 15:18 Cell mate : Walk into the cell 17:50 Hacker : Gain access to the website 20:44 Shadow player : Find the right symbols 22:31 Lord of the Knobs : Open the door with three knobs 25:52 Kitchen aide : Open the microwave 26:37 Swiper : Unlock the gaming handheld 28:24 Egg hunter : Find the right eggs 34:01 Medic : Open the medicine cabinet 35:14 Process optimizer : Open the rolling shutter SAVE HERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE DIFFERENT ENDINGS 37:42 Escapist : Take the easy way out / Ending 1 40:44 Stowaway : Sail the sea undetected / Ending 2 Stairway to heaven : you can see it here : 🤍 Me soutenir ici: 🤍 ou Rejoignez la chaîne ici : 🤍



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Choose The Right Key with Gorilla Mammoth Elephant Cow Escape Room Challenge Funny Animals Cage Game


Choose The Right Key with Gorilla Mammoth Elephant Cow ESCAPE ROOM CHALLENGE Funny Animals Cage Game #choosetheright #key #cow #escaperoom #challenge #mammoth #elephant #dinosaur #wildanimals #animalgames

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